'American Idol': Did Bikini Boy deserve the time of day?

The American Idol producers love to show useless, attention-mongering “contestants” with zero talent. It’s become one of the staples of the audition shows, one that often produces the sensation of a staple coming undone, thus sending one’s stomach lining shooting all over one’s body cavity. These contestants are 100% pure pain. We put up with them because THE SHOW WILL NOT STOP GIVING THEM SCREENTIME. Last night, we saw only seven of Denver’s 26 Golden Ticket auditions. “Bikini Boy” Ty Hemmerling, who works at Denver’s country music radio station The Wolf as an “intern stunt guy”-turned production staffer was not one of those seven. In an interview with Denver’s WestWorld news blog, Bikini Boy complains about having to sit around in his girlfriend’s swimsuit for three whole days and has offered the nation his services in the competitive field of popping out of cakes. The kid has really hit it big.

Anyway, the judges all walked out on Bikini Boy before he could even “sing” a song. (Bikini Boy says the part where fellow bikini enthusiast Kara DioGuardi “asked if mine were real and if she could touch them” was edited out.) Gross display of human indecency or clever little plot twist? You decide! And be sure to read about the kids-with-kids who could actually sing in Michael Slezak’s full TV Watch recap.

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  • Jennifer

    This is why I don’t watch AI anymore – All the “bad” singers have to make it past four levels of producers before they sing for Simon & Co. So fake…

    • Ozma of OZ

      Oh can’t you see me standing here, I’ve got my back against the record machine

      • movieloversmatch

        I liked him

    • Amy

      Can’t we just get to Hollywood, already?! Tired of this crap!

  • Tom

    Seeing that convinced me of how phony this ‘selection’ process is.

    • jb

      It’s hard to keep showing the “zany” contestants in the “selection” process.
      One reason is because it’s been done over and over.
      The biggest reason is Kara: she has now hijacked these “funny” moments and made it not about the performer’s limitations, but about Kara’s reactions to their limitations. All Kara, all the time. Ugh.

      • Jessica

        I totally agree. Kara is such a pain now. They should get rid of her, or Al will be dead after Simon leaves.

      • cook

        Amen. Kara is trying too hard to be a combo of Paula Abdul and Simon and thinks she is just too cute. Such a poor judge.
        Also, if it had been suggested a woman take her shirt off as they did Tuesday eve, they’d have had a sexual harassment suit on their hands. I know it was Randy who suggested it, but Kara was all too happy with the idea.
        Send her away, please.

  • A

    I don’t watch the audition process.

    I want to see talented singers.

    This part of American Idol I can do without -Yawn!

    • Charles

      I only watch the untalented freaks – its hilarious. In, I usually stop watching AI when the freaks are gone – for song talent I can just turn on the radio.

      • Doug

        Keep telling yourself that *eye roll*

      • Jeff

        I agree, it’s only interesting to watch the crazies. I could care less about the singing competition.

      • Bob

        The loony, untalented contestants are are great TV, and the audition shows are the only episodes worth watching. Once they cut it down to people who can sing, the show becomes deadly dull and predictable. It’s never about music, it’s a manufactured TV drama.

  • fred

    Why is idol even on TV? What a joke of a show.

    • ben

      I don’t know; maybe because 25 million people still tune it making it the number one show on TV.

      • dd

        not quite lol maybe I would actually do my homework before talking.. but I guess since you have downs syndrome you can really do m uch of anything.

      • T

        Did you just say this guy has down syndrome and used it as an insult?? You are an effin moron! That was uncalled for, regardless of his comment.

      • ovaryconcerned

        dd you’re an idiot. FIRST of all it’s Down syndome! As the mother of a child with DS I know my son has a better mentality than you ever will. Let’s hope you or someone you love is in an accident and becomes a paraplegic! Wouldn’t that be poetic justice!

      • Anony Imbecile

        You are all idiots for flaming on this topic. Both comments were insensitive. And as mother of someone with DS you should be a little more concerned with your child then what effing forum troll has to say.

    • sonja

      It’s because of this idiocy that AI winners aren’t taken seriously.

      • kw

        Uh….Carrie Underwood not taken seriously?????

      • over it

        carrie underwood is a carbon copy of a dozen other pop/country “stars” that don’t write their own music. she isn’t even half as good as some of the people i’ve worked with on Broadway.

    • shawn

      things do not need to be good to be popular. besides, people love to live through the television instead of accomplishing their own goals which they probably do not even have !

    • Kieran

      “Why is idol even on TV? What a joke of a show.”

      The real question is why are you reading an article about Idol and then posting a comment? If you really thought it was such joke, you wouldn’t have even clicked the link. You watch it just like everyone else who posts on this board. I watch it. It’s a harmless TV show. Don’t be so pretentious.

  • Arturo D.

    The fact that he was the last person to audition, that everyone walked out at the same time, and that he stayed there asking “are they coming back?” makes me think that Idol Produceres actually pay this boy to do this.

  • keith

    I didn’t watch last night. I usually don’t watch the audition rounds for this reason. I just have better things to do. I had been watching the past few weeks, why I don’t know. I finally decided not to put myself through all the stupid nonsense another week. I’ll probably turn back during Hollywood week, but for now, NO THANKS!!

  • jim

    having been with my daughter, in season 2 and 5, as with anyone who goes to an idol audition. there is no surprise when the idiots are in front of the judges, they are passed through to let the audience see totally fake frustration on the part of the judges. come on does anyone really need these judges to figure out who can sing. its show biz watch the trainwreck OR wait til the top 20 and see some talented people

  • Lou

    Luckily I was engrossed in the preamble to the Lost season premiere, so I was fortunate enough to miss this ridiculous display.

  • Jill

    It was obvious that this guy wasn’t serious….but they did give bikini girl a shot. It should be in their best interest to no be so narrow minded. AI has turned into a popularity contest. It’s what’s wrong with society.

    • Capo

      Really? A show where the winner is determined by the voting public has BECOME a popularity contest? In other news.. The sky has BECOME blue.

  • Debbie

    I watch it to see the “real” talent from the beginning and to see if I can pick them that soon. It’s a shame they waste so much time on the ones that shouldn’t even be allowed in the door. This takes away from those that have the talent. They shouldn’t have to wait for the ones that shouldn’t even be there.

  • JimmyJon

    The fact that you wrote this article shows that it’s worth putting these guy on T.V.

    I’ve always been fascinated by the irony of constant “isn’t this show I can’t stop watching awful” type complaining.

  • eb

    This was a publicity stunt that AI didn’t “mind” putting on TV, since the show hasn’t had a moment like this this season.

    • maiv

      yup. it’s b/c of stunts like these that AI’s highest ratings occur during the auditions.

  • mom7801

    I found him more enjoyable and entertaining than Bikini Girl

    • Kieran

      They should have walked out on the girl last year. She couldn’t sing at all.

    • JayNYC

      Agreed. And he was kind of sexy. :-p

  • SenorPlaid

    “The American Idol producers love to show useless, attention-mongering “contestants” with zero talent.”

    That’s right, Annie. They couldn’t give us too much of Adam Lambert last year.

  • mom7801

    Do you guys honestly believe that this was NOT a producer set-up? That this guy did this all on his own? Really?

    • randy

      The eyeview buttscratch was agiveaway, wasn’t it? The article says he’s a radio show intern or something like that. This was a dare and the producers went with it. Actually, it sort of makes the judges look stupid

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