David Letterman: Relentlessly mocking Jay Leno is 'just fun'

On last night’s The Late Show with David Letterman, the “chicken-hearted and gutless” (though he won’t speak for Conan O’Brien) host ripped on NBC executive Dick Ebersol, suggesting he focus on picking out sweaters for Olympics anchor Bob Costas instead of miring himself in NBC’s late-night disaster. Letterman’s not going to stop mocking Leno, either. “I’m telling jokes and making fun of Jay Leno relentlessly, mercilessly, simply for one reason: I’m really enjoying it.” [CROWD APPLAUDS WILDLY.] “It’s just fun!”

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  • Dan K

    I hope Dave has Conan on as guest the night Leno returns to The Tonight Show.

    • Sadie

      ooooh! i like that idea!

      • sara castic

        Oooooooooooooh me too! NOT!

      • sara castic is an idiot

        Dear Sara Castic. You are not an idiot.


      • sara castic is an idiot is an idiot

        Oh, and did I mention you’re an idiot???

      • Friendly Giant

        Really?? Still doing the “not” thing? You do realize Wayne’s World came out in 1992 right?
        You probably still answer the phone saying “wazzzzzzzzup”.

    • Mary

      Me too. Because even if Conan is legally forbidden from trashing NBC after he leaves, I don’t think they can stop him from nodding in agreement (or putting up the most token, sarcastic resistance) while Dave does it for him. And you KNOW Dave will do it for him. Shades of what happened after Norm MacDonald got canned.

      • rey

        i guarantee that will happen. he will go on any of his friends’ shows (kimmel, letterman, stewart, colbert). sit down. not say one word during the entire segment as the host rips nbc and jay a new one.

      • menu

        Yes because that’s soooooooo mature isn’t it?????

      • Kate

        Roughly as mature as your comment, menu.

      • %

        EPIC FAIL at clever sarcasm Kate.

      • genius

        That would be delicious!

      • @kate

        Kate, don’t you have a baby to change or dishes to wash????

      • Mr. Eko

        @% “EPIC FAIL” is pretty tired son.
        @kate You must be an older Jay-lover lacking in wit.

    • Selur Eht

      Get over it all you Coco-tards!!!

      • DJ

        oh…you so funny

      • Selur Eht

        Thank you.

      • dgh

        Did you think of that all by your self man your clever…

      • @dgh

        Actually it’s *you’re*. Apparently you are NOT the authority on being clever.

      • @@dgh

        Hahahahaha!!! It’s not “you’re” you retard! It’s just suppose to be “yourself”! Nice try at trying to be intelligent! What a freaking idiot! Everyone can tell that “sara castic”, “menu”, “%”,”@kate”, “Selur Eht”, is the same jobless douche-bag who still lives in their parents basement!

      • sara castic, menu, %,@kate,Selur Eht

        Ummmmm……….okayyyyyyy…..yeah okay you got us. And actually it is *you’re* genius!!

      • ktct

        Folks, “you’re” is contraction for, “you are”.

      • SARRY

        “your” is right. “You’re” means “you are”. So its your self, not you are self.

      • debtfree

        Would’nt it be *you’re*…as in “you are” clever?? I’m certainly no English major lol, just curious.

      • @-@@dgh

        @@dgh… you have the nerve to talk about someone else how about you use your own name to post a comment…stop using someone elses already established name to post nonsense.

      • More like…

        “I know you are but what am I?”
        Kids, kids!

      • %

        LOL LOL…and how did my “name” get involved in this??? HA!

      • text

        Really? We are discussing grammar? Really?

      • rooster


      • M.R. in L.A.

        It’s not some jobless douche…It’s Jeff Zucker’s personal assistant who thinks being a jobless douche sounds like a step up right about now.

      • kate

        @kate. You are a male chovanist butthead!

    • Celia

      That is so good. I hope it happens. Please let it happen. I usually watch everything, but Leno anyways, but that would be perfect.

    • Jason

      Dave should have on Conan & Andy, Rosie O’Donnell, Howard Stern & Bradford Marsalis on the show and roast Gay Leno. Dick Ebersol is a hatchet man, i hope his other son dies.

      • kes

        over a bad timeslot, you want a man’s son dead? what kind of person gets that troubled over some dumb TV matter would wish such horrible things?

      • bro

        Okay, not funny.

    • Sophia

      Ooh! That would be a great idea! With Rick Gervis to rub it in a little more!

      • I heart Ricky

        Ricky has been hilarious on every show he has been on lately. I love him!

    • Amy

      You sir are brilliant!

      • Amy

        Dan K, that is.

    • Rosalie

      WOW for Letterman. He can make all the fun he wants of Leno, truth is Leno beat him, not only at the ratings game, but also at the job Letterman felt entitled to. Yes, Jay Leno is a nice guy and that’s why my friends and I watch him. For anyone blaming Jay for all this mess, or the decision that Jay got the Tonight Show and not David Letterman, go study Corporate America. You will find out that they are both merely employees of their corporations. It is the top execs who make those decisions that the rest of us don’t understand. Letterman is a sore looser. As for the whole excuse that Conan needs more time to get his ratings up. Really? Now adays the networks want ratings from the get go. Look and see how many shows survive because their numbers are not good. Conan should have never asked for the Tonight Show until it was offered to him. Conan felt entitled to it instead of being grateful that NBC made him who he is. Instead he wanted his gratification or he would walk. Just like the networks want their instant “hits” based on rating, Obrien wanted his instant gratification. I hope they don’t pay him a penny for leaving. NBC should just offer to move the Tonight Show to 1205 and let Conan keep the show. If Conan refuses too, then he can walk away and NBC can save those millions. Its sad because if and when I’m up that late, I prefer Letterman over Conan which is not saying much.

      • Dave

        I’m with ya. Conan was a spoiled brat then and now…didn’t earn the Tonite Show spot in the first place and the ratings bore that out. And now he’s throwing another tantrum and leaving…Losing jobs for all those people who moved with him (severance, big deal) because he can’t su-k it up and move a half hour later for still what would be enormous money. If we all quit everytime our bossess messed with us, we’d be on the street, but he has the luxury to act like a big baby and stomp his way to another network.

      • SS

        No, you’re wrong. Leno may have led the ratings by a SLIM margin most of the time, but 1) critics and the industry respect Dave’s comedy and art much more than anything’s Leno has done, and view him as the real hero in late night; and 2) Leno only had slightly higher viewship because this country is more than half brainless nitwits (or teenagers) who don’t like thought-provoking television, because they don’t GET IT.

      • SaraJean

        Leno may have led the ratings by a SLIM margin most of the time, but 1) critics and the industry respect Dave’s comedy and art much more than anything’s Leno has done, nominate him for prestigious awards, and view him as the real hero in late night (quoted from Jon Stewart); and 2) Leno only had slightly higher viewship because this country is more than half brainless right-wing nitwits (or teenagers) who don’t like thought-provoking television, because they don’t GET IT. Go Letterman.

      • Sheri

        NBC shouldn’t have made the deal with Conan 6 years ago if they weren’t going to honor it. Just because they are a corporation and ratings are the driving force of their business doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be held to their word. They should take the hit for their bad decisions. That’s the way business works. (Well business that abides by any integrity at all, which clearly isn’t the case here.)

        Nevermind that Leno is getting rewarded (essentially) for having a show nobody watched.

    • skiiboski

      bow to me y’all, f’get ’bout connan and davey

    • sadiesue

      Excellent! That would be Dave’s Hugh Grant!!!! Go get ‘em, Dave!

    • Damion

      THAT would be frakkin’ awesome!

    • Ella

      GREAT idea, Dave K, to have Conan on Letterman when Leno debuts. Brilliant. Thank you, Mr. L, for saying it like it is. Good luck, Conan. You’ll be back with your own show but Jay will be long gone–the guy simply doesn’t know when to leave. I’m bettin’ Jay’ll be shown the door sooner than he or NBC thinks.

    • CMAquarii

      I think I remember reading an article where David Letterman asked Leno to come onto his show on Conan’s first day and he said he wouldn’t do it (probably because Letterman would just mock the heck outta him anyway) because it would be disrespectful to Conan…

      My how times have changed.

    • jerry

      Dan K,
      Do you have a problem with Jay Leno?

  • kenny

    I thought his impression of Dick Ebersol (a flatulent old fool)was hilarious. NBC execs are one step above chimps.

    • Chappel

      I also liked his spot-on and hilariously high pitched Leno voice.

    • Buckeye Brent

      Above chimps?

    • Chris

      Actually saying that NBC execs are above chimps is an insult to chimps.

      • Dick Ebersol

        So, you are saying I am really smart, evem smarter than the chimps, who are clearly smarter than my audience who prefers Jay Leno?

    • Dave

      I don’t know, Kenny. Chimps are pretty smart…

  • Jack

    Leno tweaked Dave last night in his monologue…I’d love to see Jay ramp it up and have these two go after each other every night.

    • matt

      Leno doesn’t have the balls.

      • It’s true

        So that’s why he’s got no kids!

      • Janet

        disgusting and uncalled for

      • mary

        janet its called a sense of humor. get one

      • JR

        Janet has no sense of humor, she’s a Leno fan.

      • O

        @JR.. LOL

      • Dammit Janet

        OH SNAP

      • Celia

        Yes he does…they’re just on his chin.

      • skiiboski

        nah, dem be zucker’s balls on leno’s chin

  • Elizabeth

    Yeah, who the HELL is Dick Ebersol? What is NBC sports anymore? Notre Dame football, the Olympics (which he’s ruined) and figure skating-to-insert band here programming. Yeah, if Conan is an epic failure, what does that make you Mr. Ebersol.

    Shut up and figure out how you lost the NBA and NFL full time?

    • BW

      NBC sports has this little program called “Sunday Night Football” Consistently is high on the ratings. So I guess thats a success. Notre Dame football is pretty big too, since the Irish are fiercely loyal. They have the NBA as well as NHL hockey games of the week. And I don’t understand how you are saying he ruined the Olympics. I understand this is an entertainment site, and a lot of you posters don’t know a basketball from a football, but the fact is NBC sports has a lot of stuff. And losing the NBA full time is fine, its ratings are falling anyway.

      • danrydell

        NBC sports has “a lot of stuff”? Notre Dame football, losing interest and viewers by the second. NHL is not a big TV draw. Sunday Night Football is a terrible production, testing the patience of even the most loyal football fan.

    • BlackIrish4094

      You don’t know shit about Notre Dame boyo. Consistently tremendous ratings so I think not. Plus the ratings on Sunday night football don’t support your point (although it suffers when the game is a bad matchup which is natural).

  • Wendy

    Love Dave and Conan :) Jay Leno is a giant boob

    • take that

      …….who for years whipped Dave’s butt in the ratings…..

      • SenorPlaid

        Proving that no one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public, as H.L. Mencken said.

      • x x

        Whatever Senor…..facts are facts.

      • Yellow Mustard

        H. L Mencken, H.L. Schmencken……..ratings-wise Jay continually handed Letterman’s behind to him on a silver platter.

      • Except

        …except for those first two or three.

      • Mir

        Leno got ratings but he’s been trashed by critics and fellow comedians since day 1 of Dave’s CBS debut.
        Leno’s been always regarded as the inferior one when it comes to talent and originality.
        If I were a comedian I wouldn’t evny Leno’s ratings at all.

      • wgn

        Oh YES you would. Get real, everybody envies those ratings whether they like him or not!

      • Sean

        The people who harp on Jay beating Dave all these years are missing the point — the job of the “Tonight Show” host is to BURY the competition, not fight them for number one. Johnny destroyed every late-night show that challenged him, and Jay turned late-night from a one-network kingdom into a three-network democracy. He was number one, but his success wasn’t as comprehensive as his fans would like to believe.

      • thanks for the laugh

        Ha! Are you kidding me, number one is number one no matter how you try to spin it!!

      • John

        And McDonald’s makes the greatest hamburger in the world so that’s why they are No. 1.

      • @sean

        Yes, and Conan did a reallllllll good job of burying the competition as host of the Tonight Show didn’t he???

      • Dean

        Well said Sean.

      • heat

        Sorry, STILL number ne whether you like it or not!

      • heat


      • NASH

        Oh please, if Dave had been winning in the ratings this ridiculous attempt to explain why someone is first in ratings wouldn’t even be taking place.

      • Club

        I never expect reasoned debate on the Internet (particularly on a pop entertainment site) but let’s give it a shot, shall we?

        There’s little doubt that Leno consistently beat Letterman in the ratings post Hugh Grant. But giving sole credit to Leno’s talent is short-sighted.

        From the mid-90’s onward, Leno had a much stronger lead-in from both NBC’s prime time line-up AND local newscasts. (In 3 of the Top 10 Nielsen markets, NBC commonly won the late local news battles. CBS and ABC accounted for a couple slots with the rest populated by reruns on Fox/CW/Independent stations.) Leno was also heavily promoted during the NBC prime time line-up while Letterman (after much public whining) finally got a spot immediately before the start of the late local news in 1998. (Too little, too late.)

        Contextually, Leno and Letterman’s show (and audiences) were much different. That means the ad revenues were also much different. Ratings are the swimsuit competition, ad revenue (both national and local) is the talent. In this case, it’s a draw as Letterman got the younger demos and Leno the older. (Letterman viewers bought more crap, Leno viewers bought expensive crap.)

        Fast forward to 2009. The NBC prime time line-up is much weaker across the board while CBS is much stronger (in early prime). Leno’s prime time show further fractured the audience, causing local affiliates to lose viewers. Few viewers for late local news means few viewers for Conan. Letterman’s numbers have largely remain unchanged although he has seen a bump (probably from disaffected “Tonight Show” fans).

        When Leno resumes the “Tonight Show” in March, the ratings playing field wll be much more level with neither host having an obvious advantage. Letterman gets the edge from CBS’ early prime but Leno will get a boost from the controversy. Tie game.

        For those of you arguing the talent of Leno versus the talent of Letterman: Who gives a rat’s ass what you like. I watch what I want. If you think Leno is clever, I won’t quote lines from “Arrested Development”.

      • YAWNNNNNN!

        Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..I bet your snotty condescending tone is the only thing keeping you warm at night.

      • Club’s comments are pretentious and tedious!

        If you are so above pop entertainment sights then why are you here???

      • booo

        Ratings doesn’t mean quality. Jay is “comedy for dummies”… And luckily, America has LOTS of dummies.

      • Justa Notherguy

        Well said and fairly, Club.
        Duncan Dickie Ebersol (real name) is a prototypical broadcasting ‘suit’ – a wholly political creature with no appreciation for the content. He who climbed to power by clinging to an old-timer (Roone Arledge) like a leech and now maintains that power by sucking up to whichever network bigwig has the board’s ear, at the moment. In short, he’s a near clone of his ‘pal’, Zucker, right down to starting out as lowly sports researchers.
        Ebersol’s supposed creative legacy is total baloney. He didn’t invent Notre Dame football coverage, but is merely NBC’s current bagman in charge of schmoozing with the school’s sports admin. His Sunday Night Football is a horizontal port of ABC’s ancient Monday Night show. And for all of the talk about Dickie’s ‘saving’ SNL, check the records. He took it off life-support only to create a weird, zombie-like show…and, then, nearly kill it again. Murphy (and, to a lesser extent, Piscopo) kept it going, not Ebersol.

        Oh – and you might ask Al Franken about the value of Dick’s word.

        As to Mr. Leno, see my related remarks, here.: http://bit.ly/6fqoA3

      • Annie

        The ratings argument is an argument I understand but fail to see how it makes a point solving the problem of “which is better”. Just because more people watch something doesn’t mean that that thing is quality.

        Humor is subjective. Leno has a very broad sense of humor so he appeals to a very broad number of people. Letterman’s humor is less broad. It’s a type of humor that appeals to fewer people. The fact that his humor appeals to fewer people doesn’t mean he’s not as good or better than Leno in quality.

        I mean, Two and a Half Men is the highest rated comedy show on TV but it sucks. It’s a show with very broad humor, though, so it appeals to a very wide audience. And, let’s be honest, stuff with mass appeal usually (though surely not always) blows because no real effort goes in to making the product unique or high quality.

      • Club

        Annie, you’re exactly right. 12+ ratings mean absolutely nothing to TV execs and advertisers; they care about specific demos. Jay’s prime time show is fairly cost efficient (in comparison to scripted dramas) which make his 12+ numbers acceptable…but he wasn’t delivering the key 18-34 (male) and 35-54 (female) demos desired by advertisers. If 1/3 of NBC’s local affiliates dropped Leno in prime time (as was threatened), his 12+, 18-34 and 35-54 numbers would bottom out.
        The main reason Leno is headed back to late night (and Letterman has remained in late night so long) is not talent per se but ability to deliver an audience in the demos desired by their advertisers.
        Coco t-shirts and Ebersole rants and Kimmel attacks and “talent” mean nothing; ad revenues mean everything.

      • Club

        For the others: as I said, reasoned debate on the Internet is never expected.

        Fart boob poop. There, is that better?

  • UGH

    Go Dave!

  • Tom

    Oh, brother. Am I the only one who’s getting tired of these overpaid white guys going after each other night after night? I mean, they’re TALK SHOW HOSTS. Conan didn’t do the job he was supposed to do, Leno stinks but has a loyal following and Letterman cheating on his wife ultimately has led to the ratings he has now (plus it didn’t hurt that much of America is creeped out by O’Brien).

    • Tom Brazelton

      For someone who is tired of the controversy, you sure have a lot of opinions about the hosts.

      • Anonymous

        Hey I prefer people consuming this as entertainment as appose to something that is simply none of their business. Like say, Tiger Woods marital issues.

      • Tiger

        Tiger Woods gets paid to have people to pay attention to him. That’s where his millions come from, companies using his name because people will pay attention when they hear it. So boo hoo if people are paying attention now.

      • Penn

        You can have opinions on the hosts and still be tired of the stupidity surrounding this charade.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, tiger gets paid for people paying attention to something he does professionally. The same way the issue of the tonight show is about something Conan and Jay do professionally. So far the only ones that I know of who make a profession out of their love life is the contestants who appear on those moronic dating shows.

    • Chappel

      There is no evidence, and there are no serious accusations that Letterman cheated on his wife. You might be better off sticking to the facts.

      • Byron

        What planet do you live on? Here’s a fact, it comes straight from Letterman. He cheated – watch it on youtube:

      • Ron

        you mean besides his confession?

    • Jon

      What does being white have to do with anything?

      • x x

        Ummmmmmm….they are white.

      • Hank

        It’s not women, it’s not a diversified group, it’s just rich white guys. I get the point.

      • Celia

        I know all the minorities (Chelsea Handler, Mo’Nique, George Lopez, Craig Ferguson-he’s Scottish)with talk shows sure aren’t involved in this mess.

    • corkee

      I happen to like middle aged white guys. They’re sexy.

      • june

        Yeah, especially Leno.

      • Khristina


      • middle aged white guy

        Thanks corkee!

      • june


    • BlackIrish4094

      Racist much? Wow, I am so over all these overpaid black athletes having kids out of wedlock and pointing guns at each other.I’m also tired of people who would cry racism the other way throwing out “white guy” comments.

      • Celia

        HOW is “white guy” racist?! They’re white and they are male! It’s just a fact!

      • hmmmmmm?

        Wow BlackIrish4094, you showed us. I guess two wrongs DO make a right huh?????

      • bill94545


  • Toli

    This man is simply a broadcasting genius.
    Dave is just so marvelously good and natural.

  • terry

    I still wonder how Letterman would have felt if Leno and the other late night comics had been this relentless when Dave had his little affairs. Letterman was the show I usually watched(don’t even have NBC or ABC) but I’m getting tired of this. I’ve been watching Raymond reruns instead.

    • Brian C.

      Umm, they were… Moron.

      • Jay

        I watch late:
        1st Letterman
        2nd Leno
        3rd anything but Connan
        4th Craig
        5th, not much for Jimmy K or that MTV guy.

        The Chealsea Lately Fox talk show, is real nice but her standing co-horts lack a lot.

      • Onel

        Wow Brian C, why so much anger?? Are you employed by Conan?

      • Moonllama

        Ha ha. Word, Brian. Jay did his very unfunny best to tear Dave a new one. Conan and Dave are hilarious. Jay’s the only one that I just think is Laaaaaaaame and completely unfunny.

      • Jargonista

        And speaking of laaaaaaaaaame Moonllama, for future reference no one in the know uses “word” anymore. It’s sooooooooo 1990’s!

      • suliame


      • exasperated

        ummm no they weren’t, moron. None of the late-night hosts turned up the heat on Letterman, especially not in the horribly personal way he’s doing now against Leno. And this is despite the fact that what Letterman did is so much more disgusting and morally wrong.

      • Soda Pop

        It’s true that the other hosts weren’t as brutal on Letterman. Conan and Kimmel both respect Letterman on a deeper level. Letterman came on Conan’s show back when Conan was just starting and nobody even knew him. So why is everyone so brutal on Leno? It’s kind of simple: Leno has tendencies of being insecure, selfish, and a complete phony. Rosie O’Donnell has said this and Howard Stern has said this repeatedly. George Lopez mentioned a few years back that Leno’s a back-stabber. But we never believed them because Leno is quite good at pretending to be the “nice guy”. Some guys are just clever like that.

      • Emma

        Oh, yes, Jargonista, and keeping up with- and caring about- “What the kids are saying” isn’t lame at all. Word it up, Moonllama. Word it right on up.

      • Jargonista

        Ahhh yes Emma, and YOU caring so much about what I have to say about what SOMEONE else says is TOTALLY not lame at all right? ‘Fess up, you’re really

      • Jargonista

        ‘FESS up, you’re really Moonllama in drag aren’t you Emma?

    • Richard

      Nobody ever expected Letterman to be anything more than a bottom feeder.

    • Kate

      Hmmmm, attacking a man for his personal life, or attacking a man actively involved in screwing with the late night television landscape, affecting other hosts and their crews. Yeah, totally the same thing.

      Not that I don’t think Leno could have jumped on it – except we saw with his lame attempt at getting back at Letterman and Conan that he just don’t have the comedic chops.

    • choy

      Leno i knew made fun of Letterman. but Conan has been always gracious and respectful towards Dave and never made one comment about the affair and confession. if you didn’t watch the news or anything else except Conan at that time, you wouldn’t even have known of the affair. Conan kept a picture of Letterman along with Johnny Carson at the side of his desk while doing Late Night as a sign of respect to those who look up to in the business

  • @Tom

    Did I detect some racism in your comment?

    • take that

      It just sounds like Tom is sick of silly rich white people arguing about stupid things when there are more important things going on in the world.

      • BlackIrish4094

        And what does white have to do with it? Because all other races are doing a bang up job? The world is equal opportunity stupid, stop singling out white people you racist.

      • take that


      • hmmmmmm?

        Take that…..grow up!!!!

  • CanCan

    I think Conan is acting like a little baby. He should just shut up and move on. Jay has so much more class then him.

    • allie

      Yeah, that’s why Jay is one of the most hated men in the entertainment business.

      • Kate

        Hmmmm, how do you define class? Cause methinks you and I have different definitions. To me, the classy thing would have been for Jay to retire once his primetime show failed, rather than publicly stating he would go back to the Tonight Show months before it was offered back to him. That undermined NBC’s commitment to Conan, knowing Leno was in the wings waiting to return. Just to be clear: NBC is at fault for this disaster because of their atrocious mishandling of the situation from 2004 on – but to say Leno has been classy? Just my opinion, but I really disagree.

      • Kate

        Whoops, this reply was to CanCan, not Allie.

      • Jess

        I don’t know where you get your info from but Jay is apparently one of the most liked people in the industry and also respected for his work ethic. The fact that most people are on Team Conan is because of this recent mess at NBC and even then, I haven’t read or heard anyone IN the industry hate on Jay…other than Letterman of course but he’s just a bitter old man.

      • @allie

        Yeah right allie “Jay is one of the most hated men in the entertainment business”? Really???? I guess that’s why he’s NEVER able to get celebrity guests on his show, especially all the A-listers right??? Stop making up ridiculous statements please .

    • choy

      yeah, so much more class thats why he just decided to steamroll all over Conan and his show while Conan refused to do the same to Jimmy Fallon. that class for you

  • Mary

    This week must have been so cathartic for Dave. 17 years after being knifed in the back by Leno, he’s finally vindicated in watching Leno do it again. It’s quite a shame this had to come at Conan’s expense.

    • Eman Ruoy

      Nope sorry, he just continues to sound like a bitter old man. Gee whiz Dave, get over it already!!!!!!!!!

      • Mary in North Carolina

        I hope you’re that cheerful when one of your coworkers stabs YOU in the back! Especially if you helped promote them in the first place (as Letterman did for Leno when he hosted Late Night)!

      • jackson

        Hey Mary, of course when it first happens it’s expected that you would be angry but if you can’t get over it after 17 looonnnnng years then you have a problem.

      • reno

        Oh Mary pleeeease if you couldn’t get over it after a couple of DECADES, then you need therapy.

      • ohio

        Actually reno it was only 17 years, not quite two decades, but I get your point. LOL

      • Lisa

        How can everyone blame Leno for what happened 17 years ago at NBC? Sure, he might have gone after the Tonight Show job but why shouldn’t someone try and pursue his dream job? If Letterman wanted it so much then he should have gone after the position harder. Should Leno have just said ‘no, it’s ok. I don’t want to host the Tonight Show – just give it to Letterman.’? No of course not! Besides, it’s not like he “stabbed Letterman in the back” – NBC is the one who made the final decision to pass on Letterman. NBC, as in the network who owns the Tonight Show and makes all the decisions, not Leno.

      • reno

        Ha ha. Thanks ohio, math has never been my friend. Lol

  • Barak

    Go ahead Dave,
    The USA already knows what an azz hole you really are. So the only thing turns you on is someone else’s troubles? We thought it was the interns you were porking instead of your wife.

    BTW: Your show would have gained 6 points in the ratings years ago if you were smart enough to dump nimrod Paul.

    • liame aiv

      Wow isn’t it time for Dave to move on already??? He lost out to Leno 17 years ago, enough already with the whining.

      • Ron

        then lost to leno every day for 15 years.

  • Mir

    A man whose hobby is backstabbing his late night colleagues deserves to be mocked mercilessly by his late night colleagues.

    • Don


    • Megan

      Why is going after your dream hosting gig considered ‘stabbing someone in the back’? Are you saying you would refuse a promotion at work simply because someone else wanted it? If they want it so much then they should work for it. Even if you think Letterman and Conan got shafted, it was by NBC.

  • Lance

    I don’t get it. Conan O’Brien sucks as the host of The Tonight Show & they decide to replace him. It happens to be that Leno, who had the highest ratings when he was doing the show, agreed to return to it. I repeat: “Conan O’Brien sucks as the host of the Tonight Show!” I’ve stopped watching his show after the first few episodes. I don’t get his comedy, he’s not funny, and he creeps me out. Period.

    • the realist

      “…agreed to return to it.” Don’t make me laugh. Leno never wanted to go to 10pm and when it failed he couldn’t wait to get out of there. Don’t try to paint him as some saint who’s doing a favor for nbc. He was the one who agreed to retire. When his time was over, he should have just walked away like Carson did. But showing any type of class, well that’s not leno.

    • choy

      Leno sucks. stopped watching him 15 years ago. his jokes are the same thing over and over. and Kevin Eubanks is just annoying as hell, you can tell his laughter is fake, and he is commanded by Jay to laugh at every joke because no one will laugh at the same old jokes for 17 years.

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