Jon Stewart whips out a Bible on Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson

On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart delved into more serious matters after comparing petrified Sarah Palin in the face of Glenn Beck to Silence of the Lambs‘ Clarice Starling (brilliant), with a segment recapping Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson‘s reactions to the earthquake in Haiti. It’s hard to find a way to snark off a catastrophe, but mind-boggling comments from Limbaugh and Robertson made Stewart’s job that much easier. He even got to practice his Bible recitation after he told Robertson to shut his piehole. (Then, randomly, he attacked…Rachel Maddow?! What’s she doing in there?)

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  • Jason

    One of the things I most appreciate about Stewart is when the left messes up he doesn’t pull his punches. I’m as liberal as he is, and unlike our counterparts on the right, we can admit when our side screws up.

    • Tom

      Unfortunately you are the exception, not the rule. Neither side will admit when they screw up. The left always blames the right-wing nuts (or Fox News). The right always blames liberal left-wing wackos or the news media.

      • LD

        Be careful with “always,” as Jason clearly demonstrated that neither side “always” behaves one way or another.

      • Ambient Lite

        So true.

      • Any other theories out there?

        I’d be impressed if he mentioned Danny Glover’s claim that the earthquake was the result of no agreement on global warming in Copenhagen. Or is that too taboo to joke about? “Climate Change” is the doctrine of the new generation of pseudo-religious wackos. Just take anything Robertson says and replace “God” with “Mother Nature” and then replace gays or the devil or whoever is being blamed that day with “climate change deniers”. Deism is so pre-21st century!

    • Amanda

      Agreed, Jason! I too am as liberal as can be, but I like that Stewart calls other liberals out on their crap when it happens.

      • Dwight Schrute

        Stewart only BARELY calls out the crap of liberals, and only the worst liberals like Blaggo. He is a lapdog of the president.

      • Cleetus

        Danny Glover did not say that earthquakes are the result of no agreement on climate change. He said that the Caribbean region is at risk from many things including earthquakes and climate change and the international community either acts too slowly or not at all to do anything about those risks.

    • Johnification

      Yeah, remember when Obama gave the Afghanistan speech that sounded eerily like a Bush Iraq speech? One of my favorite Stewart segments, and my heart bleeds as blue as they come.

      • Kate

        Exactly, Stewart has actually been quite critical of Obama in a number of areas. Anyone who watches his show more than once knows that while he definitely leans left, his bread and butter is politicians and news pundits saying and doing idoitic things – regardless of their political affiliation.

      • Dwight Schrute

        The only thing Stewart goes after Obama on is how he could be doing better. Wow, that’s quite an insult! Hard hitting criticism there!

      • Ambient Lite

        Schrute, what else WOULD he call him out on? It’s not like he’s controversial or inflammatory.

      • Steve

        Yes because when he criticized Bush his goal was to have Bush do worse.

    • Jeremy

      I’m a conservative Christian who votes Republican and probably applauded John’s segment as much as anyone. I just ask that you please don’t judge all of us by the comments of these two. They’re sort of like the racist grandpa or boozy uncle – we may have to live with them being at the family reunion, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay in the room when they start ranting. However – since they’re never going to say it themselves – please accept my apologies for the mean-spirited comments of my idiot relatives.

      • heidi

        Exactly, Jeremy. Thanks for sharing your analogy and apology. :o)

      • Doug

        I agree – no one should judge a group by the rantings of the fringe, but it is the responsibility of the less fringe elements to call those people out and chastise them. On ALL sides of issues. And not the quilfied calling out that we too often see but a public calling out that simply says that what was said was wrong, period.

      • Aaron

        14 million listeners per week are staying in the room

      • RodrigoN

        What an impostor you are Jeremy, shame on you, … and you idiots believe him? I’ve witnessed corruption, Wall Street/Twin Towers were corrupt…NOLA was VERY corrupt, you know? Did you ever accepted invitations to go watch live sex and orgies? NOLA & GROUND ZERO had those kinds of places… well, God ALLOWED/CHAOS destruction for some reason in these areas… what do you guys think God is? Why can’t He intervene? what do you think, evil and corruption are amusement for God? give a break morons…

      • Karen

        I certainly don’t compare Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh (oh…my brain hurts now) to any other “Christian” people I know, but what is so troubling is that they have so much influence and that they incite so many of us. A very dangerous situation.

    • Tom M.

      I’ve never heard anyone from the left admit a screw-up. As for Rush, I heard his comments first-hand. He never ever said not to donate to Haiti.

  • Matthew

    The smartest words to ever leave Stewart’s mouth were said while he quoted the Bible. He would do well to continue that.

    • Mark

      He’s Jewish. Duh.

      • John

        Hello! Old Testament!

      • Luke

        For the win.

      • Mary Magdalen

        Now you’re done!

      • Kevin J. Garvey

        I’m Irish what the the hell does that mean?…show some compassion and donate some help!

    • cpierson

      I agree that he should quote the Bible whenever some right-wing pseudo-Christian gasbag goes off like that. It shows them for the mendacious hyprocrites they are.

      • Jam

        cpierson, Mendacious hypocrites? Wow, then are you for Scott Brown winning the Massachusetts sentat seat tin order to crrect the gov’t machine back to having checks and balances instead of a Liberal Majority smearing our country with unjust decisions

    • rc

      I think Pat Robertson has proven that reading and quoting the Bible don’t really make any individual smarter.

      • Happy Go Lucky

        It sure as hell doesn’t make any more Christian.

      • ernie

        It can if your heart is in the right place! In other words not to bolster your own pride or to twist it to fit your agenda. Don’t judge a book that changed millions of lives for the better on a few psychos and imperfect people.

      • Fairportfan

        As my wife is fond of pointing out, if the Carpenter Rabbi came back, he’d have a hard time recognising his teachings in the Church Saul of Tarsus created after his epileptic fit on the Damascus road…

        (The way that the vaguely Dionysian sect that was based on Yeshua bar Yussef’s teachings Pauline Heresy was perverted into a charismatic Appolonian religion is one of the worst disasters that has ever afflicted mankind.)

    • Bobby’s Robot

      You don’t mean “the smartest” – you mean the ones with which you agree. He’s a very smart, perceptive (and funny) man.

      • Desiree

        well bobby, I guess he tries had then to prove otherwise

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Again, just because you don’t agree with him doesn’t mean he’s not smart.

    • Elizabeth

      It should have gone Matthew, Mark, Luke, then John… or at least that’s how I learned them :)

      • Ambient Lite

        LOL, nice!

    • Job

      The term “jawbone of an a$$” comes to mind…

  • Ace

    Sad that Jon Stewart apparently knows far more about the Bible than a religious leader like Pat Robertson.

    • hosieo

      Did you notice how Mr. Stewart was ‘reading the Bible’? He forgot to look down and turn the pages. Maybe Mr. Stewart was reading from another source. ??? If Mr. Stewart is truly ‘Jewish’ he would consider Deuteronomy 28. But, truly, he used the Bible to make HIS point.

      • Paul

        “Did you notice how Mr. Stewart was ‘reading the Bible’? He forgot to look down and turn the pages.”

        It’s called a teleprompter, you idiot. When you’ve got a tightly scripted 22 minute block of time to fill, you don’t really have time to flip through a massive bible and find the correct passage once you find the page.

        The fact that he didn’t read DIRECTLY from the book shouldn’t make the point any less invalid. I’m pretty sure the Bible verses should be the same regardless of where they’re printed.

  • waya

    Jon Stewart. . .FTW!!!

  • dgh

    So tonight Jon will take Danny Glover to task for what he said about the earthquake and it being caused by global warming??

    • jc

      Really???? Umm, not even close to the same thing

    • Johnification

      The difference: while a stretch, some random scientific theory could tie tectonic shifts with melting ice-caps or something (again, a stretch). “Cursed by Satan”? Not even remotely close to the weirdest scientific theory.

    • Hans Krugger

      As an environmental geologist I find it bloody amazng that we listen to anything said by ACTORS! They are experts on NOTHING except “dress up and pretend”. Much the same is true of politicians and talk show hosts.

      As for Pat Roberston – You can fix almost anything with a swiss army knife. Just give me 5 minutes alone with him in a locked room and I would fix him for good.

      • Ron

        Are ACTORS not able to read the same books you did to get your degree or read and comprehend research papers/studies done by your peers? if he said he derived his thoughts based on his own research on geology you can insult him. but like most somewhat intelligent humans actors can read and form an opinion on the research done by others. you don’t need a masters degree to be informed so please get over your perceived mental superiority.

  • nointrospec

    The meaness and cruelty of these two takes your breath away. It takes a lot to shock me, but they can do it effortlessly. And Robertson does it in the name of God! This is why the rest of the world thinks these hard right wing guys are nuts. And they have followers who agree with them! Like Stewart said, have they read the Bible?

  • Jon

    Did whoever wrote this post watch the segment? Maddow deserved to get slammed for taking the tragedy in Haiti and using it to simultaneously shill for Obama and slam Bush. She’s just as much a partisan hack as Rush, although in all fairness, she’s still sane, unlike Robertson.

    • Peach

      Maddow means well and I appreciate that she’s very smart, but damn she’s annoying. She’s just as smug and condescending as Rush, O’Reilly, and all those other clowns.

      • hardybear

        She would have to marinate in smug and condescending for decades to even approach Rush or O’Reilly, actually

    • natalie

      I thought the same thing, Jon (Stewart? lol.). While Jon is left leaning, he doesn’t have a problem pointing out when the liberal media screws up too. Maddow was wrong to use the tragedy the way she did.
      For long time viewers, we know that Jon tries to deal out the criticism fairly (he’s gotten even better at it in the last couple years). He criticizes MSNBC alot, CNN regularly, and of course FOX. Whomever he thinks is doing BS reporting, he calls them out.

  • Renee

    I like hearing the Bible quoted in the public square.

  • Ambient Lite

    Stewart to crazed nutbags Robertson and Limbaugh: “Of all the things you could draw on from your religion…look how big your book is!”
    Robertson is a sad old man. Rush is wrong. Those who count themselves among their followers should carefully consider their own Ideology.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      That’s a good point – one wonders if their followers can perpetually justify the repellent things these guys continue to say. Do Rush’s fans all really listen to that and say “Yeah!” or do some say “Hey, wait a minute!”

      • Jason

        The scary part is so many people DO follow them blindly. I live in NJ, and am TERRIFIED of what we’re going to be dealing with Bush III coming into office as our governor. It’s hard to imagine that there are so many people who see the far right wing as being “correct” when to (I would hope) the majority of people they are just insane lunatics with a very big soapbox.
        It frightens me when Sarah freaking Palin is scared by Glenn Beck – that’s a terrifying thought.

      • Ambient Lite

        Wouldn’t it be nice if, since messages allow people to post anonymously, one of them was honest about this, right here??

    • Ambient Lite

      Exactly. I would imagine that – at least sometimes – they’re embarrassed or ashamed to align themselves with such blatant hate-mongering and ignorance. How could they NOT be??

      • Jeremy

        Believe me, many Christians are mortified by Pat Robertson, and many Republicans are disgusted by Rush Limbaugh. But to say we’re ‘aligned’ with them is like saying all Democrats are aligned with Paris Hilton or Spencer & Heidi Prat.Just because they claim the label, doesn’t mean we claim them.

      • Mandy

        Spencer and Heidi are born-again now. Your team.

      • Jeremy

        Ha! Oh well. If he’ll let me on the team, I guess I can’t complain about them.

  • bonnylass

    Hateful as it was, I actually burst out laughing when I first heard Robertson tell his “true story”, complete with actual quotes from the devil.
    And is Rush always that poor of a speaker?? How do people listen to his droning? “This uuuuuuhhhh…plays right into the, uuuuhhh, hands of, ummmm…” Ugh.

  • Alyssa

    Well someone had to break it to Rush and Robertson that they were wrong in not only attacking people in this time of devastation but, but for having no sense of empathy. We know what tradgedy is, look at Sept.11, and not to mention the continuing war that Bush started and the many young people that die over there.

  • Alyssa

    And that wasnt even the same thing, that was a terrorist attack and war. This was a natural disater. Were politics do NOT belong AT ALL.

    • Elizabeth

      True that Alyssa, true that!

  • lola

    Thank you, Jon.

  • V

    It’s like Kevin Bacon facing the town council in Footloose.

    • natalie

      Lol, YES!!!!

  • ScreaminLib

    Any moronic lib nut-job who wants to read into this something that wasn’t there is only proving why liberalism is a psychosis. Heck, Limbaugh’s own website has a link for donations which is pretty amazing for a guy who allegedly “doesn’t care”. You people are government educated tools.

    • Ambient Lite

      Definitions of ‘LIBERAL’
      (lĭb́ər-əl, lĭb́rəl)
      from the American Heritage Dictionary:
      1.a. Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.
      1.b. Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.
      2.a. Tending to give freely; generous

    • jmag

      Well maybe Limbaugh should learn a little self control and not let his big fat mouth screw up his depth of compassion. He shouldn’t have started the politization of this tragic event. He couldn’t resist it because his hatred of the President and everyone who doesn’t think like he does clouds his own sense of decency.

    • joesmom

      I’m Republican and I find Rush to be despicable. What he said was that no one should donate via the links on the White House website because Obama was going to steal your money. How low can you go? I don’t agree with everything liberals say, but sheesh, this man is SICK. Do other Republicans really think this is true? If so, damn, this country is in worse shape than I thought!

    • trystan

      Great…Rush is a real standup guy. It takes so much effort to post a link on a website. If he really cared, he wouldn’t be trying to spread his own agenda and just shut up and help out.

      Light skinned and dark skinned…seriously…wtf!? Devil pact? Thank you Rush and Pat for pissing on Haiti and telling them it’s raining.

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