Weekend Box Office Poll: Are you hitting 'Avatar' again? Or maybe—groan, groan, groan!—'The Tooth Fairy' instead?

As the No. 2 movie of all time, Avatar, moves into its sixth weekend in theaters, EW’s box office maven Nicole Sperling is predicting yet another win for James Cameron’s masterpiece. And according to Nicole’s estimates, it’s not like Avatar is just gonna win—it’ll win by a huge margin, taking something like $34 million to The Tooth Fairy‘s $18 million.

But, predictions schmedictions! We wanna know what movies will propel you to hit the theater this weekend. You doubling back for more Avatar? (C’mon, you know you’ve already seen it!) Or will you be flossin’ (UGH on this movie, but at least we can have fun with puns, right?) with The Tooth Fairy and Dwayne Johnson? Maybe you’re gonna get your Lovely Bones on? Tell me in the poll below!

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  • crispy

    Legion. Kick-ass angels and creepy grandmas… I’m so there!

    • eric

      Legion looks ok but I saw Avatar two weeks ago and what can I say.. it hit a lot of topics and was an adventure so I’m goin with friends to catch it again.. the battle was awesome

    • ash

      was it not very good & I thought i would be scared to death… nope

  • Rey

    I wonder how it would have done if it come out in the Summer with better competition

    • Everton Carter

      Alvin & The Chipmunks, Sherlock Holmes and The Blind side will all have taken over $200m. Add to that the lack of midweek holidays after 2 weeks and you’ll see that Avatar had plenty of competition, and the competition has thrived in spite of Avatar.

      I doubt that any studio would have risked opening more films against a James Cameron film than they have now OR have taken away 2D screens and IMAX screens from it. If anything the extra midweek play time may have seen it make even more money. Remember the film has rampant word of mouth and is not only popular but extremely well thought of too.

  • Samantha S

    Definitely seeing Legion. Hope it’s good!

  • Fantasm

    I might finally catch up with Princess and the Frog or I’ll see Lovely Bones or Book of Eli. I just saw Avatar for the first time last weekend, and even though I liked it, I’m not going to see it again in theaters. I liked Titanic a lot more and I don’t think Avatar will have the same dominance over the TV landscape as Titanic. How many times does TNT show that movie a year??? And how many times do I, like a conditioned puppy flip it on without thinking? A lot.

  • GS

    I’m not paying those astronomical prices unless the movie looks amazing! We’re going to see the Bobcats play the Magic for the same cost it would take to see a movie for our family of 3 and with the Bobcats on a roll, it’ll be way more entertaining. It’s no wonder Avatar is about to pass Titanic when movie tickets are $10 a piece. They really need to look at the number of tickets sold not the total gross. It just doesn’t compare when prices are so much higher than they were then. Most movies just aren’t worth it.

    • griff

      That isn’t taking into account the even higher prices for IMAX shows, which can be over $15, but money is all that matters, hence why IMAX will gwt even more love now

      • OWL

        I had just seen Avatar yesterday and for the IMAX, it cost $9.

    • kitso

      And I’m pretty sure that at least here, it’s $10 to see the matinee in 3D. It’s something like $13 to see it at night. That makes it cost more to see it then to see most other movies out in theaters right now too.

      • kitso

        I forgot to add, that for any other movie it’s $7 for a matinee, $9.50 for a movie at night.

      • morpheusx

        Some people don’t understand that the costs at the movies reflect the real costs to the theatre. For example our new digital projector that is required for Digital 3-D was over $100,000. Even if every one of the employee’s made only minimum wage, minimum wage pays them $7.30 an hour which is about 50% higher then in 1997/1998. And what about energy costs, you would not believe it to see an electric or gas bill just to heat or cool the building. Or the price of having extra security and off duty officers that usually range in the neighborhood of $25 hour per officer on the weekend, although most times that gets picked up by the studios depending on what is opening.

    • Everton Carter

      Studios love the sound of money more than the sound of ticket numbers. Sooner or later there may be need to be a better way of doing things, but there’s an argument against ticket numbers too.

      Is it more of an achievement to get 10 million people to pay £9 (it seems to average that much here) to see a film than to get 11 million to pay £4.50?, Or 15 million to pay £3? When you get as close to the $2b as Avatar has it starts to blur anyway. The money is also a reflection of the times that films were released in. Titanic is such an aberration because it made its money the old fashioned way; by having people go to see it in similar numbers week after week and month after month. Even in 1997 people just didn’t go to the cinema the same way they did in the 1930s and 1960s and even in the late 1970s and early 1980s. You weren’t going to be buying a film so unless and until it came on TV you went to the cinema if you wanted to see it again. TV eroded a lot of Cinema’s business by giving people something more to do, as did home video, computers and video games. One of the reasons Studios are so hot for 3D; as well as helping to slow down Piracy (I doubt that) they see it as a way of convincing people that DVD / Blu-Ray and HD gaming are fine but not as good as a trip to the movies. Even now, just 12 years on from Titanic there’s a significant difference in leisure time options and choices. Dollar takings help to show what the favourite choice of movie was for the times; adjusted dollars, itself something that has way to much of a margin for error, puts Gone with the Wind as the likely number one movie of all time with a guesstimate of around $2.99b worldwide to number 2 placed Titanic’s £2.89b is a whole $1b ahead of Avatar’s likely worldwide gross come Monday afternoon. However with the film likely to still be grossing $140m – $200m a week, it would be a risky bet to say that it can’t catch either of those totals, even in today’s open huge fade fast, be on DVD / Blu 2 hours after it leaves the cinema circuit days.

      • Gold Ticket

        This was really interesting and accurate read. Thanks! I agree, comparison measures of statistical success cannot really account for the “change in the times”, only act as a decent guide. It’s similar in analogy to comparing the greats of a sport, such as golf with Gary Player, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. So much change in technology and the surrounding milieu of the epoch.
        Saw Avatar again in 3D. Very good! I wonder if 3D tv down the line will erode this novel experience that the cinema now has as it’s ace in the pack?
        Will see A Prophet as well, and the Disney movie looks like classic well-drawn animation that hope to catch on dvd.

    • bea

      true that most movies aren’t worth it. but if any movie is worth $10-15, IT IS AVATAR! well i hope you enjoyed the bobcats game.. EVEN IF THEY LOST!

    • Mary

      ALRIGHT I’M BACK and I’m feeling MORE REFRESHED AND BETTER now so I can enjoy the Summer again .So what have I miessd ..?Man I would kill to eat a green Hill Zone Cake but I think they could of done better with these avatars and it shouldn’t be too be too much to buy should be free for people have Xbox Live..afterall it is the 20th Anniversary so why not celebrate in style I’m really excited for this game SO FAR SO GOOD I’VE AVOIDED SPOILERS but that was all due to being ill but I’m back on the comp so I need to be extra careful now .

  • givetoandy

    There’s nothing out that sparks my interest. Avatar is the only movie that is worth getting off my couch and away from my Blu-ray player. I’d rather buy a new Blu-ray disc from Amazon for $14-20 than see a film with my wife in the theater for $12-20.

  • Zo

    We’re going back for second helpings of “The Lovely Bones” and “Up in the Air.”

  • Sarah D

    I am going to watch The Rock’s fine ass in a tutu. I will bring my iPod so that I can tune out everything but how gorgeous he is. Please do a movie where you’re a sexy villain!!

    • BlackIrish4094

      Don’t bring the Ipod. Don’t be that annoying person.

      • Sarah D

        But if no one can hear it but me how is it annoying, although I think I wll fore go it because his voice is sexy too, plus it looks cute.

  • Laurie

    I don’t plan on going at all, but I feel like The Tooth fairy at least has Stephen Merchant of The Office and Extras involved, is that some redemption?

  • BlackIrish4094

    You are a tool if you are going to see avatar after seeing it once. The only people more pathetic than these Avatar nerds are the Twilight Moms.

    • Sarah D

      I love Twilight, but I was also enjoying a break from it. Why bring it up again?

    • SteveB

      You have to see it twice, once isnt good enough Tool!

    • Everton Carter

      It’s not the people who judge intellect and worth based on the film(s) a person watches and / or likes then?

    • Will s

      Haha, i have seen Avatar 5 times now, Going again tomorrow, Few more days, then we will be at Number 1 PLace of all time movies.

    • Will

      your opinion is just that, how do you believe you can judge and think for others, hahaha, you didn’t get it at all. Sad for you.
      Avatar Rocks

    • DB

      Then call me a tool! And I will enjoy every minute of watching Avatar again and Twilight for the 10th time!

  • SteveB

    Those Inflation adjusted agruments are not based on logic esp when many of those movies like Gone with the Wind or StarWars were re-released over and over again, each release going to the over all tickect sales!! Star Wars was re-releases what? 4 or 5 times in the last 30 years???

    • Everton Carter

      Exactly. Different times, different viewing habbits and no Home video. Films were released again and again and again. Disney only stopped doing that in the 90s!

    • Matt

      It’s nice to hear people say this. Add to those things how little competition a movie in the ’30s had compared with a movie in the current blockbuster-a-week model, and recent successes look a lot more impressive.

  • bob

    lol. Avatar wins AGAIN.
    It makes my day….

  • california

    Up in the Air this weekend! Yay

    • Michael

      I have an idea, instead of yakcin’ at me, you could ohhhh shut up. I would gladly get an xbox, but I don’t see $250 standin’ around plus how much the game is do you? Plus I could use that money elsewhere if I had it. Cuz if you ask me I think those games are ,well, not the best. Cuz alot of those games on the xbox are like the war games which i’m not a big fan of. Then I’d end up only buying racing games cuz all the other ones look stupid and I could just as easily get em on wii pc or ds. Also when you get more and more consoles you want to get more and more games which means more and more money. AND I DON’T GET AN ALLOWANCE!!! plus don’t say get a job.. I ain’t old enough to get a fricken job!!!! Except mowing lawns which I’m not the best at. Good enough to mow my own not the neighbors. Plus they would probably wanna mow their yards themselves. But right now it’s too fricken hot and it hasn’t rained in forever so guess what their grass isn’t growing. Plus the city is wanting people to cut back on water. So don’t say just get the fricken console at me!!!

  • Naviblue

    Avatar again for the 3rd time.

  • Ron

    Just a word about number of admissions to Avatar vs. GWTW, etc.
    Has anyone ever heard of teevee, basic cable, cable with hundreds of movies weekly, HDTV, and sports 24/7. Add in parental involvement with football, soccer, and baseball and it is somewhat like being on a different planet than people dealt with during the several runs of GWTW. This is also true when Avatar is being compared to Star Wars except for basic cable.

    Inflation is just a minor factor when comparing movies. Each generation seems to want to toss this in to protect the favorite movie of their generation. The inflation argument really took off when Titanic was blowing away box office numbers during its run.

    Going to a movie is no small investment now. Pay the baby sitter, dinner for two, plus tickets for the movie is an easy one hundred dollar expense in an average city. In 1939, all of the above was only a couple dollars with basically no entertainment competition other than a radio filled with static. Of course, there were going to be more admissions in 1939 even with a smaller population.

    • newyorkyankee25m

      amen to that, preach on Ron! ppl get so defensive when we should all be applauding what Cameron and Avatar have done, $1 billion in 3 weeks is epic, end of story.

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