Is 'Breaking Dawn' in 3D a good idea? PopWatch poll!

As Summit Entertainment continues to decide whether to turn Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final book in the Twilight saga, into two films, there is another question on the table as well: To 3D or not to 3D? But instead of just sitting back and waiting for a decision, we decided a PopWatch poll was in order to let execs (and Stephenie Meyer) know how YOU feel about a 3D treatment for the final films. Before we take it to a vote, let’s look at the pros and cons. SPOILER ALERT!

Pro: For the studio, there’s the extra fee on the ticket, which is guaranteed to be a hot one for Twihards regardless of its decision. Also, the still rare 3D experience could lure in moviegoers who are on the fence.
Con: For the person who sees the Twilight films purely to keep current on pop culture, having to pay more will heighten any resentment he or she may feel if disappointed.

Pro: Fast-moving vampires and werewolves should look awesome in 3D. So should Bella and Edward getting busy…
Con: Shockingly, some Twilight fans don’t want to feel like they’re in the room (or water) for those intimate moments. In the eloquent words of Twitter users:
@Bieber_Twilight BREAKING DAWN SPOILER ALERT! Not tryin 2 b nasty or anythin, but if you’ve read BD u kno what E and B do… What if that’s in 3D? Awkward…
@DazzleMeVampire Uh I love Rob & Kristen but I really don’t need to see them making love in 3D
@anita_cello can u imagine breaking dawn in 3D? lol HAHAHAHA my mind is soooo dirty
@BellaSex_: Oh Gosh.. They Are Thinking Of Putting Breaking Dawn In 3D.. Imagine Sex Scenes In 3D Lmfao!

(Okay, those last two may belong up in pro.)

Pro: The visuals in the Twilight films have, frankly, always been stronger than the script. So let’s eye-candy it out.
Con: Some fans would prefer the focus be on story:
@JJElektric Dear @Twilight We love Breaking Dawn b/c we love the book! You don’t need 3D gimmicks to sell it. It isn’t a popup book.
@JJElektric: Dear @Twilight Breaking Dawn doesn’t need 3D. It needs DIALOG.

My take? 3D isn’t necessary, but it does make the statement that Breaking Dawn will be an event film (or films). I already feel awkward watching love scenes in the theater, and I’m a masochist, so I’d look forward to squirming in my seat. And 3D is just fun, which is how I look at the Twilight movies. So my vote is yes, but what do you think, PopWatchers?

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  • Truth is…

    even the die-hard fans of the series acknowledge that the last book is one of the worst written books ever. Bad enough they want to split it into two movies potentially. Perhaps if they invest in decent F/X then they can toy with making it 3D.

    • Anthony

      this die hard fan finds it to be the best book of the series. I’m on the fence about 3d. If it’s 3d like avatar. Go for it, if more like Friday the 13th, skip it. Sometimes it’s just cheesey, which the movies don’t need any more of…
      oh also, the sex scene in 3d would be a pro!!! Kristen Stewarts parts in my face would be aaaawesome!

      • Mariah

        Ditto. A book doing something other than what you want/expect does not equal it being a bad book. Honestly, in all the comments I’ve read I haven’t seen one person offer a compelling argument as to why the book is ‘bad’ or ‘the worst’, it’s just not what said person wanted/expected from it. Big difference. From a technical standpoint, Twilight is actually the worst book. Meyer improves as a writer dramatically by BD.

      • amy

        I am also a die hard fan and Breaking Dawn is my favorite book. Don’t screw it up by making it 3-D.

      • nye

        EEWWW you are gross

    • walter

      At this point, this series has a huge built-in, captive audience. Much like the masochistic tendencies of Leno’s audience, even if “BD” is in craptacular 3D – it will make bank.

    • Mark

      3D may be rare now but in 2 yrs? Studios are clashing now over turning everything into 3D and I am already over the $D experience

    • Momo

      @Mariah – you are in the wong place if you are searching for coherent and compelling reasons why fans dislike Breaking Dawn. It’s mainly a place of reactions to pop culture. If you want to read real critiques of the book, I suggest going to a literary board – or even a Twilight fan club site. And I’m saying this as a Breaking Dawn fan (that admits that half of the book is pretty bad).

    • jenny

      I loved every book in the series. I was having withdrawals waiting for them to all come out to find out what happened next. PLEASE DON’T PUT IN 3-D. I GET MOTION SICK WATCHING 3D MOVIES.i CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT. AS LONG AS IT IS THE SAME GUIDELINE AS THE BOOK.

    • Karen

      Please don’t make it in 3D. My child is a die-hard twilight fan and is also BLIND in one eye, so we would not go and see it in theaters. I hate that people don’t think about family’s like us. Plus we can’t even go to Disney world and see the 3D shows there. Please Mr WYCK GODFREY AND MRS MEYERS don’t make it in 3D for my and others family’s like us. I have not seen a 3D movie sense my child lost his eye sight in his right eye at age 6. The disease in the is called Toxacara

  • clynngo

    can you imagine the birth scene in 3D?


    • laurie

      Agreed. I am gagging on my Cheerios.

    • orville

      Yeah–I’m hoping that the scene is more implied than anything. A baby ripping itself out with the help of its father’s teeth? Ick.

      • Anise

        WAT. This series grows more frightening the more I hear about it.

    • Ambient Lite

      It’s been awhile since I read that one, but I seem to also remember blood all over the room, blood speckling in Bella’s eyes, other horribly gross and graphic stuff. No way they can do any of it, 3D or not, and stay PG-13 – right??

      • AAR

        I’m imagining a fountain of 3D blood spewing at the audience.

      • miss k

        To AAR- Ha Ha!! I don’t know why that’s so funny but I just burst out laughing at that comment.

    • Louise

      It makes me shudder. Please no!

  • maryh

    I am a fan of the books and films. Seeing BD in 3D I think would be visually better, but think that if 3D delayed the release, the twilight tide of success may lose it’s momentum. I can see that twi haters would think that a plus, but fans not so much.

  • mishka

    Oh great, twilight & co, here we go again…

  • Rosalie

    3D is way over rated. I did not enjoy Avatar in 3D. Anyhow, it’s a waste of time to have Breaking Dawn in 3D. We need the long, boring book to be compacted into ONE small entertaining movie. In my opinion they can do away witht he first book of Bella in the first 5 minutes of the movie. Show Bella and Edward gettin married and off to their honey moon. The last book of Bella is also boring. Waiting for all those people to come over and be witnesses was a yawn. That can be a 45 minute plotline. The book of Jacob can take about an hour. As a result you have a movie that lasts 1hr and 50 mins. Summit will see reality when Eclipse comes out. Eclipse will not do as good as New Moon did. Many people went to see New Moon because of all the hype. I think the bubble has bursted and Eclipse will have more Twilight like numbers.

  • SLB

    There is absolutely no reason this movie needs to be in 3D. Since Avatar, everyone wants to make their movies 3D. 3D would ruin this movie.

    • elr

      I agree Why does every new movie being made have to be in 3D?

  • Alicia

    3D isn’t necessary to the story. Eclipse might have been okay in 3D because of the action, but BD is pretty low-key on the action front, and the 3D effect would just make it all the more gimicky. IMAX? Most definitely. Edward the size of a house in perfect clarity is always spectacular, but the love story is the focal point.

  • Ambient Lite

    Eclipse? Yes!
    Breaking Dawn, Part 1? NO, please NOOOOOOO!
    Breaking Dawn, Part 2? Yes!

  • Marie

    we are talking about Summit Entertainment here, they don’t like to spend ANY money on special effects. so i think they better handle how to approach Renesme’s character before a conversation about 3D is ever considered.

  • Hill

    Question… How can we make the movie even more cheesy?? I vote no… I like the movies but I think that it’s a little ridiculous to make it in 3D. It worked for Avatar… let’s keep it to that.

    • therealeverton

      It also worked for Coraline, Beowulf, Toy Story 1 & 2 (2009 / 2010; Even Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Monsters VS Aliens and Bolt were enhanced by the use of 3D.

      Avatar is the gold standard for sure but the fact is the increase of 3D screens and movies made in or converted to 3D will be rapid now that everyone knows both how good 3D movies CAN look and that the majority of people both accept 3D and are willing t pay for it. If you doubt then check out cinema score and other similar services to see how well liked the movie is and the fact that even the $2.5b estimates for Avatar’s likely final gross are starting to look dubious as Avatar continues to move farther ahead of the 2nd highest grossing film of all time and closer to the “adjusted” number 1 & 2 of Titanic and (*sigh*) “Slavery is fun” aka “Gone With The Wind”. Of course it’s unlikely to get any higher than 3 that’s not exactly a failure is it?

      3D is the future, like colour, widescreen and sound were before it.

      • MsSuniDaze

        I agree that 3-D worked on those films you listed, all but one is computer animated. This works well if the story is more fantasy or action packed, however Twilight isn’t one of those things. Even if it likes to pretend it is. There are some action scenes, but the majority of the movie isn’t. So I kind of think it would actually be more distracting then visually rewarding. I think they need to improve the dialog. The book had some cheesy parts but it’s much worse when you see it in movie form.

    • Dayane

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  • therealeverton

    Any fillm should benefit from 3D if used correctly. It’s simply a case of the depth of field, that alone makes a film feel better, look better. It isn’t a gimmick, unless you choose to make it one. There an awful lot you can do to make a difference in 3D, like altering the depth of field, or the space between objects to increase or decrease tension (see Coraline). Or you can just film it as normal and heighten the sense of reality, give a genuine “window on the world” view.

    As for not enjoying Avatar in 3d; I don’t get that at all and you’re very much in the minority there. 3d elevated the Avatar experience greatly, and IMAX 3D even more so. Of course we’re all different and the Twilight series shows that more than anything with so many fans and so many people who can’t stand it.

  • Katie

    I didn’t read any of the other comments, so this might have been said before. But I don’t want it in 3D simply for the [SPOILER ALERT] the birth scene. GROSS. I don’t want blood/guts being figuratively splashed all around me. DISGUSTING. However, the only reason I’d want it in 3D is to see Taylor’s abs right in my face. ahahah But for real, no 3D, please.

  • ocnlvr83

    I’m sorry, but making Breaking Dawn could be the worst mistake Summit makes. It was a sub-par book, and because they’re most likely making it PG-13 means it will be a sucky movie. There is too much violence and adult themes to water it down like that. I have already protested seeing the movie for these reasons alone.

  • Laura

    BD isn’t an action book/movie, so 3D is a waste. Now, 3D might have made sense for Eclipse — that has a ton of action — but for BD it would be silly.

  • Silv


    • nye

      youre right i cant believe they are making us wait forever to see the movie i mean they made new moon in 2008 and didnt let us see it until the end of 2009 and now we have to wait till june to see eclipse NO 3D

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