The George W. Bush billboard: Miss Me Yet?

A mystery billboard in Wyoming, Minn. is attracting lots of buzz today, in part because everyone wants to talk about it, but no one, it seems, knows much about it yet. (Seriously: For a great lesson on news in the virtual age, witness the initial speculation that the shot was a digital fake. Then when Minnesota NPR’s Bob Collins blogged that he had driven past it on I-35, he wrote that he immediately got calls from Fox News and MSNBC asking him to appear and talk about the billboard. He declined incredulously, because the only thing he had to offer was he’d seen it in person.) I’m curious whether the people/person/organization who put it up are actual, ardent, dyed-in-the-wool Bush supporters. There’s something about the shot that’s a little off-center: It’s Bush at his goofiest, closer to Jon Stewart’s heh-heh impression of the former president. What do you think? Have you seen it live and in person? Do you think it’s courtesy of a Bush friend or foe? And perhaps most importantly, do you miss Dubya?

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  • BrandonK

    My answer would be “no!” :0)

    • jimmy

      nothing but a bunch of idiots.

      • crispy

        …in the Republican party.

      • crispy

        George Bush is the reason we have comment spam.

      • crispy

        Obama personally oversaw the removal of the aforementioned comment spam. Hooray!

      • Barak H. Obama

        Im glad I live in a country where all people can do against their government nowadays is post on blogs and fight liberals vs. conservatives and not do anything about it. It’s no wonder our economy, education, and jobs are all going to s**t. Let’s keep posting useless comments and have no action. It’s actually very entertaining…like watching Tom and Jerry Cartoons. I, myself, can care less. I blame myself for things that don’t go right in my life and I fix it. That’s more American to me…damn p*ss**s! “Waahh…my government is run by a conservative…now it’s run by a liberal. Let me cry some more…waaah!!”

      • Temp

        I’m happy that we live in a country were we can blog and moan about what a messed up government we have and not have to worry about getting arrested for it. so keep on crying its good to see other opinons (sp?) :) :) :)

      • Rich Wiley

        Dude, your an idiot to have obviously voted for Obama. He is changing our constitution, ruining our economy and creating a more racists society. Or can you not read !

      • tedbohne

        for rich wiley. Allow me to QUOTE george. speaking of the constitution now; “IT’S JUST A GODDMANED PIECE OF PAPER!”

    • Cartman

      Yes, Obama is just dreamy. *barf*

      • MultiPass

        Bush was an embarrassment and the most dangerous leader to come to power since Kruschev. His administration nearly destroyed this country with untenable, unsustainable warmongering and refusal to regulate banks that had clearly spun out of control and refused to regulate themselves. May we always remember him so as to steer clear of his ilk forever!! It will take years to clean up this mess. I mean, just think how long it takes to clean up your own credit! Give it some time.

      • Leeloo Dallas

        C’mon Cartman, you should know better. Respect my authori-tay.

      • ernie

        Cartman would TOTALLY support Bush. I’m not sure if that’s bad for Bush or awesome though…

      • James D

        We are already a year into Obama’s term and things have only gotten worse. And yet, people still blame Bush. Maybe Obama is just not a good president.

      • B

        James D – do you really think that eight years of tearing down this country can be resolved in a year? Obama came into a gigantic mess, and he DID keep the economy from completely collapsing! I know things are still really rough – I’m affected, too – but our economy did not go under, and I would say that’s definitely better. Obama has to work within the system which is so broken, and Republicans have done nothing but oppose every single thing he’s tried to do. McCain would have made things worse. – And in answer to the article question – do I miss Bush? F- No!

      • bobby

        b… first off stop listening to the media. Our economy was not gonna go under lol. If anything it has gotten worse and we our worse off now then we were under bush. we were in a recession that happened to get a little bad at the tail end of bushes second term. So what? that part of the business cycle ever take a bus 101 class? guess not. The fact is the only way to completely recover is to either raise taxes to cover all of our crazy spending or cut spending (cut the size of government). i want my gold standard back!!! either way if we don’t control our spending china will control it for us. bankrupting our country. OBama put us more in debt then gearge bush could of dreamed of. oh BTW its Gov regulation that got us into the housing crisis (Clinton/ Carter) remember those housing acts that force loans to be giving out to people who might not be able to pay them back… so bush would have to deregulate. wait that goes against all liberal teachings!!!! deregulation!! Government must control our lives

      • Mel

        Yeah Bobby…deregulate…deregulate…now be first in line for your government handout you hypocrites. Corporate America can’t have it both ways..translation government stay out of my business, but when I epically fail at that business please bail my ass out!

      • JD in Hawaii

        Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. You need to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. The economy WAS going to go under. We were on the verge of the greatest financial collapse that would have surpassed the Great Depression. Thank God Obama got in office.

        Oh and BTW – it was deregulation that got us into this housing mess, genius. Your buddy George W. didn’t feel the need to oversee the industry which is why they were able to act like pariahs.

      • Mike Lesch

        bobby, a suggestion. Stop listening to your parents, and Fox News, and think for yourself. It’s quite apparent that your young. Your grammer, punctuation and spelling are miserable. Please finish high school, and maybe some college, before you start regurgitating what Rush Limbaugh says.

      • To Mike

        I’m not on either side, but if you plan to comment on others’ poor grammar, it’s best to ensure your own post is free of spelling and grammar errors. Examples: *you’re, not your, *grammar, not grammer.

      • Dizzle

        Mike Lesh, you just got owned son.
        Run along now. Bye bye

      • M.R. in L.A.

        Obama has been underwhelming in his first year…but he’s nowhere near achieving the wholesale disaster that Bush’s presidency achieved.

      • lisa

        @To Mike

        No, “your” is correct in the context he was speaking. “You’re” means “you are”. “You are grammer (sic) punctuation, spelling” doesn’t make sense.

      • Freddy

        “It’s quite apparent that your young.”

        Lisa, you’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s the use of the word “your/you’re” in the above sentence that was incorrect and that was being referred to.

      • Artie

        MultiPass – your politics are certainly questionable. “War mongering?” Are you one of the idiots that thinks our government destroyed the Twin Towers? Don’t you think we at least had some small bit of reason to go after the folks that caused the death and destruction on 9/11? Don’t you think that the murders on 9/11 were an act of war? By the way, are you old enough to post on this site? You should be at least ten years old and have your mommy’s permission to use the computer.

      • john

        If you investigate, you will find that you are not correct with your statements. The Democrats pushed selling houses to people who couldn’t afford them. Think Barney. Bush may not have been George, or Abraham, but he didn’t do to badly. Obama is the worst.

      • Drewsey

        Shame to the people who forgot 911!!
        Did you forget?? Bush kept us safe for 8 years. Do you feel safe now in light of the fact that Obama was rubbing elbows with party crashers? hmmm?
        And “no child left a dime” is what your children will get after this administration is done! He is the president that has spent the most money…how do you figure that Bush did all that too?? Wow! What a super-president he is to be blamed for everything that happens to us. WE are responsible for letting our govt get out of hand because now they rule us!! Think about it!!!

      • Terri

        MultiPass, you are my hero.

      • fens

        Drewsey, looks like you’re the one who forgot 9/11 if you think that Bush kept us safe for 8 years. No, Bush kept us safe for at most about 7 years and 4 months, so long as you don’t count Richard Reid, LAX El Al counter or the DC sniper. Then he invaded Iraq while North Korea got the bomb, Iran got 98% of the way there and OBL survives in Pakistan. I can’t say I’m impressed.

      • Ronc

        “James D – do you really think that eight years of tearing down this country can be resolved in a year?”…..uh..Regan fixed it following Carter who was another Progressive screw up like Obama. True Conservatism, not the current “republican” party is the only way to fix the problem…PERIOD!

      • Jarrod

        First of all, Obama has no idea what he is doing that is apparent. The government simply cannot buy its way out of a recession. Huge government spending sends the wrong message, people begin to think of higher tax rates in the future and instability. To end a recession you must create jobs, in order to do this you must cut taxes. Once jobs are created people will buy more goods, therefore get more loans – recession over. Like him or not, it’s obvious that bush was trying to create this incentive for business in order to stabilize the economy.
        Second of all, has Obama actually followed through with any of his promises? GITMO is still there, we’ve got no health care plan, our boys are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I don’t know about you but the last tax break I got was when Bush was the president, and “getting the world behind us again” hasn’t really happened either…
        It seems that someone attacked us on 9/11 and our president did everything that he possibly could in order to protect us. We instantly fired back at those responsible almost instantaneously. However, just as they did with the moon landing, conspiracy theorist went nuts. And even when times got rough and Bush was all but stoned to death by the media, he stood up and did what he thought was right and took responsibility for it. This is truly rare in politics. On the converse of this, We currently have a president who has a Democratic majority and should be able to accomplish anything that he wants, yet he is unsuccessful. This strikes me as odd, but there must be some reason for it? I believe the reason is that there is no leadership and no one willing to take responsibility if it doesn’t work out. I mean, why would they say that this is such a great health bill yet not be willing to use it themselves? Or why would it begin after Obama is already out of office? I believe its so others can be blamed.
        I’m not a member of the GW fan club or of and right wing support group, I’m just an everyday guy who thinks Bush is getting a bad wrap.. Oh, but I am from Texas!

      • sunday morning

        Yes, the Bush administration was scary, but we din’t know that pandemonium would set in with the current Obama administration. “Hope and Change” what we din’t know is that he was going to make us Hope things would Change.

      • Linda Jeanne Gottlieb

        Freddie and Fannie were set up by the Dems under Clinton. I like to call Obama’s new plan to give small business loans to those that do not qualify to traditional banks “flopsie” . The we can have Fannie, Freddie and Flopsie!

      • Teresa

        My comment is this is a political comment site and people are worried about grammar..hit spell check. Bush wasn’t the greatest but Obama still scares the hell out of me. Yes he pulled the troops out of Iran… now they are going to Afganistan. So… what is better.Granted that is a job I wouldn’t want.. makes me glad I am a little fish. They think (the politicians) are doing the best that they are capable of (mostly for themselves). I am a veteran and am working in a job that is overseen by the government. This means no raises in two years, yet prices are going up everywhere. To my congress-people, support MY family for a while. Thanks.

      • Worker

        Just to set the record strait for the ignorant. I 2005 Bush and the republicans tryed to pass a Bill that would tighten restrictions on Fannie and Freddie (the only inities that Gov. can control) which would have made the Banks tighten up since they sell to them. But Obama and the rest of the Dems. shoot down the Bill. And you must like what happened on 911 if you call him a war mongar. It least he new what war to fight. But just keep talking and doing nothing, that seems to be what some are best at.

      • James

        I have blogged on hundreds of sites and noticed when people no matter what side they are on run out of slams or intelligent things to say they always start in on someones grammar,spelling and punctuation GROW UP America do you see any punctuation errors in here? “yes” did I still get my point across hell yes grow up and stop attacking people for there spelling and have a real debate.

      • What is my name? D:

        Okay, yes, typical you would see Americans as whiny little monsters. People who even live in America thinks this country sucks, I, personally, think this country is pretty good despite the problems that we have. Despite what you say, we are trying to fix it. But typical you see your totally one sided veiw on things. There are people who don’t care and there ar epeople who do and are trying to fix things. Grow up and be a big boy and look around.
        And James, You’re right, spelling and grammar don’t really matter int his case. I’m sure my grammar isn’t too good and my spelling is god awful. But I have a point and I’m positive I’ve made it clear.

      • Theman

        you do know that Clinton is the reason behind all the banking problems. He let people get out of control on their housing loans. If people would for once account for their own actions and not blame on someone else we would fix some crap around here. Until then we will never come together and elect the right person. I love being an American but looks like we are one step closer to becoming The Republic of Texas and watching this once great country be more of a laughing stock.

      • Bob T

        To Lisa: finally the grammar and spelling police got it right.

      • Erux1

        Exactly MultiPass, oh and by the way, the reason we have no Health Care Bill is because the Republicans are morons and are just shooting down everything President Obama does. and I can say the HCB is good because I have actually READ it. (also, in theory Communism would be a PERFECT SOCIETY. The reason it looks so bad is because there has never been a true communist society. and if one person on here mentions Hitler being communist I will blow my top. he was FACIST.)

    • SirLizard

      Why is this story on the Entertainment Weekly website? What does a billboard have to do with the entertainment industry?

      • jmo

        Would you prefer another article about Twilight? Or Megan Fox? Or Survivor, cuz we don’t get nearly enough news about that!

      • Anonymous

        It has to do with media and advertising. If nothing else EW is advertisement for media.

      • Cardsgal

        EW covers comedy, and Bush is certainly a joke.

      • aw jeez

        It’s on EW’s website because EW worships Obama like so many other misguided Americans. It will take years for the knee scabs to heal for these blind fools.

      • biggs

        jmo – megan fox is a man!… and i agree with aw jeez

    • Kate

      Hell no! I’ll probably see that picture tonight in my nightmares :)

      • Dave

        All you bleeding heart liberals out there need to move out of America if you want a socialistic government and society!

      • Doc G

        I think C> S> Lewis correctly observed when totalitarianism is the main problem those who lack insight make social good and liberalism the prime boogeyman. Translation-You and your anti-intellectual coconspiritors are the main problem with this country. America has always had a ‘socialist’ government and society!

      • Reggie


      • Chris

        Honestly, Reggie? How old are you? 11? Stop listening to the media and your parents and get an opinion. Oh, and nice job with the Caps Lock. Mature.

    • Ben

      Yeah, what’s to miss? Right now, we have had a year with no terror attacks (oops), the deficit decreasing (doh) and a party in total control of the government and getting all their promises like universal healthcare and immigration reform done (enjoying that coverage yet?).

      • Ang

        You said a mouthful Dave!!! Nice to see that some people have a brain!!!

      • SEM09

        yes because socialized medicine works so well for other countries. talk to people from England and Canada. they’ve been telling us NOT to go to socialized medicine. people wait for YEARS to get a freaking MRI done. how is that going to help? i’ll be dead by the time i’m able to go see a doctor. if liberals want a socialized government, move to Italy. have the governmant tell you how much you can earn. and by the way, if we change the medical system, no one is gonna want to be doctors cause they wont get paid as much. seriously, they may love to save lives or whatever but if they are making a crap salary, they aren’t going to waste 10 years and a bunch of money. i’m not saying i miss bush, but he’s a hell of a lot better than the dumbass we have now. “hope and change”? yeah right.

      • Denise

        No terrorist attacks? What about Detroit at Christmas, it may have failed BUT it was a terrorist attack.
        If anyone had listened when Ollie North was telling R. Reagan about the terrorists and the threats he knew about… NONE of this would be a part of our history.
        Some of us may habe been too young to say or do anything back then, but there were people there, people who scoffed at North and said he was a spy. Maybe he did some spying that people should have paid attention to??? If there is anyone to blame it is/was the Reagan admin. They and every prez. after them KNEW about the threats from Bin Ladin and did NOTHING to stop it.
        How is one person (Obama) supposed to fix 25 years worth of hiding the truth? I didn’t vote for him, but he IS our leader now, so why not try supporting him instead of trying to tear him down for something HE personally was not a part of?

    • Capt. Obvious

      Scenario that could make me miss Bush:
      McCain is elected, dies after swearing in, Palin ascends to Presidency and picks Bat-S**t crazy Bachman as VP, Palin is assassinated, US is FUBAR.
      THAT would make me miss Bush. Other than that, I’m good to go.

      • Tracey

        My favorite comment here!!!

      • Dave

        Well those of us are terrified of Biden taking control! So it is no different, always picking the lesser of two evils. Doesn’t matter the party, they’re all crooks.

      • Ani

        Dave- you Republicans have all the answers. G.W., Sarah, Cheney, Beck, Limbaugh…God help us all, just shoot me now.

      • CrazyCoon

        LMAO I agree wholeheartedly with you!

      • :D

        Capt. Obvious, I think I love you. :D
        Oh and just one thing to all you republicans- Bush had an I.Q. of ninety. Last time I checked, that was borderline retarded. I think we’re probably better off with Obama. :D

      • Sasha

        Captain, I salute you.

    • Drewsey

      I don’t think any of you, young or old can say you LOVE what your govt has done for you to this moment. We have to take blame for letting them get so powerful that they take care of THEMSELVES. You think they think of you? Then you are too young and foolish. Bush made mistakes cuz he’s human but he always stood his ground and that says a lot for anyone. Obama is juggling too many saucers right now. He needs to concentrate on the,people losing their houses because we are the people who support all of the politicians and have made their SUPERB retirement funds, healthcare and per diem life style that doesn’t quit. We deserve some of that good stuff- don’t you think? People, wake up, politicians are not your friend, they care NOTHING about you or your problems! And now I don’t feel safe in my country..not good!

      • Michelle

        It takes more than just the President to make all the rules. Congress has a big part in what gets passed not the President. There was a post earlier that was correct Carter/Clinton did the deregulation in the first place. Congress could have changed it all on there own. So lets put some of the blame on congress and us for not demanding more regulation. People enjoyed buying bigger homes and refinacing to get other fun toys no one was complaining then.

      • Karen

        So very true!

    • Sha

      I have now read through 31 pages of this blog, and although they are several options the one thing that matters is this. How can we expect our Govenmental House to get along if we ourselves can’t. Put your opions aside and do something to help your neighbors. I’m sure you know someone that could use a helping hand right now- help them and maybe we as american citizens can teach our government how to help us.

      • anthony


    • germaine

      no bush we dont miss you we are happy you are gone

      • micheal

        bush lied to us cilonton was the best

    • Thomas Jefferson

      A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.

      • OMG

        Democracy? No. Republic. Yes. Check out the Pledge of Allegiance “and to the Republic for which it stands”

    • Watching this country in the flames…

      Although I do not miss Bush so to speak…Obama isn’t any better.
      I love all the ultra liberal lemmings-you make me laugh. “It’s all Bush’s fault! Obama is the chosen one who does no wrong” Your golden shepard is so left wing it goes against democracy but you all will still follow him in denial to the grave of this country…I love how 80% of media is liberal yet you always love to pick on Fox and Conservative programming and say that all Republicans do is follow their networks and repeat…sounds familiar doesn’t it? Everything they say must be true since it’s on the news right?!
      You know, historically, the Germans and Soviets blindly followed their narcissistic great “speakers” to their graves’ too…I “hope” your “change” doesn’t stay in office more than one term so you don’t get that chance with us.

      • Skip182

        No one is ever 100 percent correct, and no one is ever 100 percent wrong, but Fox News pretends that’s the case, and anyone who blindly follows them is a dissapointment.

  • Sharlin

    Uh, I will NEVER miss you. You made this mess you stupid chunk of a human.

    • The Truth

      How did he make this mess? Name specific legislation or executive orders.

      Let me guess you are going to jump right to the wars. Hmmm we were attached multiple times by a group located in Afghanistan, nah we should not have gone in there, we should let them keep attacking us. Hmmm Iraq, even though I was in the military and saw the same assesments that drove him to invade Iraq I will not be able to convince you that there was no cover up. But lets see we deposed an evil regime that modeled itself after the NAZI party that killed hundreds of thousands of their own people and threatened or invaded all its neighbors in the last 20 years, nah that was not a good thing. Not to mention Obama is following the troop withdraw plan Bush planned out with the now democratic government of Iraq, but he will not get credit for it. So let me guess if you were around in 1941 you would have opposed declaring war on Japan after Pearl Harbor and in 1944 you would call the European war unwinnable during the Battle of the Bulge. Better yet you would be supporting appeasement in 1936 with Germany, were a war then would have been shorter and with less lives lost.

      • Ole1kanobe

        “Hmmm we were attached multiple times by a group located in Afghanistan, nah we should not have gone in there, we should let them keep attacking us.”

        Yeah, I HATE getting attached once, let alone multiple times…

      • elena

        Dude, way overreaction to that post. Although, good facts! Those were pretty solid arguments.

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        You forgot to say, “if it were up to you we’d all be speaking German right now”. You people LOVE to say that. LOVE IT! C’mon man! Say it! Saaaaaaaaay it!

      • Arman Matevosyan

        First and foremost he did bring us into a war. Whether you think it was an appropriate decision or not, it is costing the nation billions of dollars in an era where people cannot find jobs and the expense of a college education is rising. Was a foreign and potentially dangerous regime removed? Yes. Was that important enough to push the domestic situation to where it is now? Absolutely not. Secondly, brigning up a comparison to World War II is ridiculous at best. The number of factors that seperate the two, starting from the actual threat that Nazi Germany posed to the world, to the clarity of the war objective as well as enemy nations at that time, are fundamental.

      • The Truth Adjusted

        Deregulation of wall street, banks and lending practices is a good start

      • ian g

        you’re right, Truth, but what you fail to see is the Defense budget during all of these “attachments”, and how it has spiraled out of control. the whole health care debate is meaningless, the money they would put into it is a mere percentage, a fraction less than 1%, of what America puts in Defense. yes, it IS Bush’s fault.

      • moviealien

        his public image alone is enough to not want him back.

      • Wayne

        You guessed wrong. How about his miserable economic policies? They were abysmal. But, since you want to talk about the wars…attacking Afghanistan was the right thing to do. Attacking Iraq was not. It was an invasion under false pretenses, not to mention an invasion with pitifully poor planning. Yes, Saddam was “evil”, but he’d been in power for thirty years and we never did anything about it before (in fact, we helped and supported him). Bush was just a lousy excuse for a president, and no amount of rationalizations are ever going to change that. Good riddance to him.

      • mateo

        so here’s the deal. we were NOT attacked by a group located in Afghanistan. We were attacked by a group located in Yemen, Saudi, Hamburg, and God knows wherever else, much of whose leadership was at that time sheltered in Afghanistan. and get this: it is EASIER for that leadership to relocate than it is for us to move all those boots on ground. and that is just one reason why the invasion of Afghanistan – rushed, impractical, poorly thought through, revealing us to be a Goliath against any David out there with a slingshot and a grudge – was a strategic mistake in the fight against terrorism.

      • cer

        and saw the same assesments that drove him to invade Iraq…

        For some reason I doubt this.

        Perhaps because the entire post reads like something cribbed from Fox News, as opposed to a substantive rebuttal/argument.

      • james johnson

        Dear Mr. “Truth”
        I LOVE how you write your point of view similar to that of a faux “news” report or probably closer to that of some stupid redneck pothead. It’s absolutely AMAZING how utterly STIPID your post is: You go from Iraq (who had NO WMD’S) to Afghanastan ( the TALIBAN DIDN’T ATTACK THE US, IT WAS AL QUEIDA) So your ‘argument’ about us invading Iraq ( a total waste of human life and a complete disaster) doesn’t even match up to the Bush Regeime’s reasons for going there in the first place. Also, the United States was not “attached” to anything except NORTH AMERICA (LOL) We WERE HOWEVER ATTACKED BY 12 GOD FEARING MORONS..Much like yourself….

      • Janet

        Thanks for you service but I’m sorry, but I am not buying what you are selling. Bush made a mistake with Iraq. We were right to go to Afghanistan. I cannot say the same about Iraq. Yes some good came out from it, but that is just us trying to make the best out of a terrible situation Bush put us in. It’s like spilling wine on a white carpet and saying you like the pattern that formed on it. Fact of the matter is we went there to get WMD because al qaeda was in Iraq. We did not go there to just to free people. If that was the case there are many places in the world that are oppressed. I will not allow anyone called “The Truth” ignore the real reason we were told we went there. We went there because of poor leadership and lies. The worst part of it is that Bush ignored Afghanistan and our imminent enemy, al qaeda to fight his lengthy poorly planned war. So yes, Bush made that mess.

      • Chris Taylor

        There is the rub you skxwang

        JAPAN BOMBED OUR NATION – Japan actually ATTACKED US (though pearl harbor is NOT much different than 9/11 in SOME respects)

        Lets look at some more facts.

        OF ALL the terrorists on 9/11 (I assume that is the attack your referring to right?) how many were from IRAQ or had any connection with IRAQ?

        OH wait thats right ZERO ZILCH NADA BUPKISS

        Where did what 2/3’rds of them come from?


        Now if we had gone to war with SAUDI ARABIA you MIGHT JUST BARELY Have some clue of legitimacy.

        But no. We are buddies with Saudi Arabia we went to war with a third party who had NOTHING AT ALL to do with the attacks a nation where Al Quadae had ZERO PRESENSE AT ALL until after we invaded.


        And he LIED ABUT IT. Bold faced LIED to the american people on national television.

        SO lie about a blow job and YOUR OUT lie about the most grevious terrorist attack on US soil in its entire history that takes us into war RUINING our internation relations killing MORE of our soldiers than the 9/11 attacks killed citizens and destroy our economy funneling tax dollars to all your buddies and


        Whats wrong with this picture?

      • Sean

        oh come on- “if you were around in 1941…” Pearl Harbor was an attack on the US- Iraq didn’t attack us. To claim Saddam was a bad man so we had to stop him- why continue the ridiculous argument – and as always there is the “appeasement” word – which is totally irrelevant. Learn your history, especially your American history, and your current American history – Bush and his administration destroyed another nation; forcing millions into death or become refugees . You saw the same assessments? I sincerely doubt it – because then you are a war criminal yourself and should hang with those who executed this profligation of a that war.

      • Get Real

        Wow! Fox news did a good job with you. The Japanese MILITARY attacked Pearl Harbor. It was an ACT OF WAR not a crime carried out by a small group of- ah never mind people like you will never understand the TRUTH.

      • alfred moya

        we were not attacked by Afghanistan. All 19 of the 9/11 attackers were Saudi citizens. What reason did we have to invade Iraq? BUSH KNEW 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!!

      • scott smith

        WOW– it is so nice to hear from someone that has facts and not just their opinion ..and tells it like it is .The truth is ugly some times but it needs to be told. I also would like to thank you for your part in keeping this country free…

      • Rocko

        “The Truth” got owned on this post!!

      • rage777

        Well how about how he paid for the wars, by cutting taxes for the rich and cutting corporate taxes. Or how about in 2007/2008 when he said we weren’t in a recession and wasn’t going to go into recession. Or when the jobless rate was increasing and he still didn’t do anything to try to increase jobs. Or how about Hurrican Katrina?

        I didn’t vote for Bush either time, but I did support some of his policy’s. But most of his financial policy’s were pretty bad.

      • Mrs. Jesus

        Specific Legislation? Two illegal wars with no intention of ever paying for them, No Child Left Behind with no intention of paying for that, Prescription Drug Plan with no intention of funding that, huge tax cuts to corporations and the ultra-rich, out-sourcing jobs to other countries all the while telling America how good it would be for our economy, even though we knew at the time that it was a stupid idea… The so called Patriot Act, which was shoved down everyone’s throat before they had a chance to read it and was nothing more than the Bush Administration’s attempt to invade the private lives of Americans… A complete and total disregard for the American people, the Constitution, the United Nations, the Democratic Party… The list is endless.

      • Diane

        To ian. Actually the federal budget for 2009 went something like this 644 B on Social Security, 632 B on Medicare/Medicaid 515 B to the Dept of Def (of which 145 went to the Global War on Terror) 360 B to Unemployment and 260 Billion on interest payments for our National Debt. (All figures were pulled from the Washington Post)

      • enoon

        What W did:
        1. Started 2 wars
        2. Ended 0 wars
        3. Created $2 trillion debt for future generations
        4. Authorized torture
        5. Subverted Constitution
        6. Stole 2004 election
        7. Committed treason

      • tyler

        well said. i do miss him

      • Amy

        Here is the deal from my point of view. Of course Bush could have been a better President but I am getting sick and tired of Obama blaming all of the problems with the economy when he has focused first on Healthcare instead of the unemployment rate. Second what most people don’t understand is the amount of money spent on the war while Bush was President was less money than we the “tax payers” spent on supporting illegal immegrants in the United States!! Obama keeps raising the ceiling on the deficiet and has simply made promises that he is not keeping! I say if the regualar citizens of the United States have to scale back in tough times then so should the politicians. How about not everyone take their own private jet to the Climate Change summit and all ride together!! I believe that if the politicans had to abide by the laws that they pass then they would not be passing so many bad laws. Healthcare, do you realize that they are immune from having to join? How about the President of the United States act like a role model and scale back himself!! How about not taking his wife out on a date costing the tax payers over $100,000!! No one is going to believe what he is saying if he is doing something completely different!!

      • Mike from MN

        Well, you’re missing the point and taking quite a few liberties with the facts. Want some evidence that Bush was the worst president of all time?

        Bush flat-out lied to the American people, the UN, and the world about weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, he actively suppressed any evidence or opinions to the contrary.

        He increased the power of the presidency to unprecedented and possibly illegal levels. Just look at the wiretapping program, his policy toward Iraqi prisoners, his firings of federal judges, and the identity leak of CIA agent Valerie Palme.

        His disastrous domestic and economic policy…Hurricane Katrina, bungling the surplus created in the Clinton years, and creating the biggest recession since the depression.

        The list goes on and on. I’m sick of people blaming Obama for the current gridlock in Washington. It’s the typical Republican response to any attempt at change – “just say no.” They’d rather see the nation go down in flames than let the Democrats do any good work. So no, not at all do I miss W. I only wish that he took all his lakeys that are impeding any attempt to clean up his mess with him.

        Stop believing the spin and start questioning it…you’ll be surprised at the answers!

      • MODY

        Budget surplus was in social security fund. He gave tax cuts in income taxes effectively transferring money from people making less than $ 100K to people making more than 100 K. Combine this with loose regulation, reduced capital gains taxes and there was massive transfer of wealth from poor and middle class to rich. Fighting wars with private contractors allowed money to be given to republican operatives. He was the most openly corrupt american president. Mediacre part D has been a bonanza for health insurance companies.

      • paul randall

        USED FEDERAL POWER TO RECIND PREDATORY LENDING LAWS In 2003, during the height of the predatory lending crisis, the OCC invoked a clause from the 1863 National Bank Act to issue formal opinions preempting all state predatory lending laws, thereby rendering them inoperative. The OCC also promulgated new rules that prevented states from enforcing any of their own consumer protection laws against national banks. The federal government’s actions were so egregious and so unprecedented that all 50 state attorneys general, and all 50 state banking superintendents, actively fought the new rules.

        ALLOWING EXCESS LEVERAGE:…The current excess leverage now unwinding was the result of a purposeful SEC exemption given to five firms.

        The events of the economic crash are not a mere accident, but are the results of a conscious and willful SEC decision to allow these firms to legally violate existing net capital rules that, in the past 30 years, had limited broker dealers debt-to-net capital ratio to 12-to-1.

        Instead, the 2004 exemption — given only to 5 firms — allowed them to lever up 30 and even 40 to 1.

        Who were the five that received this special exemption? You won’t be surprised to learn that they were Goldman, Merrill, Lehman, Bear Stearns, and Morgan Stanley.

      • Amy

        Then why aren’t we in Africa? That’s more of a problem area. We do nothing to help them out. It is all about the OIL. We only get involved in countries that have oil. George Bush’s Ownership Society helped contribute to the subprime mortage crisis by encouraging home ownership for those unable to afford them and insufficient regulation of financial institutioins. During his term income disparity grew. He gave greater tax cuts to the wealthy. He cut financial aid for college students. He gave tax incentives to companies that outsourced their jobs, which resulted in many losing their jobs. He rolled back the Clean Air Act and would not sign the Kyoto Protocol. The last month of his presidency the unemployment rate was 7.6% the higheset in more than 15 years. Bush helped the wealthy and middle & poor class got screwed. I would not want to see Bush in a million years, our country couldn’t take it.

      • PMD

        First of all, Iraq was never as bad as Nazi Germany. Second of all, if the US was so concerned about human rights than we should also take a look at taking down Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe (read a book, magazine, newspaper article and find out whats going on down there). Third of all and most importantly, the Bush administration outright lied and mislead the country into going to war with Iraq. The saddest thing about that whole situation is that people like you (soldiers) were and are the most affected by this horrible decision and you aren’t even upset about it!?!?! So, which leads me to believe that you really need to read a little bit more and broaden your horizon!

        Additionally, President Bush’s decision to declare these wars was not even the worst thing he did for America. The worst thing he did was put this nation into debt. If one more Republican goes on about how it was not Bush’s fault but rather Clinton’s economic policies I might kick them! I am not an expert economist but I don’t understand how we have s surplus of over a trillion dollars when President Clinton leaves office. Than President Bush comes into office and he cuts taxes, launches two wars – which he has no strategy for – or means to pay for it, than decides to expand Medicare and never goes through the budget to pay for it.

        For all the Republicans out there that are so terrified of President Obama’s socialist agenda, I suggest you first look up the meaning for the word socialist, than read a book and see how socialism is applied. You will note all of Europe is socialist – from England to Sweden. And no one dies waiting on the table to see a doctor. So while socialism is not bad, the Bush administration was a far bigger government and definitely had a lot of socialist policies, which would not have been all bad if he 1. realized it and 2. tried to take responsibility for it by figuring out how to pay for it!!!

      • Something something

        “How did he make this mess? Name specific legislation or executive orders”

        1). Unfunded wars (which were always supplemental, never included in the budget)
        2). Tax cuts – unfunded
        3). Medicare Part D (the largest entitlement in decades) – unfunded

        Why else do you think we are broke?

      • Poor mislead citizens

        How is it that each post by a Bush hater seems to make him out to be worse than killers like Osama and Saddam? There will always be those that disagree with policies but to fill your posts with venom (illegal wars) makes you out to be coocky. Love him or hate him he made tough decisions and stuck with em. It’s hard to send men and women to battle but this was an INEVITABLE war, I’m just glad we’re fighting the terrorist over there instead of over here. But I’m sure these same people that if god forbid we’re attacked again by cowards they’ll find a way to blame a retired leader instead of looking at terror right in the face. Please think before you fly off the handle and type wild accusations that come off as ignorant.

      • stella

        i don’t know, maybe we could ask the iraqi people for once, if they’re happy. I’m guessing a very large portion would disagree.

      • joe

        hmmmm how bout all of those awesome tax cuts weather or not the war was right or not you cant spend billions and billions on a war and then give big corporations tax breaks.

      • Melanie omer

        To those of you who think that a stupid question on a stupid site is an invitation to an intelligent critique of the politics of the fin d’siecle, shut up. It’s a ridiculous pop-culture blog. Please get over yourselves.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Right, you had access to the same assessments the President saw, right…Was this before or after you drank your Bush Kool Aid?

      • Baco Noir

        Hey The Truth, good on ya. And yup, you’ve been raked over the coals, but nobody’s done any real signficant damage. The irony is, I didn’t mind Bush and neither do I mind so far Obama. Obama did commit 30,000 troops to Afganistan, just as Bush would have. I could go on, but well argued.

      • Mindy

        Finally a comment from somebody who is in check with reality. Not like somebody else who has no clue what life is really about and what needs to be done to keep our country safe. I applaud all of the men and women who have fought to protect us and others. If you weren’t there to protect us, they would be here to kill us.

      • Bush

        You liberals talking about how Iraq never attacked the U.S. obviously never see any decent news. Iraq never attacked us in the U.S. Al Qaeda was associating with the Taliban in Afghanistan when the attack happened. When we sent troops into Afghanistan after the Taliban, Al Qaeda was there to help the Taliban. Not to mention Al Qaeda was supporting the genocide in Iraq, seeing as that is where they are from. We then went into Iraq for those two big reasons, just like we went into Somalia to stop the genocide there that stemmed from their civil war. If you want to argue, get all of your history between now and WWII. It’s important as well.

      • Shane

        Yeah! It is always easy for people to criticize. Especially in hind sight. His job wasn’t a easy one, nor is Obama’s. Bush made tough decisions, but not popular ones. Time will show he was not a bad pres.. Hopefully they will for Obama as well. But before you criticize you should think first. Most people can’t even balance their checkbooks, but they criticize. Alot have not contiributed to society, and were able to, but they criticize. Thyey have never served in the military, but they criticize. Could not manage a lemonade stand, but they criticize. Wouldn’t work in a pie tasting line at a pie factory, but once again they criticize.EVERY decision can be as right as it is wrong, just depends who looks at it. There is no way to make everyone happy. I wonder sometimes if we as Americans have too many rights. We need to put a stop to people who can contribute to society, and don’t just drawing off it. Work = Food+Housing,Electricity, Etc. American dream. I live in the south, and see it alot. Get a job if you don’t have one.( a bad job is better than no job I know I am doing one, for less pay) lets quit paying people than can work not to work. Be nice they are our presidents like it or not. I did help vote Bush in, I didn’t help vote in Obama in. But we all better hope he does a good job our future depends on it. Remember 9-11-01, work, pray, be nice, and be honest. And remember we have the right to our opinions because we are Americans. Oh by the way I like the billboard.

      • Isaac

        you forgot to mention the massive amount of aid sent to the Luisiana coast for katrina relief.Lets not forget either that those that always opposed fannie mae and freddy mack from oversight was the democrats.theres video of this all over youtube.chris dodd,barney frank,maxine watters etc all opposed regulating the biggest lenders in the country.this caused the hausing bubble and when it burst,they all blamed bush.if obama keeps this spending up we will all belong to china soon.this is change we dont want.people are waking up though that is why in recent elections dems have lost big time.

      • Mary

        Yes, I miss him, terribly. He kept us safe. He was mocked and ridiculed by so many, but now Obama gets a pass on saying he’s visited 57 states “Only one more to go”, and doesn’t even know how to pronounce “corpsman”. That’s embarrassing. I hope to see more billboards like that one. You can purchase bumper stickers like it…going to get a couple of those. There’s another one that just has a big “W” on it and says, “Thank you Mr. President”. I’m going to get that one, too. For the first time in my adult life…and I’m 57 years old, I do not feel safe in my own country. What Obama is doing with the terrorists is just unforgiveable. Disgraceful.

      • mike

        Ok people in here need to be educated about politics. Saddam denied U.N weapons inspections during the Clinton admin.. So he violated one of the terms of surrender that was imposed during desert storm. What occurs when you violate probation…. oh thats right you go to jail. Pretending to have nuclear power =’s invasion. Has Saddam had nuclear power before ummm yea. Was saddam a homocidal maniac who used chemical weapons on his own people as well as neighboring country’s??????? ummmm yes

        Why can’t democrats understand this concept??? Obama has passed a trillion dollar spending bill his first week in office hello people wake the hell up!!!!!! You have timothy Geithener head of treasery a larry summers student. You have henry kissinger said himself obama would be perfect to bring in the new world order. he wants a civilian national security force that rivals the us military??? hmmm what has history shown us about that???? Obama lies constantly i can sit here all day and type lies that hes told. Obama is trying to bring socialism to america. why cant anyone perceive it? you have all been duped by his charismatics.
        Im not saying bush was perfect but we went to war for all the right reasons we just didnt say one day hmmmm lets invade iraq there are perfectly good explanations like the one i provided above. yea lwts force the banks to take money they cant pay back that will really help out the recession. you know what lets make everything socialist lets have a command economy yay!!!!! one last thing saving a person…priceless. watching your childern grow up….priceless. your president saying he had been to all 57 states….. priceless

      • tad

        No truer words have ever been spoken….Mindy should have won the Nobel Peace prize instead of ……..

        Mindy Tue 02/09/10 4:55 PMFinally a comment from somebody who is in check with reality. Not like somebody else who has no clue what life is really about and what needs to be done to keep our country safe. I applaud all of the men and women who have fought to protect us and others. If you weren’t there to protect us, they would be here to kill us.

      • autie

        Dear Internet…

      • Barry P

        The answer is that this is the first and only time in our country’s history that we fought a war without paying for it. Bush’s aversion to any type of tax increase, including paying for a war (or two).
        I always understand the want to cut taxes. But what I don’t understand is how you can cut taxes without cutting spending also. It’s like my if wife and I were living week to week on our income and make the decision that one of us can leave our job. Then deciding to keep our spending the same. Why would I be surprised that we would go into debt? Thats exactly what the previous administration did. They cut taxes then expanded spending! And you cant blame the Democrats. This was done with Republicans in charge of the House, Senate and Executive branch.
        Going from a budget surplus to eight trillion in debt in eight years.
        That is where the blame lies. Remember in 1992 when the Republicans were saying it was the end of the world because we had a debt of one trillion and swept the house and senate? Well this time they have no one to blame but themselves. They drove up the debt and that constitutes 80% of our current problems.

      • JT

        Historically, let’s remember, the Middle East has very ancient customs that tend to not only suggest they have been through tribulation but also that they are hungry for what is not present in their own societies. America and the countries in which we back are the reason for such terrorism and strife. If we would simply not back Israel, then terrorism would forever miss USA. We, America, need not be so involved in others’ ways of life. Would you let a 5 year old tell you what to do if you were 50 years old? Yeah, that’s kind of like what we do. Such a young country thinking we have the solution for the world. Our construct is the reason for the destruction of our meaning as a country. Free will right? Free will goes against free will in the end. If one does not agree with other, then what happens? We feel the free will is upon us to act on the opposition. Wrong. We must treat all countries with the same mindset: cultural relativity with undertanding of their own free will. A disaster is what is to come. And I and all others who seek peace will be lost in the darkness because of those who embark upon power and tyranny…

      • SEM09

        james johnson: i dont think his post is stUpid. (emphasis on the U) you may be pretty stIpid for misspelling the word stUpid… just saying….

      • Teresa

        How about this… America goes in… bombs the **** out of the bad guys, we tell all of the people in this country to leave and go somewhere else and live by that country’s rules. There are plenty of people trying to get into America we don’t need the Americans who don’t appreciate thier freedoms running this country down.

      • Mario

        I’ve been in the Army for the last nine years including a tour in Iraq, so I suppose I have instant credibility as well.

        Yes, we *should* have gone into Afghanistan to root out Al Qaeda. In fact, we should have gone at it harder and un-distracted. If numbers matter to you, Bush never had more than 30,000 troops in theater and never managed anything more than lip service from Pakistan. By contrast, President Obama

        You’re right that Saddam Hussein’s regime falling is better than it not falling, but is it worth thousands of American lives, a trillion American dollars, the loss of international goodwill, and being left with an inflexible, worn-out military? More importantly, you’ll recall that the Bush administration sold the Iraq war under the pretense of Saddam Hussein building weapons of mass destruction. No way he could have convinced the American public to go along with that war if we were just doing it to help out the Iraqi people.

    • Tupper

      You say he made it with a Democrat Washington. Then your Progressive made it worse and is still not stepping up! Stop spending and start mending!!!

      • Your mom

        Stop spending and start mending. It would be nice if conservatives offered more than cynical platitudes and rhyming soundbites. Oh, wait – you guys just want things to get worse, because the goal of government isn’t to help the country – its to secure more seats for your party. Brilliant.

      • cathy

        saying “Democrat Washington” shows how dumb you are. You obviously are brainwashed by Fox News.

      • Ani

        Mary & Mike – Stay FAR away from each other! No OFFSPRING!

      • Mario

        Please. What should be cut?

        Defense and other national security departments (Vets, DOJ, DHS)? Social Security and Medicare?

        No? Well that’s 83% of the federal budget. Tax revenues have fallen by about 1/3.

    • Grant

      Liberals only hate Bush because they think they are supposed to, they are jealous of his success, or because he was a poor public speaker. They would rather have a smooth talking socialist drag this country into the ground with over spending and excessive, inefficient government regulation of everything. But at least he sounds good doing it right?

      • Jesse

        Success, what success?

      • Kevin

        In what way exactly did he succeed? His two significant contributions in 2 terms were his humanitarian work in Africa and No Child Left Behind (a virtuous, though highly flawed and underfunded, policy). On the other hand, his wars were ill-conceived and of dubious reasoning. His domestic policy consisted solely of lining the pockets of his friends and the top 1% of the country’s earners. And his outward foolishness and cavalier attitude stripped our country of any international relevance for 8 long years. I don’t hate the guy but he was not fit for the Presidency and we are better off without him as a leader.

      • levelheaded

        There is no ‘smooth talking socialist’ dragging this country into the ground. We are all each doing are part to do just that everyday. We constantly complain about our government, fight over Republican, Democrate, Liberal, Conservative but we never actually accomplish anything or make anything better for ourselves or others.

        Our nation is a selfish, arrogant little brat.

        And yes, I’m an American and therefore a selfish, brat.

        When I come up with a solution, I’ll run for office, and not get elected because I don’t have any connections or money.

      • AngM

        I didn’t know I was “supposed” to hate Bush, I just do because of the way he acted as president. I was willing to give him a chance and he blew it every time. “Dragging our country into the ground with overspending, excessive, inefficient government regulation” (Patriot Act anyone?!) can most certainly be applied to Bush. Not only does our current president “sound” good, he actually has the intelligence to back it up – unlike Bush.

      • Your mom

        So you presume to dictate to people the reasons behind their opinions. The fact that you’ve made such a mass sweeping generalization of a party you don’t agree with, pretty much shows everybody else that you are unable of understanding any perspectives aside from your own. nice job.

      • Mother Nature

        Yes. I would much rather have a smooth-talking socialist in office; better that then Bush darkening the door again. Don’t miss him one little bit.

      • Mother Nature

        Yes. I would much rather have a smooth-talking socialist in office; better that than Bush darkening the door again. Don’t miss him one little bit.

    • Jorge

      Obama voted for this mess when he was a senator.

      • cathy

        How? He wasn’t in the Senate at the time. Your vitrole would be more affective if you actually knew what you were talking about.

    • Pandulce

      attached to what?

  • coco


  • Brandi

    EFF no is my answer – I dread seeing W’s face again

    • cm

      Obama supporters always go back to ” he’s better than Bush” as though that makes it better or right. All i know is until the democrats took control of congress 3 years ago I was better off. It’s understood Bush wasn’t great but he also isn’t responsible for everything that goes wrong with personal lives. Yes, I would prefer him over Obama!

  • Scobes

    NO! And it kind of seems like a joke.

  • DC

    I may not miss W., but I am sure not thrilled with what we have going on in Washington right now either.

    • BA

      Because the Bush years have nothing to do with what’s going on in Washington right now…..

      • allie

        And the Clinton years had nothing to do with the Bush years???? Really? Pretty much any administration has the previous admin to deal with. The only reason Clinton had any success was because during the Reagan years so many global issues were handled. Obama is an idiot and will never stick around another term. Which delights me to no end. And maybe these people who don’t have jobs are looking in the wrong fields. There are plenty of jobs in my town. I only know 2 people who have been out of work for a long period of time. The economy is not as bad as the libs want you to think it is! And sure as hell isn’t anyone’s fault but Obama’s.

      • Mrs. Jesus

        The Bush years are exactly why things are happening in DC the way they are right now. Amazing, and cowardly, that the Republicans refuse to accept responsibility for the things they’ve done. They couldn’t throw billions of dollars at Bush fast enough so he could go play GI Joe and your own Orrin Hatch admitted that “no one ever paid for anything then… that’s just the way we did business.” Shut up and accept it. Somebody has to clean up after you irresponsible slobs. You complain that Obama won’t listen to you, but when he asks for your ideas, you’re afraid he’s trying to make you look stupid. He doesn’t have to try… you’re taking care of that for him.

      • Jay

        Sorry if we don’t want to come to your sh!t hole town and flip burgers! I actually want to make enough money that I won’t need welfare to support my family. Should I go back to school again, run up anouther student loan on the off chance that another feild it hiring?

        PS I was laid off my first job during the Bush administration.

      • Jesse

        Reagen coat tails argument is a great one. Love it. Clinton wasn’t the best, NAFTA sucks, so did his housing act. BUT at least he didn’t cut taxes and RAISE spending like Bush did. Our deficit grew more under Reagen and Bush than at any time in our history. Thanks Repo’s! Now they are talking about Obama running up the debt more. Keynesian economics… learn about. Better than the “invisible hand.”
        Repos say no to everything and wonder why the country is stagnating… Ridiculous.

      • rage777

        Hey Allie,

        You do know that you forgot another Bush between Reagan and Clinton. The difference is that Bush #1 was smart enough to not invade Iraq without an exit strategy.

        And if you think the economy is only Obama’s fault, then you just screwed your line when you said “Pretty much any administration has the previous admin to deal with”. You think Obama was the one who made us go from a surplus to a deficit? I agree that Obama made it worse. But I think if he didn’t make it worse and offered no bailout this country would be way worse than it is. I was not a big Bush believer and I am not certain of Obama either. I am truly an independent voter. If it wasn’t for Palin, I would have definitely voted for Senator McCain. I was afraid the old man would croak in office and didn’t want the bimbo as my president. If he was up for 2012 with a better running mate (maybe Romney), then I would vote for him.

      • GD

        No, but what Obammy is doing to destroy our country will have lots to do with how things change in the future. For those of you who cannot see through Obama’s halo, don’t worry! We will save you from your own destruction. Conservatives will control Washington again after the upcoming elections!

    • Jim

      ^This. Even if you’re not loving what’s going on today, it’s tough to say you would want another 4 years of Bush. I expect a lot of: some other republican/democrat > obama > bush > harding. cause let’s face it folks, harding sucks.

      • DG

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Is that because your favorite stripper quit working at the Royal Palace?

  • neilf 8182

    I don’t miss Shrub. But it’s hard not to miss the effects his policies are still having on our country. And I’m sure thousands of families miss the young men and women who have died in his sensless and immoral war.

    • Corrinne

      I would love to know what you even know about WAR!!! Get over yourself pansy!!

      • Pklat

        I doubt that YOU, Corrinne, know any bit of what war actually is, either. Talk about pansy to someone you actually know. If you have spent any bit of time anywhere close to a war-zone, you would keep your stupid comments to yourself.

      • Fatima

        He’s a pansy because he doesn’t want to be involved in a war that took the life of thousands of innocents. Well then call me a proud pansy.

      • Anna

        Don’t you belong over on the “Survivor” themed boards, Corrinne?

      • SEM09

        you know, for all obama has said he’s gonna get the troops home and stuff, he still hasnt. havent you ever thought that maybe there is something that the government isnt telling us about what is going on that means it is necissary for the troops to stay? something that obama only found out when he went into office? that bush knew and thats why he kept them over there? cause really, what man, any man, would want to keep men and women over seas and away from their families? dont you think that if he could, he would bring them all home? the presidents aren’t heartless. they have kids. they know that these men and women are giving up years with their families to fight what they believe in. you dont have to like war, but dont bash the military. if you had half the patriotism or guts, you would be out there too. GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!

      • GD

        I agree Corrine! My father was in Vietnam twice. He flew over 250 bombing missions during his 2 years there. Did we suffer as a family? Yes we did! The catch is this: Our military is purely VOLUNTEER, and I think history has been recorded long enough that people might have some idea of what they are getting into when they sign up to be part of an army. You libetards have nothing to argue but your talking points. Conservatives will take back DC in November, meanwhile you fools will still be in denial. Karma

    • Gigi

      You mean the senseless and immoral war that the Savior Obama is perpetuating?

      • BlackIrish4094

        No, the senseless and immoral war begun by Bush when the real perps were in Saudi Arabia.

      • taxi!1

        Yeah turns out it’s not so easy to get out of a war..especially if you’ve bombed a country and made certain promises to it’s citizens, like rebuilding his infrastructure and government. I don’t know if you understand but that’s kind of difficult. It would be great if Obama could click his heels and bring back all our troops, but the reality is Bush brought us into a quagmire then left it for the next administration to resolve.

      • GD

        Who are you to tell me what is moral?

    • Tupper

      OK. You stand there and I will punch you in the face. Then I will do it again. And again, and again, and again…. Sound like the Clinton years?

      • LowGenius

        Um…no. No, it doesn’t sound like the Clinton years at all. In fact the Clinton years were the only eight years of my life, so far, that I’ve been able to reliably find gainful employment.

        I realize it’s hard, but please try to make sense when you speak. Punched in the face over and over again by Clinton? How? Please give me just ONE example of a Clinton policy that did as much damage as any ONE of the following Bush decisions: invading iraq; cuddling up to the Taliban pre-9-11 (we gave them $43 million in March of 2001); reducing reproductive health education to “god says don’t screw”; ignoring terabytes of climate change data.

        About the only part of the current situation that can be blamed on Clinton with any meaning is banking deregulation. The only real down spots I remember of the Clinton years – since I didn’t care at all about the Lewinski thing – were the police actions in Ruby Ridge and Waco, and the bank thing. Even the UN peacekeeping missions in the Balkans were handled with far more grace and international cooperation than were Iraq or Afghanistan. Strangely enough, the UN peacekeeping missions, while problematic themselves, certainly attained no *worse* a purpose or impact than killing Saddam did.

        So what is this “punch after punch after punch” nonsense, lady? The only punch I see around here is that funky stuff you seem to have been drinking.

  • Daisy

    It seems like the sort of thing supporters would put up, but not the sort of thing Bush (fool that he is) would purchase or even sanction.

  • Tom

    The only thing it does for me is remind me again how outrageously poor of president he was. Obama at his worst is maybe half as bad. A 50% improvement on horrific is still an improvement, even if we’re still in the mud.

    • Corrinne

      You really need to go back and LEARN!!! NObama has done nothing put push us further and further down.. the try to cover it up with one of his well rehearsed speeches..

      • Fatima

        Honestly Corrinne, it’s hard to take anyone seriously when they use puns as terrible as NObama.

      • Your mom

        ditto… name-calling pretty much shows that you have nothing constructive to bring to the table. Either you are petty enough to wish failure, because you value your own political part above that of the country of a whole – or you aren’t smart enough to offer up any constructive analysis. Either way – I’m sure you aren’t reflecting very positively on your sports team, I mean political party, of choice.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Really Corrine, didn’t you get the updated Republican book on sayings to use against Obama (new in this edition, more synonyms for Communist!!!!!!). The snappy No-Bama and other sayings only betray your own ignorance and willingness to spout whatever Fox news says to you as law.

      • Tom

        I need to “go back and LEARN.” Really. Ohh-kaayyy. Best of luck to you, my friend. Try not to stick any metal objects in electrical sockets, it isn’t good for you.

      • Anna

        It’s okay guys, Corrinne’s just bitter because she was passed over for Survivor Heroes vs. Villians. Apparently, even by their standards, she was too toxic.

      • steph

        Yeah, I thought the NObama thing was election specific? Someone needs to refresh their vocab!

    • American Musashi

      When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.
      -Sinclair Lewis

      Naturally the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country
      – Hermann Goehring

      There are two visions of America. One precedes our founding fathers and finds its roots in the harshness of our puritan past. It is very suspicious of freedom, uncomfortable with diversity, hostile to science, unfriendly to reason, contemptuous of personal autonomy. It sees America as a religious nation. It views patriotism as allegiance to God. It secretly adores coercion and conformity. Despite our constitution, despite the legacy of the Enlightenment, it appeals to millions of Americans and threatens our freedom.
      The other vision finds its roots in the spirit of our founding revolution and in the leaders of this nation who embraced the age of reason. It loves freedom, encourages diversity, embraces science and affirms the dignity and rights of every individual. It sees America as a moral nation, neither completely religious nor completely secular. It defines patriotism as love of country and of the people who make it strong. It defends all citizens against unjust coercion and irrational conformity.
      This second vision is our vision. It is the vision of a free society. We must be bold enough to proclaim it and strong enough to defend it against all its enemies.
      – Rabbi Sherwin Wine

      Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn’t. You cannot shirk this and be a man. To decide against your conviction is to be an unqualified and excusable traitor, both to yourself and to your country, let me label you as they may.
      -Mark Twain

      The nation is divided, half patriots and half traitors, and no man can tell which from which
      – Mark Twain

    • jen

      how is Obama better. Tell me ONE thing he has actually accomplished on his own. he has not completed a single promise of his campaign & has not actually changed anything except what people consider to be good change in this country. Bush was not the best president we had, however he did what he could with what Clinton provided him. It was Clinton that signed into legislation all the bank laws and regulations that resulted in a complete breakdown of our economy. Both Bush and Obama are dealing with what prior administrations left for them. Bush outlined the troop withdrawl that Obama said wasn’t going to be quick enough, however Obama is now following that withdrawl to the letter. His health care is dead in the water, even his assertations to close down Gitmo are going nowhere. He hasn’t done anything while in office, which you can not overlook. He was elected because people wanted change, however he is following Bush almost to the letter in regards to how he treats the economy & the war.

      • cathy

        He restored the Constitution and the rule of law in this country. I know you repugs claim to love the Constitution more than Democrats, but the fact is (that is in the non-Fox news world where truth=fact not made up sh*t, repugs have no respect for the Constitution. For restoring respect for the Constitution alone, President Obama is already a successful president.

      • nunnya

        Too much name calling and blaming to ever accomplish anything. I won’t sing the praises of Bush, but at least when he was in office, personal accountability meant something. Obama wants to give away something for nothing. Even the libs in Mass aren’t going for it.

      • SEM09

        cathy, restoring the constitution would involve making the government SMALLER, not instituting new areas like the car czar crap. read the constitution a little closer and where does it say anything about the New Deal stuff that FDR, a Democratic president, enacted. does it say something about the car czar? in fact does it say anything about democrats and republicans? no. when the founders of this nation wrote the constitution, they didnt want there to be factions. read the federalist papers, federalist number 10 and 5 i believe and it speaks against separate fzctions. in fact, george washington begged the people not to split into separate parties. so the fact that obama is restoring the constitution is laughable. read it before you believe whatever obama-loving news channel you get your information from.

    • footballmom

      Really??? you truly think that?

    • Bush

      There are a few things he could have improved on but all in all way better than Mr. B. Hussein Obama.

      • tad

        The only person I heard squealing Charlie was you last night when you were on all fours……

      • tstoneami

        do ALL republicans fantasize about men on all fours?

      • Dakota Jessica

        Oh, aren’t you a classy classy person. I truely envy you.

        Sarcasm aside, can you people grow up and have an actual debate?

      • PAT

        no but the democrats want the men on all four’s to marry???

        So what party supports men on all four’s????

      • Audrey

        really? That’s low…you should be ashamed!

    • Bush

      I wouldn’t call it an improvement that President B. Hussein Obama has overseen the largest percentage of jobs lost since the Great Depression. I wouldn’t call it improvement that he has rewritten some of Bush’s plans such as the one to withdraw troops from the Middle East and simply call them his own. I wouldn’t call it improvement that he has to read off of a teleprompter to elementary school kids. I wouldn’t call it improvement that he has brainwashed over half of the nation into believing that he is honoring the Constitution when he violates the free enterprise system it establishes and sells the majority of GM to the Auto Union. If that is what you call improvement, then you are in a sad place in your life and should probably wake up and stop blaming our conservative values on Fox News when you watch CNN and NBC all the time.

      • murley

        i don’t remember the constitution talking so much about the rights of corporations. i think that condoning torture would be more of a violation than selling GM shares. but enjoy your dillusions none the less. oh, and maybe we wouldn’t blame fox news if the ONLY “arguements” you ever made weren’t just unfounded fox news talking points or pointing out the presidents middle name like that is somehow an indicator that he is a terrorist. sure you don’t want to question his citizenship while you’re at it? it is transparent, pathetic and dismissable.

  • jim nickston

    Oh my God , he may come back and eat our children…….

  • ckcgye

    Since the billboard pic is not detailed, my first impression was that it is the comedian that impersonated Bush on the Tonight Show and I wondered if NBC might be behind it.

    • JosieG

      It’s probably real. I live right on the border of WI and MN and have seen similar, but smaller, versions of this same billboard. Usually they are handmade and on personal property along the interstate. Sounds like they got together and paid for a billboard instead.

  • MsSuniDaze

    Nope, sorry.

  • Frank Anderson

    No! Bush needs to stay gone, and anyone who tries to act like he did a good job is crazy.

    And I am not a Democrat, I am an Independent that is no big fan of Obama… who I also think could be doing a much better job than he is.

  • Phionaugh

    Missing you would be like missing a horrible case of herpes.

    • elena

      Comment win!

      • Totally

        comment win [2]

    • Your mom

      …Spoken like a moron who can’t even spell herpes. You must have late stage syphilis.

      • Steve1

        You must be thinking of Her Peas.

    • dgh

      I guess was low on viewer comments today and knew this would get all the Republicans and Democrats showing how big of morons both sides are. Plus the only people who are dumber than people who can’t use your and you’re correctly are the ones who feel the need to point it out!

  • Anna

    NO WAY! The thought of the Bush years makes me appreciate Obama more.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      REally? Tripling the federal deficit, pushing through legislative that only 35% of the nation even partially approves of, getting your allies mad at us an +10% unemployment…you REALLY appreciate Obama?????

      • Your Momma

        Seriously? Bush gives us 12 trillion in debt, invades the wrong country (Iraq), pushes through regulations that only 10% of the country approves of, creates the situations that cause >10% unemployment, and you blame obama? What an ultramaroon!

      • AB

        Yes, I appreciate Obama. He is trying to get insurance coverage for people who have little or no coverage. My daughter spent big bucks paying for her insurance policy. She had been covered under our insurance until last year. She now has the same insurance as us, and many of the problems she has are not covered because they are pre-existing conditions. So now when she goes to the doctor she ends up paying about $300 a visit to each doctor she visits. And she doesn’t always have the money to pay for that. Is that fair? Pre-existing conditions should be covered. The money spent by Obama administration is being used to help stimulate the economy, it’s not given to the wealthy like Bush did.

      • Kenny

        Typical Obama answer. Blame Bush for all the problems. Who pushed the stimulus? Who more then tripled the national debt with in 3 months of holding office? Who tried to ram a health car bill full of barck room deals down our throats? Who is holding a job summitt to write a jobs bill, with no bussiness owners present? Yeah your right it is all Bush’s fault. It couldnt have anything to do with the fact the the man-child president has never so much as ran a troop scout or balanced a check book.

    • Steve1

      I see your just as stupid as the rest of the idiots that voted for that MARXIST! At least Bush didn’t need a tele-prompter to speak more than uh-uh-uh!

      • Michael

        Damn your an idiot, once you spout the Faux news talking points like “teleprompter” no ones takes you seriously any more. Pull your head out and watch Obama own the GOP at their recent meeting, he’s a lot smarter then that idiot Palin you worship.

      • AJ

        Michael… it’s “a lot smarter than” not “then” Palin. You appear to be the idiot here. Besides, at least Palin can prove her background and education through a documented history, as opposed to Obama whose recrods nobody has ever seen (college, law school, employment, etc.).

      • Natalie

        At least he speaks eloquently from a teleprompter (like most modern presidents) rather than haltingly off of his own hand like Palin!!

      • Fatima

        Watch for when you call people stupid and then use the wrong version of “you’re.” Really makes you look foolish. But grammar is just for those elitists, isn’t it?

      • SirLizard

        What makes Obama a Marxist? You right-wing nut jobs really need to learn how to think for yourselves, instead of just regurgitating everything your fascist leaders tell you. If you’re going to call people stupid, then learn the difference between your and you’re. I think they teach that in first or second grade. But I guess you’re emulating your dearly beloved Dumbya.

      • cathy

        he used a teleprompter all of the time. Why are conservatives so dumb?

      • nat

        Marxist? I love it when people throw around terms that they clearly have know knowledge of.

      • Steve1

        I love it! I love to see all you dip-sh_t LIBS get all tweaked when someone talks the truth about YOUR worthless leader!!!!!!!!

      • A Moderate Sick of Being Labeled Incorrectly

        Thank goodness the equivalent of what Bush said only amounted to more than “uh uh uh”. Actually “uh uh uh” would be giving him credit for a better vocabulary than he demonstrated.

      • danny

        you do know that Faux is not pronounced Fox? ots pronounced FOE… yeah, you fail. try to sound clever, you end up sounding like a douche. epic fail.

      • steven

        BOOM! roasted by danny!!! way to fail micheal.

      • Mario

        Right. Bush never used a tele-prompter…

    • Bush

      The thought of Bush makes me that much more scared of what B. Hussein Obama is going to do next.

      • K

        Funny billboard…where do I get a bumper sticker? That IS how all of this started right?

      • CMU

        Why is it necessary to put his middle name in? That means nothing. It’s pathetic fear-mongering. “Oh look, everyone, he has the same name as someone evil. He is automatically evil.” It’s like saying everyone named Joseph is evil because of Joseph Stalin. Please stop.

      • brivaneijm

        CMU, The obvious point in bringing up the president’s middle name, is NOT to point out that it is in fact Hussein, BUT to draw attention to the fact that this is the first time in history that it was ever considered “wrong” to include a president’s middle name. ergo, I submit to you: William Jefferson Clinton, George Walker “W” Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, Ronald Wilson Reagan, Richard Millhouse Nixon, John Fitzgerald (F) Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, etc, etc. Why are BHO supporters afraid to hear their president’s middle name?

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