AT&T Olympics commercials: Pick your trip

Less than an hour ’til the prime time Olympics. Let’s trip out! But wait: For which mesmerizing, kinda druggy AT&T Olympics commercial are we in the mood? Is it the one set to The xx’s “Intro,” featuring ballroom dancing expert and Olympic Stud of Day 2 Apolo Ohno cutting grooves into a spinning “record” of ice?

Or is it Gretchen Bleiler’s snowboarding space odyssey set to Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”?

Both are my favorite commercials of the Olympics so far — I love the idea of chilled-out tunes paired with speedy sports. For me, snowboarding in space has the edge because:

1) Absence of voiceover telling me “When you’re the fastest, anything’s possible” implies no need for speed. She’s just hanging out up there because it’s how she’d spend her perfect day; the galactic halfpipe is her heroin.

2) Apolo’s spinning rink reminds me of those resistance pools for aquatic therapy advertised in the back of the Eastbay catalog, and those things terrify me. (I am also afraid of treadmills.)

3) I can strongly relate to blondie’s goggle-gaze at 0:21 when she seems completely zoned out and is LOVIN’ IT like some Olympian-sanctioned Chicken McNuggets.

Not to mention, Bleiler, Kelly Clark, and Hannah Teter are competing in the halfpipe final as I type this. “Here’s to possibilities.”

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  • JennaD

    Both are really good. Prob. would go with the space one too, tho. But, the songs in each are TOTAL WIN!!!!

  • Old White Guy with Lots of Disposable Income

    Wait…you mean to tell me there are actual SPORTS in the NBC Olympics? When did this happen? More commercials, Cris Collinsworth, commercials, and polar bear stories please.

  • JennaD

    Why hasn’t anyone else commented? This is a great article/thread. These commericials catch my eye everytime I see them. I totally Googled them days ago to get the songs and favorite them on YT.

    BTW, which commericial is the one with the little kids in the roles of the Olympians? I liked that one, but can’t remember the company/product to find it and of course I haven’t caught it again, since I’ve really been looking.

    • Maggie

      It’s the Proctor & Gamble ad. They’re sponsering the moms of the athletes.

      • JennaD

        :) Thanks!

    • Amy

      Umm.. did you really only wait two minutes and then wonder why no one else had commented? I know people usually comment very quickly, but… come on. Two minutes? Wow.

      • JennaD

        Um, wow. It was more like this post has been up for nearly 20 min. and I’m the only comment.

        Thanks for the concern, hun.

      • Mr Eko

        stfu hun.

  • JennaD

    Ya know what? The other one I liked including these was the NIKE one with the “Ali in the Jungle” song. Good songs, really make a commericial for me a lot of the time, obvs. XD

  • MsSuniDaze

    I love the perfect day commercial. Love the song and it works so well with the snowboarding.

  • NBC Exec

    What about the promo for “The Marriage Ref”?
    C’mon, haven’t you guys seen THAT? Wacky!
    You have 50 year old guys like Jerry Seinfeld (who broke up a marriage, dated a 17 year old at age 38, and dated Tawny Kitaen), not to mention Alec Baldwin (need I say more?) commenting on other people’s relationships! Emmy Awards, here we come…right after the Olympics!

  • Sarah

    I like the commercials for Old Spice “look at your man, look at me, i have tickets to that thing you like, now they are diamonds, i am on a horse”

    • crispy

      Those Old Spice commercials are nothing short of brilliant. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever stopped my DVR from fast-forwarding thru the commercials.

  • Hannah

    I have to say, that I really hate both of these commercials. I mean, I usually hate all AT&T commercials (I now want to punch Luke Wilson in the face) and every time these come on I have a tiny groan.

  • Becky

    I really love the use of ‘Intro’ by The xx on Apolo’s commercial. LOVE THAT BAND!

    • hc

      agreed! I was so surprised/excited when I heard that commercial come on!

  • Kevin

    You know, I just can’t stand that Perfect Day song. It’s not what it’s really about, either, that annoys me. The singing sounds amateurish and the words? Thought I was someone else…someone good? Oh, c’mon. I may be over 30 (by more than a bit) but really. Let’s get a grip.

    • Dahlia

      Dude, “Perfect Day” was written in ’72. You don’t have to like it, but don’t blame “kids these days” ;)

      • Kevin

        Dudette, I was in high school in ’72. I know, also, that the only reason they’re using the music now is because it “appeals” to an age demographic so the comment about “kids these days” applies just as much now as maybe my parents were saying back then.

      • rlmlh

        I actually find the song choice in the snowboarding commercial odd. Don’t get me wrong I love Lou Reed and “Perfect Day” is one hell of a song (sorry Kevin but I doubt there are many potential snowboarders in their late teens and early 20s who think that Reed is great…their loss IMHO). Still when did a song about a guy who is on drugs and longing to be someone else, someone good lose that meaning? I just wonder if the people who decided to use it actually listened to the lyrics.

  • xa

    rimlh, you are totally right. “Perfect Day” is actually a sad song. I think few posters understand the meaning.

  • jeff

    I despise Up and Up (perfect day). I hated it the first time I saw it, and have hated it the subsequent 200 times.

    As for the AT&T “watch the NBC olympics live on your phone” where you see the figure skater, how much LIVE figure skating is NBC making available to internet/smartphones? The only live stuff you can get is hockey and curling.

    The best so far is the P&G olympic kids, about oppressive mothers who cannot understand that their babies are now adults.

  • Mary

    I found this thread because I was searching for the singer of the “perfect day,” commercial. Every time I hear it, I cringe. With all the talent out there, we can’t find someone who can sing on pitch?

  • Dawn

    Looking for the artist of instrumental song in one of the at&t olympic commercials for U-verse. The commercial shows through the “athelete’s eyes” of going down a slope, speed skating, ice skating, etc. Sounds like Depeche Mode, but I can’t get to Shazam fast enough to tag it…anyone know who it might be?

  • Molly

    Both of these ads are completely amazing, and I love their choice of music. Although a lot of the Visa ads tugged on my heartstring, these two both stick out the most in my mind.

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