Instant reaction to tonight's 'Lost:' The game is officially afoot. Also: AWESOME.

SPOILER WARNING! IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED LOST YET, GO THE HELL AWAY. OKAY? OKAY. When I heard that tonight’s episode was all about John Locke, I had a pretty good feeling it was going to be pretty good. I was dead wrong. I’m declaring it Pretty Damn AWESOME. Rebounding strongly from last week’s Rendezvous With Disappointment, “The Substitute” was top-notch Lost, the first great ep of Season 6, anchored by great central performances from Terry O’Quinn and Josh Holloway, stuffed with monumental mythological reveals (provided, of course, you actually BELIEVE the Locke-ness Monster’s claims about Jacob, The Numbers, and castaway destiny), and threaded with a poignant and powerful parallel world story about Uncrashed John Locke. I think Lost accomplished two important things tonight, two things this young season needed to lest it really begin to test viewer patience: 1. It framed and galvanized the Island storyline. Smokey wants to go home, wants to subvert Jacob’s legacy, wants everyone to come with him–or else. Yeah, it’s still wayyy ambiguous–but at least we kind of have some sense of what to expect in the weeks to come. People are going to take sides. What to trust? Who to trust? 2. While the Sideways world storyline didn’t give us anything to resolve the mystery of its existence, it did prove that the Sideways storytelling device is capable of producing some emotionally engaging and entertaining stuff. And please tell me you LOL’d at Ben as a history teacher! “The Substitute” was exactly what I needed the episode to be. The second it was over, I said to my “Totally Lost” partner Dan Snierson: “The season has now officially begun.” I have much more to say, and I intend to say it tomorrow AM in my recap. Until then, the floor is yours. Did you dig “The Substitute” as much as I did? Go!

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  • Taylor

    “The Substitute” is what Season 6 is supposed to be.

    • amj

      Absolutely agree, I loved this episode! Starting to feel like answers are coming although I got even more new questions tonight. Like who is the young boy in the jungle? Why couldn’t Richard see him but Sawyer could? But, yes, when I saw both Rose in the temp agency and Ben as the history teacher I was blown away. I am getting more and more the feeling that the story pivots around Locke for sure. My husband thinks the whole thing is someones dream—sure hope not! I think that would crush me after all these years and all these episodes. So, big question is the Man in Black–bad, good, neither? Is Jacob really the bad man here? Oh, so excited! It was awesome! Cannot wait to see the repeat complete with popups next week!

      • amj

        Oh and Locke’s connection to Hurley too! Awesome!

      • Jughead

        If this thing is a dream, we have wasted five seasons. It would be lame, and a ripoff of the show Dallas. No way this happens. No chance.

      • Mo

        I am very bothered at the Jacob=good MIB=bad vibe they are giving us. Jacob was the leader of the Others, who were pretty damn horrible, so… I’m with MIB for now. Plus, he looks like Locke and Jacob looks like Rita’s abusive druggy ex-husband from Dexter, so no contest there either!

      • KRibbons

        whoah, he does. thats weird. haha.

      • aj0125

        The creators have stated that it is not a dream and it’s not taking place in Vincent’s(the dog) head.

      • Greg

        Good call Mo. I’m with you!
        And I’m pretty sure that really is the actor that played Rita’s deadbeat husband!

      • Christina

        @ Mo: it is the same actor that played Rita’s husband on Dexter that is playing Jacob. He also plays Lucifer on Supernatural right now….

      • topazbean

        Okay, question, if the Island is under the sea, where the heck are the Castaways, and where the frak will they end up if they do get off the Island? Is it even possible anymore? Is Sawyer and Flock’s quest to escape completely fruitless, because there is no longer a world off the Island, and so they’re doomed to play out this torment forever while their real selves, the ones they saved, live out their fabulous new lives? Oh wow, it’s like an action movie version of No Exit. Scary scary!

      • Sally

        Topazbean, the island is under water in the alternative universe, and the castaways aren’t castaways because the plane never crashed in that timeline. (I think that is what you are asking…)

        I am guessing there is still a world for them to get to, since half of them just came BACK from the real world (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Frank, Ben, Dead Locke).

      • Atlantaseabreeze

        I think the sideways timeline, is a way for Locke to “rise and converge” so that he can find redemption, and possibly return to destroy Flocke.

      • @Christina

        Way to keep up.

      • Pantagathus

        BTW, Jacob peed on the Dude’s rug…

      • Philip K. Dickensian

        @Atlantaseabreeze: Nice tip ‘o the hat to Flannery O’Connor. I loved that reference last season.

      • Marilee

        The little boy that Locke sees has to be Jacob, that is my guess and I have agreement from friends I watch the show with.

      • Sabrina

        I think the young boy was Jacob.

      • GP

        Disagree – I think the whole thing pivots around Aaron, not Locke.

      • David

        I think Sawyer seeing the kid and not Richard has something to do with Sawyer being a candidate, and not Richard.
        And I got a ”young Jacob” vibe from the kid, the way he talked and looks, but that was just a tought, not a theory. Yet.

      • PQG

        GP, I’m with you. Been saying that exact thing since season 4.

      • crispy

        Why would you think the whole thing pivots around Aaron? We’re 4 episodes into the final season, and they haven’t even shown Aaron.

      • lockeness

        I thought the boy was Aaron, think he and Jacob have some kind of connection…but Locke is definitely the tipping point of the entire show.

      • Monty

        Just my theory but I don’t think that the room with the list on the ceiling was Jacobs. I think it was MIB’s. I think that Jacob has his list at the temple. Here’s why. On a Season 6 promo, jack was screaming “WHY IS MY NAME ON THIS?” at the temple. I believe he was holding a scroll or piece of paper (after all, Jacob loves lists). For MIB, its his hit list He’s crossing off people he believes to be candidates. The actual list is at the temple, where they have worked very hard to keep MIB out. Perhaps there are differences in names on each as well? Agreed though Doc, GREAT episode!

      • W8N4FEB2

        Monty, I agree with you. That’s what I was thinking as I was watching. Plus Richard did tell Sawyer that MIB was going to kill him and “everyone he cares about”. I don’t think Richard was lying, he was genuinely scared. But it also seems that this is the direction the show wants us to think, so I’m not entirely convinced of anything yet. It could end up reversed where MIB is really the good entity or something else entirely.

      • Ceballos

        Monty, I would be inclined to agree with you for all the reasons you stated (Jacob loving lists, etc.)

        I’d also add that it seems pretty apparent that Jacob’s home was at the foot of the statue, making it much more likely that the cliffside cave was MIB’s lair. (He’s probably a bad guy, so his house has to be referred to as a “lair”). Of course, Sawyer doesn’t know that Jacob really lives in the foot of the statue, so he’s more inclined to believe MIB’s story.

      • crispy

        Totally agree with you guys. The cliffside cave belongs to MIB, not Jacob. Those names on the wall are his candidates. He’s conning Sawyer.

      • Eric

        Re: the names in the cave…why was Claire crossed out and why was Kate’s name not shown? MIB made a point to show each of the still-alive names (Shephard, Ford, Reyes, Kwon, Jarrah) and cross out Locke. But Claire is still alive. And Kate was supposedly “selected” by Jacob when she was a kid.

      • Ceballos


        But is Claire really “alive.” If you’re to believe Dogen (admittedly a big “if”), what’s happening to Sayid is the same thing that happened to Claire, and Sayid very clearly died before coming back. I’m assuming Claire also died in that exploding house during the Freighter Folk assault. Now obviously, she’s been walking around the jungle for the last few years, but I wouldn’t exactly say she’s “alive.”

      • JD

        I agree that somehow, someway, the “alternate” universe Locke will get to the island and be very important to the resolution of the series. I think the title of the episode and how Alternate-Universe Locke introduced himself at the school as the “Substitute” has great meaning. He will, in effect, be the substitue for the “Island” Locke.

      • Oh Man

        It’s definitely NOT a dream as the shows producers have stated that using that story device would be a “cheap way out”.

      • watched17times

        I worried that it was a dream too when John was at work that time using his ten key adding machine and the TICKA-TICKA sound matched the Smoke Monster sound. I wondered if it was his dream related to the Walk-a-bout. Now it turns out that Locke is the Smoke Monster. Now his “scared” self is gone and his “brave and confident self” has overtaken him. However, I now the writers would not do that to us. They know everyone would be really, really pissed. Also, in a dream, Locke would know everything that was going on with everyone and it would be from him point of view…and it’s not.

      • watched17times

        I kept wondering if the boy was Aaron, however, he would only be about 3 1/2 or 4 in island time. He was taken off the island three years before they came back. Remember when Kate left him with Claire’s mom? That would be how old he is. Obviously the blonde hair means something. Maybe a young Jacob??? AND WHY THE HECK WASN’T KATE’S NAME ON THE CAVE WALL? I didn’t see Claire’s name crossed out, but I guess someone else did. I found it very interesting that Claire is looking for her son. That is not the same Claire that was in the cabin with Christian. Remember they said, “Aaron is where he is supposed to be.” I don’t think Claire died in the house explosion. I think she died when she walked off in the jungle with “Christian”.

    • vic

      It was good. Not great. Good. The sideways story was a little too pat, too contrived. It wrapped up a little to nicely.

      • Brent G

        The sideways stories are supposed to be contrived and wrapped up nicely!

      • Sally

        We don’t know if it is “wrapped up.” In fact, I am quite certain it isn’t. I am sure we will see Kate, Claire, Aaron, Locke, etc. in the alternate universe again. I am thinking that half the point is to show that we are all connected and that it was their destinies to meet in some way or another. If we don’t see more of them, then yes, you are right – too pat. But I am guessing there is much more to them. As is always the case with Lost, no?

      • Leigh

        I agree that it wrapped up nicely, but I must admit that I was relieved to have this happen for once. I’m really looking forward to more answers and fewer questions, which is necessary for the final season. I think we are in store for more tidy endings.

      • rugby

        vic, “too nicely” not “to nicely”

      • harley quinn

        This episode would have been kind of dry without the sideways story. The on island stuff was very mythology heavy and if you crave your mythology with a side helping of character exploration, the sideways was a very necessary sidedish to the main course. Great episode, but I did miss the temple people a little bit. And they left us hanging with Claire. Patience, I know…

      • loji

        and maybe thats what you get when you eliminate free will

      • J

        I’m getting the feeling that the “sideways” stories might never link up with the “island” story. That they are just a story-telling device to show how the characters can find redemption and happiness in the “real” world. It that they almost wrapped up the John Locke storyline last night, but I hope that isn’t the case. But it ended on a somewhat happy note. Locke seemed to find his calling as a teacher and he had resolved himself to not hold out for miracles about walking again. The talk he had with Rose seemed to put him on this path to find happiness with what life has brought him.

    • Steve

      I think the Boy is a young Jacob and only the Candidates can see him. Anyone else?

      • Jeremy

        I thought he looked a great deal like a young Jacob as well.

      • MojoMom

        I think the boy is young Jacob “rebooted.” I loved last night’s show but thought there was a teeny jump the shark moment when FLocke saw the boy’s apparition–here was a ghost seeing another ghost and not quite believing his eyes. But I did think the Smokey-eye shot near the beginning was pretty cool. Overall, stellar acting and the cave reveal at the end was just enough info mixed with mystery. Who to believe????

      • Deeni

        agreed. i was slightly disappointed that we didn’t see claire at all.

      • Joel

        I’d have to agree with you Steve. That’s why Richard couldn’t see him. I wish they would’ve said a little bit more about the numbers by the names.

      • stlcardsfan

        Hurley’s lotto numbers

      • DW

        I agree that young boy = Jacob. I also think that Jacob IS good and Flock is evil. Remember, Jacob is a fisherman who has faith that there is only one “end” and everything else is progress. He also died (Jesus was crucified), his body thrown in a fire (Jesus descended into hell) and then was risen (the boy appeared with his wounds).

    • Taco

      friggen awesome, and have a clucky clucky day mate

    • Philip K. Dickensian

      @crispy: They showed his birth! That’s like saying Jesus doesn’t have a role in Christmas.

    • Alicia

      I found it really interesting that Flocke has taken so many characteristics of the real, troubled Locke. What did you say to the little boy (I think is Aaron)? “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Also wondering what is happening off-Island in 2007 reality. How are people explaining the mysterious disappearance of the Oceanic 6? How about Helen’s mention of Locke’s father, who apparently, in this new off-Island timeline, might not be evil. Wow! So much, so very much, to think about. I agree completely with Doc and others that this is the first great episode of Season 6. And I am Team Jacob all the way.

      • TryandKeepUP

        @Alicia – How are people explaining the mysterious disappearance of the Oceanic 6? THEY NEVER CRASHED SO THEY WERE NEVER RESCUED SO THEY NEVER DISAPPEARED AGAIN. Are you watching the same show?

      • Lara

        No TryandKeepUp, you aren’t listening. Alicia was talking about the off the Island in the Island World we know, NOT the sideways world. So that’s actually a good question. Off the Island the Ajira flight should have disappeared with the Oceanic Six.

      • MLL

        I too caught the mention of Locke’s dad. But if the “new and improved Sideways Dad” wasn’t the cause of Locke being pushed out of the window, then why is Locke in a wheelchair? Questions, questions…

  • Shane

    I dug it, Doc. I dug it very much.

  • PuckofLoxkey

    The most burning question i have is Where was Kate’s name on the wall of candidates/doom!?!?!?

    • Erica

      It was probably crossed out.

      • PuckofLoxkey

        I don’t think so, But Juliet’s and Miles’s names are on there (Burke, and Straum).

      • Sally

        Maybe, but all the other’s names had a number associated with it. There were no numbers left for Kate. All the other numbers connected to one of the candidates (Locke was 4, etc)

        Maybe it is as simple as she is not a candidate – neither was Claire and only one Kwon. It has to be Jin. Maybe THAT is why Sun didn’t time travel with the rest of the Oceanic 6. Maybe only men can be candidates?

      • crispy

        I don’t get why people are obsessed with Kate’s name not being on the wall. Surely we didn’t see the entire wall. We also didn’t see Michael, Rose, Bernard, Rousseau, and many other characters.

      • Pamela

        Um, let’s go out on a limb and recognize that a prerequisite for candidacy is a penis. God bless ye old patriarchal mythologies.

      • crispy

        I wondered that too. But the wall also includes women’s names, so it doesn’t work: Rutherford (Shannon), Rousseau (Alex or Danielle), Burke (Juliet), Lewis (Charlotte)

      • Deb

        If only the males are candidates, why did ALL of them need to come back to the island?

      • MojoMom

        We actually saw Jacob touch Kate in the past so it was strange that she was not mentioned. Keep in mind that Flocke has his own agenda so he probably has major misdirection going on. Do we know for sure whether her name was not on the wall or whether Flocke just didn’t point it out?

      • dustin

        Maybe Flocke didnt show Sawyer Kate’s name for a reason other than it wasnt there. Yeah….whats up bit_hes

      • Ceballos


        I realize we didn’t see the entire wall, and Kate’s name may very well be on there, but I think the reason people are focusing in on that is that every other “candidate” Jacob touched had one of the Numbers next to their name:
        4. Locke
        8. Reyes
        15. Ford
        16. Jarrah
        23. Shephard
        42. Kwon

        I don’t know what it means that there wasn’t enough room for Kate’s name to correspond with one of the Numbers, but I feel like it means SOMETHING.

      • Ceballos

        Oh nevermind:

        At least two dozen people just said what I just regurgiated!

      • crispy

        Jacob most likely touched all the other people who came to the island too. We just haven’t been shown that.

      • Tim

        Did anyone look closely at the numbers associated with each one? Were they the numbers from the hatch, the lottery ticket etc???

      • jen

        Kate’s name could’ve been purposely hidden from MIB by Jcob for some reason. She was definitely ‘touched’ by Jacob. And we might infer now that the list inside Hurley’s ankh indicated candidates that the Others were to protect. If Kate’s name was not on the list as a candidate, she would have likely been killed by Dogen & Co. I’m betting Jarrah should be now crossed off too.

      • Faffy

        108. Austen ?

      • Amy

        @Sally – I think Sun didn’t travel back in time because she’s pregnant. Trying to sort that one out, still.

      • Kate’s Name

        Perhaps in a future episode we will see Kate’s name on the wall with the notation “too many in the audience hate her”

    • Johnification

      I know, right?! And which Kwon?! (my money is on Ji Yon and creepy ghost boy being Aaron)

      Also, officially calling it that Jin and Sun are Adam and Eve. Remember how we first met the skeletons in the first Jin/Sun episode?

      • Erica

        Woa, I am totally on board with the kid being aaron! Not so much with the adam.eve theory, but aaron totally.

      • Nathaniel

        I think the Kwon refers to Jin and that is why he ended up in the 1970s and Sun didn’t. Sun wasn’t transferred back in time because she isn’t a candidate.

      • Ivan

        Whoa! that’s a cool theory…but I am not officially calling Jin/Sun the island Adam and Eve.

      • amj

        Cool theories..definitely gives me something new to consider. And, yes, where was Kate’s name? What exactly is a candidate’s job? I know he said to protect the island but what exactly does that mean and from who?

      • KS

        I also think that Adam/Eve could be Bernard & Rose…

      • Zach Reisfeld

        how could the creepy ghost kid be aaron?! at the point they saw the kid, Aaron isnt even on the island

      • amj

        I think the kid looked like a younger version of Jacob to be honest.

      • Mo

        To Zach: yeah, but remember Taller Walt? :-)

      • Wubdub

        My $ on the identity of the mystery jungle kid is Jacob. You have to figure he and MIB have been on that island a loooooong time, and the way MIB was reacting to him, as if he not only couldn’t believe but was royally PISSED that he showed up. Jacob all the way.

      • Jen

        I’ll bet Kate’s name is #108.

      • Greg

        I didn’t even consider Aaron, that would be awesome, but I think Wubdub is right here… MIB’s reaction implied it was Jacob.

        I don’t know if I’m really excited or really bummed that Locke tore up Jack’s card! The surgery and the possibility of John walking without the island’s influence would have made for an awesome episode.

      • ebola

        Also, it looked to me that when FLocke first saw him, the kid’s arms were bloody… which could be further evidence that he’s young Jacob

      • Christina

        I think the kid is a younger version of Jacob.

      • Sally

        Ah, Jen, maybe!! Good point. I think the kid is Jacob as well. Maybe some form of reincarnation? I was thinking of Spock in Star Trek 3. Accelerated aging?

      • Atlantaseabreeze

        I was thinking Jin and Sun are Adam and Eve, after last night’s episode. I am thinking we won’t see them reunite until the end where one dies and the other chooses death to stay with “their special love”

      • Stacey

        Perhaps…just perhaps Aaron is Jacob reincarnated? Maybe that’s why Kate’s name is not on the wall and not assigned a number and yet keeps traveling through time. He needed her to get Aaron back to the real world to “save” the world. Another reason why Claire appeared to Kate in a dream, saying never bring him back to the island. Young Aaron appears on the island like Walt did, even though he was really off the island. Wasn’t there a poignant episode where Locke spoke to Claire on the beach regarding her special motherhood and destiny to have Aaron and not give her up?

      • Jackie

        How can Jin & Sun be Adam & Eve? They are now in 2007, and Adam & Eve were discovered in 2004. Are you suggesting they time travel again?

      • Maelyn

        @Greg – since Locke called Jack’s office on his cell…wouldn’t the number be saved in his call history? He can still call Jack if he changes his mind. :) (oh, and the card was torn up by Helen, minor correction)

      • rose

        refresh my memory please. I don’t remember the skeletons for the Sun and Jin episode. Thanks!

      • KR

        Adam and Eve are definitely Bernard and Rose. The timing works out since they “retired” on the island in 1977 and A and E were discovered in 2004.

      • Stephanie

        It wouldn’t be all that difficult to look up Jack’s number.

      • Fran

        I always thought they may be Bernard & Rose

      • stlcardsfan


      • Reeb

        I think that the creators stated a while ago that Adam and Eve were not Rose and Bernard since they were found on opposite sides of the cave and Rose and Bernard would have been found holding each other.

      • curtB

        Doctor Jack said the bones were at least 30 years old. Where are Rose and Bernard now that they are back from the past. I haven’t seen them, have you? They are the dead bodies in the cave. Jin and sun would have to go back in time AGAIN and the PTB said that time travel is over.
        Case closed (Unless we see Rose and Bernard again in the present island timeline…).

        PS Flock/Locke Ness Monster confirmed he was smokey, and Ben said he saw him change into smokey and kill the 3 intruders in the temple.
        Another case closed.

      • laylagalise

        With the white and black stones in Jacob’s/Smokey’s cave, I figure that the skeletons have to have something to do with the two of them. It would also explain why they were found on different sides of the cave (whereas Rose and Bernard would be close to each other).

    • Marco

      If it’s even Jacob’s cave…Mr. Manipulator (MIB) probably couldn’t manipulate Sawyer to join his team if he saw Austin on the wall.

      • Jude10

        My first thought was that MIB knew if he showed him Kate’s name, Sawyer would never leave. But it’s curious that Jacob touched young Kate’s nose, but she wasn’t assigned one of the main numbers.

      • donna rose

        4-Locke, 8-Hurley, 15-Ford, 16-Sayid, 23-Shephard, 42-Kwon. If these are all possible “candidates” then shouldn’t Lapidus be up there too? As far as we know, Jacob never touched him, but did touch Kate, yet she’s missing also. Maybe she’s #108? Love this reveal!

      • Charles

        108 is the total of all of the numbers added together.

      • Steve-O

        Kate’s name missing is very strange. She was zapped out of the plane just like Hurley, Jack and Sayid. I doubt she’s “108” because it’s really been about the other 6 numbers (Rousseau’s transmissions, hatch serial number, Hurley’s lottery numbers, etc.) so to have Kate as any other number would be lame.

      • @Donna

        Bram asked if Lapidus was a candidate. No one ever confirmed it.

    • john t.

      i agree! why isn’t she on the wall?! lock was 4, jack was 23, sawyer 15, sayid 16, sun/jin 42? hurley was 8.

      • sally

        it’s only men allowed!

      • John

        If only men were allowed MiB would know which Kwon it was referring to.

      • crispy

        sally, there are women’s names on the wall.

    • Daniel

      The interesting thing is…she wasn’t part of the 4 8 15 16 23 42 group, and she was touched by Jacob…I have a feeling she won’t make it to the end.

      • Marco

        Which is another reason why I don’t think it was Jacob’s cave.

      • Daniel

        @Marco: That makes sense.

      • Wubdub

        Did anyone catch any of the other, numerous names that had been scratched out and if they had numbers assigned to them?

        Probably doesn’t mean much in terms of plot, but there could be some choice nugs for the superfans.

      • aj0125

        Other names written on Jacob’s wall:
        Sullivan – the guy with the rash we haven’t seen since the first season
        Cunningham – an American soldier from the 50s who’s uniform was being worn by an Other before being killed by young Widmore for talking too much
        Mattingley – the uniform of another dead American soldier worn by the other killed by John Locke as he was about to cut off Juliet’s hand
        Lewis – as in Charlotte
        I’m sure there are more though

      • Bob

        Some other names I caught were:

        Troup – The author of Bad Twin who died in the crash. Sawyer was reading his manuscript.

        Littleton – Um..Claire, which means whoever thoguht that only men were on the wall is wrong.

      • Names

        Goodspeed was on there. Which suggests that Jacob brought DHARMA to the island. You can see his name above Reyes, just after they flash back to Jacob getting kicked into the fire.

      • kdm339

        @Bob – You are forgetting that Littleton could mean Aaron and not Claire.

      • Taco

        can someone tell me if the crossed out numbers (that didnt include the castaways) – did they also have numbers next to their names?

      • RC

        Technically, both Aaron and Claire are descendants of Christian Shepherd. Littleton could be Claire, Shepherd could be Aaron, or vice versa. Jack might not even fit into this equation.

      • crispy

        Every name had a number. Lostpedia has a good list… search for “cliffside cave”

      • leo

        Okay just throwing this out there – what if Shepherd could mean Kate (if she marries Jack) so Shepherd could mean Shepherd squared (both), and the same could apply for Kwan (both Jin AND Sun)

      • regina

        Somewhere back in Season 3, Kate was told she wasn’t on the list

      • Taco

        thanks crispy

    • Jughead

      Kate is not one of the “Numbered” candidates:

      4 – Locke
      8 – Reyes
      15 – Ford
      16 – Jarrah
      23 – Shepherd
      42 – Kwon

      Kate (Katie) was certainly touched and influenced by Jacob, as we saw last season. Why is Kate omitted here? Is she a different number? Ideas?

      • Ivan

        Maybe Kate is 108…i dunno. this new play on the numbers is fascinating, though!

      • amj

        Fascinating..I didn’t even catch that at all! The people are the numbers! Maybe is a candidate for the dark side? Afterall she has had her troubles. Maybe the others are candidates for the light side?

      • amj

        I meant maybe Kate is a candidate for the dark side..sorry, that was lost somewhere.

      • Ivan

        Someone mentioned the possibility of Kate being the variable…something tha Faraday had talked about. I sure hope Kate gets some good writing soon because lately everyone has been hating on her, and I love ALL the characters equally. In the end, the story is what matters most, not individual characters. C’mon, people…it’s Freckles!

      • mike lesch

        I agree about kate being the variable. That’s why she’s the on that had aaron, why she’s looking for claire, and why made the 2nd ep about her. And shes the link b/t sawyer and jack.

      • Nate

        and some crossed out names:

        313-Littleton (Claire)
        ??-Goodspeed (either Ethan or his father, Horace)
        90-Troup (Gary, the author of Bad Twin, the book manuscript Sawyer read on the beach)

        and other names I cannot place were Domingo, Sullivan, O’Toole, Mattingly, and Aguilar

      • Joel

        Kate = Eve, the other “candidates” are all men, thus “Adam”. Are Kate and the candidate supposed to have a kid that MIB can take the form of to get off the island?

      • Craig

        I am sure you all know this as I am new to this forum but those 6 numbers actually add up to 108. Surely this is no coincidence???? 108 mins to push the button in the hatch etc. Is there something I have missed here?

      • aby

        Perhaps Kate is a canidate to replace the MIB instead of Jacob.

      • Kat

        Locke didn’t travel back to the 1970’s, though. So if we can argue that #42 Kwon is Jin, because Sun didn’t go back in time, then Locke shouldn’t be on the list. Maybe #4 is supposed to be Kate, but MIB is manipulating Sawyer.

      • crispy

        aby, I suspect all of the names on the wall ARE candidates to replace MIB, not Jacob. MIB wants to go home, the only way he can do that is to find a replacement.

      • Ceballos


        I like this idea, especially since Jacob actually seemed somewhat content on the Island and obviously had the ability to come and go as he pleased (given his visit to Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Co.)

        This makes MUCH more sense given that we know MIB considers himself a prisoner.

      • crispy

        Ceballos, my guess is that the “rules” maintain constant balance on the island between the black and white forces. Jacob died but will be replaced (the kid with the bloody arms in the jungle). In order to go home, MIB first has to recruit his replacement.

      • Ceballos

        Well, if you want to talk about balance, they certainly hit us over the head with that (the scale in MIB’s cave, and MIB tossing the white/Jacob rock into the ocean).

        However, if all MIB needed to do to go home was recruit a replacement, why did he need to kill Jacob? (Maybe he didn’t “NEED” to kill Jacob at all – he just wanted to, as he told him on the beach that day.)

      • crispy

        Good question. I’m iffy on why he needed to kill Jacob. Maybe Jacob was protecting MIB’s candidates?
        I loved the scale shot. Did you notice how the camera’s perspective showed Flocke on one side of the scale and Sawyer on the other?

      • Ceballos

        No, I didn’t notice the scale shot, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it when I watch that scene during next week’s rerun.

        I also think you’re on to something about Jacob protecting MIB’s candidates. I’m thinking of the scene in the jungle where the young boy (whether you think it’s a young version of Jacob, Aaron or whomever) told Anti-Locke that he couldn’t kill Sawyer. If you believe that boy is Jacob’s replacement (as I do), then it seems he’s still protecting the candidates on that wall.

        Most of all, I’m interested to know exactly what MIB needs to do to set himself free. He’s already assumed a dead man’s identity, so doing something like killing Sawyer (and maybe impersonating him) would seem redundant.

      • Taco

        crispy, Ceballos – i love you guys. your like future doc jensens

      • Ceballos


        For whatever it’s worth, I already watch “Lost” while I’m completely nude. Unfortunately, I DO have a long ways to go to match Doc Jensen’s epic beard.

      • Fran

        ok, when the boy said you can’t kill him, I don’t recall any names-so how do we know it was Sawyer he was talking about

      • Ceballos

        Good point, Fran.

        Obviously, I assumed he meant Sawyer because the boy had appeared to both Anti-Locke and Sawyer immediately before the “you can’t kill him” exchange, but you never know with this show.

      • laylagalise

        20 -Rousseau was on the ceiling/wall as well.

      • maymay

        When they returned to the island, they had to imitate the same situations for the plane to crash. Kate and Jack did the nasty. Maybe Kate’s pregnant? Maybe her baby is Shepard?

    • Jughead

      My first thought was Ji Yeon as the Kwon… but who knows for sure? We may have been told Kwon was Jin in the premiere, as Sun was called Ms. Paik, not Ms. Kwon. Many talked about that here. What do you think?

      • mike lesch

        yeah, Suns real name is Paik, not Kwon. It’s gotta be jin.

      • donna rose

        Interesting that Jacob touched Sun at her wedding, just moments after she became a Kwon.

      • Robert T

        If I am not mistaken, in Korean culture the women do not take the last names of their husbands.

      • emit

        Robert I think you are right. I seem to remember TPTB admitting that calling Sun Mrs Kwon was a production error.

      • Christina

        Robert T you are correct. Korean women do not change their names upon marriage.

      • Eric

        Jacob touched them both. maybe its their child

    • Jen

      Oops, put my reply in the wrong spot. I wonder if Kate’s name is #108.

      • Jen

        Oh, F–Ivan beat me to it. Oh, well.

    • DB

      Yeah, I wondered about Kate’s name too. Except that I thought that “Austin” was just an alias and we don’t know her real last name? I can’t quite remember if that’s true or not.

  • RyanK

    Props to Lost for bringing up a big question and then answering part of it in the same episode. I was expecting Sawyer and Unlocke to be trudging through the jungle for three episodes.

    • Jughead

      Yeah. Agreed. We really don’t have all the answers, but at least FLocke gave us a somewhat direct answer to his question. Let’s hope the rest of the episodes give us answers like this.

      • Ivan

        haha…i’m loving the Locke nicknames “FLocke”, “UnLocke”. I read in another blog Locke being called “Locke-ness”. Too much fun!

      • Nate

        and Smocke is another nickname I’ve seen.

      • LGee

        My son kept call him Dead-Locke LOL

      • Ceballos

        For what it’s worth, he’s known as Anti-Locke in my house.

      • Cashcow

        I actually prefer the name Smocke (Smoke monster Locke)!

  • Krys

    That. Was. Awesome. When John fell off the ramp of his van I kept thinking “Helen, Helen” and when she showed up I couldn’t help but tear up. I also noticed Kate didn’t get a number.

    • Wubdub

      How about some props for Ben’s eulogy? I’m predicting some major season 6 redemption for the alpha Other.

      • Christina

        I loved Ben’s eulogy. “I’m sorry that I murdered him…” and the look on Sun’s face was priceless. LOL.

      • Booyah

        Frank’s line afterwards was funny too: “Worst damn funeral I’ve ever been to.”

      • Taco

        ya that was awesome

  • russ e

    Yes! I dug it! Terry was great – as always, and we got some important answers. I sense momentum now building toward some kind of epic battle, but I’m still not sure whose side I’m on. Loved “UnLocke” tossing the white stone into the ocean. (“Inside joke.”) LOL!

    • amj

      Yes the white stone toss was awesome! But, I wouldn’t count Jacob out just yet. I still don’t believe he is dead. I thought the boy in the jungle looked a bit like Jacob only younger to be honest!

      • crispy

        The boy in the jungle has to be Jacob’s replacement. Notice how he had his hands out a la Christ when we first saw him, a sign of resurrection.

      • deb

        I thought the same thing…the child version of Jacob. Awesome episode!!!!

      • lockeness

        Hands were bleeding as well, ala the stigmata…

      • crispy

        Good call. I didn’t notice the arms were bloody until I looked at screenshots this morning.

  • db

    Gripping. Moving. Intriguing. Enigmatic. Sad. Personal. Uplifting. Funny. Imtimate. Epic. All the qualities that make Lost great were there tonight. Loved it.

  • queensgirl

    This episode made me want to say to the Doubting Thomases/Thomasinas, “See? See? We ARE getting answers!”

  • BobLobLaw

    Kates there purely for breeding reasons.

  • Mike

    Absolutely loved the episode. Did anyone else notice the exposed rafters and exit sign visible in the cave set? It had to be a mistake but it was very blatant and very distracting. I didn’t think they made mistakes like that.

    • Jughead

      Rewatching now… where is the EXIT sign? What shot/dialogue?

  • rebecca

    i loved it. i’ve had doubts about where this season was headed, but this made me it’s going somewhere good

  • Francois

    Alright guys, So, I’m pretty sure Snape is good!

    • hmmm

      i don’t know, he did kill dumbledore after all.

    • BA

      Wait, are we making connections to Harry Potter here?

  • Adam

    Classic episode. i loved it. What’s up with the kids though? weird

  • Nic

    Seemed like the cave names were just the men. Great episode. Interesting that Locke was still paralyzed, though it seems unlikely it was under the same circumstances since his father was invited to the wedding.

  • Jude10

    Terrific episode. Kate isn’t one of the numbers. Is she the Variable? Froze the cave for some other names that were crossed out: Littleton (Claire) and Lewis (Charlotte) – also the author of “Bad Twin”. You can’t really see Jacob touch Sun. Maybe Jin is the Kwon, or their future baby.

    • Casey

      He touched Sun.

      • Ivan

        I think he shook both their hands at their wedding. I am putting my bets on their little girl being the KWON on the wall. Why not?

      • MsSuniDaze

        I thought he reached up and touched both Sun and Jin’s arms while he gave them their blessing. Maybe I’m wrong.

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