Alexis Bledel: Time for a change?

In the new film The Good Guy, currently in limited release, poor little Alexis Bledel has such a hard life. She has a successful, attractive Wall Street boyfriend (Friday Night Lights’ Scott Porter), AND the attention of his equally (if not exceedingly) cute friend and co-worker (Bryan Greenberg).

Why is it that with every new role, Alexis Bledel finds herself in the awful predicament of having two incredibly attractive suitors fawning all over her? She’s like that girl you hated in high school; the one who simply takes a breath and has every male within a three-mile radius falling in love. Since her days in Stars Hollow when she was dating homegrown dreamboat Dean, but had the resident bad boy Jess pursuing her on the side, she’s always played the object of every man’s affection (and remember she chose Jess! A debate that will go down in pop culture history). While her three best friends were spending their summer vacations dealing with heavy issues (sex, an estranged father and new step family, cancer), in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Lena, the shy artist, was gallivanting in Santorini, being romanced by Kostas the Greek god. Her characters are always innocent heart breakers, oblivious to their effect on men. In last year’s Post Grad, Bledel grabs the attention of a much-too-hot-for-a-suburban-neighborhood Brazilian across the street (Rodrigo Santoro), while her “strictly platonic” best friend (played by another Dillon Panther, Zach Gilford) has been harboring a major crush on her for the past four years.

What’s strange about all this is that I like Alexis. But while I go see her movies (even Post Grad), and watch Gilmore Girls in syndication much more often than I’d like to admit, it would be cool to see her break out of this character rut. Her career could probably benefit from something new and different – just look at what a dramatic turn did for comedienne Mo’Nique this year. With a role in 2005’s Sin City, it looked like Bledel was ready to branch out, but since then she’s fallen back into the motions of Rory Gilmore. Maybe she could take a stab at the vampire thing?An intense family drama with Sam Mendes? Or even a raunchy comedy with Judd Apatow and co., anything that moves her away from the bookish, doe-eyed, unassuming beauty. Plus, wouldn’t you like to see her break the mold and get rejected by someone already? (for the sake of expanding her range as an actor of course, not your, err my, own jealousy.)

How ’bout it PopWatchers. Do you like Alexis Bledel? Anything new you’d like to see her in? Are there any other actors that seem to play the same characters over and over again?

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  • Allison M

    Jason Street! What happened to your hair??

    On topic, though, I totally agree about Alexis Bledel’s movie choices. Each one is exactly the same. I might see this one, but I’d expect only be mildly entertained, not wowed in any way.

    It amazes me that Alexis has had more post-Gilmore success than the wonderful, amazing Lauren Graham. Please please please let Parenthood be good..

    • Stephanie Tanner

      Why is this a shock to anyone? The WB/CW lives off this type of premise and movies like this cater to the same demographic. Cute girl who doesn’t realize she is cute until she takes off her glasses (undoubtedly black and thick rimmed ones). Or the two good looking guys (they toss a coin as to who plays the jock and who plays the sensitive nerd). And to make her relatable to everyone they make her a klutz or give her a “cute quirk” which is only cute because she is hot.

      • DJ Tanner

        Oh, Steph, you know these formulaic movies are the basis of the rom-com B list!

  • dv

    I thought she was awesome in Sin City, and would like to see her in more raw films…I keep hoping that her association with that crowd means she was destined for a small but juicy part in a Tarantino flick, but, alas, she seems to be taking roles that are way beneath Anne Hathaway now.

    • nointrospec

      Funny, but I thought she was unbelievably stiff. To me, it looked like she did little more than read her lines. I think the reason why she doesn’t branch out is because she can’t. She’s a very limited actress. Sorry, dv, I’m not arguing with you, but it’s funny how two people can see the same performance and walk away with completely different takes on it.

  • hillary

    I’m not complaining…I completely agree. I just wanted to point out that she did play in a movie where the guy chose the other girl.

    • emma

      yes! i’m reed fish. i liked that movie. i thought it had a lot of value for its low budget.

  • Zoey

    Yes, I’ve noticed this too. every role is exactly the same as Rory Gilmore. Sweet, innocent little thing who falls in love with some guy or another. Time to break out of your comfort zone, Alexis.

    • howie

      And we’re supposed to feel bad for HER when she “accidently” breaks one heart after another.

  • kaci

    I think the better observation regarding this movie would be – OMG IT’S ANNA CHLUMSKY! When did “My Girl” come back to show business???

    • Margrete

      when she did In the Loop, in whitch she was hilarious.

      • Zo

        Yep! Just watched that last weekend– terrific film, practically choked with laughter at the dialogue– and was SOOOO happy to see Anna back!

  • Britt

    As much as I enjoyed her as Rory I don’t think she ever broke free from that character. Even in Sin City she just reminded me of Rory. Honestly, I would only go see this movie for Bryan Greenberg.

  • couchgrouch

    she’s just taking what she’s being offered…same as Kristen Bell. Hollywood writers crank out crap. and hey, nobody needs to see DeNiro play another wiseguy or Jack Nic play another nutcase.

    • Brenda Barrett

      I’m not a fan of Alexis – I really think she’s a terrible actress; she was definitely the weakest link in Stars Hollow. Kristen Bell, on the other hand, is talented and beautiful! I can’t believe these horrible movies she’s made since V Mars are the best scripts she’s been offered. She’d be better served to take another TV series, or do more indie films. Kristen – you’re awesome, you can do better.

      • Nix

        I believe it. So many Hollywood writer-men had fantasies about putting their words in Veronica Mars’s mouth that that they will keep her from doing anything that doesn’t titillate their muse.

      • howie

        I actually thought the stumbling, mumbling routine worked on GG; who wouldn’t stumble and mumble trying to keep up with a quick wit like that mom. So Rory would mumble her little jokes while vainly trying to measure up in that area.

        When you’re now a 28 year old actress, that doesn’t go so well.

  • jfms777

    She needs to play a supporting role to Meryl Streep. It did wonders for Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, and Amanda Seyfried.

  • Fumi

    I actually saw the movie last year at Tribeca, not sure how much of the movie has changed since then, but it was okay…I agree the Alexis definitely needs to change up her character choices…

    On a separate note, didn’t TWOP have an article that was very similar to this one not too long ago?

    • Stephanie Tanner

      Yeah TVWOP had nearly the same article a couple of weeks ago when they compared her to Kirsten Bell

  • Chrissy Moltisanti

    she’s hot as hell.

  • ggny

    What about Bryan Greenberg the dude should be a star by now but he is stuck in supporting roles…His HBO is amazing but i dont see it lasting long since most people dont even know its on because HBO did 0 to promote but maybe it will help him move onto bigger and better things

  • Adam from PDX

    I get the feeling that Scott Porter is about to blow up in a big way. Just me?

    • Lindsay

      For some reason I always thought he was the one with the least chance, which saddened me. Maybe it was the roll of Jason, or a lack of charisma?

  • Zo

    I adore “Gilmore Girls” and even have liked Alexis in some other projects. But honestly, she’s not that skilled– I don’t think she’s really capable of much more than she’s shown these years. Even when they tried to give her heavier stuff on “GG”, she just couldn’t hack it.

    • molly

      in her defense, the girl was a model and fell into acting by accident. not that she shouldn’t have gotten the hang of it after 7 years on a television show … i still love alexis. i think she’s absolutely beautiful and completely down to earth. plus, i like her characters. probably because they’re fairly similar to me (if her characters wore glasses haha). she’s very unassuming on the screen, and i think that makes her easier to relate to.

  • anna

    She needs to go back to TV.

  • Mika

    jennifer aniston plays the same character in every movie and noone criticizes her!

    • Lindsay

      Sure they do. Everyone knows she’s been playing variations of Rachel forever – its just that enough people like Rachel-like characters that she sometimes gets away with it.

    • DJ Tanner

      Oh, Mika, have you ever gone on Perez Hilton’s website, for one? He positively despises her. But like Lindsay says below, it’s what people like.

      • Adam

        What kind of losers visit the website of that pathetic, disgusting, vile piece of trash? And he despises Jennifer Aniston? He’s probably just bitter because she’s the woman he has always wanted to be.

    • Nix

      Dude, everyone bashes on Aniston all the time.

    • Lauren

      At least Aniston breaks out as an amazing indy actress every once in a while. Watch The Good Girl and Friends with Money. She is great in both.

    • howie

      Jennifer Aniston is in movies? I thought she was only on celeb mag covers.

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