Johnny Weir wants to write a figure skating tell-all. When can we pre-order?

Like a lot of people today, we’re in a Johnny Weir mood after last night’s men’s short programs. So what’s your greatest hit? We’re assuming you’ve found clips of his Sundance series Be Good Johnny Weir, and of him skating the program we’ll see in Thursday night’s free skate at Nationalskaraoking “Before He Cheats” and “Ain’t No Sunshine,” describing the process of designing a figure skating costume, and, yes it does happen, speaking seriously about why he’s still figure skating (“I think anything that makes someone feel beautiful in their life, they should do it”). All good. But did you watch this Ask the Athlete question on A fan wanted to know if he planned on writing an autobiography when he’s done with competitive skating. His answer: Absolutely. “I have so many stories. I’ve got so much dirt that I need to get out of me, and so many dealings behind the scenes in this sport, and how cutthroat it really is, and I’m excited to share all of that — while telling my own story and how I’ve intertwined myself through all of it and snaked through relatively unscathed compared to some people…. It’s such a small world that I compete in and that I live in, and sometimes it’s ridiculous, sometimes everyone hates you, sometimes everyone loves you. But in general, we all have one thing in common and it’s figure skating, and we all love it, for the most part, and it makes us some sick, twisted family and I want to tell that story.”

A lot of time people promise dirt and don’t deliver. We’d trust Weir to follow through. You?

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  • Castiella

    Did anyone else think that Evan Lysacek skating in seqins and feathers was a HUGE victory for Johnny Weir?

    • Lisa Simpson

      Yeah, because no male figure skater wore sequins and feathers before Johnny Weir did. (eye roll)

      • amanda

        um,not the point.Evan has ridiculed Johnny’s costumes publicly in the past so it is quite entertaining to see him in less than macho costumes this season

    • amanda

      YES!!!especially after all the talk from Evan (which is also on his nbc olympis bio) about keeping his costi=umes manly & casual,i ‘ve been giggling @ those feather cuffs all season

      • Shannon

        Evan skates to “Firebird” in his short program. I kind of expect feathers on his costume…

    • Emma

      I think Johnny’s awesome skate was the real victory. Although Evan’s costume IS pink icing on the cake. They totally underscored him. Probably to make him more irrelevant when he does spill the beans.

    • Feiss

      It’s really quite surprising that a lot of these male skaters do not just combust into raging fireballs, what with all the feathers and flames.

      • Stevie O.

        Is that a Johnny Queer joke?

  • AN

    Johnny Weir is awesome. Pure and simple.

    • Michelle

      Preach it! He may not be as technically gifted as some, but I’d watch him skate any day of the week!

    • GGG

      He is what is interesting about figure skating – personality and grace. Evan is boring. The quads are stupid and have ruined the programs of men’s skating. Johnny rules!

      • Emma

        absolutely. To be honest, if not for the announcer, half the time, I can’t even tell the difference between a quad and a triple. Johnny’s nice to watch. Even that Russian skater, Plushenko, is a bore and half.

    • SLB

      I agree, but i don’t see what Evan did that was so much better than Johnny to put him 4 places ahead of him. Johnny’s routine was perfect.

    • schlomoe

      Johnny Weir got what he deserved for making a mockery of the Olympics. The pink tassel was one thing, but tonight’s ‘performance’ was nothing less than mockery of the Olympics. I hope that he’s never allowed to represent the U.S. again.

      • Rebecca

        Really? A mockery of the Olympics? Of the US? Are you kidding? What if the tassel was red, yellow or green? Gosh, you have an issue with a COLOR? Talk about his technique, his artistry, his footwork.. not some random BS like a pink tassel!!!

        The Olympics are a joke. They’re the most political sports events ever. These athletes aren’t amateurs anymore. The judges aren’t as unbiased as they’re supposed to be. And, everyone knows the bids for hosting goes to the city that can give the most “gifts”. So please, save your moralizing for another blog.

      • L.T.

        and you think that most of the Men’s figure skaters are STRAIGHT? (EVAN LYSACEK included)you are seriously deluded!

  • Stef

    DEAR GOD YES. I would snatch that book up in a second. I bet he has loads to spill on everyone!
    Be Good Johnny Weir!

  • Kristie Lee’s Horse

    I love Johhny. We need more actual skating and grace in figure skating. Pleshenko looked like a flailing madman. Bring back artistry. So glad Johhny did well. Hope it continues. I heart Johhny.

  • Kari

    I’m loving Johnny Weir right now. He was great last night! Castiella, I did notice what Evan was wearing last night and thought it was very Weir-like! Go Johnny Go!

  • gigi

    Johnny Weir is figure skating LOVE!! I’ll be camping out at Barnes and Nobel in anticipation!!

  • hal

    I loved how NBC did this whole bit on how Evan Lysacek really tries to be more masculine than the other male skaters and then he came out in that getup with sequins and feathers! Go Patrick Chan!

  • Flyer

    I’ve been really unhappy with the way NBC has tried to pretend Johnny Weir doesn’t even exist. Bob Costas and Scott Hamilton previewed the short program by talking about the “two” American skaters, with nary a mention of Weir. I wish Abbott had done much better in the short (15! Yikes!) but I wasn’t surprised at all that Weir ended up in 5th. Shame on NBC for being..what? Terrified of upsetting homophobic viewers?

    • Kari

      I noticed that the commentators didn’t even mention Johnny Weir, even after he skated so well and ended in 6th place. Shame on them. I hope he rocks again and gets a medal!

    • J.

      Yes, I thought that was weird, but it may have also had something to do with the fact that through the years, he has been too inconsistent to be depended on to be a contender. I think he is so talented, but so inconsistent. And still, this is our team skating–not fair to just write off one of our own. Bad NBC.

      • Flyer

        Yes, Weir has had consistency issues (as has Abbott), but NBC shouldn’t have written him off when he has 3 US titles, a World Bronze and certainly the ABILITY to medal (although gold was probably a long shot for him). And even if they wanted to focus on Lycasek & Abbott, there’s no excuse for not including a brief mention, such as “And let’s not forget that Johnny Weir could also be in the mix if he performs his programs well.” The fact that NBC acted like he didn’t even exist is beyond the pale. (And sorry about my error. As others have mentioned, Weir is currently 6th.)

    • Jenny

      Over on CTV they gave him full props with Elizabeth Manley proclaiming that she loves him. Just shows how much less squeamish we are in Canada. He’s a weirdo for sure, but he’s different and exciting in a sport where everyone is starting to look the same.

    • Rachel

      I so agree with you! Who did he piss off on NBC? After he skated they compliments were so backhanded. They act like we the viewers do not tune in to see him. But we love him. He is a complete skater and joy to watch. I love his reality show.

    • Brigid

      yeah, and Johnny Weir’s the only “flamboyant” male figure skater ::end sarcasm::

    • jennifer

      I felt the same way. They mentioned his name once and he did a fantastic job. I love his attitude and that he is not afraid to say what he is thinking and be himself. It’s fun to watch and I love every minute of it! I am glad that he has put a lot more effort in to his training, he looked great out there!

    • thatgirlinnewyork

      indeed, NBC dissed him. hamilton’s criticism sounds a bit suspect (jealous much?), and they edited him out of all the promos.the whole lot of them are threatened by weir’s originality, and it shows. their coverage is pitiful.

    • da

      I agree…it made me so mad that he was barely mentioned.

  • brookiesmom

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Johnny! I thought it was great when the crowd booed the judges scores because they were too low! Like the crowd, I thought his was absolutely one of the best performances of the night! Go Johnny!!

  • Sluggo

    He’s like a Bravo reality show waiting to happen.

    • GGG

      OMG, I would watch that show.

      • middlegirl

        he has a show on sundance. I think it’s called,”be good, Johnny Weir. It’s a great show,very entertaining

      • ladyjanewriter

        Johnny Does have one! “Be Good Johnny Weir” is on the Sundance channel, and you can pay-per-view it. Check out the Sundance Channel website for clips.

    • Kari

      He’s a Sundance Channel reality show that’s happening now! Be Good Johnny Weir. It’s really good and I like him so much after watching what he goes through and how funny he is.

  • jezoebel

    Seeing Lysacek’s outfit I thought wings were going to pop out during the program. And he needs to ease up on the bronzer; he’s too handsome to look like an Oompa Loompa. Weir’s scores should’ve been higher (stupid judges), but at least he’s in the top six. I’m still hoping he gets a medal. He definitely rocked the pink tassel last night. And is it just me or does Pleshenko come across as the Ivan Drago of figure skating? He has an arrogant way about him that’s off-putting. And that Italian skater looked like he should be stomping grapes instead of skating. I feel bad for Abbott. He got this far and imploded. Oh, man.

    • wino

      nope its not just you, since NBC editing did a fine job of trying to pain Pleshenko as the big bad of the skating world. seriously he’s cocky, but who cares, its part of his skating personality…as a viewer, its fun to watch.

  • CJ

    Lysacek’s outfit looked like it had curly hair on the shoulders but he did skate well. We so want our Johnny to medal. Glad to see he’s keeping him self loose enough that he might just surprise a few people.

  • Sara

    I won’t buy this animal hater’s book if it was sold for a penny. He selfishly cares only about himself, and doesn’t care at all about the suffering of innocent foxes that are sometimes skinned alive in China.
    I hope someone skin him alive. Or at the very lest I hope he falls on his butt in the long programs. Booo Johnny Weirdo!

    • Ed

      So you don’t endorse skinning foxes but you endorse skinning Johnny Weir? Um, I see a little bit of hypocrisy there. If you’re all for animal rights, then maybe you shouldn’t be so harsh on people…humans are animals, too. While I actually share your stance (I wish people didn’t wear animal skin/fur), I am respectful when talking/commenting about people who do. When you talk so harshly, you’re not helping your cause; you become part of the problem.

      • Janet

        Ed owned you, Sara!

    • Carrie

      Love you animal rights freaks. You’d leave a baby in a burning house if it meant saving your doggie.

      • Jennifer

        I don’t have a baby. Love my dog though!

      • thatgirlinnewyork

        word. they scream about fur, but don’t want to hear how hypocritical their own choices are (cheap sweat shop t-shirts from target, H&M; cottons treated with environment-destroying chlorine bleach, synthetic fabrics that come courtesy of our dependence on petroleum products that also destroy the environment.). at least they’re consistent in their hypocrisy.

  • abc

    I would totally but that book.
    love him♥

  • Mark D

    All the other skaters are simply not comfortable with who they are as humans. I’m glad Johnny did early that way he can go on to win the world for just being himself & to hold his head up high. The air’s alot cleaner up there!
    P.S. Someone else besides me what & how Louis Vuitton is!!! LOVE IT!!!!

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