This Week's Cover: 'Lost': A Sneak Peek at the Final Season

With Lost’s last season premiere just days away (Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 9 p.m. on ABC, to be precise), EW’s own Jeff “Doc” Jensen has been going a little crazy with anticipation. Fortunately he’s channeled all that energy into something productive: Theorizing! Not only does he have his own thoughts about how it’s all going to end, this week Doc Jensen also went straight to the source — Lost’s exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse — to get some key intel on what fans can expect in the sixth and final season. Given that there are so many lingering questions to be answered in just 16 episodes, Cuse and Lindelof say the plan is to do what they’ve always done: tell their story their way. “We’re writing the show for ourselves,” says Cuse. “It would be a terrible mistake to change the methodology that has sustained the show for this long.” Lindelof refers to Lost’s most despised duo to drive home the point: “Find the person who hates Nikki and Paulo the most, and I guarantee you that Carlton and I are still flagellating ourselves for that idea. The fact that we are 10 times harder on ourselves than anybody else makes us feel like the show is in the right hands.” That said, Lindelof is still feeling butterflies about the impending premiere: “I wish it was already here. The audience may hate it. The audience may not hate it. But at least they will finally see it, and when they do, it will be a relief.”

The duo also offered teasers about Lost’s most pressing questions — Is John Locke really dead? Who are Jacob and the Man in Black? Will Kate choose Jack or Sawyer? — though they’re coy when asked if fans will ever learn what the Island really is. As for Lost’s central hero and resident “fixer,” Jack Shephard, the question of whether he’ll achieve the redemption he so desperately seeks will be a core theme for season six. Explains Cuse, “This notion of predeterminism is something we’re very actively exploring this season. Is redemption possible? Is redemption possible for all of them? Is redemption possible for some of them? What does redemption look like?”

For more on Lost’s final season—including teasers about who survived the bomb, why Richard Alpert doesn’t age, and whether Jin and Sun will reunite—pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands January 29.

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  • Ceballos

    I watched the opening scene of “The Incident” during its rerun a few days ago and got goosebumps all over again…

    Tuesday night CANNOT come soon enough!

    • Celia

      i know!! I can’t wait!! I’m planning to re-watch all of Season 5 this upcoming weekend to refresh my memory. So much happened last season!

      • sabrina

        i’m planning to watch all of season5 too this weekend , i dont think this is a show u can just watch the new season like that, you have to re-immerse yourself on the island,reconnect with the others, dharma,sawyerrrr sigh oh and the survivors of oceanic airlines,what’s their name again?lol

      • joepajkowski

        I am wacking off in antisapation!

      • firemenfriends

        I can’t wait for the series finale

    • Zach

      16 episodes!? this is the last season of one of the greatest shows ever on television and they trimmed it down even less then before!? seems like theyve shaved off the number of episodes every season!! why??

      • taigebu

        I think it’s a mistake… The final season will air for 16 weeks but with 18 episodes…

      • Kyle

        no worries–it’s technically 16 episodes but it’s really still 18 ‘hours’ as originally planned–the premiere and finale are both going to be 2 hours!

      • stac4

        two of the episodes are two hours long, so technically 18 episodes

      • Zach

        turns out i was right tho. wikipedia says the 1st season – 25 episodes Season 2 – 24 episodes Season 3 – 23 episodes Season 4 – 16 episodes (writer strike) Season 5 – 17 episodes. So this isnt the shortest season but the show originally started with more then a month and a half worth more of new episodes… WERE GETTN ROBBED!!!

      • Jay

        Zach- After season 3 the producers struck a deal with ABC to trim the show to 3 more 16 episode seasons. This has been the plan for years. S4 was only 13 episodes (14 “hours” b/c the finale was 2 hours) because of the strike, and season 5 was 16 episodes (17 hours also b/c of the 2 hour finale). So no, we aren’t getting screwed and are actually getting the longest season since season 3. Hours were added to seasons 5 and 6 to make up for missed writers strike episodes, so everything balanced out.

        What we are getting is what the producers and ABC agreed to give us when they struck a deal 1/2 way through season 3. If we had more episodes it would just be dragged out, this is all they need to tell their story.

      • Justin

        And…..after it had been announced Lost lost would have X amount of episodes, LOST requested from NBC for another Episode to help them finish it out, and it was approved.

      • Jennifer

        When lost started only 5 seasons were planned. Then after the strike they decided to do less episode so they could drag it on an additional year. It actually shouldve been over by now.

  • crispy

    Wow, that reminds me of old-school EW covers. So want.

    • Anne

      I agree! Love the colors! So bright and eye-catching.

      • bobbyh

        Reminds me of a comic book…love it!

    • Sarah

      I was thinking the exact same thing. It’s nice that the cover isn’t white.

    • Celia

      I agree. It’s actually somewhat creative unlike their latest covers. i can’t wait to get it in the mail! :P

      • Shannon

        I was just thinking the same thing! Can’t wait for tomorrow :)

    • Ted

      Looks like a High Times cover to me lol

    • Big Walt

      “we are 10 times harder on ourselves” – that sounds dirty.

      • Ceballos

        “Big Walt” – THAT sounds dirty.

  • Mike

    I have never been more excited about anything in my entire life. Lost FTW!

    • Hank Moody

      Seriously!! Except for maybe the 7th Harry Potter book…same amount of excitement, I think.

      • Celia

        Really…same amount?
        It is kind of bittersweet in the same way. We finally get to find out the big mystery and how it ends, but at the same time it’s ending. There’s not going to be anymore Lost. :(

      • Khristina

        I hear you Celia! I want it to be Feb. 2nd so badly…but I don’t want it to be Feb. 2nd at the same time. LOL

      • dizzy

        Lol, yeah, a very similar feeling waiting for Feb 2 as when I was waiting for HP7 to arrive by mail. It’s exciting but bittersweet.

  • Pop

    i am so excited. so so excited.

    • Monty

      You remind me of that Chris Farley sketch where he and Christina Applegate were doing a hair infomercial (Applegate as Cher) and they were so EXCITED about the hair hold and that there was no alcohol! NO ALCOHOL! Wait 5% alcohol. No. NO ALCOHOL!

      Jack could have used that mantra last season…

      • Ruby


  • Vivi

    I am salivating over here! Feb 2nd? Hurry the h*ll up! Thank you. :o)

  • thorsten

    Butterflies? For sure! A couple of my friends from LostARGs will attend the beach premiere in Waikiki, and I already tweeted my question for Michael Emerson on the red carpet to Jopinionated. I’m all set ;))

  • jason.

    We’re nearing the end of our season watching wrap-up, and anticipating that magazine is going to drive me nuts (especially since in Canada – well, my part of Canada, at least – the magazine arrives the Wednesday after the U.S. gets it)…

    This season is the payoff: can I finally tell my friends that, yes, they HAVE known what they’re doing all along? They’ve been complete d-bags about the show since the moment that Polar Bear erupted out of the jungle…

  • Jenn

    Love the cover. But, am I the only one who couldn’t care less about the Kate/Jack/Sawyer love triangle?

    • Sabrina

      You’re not. In the scheme of Lost mysteries, that ranks about 1000th with me. Personally I’m fine with Jack and Kate both dying…

      • Pete

        I couldn’t care less who Kate ends up with. But Juliet – I was/am hoping for a happy ending for her.

      • Ruby

        Agreed. Couldn’t care less.

      • Matty

        You don’t know how happy it makes me that people on this site actually know that the phrase is “couldn’t care less.” Don’t know how many times I’ve seen “COULD care less” which doesn’t make a lick of sense.

      • sabrina

        i hope it gets solved,kate doesnt deserve sawyer and she’s only using jack, buy hey if that’s who rocks sawyer world then he has to get his girl

    • Ceballos

      Yeah, I never got into the Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle either.

      I’m REALLY hoping Sun and Jin somehow end up together (and happy, seeing as how their pre-crash marriage was a disaster).

      Keeping those two apart for all of season 5 (except for the wedding flashback in the finale) was borderline cruel!

      • mamarose

        You’re definitely not alone. Love the characters, but could care less about the love triangle. Personally, the only couple I really care about is Desmond and Penelope.

      • Heather

        Hush your mouth — what about Rose and Bernard!! My money is still on the fact that they are Adam and Eve :)

    • Desmond’s constant

      Nope. I can’t stand Kate or Jack. I love Sawyer but not when he’s Kate’s b*tch. ADORED the Sawyer/Juliet pairing though…

    • boocat

      I like Juliet and Sawyer together.

    • Mells

      Totally – I think Kate should end up alone. Jack has always been to self-righteous and preachy to me. I would love to see ‘new’ Sawyer somehow reunited with Juliet who made him a better man. Lastly, I totally want Jin and Sun to be reunited!! Now there’s a worthy love story. =-)

  • AlexG

    I can’t wait!.I can’t wait! I can’t waaaaaaaaaaait!!!!!!

    • crispy


      • Monty

        I always loved not only how many times he WAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLT’ed, but how he felt the need to remind the Losties that “He’s my Son!”. Oh yeah Michael. Sorry. We forgot.

    • duffy


      oh how i loved crazy michael. i wonder what he did when he saw that script, just him saying waaaalllt over and over again, mixed in with he’s my son!.

  • dylan

    Can this show just go the hell away please? I lost interest after about 2 seasons and I would prefer this overrated junk just leave now.

    • Capo

      “…so I’m going to click an article about a show that I lost interest in 4 seasons ago, and troll the comments like an a$$hole!”

      • Juan

        “… because ‘According to Jim’ and ‘Two and a Half Men’ are clearly the superior shows. Lost got way too deep for my taste and asked me to pay attention for more than 30 minutes. Now… I’m going back to my Jersey Shore marathon, suckers!”

    • Nat

      I think the dozen or so posters before you would disagree. Why’d you click on the article if you’ve lost interest? Honestly.

    • guest

      if don’t enjoy the show why would you comment on an article about it??

    • sue

      dylan, ur comments are unnecessary. If you didn’t like it that’s fine, Lost is for those who like to “think out of the box” and not small minded dramas.

      • Monty

        we actually like to think more about what’s in the box. The Magic Box.

    • tbeng

      yet, 3 years later you can’t resist commenting about the show…hmmm.

    • Ceballos

      I actually feel exactly the same way (word-for-word) about “Grey’s Anatomy” that you do about “Lost” in your comment. The only difference is that I don’t go on “Grey’s Anatomy” posts and rain on that show’s parade.

      It’s ok though – I’m pretty sure the people behind “Lost” and its fans lost interest in you after about 2 seasons.

    • ^

      Too intelligent for you?
      For shame.
      I hear Two and A Half Men is pretty easy to get into.

      • Walt

        I am actually really intelligent and like both Lost and Two and a Half Men

    • mscisluv

      He “lost” interest…hehe

    • Shaun

      And Dylan? I’d prefer that idiots like you, who didn’t like what they saw and claim to have stopped watching 4 years ago, would take their insipid comments and just leave now.

      Why do you waste your time coming here if you don’t even know what’s been happening on the show? Surely you have something better to do with your time. Well, maybe not?

    • Lili

      Um, why don’t you just crawk back to your hole and stay there!! If you stopped watching after season 2 you can’t say s*h*i*t!

    • Juneau

      I guess Dylan had smoke coming out of his ears trying to keep up with a complex TV show. It’s ok…go back to American Idol. We won’t miss you.

      • kgb

        Agreed….American Id(i)o(t)l. I am sure that is what Dylan usually tunes into.

    • boocat

      Someone have a gun to your head making you read it? Don’t go away mad….JUST GO AWAY!!!!

  • Rob Grizzly

    I am most eager to see a bunch of old faces again. Charlie? Shannon? Michael? I’m so hoping Jack’s plan works!

    • Ceballos

      Me too. I’m curious to see as to what extent the old cast will appear in the final season. Still, my biggest question is whether Mr. Eko will make an appearance. We’ve heard that Charlie, Boone, Michael, Juliet and others will appear, but I really want to see some Eko. I know Adewale Akinnuoye- Agbaje asked out of “Lost”, but I HATED the way his story was wrapped up.

      • crispy

        So if the Man in Black is the Smoke Monster (I believe that’s the prevailing theory), what does it mean that the Man in Black killed Eko?

      • Ceballos

        I don’t know – other than it being another unfortuante incident of “Man in Black-on-black” violence.

        I’m also down with the “Man in Black = Smoke Monster theory.” Actually, I believed that “Resurrected Locke” was really the Smoke Monster ever since I first saw the end of “Dead is Dead” where Locke was conspicuously left behind when Ben went get judged by the Smoke Monster, and then reappeared after the Monster was done judging Ben. So when it was revealed that the Man in Black was actually Fake Locke, I immediately made the leap that he was also the monster.

      • crispy

        Man in Black-on-Black violence… hahahahah! I am laughing so hard I can’t even finish reading the rest of your comment!

      • boocat

        If the MIB is John Locke is Smokey than why did “John Locke” act surprised when Ben told him about his meeting with Smokey (when his daughter appeared)? I think my head just exploded…

    • Dave

      I heard they wanted to get Shannon to come back for a guest role, but I think she wasn’t able to due to her schedule. Or something like that. I was a little disappointed, I would have liked to see her again.
      As far as deceased character go, I know Charlie, Boone, Juliet, Faraday, Charlotte, Michael, and Libby are all slated to return in some capacity.

      • boocat

        I love Faraday!! He’s one of my favorites. He better come back.

    • ries

      it was farraday’s plan!

      • Laura

        No shit! I’m annoyed Jack’s getting credit for it!

  • Efrain

    Yo Dylan Stop being such a hater! If you don’t like the show don’t post anything at all. Period. 8 months came and went and now with 5 days to go to for Lost the final season….I don’t know how long more I cant WAIT! =o)

  • Charlie

    Lost and Oscar noms on the same day? It’s official. February 2nd might just be the best day of the year (so far, of course).

    • Ceballos

      Hear, hear!

      • Khristina

        No- it would be the best day ever if the new My Chemical Romance album was released the same day as LOST!!! ;-)

    • Iggy

      Exactly…wake up to watch the Oscar noms and 3 hours of Lost before bed! What an epic day!

    • Big Walt

      Plus I’m guessing at some point some channel will show Grounhog Day, so bonus!

  • Eros

    Prediction for the finale episode. Richard Alpert raises the dog army of Anubus from the dead all wearing guyliner to wage war on the zombie versions of people who have died on the island controled by the MIB. Sawyer will say “son of a bitch” at some point. Kate will continue to look sad like she doesnt realize how hot she is but she knows. Jack Shephard will go Jack Bauer and save the island from nuclear terrorists. Sayid and Hurley will go on an excillent adventure in a phone booth followed by a bogus journey. Lock will rise from the dead like a terminator and do battle with Ben using lightsabers. Jin will finally tell Soon to shut her pie-hole. Rose and Bernard will release an island sex tape that only Miles will purchase. Vincent will pee on the graves of Nikki and Palo. Walt Aron and Baby Soon(forgot her name) will all come back to the island as adults and turn it into a resort. Come to relax survive if the island lets you.

    • boocat

      You’re goofy!

    • entrprs6666

      And I can’t wait for the reunion special featuring the Harlem Globetrotters!

    • tom

      Vincent peeing on Nicki and Paulo’s graves SHOULD be in season 6. So awesome. Funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

      • curtB

        if they reboot the story with the bomb, Nikki and paolo won’t get to the island in all likelihood and will continue their criminal career elsewhere, alive (until they kill each other again, that is!)

    • Tlr

      That was great. Thanks for making me laugh.

    • Ne_Oublie

      You’re silly! ____/\___\o/____

  • Finney

    I believe I’m going to be stalking my mailman til this arrives. So jealous of those going to Waikiki!

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