'The Office' clip show: Did your favorite moment make it?

Last night’s Office was a loosely framed clip show, so there’s not a whole heck of a lot to recap. It was a cute enough stroll down memory lane — Jim’s ultrafloppy hair? Were we ever so young? — but I felt a tiny bit tricked into thinking it was a new episode. Hmph.

Given the very limited newness, there were still a few bright moments: fake Stanley, Dwight as “Computron,” Toby confessionalizing “I don’t want to lie… and I don’t want to tell the truth,” and Ryan and Kelly looking so adorbs/destined for disaster at the very end. I love those two together.

Luckily, Office clips are still hilarious, even upon multiple viewings. I was thrilled to see my favorite moment ever make the reel: a concussed, glasses-less Dwight from “The Injury,” woozily saying “that’s what she said.” (You can see it around the :45 mark here.) Argh, it gets me every time.

What about you, Officers? Did your favorite moment make the clip-show cut?

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  • Jill

    My favorite clip was Jim imitating Dwight. The hair, the glasses, the yellowish shirt, the voice. I had forgotten about that one.

    • Ambient Lite

      That WAS fantastic! Have never figured out what the bobblehead is that Jim puts out during that clip – it’s not Dwight’s…anyone?

      • kim in kentucky

        I was wondering the same thing!! Anyone know the answer????

      • not sure but

        It looks like it’s wearing a Star Trek uniform. But it could be someone from BG… not sure.

    • Ceballos

      Almost as good is Dwight’s messenger-bag sporting impersonation of Jim at the end of that episode. Great stuff!

      • Chris

        “uhhh, a lil comment”

      • Ceballos

        lol I also love that Jim says “spot on”, unlike Dwight who obviously didn’t take Jim’s impersonation very well.

    • Amy

      Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

      • Inky

        that part never gets old! love it!

      • BLM

        My husband and I say that to each other whenever we want a laugh. I also liked the “that’s what she said” montage.

  • Carol

    Future Dwight sending present Dwight Faxes from the future.

    • Luddite

      One of my favorites. I will never, ever get tired of watching Dwight tackle Stanley.

  • Rick

    Slightly disappointed that clips from the Michael/Dwight fight weren’t thrown in the mix. I pushed all-in during that episode, when Kevin exclaimed, “Sweep the leg!”

    • Mark

      Not the actual fight in the dojo, but there was the clip of Dwight punching of Michael in the stomach from the same episode.

  • kim in kentucky

    When Michael is mouthing the words “I will kill you” during Toby’s exit interview

    • HAZ

      Spontaneous dentohydroplosion!

  • Laura

    when Dwight was put in charge of choosing a health insurance plan & demanded everyone write their ailments on a piece of paper.. inverted penis!

    • Jim Halpert

      Don’t forget Count Choculitis

      • Pam

        Explosive Dental Hydroplaision

      • Babs

        Spontaneous dental hydroplosion.

    • Janitor

      Flesh eating bacteria. Hot dog fingers. Government created killer nano robot infection.

  • Cait

    I ended up enjoying the clip-slow more than I thought I would…but I also felt a little tricked (since I think EW told me The Office wasn’t going to be new until Feb! Confusing.)

  • Diggity

    Due to the overwhelming number of reruns- on every time i flip on the TV after work- I was hugely let down by this clip show. Some of the montages were funny- yes. But come on. You’ve been on hiatis for like 6 weeks or something.

    • Lisa

      me too – we were robbed!!!

    • Amanda

      I agree! Their first “new” episode in weeks and it’s a clip show? Boo. :P

    • Ambient Lite

      Okay, just playing devil’s advocate here (er, The Office’s advocate) – aside from the fact that I personally enjoyed the clip show, is it really so awful that they did one? I mean, they’re in their 6th season and have never done it, they handled it in a fun way (highlighting the HR disaster that is their workplace), and there IS major transition at DM right now so it’s a fun way to close a chapter before starting a new one. Plus, I’m willing to give them a pass after the MOST EXCELLENT holiday episode they gifted us with before the break. Just sayin’.

      • Ceballos

        I don’t know that people are mad at the clip show itself. (Which I also enjoyed and I agree that it was integrated in a way that didn’t feel forced within this season’s storyline.)

        I think most people (or at least just me) are annoyed that this was CLEARLY billed as a new episode when it was really a clip show. Nobody likes to be conned like this.

      • isembard

        Clip shows are a rip-off, done when a show is uncreative enough or lazy enough to offer nothing better. The Office is still brilliant, so this was completely out of place. So many of us have the disks or watch the reruns anyway, there wasn’t anything “new” to us.

      • rob

        i dont think they had the clip show because of laziness. Steve Carell is currently filming the movie “Dinner For Schmucks” with Paul Rudd, and being the main star of the show, they are giving him time to film the movie.

      • Ceballos

        But, rob, if what you’re saying is true, why would the clip show feature Carell/Michael Scott? I mean, if the goal was to buy time while Carell was away filming a movie, that kind of gets negated by having him appear in a clip show episode, no? (If anything, it’s more likely Krasinski wasn’t available when this was filmed.)

      • rob

        well, if you think about how much screen time he had, he probably shot all his scenes in one day.

      • Julia

        The problem that I have with the clip show in regards to The Office is that, with the way this particular clip show was set up, it makes no sense. Say you were in charge of finding information on one of your branches, like this episode was about, and that branch just happened to have a film crew filming everything they do. Why bother talking to anyone from the branch at all? Why not just watch go through the video footage? What bothered me is that this wasn’t addressed at all. Unlike the British version of The Office, where the issue of being filmed was ultimately addressed, the “documentary” approach to the series is starting to not work.

      • Chris

        If they wanted to sprinkle a “clip show” in the middle of a run of 4 or 5 original shows, so be it. We’d all get on with the day. But after being off or in reruns for 5-6 weeks, then hype a “NEW” episode on TV and online, is dirty pool. We get another rerun next week, then a supposedly new episode the week after, then we are off for the Olympics. Poor move by TPTB, and on top of the late night fiasco, well a very poor move indeed.

  • Ephiny

    I wanted them to include the Pam/Jim kiss from the end of Casino Night; was disappointed that was left out.

    • Elizabeth

      Yeah, they had something from “Casino Night”, but not THE SCENE

      It was great… I’m ready to watch all my DVDs again this weekend.

    • Emily

      Loved the highlites of Jim/Pam. The scene of Pam’s confessional with cutaways to Jim in NYC, then her flustered reaction when he interrupts to ask her for a date… OMG, I have watched that at least 20 times over the years & still get teary. I did miss the left-out casino night kiss, but it was still a very nice tribute to my favorite part of the show: the realness of Jim & Pam! :)

      • Madd

        I love that confessional. It’s very similar to Tim’s confessional in the British version, but I get a little more teary-eyed with Pam’s version. I missed the kiss as well, but I’m glad they didn’t show Karen.

      • Danny

        Agreed! I was enjoying the funny montages, but the Jim/Pam one was my favorite, and that confessional scene absolutely kills me every time. Jenna Fischer completely nails it.

  • Barney

    My favorite moment made it!

    Kevin: Jim has the hots for Pam.
    Creed: Which one’s Pam?

    Haha classic Creed!!

    • PFFT

      I wanted where Creed dyed his hair black and said he was 29!

      • Zod

        Creed: “Hey bro. Been meaning to ask you-can we get some Red Bull for these things? Sometimes a guy’s gotta ride the bull, am I right? Later skater.”


    • Mavis

      They also forgot Creed’s “blog” that Ryan created for him. . .

  • Kevin

    So disappointed they resorted to a clip show. What is this, The Cosby Show?

  • Linda

    A clip show? Really? That is so disappointing. Most of these episodes scroll on a continuous loop on TBS anyway…

  • John

    I wish they had put in the one with the obscene watermark and he opened the meeting with ‘Cri-man-squa, F N C’, double time! Dwight-Cri-man-squa? Michael-Crisis Management Squad. Ryan-F N C double time? Michael-Front and Center! Jim-Why are you talking like that? Michael-Because it saves time. Karen-Well an argument can be made that it actually takes more time. One of the funniest exchanges of all time.

    Also from that episode, ‘I need 2 men on this, that’s what she said, no time, but she did, NO TIME!’

    • Cassie

      John, I love that whole exchange. Reading your comment made me laugh out loud! I really liked watching the clip show but really want a new episode. The next new ep is 0n Feb 4th and is directed by John Krasinski so I am very excited to see it. There was no Jim in last nights ep, except for all of the flashbacks, so I wonder where he was?

  • John

    The Office has officially jumped the shark. Advertising a clip show as a new episode, what BS! I doubt According to Jim has ever done that. And to end it with a terrible, gaggy Pam-Jim music montage ruined my day!

    • Ceballos

      Granted, the montage was “gaggy” and very un-“Office” like, but the only thing that’s REALLY jumped the shark is people saying that a show has “jumped the shark.” I’m also not sure where the “According to Jim” comparison comes in. I place more of the blame on NBC (the network’s been on a hot streak lately!) for promoting this as a new episode than I do on the people behind the show.

      • MSR

        I agree. It was promoted as new Office, and to tune in and discover it’s a clip show was disappointing, especially since the next new episode isn’t for another 2 weeks and then it’s a month off for the Olympics. Don’t get me wrong, the clips shown were spot on for what they were going for and I DID laugh, but billing it as a new episode? Come on!

      • Diggity

        Word. If this had been a real episode it would have been great. And “jump the Shark” is the lamest thing a person can say when talking about TeeVee.

      • Ambient Lite

        Yeah, I want a ban on EW’s site regarding the term “jumped the shark”. I’m sick of it. It wasn’t even used properly here.

      • teresa

        The Olympics are only two weeks.

      • Dain Brammaged

        Although adding ‘jump the shark’ to any of the Olympic events involving snowboards would make them must see
        TV. Especially if they use hungry sharks.

    • Computron

      We no longer accept “jump the shark” as a viable phrase. Acceptable alternatives include “hop the dolphin,” “leap the porpoise,” and “bail the whale.”
      (that’s what she said)

      • John

        So is it “jumping the shark” to use the phrase “jumped the shark?”

      • Shamus N.

        Is “nuking the fridge” still acceptable?

      • autie

        Just peed a little from laughing.

      • kim in kentucky

        no, the new saying is “moved the island”

  • Ceballos

    I agree with the general sentiment here:

    I don’t mind a clip show, but PLEASE tell me up front that it’s going to be a clip show. Don’t trick me into thinking it was going to be a new episode. (Although, unlike Pam, I sort of approved of Fake Stanley, just for one night.)

    Still, watching a compilation of this great show’s highlights obviously isn’t the worst thing in the world. I just have two minor complaints. 1.) The Creed montage wasn’t nearly long or weird enough. 2.) On top of/instead of the clips, maybe they could’ve worked in some of the deleted material on the DVD. A lot of that stuff is FANTASTIC, but I don’t think most people have seen it. (Then again, that probably would’ve just been confusing to people who don’t have the DVDs.)

    • Sarah

      I wish they would have included the clip of Ryan setting up Creed’s “blog”. I also think that Michael and Dwight’s rap at the very end had some extended footage.

      • Ceballos

        Good catch on the “Lazy Scranton” extended footage. I don’t think the “they call it that because of the electri-city” was in there when it aired. But that’s what I’m talking about…I would’ve shown more stuff like that.

        And, yes: “Creed’s Thoughts” is a classic.

    • Janitor

      I too agree. This ‘episode’ should’ve just been an extra on the dvd or something.
      And even though it was a terrific ep, I don’t think including ‘Niagara Falls’ clips was necessary. When’s the last time you saw a clip show featuring stuff from the SAME SEASON?! Very lazy indeed.

      • Shamus N.

        For the record, the first clip show on Friends used a clip from an episode that had just been on a few weeks earlier. I didn’t like it then either.
        Not a big fan of clip shows, especially since this was the first episode back, and they’re doing a rerun next week! Still, I liked Computron and the song “Sing” by Travis.

  • apd09

    I need to know, was anyone else fixated on Michaels hair last night? It looked like he was wearing a hair piece. there was something seriously out of place with it. My wife figures he got his plugs fixed and needed to cover them up because there was something wrong, but his hair was really strange.

    • JCK

      I thought something seemed odd too, but I just chalked it up to the fact he was wearing a helmet at the beginning and so his hair was flattened.

    • rob

      He is currently filming “Dinner For Schmucks” and I’ve seen in pictures and clips from that movie, that Steve Carell’s hair is blond and cut very short.

    • Zod

      I always thought Carrell got hair plugs after the show started. His hair is very thin up front at the beginning of the show, and after a few episodes you can tell it’s become thicker, and it’s pretty obvious that it’s fake.

      • apd09

        If you watch some of the early seasons you can see where he got plugs on his upper temple area to fill it in a bit. You will go from seeing the white of his scalp to the treatment getting the plugs and now it is filled in.

      • teresa

        He looks much better with the hair plugs so I’m glad he got them.

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