Olympic Stud of the Day: Torah Bright

In the interest in leaving the figure skating coverage to Mandi — and getting another non-American up in here! — Day 7’s Olympic Stud is Australian snowboarder Torah Bright, who won Australia’s first gold in last night’s Women’s Halfpipe finals. She’s so studly because she pulled off the winning run — including the switch-backside 720, a trick attempted by few men — after scoring a ridiculous 5.9 in the first heat. Ranking last earlier meant she had to go first later, so while everyone else tried their best to challenge Torah’s smiley energy and “I don’t need to naturally favor nothin’!'” technique, Torah had to just stand there in her adorable teal cap with her loosely plaited Eloise hair and be charming. Torah even took gold without trying the “double cork,” the double-flipping jump she’d been practicing all year, which has never been done in women’s competition.

Honorable mentions: Did I say I wasn’t going to mention skating again? Bulls—! Johnny Weir, who be good, deserved way higher than his sixth place finish. I don’t know why the judges are so afraid of his fabulousness. He made just one bobble on a spin. (“A spin!!!” –Scott Hamilton) Those judges should be forced to wear pink-tasseled crowns of red roses for a week to properly learn their lesson. Yes, somehow that would do the trick. Skier Julia Mancuso, for silvering again in the Slalom. Snowboarder Hannah Teter, for almost beating Torah and for selling maple syrup to help kids in Kenya. Great Britain’s curling skip Eve Muirhead, for being 19 years old and having J-Woww hairVictor Petrenko’s enormous eyes. And finally, Lysacek’s coach Frank Carroll for rarely breaking his expectant/slightly amused game face while waiting for scores.

Who was your Olympic Stud of Day 7, PopQuatchiers? And if I randomly live blog the women’s skeleton this afternoon, will anyone read it?

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  • Janet

    I think Johnny Weir should be the stud of the day. He was brilliant last night, and he was robbed of a medal.

    • Sarah

      Johnny was such a good sport about it too, trying to quiet the crowd’s booing. He just seemed so happy to have skated so well, which makes me love him all the more.

    • Brett

      He wasn’t brilliant. Even though he skated a clean program(for once), many of his jumps, technical elements and transitions were clearly a notch or two below the better skaters. Everyone talks about his artistry but, beyond some decent arm placement, I just don’t see it.

      Stud of the day went to the right woman.

    • charlotte

      Agree – he was amazing!! There may be new judging rules but nothing has changed as far as skating judges’ bias! Go, Johnny! We love you!

    • Linda L

      I’m not a huge fan of Johnny Weir, just something about him always put me off but I have to say, he did a wonderful job. He skated great and he handled himself like a pro. I thought he had dignity, class and he was fun to watch. I have great respect for him now.

    • Allison

      Johnny definitely deserved at least to be the Olympic Stud of the Day, if not an Olympic medalist. He did such an awesome job! His two performances were by far the most entertaining to watch.

  • Carrie

    Johnny got robbed. As much as I don’t like him, Evan totally earned that gold medal. Plushenko may have a quad but what does it matter if he’s bobbling on his triples? Viktor’s eyes are beautiful and part of the reason he’s the only Russian men’s skater I ever rooted for.

    • Linda L

      I do miss Yagudin, Kulik, Alexi and of course, Viktor. They were classy and they did not whine and complain.

    • Lorie

      ITA. I thought Johnny earned the bronze medal. It was great seeing Viktor once again. He was the only Russian men’s skater I ever rooted for, too. Yay for Evan!!

      • Sal

        No way! Those Japanese skaters were amazing! Plushenko would have won if he had landed those jumps better. But Lysacek did amazing! I was really happy for him, even though I was rooting for Patrick Chan.

  • Linda L

    Good for Tora Bright. She did a great job but the Olympic Stud should be Evan Lysacek!!!!! He skated beautifully and beat Plushenko. Wow. I still can’t believe it.

    • amanda

      they played the evan card already 2 days ago after the short,would be incredibly LAME w/ so many athletes(not to mention not shining the spotlight on Maelle Ricker that day) 2 name him stud once again

  • Lisa Simpson

    I agree with Torah Bright, but Evan Lysacek was amazing too, though he did win SOTD a couple days ago. I am so digging the curling. The hapless US men’s team is providing such drama, and utter tragedy (in a ‘no one get shurt and let’s go have a few beers’ way).

  • pickyeater

    Anja Paerson from Sweden who came back for the bronze in super-combined after a horrifying crash in the downhill the day before. That’s studliness!

    • Sarah

      Seriously, I don’t know how she was standing, let along skiing after that fall!

      • s marie

        Yeah, that was painful to watch. I’m still in awe of her ability to ski through the pain.

    • jones

      Yeah, that was really gutsy and amazing.

  • Carrie

    Michal Brezina of the Czech Republic’s coach. His red glasses rocked out the sidelines of men’s skating last night!

  • Brett

    Anti-Stud of the day: Pluchenko, for whining like a little b—.

  • penalty box

    Maybe they should have skateboarding in the summer olympics. That’s what this has come to.

    • Kevin

      Why are so many people opposed to snowboarding? For decades, the Winter Olympics were viewed as the lesser Olympics competition due to the small number of interesting events. But, with the introduction of more exciting events like half-pipe and snowboard-cross, interest has skyrocketed and viewership has increased dramatically. The Summer Olympics have too many events as it is and they do not need to include events like skateboarding to drum up interest. The Winter Olympics have the room and the need for fun, modern events and I’m all for it. Besides… hot girls on snowboards and sexy women heaving heavy stones down ice = Win!

      • m&m

        I really appreciate the attitude that the boarders have brought to the Olympics. They are excited and having fun for the most part. They cheer each other on and don’t act like prima donnas like many skiers and skaters.

      • Lynny

        I was really impressed with all the female snowboarders. They did all seem to be there for the right reasons and didn’t take it so seriously. It was much more relaxing to watch than the skaters or others that act like they are there to cure cancer or something.

    • jen

      Have you ever tried to skate a half pipe? I put those guys and girls up with any Olympic Athlete out there. It is a seriously tough sport.

    • Nancy Ilker


  • Sarah

    When the Winter Games are all said and done, I think the real studs will be all of us- the hopelessly addicted. I’ve felt like a walking zombie at work this week because of all the late nights. There were a few evenings when I was seemingly less interested, but then I’d realize I’d become infatuated with snowboard cross, or curling, or Shaun White, and I couldn’t turn off the TV. I thought I’d be okay once the men’s figure skating was done, but I forgot all about ice dancing and how much I love that too. Damn it, NBC!
    Also, here I am on this blog when I have piles of work awaiting my attention. Clearly I have a problem, but probably so do a lot of you.

    • jen

      I have the same problem. I’m pretty much glued to the tv for two weeks while the Olympics are on. And it’s so annoying because I have a baby coming in 6 weeks and am soooo far behind. A TV addiction is the last thing I need right now.

    • Quirky

      I agree about the addiction and we still have another full week ahead. It’s even worst up here in Canada as our TV stations are also live streaming every single event on their websites (I’m not getting any work done this week). Now if you’ll excuse me I have to watch women’s curling while hiding from my boss.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I admit my addiction. However, I refuse the cure. Cold Turkey is just a week away anyway.

    • Linda L

      I admit it. I’m an Olympicholic. Every time the Olympics come on, I’m glued to the TV. Will be sad when it ends.

    • Liz

      I freakin’ love the Olympics, and the way those montages/ behind-the-scenes stories can make me become quickly obsessed with athletes that I had no idea existed ten minutes ago. Nothing like real drama, heartbreak, hard work and sweet success… now THIS is reality TV! Will remain glued to my couch until the end.

    • amanda

      i’m w/ u sarah, i have altered my sleep sched 2 watch prime time on dvr when i get home from work then onto late night coverage, which means i usually wake up on the couch somewhere in the middle of the prime time rebroadcast

    • Shana

      haha I’m a university student and it’s reading week…. so I spent ALL my free time watching the olympics… and not doing as much reading and hw as I should… I’m obsessed!

    • Kisha

      I know I told myself I when the Olympics started i wasn’t going to get so invested .Yeah that didn’t last long .The Swiss – Canada hockey game last night and men’s free skate had me up way later than i needed to be.Lots of great events this weekend I can’t wait.

  • Kevin

    Am I the only person that can’t stand Johnny Weir? Was rooting for uber-hotty Gretchen Bleiler in the halfpipe but, alas, she fell.

    • jen

      I know it’s not her fault she’s attractive and she’s obviously very good at her sport, but NBC’s coverage of her was so obnoxious. A close up of her butt in a bikini? Seriously? It’s like they couldn’t find ANYTHING else to comment on except how good looking she is. Maybe she needs to get with the other girl and make maple syrup.

      (And I thought Johnny was annoying at first, but he’s grown on me. He was great last night.)

      • Kevin

        I didn’t see that, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I knew it was going to be a tough Olympics for these women when I saw the Chris Collingsworth’s interview with Lindsey Jacobellis and, instead of talking about her sport, he just kept commenting on how tiny and cute she is. The coverage has been pretty shallow through the whole thing so far.

      • jen

        I’m sorry you missed it…her butt was pretty cute. ^_^

  • ceecee

    OMG! I would TOTALLY read a skeleton live blog! There’s something absolutely fabulous about sprinting top speed then diving HEAD FIRST down a bobsled run!!

    • Elsa

      Yayyyy skeleton!!! I’m completely obsessed with it!

  • Marianne

    So now the stud of the day is a woman? Maybe there should be woman and a man everyday! Torah was pretty good though, thank god for having a second second run right?

  • Mariam

    When I saw Tora last night on her first round with her Yellow pants, I knew she would kick some ass. Yet she fell and I was bumbed because I knew she could do it. Then on the 2nd round, I was so happy for her. My heart was thumping each time she went up on the sky hoping she wouldn’t fall and she didn’t. She kicked ass, I don’t care that she’s Australian. She just kicked ass for all us females in the world.

  • Melinda65

    Even her name is awesome. I totally want to change mine to Torah Bright now.

  • um

    Stud of the day, for me, is the Japanese kid Nobunari Oda
    who broke a shoelace while skating and barely skipped a beat. Totally cool under pressure.

    • Marianne

      And even with those deductions, he still managed to get 7th place, I believe. Pretty good. That just goes to show the Quality of your performance really counts over the big jumps…

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