'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Which woman is going to stab James in the back this time?

Poor James. The dude had two hidden immunity idols in his possession and still got voted out in China. Then he watched Parvati disintegrate his fearsome foursome alliance in Micronesia while blindsiding Ozzy. Now James Clement is hoping he doesn’t end up a major blockhead for the third time in Heroes vs. Villains. “I’m kind of like Charlie Brown sometimes,” he told me in Samoa before the game started. “Lucy says she’s gonna hold the ball and I go to kick it and then she moves it away and I fall on my butt. Hopefully this time I kick the ball and get Lucy.”

The interesting thing about all this is that James appears to have made a pre-game alliance with the two women who backstabbed him his first two times out: Amanda and Parvati. At least that’s what all the other players believe, as many of them cited a Micronesia alliance that needed to be snuffed out pronto. Why James would trust these two women again is anyone’s guess, but I started to believe that such an alliance might exist when I asked him whom he wanted to get rid of first. “Tyson,” he replied. Okay, why? “I have no idea. I mean, everybody else…that’s the…I don’t know, everybody else…ummm.” To me, that sounds like a guy who either has forgotten how to speak English or has been told by other people (a.k.a. “everybody else”) whom to target yet still isn’t exactly sure why. If that’s true, it also shows that once again, James isn’t controlling anything strategically.

And that will once again probably prove to be James’ downfall. Obviously, he is a physical force to be reckoned with. He also works hard around camp and seems to be well liked by his peers in the game. But James has not shown the ability to be able to look several steps down the line, and I think that will once again cost him. James’ best chance to win a big chunk of cash will likely be in the America’s Choice fan’s voting, which he has won the last two times he’s appeared. Although I do have to believe that a lot of people (like myself) might feel having him and Amanda on Survivor for the third time in six seasons is a bit much. The audience may be suffering from a case of James overkill.

But if you simply can’t get enough of the tough and buff gravedigger, check out my video interview with James below. This is the 18th in a series of daily profiles on the contestants of Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains. If you missed our first 17 (including Russell, Boston Rob, Cirie, and Parvati), there are links to all those players below the video. And to enjoy interviews with all the Heroes and Villains, head over to our action packed Survivor video hub. Up next tomorrow: Jerri Manthey. Oh, and to have Survivor scoop delivered right to your virtual door, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss. Okay, take it away, James…

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Cirie says she’ll win because “I’m a gangsta in an Oprah suit.”

Shocker! Boston Rob says, “I don’t see how I can lose.”

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Randy claims it’s “under the radar time”

Amanda insists “I’m gonna be a bulldog this time. No apologies, bitches.”

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Is Danielle Russell’s new Natalie?

Can anyone take Coach seriously?

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Why Russell will not win

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Sandra says “I’m a good girl, I promise.” Anyone believe that?

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Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

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  • paige

    yowza- is it me or is getting hot in here?

  • layla

    aw James is so cute. Even though he’s not a good “player”, I still like him. His straightforwardness is refreshing.

  • Snsetblaze

    Not tired of James. Never tired of James but definitely tired of Amanda.

  • jack hart

    if he can control his “jungle fever” .. he should go far in the game but i doubt it.

  • tom

    if I had to cast this season with people who hadn’t played twice already it would be:

    Kelly- 1st Survivor
    Christy- Amazon
    Danni- Guatemala
    Sugar- Gabon
    Taj- Tocantins
    Mike- Austraila
    Terry- Panama
    Yul- Cook islands
    Earl- Fiji
    JT- Gabon

    Heidi- Amazon
    Sandra- Pearl islands
    Twila- Vanuatu
    Natalie- Fans Vs. Favorites
    Corinne- Gabon
    Silas- Africa
    Andrew Savage- Pearl Islands
    Tyson- Tocantins
    Coach- Tocantins
    Russell- Samoa

    • Jaimes

      I’d switch out Savage for Dreamz, Silas for Bob Dawg, and Taj for Teresa.

      • Daul

        agree, only b/c neither Savage or Silas were villains. Actually Savage would make a good hero, given the way he led a decimated tribe, down 3, to come back before he was taken out.

  • ludwig

    just as long as the best are competing i dont care how many times their cast. they improve each time.and it makes for more intriging watching.

  • Winston

    It’s time for him to shine.

  • Enmanuel

    Im tired of james really, the only thing he does in the game is being good at challenge but he has NO BRAIN and he is not an all-stars he is back because people like him and that would be good for the rankings but come on people James AGAIN!! over over overkill

  • The truth

    James will not even come close to winning

  • Robert

    Can’t believe he’s on AGAIN. Sorry. He’s simply not a survivor player. The game is so not about the physical challenges now.

  • Melissa

    I’ve read lots of comments about previous survivor contestants that people would rather see and not having contestants on for three times. While I don’t entirely disagree, we all have to keep in mind that CBS can’t just automatically have anyone they want. The current cast may or may not have been their entire first choice(s) — they can ask, but people have to agree in order to be on again. Just a thought…

    • Daul

      I’m sure a bunch of ppl who were on only once didn’t turn them down, forcing them to go back to ppl a 3rd time

  • Kellie

    There’s a few I’d like to replace! We need YauMan, Bruce and yes, BobDawg back in the game! It should be 2 tribes of 20! Super Size Survivor!

  • Barb

    I like James. He is a nice person and very nice to look at. What I like about this group is we know the challenges are going to be great.

  • SurvivorFreak

    I like James but he doesn’t deserve a THIRD shot at the game. He’s a likeable guy but doesn’t know how to play the game. I’m pretty sure Mike Skupin or Terry Diaz would have returned had then been asked and fans would have loved to see them. I just can’t see bringing James, Amanda, Parvati, and Cerie back for THIRD time, expecially when they were in an alliance the last time. I hope they are the firt four gone. Also, these interviews must have been before the tribes were chosen? Several people have made their first target someone who wasn’t even on their tribe.

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