'Bones' recap: The truth (about Angela and Wendell) is out there

Truth: I am not an X-Files fanatic, so aside from the show’s theme song being a ringtone and guest star Dean Haglund (X-Files‘ Richard ‘Ringo’ Langly) playing the murderer, you’re on your own to point out references. I am, however, a David Boreanaz fan, so I can tell you that Rocketship 7, which Booth mentioned in the diner/UFO Museum Research Center, was a children’s TV show hosted by his father. There, I’m not totally worthless!

The “X-Files episode” seemed long overdue, seeing as how in the pilot of Bones, Booth refers to he and Brennan as Mulder and Scully, and Bones shoots on The X-Files’ old stage. But it was worth the wait (even if they could’ve used B&B being in Roswell alone, under the stars, to advance that romance plot). Remains of a female (“Earth female?” asked Booth) were found in the desert. She was a UFO hunter, who, we ultimately found out, had thought she’d seen a real one but had only captured a battery company dumping its chemical waste in the Mexican desert near some Mexican flannelbush, which are on the verge of extinction. You thought the killer was the American woman (Penny Johnson Jerald of 24 and The 4400) in charge of waste disposal — she’d confronted the victim in the diner and wanted to buy her footage. But it was actually the diner owner, who’d overheard the argument, believed like the victim that it was a real UFO she’d filmed, told her he’d meet her in the desert with a buyer willing to pay millions, took the ball bearings out of some of his museum toys, loaded them into a zip gun from his memorabilia wall, and shot and killed her.

One: I liked that the local cop, who was still played as a bit of a buffoon, was actually smart enough to figure this all out. That’s a change on Bones. Two: In addition to learning that prisoners hide things in their mouths by dangling them from a tooth with dental floss (how the victim hid her memory card, which Angela was able to work her magic on) and just how badass cockroaches truly are (could they be aliens?), we also got to see what I’d argue was the best Hodgins experiment to date… After super-smokin’ Wendell insisted he tell Hodgins that he’s sexing Angela, Hodgins insisted the three of them go out to lunch to show how fine they all are with it. Sweets, picking up takeout, stopped by their table to tell them they’re not fine, and Hodgins finally realized it and showed up at Sweets’ office for some emergency couch time. Sweets told him he didn’t think he was jealous, he was just grieving the loss of the relationship he thought would last forever. All he needed was time (and, off the record, alcohol). Hodgins asking to just sit there for a few moments with Sweets was a nice moment. I wish when I was having a bad day, John Francis Daley would come into my office and just sit quietly on the big inflatable yellow chair I have in one corner. (Promo swag from GSN, but useful.) I suspect he has that calming effect in real life, too. And if not, he could distract me by being adorable and funny… Anyway, the experiment: Hodgins got a bit more therapy when they needed to test what kind of firearm would have sent ball bearings into a skull but not fracture it. He put wigs and faces on the melons: his, Wendell’s, Cam’s, and Angela’s. Watching him blow the top of Wendell’s head off (“I’ll shoot you!”) was awesome; Angela’s melon being “the one” was poetic. He’d like to hurt her but he wouldn’t want to see her suffer. Or, screw up her pretty face.

Now, I’m gonna get a little spoilery here: At press tour, Emily Deschanel told EW’s Michael Ausiello that there will be an engagement and a wedding on Bones this season — maybe not the same couple. I feel like the obvious answer is that Angela and Wendell will somehow get engaged, and at the ceremony, Hodgins will object, and since Wendell is such a decent guy, he’ll say you’re right, and Jack and Angela will end up finally getting married. Now, I have no idea how they would make an Angela and Wendell engagement convincing. I love me some Wendell (“I can be very bad when the time is right”) and think he’s a man, but even with all we know about his background, he still seems too young a soul for Angela. How do you want this triangle to play out? All I ask is that there’s no more use of slo-mo when Hodgins sees Angela and Wendell giggling or kissing, please. Also: That Angela keeps my beloved Wendell out of the Egyptian storage room, which is where she used to take Hodgins. Sure, it’s kinda hot there, but Wendell deserves his own place. (Knowing Angela’s sex drive, I fear that the hotel of afternoon delight is going to get awfully expensive.)

So, what did you think of “The X in the File”? What was your favorite line? A few suggestions below. And how psyched are you for next week’s JFK-themed episode?!

“Okay, let’s do it your way.” “You mean talk to Hodgins or…?” — Angela and Wendell, in bed

“Important blogger? Talk about an oxymoron.” — Booth, to the most important UFO blogger in the world (I did not take this personally)

“It’s very satisfying to use an insulting colloquialism, even when it isn’t accurate.” — Brennan to Booth, after she called the murderer a moron

“No probing! No probing!” — Booth, realizing that Brennan could be an alien if they are, in fact, nice anthropologists

Photo credit: Greg Gayne/FOX

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  • Dana

    I don’t like Angela with Wendell, but I do like Wendell. I liked him much better as the nice hot guy int he lab that was Hodgins new buddy to do experiments with. The whole him and Angela sexing it up has now ruined that image for me. I think the wedding may be Daisy and Sweets. I wish Booth and Bones would revisit the whole Bones having his baby thing again ;)

    • sterlingtag85@gmail.com

      Here’s a funny coinsidence…Daisy was Daisy the porn star on Californication.

    • ashlee

      I agree. Angela and Wendell do not belong together. She is too old and he is too young; both psych and soul. Their scenes together gave me the creeps. Hodgins should get a new love interest.

    • Jane

      I agree–I think the wedding is Sweets and Daisy too–aren’t they engaged anyway? I remember an episode where Daisy was trying on wedding dresses, but don’t remember why. Maybe that’s the wedding…

      • Amy

        Daisy was doing a fitting for her cousin’s wedding in that episode. Apparently the cousin couldn’t make it and they’re the same size. I don’t think Sweets and Daisy are engaged, but it isn’t too much of a stretch (I also don’t think that they would actually get married – I’m not entirely sold on them as a couple)

  • Aileen

    Booth: “I won’t say anything about the scream if you don’t say anything about the gun”
    Brennan: “Those terms seem satisfactory.”

    • Kat

      Perfect, I too thought that was a great exchange.

    • Lorinda

      I loved Emily’s squeal/scream once the body started to rise. That was a great moment with a great response.

      • Martha

        Ditto. It was pretty freaky to see the body rising up.

    • Anitamargarita


    • Anitamargarita

      Because Brennan would never say something like “Deal!”

      • Marty

        Yes–ditto on all of the above–my favorite scene in the episode!!

    • MB

      Very nice.

    • el

      Definitely the best scene of the night. I rewound it and watching it again and I haven’t done that since the episode when Daisy picked up the delicate skull and shattered it.

    • Barbara

      Totally agree. Best exchange of the episode, though the probing thing with anthropologists was pretty good too.

    • Cass

      Loved it, loved it, loved it.

    • JKBopinion

      I was going to post this same quote! This was such a great episode. I was a huge X-files geek and I’m now a huge Bones geek. I was in geek nirvana.

    • Courtney

      Best quote of the whole episode. Definitely. It’s exchanges like those when I realize exactly how much I love Bones.

    • ksdkomo

      I completely agree – that was my favorite moment in the whole episode – I rewound it a couple of times as well

    • mangagirl

      Definitely my favorite line. I was actually shocked when I heard the scream, so totally out of character but funny nonetheless. Booth’s look when his gun flew to the MRI…priceless.

    • Sue1

      My favorite too :) Very funny scene, perfect follow-up lines.

    • elr

      I have too agree! That was the best line of the night. Also add me to the not liking Angela and Wendell together. I don’t even remember them hooking up?

  • Vilya

    Evil Sheri Palmer! That’s who that actress played. Thank you, it was driving me crazy! Not enough B&B in this ep. I know they have to drag it out, but I don’t want them to pull it back TOO much, you know? I did get a little geeky thrill out of hearing the X-Files theme. :)

  • Heather

    Isn’t Booth suppossed to be from Pittsburgh? He was wearing a Philadelphia Flyers Jersey last night. NO Pittsburgher would wear that shirt.

    • Rissa

      David Boreanaz is from Philadelphia. This is not the first time that Booth wore a Flyers shirt.

    • Toni

      Booth has definitely been established as a Philly native.

      • erika

        No, they definitely say that Booth is from Pittsburgh in the first season, and he has a Steelers coffee mug in his office. Although David is from Philly and is a flyers fan. But no one from Pittsburgh would ever where that shirt, ever.

    • Liz

      I thought Booth was a Pittsburgher as well. I seem to remember Steeler memorabilia in the background in his office.

      • Teresa

        From Wikipedia … He has stated that he is from Philadelphia, (Episode 6, Season 4) and is a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers. However, he grew up in Pittsburgh (Episode 14, Season 2). In season 1 episode 13 “The Woman in the Garden” he is seen drinking from a Pittsburgh Steelers coffee mug in his office, suggesting he may also be a fan of the football team.

      • Jo

        I think he has also had some Caps-stuff in his office at some point. I think it was a flag that I have as well. And he did say in one episode he has tickets to see the Capitals.
        And of course he had a picture of the Bobby Orr goal in his office before.

    • Courtney

      Booth is definitely from Philly and, living in the suburbs of Philly myself, I smile whenever I see him wear a Flyers shirt. I also, on that note, smile when I see Dave Roberts on TV. Also, many people around here are Steelers fans because, well, the Eagles sort of stink.

    • Deb

      It’s an inconsistency in the show. They say he lived in Pittsburgh in one episode and later they said he was from Philly. Maybe he was born in Pitt and grew up some time later in Philly. Either way, the inconsistency has never been explained.

      • EnnisDL

        This episode introduces a new inconsistency. Rocketship 7 was broadcast only in Buffalo, NY. Based on this, one has to assume that Booth’s movements as a child were similar to David Boreanaz’s.

  • Steven Spear

    I actually don’t like Wendell and Angela. I think Hodgins and Angela were a perfect pair. Hart Hanson messed up on this one.

    • el

      I assume it’s just a device to get Hodgens and Angela back together.

      • cas

        Oh, it is. But it kinda bugs me that they’re abusing dear Wendell in such a manner. You just know the poor guy’s gonna get his heart broken. Hopefully that won’t be the end of him on the show.

      • Sue1

        I assumed (and hoped)the same thing, but it really does show that they don’t know what to do with Angela anymore. Agree about Wendell too, if it goes the way we think—he deserves better.

    • Liz

      I agree. To see Angela sleeps with Wendell.. yerk! I thought “what a b*tch”! I know she was with that girl before, but still… B*tch! And I used to like her.. Poor Hodgy.
      Not enough B & B in that epi, but I can’t wait for the next one! I love it when Booth gets all serious & threatening! Goofy Booth was waaayyy overused.

  • anne

    Hodgins can do sooo much better than Angela. I thought they made a good couple years ago, but now she’s turned into a crazy mixed up girl.She has no regard for Hodgins

    • Rio

      I’m with you on this!

    • MB

      First, Hodgins, now Wendell. She’s attracted to Booth, too, but knows that Bones will eventually discover that she loves Booth. I don’t like Angela portrayed in this way.

      • Emma

        So true. It’s like at one point, she wanted marriage and “tons” of babies, and then poof! She doesn’t want to get married or have any kind of commitment with Hodgins, and sleeps with everybody!
        I loved Hodgela…

  • Ray

    I love this show, but the biggest problem I had was the fact that Roswell is about 200 miles from Mexico. Rarely do I feel Bones get things that wrong, but this was a big thing. I loved the part at the end though about aliens being nice anthropologists

    • mellamella

      if you lived in DC you would know bones gets things wrong all the time when it comes to geography.

      • Aileen

        So very true. I remember once in an earlier episode Booth was talking about the HOV lanes on 270 and called it the “Diamond Lane”….. something I have never heard living here in DC.

      • Ray

        I lived in DC for 5 years and I do catch the little errors, but they often don’t move states closer. Streets and “suburbs” may be different, but it just seems a little crazy to say Mexico is only 2 KM away when it is 200 miles.

      • darkside

        Ray, they were moved to Roswell, that’s in New Mexico. They weren’t set in DC

  • Margaret

    Angela is all messed up because she needs Hodgins. They are so wonderful together. I want them back as a couple. I don’t want Booth and Bones together until the very last episode of the show. And only then, I want to see them 20 years from now, knowing they made it as a couple.

    • Nic.

      I love this idea!

      • Sue1

        Me too.

    • MB

      Yes, I hope they don’t do a “Moonlighting.” Bringing Bones and Booth together before the end of the series would be an enormous mistake.

      • Liz

        No, no and NO!!! I want to see them together, and see them deal with a relationship! That would be much more interesting than seeing her with somebody else, then him with somebody else, etc…

  • Denise

    David Boreanaz is from Philadelphia and is a huge flyers fan. I think Booth is supposedly from Philly, too, because in The Con Man in the Meth Lab, Jared gets Booth tickets to see the capitals and says something like “well they aren’t flyers tickets.”

    • Jo

      I thought he was from Buffalo. And he says so on IMDb.
      He used to blog for NHL.com about the Sabres playoff-run a few years ago. I think he’s done the same about the Flyers as well.

      • Deb

        He was born in Buffalo but moved to Philly when he was still pretty young. Don’t remember how old. But he has a fondness for both teams.

  • Finn

    pretty boring episdoe really

    • natalie

      I have to agree. Wasn’t feeling this one, though there were some good lines. They need to keep the character progression going.
      For someone who watches this show for the characters, not the cases, this wasn’t a very good episode. Oh well, next week looks interesting….though I don’t believe for a second that Booth is actually fired (which the promos would have you believe).

  • Amy

    Booth is also a Steelers fan, has the mug on his desk. although I too have been dissapointed he is a Flyers fan.

  • Amy

    What’s going on with Angela and Wendell is gross. Yes, I’m fine with dating someone at the office..but this girl dated, screwed, was engaged to and almost married Hodgins and now she’s on to the next guy in the office? Come on. Go somewhere else to meet someone. It’s just disrespectful of one’s feelings and she knows it’s not ‘okay’ between them. She deserves to get hurt real bad for a change.

    • coffee fiend

      You do realize that it’s not real, right? It’s called “suspension of disbelief”;

    • Liz

      You’re SO right Amy! And it’s ok to be passionate about a story, or characters.

  • Sarah T.

    I think one of my favorite parts of the ep was hearing the X-Files theme song on the ringtone. it made me realize just how much i miss that show! I do love me some Bones though and i thought this was overall a good ep though i could have used a little more B&B time. Love Wendell though i really don’t see him with Angela. I agree he seems like too young of a soul for her. I think the wedding is going to be Sweets and Daisy. Wendell and Angela will seemed too rushed if they do that this season. Daisy and Sweets have been together for awhile (off and on) and that’s the next step for them. And it would be kind of funny if Booth and Brennan were asked to be the best man and the Maid of Honor again (like they were for Angela and Hodgins) and if they got left together at the altar again b/c Daisy and Sweets decided to elope instead. that could happen since Daisy idolizes Brennan so much and Sweets has a lot of respect for Booth. Plus,since he doesn’t have a lot of family, Booth and Brennan are kind of like his family.

    • Marty

      After pondering this a bit, I don’t think Sweets and Daisy will be the couple to get married. Sweets if very intelligent, yet immature in many ways. He is smart enough to realize that he is too young to get married. Plus their relationship has been portrayed more like high school kids dating. As far as Wendell and Angela being the potential wedding candidates, I don’t see that either. Their relationship would have to progress very quickly between now and the end of the season. Although Angela “jumped over a broomstick” while on vacation to get married once (I think youth and lots of alcohol were the motivators then), and almost married Hodgins, I don’t think she would be that quick to get engaged again. Cam doesn’t seem to even date, and we know it will not be Brennan. The only other viable option I see is to have Angela and Hodgins have another go at it, and the more I think about it, the more I like this idea.

    • Nance Cedar

      Yeah, Sweets and Daisy, I’s like that.

  • Sarah

    As a lover of both Bones and the X-Files I liked this episode a lot. I agree that the end scene could have been used to advance the romance, though. Then again, IMO, EVERY scene would advance the Booth/Bones romance, so I’m a bit biased!

  • trashytvlover

    Booth is a Flyers and a Phillies fan. I know in one episode he mentions his favorite Aunt who had a “lady friend” and box seats to the phils. And he has stated in other eps the amount of time he spent in philyy as a kid, even though from Pittsburgh.

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