Lady Gaga's BRIT Awards outfit(s): Cheers or jeers?

Lady Gaga picked up three trophies at last night’s Brit Awards, and in what may have been a nod to the number of nominations she received, the singer showed up on the red carpet in a three-tiered cape dress that seemed all too conservative for the style chameleon.

As expected, the cape dress was just a decoy for the flesh-baring lace number that she wore for her performance of “Telephone” and “Dance in the Dark.”

Gaga kept her lace mask on, but the outfit itself seemed like a cross between Halle Berry’s 2002 Oscar dress and something Courtney Love might wear to the grocery store. If the outfit seemed a bit subdued for the usually outrageous-dressing chanteuse, it was due in part to a tribute for the late Alexander McQueen, the designer who Gaga had often collaborated with and whom she dedicated her performance to last night.

But subdued went out the window when it came to Gaga’s lace face mask and sky-high hair, which had a Bride of Frankenstein thing going on. That may explain the wedding cake-like structure of her red carpet outfit.

What do you guys think of Gaga’s outfits? Which do you like better – red carpet or performance?

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  • Sue Esai

    Lady Gaga is rockin’ the cell to the lite!

    • James

      Your comment made my day!

      • Sasha Grey

        I think Lady Gaga is on her last 5 minutes of fame. When the time is right she should do the cover of playboy and then get into adult entertainment, but without the crazy clothes.

    • jealous much?

    • julie

      I dont see any cellulite…. def jealous… hahahahaha

    • Lady Caca


      • BLM

        I just knew that someone would say something about cellulite.

      • UGH

        I like her but…AHHHHH!

      • mackenzie

        i think cheer! also you suck!!!!!!!!!!

    • info

      Actually if you look carefully this outfit isn’t really showing skin but is similar to an ice skating outfit with the nude fabric. The problem is the outfit is ill-fitting and looks like cellulite. But, look again close to the ankles and you can see it is fabric. But, again, ill-fitted. Not as impressive as many of her other looks.

      • Elysia

        You guys are missing that only 1 leg is covered by that stuff. The other one (and the side of her hooha) is exposed, which is where they see the cellulite. Meh, just means she’s a normal adult woman like the rest of us!

    • Scott

      She’s rocking the “cellite”…? Yeah, I’m gonna go with … and julie on this one.

    • tbaby

      LOL!!!! Funny… And true!!

  • Matt

    Lady GooGoo? Oh who am I kidding she looks 1000 times better than I do. Off to the gym!

    • Amy


      I think if she is willing to wear that she looks amazing and better than I will any day!!!

  • paige

    oh look its lady gaga- and look shes dressed funny. snore

    • Sue Esai

      schtic’s getting old, right? Amen.

    • Ceballos

      At this point, the most shocking/outrageous thing she could possibly due is…show up to an event in a pair of jeans and a tank. (I mean it – I would seriously be shocked if this happened. I don’t think I’d recognize her.)

      • Ceballos

        she could possibly do*

      • Tim

        The most shocking/outrageous thing she could do is sing live without auto-tune and perhaps write/communicate a real lyric.

      • Ceballos

        Oh Tim, I can’t go with you there – I got to see her live last month and she puts on a hell of a show.

      • S

        Yes, Tim, she can actually sing.

      • Amy

        Sure she’s out there, but the fact she can sing well live and didn’t get ANY real important US Grammys is unfair. Taylor Swift who’d you buy, girl?

      • Thander

        Tim, what the hell are you talking about. She writes and sings live. You obviously seem like such a critic–speaking things that are false.

      • ALY G

        TIm. You are extremely wrong. She doesn’t use auto-tune AT ALL. I saw a video of her singing Paper Gangsta live, and she told the audience it was live but in auto-tune so she could get the full effect of the song. Youtube her before you comment that rubbish. And her lyrics are extremely meaningful, if you are open-minded and understanding of real music.

      • andrew

        @Tim, I’m not gonna make like others and tell you the obvious about Lady GaGa and how she’s an incredible talent.

        But you’re just ignorant and vastly unintelligent to make such an arrogant comment.

    • crispy

      paige, you don’t like Lady Gaga?!
      ::clutches pearls::
      I sorta loves her. And you and I are normally so together with it!

      • paige

        no i like her music alot actually- im just bored of all the commenting of how “shocking” her outfits are. I agree with Ceballos- the most shocking thing she can do is just wear a pair of jeans and a tank… but no, i like her music alot more than i admit to lol

      • paige

        so dont worry crisp- we still pretty in sync.. well except the whole hard candy business… no i’m not bitter. not. at. all.. :-P

      • crispy

        LOL! Ok, whew… I was worried! And I have to agree, it would be funny if she showed up in just jeans and a plain white t-shirt.

      • andrew

        Her outfits aren’t shocking but rather an entertainment or sideshow to her actual performance.

        You aren’t shocked but every time she arrives you always turn your head to see what she’s wearing.

      • Nick T

        crispy actually likes Lady Gaga! I’m super (but pleasantly) shocked!

      • amj

        @crispy–think this is the first time you and i agree on anything. We both like Lady Gaga and would be more shocked by jeans on her.

    • tvgirl48

      I would love to see her in normal, everyday clothes like that. Actually, moreso, I want to see her without all that makeup. I have a feeling she’s actually very young and pretty, but the makeup always makes her look like a 60 year old fading pop star desperate to be relevent.

      • Shanna

        Ask and you shall receive– vintage Gaga circa 2005

      • amj

        My husband and I were just discussing today that sometimes here makeup makes her seem very old. She is 23, 24 in about a month. That’s hard to believe at times.

      • jpratm

        Shanna thanks for this – way better than the crap she has out now- true and pure- piano and voice- no show -

  • SirLizard

    Oh, look, it’s paige, and she’s reading an article about someone who bores her, AND she’s posting a comment about her. Snore.

  • Uh-oh…

    I LOVE Gaga, but I feel like she’s taking this too far. Art doesn’t have to be unflattering, it can be beautiful.. and it seems that as she keeps pushing the envelope, she cares less and less about what she looks like as a star and more about the clothes themselves. This is the FIRST time I’ve ever seen her outfit and thought she needs to tone it down…
    That wig just looks kind of ridiculous. And the outfit makes her body look HORRIBLE, which we all know isn’t true, she’s tiny. She looked wonderful at the Grammy’s and loved her in the pictures from her new video.
    I liked the red carpet look but didn’t get the performance one at all.

    • andrew

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      If she wants to make her tits blow up or wear 6 ft wig let her. She rocked it and she won all her awards.

  • Chris

    Apparently, you can see Lady’s “gaga” in that stage outfit.

    • Phionaugh

      Don’t you mean Lady’s “VaGaGa”?

      • paige


      • Ewarebear

        haha seriously. i was like “i definitely see a peekaboo bit of vag there”

    • ALY G

      people in the front row got a nice look. ha.

  • Jade

    Obviously this article is about her outfit, but did anyone actually see her Brit Awards performance? It was amazing! She wears these clothes to make a statement yes, but always her music is the real statement. And Tim, she sang without auto-tune as she always does in her live performances.

  • wellingtonpeach

    The energy and effort it is taking to keep her fresh is astounding! Anyone wonder how Madonna will ever catch up to her popularity and creativity. Lady Gaga is setting the bar super high.

    • m.k.

      Madonna’s been far more famous and had far greater “popularity” than Lady Gaga many times over the last 25 or so years.

  • Brad

    she had a little slip in her outfit. but it wasn’t a nipslip

  • erin

    Good thing she always wears crazy outfits because if her fame depended upon the interest level of her music, she’d be completely unknown.

    • Dwayne

      …yet she has had 4 radio #1s on her way to 5. She has been #1 on the worldchart for weeks.

  • Sally in Chicago

    Sorry but in that 2nd pic, she has very bad posture.

    • amanda

      no, the weight of that wig is just breaking her spine.

  • Chappel

    Lady Gaga has gone well past cameltoe territory and is deeply entrenched in duckfoot land. If her “statement” is “I’m an exhibitionist… look at me!!” then it’s coming across loud and clear.

  • Brock

    I love Lady Gaga’s performance style. She’s wearing stuff that no one else would dare to wear, she’s having fun and we’re having fun watching her. She’s made outrageous fashion part of her persona and her fans love her for it, at least I do.

    If I were a fashion designer, I’d love working with her because she is willing try stuff that no one else would.

  • neaglescoop

    Lady “GAG-ME”‘s outfits remind me of a cross between Cher and a drunken drag queen. She can’t sing either.If it wasn’t for the dumbed downed public school dropouts znd drugged high schoolers, we wouldn’t even be commenting on her apparel…she’d still be trying to sing in dives in NYC.

  • Karena

    I’m bored. All of her costumes are the same- gigantic rat’s nest, asymmetrical mask, platform boots,body suit and, always- her crotch showing. It would be nice to see her change it up a little- she’s so predictable, yawn.

    • Caley

      All of you people make me want to slap someone across the face. You all are making all these rude comments about someone who is WAY more talented and unique than most of you will ever be. It really hurts me to see all the jealousy and idiocy of those who are so judgemental and hypocritical. I bet you all couldnt pull of ANY of her outfits. They are art and they are HERS.

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