PopWatch on Ice: Culture clash on Original Dance night

The “folk/country dance” theme for ice dancing’s second night of competition was just asking for trouble. Teams not wanting to play it safe by doing a style representative of their own country — or mainstream, like Spanish Flamenco or Indian — were going to get “creative.” The best they could hope for was viewers tuning in and thinking they were watching that scene in The Cutting Edge when the pairs team got tripped up in the lederhosen; the worst would be if viewers stumbled upon the “aboriginal” original dance from Russia’s reigning world champions Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin (pictured, left) and vowed never to watch the sport again. Not because of any perceived cultural insensitivity, mind you, but simply because that was arguably the worst concept for a program on ice ever and the crazy smiles they flashed throughout it made ice dancing seem like a joke. (Watch.)

How do you look at those costumes (faux foliage?!) and think this will translate? At least they did away with the face paint they’d worn in previous performances. They also lightened the skin tone of his body suit and toned down the white and size of the drawings on their backs. (Watch them at the European Championships.) Even with my anthropology degree, I don’t know enough to debate the authenticity of it all. According to NBC commentator Tom Hammond, groups have also complained that the music wasn’t authentic and that a woman could never wear red for a ceremonial dance. Shabalin has said they did do research for this program (and regardless, we know Domnina looks good in red from their compulsory tango). Hammond had the quote of the night: “Aside from looking ridiculous, does it affect the judges?” Analyst Tracy Wilson said they’d be focusing on the technique and character not the controversy. The duo, which had been in first, dropped to third heading into tonight’s medal-deciding free dance (NBC, 8 p.m. ET).

America’s Meryl Davis and Charlie White (pictured, right) were held up as the example of how to do this right: They took traditional Indian dance classes, and she and her mother went to an Indian boutique in her hometown and bought several dresses that were then pieced together for her costume. They also skated the heck out of it, from the intricate hand movements and energetic flow across the ice to the sideways twinkle in her eyes and their perfectly-synched twizzles (traveling one-footed turns) that actually had me applauding in my living room. (Watch.) They now sit in second place. Look for their Phantom of the Opera free skate to connect again with the audience tonight.

Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (pictured, bottom left) rose to the top of the field with a passionate, sophisticated Spanish Flamenco. (Watch.) Anyone else find themselves wanting their footwork to match the sound of the steps in the music? Impossible, I realize, but my mind was fighting a constant battle until that lift, which was cooler than anything I’ve ever seen on Dancing With the Stars. She was facing away from him and he reached down between her legs and flipped her over and up as she twisted. Words won’t do it justice. It was the night’s only rewind moment for me. (Correction: I did rewind Scottish siblings Sinead Kerr and John Kerr ending their Johnny Cash “I’ve Been Everywhere” trucker program with him straddling her and steering her like a rig.) I’m fine with the Canadians being in first after the performances they’ve delivered. You? I hope they got bonus points for the way she used her skirt, which just begged you to reach out and touch it. Had I been at the arena and run into her, I wouldn’t have been able to resist. Just like I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from telling France’s Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder that their Can Can was a nice concept that would’ve worked better for me had he been wearing a tux and they played it even raunchier, like he was an aristocrat looking to get naughty at the Moulin Rouge. From his costume, and the way he mimed hanging himself with his pink scarf in the kiss and cry area, I got that he was portraying a depressed artist.

Now, it’s time to discuss America’s Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto‘s Moldavian dance (pictured, bottom right). They were another victim of creativity. At first, I was annoyed that they wasted so much time standing still at the start of the program, but by the end of their skate, I was grateful. It reminded me of a number a couple would have to perform on So You Think You Can Dance and get really pissed about — because it didn’t allow them to show all they could do. It was just another dance and costuming decision that failed to translate on ice no matter how hard they sold it. (Watch.) The Torino silver medalists sit in fourth.

Your turn. What did you think of last night’s original dances? Who do you think will win medals tonight? (Preview the free dances.) And which of the “American Country” dances was your favorite:

• Great Britain’s aforementioned trucker number (Hammond said it was for the Canadian cowboy, but Johnny Cash and Daisy Dukes are ours, thank you.)

• France’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” program from Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat, who slapped their butts in perfect unison for “cakes on the griddle” (I thought their circular step sequence did a nice job resembling country couples dancing.)

• The Dixie Chicks medley from USA’s Emily Samuelson and Evan Bates (I’m loving him on Twitter, by the way. “Channeling Woody from Toy Story. Be the chaps, be the chaps…” he wrote yesterday. More of his greatest hits: “Tired of admitting to other athletes ‘No, we don’t jump.'” “Hunting down every Detroit Red Wing for a picture. Kill count: 5.” “A self-portrait from opening. I call it, ‘Olympic torch engulfs unfortunate boy in unfortunate cable knit sweater.'” “Mr. DiFiore’s 4th grade class wrote us some inspiring letters which are posted in our hallway. I’d like to share some highlights… ‘Figure skating isn’t my favorite sport, but it’s cool. I’m more into football not that I’m saying skating is wimpy. Football has to do with tackling and running. Figure skating is hard too, but I dislike skating. Snowboarding is the coolest. Sincerely, Josh'” “‘I always thought skating was girly until I saw some videos. Wow! You guys can skate. Even tho I’m not into that stuff. I’m into motocross. I don’t know much about this stuff, but I do know you will win. An athletic boy, Eli p.s. I think it’d be cool if u could do an [aerial] flip.'”)

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Photo credit: Dominina: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images; White: Bob Thomas/Popperfoto/Getty Images; Virtue: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images; Belbin: Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images

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  • crispy

    My hubby made me watch ice dancing last night (payback for making him sit through the US crushing Canada in hockey). It was the gayest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And I’ve watched a drag queen dressed in a nun’s habit sing “Blow Gabriel Blow” at Sunday brunch.

    • Ed

      I don’t understand your point. First, what gay is is relative, and even if ice dancing was a “gay thing,” so what?

      • crispy

        Can I get your address, Ed? I’m gonna mail you $3 so you can buy yourself a sense of humor.

      • Ed

        Jokes that label things as gay are not only easy to make, they’re lame. Keep your three bucks, Crispy. The last thing I want is a sense of humor like yours.

      • crispy

        Your loss. Just remember, no one wants to sleep with a wet blanket.

      • Tara

        Do people still call someone a “wet blanket”? I thought that went out of style in 1995.

      • just me

        Hey, Tara, it makes sense that Crispy used wet blanket, since his/her sense of humor also went out of style in 1995.

      • Sarah D

        I think Wet Blanket went out even before calling things ‘gay’ did.

      • crispy

        This thread is like a bad revival of Revenge of the Nerds.

      • thin

        Or maybe a complete failure of a post by someone who thinks they have some kind of a reputation here.

      • crispy

        I don’t see your screenname on the EW.com homepage right now. So there!

      • miss k

        Ugh…crispy. You’ve got to be the most annoying person on this site. Personally, I find it hilarious that you actually take the time to return to this page to comment. Honestly, do you think you’re so cool because you think ice dancing is gay? I’d like you to try doing all those moves on a thin blade on ice. Please, please, please try your best to respect something even if you don’t like it.

      • crispy

        Why wouldn’t I return to comment? That doesn’t make any sense. Anywho, I assure you I have zero grace and wouldn’t even consider trying anything like that on ice skates. Nor would I be caught dead in any of those hideous costumes.

      • Gazza

        I actually liked the Indian costumes, they were very beautiful. More than that, they were AUTHENTIC (and I’m Indian, so I know what I’m talking about), which cannot be said for the “Aboriginal” costumes or the music for that matter- not a single didgeridoo to be heard. Not that didgeridoos are used in all Aboriginal music, It’s just that the music sounded like generic world music. And those smiles… god, I could go on for days (and I’m Australian, so I know what I’m talking about).

      • yogi

        crispy, you’re comments made me laugh so much, well done.

      • Sachin

        umm @gazza – dont agree with your indian costumes were any more authentic than the aboriginal comment and nor did I think the Indian music suited the OD. But to each their own – that should have nothing to do with the performance and btw the russians did not do a great job. So all the standings fair and valid. The canadians were the best – they matched their moves with the tempo and were very graceful. Though am not that sure the Charlie/Meryl did a good job with the indian OD. But I guess indian is in lately.

    • Paul

      I’m a middle-aged hetero male, and enjoyed the hell out of both the ice dancing (especially that bollywood number!) AND watching the US crush Canada at hockey.

      NOT gay, just beautiful and entertaining. There were some tacky costumes, however.

      • crispy

        Maybe that means you’re bi-curious. :)

      • jim

        I am gay and would rather have seen the US-Canada hockey game.

      • crispy

        You and me both, jim.

      • Shana

        yay Bollywood!

      • MsSuniDaze

        The Bollywood routine was amazing. When I was younger I wasn’t really a fan of ice dancing. I thought it was dull compared to couples, but now I think it’s beautiful.

    • ger

      Just a correction – you watched the USA goalie crush Canada. The rest of the team was pretty average. At least now I can say goodbye to Brodeur and hello to Luongo.

      OK, that out of the way, I’m going to the ice dance free dance tonight. I can hardly wait to see how many pings I get on GRINDR.

      • crispy

        I would not argue with that. Ryan Miller was amazing.

      • ceecee

        Ryan Miller was amazing indeed. Now hopefully this means Brodeur is on the way out, and Babcock will finally turn Luongo loose in nets! I’ve never seen Brodeur that unfocused!

        And go! Go! Go! Virtue & Moir FTW! Go Tessa! Go Scott!

    • Trent

      Epic fail on your attempt of making a joke. Get a life.

      • crispy

        Oh, come on. That Sunday brunch line was hilarious. And totally true. Would you laugh if I told you the drag queen’s name was Coretta Scott Queen?

      • crispy

        It is sad when a person has to refer to a line in his own joke and call it hilarious. When a person has to do that, it is an obvious sign that the joke was not, in fact, hilarious, because the line should be able to stand on its own. I am obviously not a funny person, since that is what I did.

      • crispy

        And now we’re hijacking screennames again? My joke may have been lame (I’ll admit that), but you’re a complete and total troll.

      • Felicia

        Oh, when gays are the butt of Crispy’s joke, it’s funny and people need to lighten up. But when crispy is the butt of someone else’s joke, then that person is a “total troll”? Crispy, grow up. If you can’t take being made fun of, then don’t make fun of people yourself.

      • crispy

        Wait, how were “gays” (as if they’re a single entity!) the butt of my joke?

      • crispy

        And Felicia, for the record, if some douchebag hijacks your screenname or anyone else’s, I would call them a total troll too. That’s just being an a-hole.

      • Jimmy

        OMG! crispy, just give it up already. Your jokes were bad. And, by calling ice dancing the “gayist thing” you’ve ever seen, you are 1) not funny; 2) reenforcing gay stereotypes (associating gay people to sequence and feminine behavior– the opposite of the ice hockey players you watched earlier in the evening); 3) you are also lumping gay people into a single entity (the very thing you accused Felicia of doing). And when a heterosexual male commented that he loved both the ice hockey and ice dancing, your response was another sad joke; he must be bisexual. Based on your jokes, a gay activity is ice dancing and a drag show….so ice hockey can’t be a gay activity? (My gay brother is actually in an ice hockey league.) Your jokes were not funny, not clever, and stereotypical, and you’re making yourself look worse by responding to everyone. Instead of responding to everyone, why don’t you volunteer your time and add positively to society?

      • crispy

        LOL! Do I owe you anything for this little mouse-and-keyboard therapy session? How the hell you got all that from my lamebrain attempts to add levity to this otherwise humorless forum is completely baffling.

      • an opinion

        Ha. Jimmy owned crispy!

    • Kaye

      <3 crispy

      • crispy

        I am nowhere near as funny as I think I am. Instead of being original, my jokes are obvious and easy to make.

      • crispy lover

        crispy is hilllllarrrriouusss!

    • anonymous

      You’re either a troll or a really immature teen. If you’re the first impersonating the second, congrats. Otherwise, you need to deal with the fact that being “class clown” doesn’t actually mean you’re funny.

    • crispy’s guardian

      This is no way impacts the guardianship, but have you been intimate with a like-gendered individual?

  • Ed

    Watching Domnina/Shabalina skate was embarrassing. Whereas Davis/White paid respect to India’s culture with their dance, Domnina/Shabalina seemed to be making light of Aboriginal culture.

    • Mia

      Well it seems they took out any mention of which culture it was supposed to represent. At least the rink announcer didn’t associate it with Australia.

  • daisyj

    I liked that the Russian pair apparently seemed to think that wrapping themselves in some blankets they got from some native Canadians made everything okay. Because, you know, these people are all the same anyway. (Must have been why they ended the dance by rubbing noses.) Also, apparently it’s traditional in Australian aboriginal culture for the men to pull the women around by the hair. Gah.

    • nat

      Yes, that routine was awful, even with the improvements. The costumes were still offensive. It was interesting to hear the audience…very little applause for the pair. It made me feel icky to watch, in the same way as the Japanese character played by Mickey Rooney did in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.
      I noticed the blanket too. The reason behind it is that they talked to our local First Nations and got their approval, and so that was supposed to be a sign of respect wearing the blanket. Problem there is that they didn’t talk to any Australian Aborigines, which as you said, are completely different.

  • Angie

    Ed, I’m glad you agree about D/S being embarassing. Over on another board, people are claiming that the aboriginals are being overly sensitive. I thought the routine was a caricature of all indigenous people as being primitive. IMO, the team should have gotten the 2 pt deduction for violating the rules – their routine did not capture the flavor of a nation or custom.

    • Maddi

      I thought the routine was a caricature of all indigenous people as being primitive. IMO, the team should have gotten the 2 pt deduction for violating the rules – their routine did not capture the flavor of a nation or custom.

      I completely agree with this. Their dance was a caricature of stereotypical neanderthals, not a traditional aboriginal dance. Davis and White’s dance, by contrast, was, you know, an /actual Bollywood dance/, only on skates, which is kind of the point.

      • J.

        Not Bollywood! It was an Indian classical style of dance (kathak). Not Bollywood, although they seemed to use all Bollywood music.

    • daisyj

      Totally agree. They took an ancient and complex culture and reduced it to ooga-booga cavemen.

      • Mia

        As mentioned above, the rink announcer didn’t associate it with Australia, it was just an “aboriginal” dance, which is a totally vague term not specific to any country or culture.

      • nat

        Well then, instead of insulting Australian Aborigines, they insult Aboriginals in general. Even if they try to generalize the dance, its still a caricature of Aboriginal culture, in costume and in the dance.

      • lili

        just to clarify one thing. This performance has absolutely nothing to do with kathak, and hardly with any other indian classical dance form.
        Body movements of kathak could be used on ice(not in tghis performance) but one of the most important part of kathak is footwork, which is impossible on ice or at least while skating.

    • mamarose

      Not to mention their routine was just awkward and they looked pretty darn stupid.

  • liese

    I honestly think that Domnina and Shabolin were judged a little too kindly. Tanith and Ben Agusto should be 4th. not 5th. Neither couple connected with the audience but it seemed Tanith and Ben’s program was a little more difficult. I kind of wonder if the judges are feeling bad about Russia’s failure to capture any medals so far after being the powerhouse in Figure Skating for so long.

    Also, I hate the 6 second rule in the lifts. Sometimes the guy is throwing the girl around so frantically that you aren’t given a chance to absorb the beauty of the lift or position. Remember when Michelle Kwan would go for almost the entire length of the rink on one skate with her leg up changing edges? You could see the beauty and control of the move. Looked easy to do but actually very hard. Lifts that have 5 or 6 position changes are confusing and sometimes the girl doesn’t always achieve the prettiest position because she is too busy moving…constantly. I wish they would change that rule!

    • Melinda65

      Tanith and Ben are 4th, but I think that they should have been ranked above the Russians. My husband thought that B/A were faster and covered the ice better than the other couples, in his inexperienced opinion.

      • Mia

        I had the opposite impression, I think B/A’s choice of dance hampered their usual speed and flow.

      • mccliza

        Love Tanith and Ben, but that “Moldavian” thing was just awful. Over the top; reminded me of some of the Russian (Soviet) dance teams of the ’80s– so corny and easily mocked. Davis and White were exquisite and tasteful, as were the Canadians. As for the “Aboriginal” Russians, that red flapping diaper between his legs was just filthy, disgusting, and distracting in all kinds of ways. Mandi, I laughed my head off at this recap! Popwatch on Ice forever!

      • mccliza

        “Garish” is the word I believe Peggy Fleming used back in the ’80s to describe the worst of the ice dancing costumes and programs, including the bizarre makeup, facial expressions, and arm flailing. I’m afraid Tanith and Ben’s qualifies, though not as blatantly as the Aboriginals!

  • Lemon

    Davis/White and Virtue/Moir were fantastic to watch last night. I’m legitimately excited to watch the Free Dance tonight and I hope they medal!

    • Lemon

      Also – did anybody else notice someone waving the Spanish flag during the Canadian routine? That’s when you know you’ve done a culture justice. So many of the other routines were just an embarrassment.

    • Lorie

      I was bored with many of the dances, except for these 2. They did an amazing job. Can’t wait to see them again tonight.

      • nat

        Both routines were really lovely. They showed the proper way to do an ice dance. Some of the other pairs routines were really cheezy. Its like they chose a culture (ex. USA) and reduced it to its most stereotypical form (hee haw country style). To me, thats not a tribute…its just bad.

    • mamarose

      I agree – they were both classy and elegant. I totally agree with Virtue/Moir being in first place, and I think I’m rooting for them, just because they seem like such geniunely kind-hearted people. I love that Virtue is always understated with her makeup/costume, as opposed to a lot of the garishness you see in ice dancing. I’d sorta like to see her paired with Charlie White – their charm would knock everyone down.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    The Russians were terrible – they shouldn’t have made the Top 3.

    • Martha

      Heartily seconded. Forget the terrible costumes (if you can), the skating just wasn’t that good.

      • Lorie

        So true.

    • jen

      don’t even get me started on that guy’s wig. and look at the creepy flesh legs in the picture above! everything about them was so bad.

    • Laura

      Agree! I was very surprised by the scoring — disregarding any of the controversy, it was just a really mediocre performance.

  • Rebecca Jill

    I was not a fan of the Aboriginal performance at all and am suprised they are in 3rd with that performance when there were better performances. The faves were Davis and White and Moir and Virtue.

  • Lyla Miklos

    My fave Olympic ice dance program will always be my fellow Canucks Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz at the 1998 Olympics and their Riverdance number. Pure perfection!

    • Lyla Miklos

      Check it out at . . .

    • Terri

      For true. Ice Dancing has been so boring since then. I *am* getting into it this year, though. Go, inauthentic vs. authentic controversy! Go, hometown trainers (Davis/White and Virtue/Moir)!

    • tara

      that was an incredibly routine. wish i could get my hands on the music, but i can’t remember the name of it. the team from great britain last night did something very similar which i enjoyed.

    • warped

      Thank you!! That was exactly the one I was trying to remember last night as I watched.

    • ceecee

      The music they used was from Riverdance! It was a piece of music from the show – Reel Around the Sun, I think. I loved that routine! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmijaWvX_2U
      Another one of my all-time faves was Tracey Wilson & Rob McCall’s Ragtime number from 1988: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWO4eG_EwG8
      Both were SPECTACULAR numbers!

    • Maggie

      They got fourth that year. And accroding to Share-lynn she was told she would place fourth by one of the officials before she stepped out on the ice.

  • boredinbklyn

    Honestly the ice dancing wasn’t doing it for me AT ALL. As soon as I saw the first couple in Daisy Duke’s I realized that this was not a night of skating for me. And by the time it got to the Russians I was seriously considering watching Tool Academy. ugh. When do the ladies skate?

    • Lorie

      Tuesday = Ladies’ Short Program & Thursday = Ladies’ Free Skate.

  • rkor

    Ice Dancing is the one figure skating discipline that I can’t claim any real knowledge of. I just know what I like.
    That said, why in the hell are Belbin and Agosto in 4th, behind the Russians? I found the Russians to be slow, boring, and sorta insensitive (despite their statements) toward what they were representing. I admit that B & A’s program wasn’t the easiest to get into. I personally would’ve suggested another folk dance style if I were their coach…..but still they were had a lot of speed changes which I liked and seemed to be skating a more difficult dance than the Russians. Plus they had the inenviable skating position of skating right after the Canadians. I am rooting for Belbin and Agosto to pull a Sarah Hughes!

    • Terri

      The Russians are reigning World champions, and got a pass. Just my opinion, of course.

    • mccliza

      That would be nice, but shifts in placement are almost un-heard of in Ice Dancing. I’m afraid the standings are set. Maybe the new system will help, but I’m afraid not. And then there will be talk of “deals made.” Just sayin’.

    • brody

      Aw, Sarah Hughes! I miss her!

  • MsDaisy

    I didn’t care so much about the controversy over the Russian’s original dance….I just thought their program was not very enjoyable.

  • jen

    I thought I always enjoyed watching the ice dancing competition, but last night I kept wondering if I must have been on drugs during previous Olympics because I could not stop saying to myself, “My God! This is terrible! What on earth am I watching?” It was so weird. I can’t even fully explain why I hated it so much. The only ones I thought were cute were Davis and White and the Canadian couple. I hope one of them wins, but am not sure if my eyes can handle more ice dancing tonight.

    • boredinbklyn

      That’s exactly how I felt. When did ice dancing become so cheesy? I mean I know we’re talking about figure skating but come on. I didn’t watch the last Olympics but I remember ice dancing being more like ballet and less like…whatever that stuff was last night.

      • Silent E

        I think the judging changes have affected what we’re seeing all over the ice. When did the pairs grab their skates so much? I’ve never seen as much skate grabbing by both the men and women as during those routines. The ice dancing used to be smooth and fluid, Torville and Dean, anyone? Now, it’s just so show-choir. Not liking the turn of events all over figure skating!

      • jen

        Maybe it’s because I only catch it every four years and a ton of things can change during that time that I would have no knowledge of, but I honestly don’t remember them doing International Folk Dance Night during the last Olympics. If they did, I certainly don’t remember it being so tacky. The “cowboy/cowgirl” ones were the WORST. Technically, the aborigine dance was the worst but at least it was so bad I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. The country ones just made me want to hide my face or change the channel. Maybe we’ll get more old school ice dancing tonight? I hope so. I said I wouldn’t watch tonight, but I can’t NOT watch the Olympics when they’re on so I hope it’s better. And if not, please let it at least be funny or dramatic or something…

      • Amanda

        I loved Torville and Dean’s Bolero routine back in 1984. Since then, the Russians had turned ice dancing into a spectacle with over-dramatic “deaths” on ice. I’m glad that it’s finally moving away from that and back to the elegance of the sport.

    • tara

      well, folk dance was the theme of the technical dance this year, as chosen by the skating federation.

      • jen

        thanks for the answer. you are way more on the ball than I am! : )

      • brody

        skating federation FAIL.

  • cranky

    The Russians were certainly tacky but the brother/sister combo was plain creepy. The whole thing with ballroom-style pair dancing both on and off the ice is the illusion of romance. Ick. Adorable Scots, but ick.

    • tara

      there are four brother/sister teams — the scots, the israeli team, the german team and the japanese team. eek.

    • Amidala

      That is kind of disturbing, considering how much time they have to train together and how close they have to get on the ice. I can never ever imagine doing that with either one of my brothers…

  • hs in sf

    Still loving that Samuelson/Bates used ‘White Trash Wedding’ in their dance.

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