'Secret Life of the American Teenager': Amy kisses Ricky and tells

This season of ABC Family’s Secret Life of the American Teenager has been a lesson not so much in safe sex, like the first season, but a lesson in permutations: At the rate things are going, it seems nearly every guy in the cast will have dated every girl possible by season’s end. Despite surprise couplings like Grace and Ben and Jack and That One Friend of Amy’s, the big shocker came last week when Amy kissed — gasp — her baby-daddy, Ricky. Sure, they were just “practicing,” but could there be more romance in store for the young accidental parents? Amy herself, Shailene Woodley, stopped by EW.com to dish on the rest of the season.

Now that Amy and Ricky have kissed (again), do you think they have a future together?

Amy has so much dislike for Ricky based on his past. And Ricky gets really annoyed with Amy because she’s really spiteful. But they are a family because they have John. Amy has a confidante in Ricky and Ricky has a confidante in Amy. I think they would never hurt each other. I think deep down they both know it’ll never be a romantic thing, but sometimes they want to test it out because they think they should.

With all this juicy stuff happening this season, what more could possibly be in store?

There are like three weddings, though no teenage weddings as of right now. Ben is still confused as to what he wants to do about Amy. And Grace and Jack are still arguing about sex. They’re still trying to figure out if they want to be together.

How has it been having a toddler as your frequent costar now?

We have twins playing John now, and they’re so cute. They play with microphones and say hi to people behind the camera. Every single week the writers write something in the script for him where he says, like, “mama” and “dada,” and their mom has to be like, “They don’t even say that in real life.” So they haven’t had a lot of lines yet.

Have you watched MTV’s 16 and Pregnant? Do you feel like you understand what those girls are going through at all?

I’ve seen it a few times. It’s really sad what those girls are going through. It’s so weird to think that they’re going through what I pretend to go through. It’s trippy to think that people really deal with this stuff. I feel like the themes [on Secret Life] are realistic, but the way they present them are definitely artistically licensed. We definitely showed it was not glamorous, but I can’t believe what they go through on 16 and Pregnant. It’s crazy how awful their boyfriends are.

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  • Madd

    I missed an episode, but what happened to Ben and his Italian girlfriend? I can’t believe I watch this show- it had potential in the first season, but now I honestly use it as a drinking game (take a shot every time they say “sex”).

    • LOL

      So true!

    • Meredith

      Relationship updates- Ben and Amy broke up (in typical high school fashion), but not for the Italian girl. Amy dated the guy she met while away with her mom, and Ben dated the Italian girl until she went back to Italy. Now Amy’s kissing Ricky, Ben is kissing Grace, and Jack is getting “favors” from the redhead girl.
      I love high school… Mainly because I’m not there anymore :-P

      • Meredith

        Also- I’m pretty bummed that I’m just learning about the drinking game. Brilliant!

        And my two cents? – Amy and Ricky should be together forever. Adrian is skanky and Ben gets on my nerves.

      • sil82

        is it me or did anyone else realize about 2 weeks ago that she gave him “favors” with his mom in the house and the door to his room open.. if this were a typical high school reality then they would at least have some discretion.. i understand being open with ur parents.. but u dont need to show them how u do it

      • HotMama

        I didn’t even realize the craziness Jack’s mom was saying for being too excited to see “Pam” from True Blood.

    • mads

      Or you can take a shot everytime Amy cries.

      And I’m sorry but I dont understand how this show has survived so long.

      • maiv

        I’m guessing that it’s the same audience that sustained 7th Heaven for its 20 million seasons

    • rachel

      ricky and amy should be togeather thy are shuch good mach :)

      • rachel

        am i right or not

      • alli

        that is so true!!

  • fefe23

    I love the show and its good for teens. Its more real than alot of shows.

  • Vanessa

    lol i looove this show,it’s awesome:)

  • Em

    So I am in high school and I think it is my responsibility to tell people that high school is not like this. We have ambitions, emotions, ideas, and motives other than sex. We have drugs, alcohol, parental issues, relationshipts, college, cars, and hormonal issues to boot! But really, I hope people realize we are not as frustrating. First of all, we are more creative than the writers when it comes to saying sex and we euthanize that word (meaning we don’t say it every other sentence). Secondly, I love the drinking game when someone cries, but I think another one must be added for every time an actor overextends their abilities. It’s priceless, but in their defense, they do get better in every episode. Thirdly, I hate high school… but probably because I am still there.

  • Secret Fan

    The show is still on the air because it is by far the highest rated show ABC Family’s ever had. And with female teens, the only show on ALL OF TV that beats it is American Idol (and some weeks not even that).

  • Allison

    Em, I think you mean “euphemize,” which isn’t actually a word, but would be the verb of euphemism. Unless you put the word “sex” out of its misery.

  • Tina

    To be honest, I hate all the characters on this show, except for Amy’s Dad. In my opinion, Amy is a selfish brat… I liked it better in season 1.

    • devonbanks

      haha, you are so right about amy’s dad. he’s the one actor who realizes how completely ridiculous the entire show is.

    • Anne

      Mature Amy a little, and put she and Ricky together!

      • Jaclyn Sommers

        I agree I want Amy And Ricky together and Amy and RIcky should be kissing on the lips at all the time I Can’t wait for the next show. Harry up I want to see what happens next.I hope Ricky ask Amy to marry her that will be great.

  • Brian

    I think this maybe the worst show I have ever seen.

  • GS

    I love this show. It’s a guilty pleasure for me. I am amazed at how free and easy everyone seems to be with sex now. When I was in high school 20 years ago, if you did it, you didn’t talk about it period. The only responsible parent on there is Adrian’s dad. The rest of the parents are as screwed up as the kids. George and Anne need to get over themselves and actually talk. Grace is the most annoying person on the show. The whole my dad died b/c I had sex thing made me laugh. But I will admit I DVR both this and Make It or Break It and love them both.

  • Bee

    Part of me can’t believe that I still watch this show. It was definitely less…sex-oriented in the first season. IE, the characters didn’t mention the word every other sentence. Some of it is utterly ridiculous. Like Grace’s dad dying because she had “amazing sex”? Really? How does one, even a religious one, even correlate those two events? “Jesus hates me because I had sex and now he killed my dad in retribution!” Um, ok. Whatever you say, crazy lady. Sometimes, Amy pisses me off. Sometimes, Adrian pisses me off. Example: who buys a house so she can spy on her boyfriend? That’s crazy stalker psycho attitude. Honestly, the only reason I still watch is because, for some reason, I am desperately invested in the idea of Amy and Ricky and am rooting for them. So I watch every week in the hope that they will wake up. (Also, that promo for last week’s episode where they “practice” kissed, totally mean and got my hopes up)

    I love the idea for the drinking game. I’ll be completely drunk by the end of one episode. One more: whenever Ricky cheats on Adrian, take a shot.

  • Anne

    I’d love to see Ricky and Amy together. Sometimes it is a bond of the baby that makes them really see that they are meant to be together. Ricky and Amy!

  • Anne

    Amy’s sister – what’s her name? Is really annoying. She really needs to chill for someone her age, or is she the mother?

  • noam

    this whole show is ridiculous, but i keep watching. some of the actors are actually not too bad, if only the writers gave them something better to work with. instead, they have to spell out every single thing. “i’m mad. this is why i am mad. because i am mad, i am doing this. did i mention, i am mad?” literally, it’s like they write a half-hour script, and then are forced to fill in the time by having the characters explain everything…


    I totally agree, I don’t know why i’m still watching this, other than i really want Ricky and Amy to get together. I cannot believe it is already season 4. I got pregnant at 15 and had my son at 16. And sometimes i just want to tell amy to shut the hell up, she tries to make it seem like shes the only “pregnant” teenager in the world, and when someone tries to help her she doesn’t allow it. She seems to be a great mom just over protective and maybe needs to let loose a little have a night once a month to go out with out john or something shes trying to hard to put too much on her plate. I’m glad that they made it possible for daycare and her to continue school that was amazing!

    And also about spelling everything out that gets on my nerves too, i am sometimes like really who do you think is watching this? 5 year olds!

    I watched the first season with my mom, she wanted to watch it for anne we both loved her in the ’80s movies she was in! but mainly because i was going through the same situation and my mom wanted to understand it better.

    my mom is in her late 40’s and she really enjoyed it she liked the Christan based show and how it shows teen pregnancy happens. It can be very educational, yet at times i wonder what the hell, it sometimes is over the top with how everyone dates everyone and lots of different people sleep with lots of people not all teens do that, lots of them dont do that at all.

    I liked that amy had only been with ricky and this wasnt a search of the father type of show. :]
    We dont need anymore maury type shows.

  • rachel

    I would rally like to see amy and ricky get to geather they are such a good match

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