'Lost' exclusive: Maggie Grace, a.k.a. Shannon, returns this season

Maggie Grace, who played Shannon on Lost, will return to the ABC drama later this season, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirmed to EW.com. “We’re really excited about having her back on the show,” says Cuse, “and we have a good story for her.” The producers would not specify how many episodes she would appear in.¬†An original cast member, Grace exited the show in season 2 when her character — the spoiled stepsister of Boone — was killed off, though she did resurface in a season 3 episode. Harold Perrineau, Cynthia Watros, and Rebecca Mader are among the other dearly departed who will guest-star in Lost‘s sixth and final season.


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  • JunieGirl

    I really love how they are re-weaving old cast members back into the story. This is great news!

    • jackjack

      I hate getting a spoiler right on a main page.
      It would have been surprising, now it wont.
      You suck EW.

      • Ceballos

        Usually, I’m pretty sympathetic to spoilerphobes because I like to be surprised myself, but…

        Dead characters have already shown up this season, and that’s AFTER months of announcements of previous cast members making their returns to the show. How much of a surprise is this really? To be completely honest, I would’ve been surprised if Shannon did NOT come back at some point.

      • MSR

        I agree. I anticipated she’d return at some point – I thought she might have been in the first episode in some capacity with the plane. WOOT!

      • Celia

        They didn’t spoil it that much and it’s still exciting! I’ve been re-watching some old episodes and I forgot how much I had started to like Shannon. She starts off soooo ANNOYING, but she grew on me.

      • Jeanne

        I totally agree with you. Right on the first page and Ive tried to be spoiler free for this last season. Shame on you EW….In fact, Ive avoided some Lost websites just to make sure that I dont get any spoilers by accident. Thanks to the highly rated Entertainment Weekly site, I got a big spoiler!!!

      • RK

        I can’t believe people think this is a spoiler. Perhaps if you knew which episode, yes — for example, when I saw Peggy Bundy listed on the credits last night, I wasn’t surprised that she opened the door of Locke’s house. Still, you don’t know what story she will be connected to, and Lost is a non-linear story. And she is a side character anyway. I’m sure she’ll show up at Locke’s wedding that Boone is going to cater.

      • monkey

        agree with spoiler on main page being complete bs. you suck, ew

      • monkey

        at least give me the option to avoid it

      • Boone

        I agree. Spoilers on the main page take the fun out of Lost. And make no mistake, this WAS a spoiler.

      • steve

        AGREED. not cool at all.

      • ducic

        TOTAL SPOILER. did not need to know any of the actors that are coming back. instead of that feeling of surprise when seeing Charlie or Boone on the plane, I get the feeling of ‘oh yeah, I knew he’d be back’. POOR FORM, EW.

      • Nick

        Get off the cross, we need the wood.

      • Cuni

        I concur

      • Brian

        Do you whiney babies cover your eyes when the guest stars are shown at the bottom of the screen at the beginning of each episode? Because they’re always there. Does that mean Lost spoils itself? Stop whining. Everyone knows all the dead characters are coming back this season in sideways world. Get over it.

      • jackjack

        To Brian
        I know Evangeline Lilly and maybe two other actor’s real names. The name Maggie Grace means nothing to me. Not everyone watches every season over and over and goes to Lost sites. I for one have watched each episode when it came on and that is it. I would have never even thought about Shannon. It was like with Michael coming back, same thing, and it ruined the moment completely. I had and still have no idea on Michaels real name so EW spoiled it for me.

      • Snarf

        It’s LOST. Dead characters are constantly reappearing in flash backs or now via alternate timelines. This is hardly surprising news.

    • Meg

      Does anyone know if Faraday will be back…??

      • green4u

        That is awesome she is coming back… I want to know when Walt is coming back… I really do not care if I have to use my imagination that he is younger and smaller, I want to see him and know his story.

    • jj

      I will never forget when Shannon sang “La Mer” to Sayid.

    • EricO

      It’s not really weaving these character back into the story if they are seen in the “alternate timeline” which departs from the true Lost timeline.

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    Can’t wait for that Hot. Whining. Action.

  • Daniel

    Great. I always liked her character.

    • Johnification

      Me too. I still contend that “Abandoned” was one of the best stand-alone episodes of Lost in how it reframed Shannon’s character and her life as a tragedy, dying just as she was finding some purpose and redemption. I’m happy she’ll be back.

      • Nick B

        Completely agree, Johnification. “Abandoned” was a great episode. And her death was far more saddening and tragic than Boone’s.

      • Psac

        Her death by far was the saddest on the show. Way more than Juliet, Charlotte, Boone, Locke, etc.

      • lstfan

        I agree. I always thought she was the most misunderstood character on the show. All that spoiled rudeness was nothing but a cover for seriously low self esteem. At the beginning of the show, her identity was nothing but being a foil for Boone and reacting to him. With Sayid she started to realize who she was beneath the nasty exterior. When she didn’t have family to provoke she discovered who she was when not provoking someone. I would have liked to have seen where her character would have gone.

      • meshack

        “Abandoned” is absolutely one of the best episodes of Lost, as well as Walt centered episodes. Without this episode Shannon is nothing but an annoying brat, but once I watched abandoned I almost cried. To finally be understood and to be killed right at that moment, wow! and Walt… what was he trying to tell her??? Anyways, both characters disappeared, and their story and their connection was never explained. They never revisited this mystery and abandoned these characters after “Abandoned ” for good. Walt showed up with Lock a few times. yet that was never really explained either. We need Shannon and Walt, or this story of Lost makes no sense. And what’s up with children and pregnancy??? It was such a big issue 6-5 years ago.

  • Ceballos

    Did I (or this post) miss something or do we know if Jeremy Davies (Faraday) will also be back this year?

    Shannon is ok, but since the Island is underwater, it’ll be tough for the writers to put her in a position where she has to wear a teeny bikini. (I have faith they’ll find a way.)

    • LostAtSea

      Yeah, at Comiccon im pretty sure Carlton Cuse said he would be back.

      • Ceballos

        Thanks for the info.

        Now I guess my only question is whether he’ll be wearing his black tie/short-sleeved shirt combo. (Hey, maybe he’s the science teacher at Locke and Ben’s school.)

      • Andrea

        @ Ceballos: Nah…he’ll be an uber-accomplished pianist. :)

    • crispy

      Ceballos, maybe in the Sideways reality Shannon is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition model returning home from a photo shoot in Sydney.

      • Ceballos

        I was thinking either that or they could have her audition for “American Idol”, antagonize Kara DioGuardi and share an uncomfortable poolside kiss with Ryan Seacrest.

      • crispy

        Cross-over!!! So she’d probably sing a Geronimo Jackson song?

      • Ceballos

        Definitely some Geronimo Jackson – Driveshaft would be too mainstream.

      • crispy

        I just hope she makes it her own.

      • Tim

        She’d sing “La Mer”, obviously!

      • Ceballos


        Nice! I can’t believe I missed that. I’m actually VERY angry at you now! :)

    • Rebekah

      OMG, yes! Please tell me Daniel is coming back! He and Juliet were my favs. Along with Boone and Charlie. Hey…why do my favs always get killed off?!

      • curtB

        your faves get killed off because it’s all part of Jacob’s bigger plan! You have to go back, Kate– er… Rebekah!

      • foxybluemidnight

        I’m glad you mentioned that because Daniel Farady was also 1 of my favorite Lost characters along with Claire, Charlie and Jack. I was so upset when Charlie and Dan were killed off and they never explained what happened to Claire. I hope they come up with a decent explanation for her disappearance on the island.

    • watched17times

      Yes, I do remember the writer’s saying Faraday would be back as well. I am thinking they will only be in the sideways universe, not on the island. However, I do agree with someone on a former page saying that sideways Locke will end up on the island, if not all of them somehow.??? We know that the two realities converge at some point.

  • Omar

    Jeff or Dan: Do you know and can you tell us how much of the season has been shot? Is it all in the can or are they still filming?

    • Flyer

      When Michael Emerson appeared on Kimmel the other night, he said they still had 4 episodes left to film.

    • jj

      i think that they said they are on the 13th episode as of last week

    • crispy

      I care less about how much has been shot… and more about how much of the final season has been scripted.
      How can they just suddenly write her in at this point?

      • Ceballos

        It’s a good point. At first I was thinking that they might incorporate Shannon through some kind of quick Sideways cameo (like the way Boone appeared in the premiere or even something like Rose’s quick scene last night) which would make things pretty flexible for the show’s writers.

        Then I read something like “we have a really good story for her” and it makes me think it’ll be something more significant. Then again, they could just be blowing smoke and it’ll be a quick scene or two in the end.

      • Francois

        Damon Lindelof tweeted that they only had the finale left to write just the other day.

      • lk

        Carlton Cuse said in his Twitter the other day that he was on the third draft of episode 15. http://twitter.com/CarltonCuse

      • crispy

        Wow. So I wonder if that means they’re putting her in the finale, or are able to just add her “really good story” to the episodes already written.

      • brody

        Maybe she’s been written in (or even filmed) already and people have just been holding onto the scoop for a while.

      • mesa

        Flyer- like jj said below you, Emerson said they have 4 episodes left (13,14,15,16).

        Francois- they are starting to write the finale, yes, but they still edit the episodes that haven’t been shot yet. Carlton Cuse just tweeted the other day that their on their third draft of Ep15.

  • Jenna

    I wonder how her return will affect Sayid’s character, especially if she returns in the flash sideways world. Will they share that same bond they were building right before her death?

    • crispy

      That was my first instinct too. I would think Sideways Sayid would be with Nadia. But who knows?

      • LL

        Maybe her mom’s catering business will be catering Sayid and Nadia’s wedding and they will share a glance/connection.

      • watched17times

        Maybe they will be catering John and Helen’s wedding???

    • amyf

      HATED her and Sayid together! What was he thinking???

      • harley quinn

        LOVED Shannon and Sayid. He was thinking, hey, we have chemistry.

      • roger

        i concur. nothing in common. not believable at all!

  • Michelle

    Fantastic news! I was hoping they could get her back!

  • Laura

    YES! YES YES YES. :D I was super dissapointed when it seemed like everyone was gonna return except Shannon. I loved her back in Seasons 1 and 2, so this is awesome news :)

    • watched17times

      You mean Walt and Shannon, right? Walt is too grown up now to play the little boy. The writer’s said it was fate that Michael and Walt were not on the plane. What the heck does that mean?

  • rerun

    Always bring the hotness back.

  • jayislost

    This is good news. I remember hearing earlier that she wouldn’t be back because she wanted too much money. I wonder if that was true or if she dropped her asking price.

  • Grady

    Great news! I was sad that Shannon’s movie roles were going to have her be stuck in the abusive Australian relationship forever!

  • Heather

    Glad to know they worked out her scheduling conflicts! It wouldn’t be the same without her!

  • i’m a lady


    • allie

      I agree – the only episode I liked of hers was the last one. I really hope they don’t reunite her with Sayid – he belongs with Nadia.

      • watched17times

        I agree, he and Nadia should be together. Sayid and Shannon as a couple NEVER made sense to me. (unless she was using him….like all of the other men). I never saw what the attraction was for Sayid. Was it the French song she sang? Or did he feel sorry for her because everyone thought she was a useless dork?

    • Laura

      I totally agree. I can’t believe how many people are actually happy she is coming back. I didn’t like Boone either, but hopefully we won’t see him anymore after his conversation with Locke. I just don’t see how either of these characters could possibly add anything at this point.

      The way they are going, soon we’ll find out that Nikki and Paolo are coming back too.

      • KarinC

        We actually cheered at my house when she was killed off. There are characters you love to hate (Ben) and there are characters that you just plain HATE (Shannon). The only good thing will be if we get to see her killed off again. And I agree. Shannon and Sayid made NO sense. How coudl Sayid be in love with both a courageous woman like Nadia, and a selfish useless brat like Shannon!

  • Bubbatwo420

    Omar, On twitter Darlton said they’ve just starting writing the finale so I believe they still about 4-5 episodes to shoot still. Michael Emerson on JK last night said he hasn’t filmed past more than 6 or 7 more episodes so that seems about right.

  • Jenny

    YAY! Glad she’s coming back!

    Can anyone tell me when she was in season 3? I’m drawing a blank.

    • Jenny

      Just looked it up… She was in Expose. No wonder I didn’t remember… :/

      • Rebekah

        Haha! Sorry, that made me laugh.

      • watched17times

        Ha-Ha! Everytime I rewatch seasons, I skip that episode now (Expose). It was a huge waste of time and probably pretty difficult to try to film those two as if they were there the day of the crash.

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