This Week's Cover: On the set with the cast of 'Lost'

Hey Losties, if you’re still confused about this whole “Sideways world” after the first three episodes of the final season, don’t despair — turns out the cast initially had trouble understanding the time-tripping idea, too. When EW’s Totally Lost duo Jeff Jensen and Dan Snierson visited the set in Hawaii last October, Matthew Fox and company were still trying to wrap their brains around the implications of the flash-sideways device. “It completely shatters your concept of time and reality,” says Fox. “[Jack] doesn’t have any recollection of any other version of reality. And yet there’s something inside of him that feels slightly off balance and confused by the whole thing.” Evangeline Lilly, meanwhile, suggests that the Sideways conceit hinges on reincarnation mysticism, and believes that off-Island Kate “has those [castaway] years under her belt somewhere deep within her soul memory. She just doesn’t consciously remember them.”

As the series heads towards its May 23 finale, some of the cast members are taking a more “ignorance is bliss” approach, preferring to let the story unfold rather than guessing what will become of their character in the final episodes. Emilie de Ravin — whose Claire is back with a vengeance (and a wild-woman-of-the-jungle makeover) after being absent since season 4 — spent her time away from Lost shooting movies (including Public Enemies) and, well, not watching Lost. But with good reason: “Claire is so clueless about so much of the happenings on the Island that I feel like if I did really know everything,” explains the actress, “it would probably play a little differently.” And while Terry O’Quinn is now playing Locke as the physical embodiment of the Smoke Monster, he’s choosing not to engage in the debate about whether Smokey (a.k.a. The Man in Black, a.k.a. Un-Locke) is good or evil. “It’s a guess I don’t want to make,” says O’Quinn. “I consciously don’t flip that coin, because then I start leaning in a direction that I don’t necessarily want to lean.”

For more from Team Lost — including what lingering Lost questions exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse plan to answer in the show’s final seasons—pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands February 19.

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  • Pudge

    Are we getting a Spring Movie Preview this year???

    • Jay

      Yes, where is the Spring Movie Preview Issue?

  • Heather2

    I am loving the Lost love. Even though I am about as lost this season as you can get. But I am not stressing or concerned or trying to figure anything out right now. All will be revealed soon, or at least that is what I am hoping.
    And it is about time that Emilie de Ravin is getting some love. Claire deserves this.

    • Anonymous

      You’re not kidding. She’s one of the most talented one’s on there and they hardly ever make use of her.

  • Heather2

    Just a question though. Does anyone really DIE on Lost?

    • Desmo

      Yes, all the time in fact. Someone’s always waving a stick of dynamite around, getting shot, hit with flaming arrows, impaled by metal poles, beaten to death by a black pillar of smoke…

      • Sarah

        Getting buried alive because they were paralyzed by a spider, drowning in an underground radio communication something…

      • Hmph

        Claire looks a bit like Naomi Watts from King Kong in that picture.

      • Justin

        …getting a knife thrown into their backs, being strangled, hit by shrapnel from burning wreckage…

      • Bob

        … and let’s not forget getting sucked into a working plane turbine, blowing up in a freighter explosion, and being run over by a DHARMA van…

      • Jason

        …falling on knives in an open dish washer (over a year later I’m still paranoid about how I put silverware in to be cleaned — and that I NEVER leave the machine open!)

      • John

        …..and then you have the weird time travel sickness, getting beat to death by a rock, getting beat to death on a rock…

      • Carla in Houston

        ….getting gased by Others while your uber-Other son Ben sits next to you in a Dharma van wearing a gas mask…..

      • Sara

        Falling out of a tree whilst inside of a crashed airplane…

      • Amiee

        Having a manipulative little psyco convince you that you need to hang yourself…

      • Emily

        And then not being able to do it so he strangles you instead!

      • Jenna

        … drowning when a riptide pulls you into the ocean, being inside a yellow airplane when it tumbles off a cliff, getting shot when you’re sneaking onto a submarine, getting stabbed in the heart and thrown into a fire, being strangled by a doctor after someone shoots you in the chest to put you out of your misery, being pregnant on the island and dying for mysterious reasons, dying during childbirth, being strangled with chains on the Black Rock, getting sucked into an electromagnetic tunnel and dying twice…

      • Bagels

        …being locked in a room as it fills with water, using your last breaths to write “not pennys boat” on your hand…

      • KC

        LOL these comments are cracking me up.

      • AnnaL

        LOL A LOT! This has made my day.

      • Annie

        All of the replies to Heather2’s question are hilarious!!! You have summed up LOST very well.

      • Edz

        getting shot by a mercenary, getting shot by an assassin, getting shot by your own mother, getting shot by someone who thinks you shot his mother (and father)

      • Melinda65

        Getting shot accidentally, getting shot by an Other, getting shot by a Lostie, getting blown up in a house set on fire by your stepdaughter…

      • RyanK

        C’mon people! You forgot being hit by a meteor!! RIP Tricia Tanaka

    • Brian

      Of course they do. Do you watch the show, Heather2? Your comment makes you sound stupid.

      • Brian

        Sorry, Heather2.

    • Rhonfea

      … of a heart attack after your grandson wins the lottery, being inside a Mr. Cluck’s when a meteor hits it.

  • UGH

    What irks me about this current season is the charactes’ continuity with hair in the “sideways scenes”.
    Couldn’t Matthew Fox have kept his buzz cut from season 1?

    • Katie

      I am 100% sure that was purposeful. The show is too meticulous and detailed to make a silly mistake like that.

      • Casey

        It wouldn’t be fasible to have him shave his hair, then he’d look different for the on-island scenes.

      • Mike

        yeah…that’s what i was gonna say too Casey. We all know how bad WIGS are on LOST…imagine Matthew Fox either..wearing a WIG on the island…or having some kind of BUZZ CUT wig lol I was actually surprised they got JIN and Sun to look like their season 1 hair as well as they did.

    • Hair

      It’s a different reality. Continuity is out the window. Hurley is lucky now, did you miss that?

      • ^ ^ ^

        EPIC FAIL.
        The sarcasm that would’ve worked was “Hurley is thin now, did you miss that?”

      • Jennifer

        I don’t think there was any sarcasm involved – Hurley IS lucky in Sideways-World. Jerk.

      • Hair

        Thank you, Jennifer. To the above poster, my point is continuity is not required. Anything can be different. Hurley is lucky (apparently you *did* miss that!). Locke is friends with his dad (picture on his desk, Helen talking about inviting him). The freaking plane didn’t crash. There are more differences I’ve heard are coming that I won’t spoil. Funny that people are complaining about hair now when it makes sense but didn’t during, say, season three flashbacks.

      • annie

        Using the term “epic fail” is juvenile. Grow up and move on.

      • Josh M

        “Epic fail?” Really? Are you still calling people “the weakest link” too?

      • Addison

        Come on guys. “Epic Fail” is a little funny.

      • Brian

        ^ ^ ^ is the epic fail. Hair, you’re right on.

      • amyf

        That’s not a question of continuity, it’s a different story.

    • Desmo

      Can we put this down to the fact that its an alternative timeline and not worry about something as trivial as hair?

      • amyf

        The best (or worst) bad hair episode is the one where Ben kidnaps Alex…

    • hairpolice

      THE HAIR BUGS ME TOO. I hate Jack’s new comb over!

      • Are you for Real?

        Seriously! All the questions on LOST and all the character changes and you are worried about hair! The Sideways timeline is not consistent, that is the point!

    • Laura

      Lol. That was the first think I noticed about Charlie on the plane – “His hair’s too short!”

    • aieme

      I’m sure it was intentional. But now I’m really itching to find a way to work the phrase “continuity of hair” into casual conversation.

    • Moses

      That is actually totally on purpose. All of their lives are different in the sideways timeline and so is some of their hair.

    • Lostie

      Well, he looks much hotter with the longer hair.
      Continuity be damned!

    • djkallen

      ya really, jack with the buzz cut was so much better, jack with long hair is mega lamo

  • mel


    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Save the cheer…oh wrong show.

      • bella25


      • sonny

        It’s amzing how much better Parkman is as a pilot and Doyle is as a cab driver.
        Gotta love Mac’s incredibly bad acting too.

      • CAM

        That IS funny!

  • Luddite

    Much better than the last Lost cover. I want it.

  • Louis

    another Lost cover? come on.

    • Desmo

      Is it too much to ask that we get our little moment in the sun? The amount of coverage this magazine has devoted to vampires and twilight (I ain’t mad a lot of people like it of course it gets more “air-time”) two covers of lost within a month isn’t so bad.

      • HC

        I agree with you that EW has way too many Twilight covers, but two covers of ANYTHING in less than a month is too much! It’s just ridiculous.

      • Trey

        It’s business guys, certain covers sell more magazines. As long as Lost and Twilight sell more copies that issues with,say,American Idol on the cover, Lost and Twilight will continue to be on the cover. Pretty basic business folks.

      • crispy

        Trey, I agree and I disagree. If that makes any sense! Yes, it’s a business that needs to make money; on the other hand, it’s also a news publication that should maintain some journalistic integrity. And if the people running this magazine were a bit more skilled (I think it’s obvious to anyone paying attention that the talent pool plummeted around the time of “Twilight: The Director’s Notes”), they’d know how to strike a strong balance.

      • Are you for Real?

        @crispy–you sure hang out on EW’s blogs alot to constantly be stating how “incompetent” and “unskilled” they are. Seems like if you had so little respect for EW you just wouldn’t read it. I am constantly confused by your point of view and your actions. And, it’s an Entertainment magazine, it’s not U.S. News and World Report! Give me a break! If you hate the magazine simply stop reading it and leave those of us who enjoy it to ourselves.

      • Trey

        Crispy, in a perfect world, you are absolutely right. But lets face it, as much as I love EW, it isn’t exactly Newsweek when it comes to news publications. And the bottom line is 9 times out of 10 the dominate factor. Though I do agree with you that the magazine has definately reverted to about 70% fluff in the past few years. I am finding myself going more and more to Wikipedia to find out what movies are coming out in the future.

      • crispy

        Constantly? Please. So you’ve read 2 of my comments in the last month. I guess you missed the other 487 comments that had absolutely nothing to do with critiquing the magazine. And dissenting opinions are allowed; it would be a pretty boring place around here if everyone agreed about everything. Go crawl back under your bridge.

      • crispy

        Trey, EW really did used to be more like Time or Newsweek with stronger features and a broader editorial calendar. Time Inc. started People magazine to cover the fluff stuff. So I’m baffled why EW moved in that direction recently. And in this economy, I’d have to agree that the bottom line is probably the deciding factor in most things.

      • cat

        Did anyone think maybe the people at EW actually like Lost and Twilight and that’s why there’s so many covers? But I do agree that they probably put the higher selling stuff on covers. I wish that they had a new type of cover every week, although I love the Twilight covers, I wouldn’t be upset if a Twilight cover came only every time a Twilight movie came out. This is a cool cover but I want to look forward to seeing what cool new cover is on EW each week, being surprised. Like the one two weeks ago didn’t need to be a cover

    • crispy

      I am inclined to agree even though I am a huge fan of Lost. Their list of cover topics is a very shallow pool. If I was editor, I’d have Leo and Scorsese on this week’s cover.

      • Ceballos

        “It’s a mental hospital (pause) for the criminally insane.”

        Sorry, it feels like I’ve been watching that “Shutter Island” trailer for two straight years, so I pretty much know it by heart. Also, that’s definitely a cover story I would read. (Not that I won’t read this one, of course.)

    • A

      The last Lost cover was two issues ago! I know that A LOT of people love Lost, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something else this month?

      • Mark

        Here’s the leaked upcoming cover schedule.
        Next week – “Avatar: America’s #1 Movie EVER!”
        The following week – “LOST: Really, is Locke dead???”
        The next week – “Did you hear about Ellen on American Idol?”
        Next – “AVATAR 3 – Are the rumors true?”
        Followed by – “30 Characters From Other Shows We’d Like To See on LOST”
        And then – “Spring Movie Preview: Nothing is as good as Avatar!”
        And finally – “What if James Cameron directed LOST?”

      • Melinda65

        OK, I love Lost, and I don’t really care what’s on the cover as long as there is content that I’m interested in reading, but Mark’s post made me laugh.

      • amy

        @Mark – Thank you for making me laugh out loud!

  • pop

    jack looks HOT!

    • wino


      • watched17times

        I don’t like his new hair. I know this is a boring subject….but I like him so much better with his short hair. He looked “tougher” and more confident. Well, he used to act that way too. Not so much anymore. It seems like Sawyer’s and Jack’s personalities have changed a lot! I will always cherish season one, two, and three, oh and four! When I see Jack being a janitor in the DHARMA initiative, I just lose all hot love for him. Seeing Sawyer being nice, was nice. Now he is just kinda blah!

  • harley quinn

    Does this mean we are going to see some Jack/Claire sibling bonding this season? FINALLY.

    • weezfreek

      SERIOUSLY!!! I’ve been waiting for that ever since Jack found out about his relationship to Claire. Especially since they’re are so many unresolved relationships on the show: Libby/Hurley, Sayid/Shannon, Michael/Walt, Rosseau/Alexandra, Jack/Christian and the big one Jack/Kate. After all, the overarching theme of the show is the interconnectedness of people.

  • RK

    Oh no! SPOILER ALERT! Now I know Jack goes into the jungle with a machete and meets up with his half-sister!

  • Ceballos

    No offense to Evangeline Lilly (because I actually think she’s a good actress), but it’s REALLY nice not to see Kate on the cover of a magazine and sandwiched between Jack and Sawyer with a conflicted look on her face.

    I know that Matthew Fox is still on this cover (I love the jungle design, by the way), but I love it when any magazine shows a little love to someone other than the usual suspects. (Especially since this show’s cast is SO good.)

    • coco


    • Sarah

      I agree, nice to see Claire getting some love.

      • Amy

        I cheered when I saw Emelie de Raven on the cover instead of Evangeline(Kate), and I think I’m in the super minority of people who still like Jack, never stopped rooting for him no matter how idiotic he would seem to get.

      • Ceballos


        I like Jack too (probably because I’m often a bumbling fool who tries to do too much and gets mad super quickly) so I’m not sorry to see him on the cover.

        However, my original statement about the rest of the ensemble getting some magazine love still stands. For example, I definitely would NOT be against a Terry O’Quinn/Josh Holloway cover, especially after the most recent episode.

      • Carla in Houston

        Amy, you are not alone! I don’t care what anyone says, Jack is still the heart of the show for me, and I think whatever the final resolution turns out to be, it will hinge on him (and Locke/FLocke/UnLocke, my other favorite). I think Jack gets an unfair amount of flack because he was set up to be the hero from day one, and over the seasons we’ve found him to be just as flawed as everyone else. That makes me like him more, not less, as he is a more rounded character. Say it out loud, I love Jack and I’m proud!

    • Lucy

      100% agree!!!! Nice move EW. Nice move.

    • Mrs. Frisby

      They should have put Rose and Bernard on the cover!

  • coco

    oh, people stop whining. This is LOST and people die , revive, disappear, get killed by monsters, take other people’s bodies, etccc. This is not a spoiler at all because anybody can show up at any time (present, flashback, future), Do I need to continue, my point is stop hating on EW, or if you really don’t want spoilers then stay away from the internet.

  • Shannon

    I think the side flash time warp is What would have happened if Jacob never interfered. Just MHO for now. Love that it keeps me guessing!!

  • HC

    Whoever decides what will be on the cover of EW needs to become more original. First it was Twilight getting a cover about once a month, and now Lost gets two covers within a month? That is just silly. I know that Lost has a very devoted following and Twilight does too for some reason, but for the people who aren’t fans of these things, these covers get really annoying really fast.

    • Sarah

      Well just think, after May, you will never have to see a LOST cover ever again.

      • Mike

        naaaa…what about the 10 YEARS SINCE LOST cover? LOL

    • Trey

      LIke I said earlier, what sells magazines gets covers.

      • Hmph

        I’d rather have 4 Lost covers than 1 American Idol one.
        This one was ruined with that mongloid Ellen Degeneres in the corner.

      • Are you for Real?

        @Hmph–that’s one of the rudest things I have ever read on a blog…back off Ellen!

      • ^ ^ ^

        Yes I’m for real.
        Ellen sucks.

      • ^ ^ ^

        I take that back.
        She doesn’t suck.
        She licks.
        I forgot she was lesbian.

      • watched17times

        That is SO HORRIBLY MEAN! Ellen is funny and likeable…unlike you. haha

    • Trey

      Though just out of curiosity, what do you think was news enough to deserve a cover story from two weeks ago? Remember, they run behind. Personally, I see the Olympics deserved a cover photo. But thats just me.

      • crispy

        A cursory glance at Google Trends reveals that the hottest thing in the world right now is Shaun White performing his gold-winning Double McTwist thingamajig. So I guess we’ll be reading about that on Entertainment Weekly in early March.

  • shawshank

    THAT is a good cover. Classic.

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