PETA wants to stop little tigers from getting wood

Friday Update: Tiger Woods’ lawyers threatened to sue PETA if they used the campaign presented below. “We agree and have now turned the focus of our campaign to Mark Sanford,” said a PETA spokesman. The organization has confirmed that the new ad campaign for the South Carolina governor would feature the possible tagline,”Your dog doesn’t have to go to South America to get laid.”
PETA plans to unveil this ridiculous billboard in Windermere, Fla. without Tiger Woods’ permission. This could be a major blow (or not!) to husbands and boyfriends who go by the pet name “Little Tiger” and do not think too much sex is a bad thing.

“Tiger has no formal affiliation with the organization and has not previewed or endorsed the ad but the image and the idea were too good to pass up when it comes to helping find homes for animals who will otherwise be left out in the cold,” PETA explained in a statement.

Who wants to go to the vet?

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  • B

    PETA keeps reaching new lows. They used the Duggar family to talk about over-breeding recently. If they don’t have permission to use a photo or link someone’s name to them, then they shouldn’t make these billboards. It just makes them look stupid and over-reaching for what, when all is said and done, is an important cause.

    • Ashley

      so. much. word.

      • Nshi

        ANYONE who eats or wears animals is ophensive, thoughtless, and careless!!!!!

      • Your mom

        thoughtless or careless? pffft. Just because someone doesn’t share your values doesn’t make them thoughtless. I’ve put a lot of thought into my decision to eat meat. Your generic pigeon-holing of most of an entire species of ominvores as thoughtless seems to depict you as the one acting without thought. I am against killing animals exclusively for fur, but to condemn people for eating meat, a dietary choice that is the result of evolution – is absurd. Nshi – Imabout to eat a person, if you catch my drift.

      • Nshi

        Cannabalism is TOTALLY wrong!!!!!!!!!

      • DADDY

        “offensive” Dumbass Learn to write….GO MEAT!

      • ?????

        Why oh why do you people continue to respond to Nshi’s ridiculous comments??? Nshi is on just about every EW board posting nonsense just to get a reaction. Ignore “it” and “it” will go away

      • Angel

        Animals taste good as hell. God put them on this earth for food. gtfo haters

      • Big Z

        Cannabalism……1.the eating of human flesh by another human being.
        2.the eating of the flesh of an animal by another animal of its own kind.
        Nshi you are correct cannabalism is TOTALLY wrong…if you are a human eating another human…. we are talking about devouring a a finely grilled porterhouse….they are so delicious. Add some sauteed mushrooms and it is great… or how about roasted turkey with all the trimmings….making you hungry yet…..

      • Chachi

        Why do ghetto people always says animals are tasty, God put them here for food and use the term haters? Because they’re uneducated idiots.

      • Til

        Im ophended!! hahahaha GO MEAT!!! and TIGER WOODS!!! This wouldn’t be a story if Tiger Woods was the trash man.. He’s a guy, who loves sex with hot woman!! Join the club!!!

      • chad

        u know what tastes better than animals? People…yum Go Cannabalism

      • Ben

        This is terrific…if they go thru with this Tiger can sue them for $100,00,000 and put them on their ass once and for all. Tiger’s reputation isn’t really going to suffer from this (can’t get much worse at the moment). Someone needs to finally show them that there are laws that can’t be broken…no matter how dumb you are!

      • AS

        I formed my own group called PETA- People Eat Tasty Animals

      • Joel

        Nshi, your spelling is “Ophensive” but your animals are delicious and stylish! I think I shall make cat fur boots.

      • TDOG

        If I agree. Animals are tasty. Sign me up! Go PETA!!

      • mat

        I hope your wearing your cloth shoesd… hipocrite!

      • Joel

        Animals don’t have feelings breh.

      • rlch

        I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for saying what I was thinking.

      • jimmyyyyyyyy

        Don’t get OPHENDED, but eating people is not wrong. My girl friend likes it when I eat her…she sometimes begs for it.

      • Rob

        I hope he wears a fur coat at his next golf match and goes on a meat only diet!

        He owes nobody but his family an apology.

      • Judy

        Nshi is shiddy.

      • Nshi

        People who eat and wear meat are WRONG WRONG WRONG. It is extremely ophensive. That’s why you all are so obese now because you stuff your faces with rotted animal flesh!!!

      • Dave

        to Nshi- I’ll have you know- I hold a masters degree, make 6 figures a year, I have made an educated, intellectual choice to eat meat- as evolution intended. Oh, BTW, I’m 182 lbs and 6.5% body fat AND I EAT MEAT EVERYDAY!

      • grendel

        Phrankly, a phinely cooked burger is phar superioir to a tuphu-like phake. And my body is buph, baby!

      • meat lover

        Nshi you are a whack job. Eat a burger and calm down.

      • bahahaha

        Love your sense of humor grendel! Go meat!

      • dan

        “Ophensive”…really, how is someone supposed to take your opinion seriously when you can’t take the time to spell correctly and you are sitting in front of a computer

        ps…i literally stopped reading after you used the word “ophensive”

      • @dan

        You’re just as bad with your non-capitaliztion and woeful lack of punctuation.

      • ega

        does anybody know that the word is offensive? not ophensive??? maybe nobody cares but it sure bothers me to see it by more than one person. Instead of posting and fighting people should go read!

      • Nshi


      • Yeti907

        Eat meat? What? If your body did not kill off the parasites that were in it, you would not be alive, bada bing, bada boom.

      • led

        Thank God for parasitical intervention.

      • The Original Nshi

        I want to tell the EW community that people posting under the “Nshi” name are going way too far. I regret every having posted to these boards for what these imposters have been saying. I really am sorry that I started something so stupid.

      • Bob

        Yes, but they CAN spell!

      • Nshi

        @The Original Nshi——“ever” having posted NOT “every”.

      • Olivia

        Just ignore Fake Nshi. He’s got nothing better to do with his time. (And apparently I don’t either.)

      • The Original Nshi

        I wish I could. Please, please please forgive me everyone. I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart that I started all of this craziness.

      • smartee

        it’s about suffering you morans. every living creature suffers and wants to be free of pain. when we kill animals for fur, meat or pleasure, a lot of suffering and fear at the point of death goes into that meat you eat or wear. if you choose to eat meat, so be it, but don’t put people down who feel in their hearts the sadness, fear and suffering these animals go through without anyone caring so they can laugh with friends over a cheeseburger. go compassion!

      • The Original Nshi

        Hey “smartee”, before you try to insult someone by calling them a MORON, learn how to spell it. HA, it’s not MORAN, pick up a dictionary sometime why don’t you???

      • what goes around comes around……….

        That’s what you get “original nshi”. Your little stunt backfired huh??? Bwaaaaaahahahah

      • bodi

        @nshi ever heard of a baseball player named prince fielder? dude plays first base for the milwaukee brewers. he is a vegitarian and he was around 250lbs. so dont say meat makes you obese. eating habits make you obese!

      • @bodi

        Bodi dude, you’re a little late to the party. Scroll up about 11 comments and you’ll see that NSHI’S posts are nothing but a hoax. It seems he/she likes to go to different EW boards and bait people such as yourself by making outrageous comments. Sorry dude, but you’ve been had.

    • Rosalie

      I think the billboard is very funny and conveys the message very well. I am all for the ethical treatment of animals. I grew up in a farm and we cared for our animals, and ate them as well. While they were alive, I was thought not to mistreat them. I am not a vegetarian by any means, but I do support treating animals with dignity. Spaying and neuturing is a very serious subject to me. Unfortunately people with low incomes often don’t have the money for that process. I think that peta should tackle that and have a neuter scooter going from town to town for a few days at a time providing this services if they really want to make a change. There is a way about going through things and sometimes I disagree with Peta’s approach. In this case, I think it’s right on for the message it’s trying to convey!

      • The Baer

        Doesn’t PETA stand for People Eating Tasty Animals??

      • Zach

        neuter scooter?! Gah! I hope they don’t catch me!

      • Petais the worst

        How can you agree with this??!!! You are as ignorant as PETA. I guess you agree with them using holocaust photos and slave photos to compare to animals too?? Pure ignorance.

      • 2B Named LTR

        Sure if you cant train your dog to stay off mine it should be fixed. But the means at which they are using, to get there message across, is wrong. Would you like your picture plastered up on billboards calling you a whore and telling everyone to get fixed or they will be just like you. The truth is I just got my pup of 2 years spayed. And not so she doesn’t get pregnant but rather so I dont have to clean up the mess after her menstral cycle. So Rather than slandering people in thier ads they should focus on the positve and not the Negative in life. It could spread and life would be alittle more plesant for all.You think?

      • SB123

        Rosalie, I think you are absolutely right. I don’t agree that people should be vegans, etc etc (although, I am a vegetarian). To each his own. However, I do believe that every animal deserves a dignified life AND a dignified death. I don’t understand how any person who is choosing to put meat in his/her body can feel comfortable knowing that the animal was tortured and slaughtered. It’s bad karma all around. As for the ad, PETA members are extremists, so it makes sense that their ads are extreme…look at the attention they get in the media, whether good or bad, PETA is being heard.

      • ccf

        neuter scooter, love it!

      • Eric Lose

        Many, MANY localities have spay/neuter programs for cats and dogs. I’n not sure who funds the programs, but I understand that the vets donate their time. I had two cats done for $15 each. I got my dogs from a rescue/shelter and they were already spayed.
        As far as Tiger winning a lawsuit: not likely. by his choice he is a public celebrity and he’s pretty much fair game for jokes, parodies, etc. He can stop people profiting from his image, but PETA is nonprofit, so nobody’s gonna get rich.
        I think PETA often crosses the line, but they get the message out, build awareness and make a difference

      • Rachybaby

        I LOVB eating (and wearing) animals. Yummy.

      • freelance

        I guess you wouldn’t mind if a group used you picture and a take on your name without your permission, as long as it was “right on” for the message.

    • Maggie

      Since Peta officially believes that we shouldn’t have pets why are they looking for homes for animals?

      • firemanmatch

        Tiger is a stud, firemanmatch

      • Meg

        We also need to remember that this is not the first instance of them doing this. PETA also donates to ALF and ELF which are considered domestic terrorists orginizations.

      • Chachi

        Hopefully ALF and ELF kill stupid people.

      • Jason

        I thought ALF ate CATS!!

      • Roboloco

        When PETA takes pet “surrenders”, they euthanize over 95% of them (even though they tell the owners they’re being rehomed – and even if they’re perfectly healthy animals).

      • Erin Sloan

        PETA doesn’t look for homes for animals. They kill ‘em because it’s cheaper than finding them homes. All they want is your dollar and will try every way possible to guilt you out of it. Losers.

    • slick

      This is two steps away from “H1tler ate meat. Don’t eat meat if you don’t want to be like H1tler.” Really, that’s the level of sophistication we’re talking about.

      • Sean

        Hello.. I thought that Hitler was a pure vegetarian and a non drinker plus never smoked too.

      • Diogenes

        Sean, you are correct.

      • Casprd

        Actually He’s not correct. It is well known that these beliefs were fostered by Hitler’s propoganda machine. There are many documented accounts, including photos and films where Hitler ate meat and Drank. In interviews, his assitants verified this.

      • yeah right

        hitler didn’t eat meat NOT because he was a vegetarian on ethical grounds, but because it was recommended by his doctors to relieve his digestional problems.

        as a meat eater, i dont know why everyone gets so defensive over this shit. Are people so threatened by PETA that they scream “go meat” to each other to relieve some hidden guilt? you people are seriously worse than PETA. stop crying about it and eat your meat in peace

      • TK

        I love meat, I will continue to eat it. I don’t wear it because I don’t have enough money to do so. But even if I did, I wouldn’t wear it. But eating it is yummmmmmy!

      • Erin Sloan

        He might have been a vegan, but he also did meth every day. Does PETA see this as a ethical action as well?If Hitler was around today my money says he would have exterimated PETA as well.

    • Legally Blonde

      I totally agree – PETA just lost my vote on this one.

    • donovan s. brain

      PETA is well paid by the meat packers to make animal rights a joke. You say there should be better treatment of farm animals, and they jump in to say farm animals should vote and drive cars. Then everyone laughs at BOTH of you, see?

    • elo

      Love or hate Tiger, this is just in plain bad taste. Just because it is for animals doesnt mean they can take a person’s image, Tiger’s or not, and capitalize on it. Poor poor poor. This makes the organization look bad and loses its credibility. PETA is the ‘used car salesman’ of animal rights groups.

      • Ellie

        Actually it is totally fine to take a public domain image of a celebrity and use it to parody or criticize them. It is only a problem if you make it look like they are endorsing your product. I don’t think anyone would be confused and think Tiger supports PETA in this instance. Further PETA is non-profit, which the law treats very differently.

        Just to be clear, think of SNL. They mock celebrities and show their images all the time in Weekend Update. And they actually make money on their parodies.

        Tiger’s team doesn’t have much of a case, but PETA is not going to argue with them now that they’ve got their publicity.

      • 4rocket

        @ Ellie:
        This ad implies that Tiger gets women pregnant left and right just like an unneutered animal. He probably could sue them for slander. And I don’t think even a non-profit organization reserves the right to use someone’s image without their permission. PETA always crosses unnecessary lines.

    • Daniel

      PETA is lame. Their ad doesn’t even make sense. Tiger never impregnated anybody like they are implying that unfixed kittens do; and too much sex is NEVER a bad thing…

    • givemeseconds

      Kall me “ophensive”!Ant thin kall my weighter! Don’t sue me for plajajism grendel.
      Nshi rhymes with botard.

    • PHD


    • THW

      “PETA keeps reaching new lows. They used the Duggar family to talk about over-breeding recently.” Seems like an excellent example of over-breeding, and good candidates for spaying and neutering.

  • crispy

    How many PETA members does it take to change a lightbulb?
    None. PETA members have never changed anything.

    • Big Walt

      Not even their underpanties? Ewww, that’s just gross.

      • Big Walt

        You’re not Big Walt!

      • uhoh

        big walt sucks

    • SK


    • Anna

      Cripsy FTW

  • mslacat

    That is great!! I love a good pun!

    • max

      Except you don’t know what pun means.

      • phil


      • Ross


      • Crystal

        Max, “Too much sex can be a bad thing… for little tigers too” IS a pun… referring to Tiger Woods and animals at the same time.

    • bambam

      mslacat, how many comedians had to DIE for that pun?

  • claudenorth

    PETA has a legitimate message to convey, but that message is going to be lost in the “controversy” surrounding the billboard. This is why I dislike PETA — they often seem more interested in creating disturbances than in creating change. Of course, they’ll say that the eventual media firestorm (I’m sure Bill O’Reilly is already gearing up to cover this non-story) will raise awareness, but all it will do is turn into a debate about the use of celebrities’ images.

    • Ceballos


      Actually, I don’t find this offensive because of the (non)controversy it’ll inevitably stir up – I find this offensive because it’s lame.

      Tiger Woods jokes are SO 3 months ago. (Or, at the very least, SO last week.)

    • Cee

      I completely agree with you claudenorth. Spaying and neutering pets is a legitimate, non-controversial issue, and now Peta has ruined any progress that might have been made with their showboating antics. Too bad for the animals that their supposed “crusaders” care more about publicity and making waves than actually helping them.

    • Frank

      And you know WHY PETA wants you to spay or neuter right? Because their mission statement states that they want to eliminate household pets. They feel the entire concept of a pet is demeaning to the animal, and therefore just as bad as slavery.

      So, just saying, as much as I agree with the spay an neuter idea, I really wouldn’t go saying PETA has an important message. The whole picture is a horrendously bad idea, so even by supporting “parts” of it you are in fact supporting the absolute severance of contact between human and animals.

      • Zoey

        Having a pet is just as bad as slavery? that is complete and utter BULLSH*T. They’re not people, and shouldn’t be treated as such. Not that they should be abused, they just don’t deserve the rights humans have. Honestly the PETA people should just marry animals and f–k them like they did in South Park.

      • lelele

        I won’t have a pet because they are pain to take care of. I think this ad is funny but I thought it would be something made on The Soup.

  • (fu)King logic

    And that’s why today I’m having a nice steak for dinner..

    • Bill

      I always thought PETA meant People Eatimg Tiny Animals

      • Angie

        No, it’s “People eating tasty animals.”

      • Nshi

        That is NOT funny!

      • time for a nice steak

        haha i figured it was “people eating tasty animals.” one of my friends has a bumper sticker that says it haha

      • Omnivore

        If God didn’t mean for us to eat animals, why did he make them so tasty with a nice red wine reduction?

      • Matt

        The question is, if God didn’t mean for us to eat animals, why do we have canine teeth? You know, the ones intended to tear meat…

    • Pat

      Your mother should have been spayed.

      • Sara~


      • Matt

        LOLOL Yes that is in fact funny, bordering on hilarious.

      • animals

        PETA, I rather be eaten than being neutered!!!

    • Me Again

      I hope that you have already been neutered.



    • wp2012

      Yeah but I doubt that will stop him from enjoying steak.. I’m with you f-logic, ill have a couple of cheesburgers tonight.. love me the sweet sweet taste of animals

      • wp2012

        These PETA idiots can wast as much money as they want and gain attention anyway they want but the truth is, they’re as hopeless as they’re useless. People will never stop eating animals or stop using them for coats or hunting.. and thank god this is the truth

    • Ambient Lite

      Please don’t confuse PETA with vegetarians.

      • Sean

        PETA should goto Middle Eastern countries and see how they kill animals very slowly (Halal meat anyone??) because their religion demands it. Its called Halal method of killing and the meat is called “Halal meat”.

        So then next time you see these words outside any restaurants or butcher places, you know the animal was killed very slowly….

        Oh did I mention that the butcher has to recite some Muslim prayer too while cutting the animals neck arteries??

        PETA will get a heart attack seeing it.

      • Big Walt

        That’s not true. There have been studies. They do not suffer any more, and in fact it’s less, than western methods.

      • Big Walt

        You are NOT Big Walt!

  • Atlantis

    Egads PETA… BAD TASTE! I’ll have to distance myself from PETA now.
    Bad form PETA, bad form.

    • Dave C

      Really, so, not comparing chicken farms to the holocaust, pushing comics to 8 year olds saying you dad is a murderer for going fishing, or any of the other much more obscene comparisons they have made.

      I doubt you were ever “with” PETA if just this is going to make you “distance” yourself from them.

  • Kristi

    This is why I hate PETA. This is yet another corporate decision to create controversy so they can get free media coverage. Why is the media still falling for this? They’ve been doing it for years. PETA is Klassy with a K. Hate them.

  • Otto Maddox

    This is just a publicity stunt. Put it up for a day until Tiger’s lawyer’s tell them to take it down. The coverage from the media will more than make up for having to take down the message though.

    The best thing we can do to make this world a better place is ignore the psychos from PETA.

  • rhesa

    You think the ad is “ridiculous” but you are playing right into their hands by making a post about it.

    • 2B Named LTR

      so are you!

  • Pete

    Interesting how many people hate on Peta, probably because it’s an easy way to dismiss animal cruelty, so you don’t have to actually think about it and feel guilty.

    • Simon

      Please. I would send my dog outside to get laid in protest, if she wasn’t already fixed. If people dismiss Peta, it’s not because they hate animals and that’s a weak argument on your part. They clearly hate Peta’s methods.

    • Cee

      Completely disagree. Peta focuses more on being controversial than actually helping animals. How many times have you heard of Peta going to animal shelters, fostering homeless pets, etc…versus throwing paint on people wearing fur and getting naked celebrities to pose for their ads. I am the biggest animal lover you’ll find, but I find Peta’s antics obnoxious and the opposite of helpful!

      • Cee

        Sorry, I posted too late–I completely disagree with PETE, not Simon.

      • anna


      • Anna

        I am with you Cee 100%

      • Ellie

        PETA has a large campaign focused on adopting shelter dogs and not supporting puppy mills. Charlize Theron narrates one of the ads.

    • Joe the Ragman

      I don’t need PETA to make animal cruelty an issue. PETA put human life in second place and think nothing of degrading actions on humans. PETA is a nut-job action committee.

    • Nennie

      EXCUSE you, Pete?

      Know before you speak. PETA is a joke and do NOT care about animals.

      Read this.

    • wtf

      PETA is not the standard for ethical treatment of animals. Ethical is a relative term. PETA is an extremist group just like any other who are completely out of touch with reality.

    • Handsome Steve

      I love animals and I believe that they have rights. I love the way they taste and they have the right to make me a damned good meal

      • uhoh

        lets go handsome… no, not you fat jesus

    • Lance

      No, we hate on PETA because they are hate-worthy. For my part, it is because they dilute the issues with their posturing. Personally, I am also anti-fur due to the way animals are raised and killed for fur, something that is for pure decorative purposes in our culture (I am fine with those cultures who still need fur for warmth or cultural practices). Note that the meat of these fur animals is not consumed. I am a meat eater, but am opposed to factory farming for similar reasons – just because an animal is raised for food does not mean it needs to suffer during its life or death. I am also a pet owner, and most people should be so lucky as to be my dog. She is no slave and lives better than many children in this country. PETA lumps all animal rights under one umbrella and labels me a bad person because I don’t support ALL their beliefs. They therefore lose support of many of us who might otherwise support some of their initiatives (were they not media whores).

      • Angel2480

        Great response Lance. I feel exactly the same! I am also very anti-fur but my family does eat meat and we have very spoiled pets. However, we do not support the circus or any business that profits in that way. If PETA could get Ingrid Newkirk off that crazy train and get her OUT of PETA then maybe they could be taken a little more seriously. She is the main reason that people think PETA is a joke. Newkirk is basically a dangerous radical that needs to be put on a leash.

  • David

    Why would PETA endorse invasive surgery against an innocent animal? Even us carnivorous Jews aren’t allowed to randomly castrate animals.

    • Why

      Ha! Well said David!

  • TofuQueen

    Ugh, PETA is ridiculous and counterproductive. I say this as an animal rights activist. Their brand of activism is embarrassing for all of us. The money they’ll spend putting up this billboard and then fighting the media battle could have been spent *actually* spaying and neutering animals.

    • Pat

      Excellent point.

    • veggout

      I completely agree with you. I choose to not eat meat because of the way the animals are treated. Death is a gift for them. When ppl find out that I’m a vegetarian, they immediately assume that I’m a “peta-person” which is something I vehemently deny. They give everyone who gives a crap about animals a bad name.

  • Sarah

    Everyone is criticizing them for using a publicity stunt, but that’s how PETA has always worked and I don’t blame them – they take a message that is generally ignored or not “sexy” and make it a controversy. They’re achieving exactly what they set out to do – it’s brilliant advertising and will do more than Bob Barker on the Price is Right ever did.

    • Joe the Ragman

      What you mean is YOU generally ignore routine animal right issues. I don’t believe most people do. Responsible people, like me, obtain our pets from shelters and contribute to spay and neuter funds. PETA is only all about publicity for PETA and could care less about animals.

      • Pat


      • Katja

        No, Pat – Joe is kind of right. I get that they care about animals to some extent, but it’s so wrapped up in self-righteousness and aggression that they don’t ACTUALLY HELP animals. It’s sickening and I wish there was a more reasonable alternative foundation to PETA that I could give money to. I just can’t support PETA’s methods or a lot of their batsh*t crazy ideas. (Sea kittens?!?!)

      • Katja

        And by another foundation, I mean a national one with national campaigns. I’ve given money to the local shelter, but I want a group to effect change for animals and their treatment that doesn’t try to convince everyone to go vegan or go to hell.

      • Sarah

        Katja: I’m with you! Have you considered the Shelter Pet Project, or its sponsor organization, The Humane Society of the United States? There’s also “Maddie’s Fund.” All of these are national organizations, and all of them are far more reasonable than PETA.

  • Terry Heaton

    Congrats. You’ve just given PETA exactly what they wanted, because there’s no way any such billboard would pass the legal requirements for Tiger’s image. It’s not about the billboard; it’s about the publicity.

    • grendel

      Absolutely! PETA’s tactics over the years are purposefully outrageous and often tongue-in-cheek, just to get attention. I mean, make ice cream from breast milk instead of cow’s milk? Does anyone actually think they were serious? It’s just another case of “Look at me! Look at me!”

  • Pat

    Adopt a homeless pet.
    Thank you.

    • eman ruoy

      ’nuff said!

      • Dana

        The ASPCA is better trusted to give your money to than PETA….

      • Sam

        I completely agree with this statement about giving money to the ASPCA… Im sure peta is going to have to pay some sort of fine for this stunt, money which could have been better spent taking care of sick and injured homeless animals rather than for media attention.

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