Sarah Palin scrawls crib notes on her palm, lifts the nation's spirits

Remember in middle school when some hapless kid in your class would get in trouble for, like, jotting down Spanish verb parts on his or her hand before a scheduled quiz? Well, it’s 2010, and that kid is now former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Or something like that. At a Q&A session during the first “National Tea Party Convention” in Nashville this weekend, Palin blatantly consulted some words scribbled on her palm. Hilariously, The Huffington Post says the crib phrases in question were “Energy,” “Tax,” and “Lift American Spirits.” I guess that message is just too important to risk forgetting at a big moment like this.

Check out the clip below to see Palin checking the notes on her palm. I’ll tell you one thing, seeing this ridiculousness has certainly lifted this American’s spirits. How about yours?

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  • Eric

    Boy, there’s a shocker. Too funny!

    • Nihilistic

      Let’s not forget. This is the woman who named her Down Syndrome baby TriG. Down Syndrome is also known as Trisomy G (TriG). And now we know why: This woman obviously can’t remember anything!

      • avisn4u

        you guys are pathetic, I DVR’d that whole Q&A and ONCE AGAIN, you folks have doctored the film. You did a really really bad job on voiceover on many occasions. Get a life

      • noreeaster

        You call yourselves liberal and democratic. Your comments are more hurtful to yourselves than the people you ATTACK. Maybe we should scrutinize you life. i wonder if you could live up to that?

      • bonnylass

        noreeaster, what are you talking about? Nobody you’re responding to has called themselves ‘liberal’ or ‘democratic’ or anything else. Get a sense of humor, please, and laugh at the dumb lady like everyone else.

      • Tara

        Down syndrome is also called Trisomy 21. It has never been referred to as Trisomy G, moron!

      • JJ

        It is also referred to as Trisomy G

      • Nihilistic

        Tara, why would you incorrectly state that Downs Syndrome is not referred to as “Trisomy G” when anyone who wishes to learn what a blind, fact-forsaking Palin fanatic you are need only Google the term.

      • Nihilistic

        Wow, look at that, first entry on Google!

        “Down Syndrome – Trisomy 21, Trisomy-G”

        Foot. Enter. Mouth.

      • Rafa Rodriguez

        actually, it has been called Trisomy G and there was no need to refer to someone as moron. See below

      • Lisa

        Okay, people–Trisomy G refers to ANY genetic error. Trisomy G-21 is Down’s Syndrome specifically. Trisomy G-22/11 is a different syndrome.

      • miss k

        Omg I never even realized that! That’s awful to name your son after his own illness. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional but did no one point that out to her?

      • shourite

        Get real, there is no way that naming him TRIG is a coincidence.

      • Meri

        Down Syndrome is Trisomy 21. You may be a nihilistic, but you always appear to be a dumbass. Don’t post easily verified nonsense. We aren’t all in 5th grade.

      • Lea

        Hahaha. That’s hilarious that she would name her kid that. Has anyone read the book Push? It’s that new movie Precious. In it she names her child, who was born with autism or downs (can’t remember), “Mongo” short for Mongoloid.

        …Well, at least ol’ Sarah used the scientific short form. But doesn’t that seem a bit elitist to you?

    • wakeforce

      Hopey, Changey, thing? This is whom the Repubugs trot out at the Klan rally? (oh, I mean Tea Party Convention) My bad!

  • T

    Seriously, EW? How is this news for your front page? I love this website, but this may keep me from coming back. Whether you love Sarah Palin or can’t stand her, this isn’t entertainment news. Ugh. Simon, here’s hoping someone gives you a better beat than politics-as-entertainment next time…like actually reporting the entertainment news.

    • kevin

      Like it or not, Sarah Palin is a celebrity. And this magazine covers celebrities. She is also a best selling author, and this magazine covers best selling authors.

    • ‘arry

      good riddance

    • LisaMama

      Actually, she’s not a politician anymore, she’s a “Fox News contributor,” and therefore fair game for this blog.

    • Oh Palin!

      T – like others said, she is now a TV personality and has been a celebrity for some time. You are obviously a Palin fan, but how silly to say this would “keep you from coming back”. Just because this is entertainment news you don’t like doesn’t mean its not news. Just because Fox News Channel lives by those standards doesn’t mean you have to too!!

      • T

        Actually, not a Palin fan, but thanks for jumping the gun on that one. Truly, I just can’t see any politican in an entertainment magazine! And it was a bit harsh to say that it would keep me from coming back, but I wanted to get my point across. I’d much rather read some real entertainment news on EW’s website!

    • maiv

      this is a blog-you’re in the wrong section if you want actual news

    • genofmontreal

      It is news and it’s entertaining. Makes me laugh harder than any Adam Sandler movie

    • RJP

      I agree with you 100%

    • Nihilistic

      Do us a favor and don’t come back then. Please, don’t even mull it over in your little pea-head. Just delete from your Favorites immediately.

    • C.J.

      I disagree. Sarah Palin reading notes off her palm during a major speech is pretty damn entertaining.

    • macanese

      I love that people are now making the distinction between “true entertainment” and “politics-couched-as-entertainment,” and getting irate when they suspect the latter is intruding. God forbid my brain chews on anything but bubble gum.

  • Portico

    It was a viral video too and television broadcast. All fair game for this blog

  • davet

    Covering Palin as a celebrity is entertaining. Covering her as a politician is scary. Personally, I prefer entertaining.

  • Deidra

    Palin is unbelievably dimwitted. Seeing her stare at her palm is just priceless!

    • Seriously!?!

      Your man Obama can’t say anything without staring at his teleprompter!

      • Oh Palin!

        Deidra didn’t saying anything about Obama… what does that response have to do with anything?? Typical tho… someone mentions what an idiot Palin is and the immediate thing to do it to attack Obama.

      • Julio

        Looks like he didn’t need it while shredding every repub talking point last week right in front of their faces… hahaha…

      • frsbdg

        Yes, our man Obama didn’t need crib notes when he single-handedly kicked the House GOP caucus’ collective asses a few weeks ago. Oh, and he didn’t get to see those questions in advance, either.

      • laura

        Ahh sweetie did you not see Obama Q & A with GOPs … LIVE on tv with NO teleprompter … and again LIVE with the Dems??? ..

      • Katie

        I guess I would rather the President did better things with his time than memorize his speeches so he can stop using the teleprompter. Who else uses a teleprompert? Oh yeah, EVERYONE.

      • jordan

        this whole thing is ridiculous. and it IS sensical to bring up obama, because he is regarded as a great speaker–which he is. but even he messed up during the inauguration. when people are nervous, they make mistakes. so what if palin prepared with a few notes on her hand? this is so pathetic… i can’t believe i’m even encouraging this sort of article with a comment. i suppose that makes me stupid as well.

      • daninchardon

        I think what is funny is that when people criticize Palin, the natural thing to do is criticize Obama. It is relevant that Obama has used a teleprompter to address as few as 20 people (half from his own cabinet) and you find it amusing that Palin (instead of flattering) that Palin needed but four words to get through an hour long dialogue.

        I am not a Palin for Prez person, but I am pretty sure Obama has had about two dozen seriously embarrassing public speaking moments. But I’ll cut him some slack, this Middle East stuff is “really hard.”

      • hatedon

        Maybe Obama does read from a teleprompter, but that is way more classier and certainly much more professional than reading notes off of the palm of your hand like some unprepared 5th grader.

      • BritTigger

        It’s not that Obama uses a teleprompter, it’s that Palin used crib notes (WITH A CROSS OUT!!) AFTER making a joke that she’s better than using a teleprompter. It’s the hypocrisy that’s both annoying and yet oddly hilarious. You’re getting paid $100,000 for one speech? Couldn’t you at least spring for a notecard????

      • Lea

        It’s not so much that she used notes. It’s the fact that she had to be reminded of *basic* talking points, like “Tax Cuts” “Energy” and “Lift American Spirits”.

        There is absolutely no reason why she would ever have to be reminded of *these* points unless she was grossly underprepared.

        Take these buzzwords away from her, and she’s got absolutely nothing. It’s embarrassing for Republicans. She does not represent Republican voters. If this is how she imagines the “average Joe/Jane” being–requiring cheat sheets and buzzword reminders for what is supposed to be her *job*–I’m insulted.

      • cowe

        Reagan used a teleprompter often. Not sure if he ever scribbled words on his hand?

  • UGH

    I can’t believe anybody can seriously entertain the idea of this dope running for President in 2012.

    • Dw Dunphy

      Not only is she being seriously considered, the Tea Party folks feel she’s the absolute frontrunner. Not that we haven’t seen this before – it was George W. Bush’s “anti-intellectualism” that got him in the first time. Everything we might identify as a faux pas (including not recognizing supposedly elitist terms like faux pas) is considered a positive in her sect. When she says, “We need a commander in chief, not a law professor at the lectern” that’s prime red meat circa five years ago and the audience ate it up. Every time she looks down at her palm for notes, we see it as an absurdity while they see it as endearing. It’s “okey dokey, jes’ folks realness.” The question is not whether she could stage an election bid; she most assuredly could. It’s not whether people would vote for her; if her glaring mistakes come across as attributes, that means she can do no wrong as she’s there doing no right. The real question is – how is it we have arrived back at this place so quickly after the last time around, and don’t the deaf, dumb and blind kids in the Democratic party see it at all?

    • Seriously!?!

      She can’t be any worse than the dope who is in there now!

      • Oh Palin!

        She is quite possibly the biggest dope who has ever run for major office in this country. Except for George W maybe… but would the same hicks who voted for him vote for Palin? Most people I know seem to have learned their lesson the first time… but you never know.

      • Julio

        Is that the best that you can do???

    • Nihilistic

      Please let the repugs run her. Pretty please!

      • Ambient Lite

        Exactly! GO PALIN! We could use an extra 4 years to clean up the mess.
        Would have been more embarassing for her had they seen her palm notes during the election: ‘Pitbull/Lipstick’, ‘Russia’, and ‘Todd is hot!’.

    • Patty

      We have a dope in there for a bit and has proven to live up to the title.

  • Clara

    Dear Simon/EW,

    Love the magazine dearly, and some of your articles, but please, please BUTT OUT of politics/Palin. It just isn’t right and makes me and other readers I know angry. It doesn’t matter if she is not really as political as she was.


    ps: lmao at the Obama teleprompter quip. SO TRUE!!!! If you want to diss Palin, include some jabs at Obama too to be fair. No one is perfect after all!!

    • Luddite

      Dear Clara,
      Lighten up.
      PS: When Obama happens to write notes on his palm the same day Sarah Palin does, I’m sure they will include it in the same story.

    • Nihilistic

      Dear Clara,

      Please floss your brain with piano wire.

      Thank you, the mgmt

    • CMU

      Dear Clara,
      This is a blog, not an article. There is a distinction. He can discuss whatever he wants. Not to mention, she’s appearing on a television show, which falls under entertainment. Also, this is not an article on the use of notes/teleprompters by politicians, so there is no need to present commentary on Obama as well. He’s just discussing something that happened. Lastly, if it bothers you so much, don’t click on it.
      P.S. Lighten up.

  • Gregoire

    It’s not the she wrote something on her hand. It’s that — moments before — she criticized the president for using a teleprompter then took notes into an orchestrated question and answer session. She apparently did not get the memo that Obams did TWO major question and answer sessions (once straight into the lion’s den of a GOP house convention), just in the last ten days, requiring no such devices.

    She both defines and rewrites the definition of hypocracy and mediocrisy with every statement.

    • frsbdg

      It also shows how little she thinks of her audience, that she couldn’t be bothered to memorize 6 words. Not to mention that she wasn’t honest enough to just bring a page with some notes along. She tried to get away with a fifth-grade cheat, hoping that the nitwits in the audience wouldn’t notice. if it were me, I’d be disappointed. But the Palinbots are beyond help.

    • Diane

      Your comments were right on.

  • Hilarious

    How laughable it is that she has to make notes on her hand like a 5th grader to remember what she thinks.

    Tancredo needs to give Sarah Palin his Jim Crowe literacy test before she gets to vote. Check her palms first though to make sure she isn’t cheating.

    Palin is first and foremost pure entertainment. The gift that keeps on giving.

  • Pete

    Palin didn’t raise my spirits, I just had another laugh at her expense, but that’s totally normal! It’s really offensive and insulting at this point.

  • David Michaels

    It’s funny that Sarah Palin criticizes President Obama for using a TelePrompter while she reads notes off her hand. What a two-faced B!#@$. I hope the GOP nominates Palin. That will ensure Obama’s re-election!

    • Seriously!?!

      He’ll need to run against a weak GOP candidate to win, because the Dems are losing every race to the GOP since Obama took office!

    • miss k

      To David Michaels- No need to call Palin that name. I’m not a fan of her but let’s be classy, people.
      To Seriously!?!- Chill out. It’s not like there has been some massive GOP takeover.

  • Jenene

    I hear that’s how Lincoln and Kennedy got it done!

  • Havalah

    Part of the dumbing down of America. Doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  • TorontoTom

    Palin is actually funnier than Tina Fey when it comes to lampooning Sarah Palin.
    She’s a MAVERICK!!!

  • Andre

    I suspect the scrawl on her hand simply said “this is your left hand”, so it wouldn’t have given her any assistance for the interview.

    • CMU


    • Dena

      LOL @ Andre. Thanks for my Monday Morning laugh!

    • amy

      Best laugh I had all day! Thanks.

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