Letterman and Leno insults get personal: Last night's clips

You know what’s great about the late-night hosts trading barbs on a daily basis: Listening to the sounds the in-studio audiences, now clearly on high alert, make. Jay Leno hit back at David Letterman Wednesday night with a joke that drew applause and “oohs” from his crowd (and a gasp in my living room). “Letterman’s been hammerin’ me every night. Oh, going after me,” he said. “Hey Kev, you know the best way to get Letterman to ignore you? Marry him. Okay, that’s the best way. He will not bother you. He won’t look you in the eye. No problem at all.” (In case you missed it, Jay kinda got served in his interview with James Cameron, which you can watch after the jump along with the latest Letterman clips. At 7 minutes left, the Avatar director mentions that he kept the ship’s wheel from Titanic because he knew what it was like to be the captain of a sinking ship. Leno says he could bring it to NBC. “It could go right over there,” Cameron says. Leno wasn’t as amused as I was.)

Letterman, meanwhile, kept the pressure on Leno in his monologue with multiple jabs. His crowd let out a tentative, nervous giggle when Dave asked if everyone was fascinated by the legal detail in contractual negotiations. Addressing NBC’s plan to keep Conan’s intellectual property, Letterman said, “He can’t take his signature comedy bits with him. But that’s okay, Jay will take them.” Then, he went for a cheap chin joke.

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  • John

    That’s strange, when I watched the Leno’s slam on Letterman, I didn’t hear an “audible gasp,” I heard laughter and applause.

    • Sarah

      Clearly, you did not read the article:
      “Jay Leno hit back at David Letterman Wednesday night with a joke that drew applause and “oohs” from his crowd (and a gasp in my living room).”

      • Mandi Bierly

        I tweaked. John was right.

      • Sarah

        Whoops, apologies to John then.

      • TheObserver

        My thing is if they aren’t gonna let Conan take his bits (Triumph, Masturbating bear, conando) with him, what are they going to do with them? no one else will be able to use them. why not let him have it? All the problems in the world could be solved if the male execs at NBC weren’t being so petty

      • rerun

        Jay can steal them like he stole from Stern and Letterman.

      • Eirik

        Because no one did man-on-the-street type humor before Letterman… except, you know, Steve Allen. But that doesn’t count, I guess.

      • susan

        “tweaked”. LOL. That’s journalism speak for I got called out on a lie. Oh, excuse me, I didn’t mean lie, I meant “misrepresentation.”

    • Fug

      @John, you wouldn’t have heard the gasp unless you are in the same living room as Mandi (as she clearly indicated)

      • Lay Jeno

        The original article said that the audience had audible gasps. Mandi updated the article to fix it.

      • David

        You’re a loser BMW, and next time use spell check you dolt!!!

    • wakeforce

      You don’t think the attacks on Leno by Letterman haven’t been personal?

      • gave’s gross

        They totally have been. Letterman is one very bitter, disgruntled old man. He’s failed at life.

      • i’m a lady

        personal, yet totally based on his professional legacy. not a strange swipe at his innocent wife.

      • Carol

        Letterman has failed at life????!!!!! What planet are you on?

      • fuxuall

        “They totally have been. Letterman is one very bitter, disgruntled old man. He’s failed at life.”

        Replace “Letterman” with “Leno” and i think you’re on to something.

      • Momo

        I don’t think any one of these guys have “failed at life.” Fired, failed ratings, etc…they all contain about 50 million more dollars than I have in my bank. I want to fail just like Leno and Dave. Yes, even fail like Conan.

      • IAA Louie and Mark

        They were personal swipes at his professional career which Letterman was invovled in personally at one time. He is certainly enjoying it, but I can’t blame him for that. I say leave David Letterman’s wife alone. I suppose swipes at his chin are kind of personal….but not really. If anyone has taken personal swipes at Jay, it’s Jimmy Kimmel.

      • Letterman = Fail

        Letterman has failed as a person. He shamed himself, he shamed his mother, he shamed his wife/mother of his child. He hasn’t let go of bitterness from almost 20 years ago. He’s carried immense hatred and negativity through his life and still can’t escape them, clearly. He’s a failure.

      • em

        I’m not a fan of either guys’ show and cared very little about what was going on, but Leno’s insults definitely seem a little personal. He’s trading in gossip and attacking his personal life. At least Letterman is referencing something relevant and current.

        And @Letterman=Fail: Cool your Japanese jets. A string of five sentences all containing fairly harsh judgments is excessive – even for anonymous commenting.

      • merle Balke

        They sure have been personal. I used to watch Letterman, Leno and O’Brien, but I no longer watch Letterman as a result of his ugly, vicious attacks on Leno. Retire Letterman and bring in O’Brien to take his place.

    • WRB

      The ‘GASP’ was caused by actually hearing laughter and applause on Leno’s lame show… (both have been absent since the show’s inception).

    • UGH

      Leno should be the smarter one and keep his big douche mouth shut.
      What an idiot.

    • Angela

      thats because what Jay said wasn’t really all that funny..Lettermans been burning him up every night and that’s really the best he could come back with?! FAIL!

    • Shawn

      There was no gasp.

    • Mikian

      LOL…really, I was reading that and thinking “you gasped? Seriously? You gasped at a late night comedian’s joke?” Man, girl, you need to get out and see more of the world, ’cause that’s really kind of sad.

  • jon t boy

    its awesome that most of the people are behind conan and against leno. i never liked leno. i have watched letterman and conan for a long time. the only thing i can respect nbc for right now is letting conan rip them.

    • Alyalibi

      If indeed most people were behind Conan, his tenure of the Tonight Show would have remained intact.

      • Conan’s Mom

        Exactly. “Most people” aren’t behind Conan. Most NERDS on the interwebs are behind Conan. Most people don’t care at all, but generally prefer Leno.

      • InTheYear2000

        But it was Leno’s show that got canceled! Leno’s!!! He was available to take over the Tonight Show because he failed at 10PM!! Both failed, not just Conan. I think the reason I find this so interesting is the selective memory of THINGS THAT JUST HAPPENED on the part of NBC echoes the general state of America these days.

      • Lay Jeno

        That’s because a talk show doesn’t work at 10:00. That’s not Leno’s fault.

      • AJ

        Logically, that doesn’t hold up. The vast majority of people who are asked to choose between the two could choose Conan, and that doesn’t mean his ratings would be better, since the ratings aren’t a contest between just the two of them. The vast majority of America could look at the facts of the issue and think that Leno comes off as a tool… however, the vast majority of America never bothers to watch the Tonight Show no matter who is hosting.

      • InTheYear2000

        @Lay Jeno

        It’s Leno’s fault for agreeing to do it at 10, which everyone could see was a bad idea and hurt both parties in the end. Just like having The Tonight Show at 12:05 is bad idea. Conan could sniff out a loser situation when he saw it and had the dignity to bow out, even if it hurt him in the short term. That’s why no matter how I try, I can’t see how Leno was wronged in any of this.

    • Kate

      I read on another website this little bit about how Leno will be just fine: “Everybody else hates him now, but his audience really has no idea what’s going on, nor does it really care. Go ask your parents about it. See? Oh, and while you’re there, would you mind showing them how this DVR thingy works again? They’ve been watching nothing but that same episode of Antiques Roadshow you recorded for them four months ago, and that channel where the people shout at you about the pay-per-view movies.”
      Unfortunately, I think they’re right. I don’t like Leno, and think he’s been classless throughout this process, but he’s most likely gonna be fine. The good news? Looks like Conan will be too.

      • JLI

        I hate it, but I think they’re right too.

      • elena

        I agree, I have this horrible sinking feeling that Leno’s target audience doesn’t care about the douche-y drama going down. and also, I’m pretty sure they still think the internet’s some devil-invention, so they DEFINITELY have not been keeping up with anything.
        But hopefully Conan will be doing whatever he loves after this, and keep sticking it to NBC until the week’s over. Go Coco!

      • Alan

        Elena, Leno’s target audience don’t know how to use the internet, so they don’t really know what’s being said. Well, they use the internet during the 1 hour a week Computer Time at the Seniors Home, but that’s it.

      • tnsmoke

        The reason CBS was the most popular network for almost 20 was because people watched Walter Cronkite then were too lazy to change the channel for primetime. People are still lazy that way and that is why Leno failed, people actually did change the channel at 10 pm to watch a real show, they are creatures of habit and don’t want to watch a talk show till after their local news.

      • Letterman = Fail

        Alan, why is it okay in your mind to degrade the elderly? Take every one of your hatefull, derogatory comments and substitute “blacks” for old people. Bigotry and discrimination are wrong no matter who they’re directed at. It seems that far too many of Conan’s fans seem to be displaying a great sense of entitlement.

      • Jerome

        @ Letterman = Fail

        Really now, you’re the moralizing jukebox passing judgement on people.

  • Keith

    I’m really getting tired of this whole thing. I wish everyone would just move on. It’s really hard to feel too bad for anyone involved. They are all richer than god no matter what happens. It’s becoming vulgar, and not in a funny way.

    • Mike

      If you’re so tired of it, why read the article? It’s the internet, nobody’s forcing you to look at it.

      • suse

        Keith can have his opinion too. It is getting real old and not funny.

      • Numberchick

        @suse: Just like Leno!

  • Kate

    Letterman is nothing but a dirty old man who sleeps around with his homely interns.

    • mike

      Typical female response. Oh yeah I forgot women do no wrong!

      • Conan’s Mom

        Calling that pig homely is a compliment. The fact that men were practically fighting over her is sad….even if they were extremely unattractive and very old men.

      • Jennifer

        Mike – I’m a woman and I can tell you point blank that in my opinion Star Jones was a f*ck up, Nancy Grace has her issues and I think Chelsea Handler is not only not funny, but only got her show because she was dating the president of the E Channel at the time. And furthermore, I’m a huge fan of Lettermans and could give a crap about his consensual relationships with Interns. Bottom line: Kate’s opinion is not the “typical female response”. It’s Kate’s response. Incidentally, one could even argue that a male dismissing a woman’s opinion as a “typical female response” is not only sexist… but a TYPCIAL MALE RESPONSE.

      • whatevs

        If you hate women so much, then cut them all out of your life, then you’ll be happy.

      • @Jennifer


      • @Jennifer

        You being a woman and having a different perspective here doesn’t address mike’s claim about the typical female response. Being a woman qualifies you to be an exception, it doesn’t qualify you to disprove the rule.

      • Inky

        I don’t know, Stephanie/Vicki/whatever was kind of cute in an annoying way.

    • talkin’

      Sarah Palin is that you?

    • Kate

      What an extremely nasty thing to say.

      • Katiecat

        Sorry – I just realized the extremely nasty thing was said by someone else named Kate so I changed my name. No need to call someone homely, or a pig.

      • David Numberman

        You’re clearly a homely pig.

      • @David Numberman

        Really? That’s the best you had? You might as well have just stayed in bed today.

      • David Numberman

        Oink oink.

    • DS

      Let’s take a close look at your comment.

      You judge Letterman as a dirty old man, someone who should be scorned and is amoral. You follow it up by calling innocent people “homely”, in a very cruel insult to an unknown number of people, who not only never did you harm, but were not part of the context of the post.

      Conclusion, you’re mad because Letterman never hit on you.

  • me

    Laughter on the Jay Leno Show? Unlikely. You must have had ringing in your ears.

    And while Letterman is no Brad Pitt, Jay Leno couldn’t get an intern to sleep with him if his life depended on it. So making a remark about Letterman’s wife (you know, the mother of his child) tells you all you need to know.

    • Sara O

      Yeah, I thought Leno took it too far — involving Letterman’s wife after everything she’s been through :(

      • Sharon

        You don’t think Jay’s wife is being hurt when Letterman trashes him? Letterman hurt his own wife, then went after Leno (even though this whole thing is none of his business) and that has surely hurt Mavis Leno as well. Letterman is a destructive, negative person who spreads poison on a daily basis. His wife should have left him to raise her child in a healthier environment.

      • Alan

        How is Jay’s wife being hurt? Letterman didn’t issue a personal slam against Jay’s wife? From what I know, Mavis Leno is a strong, independent woman with her own career and her own mind, so no, I doubt Jay’s wife is hurt.

      • IAA Louie and Mark

        I gotta say oh please on this one. I highly doubt Leno’s wife is at home cry her eyes out every night because Letterman is meanie. Come on. Letterman is making fun of an on air personality – not his wife. If he does take a swipe at Leno’s wife, then too much, but as of now he hasn’t been out of bounds.

      • Sharon

        Well you see, when people are not self-centered narcissists, they tend to care a great deal about their loved ones. This results in feelings of sadness and hurt when your spouse or child is being attacked. I wouldn’t expect snarky and selfish Letterman or Conan fans to know a great deal about empathy, so you’ll just have to take my word on it.

      • kj

        @Sharon – good one!

    • Dan

      Doesn’t change the facts. Letterman is a lyin’ cheat. And not a funny one, either.

      • steve

        Facts, hmmm. Lyin’, not sure what you’re referring to, but seems like Dave hasn’t hidden anything. Cheat, are you talking about taxes? Oh, his wife, well haven’t heard about that yet. And I imagine he’s not the only one to have a girlfriend and yet sleep around. Not funny, now that is actually your opinion (nowhere have I heard that Dan = Fact), just like my opinion is that Jay hasn’t been funny in over 20 years.

  • Rob

    Leno is an $#@$#@ Conan and Letterman are a lot better. Conan can’t bring his signature stuff then (&*(&)$#$@ NBC use it he came up with it not NBC.

    • mishka

      You meant Big Jaw is an “acehole”? For sure he is.

  • Will S.

    Letterman has been having a blast with this, having fun and making it fun for viewers (and bringing back lost viewers in the process). Leno has been uncomfortable and nervous and just taking cheap shots that were not at all funny. Jay just nakes the same hostile joke about Letterman over and over again. He’s not making it fun. A real professional would seize this fun moment to bring back interest (and viewers) to late night programming.

    • DavidJ

      I’m sure the reason Jay isn’t comfortable firing back at Conan or Letterman is because he realizes deep down that he’s not in the right.

      You just know if the situation was reversed, and it was Letterman trying to push out HIS successor, then Leno would be piling on like crazy. Because it would be obvious who the douche was in this story.

    • Dan

      And Letterman isn’t making hostile jokes over and over? Please. Letterman is showing himself to be the A-hole he has always been, and I doubt its gonna bring back many viewers aside from some people on this board.

      • A

        Letterman’s doing a fine job at showing people the kind of person Leno really is.

      • frank

        Exactly right. Perhaps Dave is trying to milk this controversy for all it’s worth before Leno takes back his old time slot and kick the you know what out of him.

  • Mary

    If Leno’s feelings are hurt, he has nobody but himself to blame. He was actually the FIRST to get personal by bringing up Letterman’s scandal last Friday (not to mention stabbing Letterman in the back 17 years ago, after using Letterman’s “Late Night” to get more famous). Watching Letterman repay the insult in spades this week has been nothing short of GLORIOUS.

    • Dan

      Jay using Letterman to get more famous? Please. Letterman’s daytime show was an utter disaster, and for most the time they went head to head, Jay kicked his ass. Get the facts straight.

      • steve

        Dan, you do realize that Dave had a late show after his short lived morning show? (or in terms you can understand, like Jay’s short lived prime time show). And on this show, Jay Leno became a household name, which enabled him to guest host for Johnny, which then enabled him to, in succession, stab Johnny, Dave and finally Conan in their backs. Just the facts man.

      • Billy

        Why would you post that when you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about? Guess what, while Dave was hosting Late Night he had Jay on as a guest over 40 times. I’ll say it louder in case you didn’t hear. OVER 40 TIMES. They knew eachother when they both did standup in NY in the 70s which is why Dave put him on and gave him his big break. I’m thinking he got little bit more famous after 40 apearances. And those appearances are what got Leno the job as gueat host of the Tonight Show. So I’d say Dave had a lot to do with Leno’s success. And by the way, Dave’s morning show won 2 Emmy awards. While it definitely wasn’t a hit, it wasn’t an “utter disaster” either. Support Jay all you want. Just don’t make things up and talk out of your a$$.

      • Lay Jeno

        So how did Jay stab Dave in the back? By taking the Tonight Show job? Why wouldn’t he take it? Loyalty only goes so far then it starts becoming stupidity.

      • AC

        It took Jay two years of developing the Tonight Show before he started beating Dave in the ratings. Which ,if you are counting, is 1 year and 3 months longer than NBC gave Conan.

      • steve

        LayJeno, try reading the Late Shift for a little bit of background on your Jay

      • Billy

        He stabbed him in the back by campaigning for the job his “friend” was promised. I would almost give Jay a pass if it was the Tonight Show or nothing, but CBS was ready to hire Jay when everyone thought the Tonight Show was going to Dave. So he could have moved to CBS and started his own show or stay and go behind Dave’s back to get the Tonight Show. Because he had both options, yeah I’d say did some back stabbing.

      • Rebecca

        Yeah, Leno has kicked Letterman’s @ss for the majority of the time they went head-to-head at 11:35 p.m. Although I think that has something to do with the fact that Leno dumbs down his humor to appeal to the broadest possible audience (= lowest common denominator).

    • Coyote

      It may have been short-lived, but it did win an Emmy.

  • John Eustor

    what a ridicules waste of time…and he’s gonna get how much now?? how much did those soldiers that died in Iraq and Afghanistan get? How much do those people that risk their lives everyday for us get? How much do the rest of us get? What a stupid bunch of hypocrites we all are eh…and this life really is eh…wow…I can’t even imagine how and why the hell I ended up in this reality with the rest of you…

    • Luddite

      Are you Canadian, eh? But for serious, I can’t tell you how you ended up in this reality, but I can tell you that you got to this story by coming to ew.com and clicking on some links. If you want to avoid this kind of story, you might want to stay away from any publication with “entertainment” in its title. Eh?

    • Chase

      Seriously, dude? you’re on an entertainment site with that? what did you expect to find here? Nobody’s denying that there’s more important issues, but take that holier than thou BS someplace else if you dont like the topic.

    • rerun

      I love when people say teachers, soldiers, and policemen should be the ones making the big bucks. Remember that next time they mention raising taxes. If you want to be taxed more to make that happen, more power to you.

      • Billy

        If they made the big bucks most of the people currently holding those positions would never have gotten those jobs because people smarter and more qualified people would have wanted to become teachers, soldiers and policemen.

    • lloyd

      Exactly, Rerun. It’s probably people like John who b*tch about things like that but never put their money where their mouths are.

    • David

      Get back on your meds!!

    • Justin Safe

      If you stay in school and go to college, you won’t have to be a grunt soldier fighting in Afghanastan. Become an Officer!

      John get a life, please and an education!

    • Lala

      If you think it’s appropriate to talk about war and suffering on a site with ENTERTAINMENT in the title, there is something wrong with you.

  • ann


    • Charles

      Jay never even wants to be home with his wife. He’d rather be at work.

    • Chuckl

      Ann – Grow up and get your facts straight. Letterman wasn’t married when the “incident” occurred. You also need to learn how to use the “shift key.”

      • David

        The affair overlapped into the marriage!! Get your facts straight.

      • steve

        really David, there has been no confirmation of that, do you even realize when Letterman got married?

      • David

        Yes Steve, I do. March 23, 2009. Just google SCID lettermans affair and you’ll find scores of articles confirming what I wrote.

      • steve

        I have, and I have yet to see one refer to Letterman having an affair after he was married. Since you’re in the know, how about providing a definitive link.

      • JB

        @Steve – seriously, are you new to these interwebs? Maybe you should try Googling “Letterman affair driveway” to pull up all the articles about how Letterman was caught getting busy as late as August – MONTHS after he got married.

      • David

        You should do your own research Steve. Your’re so rabid in your defense of the angry degenerate you don’t want to let the small details, I.e. Facts retard your lack of information, which is the precise definition ignorance.

      • steve

        wow JB you got me, the only one claiming that he’s had an affair since he’s been married is the guy who was trying to extort me, must make it true. Kind of like if someone says Jay Leno is funny must make that trur too…

      • David

        Late shift MUST be true?

      • steve

        You know Jay, er David when you do research and it doesn’t support another parties claim, you ask them for their proof. But here’s some research for ya on your hero Jay


      • David

        Steve, you sound like one of his interns trying to protect him. They lived together for years and made a baby together, but in your progressive world if itakea me feel good then why not do it in the road?

      • steve

        believe what you want, but there would seem to be more truth to that (seeing then I don’t recall the outcome of that massive lawsuit Jay brought about after the book came out) vs a guy who is trying to stay out of jail

      • steve

        you must hate the rest of the world then if that bothers you so much, probably don’t have Jersey Shore on your must watch list

      • David

        No I don’t have jersey shore on my program, I watch programs that invoke thought and that have substance that some might say contribute to the elevation of the human mind. You probably blog on the huffington post and are a member of seiu.

      • steve

        you watch programs that provoke thought and have substance yet you watch Leno???? Must have missed that elevating of the human mind edition of Jaywalking

      • steve

        ah the joy that is Leno, from the AV Club “It’s misery, really, it is. Are there readers at AV Club who watch this crap more than, say, once a week? If so, I dunno how you do it. From the opening seconds, where Leno gets mobbed by the crowd like he’s some messiah, to 10@10, which is like an interview with a guest, but with awkward satellite pauses added in to kill any possible chemistry or rhythm, the whole experience was so dreadful, but I couldn’t even groan with displeasure. Not only is it dreadful, it’s boring. In the second segment on this primetime talk show, after his lame-ass monologue, Jay read cutesy future predictions by 10-year-olds off of cue cards. There’s nothing less cute than Jay Leno reading out kids’ letters. Kids themselves reading? Sure, that could be cute. Leno? No.”

    • Sluggo

      You must fit right into Jay’s 60 and over demo, what with the ALL CAPS message.

      • Dan

        And you must fit into Dave’s 14 and under mentality with your stupide joke. Get your jabs in now, jackass, cause Jay is gonna steamrole Dave once again.

      • Alan

        I love this Sluggo-Dan debate: According to you guys, Leno fans are 60+ and Letterman fans are under 15. So I guess the 15-59 years old are watching Conan! But it’s true: LENO IS NOT FUNNY.

    • steve

      one of the reasons Jay give in his “classy” retirement speech was that he wanted to take his wife to dinner before he turned 60, guess she’s gonna have to keep waiting

    • Rebecca

      Ann, your message leaves no doubt that you’re soundly within Jay’s target demographic…

  • Dasve

    I must be in the minority and being grateful to see Conan go. While I’ve found him funny at times (actually at his best in these final days), I find Leno more watchable in the long term. I used to religiously watch Letterman but tired of the repetitiousness after some number of years. He was better in the early days and lost something along the way. NBC messed early on by fixing something that wasn’t broken and the result… higher ratings for everyone concerned. Almost makes me think this was cooked up. NBC and Conan are laughing all the way to the bank this week. It has been HUGE fun to see Conan sticking it to the NBC brass, I’ll have to give you that.

    • Jaded

      here here! i couldn’t agree more! and the minority of which you belong is the percentage of those of us who have a legitimate sense of humor. no offense to the majority, but seriously…if you want genuine praise-worthy comic relief watch jon stewart or craig ferguson and you’ll be satisfied consistently and exponentially. those two (& perhaps stephen colbert as well)have raised the bar and are the true future of late night and any argument to the contrary would expose the unrefined and ignorant if i may be so bold.

      • Dan

        Ferguson is the best on late night. I would watch him over Jay, Dave, or Conan. As for these boards, as with a lot of issues commented on, the posters don’t reflect a majority of the viewers out there, else Conan would be doing a lot better.

      • @Jaded

        “any argument to the contrary would expose the unrefined and ignorant if i may be so bold.” Nah, what exposes the unrefined and ignorant is making statements like this.

  • Jo

    People still watch Jay Leno? Conan was the future and the only one who could compete with Letterman humor-wise– Leno is simply going to fizzle again, but this time they won’t have anything to blame but his terrible jokes.

    • Dan

      Compete with Dave? Jay kicked his ass on a regular basis. Don’t try to change history.

    • frank

      It’s your opinion and you belong to the minority. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) I only occasionally found Conan funny. The “puppies dressed as cats” bit was labeled as one of his best. I found it so pointless, juvenile, and stupid, that I stopped watching his show after that. I expect more from a comedian.

      Talk about juvenile, I’d rather watch Howard Stern than Conan. He had a show on channel 9 in NYC. It was one of the funniest shows ever. (I think it beat SNL in the ratings.)

  • bruceben9

    hey kate.insulting someone’s looks sounds alot like jealousy.

  • JWC

    I think Jay should retire with the money he has worked to hard to make all these years. Pushing a collegue away to get back his previous slot is not a gentleman should do. I watch Letterman’s show constantly, but never Leno’s show for many years.

  • WiseAmerican

    Conan is not funny. Leno is! Letterman is vulgar! Leno is much more decent!

    • Luddite

      You and Ann should get together and go bowling.

      • Z

        Or an early bird buffet?

    • JScout

      You think it’s decent to insult someone’s wife. Letterman’s jokes have been hard-hitting (and so, so funny), but they are directed at Leno, not his wife.

      • Dan

        If Dave can’t take it, he should get out of the kitchen. If Dave didn’t want jokes directed at his promiscuity, he should have kept it in his pants.

      • Todd

        That’s a lame excues, Dan, and you know it.

        I can’t say I blame Letterman is attacking Leno because not only does he feel backstabbed by him during their Tonight Show fight, but Leno was the only late night host who attacked him on his scandal.

        It’s one thing to attack one another, it’s another to insult the other’s wife, and that’s where Leno has gone too far (and done it with the cheapest jokes to boot).

      • rerun

        Do we know for a fact Dave can’t take it??? I think the Empire will just strike back harder now. You don’t want to get into a verbal fight with Letterman. He will kill Leno.

      • David

        Letterman is a angry, bitter, humorless crumudgin and deserves all the ridicule he gets.

      • Billy

        I don’t think Dave’s issues should necessarily be off limits. I just think the comments should be funny. Jay comes off mean spirited than anything else

    • Ian

      You must laugh hysterically at vanilla ice cream…

      • Justin Safe

        I prefer strawberry with whipped cream on top…

    • Mike

      Leno is safe and boring, which is what most of the sheep in America want. That is why he beat Letterman. Letterman challanges, as does Conan. But this crap has ended it for Leno. He has been shown to be a real backstabbing bastard and will not regain ratings. Letterman will dominate for a long time now.

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