'30 Rock': Boston backwards

Compared to last week’s killer episodes, “Winter Madness” was something of a letdown. Nancy isn’t funny enough as a romantic foil for Jack — Edie Falco’s Celeste Cunningham, anyone? — and taking the show to Boston without a big Cheers joke just seems off. Still, “Madness” had its moments. These were the 10 best:

“Star, rats, arts, tars..” — Liz, who’s the female Kevin McHale (Here’s a photo. I’m guessing they don’t mean Artie from Glee, although…)

“Nutmeg! Rodeo, rodeo, rodeo!” — Pete, who wants to remind the gentlemen to plan ahead, porn-wise

“I suck? Your Rock & Roll Hall of Fame sucks!” — Tracy, who knows Boston is not going to go well (As an aside, I have been to the R&RHoF, and it’s great!)

“They are all named Sean, they are mean, and I hate it here.” — Kenneth, who is an inventor

“Are you not using an office replication service?” — Jack, who knows their demo is drunken 11-year-olds

“Trying to have it all…it’s wicked hahd!” — Sean, the head writer for Bruins Beat, who knows what it’s like

“Ooh, I would…n’t!” — Kenneth, who’s blaming Liz for winter

“Puuuuurfect, like a cat birthday!” — Tracy, who knows John Hancock blows

“Salem witch trials, the red scare, global warming…” — Jack, who knows the power of a secret enemy

“You marry the butler, and I’ll be the gay octomom.” — Nancy, who doesn’t want to talk about it

Okay, PopWatchers, what was your favorite line last night? No, not Tufts….

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  • paula

    Hi! I’m British!

    • No!

      As a Boston native and Tufts grad I thought the show was mean and I hated it more than a room full of guys named Sean.

      • yes!

        It wasn’t a slam on Tufts, but on the not-very-subtle way Harvard grads like to sneak into a conversation where they went to school.

      • R Hookup

        Known as “dropping the H bomb”

      • fancypants

        as a current student at a school in Connecticut (no, not Wesleyan) i enjoy dropping the Y bomb. :)

  • treee

    tracy’s shirt that said: impeach george w. washington.

    • Chris

      George W.

      • Kate

        Man, I do want that shirt! Hilarious!

  • GoMe!

    Agree, this episode was just OK. But, like all 30 Rock episodes, there were still a lot of funny moments. The funniest IMO: Toofer trying to say that he went to Harvard…and then in the next scene that patriot (forgot the name!) doing the same thing Toofer did! lol…

  • Rick

    Patriots suck!

  • KB

    As actually from Boston the whole episode was HILARIOUS! Of course everything was way over done but thats how it always is done when talking about Boston. Favorite part was when Tracy was yelling at the historical guides and kept saying he thought the patriots suck (meaning from the 1700’s – not the football team) and then they show a bunch of guys wearing the New England Patriot sweatshirts and what not and try to beat Tracy up hahahahaha

  • kim in kentucky

    why would Kenneth – a page – be included in a road show??

    • sunny

      hmmm, was the test to see who could fit through the coat hanger while they were still in NY or after they had gotten to Boston? can’t recall since Jack’s office was the same :)

      • Ambient Lite

        Yeah, did anyone find the 7 items?? heh

    • Sara

      He has in the past served as Jack’s assistant, whenever Jack is mad at Jonathan for one reason or another.

    • Diggity

      He’s part of Tracy’s entourage.

  • pop

    i hate this time of year – everyone wears big coats – you can do a lot of subway flirting before realizing the guy is homeless. (or something like that)

  • April C

    “Cross promotional, deal mechanics, revenue streams, jargon…synergy.”
    “That’s the best presentation I’ve ever seen.”

    • Cage

      “I have to clean the icicles of the gutters, I’m getting tired of finding dead squirrels all over my deck.”
      “God I miss Boston”

    • Melissa

      LMAO! Yes! The presentation to Jack was HI-LARIOUS, because it is so sadly true that that would be considered the most brilliant presentation (complete with Miami = Synergy sign).

      • sawy

        thank you

    • Tim

      Liz’s presentation scene was GENIUS!

    • Tanya

      Agreed! I’m going to stop spending so much time on my presentations!

  • Ambient Lite

    Jenna’s jeans: “They’re assfarm by Jamie Foxx”

    • JayNYC

      Wouldn’t that be AssPharm?

  • Davidsask

    Overkill to the extreme.I cringed every time she spoke. What were they thinking with Julianne doing it to that extent? I would be so insulted if lived there.

    • Kelly

      Do you ever say anything positive?

    • LOL

      I like Moore, but this character is awful…and her accent is even worse.

      • April C

        I agree, and I am very slow to insult this show…but her accent and whole character was DISTRACTING. Sometimes accents are just…indulgent. Like, “see what I can do? And so effortlessly!” I like it when guest stars are just a part of the natural flow, not the center of the 30 Rock universe.

  • Wendy

    I’m from Boston and I honestly think its pretty funny because it’s supposed to be over the top. 30 Rock pokes fun of everything (even itself!) so it doesn’t matter.
    I thought this was a pretty good episode and while Nancy and Jack are sweet I still like CeCe the most, and just like it better when Jack is single.

    • Karen

      I’m from Boston and I thought it was pretty funny. Although none of us sound quite like that, and most of us don’t use the word “wicked”. My favorite line was when Nancy was worried about what her neighbors think and Jack said “Your neighbors named their daughter Belichick”

      • lagitha

        I used to think I didn’t reaaly say wicked that much, either, until I’m living in the midwest and living in California and my friends would call me out on it all the time when I used in in conversation!!

    • cj

      Recent Tufts grad, loved the episode. I agree it was pretty risky to pile on a bunch of Boston references into a national show (Kelly’s roastbeef?) but the over the top accents were for the non boston watchers. I guess i’m the only one who loves Julianne Moore’s character

      • Tanya

        I love Julianne Moore’s character, too! You are not alone…

        I get the over the top accents and love them. My first trip to Boston, that’s exactly what I heard. It took awhile before they didn’t sound so exaggerated. But, I’m from L.A.

  • Tasha

    How about Nancy’s next door neighbors naming their daughter after the Patriots head coach, his LAST name.

    • Tanya

      Thanks for explaining that. I didn’t get it at all. Now, I think it’s hilarious!

  • Ceballos

    “Stop sending dirty text messages to my landline!”

  • Sarah

    Didn’t find it funny. 30 Rock is losing it. Definitely a dry episode.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks Margaret for sticking-up for the RnR HOF. I almost had to shun 30 Rock for that, but bagging on Boston made it all better.

    • Tim

      Don’t get offended. Clearly some ’30 Rock’ writer is intimately acquainted with Cleveland.

      • lawyerchick99

        Im from Cleveland and was not offended. HOF is awesome though.

        BTW, Tina Fey’s husband (Jeff Richmond) who does the music is from Cleveland. If you know your 30 Rock history, Floyd (Liz’s first boyfriend from Season 1) works as a lawyer in Cleveland. Ther is an entire episode called “Cleveland” in the Season 1 DVD box. So yes, there is some Cleveland on the 30 Rock staff.

        And, I need to mention Lutz and his hairy belly going after the fake NBC executive. Gross and funny at the same time.

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