New 'Lost' promo: Fresh footage, a gun-toting Claire, and rewinding the past

There’s nothing ABC needs to do to get me more excited for Lost‘s final season, but, well, here they are doing it with a new promo. It might be the only time I’d argue that a TV ad’s hyperbole doesn’t go far enough: “The Television Event of the Year”? The way I’m feeling right now, I’m inclined to go with decade, or even century. (I know I’d be wrong, and that lots of other things qualify, so don’t start arguing that with me here; I’m just quantifying my level of excitement.)

However you say it, I do think Lost has raised its own bar to an unprecedented level, such that the final season — and the finale in particular — could make or break its legacy like no other show’s has. Now, this particular promo isn’t as artsy-cool as many others that have been popping up from across the globe, thanks to the no-spoiler-footage policy Lost has so far maintained. But, lo and behold, there is one frame of new footage here!

In case you missed it, the new scrap of film here is a gun-toting Claire around the 15-second mark. In further proof that Lost possesses mystical powers that turn me into the kind of uber-fangirl I normally am not, I spent quite a bit of time trying to pause the video on the words that flash right around 15 to 16 seconds in, which, to save you the trouble, say: “Everything changes” and “Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit.” I can’t hold a candle to Doc Jensen in the hard-core analysis department, so I won’t try. But that stuff plus the bit at the beginning where old scenes run backwards (the plane puts itself back together, the fuselage un-explodes) leads me to think that the castaways’ finale gambit to reset the “future” works — i.e., Juliet sets off the bomb and Flight 815 doesn’t crash. Or at least the passengers’ paths are altered significantly.

But what do you think, PopWatchers? Theories? Thoughts? Other freeze-frames? Ideas for what we can do to alter the time-space continuum to make it Feb. 2 already?

(And Lost fans might also want to check out this recreation of the crash in real-time.)

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  • Nick

    I think I just wet myself. Yes, it’s one frame, but it’s something. I’ve been going crazy without Lost.

  • donnywahls

    i hope we dont have to spend a ton of time on claire. i’m over her obnoxiousness.

    • cr

      Sorry, but she is supposed to be big and key this season :) Which i am looking forward too!!

    • Pete

      Right donnywahls, cause Claire was so obnoxious last year when she didn’t even appear for the entire season, you moron!

    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding? Emile de Ravin (God I hope I’m spelling that right) is one of the best actresses on there. They hardly used her.

      • shes a milf


  • jordan b

    im almost positive that was ellie. not claire

    • Anna

      I thought the same thing

    • Lisa Simpson

      It’s Claire.

      • Chuck

        I disagree. If you stop right on that frame, it is clearly not Claire.

      • Lisa Simpson

        I did, and it’s clearly Claire.

      • Melinda65

        It’s Clare– has a still of the frame, and it’s definitely Clare, not Ellie.

      • i’m a lady

        Already with the over-thinking. IT’S CLAIRE.

      • or maybe…

        i think its nikki…

    • AC

      It is Claire, and I think it’s pretty clearly DESIGNED to remind us of Ellie.

  • Anna

    I am SUPER excited for Lost to start. I’m also a bit sad knowing this is the last season :(

    • AcaseofGeo

      I’m excited for it to start too, so it can be done and over with once and for all. This show is a joke and an insult to intelligent people. What started off as a promising show became ridiculous…TIME TRAVEL???? Ugh. Just go away already thee pretentious wannabe.

      • teresa

        So don’t watch it. It’s not a joke or insult to intelligent people. It’s exciting, mind blowing, and it makes you think. Oh, maybe that’s the part you don’t like…

      • Jason

        Goodbye troll, who clearly isn’t intelligent enough to appreciate the show. I feel sad for you.

      • :D

        dear AceseofGeo,
        GET OUT.

  • Kyle

    I’m pretty sure the shot of Jack at 22 seconds is new too. He looks very different there, something unlike we’ve seen him before

    • Lisa Simpson

      His hair is longer now, and in this snippet its short, as it was in season 1-2.

    • Sen

      I agree Kyle, I don’t think his hair was ever that short… It would seem that this may also be a new clip..

  • Samuel

    The words that pop up, “Everything changes” and “Plant a good seed” are frames from the film that was used to brainwash Karl in season 3.

  • joe

    just saw this on twitter, check it out: the LOST plane crash, 24-style…

  • Fred

    Looks like the bar has been raised for LOST… unfold unexpectedly and in true classic style…..will surely be a great way to end a great series….way to go!!!

  • Anne

    GREAT promo! It gave me chills to see prior events “re-winding” like that! I’m going crazy waiting for the premiere!!!!

  • Krys

    That was Juliet not Claire morons.

    • Krys

      Oops never mind you’re right sorry!

      • Rob

        A bit quick to just call people morons, aren’t ya?

  • April

    Yup, everything’s rewinding. Can’s wait!!!

  • Erin

    It’s Claire. Juliet has larger cheekbones and Ellie has tanner skin. Plus I paused it. It’s obviously Claire.

  • Lucy

    ABC broke their own rule for not airing anything from season 6 this soon.

    World explodes.

  • KR

    No, it is totes Claire and that shot of what appears to be Jack is also new. So excited!

    • ghhdth


  • KD

    The quick words are not new footage. It’s from the brainwashing of carl.

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