Tom Cruise doing 'Mission Impossible 4': Are you ready to love again?

It’s no secret that the public perception of Tom Cruise seems to morph more often than Lady Gaga’s outerwear. So now that he’s signed on for yet another Mission: Impossible sequel, it’s worth taking a quick look at what’s transpired in Tommy’s World since the last MI movie released back in 2006.

On one side of the coin, the last few years have been hard on his public image: He and Katie Holmes’ relationship has only gotten bigger and crazier, inviting ridicule from fans and press. There’s also his continued relationship with Scientology, which never seems to become a moot point. Plus, those crazy videos. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, his recent movies Lions for Lambs and Valkyrie, frankly, underwhelmed.

On the flip side, however, Cruise has managed to rehab his image a bit as well: A surprisingly funny turn in 2008’s Tropic Thunder, which got raves; a funny roast of Matt Lauer; and his and Holmes’ lil’ tyke, Suri — well, I think the goodwill for her cuteness has spread to Mr. Cruise himself.

So, all you former/current Tom Cruise/Mission: Impossible fans: Are you ready to love him again? Could Mission: Impossible IV be the movie that brings you back into the Cruise fold? Are you willing to put his past aside and embrace what could possibly be another great movie from him and J.J. Abrams? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • lefty


    • Rantankerous

      I think Cruise’s ONLY problem was that he mistakenly felt he could trust people to allow him to be himself. In a town where stars throw phones, beat in windshields with golf clubs and slap their women, one expects some leeway when voicing an opinion against Big Pharma or being extravagant about a new love. But let’s face it, if the scientology haters hadn’t climbed on, and motorized, that anti-Cruise bandwagon, both of his actions would have been applauded as courageous. Apparently, only certain approved views are allowed to be expressed with conviction.

      • Linda Marsh

        I agree word for word with Rantankerous. Well said, my friend!

    • steve

      I’m a proud scientology-hater. All hail Xenu!!!

  • jaime

    Like this summer proved we dont need SUPER STARS ANYMORE…

    We dont want Tom…his last few movies have not done well.

    • Samuel

      Seriously. Most of the “big names” in Hollywood are played out. I really don’t want to see Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise in Tom Cruise is a Super Hero So Cheer For Him: a Tom Cruise Film, again. I’ve seen it ten times already.

      Give me someone who Hollywood hasn’t already drained the life force from. Give me someone who can play more than the same one character in every movie they do. Give me something I haven’t already seen a thousand times before.

      • BBB

        HAHA and you the dumb a** that is reading an article about Tom Cruise , thats why he is who he is!

  • just say no

    still excited, never hated Cruise, its a shame people slammed him for his religion, and if you think Valkyrie underwhelmed you most be a buy into the anti-cruise press , if a nazi movie makes 200 million, thats still pretty good i think

    • harry

      here here!!!!

    • Crape

      Learn more about his “religion” and you will hate them, if you are a person of conscience.

      • tiny

        wow bigot. it’s his religion what difference does it make what he believes in? I mean are we going to attack jon steward or jerry seinfeld for apartheid in Israel or Israel having the Bomb and spurring an arms race in the region? It’s his RELIGIONwho are you to judge.

  • Bug

    It’s true, Tropic Thunder did do a lot toward making me hate Tom less. But “love” is such a strong word. Probably not yet.

  • harry

    I am so ready! Tom keeps bringing it!!!

  • KatieMcGrath

    i cant wait for MI:4 i LOVE all the mission impossible’s especially mission impossible 2 as Thandie Newton was so fabulous as Nyha

  • KC

    The second one was the most ridiculous out of the series, but III was closer to the tone of the original.

  • paige

    I havent “hated” tom cruise actually… i think he’s got much better chance of rebounding that mel gibson does, thats for sure

  • Michael

    I’m super excited for M:I IV. I thought M:I III was awesome, way better than M:I II, and since this one is JJ Abrams again, I’m definitely pumped to see it. I love Tom Cruise, as an actor. I mean, I don’t agree with his Scientology stuff, but I think all the media scrutiny on him is just unfair and stupid because he makes great films, and that’s what he’s paid to do. His and Katie’s relationship is really none of our business. So yeah, I’m definitely excited to see this upcoming movie. Also, I disagree with you that Valkyrie underwhelmed; I thought it was quite entertaining… though Lions for Lambs, I agree, was a little dull.

  • Leslie

    I wouldn’t pay to watch this guy, no way. I can’t take him seriously after all the religion craziness, couch jumping, video tirades, etc.

  • Ali

    I enjoyed MI3. I am sure I’ll enjoy the next one!

  • Hank

    I never jumped on the hate Cruise bandwagon. The criticism became fashionable, so to speak, and went way overboard, IMHO. I’m glad to see he and Paramount buried the hatchet. They turned out some great movies together.

    • Trickster

      Exactly my point of view.

      When I find somebody exhibiting Tom Cruise hate, well, there are two possibilities. One is that maybe they just hate cocky good-looking guys that make a living off their cockiness and looks; that I respect.

      But if I hear anything about scientology or Brooks Shields or Oprah’s couch, I know I’m talking to a chump who gets his/her opinions from the media talking points.

      Good actor; great old school movie star. We need more like him.

    • BELLA

      Good for you. Thank god we still have sane people (like you) who can differentiate between the ‘group think’ and their own personal opinion. Well said.

  • Ceballos

    To be honest, I never got on the “I hate Tom Cruise” bandwagon that REALLY started rolling along after his crazed appearance on Oprah’s talk show.

    As far as I know, the guy never broke any laws or hurt anybody. His biggest crime is supporting some cuckoo religion. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I’m not going to hold a celebrity’s craziness against them as long as they don’t hurt anybody. A LOT of them are probably crazy. Tom Cruise was probably crazy this entire time! (We just didn’t see it until that Oprah interview). Unlike Mel Gibson, Cruise hasn’t even really said something incredibly offensive about a large group of people, except for psychiatrists and recent moms, but since I’m neither of those, I never really got offended.

    All I know is that for three solid decades (80’s, 90’s and 00’s) the guy has been in solidly entertaining movies. If MI:IV looks good, I’ll check it out.

    • David

      I agree… I don’t particularly watch movies because I think the actors are good citizens anyways, if the studios want to throw money at creeps that is their business… But I never did get the venom towards Cruise who broke no laws while tons of celebrities are caught with drugs and getting DUI’s. Still not my place to judge, just think it is curious the difference in public perception.

  • PS

    I m a lover of action movies…. Bring it on…

  • jillyro

    I wouldn’t hold his Sci weirdo beliefs against him, but he went all weird (Matt Lauer) and showy about them (unlike John Travolta, who despite being a Sci, keeps it hush). Can’t get past that, his eyes look crAAzzy! Plus his big toothy idiot smile and madman laugh make him hard to like. Nope, he’s best acting years are behind him.

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