Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor': season 14, episode 2

It’s been a wild week in Bachelor-ville and we have a lot to discuss, but first let me thank you for making our premiere episode such a huge success.  I would love to talk to you about other stuff this week like Ali’s cool ”Chicago” date or the games Elizabeth’s starting to play but the whole time all you’re doing is staring at the ten-ton pink elephant standing in the middle of the room so let’s just deal with it shall we?  I hope you all had a chance to see for yourself just what happened involving… Rozlyn. The great thing about this blog is now I can take you even deeper into what exactly happened, give you more details, and tell you how it all went down.

You heard me say in the episode that Rozlyn and one of our staffers entered into an inappropriate relationship.  I realize this is somewhat vague and open to interpretation, so let me be more specific.  It was an inappropriate relationship that got physical. This was not just about one person’s ”feelings” for another. We would never go to such extremes because of a schoolyard crush.  After extensive research and doing our homework we came to the conclusion without a shadow of a doubt that an inappropriate relationship had occurred. Now the million dollar question: How do we know this?  First of all, several girls in the house independently witnessed  the inappropriate behavior firsthand, and they came forward and told producers what was taking place.  Second, the staffer came forward and confessed everything himself.  He told executive producers everything about his inappropriate physical relationship with Rozlyn.  As I clearly stated on the show last night, we took what happened very seriously and this staffer was let go immediately. With what you saw last night and with what I just told you there should now be no doubt or questions whatsoever as to what really happened during Rozlyn’s short time on the show.  I can also tell you here that since Rozlyn left the show she and the staffer have continued their relationship and have seen each other several times.  Let me be very clear that as unfortunate as all this was there are no ill feelings toward anybody involved and we wish both of them well.  In the little time I got to know her, Rozlyn was a very nice young lady and in no way would I ever want to add any undue stress or embarrassment to her life.  So that’s what happened, now let me tell you exactly how it happened.

I arrived to the second rose ceremony just like any other day, but things quickly changed.  Executive producers pulled me aside and told me pretty much word for word what I just wrote above.  At this point the cocktail party had already started and Jake, the ladies, and the majority of the crew knew nothing about what was going on and were continuing as usual.  Once the executive producers gave me the details there was no question as to what had to happen.  In the past there have been things, like Wes last season, where we want real life scenarios to play out for the bachelor or bachelorette.  But on this occasion, a line was crossed that just couldn’t be tolerated and it had to be dealt with immediately.  Executive producers told me that I would be the one that would pull Rozlyn aside and explain to her that we knew everything about her relationship with our staffer and that she would have to leave the show immediately.  They also informed me that I would also then have to tell Jake and the women.

I can’t begin to tell you how uncomfortable this made me feel.  I honestly felt sick to my stomach. I don’t know if you noticed in the episode but when I first started talking to her outside I had to pause because I got a little choked up.  I was emotional and I can easily say this was one of the toughest things I’ve had to deal with in the eight years I’ve been hosting this show.  I thought Rozlyn handled it very well and was dignified about the whole thing.  Talking to Rozlyn was tough but telling Jake just flat out sucked.  I knew that he really liked this girl and she was, in fact, one of his frontrunners at the time.  At first Jake was pissed and I can’t blame him.  No doubt some of that anger was directed at us and deservedly so.

I’m sure you could tell but I was pretty much flying by the seat of my pants.  There is no formula for this and we really had no idea exactly how Jake would respond.  He quickly composed himself and decided that he wanted to be with me when I told the other women.  I have to give Jake a ton of credit.  I don’t know if I could have been as composed having just heard that kind of news.  By the time Jake and I joined the women they had seen Rozlyn leave and obviously knew something major had just taken place.  You could cut the tension in that room with a knife when we entered.  The women were already emotional and I hadn’t even told them what happened yet.  As I was telling them what exactly happened all I remember is the look in their eyes and how deadly quiet it was in that room.  You also have to remember that not all of the crew knew and many of them were finding out as I gave these speeches so they were also stunned.  The mood and feeling in the house that night was unlike anything I’ve experienced on this show, and I hope it will be the last time.  You also need to understand that this was one of our co-workers and for many a very good friend who had been involved in this and was suddenly not there anymore.  So it was a very emotional night for our crew as well.  This is the first time where everybody in the house, us included, had to come to grips with something like this at the same time.

To sum all of this up just let me say again that I wish nothing but the best for these two, I really do.  This was an unfortunate incident that played out before all of our eyes.  As I said on the show we were not only disappointed but we were a little embarrassed as well.  However, since The Bachelor is a reality show it means being truthful about what happened and showing everything that occurred even if it makes us uncomfortable. We take great pride in this show and I will tell you that we have one of the most amazing crews in the business.  We have become a tight knit family over the last eight years and it is my sincere hope that we never have to deal with an incident like this ever again.  Thank you for all your support and this incident aside we have a phenomenal season ahead of us.  I know you will have comments about this and I’m sure more questions.  I hope I was able to dispel many wild unfounded rumors and in doing so answer many of your questions in the process.  I will be reading your comments and as usual you can always find me on Facebook and Twitter (@chrisbharrison).

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  • Brian

    Hi Chris, I appreciate your blogs. I was just wondering, as you said the girls in the house witnessed the behavior, why so many of them seemed shocked when the news broke…also, when you say they witnessed the behavior…does that mean it occurred in the house??

    • sprite

      Thank you Brian. Yes if other women witnessed this then they should not have been so shocked…and since they are surrounded by cameras and microphones I would assume the “inappropriate behaviour would be on tape”. The reason the rumours are flying about is that everything said by CH is very vague…I prefer to see things myself so that I could make my own judgements.

      • wakeforce

        Agree 100%

      • Snooks

        I am not saying I agree or disagree with what we saw, but think about the fact that the girls don’t want to be the one who threw the other girl under the bus — especially in front of Jake…I wasn’t surprised at all when they were “shocked”, because they weren’t!

      • ksdkomo

        Exactly – in a house filled with cameras and microphones they surely have some sort of footage that proves something physical happened. Obviously she was going to deny it – so why not prevent the rumors from starting in the first place by simply showing some of that footage on the show last night – unless there is no footage… I’d like to know Chris and the producers exact definition of “a relationship that got physical”

      • Anne

        It only looked like about half of them were shocked…

      • Marissa

        Really? Your answer to the rumors is to show her getting physical with a staff member on national tv? That makes sense, it would definitely save her some of the embarrassment that she’s currently dealing with.

        Whatever the “physical contact” was, it doesn’t really matter. You don’t go on a show looking for a husband and even flirt with other men. What’s the point?

      • skipper

        Remember, this is really early in the season before Jake really knows any of the women and before they really know him. Rozlyn went on the show to find love. Maybe she didn’t feel chemistry with Jake, but did feel it with the staffer. If so, great for her. I hope she found what she came for.

      • Jessica

        As salacious as this show is, there is NO WAY they wouldn’t show some of this “physical relationship” if it had really happened. For sure cameras would have caught SOMETHING, even a HUG or a gentle carress on the arm or ANYTHING and they would’ve been showing it repeatedly (multiple times in the episode and even on trailers for the episode, too). Stuff like that is GREAT for ratings! If they needed to keep the producer’s identity a secret they would’ve just blurred out his face. Think about it, people. Don’t hate on Rozlyn without hearing her side from her own mouth (without the editing to change all her words!). As much as I hate to believe that ABC would stoop so low, but it doesn’t make sense to me that it’s anything more than a story. It doesn’t add up otherwise.

      • jack

        Here’s the likely scenario: Roz gets upset at Fleiss for creating drama about her son by asking the other girls about her secret son. She goes off, then starts crying, the producer-friend consoles her and hugs her. The other girls see this close relationship-hugging and question it. The producer-friend might also confront Fleiss to back-off on Roz’s secret-son storyline, but he gets canned instead.

      • Karen

        Why did they have to confront her on the show segment? If they are being honest that it wasn’t just for ratings, they could have talked to her privately and then maybe announced on the next show what had happened. But using it to stir up drama, and seeing the other girls crying about it tells us how phony Chris and this show actually is.

      • Mikian

        LOL that some of you are commenting on how “fake” the show is. DUH. Of course it’s manipulated and fake — done so for your entertainment. That’s why none of the realationships last, they’re fake from the start, done for the attention and money and when the camera stop they have nothing in common. As long as you realize this is all for entertainment, that’s fine. But don’t be foolish enough to think you’re actually watching two people fall in love and begin a real relationship.

      • Elle

        What happened to that “sex with someone in the house” line they played over, and over, and over. Then it went to inappropriate relationship and now Chris is back to Physical? Seems like this is trying to make it seem like the “sex with someone in the house” comment wasn’t completely off base, even though that was never said last night, only in the millions of previews leading up to it. I feel so bad for Rozlyn. This is a horrible thing to do to someone. Also, saying she’s a lovely girl doesn’t make up for the fact that you’re totally insinuating things about her that aren’t true for ratings.

      • ANONOMA

        Are you sure the cameras are on 24/7? This isn’t Big Brother where there are cameras and mics in every space of living.

      • Jack

        The Producer was fired for giving her his cell phone to call her SON. He crossed the line. But they were close. There was never any kissing, just hugging.

      • Jack

        Listen to Roz talk to Chris “Girls felt for other people back home” means She wanted to talk to her son on the phone. She said “She was not being deceitful” about not telling Jake about her son because producers told her to wait to tell him.

    • Tori Jo

      Exactly. A single season hasn’t gone by without extremely catty women. They talk about everything. If something was going on with Rozlyn and a staff person, those women would have been talking up a storm about it, and they wouldn’t have wondered why she was leaving when she announced it to them.

      • Lizabeth

        Some of the girls would have totally talked! Rozlyn was pretty and confident and she got the first rose of the night! The show is trying to say that all of a sudden the girls are bff’s and not going to rat out something like that? And, if some of the other girls knew about it, how come the crew didn’t know? How is it that Rozlyn and this producer were able to fool the crew and the cameras, but the girls in the house knew it was going on?

      • Michelle

        I totally agree. Somebody would have said, “I saw her.” As soon as I saw that Chris had written that the other girls had seen her, I knew he was lying. Those women looked completely shocked. If they had seen something they would have said something and told somebody. Why would Chris tell a lie that we can see so clearly couldn’t possibly be true? Because he thinks we’re idiots. We’re not, Chris.

      • leo

        THe crew and producers are NOT videotaped and the girls have time off camera to speak with them. She had a dispute about wanting more contact with her son and also I guess the producers were talking to her about the right time to tell Jake about her son, and this one took a special interest in her, comforted her, etc… all off camera. But things were seen. Roz cannot be shown with him because the behind the scenes people do not sign releases that their images can be made public. I doubt they had sex but I do believe they could have had a physical relationship and even with her own words she had feelings but somehow thought she could juggle both.
        Things are definitely scripted but this is not one of them, I don’t think.

      • Alberto

        Chris Harrison you are a god dammed liar. Be specific about what constitutes a physical relationship. What did happen. I’ve read elsewhere she got the boot because she wanted out after being denied time to see her son. The look on your face and Jake said it all, you looked like it was some inside joke. I understand it’s TV, but to drag someone’s reputation for ratings make you a low life.

    • Guylaine

      Because he is LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • gigi

        I don’t think he’s lying, but I think the whole situation was over dramatized. And I’m with the others, if the other girls knew about it…wouldn’t they have thrown Roz under the bus…ON CAMERA! I don’t know about this whole situation.

      • ThinkFirst

        From an interview she did recently. I would think if “Nothing happened and the show made everything up for ratings.”, then she wouldn’t “remain very close but not dating now.”, and wouldn’t side producer be fighting or suing the show for letting him go on the spot?
        I did not have a sexual relationship with a producer on the show,” she told “What they mean by inappropriate relationship is not what inappropriate relationship means in the real world.”

        She cleared up her status with the since-fired producer, saying “I had a relationship with someone on the show that didn’t benefit them,” Papa told “We remained really close but we are not dating now.”

      • jack

        Chris is not telling the whole truth – the reason she was close to the producer was because Fleiss wanted to keep her son a secret, and that pissed her off, so she complained to the producer. But I hope the producer dates her because she is really hot, so maybe he made up lies to keep her for himself instead of Jake.

      • Nicole

        No Chris isnt lying; the person who seems to be full of it is Rozlyn. If Rozlyn was innocent, she wouldnt have said ‘other girls on the show might have feelings for other men too’ when Chris confronted her. From her time on the show she didnt strike me as the moral-type either. What she had with the staffer might not be a big deal in real life beyond the fact that she was being deceitful, but the producers didn’t have many options in dealing with her conduct within the parameters of the show. For one thing, the staffer had to go because he most definitely breeched his contract and messed with his job, her conduct also had be relayed to Jake as the show calls for it. The only thing that the producers could have done differently was to let Jake be the one to decide whether she stays or goes…In fact I think if Jake was put in the driver seat, it would have been much more dramatic (and consequently would have helped the ratings more). With the exception of who lets her go, I really dont see Chris or the producers having had any other way of handling it. And what she’s saying now in interviews neither makes sense nor makes me believe her any more than before (her words seem as real as some of her body parts!) As in, she’s worried about what this does to her reputation as a make up artist? Ma’am I dont recall the last time I, or anyone for that matter, cared about the reputation of a make up artist …she’s not exactly a politician, teacher, judge, doctor, or …but she’s definitely full of it.

    • Guylaine

      They deleted my comment because I said “a bad word”!!!..So I’ll say it in a nice way..Chris is full of “it”??!!!..Is that nice enough??

      • Geena

        Thou protest too much “Roz”??!!

      • Mo

        I have to say I used to like Chris, and his blog. But this whole thing was just sleazy. There was no need to give reasons for why she left. It could have been handled discretely. Why tell Jake about this on camera, but keep Jillian in the dark about Ed’s shenanigans. Now we know it’s all just about ratings decisions. Sorry Chris. You’ve lost all credibility.

      • tnguyenER

        if Chris is full of **** what is Roz full of???? i hope she’s reading this….

    • allie

      And also, you didn’t address the allegations that she was promised that she would be able to talk to her 7 year old on the phone and then refused to let her and when she threw a fit (as any good mother would) you had to get rid of her. What about that?

      • wino

        hmmm, i doubt Chris will ever admit that the producers do act like bullies when it suits them. how bout the time Fleiss threatened to ruin the rep of one fo the bachelors in Meredith’s season if he left the show early??? Puhleeze, ive heard some stories from the contestants themselves on how much manipulation is done behind closed doors. sorry chris, you are full of it.

      • Michelle

        It is HORRIBLE that they kept a woman away from her child. Rozlyn was going to leave anyway and expose them for the lies they had told so they decided to destroy her reputation before she could destroy theirs.

      • leo

        She wanted to talk to him more often than they had agreed on. I can totally understand that but apparently she was issuing all sorts of drama behind the scenes. When you go on the show you don’t visit your child. You have to sacrifice that. She wanted visits and they were telling her to hang on because they had a special date planned for her (she would have had the sea world date that Ella will get with her son, down the line). ABC didn’t do anything wrong.

    • Dallas

      Because he did NOT have sexual relations with that woman… Never, ever.

      • RaRa

        LOL…. And let’s add: If it’s oral it’s not immoral…?

      • cocoschnapps


    • RaRa

      Under the contracts, I would imagine that even kissing or any time of caressing would be considered inappropriate physical contact.

      • leo

        I agree and note that Rozalyn admits they did date after the show and remain good friends. She’s focusing on ‘i didn’t have sex’ but it was still inappropriate and I’m glad she’s gone.

    • cc

      If you watch the tape, a couple of the girls actually smile a little bit– my money’s on them…

    • Mansa

      First, I don’t believe Chris was flying by the seat of his pants. Something this serious with possible legal ramifications (defamation of character) was clearly thought out. Plus, you can’t tell me we saw everything that was said between Chris and Rosalyn. Talk about an edit job. Just not sure how many takes it took to get all the right words said for editing purposes.

      • leo

        The swallowing he did mid-word from nerves, to me, is a major indicator of truthfulness. He was angry with Roz and it showed. He probably blamed her for bringing down a producer (though the guy gets equal blame and should be made public just like her) who was a friend of his. Some things you can’t fake.

      • EJ

        I agree Leo. Chris was definitely out of his comfort zone and you could see his frustration. I do however think this ‘incident’ was just as serious as the Wes situation with Jill and nothing was done, I thought she was a friend also (if memory serves, Chris you told her to follow her heart when it came down to her and Jake). Anywho…I say, good ridence Roz… Let’s get on with talking about Elizabeth and that psycho who keeps crying and freaking out. Jake.. this time you should have listened to Jill and Ed!

    • Observer

      So let me get this straight. If one woman shows interest in two guys at once and gets physical with both of them, she gets kicked off “The Bachelor”. But if a second woman shows interest in multiple men, kissing and fondling them simultaneously and even takes two or three of them to a fantasy suite to have sex, we call that “The Bachelorette”. Let’s give this a rest. ABC’s hideous double standard exists only so far as the ratings will allow.

      • Kevin

        What’s more, Jake is allowed to have physical contact with as many women as he wants in his search for love. But the women are not allowed the same parameters in their search for a life partner? How are Jake’s actions any more for “the right reasons” (a phrase that is truly beat to death) than Rozlyn’s?

      • Observer

        Amen, brother. Somebody else who “gets it”. If Roz is a ‘ho, then what does that make Jake, who, by my count, made out with over 5 women last night.

      • Penny

        I completely agree with this. It seems really hypocritical to kick Roz off the show for being physical with 2 men but Jake can have “overnight dates” with more than one woman. Doesn’t make sense.

      • ThinkFirst

        Its not about showing interest in more than one person. It’s about signing on to a show to see if you are compatible with one particular individual. The purpose is to meet the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette”. It’s not a singles mixer.

      • mal

        it used to be a pathetic show masquerading as a guilty pleasure for me and my girlfriend. it has moved beyond pathetic with the whole debacle two seasons ago, wes last season, and the ridiculousness of everything this year. i’ve stopped watching with my girlfriend, and last night’s episode made her take it off of the pvr. it’s a pathetic attempt to feign a love story but ends up with the double standard that you speak and a fake show with a fake host and fake people who believe they are special because a producer tells them so. good for her if she thought she could care for this producer or whatever. it’d be the first bit of true emotion on this show in years. chris, you are a lifeless, careless, irresponsible host of a truly terrible show.

      • HowTrue

        How True…excellent point

      • bongy

        Jake is allowed to flirt with all those ladies because he is the one who came to look for love/partner. If Roz wants to flirt with multiple men she should be the Bachelorette and look for her own 25 men on her show not on Jake ‘s path of finding love.

    • Dallas Child

      I read online that a rep for Rozlyn stated she didn’t engage in actual sexual relations. Maybe they were just heavy kissing. What I’m curious about is how in the world Chris kept a straight face when Roz gave him the Joan Collins glare and told him her personal life wasn’t anyone’s business. He had to be thinking, “Woman! Thou art the Devil himself!” And the sheer fact that Jake didn’t see this coming though Rozlyn oozed calculating behavior within her eyes and posture, helped me to see why he’s been duped repeatedly in his love life. And also, the judgemental indignance in the group could have been done without. This man is dating 15 women at ONE time. I’m glad Chris iterated to Roz that he wasn’t judging her. He showed true capability of handling such an extremely sensitive situation.

      • leo

        The difference between what Jake is doing and what Roz did is so vast I’m so surprised people are calling it the same thing – one was done upfront, and the women all knew the deal, before they signed on. What she did was break her contract and have a hidden, secretive relationship, which she showed evidence of having every intention of continuing had she not been caught. “My personal life is personal”. WHAT?

      • Observer

        Contract or no contract. Too many people are lashing out against Roz for being “loose”, going so far as to calling her a ‘ho. The Bachelor (or Bachelorette as the case may be) gets no special dispensation for being under contract. It cannot be OK for Jillian to sleep with three men in three nights and not OK for Roz to make out with two men in two days. If you want to kick Roz off the show for breaking her contract, then fine. But let’s stop the name-calling and labeling. She’s a single woman playing the field, just as Jake is a single man playing the field. She isn’t a floozy or a ‘ho.

    • Tracram

      Maybe they were just shocked she got sent home!

    • reality check

      Your “evidence” is exceedingly poor at best. Even if Rozlyn did hook up with another guy- which most people don’t believe is “the inappropriate relationship” what are you guys, the morality squad? Your show is all about one guy (or girl) hooking up with the numerous other “contestants”? Isn’t that “inappropriate”? Also, if you really had evidence that she did something- why are you not more specific?…. seems like legalese to me.

  • Marilyn

    Chris, can’t you comment just a little bit on Ali and Elizabeth and a few other girls? Please?

    • abm

      agreed – i really liked ali & tenley. they seem “real.”
      i’m not so sure about elizabeth, though – but she’s mysterious and i kinda like her.. let’s hope she’s there for a real thing.

      • Borah

        I love Tenley! She seems super cute and such a nice person to be around.

      • leo

        Elizabeth was a favorite of mine (a top four girl) but after her tease hard to get kind of game I was totally turned off and I think Jake was too.

  • lr

    why did all the girls look shocked if several of them knew about it? why weren’t the reactions of the women who went forward saying they saw soemthing shown?

    • abm

      perhaps it was edited out?

    • April C

      I don’t think they all looked shocked. If you watch it back, there are several girls who have kind of a “I knew it” kind of expression. But maybe the girls that did know were still a little shocked that Roz was kicked off, and in the manner that it happened.

      • RaRa

        In a house full of women, it’s impossible for a few of them to know something but not all of them. I think maybe they were all shocked that it was dealt with so quickly and extremely.

      • leo

        Michelle totally knew. She wouldn’t have told anyone (except the producers, I’m guessing). Ella, Ashley and Elizabeth looked like they knew as well. The rest seemed shocked.

    • Kim

      Well I can’t say all the women looked shocked. Some of the women were not shocked, Ella had a smirk on her face, Michelle gave no expression and a couple of the other ladies. I knew then that some of them knew.

      • bean99

        IA. They had footage of girls talking about Rozlin so of course some of them knew if not all. I think part of the shock for them was that she was kicked out of the show the way she was. I don’t need footage to believe what he’s saying. If there was nothing to the story Rozlyn had her chance to deny it when talking to Chris and she didn’t. I know she’s denying it after the fact but she’s very vague in her answers and didn’t come across very well imo on ET. I do think the show handled it badly leading up to last night’s show but thought the show itself was well done. Certainly had to be one of the most dramatic moments in Bachelor history. :)

      • ksdkomo

        There is no way to know what she denied during the conversation with Chris – the scene was obviously edited – her denial was likely cut out to support the “story” they were spinning.

      • smh

        bean99, it’s called EDITING. Maybe she did sit there and try to explain herself but the producers EDITED that information out of the show to have her come off looking like the bad guy. I can’t believe everyone can sit there and think we saw EVERYTHING. Cameras are rolling 23 hours of the day and we’re shown 2 hours of 3 days. The producers show us what they want us to see.

      • JA

        An innocent person wouldn’t have said what she DID say and what was shown. An innocent person wouldn’t have said “it’s my business” and “I’m not the only person here with feelings for another guy.” Even if they did edit out denials, she wouldn’t have said those things she said if she didn’t do something wrong. Her body language suggested she was guilty.

    • cat

      I thought the single mother from the south knew, she had a smirk on her face like she knew what was going on.

      • sheltlf

        and let’s not even mention he’s a PILOT! We all know their reputations!!! LOL

  • Carrie

    I can’t say I was really surprised that it was Rozlyn. I had guessed last week when this was first mentioned that it was probably her. Honestly, her attitude during interviews was horrible. Not that some of the others were all that much better. Anyway. Ali’s date with Jake was great. She comes off as very sweet and I liked her right off the bat. I am a little disappointed that he kept Michelle, though, considering she comes off as… well, I’m not sure of the word. But the fact that she packed up and was ready to leave because he didn’t include her in one of the dates? She’ll end up being the type of wife that has hysterical breakdowns when her husband even looks at another woman, let alone talks to one.

    • Katie

      I think the word you’re going for there with Michelle would be “psycho”.

      • Ruthi

        I agree, at the very least unstable and possibly a stalker!

      • Ami

        I’ve heard rumors that Michelle is a plant. She’s an actress!

    • Evelyn

      My first thought was “desperate”. We’ve all known the type–she wants a man and any man will do.

    • DT

      Can you even imagine Michelle being the wife of a pilot? She would have to ride in the jump seat of each flight. And she’d still accuse. And this woman is an office manager? When I see her lightening quick mood changes, I cringe inside for the the people that have to work with her. Eeks!!

      • lr

        hahahaha i’ve thought that too – the wife of a pilot, she would be on EVERY flight all the time

    • JA

      Yeah – why were the others bothering to talk her into staying? It made no sense to me why they’d do that.

      • MM

        I think the girls were very smart. They kept Michelle because they knew she would not be competition in the end. Jake will get over the “sympathy” rose and let the emotionally needy woman go. No wonder she is single. Well played by the girls who convinced her to stay.

  • JH

    Chris, you did an amazing job handling the whole situation. I can’t believe you were able to keep yourself as neutral as you did with her, especially when she said her personal life was nobody’s business. What?? I was looking forward to your blog almost more than the show tonight! Thanks for all the info! You rock. :)

    • JCKG

      I was also shocked when she said her personal life was nobody’s business. I was like, um, on this show it is especially if it involves others involved in the show. She was there for Jake, not someone else. So, her private life is other’s business.

      • LisaH

        She might have been saying that in response to something else. They do like to take extreme liberties when editing this show!

      • Ambient Lite

        I thought that was heeee-larious!

    • What?

      Your personal life is nobody’s business? Honey, your personal life is THE ONLY REASON YOU ARE ON THIS SHOW!

      • queue55

        Amen!! Was she kidding with that comment, or is she just delusional?!!

      • Amelia

        Yeah, that remark was *rich*, hahaha.

      • comedykid

        I agree. When she said MY Personal Life is NoOne Biz. HELLO> It is one thing to have a BoyFriend/girlfriend back home, BUT you don’t screw around with one of the staff and think YOU wont get caught. You don’t think this guy is not spilling the beans on what happen with Roslyn? Even money says he spilled his brains as soon as they said OK WE know what’s going on. He -from a friend at ABC- is even saying what certain body parts not seen on TV, look like SO how would he know this, if it was just simple kissing. She got caught, knows the gig is up, now wants to get a Million from Playboy. OH YES that is going to happen. When they go on that show, they sign a legal paper that give the show the right to kick them out for any reason. They are told what they can and can’t do. They own you for the time you are there. Fact. So she was not in touch with her son, what about the other who had kids at home and we don’t see them upset on not talking to them. I mean did any one notice how many of this group of Bachleorette had been married.

      • liars

        Hun you don’t know what your talking about. How would you like it if a show completely trashed you ? She barley even did anything, she was really gunna get off the show anyways becuase they wouldnt let her talk to her son enough. I think the way people are acting, and the way the show handled this was completly classless. Its sad that they make this way bigger than it is. Rozyln is a great mother and wonderful person, and people should respct that and leave her alone. Plus why won’t they say anything about the producer?

      • tnguyenER


    • Gee

      Totally Agree!!

    • Darius

      love Darius you tobe com now love food

    • Lily

      Yes I thought Chris did an amazing job trying to do everything civilly while not possibly offending anyone. Although I have not been watching every season, I’ve never seen Chris so emotionally troubled about what to say and what to do. This is the first time he seemed so hesitant. Usually he sounds and looks very laid back and eloquent. This shook him, but he did an amazing job, so kudos to Chris!

  • colleen

    I think everyone handled it exremely well. So unfortunate. Still loving the show – especially Jake, such a sweet classy guy – and Chris, you did good!

  • Carol-Ann

    I have post two comments on regarding the lack of minorities among the contestants. I have also posted a comment regarding an article in the Huffington Post “ABC’s Bachelor/Bachelorette Racist?? Talk about elephants in the livingroom. Extremely curious about the decision process in selecting the contestants. Moreso, seriously disappointed in the “omission” of blacks, asians, hispanics, etc..

    I am a fan of season 14 only because of Jake, (who I was fortunate enough to meet on a flight), however, I would be sadden to know that in profiling what he deems an ideal mate, that race would make a difference.

    Chris, care to respond?

    C.A. Toronto, ON Canada

    • Blair

      They had a black guy as The Bachelor once and the rating were awful. In the bizz, it’s all about the ratings. Nuff said.

      • Paula

        Oh, yeah? Which season? What was his name? Stop making stuff up…nuff said!

      • Michelle

        There was never a black bachelor. Never. Why are you lying?

      • bongy

        I have watched all the seasons of the Bachelor. What you saying is not true. What a classless lie………

    • Ken

      The girls on the show are always chosen before the Bachelor is selected. They are never picked for the Bachelor in mind.

      Btw Jake basically had to beg to become the next Bachelor. Kipton and Reid who were front runners both turned it down.

      • marilynbthompson

        Ros came on the show to find love with JAKE—Not anyone else–she should have been kicked off the show–let her go on down the road… give the others a chance.

      • jaydee

        How is that possible when so many of the contestants had some connection to aviation?

    • Debbie

      The second I saw that Malasian woman I knew she was a goner. Although, that landing strip comment was totally whack.

      It is pretty interesting that the Bachelor is the only one of these kinds of shows that is so racially divided. Other shows with similar formats – ie. More to Love have much more diverse cats and those cast members last longer on the show.

      For some reason, The Bachelor seems to excel in casting either all caucasian or predominantly caucasian participants who are not open to other ethnic groups.

      • FLGrl

        She was Cambodian, not Malaysian. How can you not tell the difference???

    • Manuel

      They have had a number of people of varying backgrounds appearing on this show as contestants. Some of these folks have made it to the final episodes but were not chosen. The contestants are largely selected on the preferences of the bachelor or bachelorette, with a few wild cards thrown in. And once the show begins, the selection is at the discretion of the Bachelor, stating this is racist etc, is obtuse and small minded. A show about love is bound to reflect the preferences of the individuals appearing on the show, and as such, is not subject to the PC political games you are trying to incite. I am sure if someone stood out in their search for the next bachelor, they would be cast regardless of their particular background. Stop reducing people’s identity to the color of their skin or race.

      • Paula

        I think you’re making stuff up. When you look at all the seasons, there has not been a lot of diversity (especially recent seasons). Not to say that The Bachelor/Bachelorette is racist, but if they insist on making the main character white, then why not find a white person who isn’t going to see the tokens as tokens? Why not find a white person who seriously into inter-racial dating? By this time, most black girls/guys have given up and don’t even bother to apply, unless they just want to be on TV.

      • MAE

        Well said Manuel.

      • Michelle

        Manuel, you know that you are lying. There has never been any diversity on this show. Do you work for The Bachelor? Chris, is that you?

      • TM

        Manuel, I agree and to take it a step further, if A black person was a bachelor and all the finalists where black, than it could be presupposed that future bachelors and bachelorettes who made it to the finals would also be black, which if continued by device would result in a predominantly black show.

      • Amilah

        Manuel, there have been very few minorities on the show over the years. This isn’t an issue of race-baiting, its just not reflective. But consider the fact that all these white women would not pursue a black
        or Latino man? Seriously, as an African American woman, I get approached by more white men than black. Also, why are are these women model-thin? I know that More to Love addressed this but the show portrayed plus size women as weepy, desperate and unconfident. We are not all emotional wrecks! I think to be fair, the next. Bachelorette should be a Black female.

      • erin

        I don’t understand why diversity has just come to be about color. Diversity is about differences and I’ve seen plenty of differences. Making it about color is narrow and shallow, in my mind.

    • amy

      if someone isn’t attracted to other races, it doesn’t make them a racist. Some people might just like brown-eyed brunettes. It’s personal preference, not racism.

      • wakeforce

        Yes, it does!

    • mistified2007

      There was an Asian woman who made a bizarre remark about her ‘landing strip’. She just didn’t make the first cut.

      I was more surprised to see how many women on the show have careers that do not require any education.

    • canukgrl

      I have noticed & been disgusted with the lack of diversity on the Bachelor or Bachelorette. I think the show does not represent our world & lives & all sorts of beauty, which is sad & makes the show ugly.
      Last thing.. Keep Michelle & bunnies far, far, far apart. ’nuff said.

      • MM

        Great comment, too funny! It took me a minute but now it is the most amusing comment on this blog. Keep them coming!

    • blue

      About the “racist” thing, did you ever consider they might ask Jake (and the other) what they prefer?

    • MM

      About 100 girls are selected, then when the bachelor is chosen, he submits an extensive profile as to qualities he is looking for. Would you have been happier if 5 minorities were selected, but none got a rose on the first show? It is all about what the bachelor wants in a wife, not about being politically correct. Why must everything also be about who was “wronged”? Just enjoy the show or change the channel.

      • Kat

        I agree! Enough already!

  • Grant

    Too bad! Rozlyn really filled the camera lens. We’ve seen her name and face a hundred times since hints of the scandal broke, what’s the name of the staffer who is implicated? I see no reason why he’s enjoying even one minute of anonymity.

    • abm

      I agree, Grant! Come out, unnamed guy. Shame on cheaters.

      • Al

        Cheaters? Really? Let’s see- this show is about one person who “dates” lots of other people (who are only seeing the one person) and then narrows the field down to one? Who’s cheating here?

      • Ambient Lite

        I REALLY fail to see the huge controversy here – it sounds to me that SHE just picked someone else!

      • skipper

        Cheaters? Who cheated on whom? Jake with the other 24 women he is dating perhaps?

    • RaRa

      First, unless he is married, no one was cheating. Second, “inappropriate relationship that got physical” doesn’t necessarily mean consummation.

    • Geena

      The guy got fired from his job. For legal reasons, and to forestall any litigation arising out of his untimely departure, the show cannot release his name. Rozlyn, on the other hand, agreed to have her name and image, as well as her actions in connection with the show, used for promotional and other purposes, at the discretion of the producers on the show. Too bad, so sad, for her – she got what she deserved.

    • TM

      They probably came to some agreement that if he came forward and admitted what he did that he woiuld get fired, but they would not reveal his name, and I’m sure he had this in writing first.

  • as1270

    I understand that the producers had to deal with a very unique situation, and my initial reaction was to feel terrible for Jake and think that Roz was a bit sleazy for her actions. After a bit of thought, though, the entire premise of the show results in the bachelor getting physical with multiple women at the same time, so why should a woman on the show get punished for doing the same thing? Perhaps the difference is openness versus deception, but I can’t help but be a little cynical.

    • Jess

      Excellent point! I never thought of it that way before.

    • nikki

      The problem is the premise of th eshow is based on the bachelor dating the 15-25 women selected for him and the women to date ONLY him. Jake signs a contract to that effect and so do the women. The same is true with reverse genders on The bachelorette. If a woman has a problem with that premise she shouldn’t sign the contract and should be on the show. If she realizes she has aproblem with it she should not accept a rose and leave post haste. Bottom line Rozlyn broke the contract and premise of th eshow for which she signed up for. She deserved to be let go. If she wants to date multiple people, like Chris said on the show she is welcome to do it, it’s her business while she’s not under contract to the show in her off show time. Even better she could do it as the Bachelorette if she wanted to do it on tv. But, that’s not what she did.She had to go.

      • Connie

        If she liked Jake as much as she claimed while face to face, then she is a liar and needed to be found out and kicked off the show. Jake deserves someone that is going to be able to tell the truth even if it hurts.!

      • SM

        Word point for you nikki – “post haste” is not used nearly enough.

      • Melissa

        Exactly. It’s the element of deceit that’s the problem. She knew going in Jake would be dating 24 other women. He did not know she was with another man. Also, on reality shows like that, it’s very important to keep the crew separate from the cast. (“Real World Seattle” anyone?). So this was a wrong on so many levels.

      • molly

        No one said said she was “dating” the staffer. The staff is not supposed to have any contact with the contestants, and she was befriending him when she was trying to call her son. It was inappropriate because the “rules” simply state no contact at all.

      • Ambient Lite

        This sounds more like a personnel issue than the huge scandal its being made out to be. She just picked some other guy instead of Jake. Big deal.
        They’re playing it up because this season (Jake) is boring as heck and they need the ratings.
        Sorry, CH. I think this is a little desperate.

      • Elin

        I sooooo agree Nikki, she may have been the prettiest one on the show, so of course the other girls were happy to see her go, but what she did was TOTALLY CLASSLESS and DIMWITTED. I’m so happy she is gone. I love Jake and was so happy he’s the Bachelor this season. He deserves somebody sincere, not somebody who goes after any idiot she’s around — GeeZ, no morals whatsoever. Chris is being very kind to her — too kind – he probably has to for legal reasons.

    • Elicia

      I never thought of it that way either! However, everyone knows that the Bachelor/bachelorette is with multiple people, while the candidates are supposed to prove they are there for the right reasons and “the one”. Yes, a double standard, but one entered into with open eyes. I feel badly for Rozlyn. She is obviously a very insecure girl who really, really needs attention, validation and drama.

    • Shannon

      I think they had to deal with it this way because it involved an employee of the Bachelor… the unbiasedness (pretty sure that’s not a word) goes out the window.

    • James

      I agree, I am a guy and what guy wouldn’t want the attention from all the beautiful women that appear on this show. For any lady or fellow that does, they constantly have to swallow their pride while one person gets to date and make out with women in front of them for quite a while. Rozlyn did not keep with the idea of the show and she deserves to leave, but to call her bad names is unfair because in the real world no one would tolerate a man flaunting other women in their faces like this show allows. The show dealt with it properly, but the reaction of some of the girls or viewers harshly toward her isn’t thinking rationally. In my opinion.

  • D.

    This may be a foolish question, but why was it such a big deal?

    Jake is able to date (and presumably have sex with) all of the women, so why was she thrown off the show? This was the second episode where they were still getting to know each other, not weeks from now when people were proclaiming their love.

    Not trying to be smart, I’m genuinely curious.
    – D.

    PS. Thanks for writing such interesting blogs- I truly enjoy reading your posts each week.

    • Annie

      That’s a good point…I think it has to do more with breach of contract than feelings, though. Reality show contestants have to sign their lives away, and I’m sure that exclusivity is part of it on the Bachelor.

    • czak

      Her being involved with an employee of the show presents a conflict of interest for the employee – as he now might be accused of being in the position to favor one of the girls over the others. Also, it’s a breech of contract, which stipulates that she’s not involved with anyone else. The Bachelor girls are “supposed” to have more class than to jump into bed with a staffer while she’s trying to seduce the Bachelor too . . .

    • Dallas

      Jake was a little overwrought after such a small glimpse of Roz. But he was absolutely in forever love with Jillian too, after one date.

    • Kathy

      Because however crazy it is, the concept of the show is one guy and 25 women who sign up to meet and get to know him and pursue a possible relationship with him only for the time they are there, certainly not with a staff member at the same time. If she developed feelings for the staff member, she should have left the show voluntarily, but she wasn’t doing that, she was playing Jake big time trying to get that rose, either to “win” or be on TV longer.

      • JA


  • Diane

    I agree with the other posts. Everyone handled themselves with the utmost class. I also agree with the need to get rid of Michelle. She truly comes across as mentally unstable and very immature. Jake needs to be careful with her and I hope he’s not been told to keep her just for ratings.

    • RaRa

      I expect Michelle to hang around — it’s good TV!

  • betsybug

    I can’t help but think that this staffer and Rozlyn will be so successful in their relationship, “The Bachelor” will FINALLY have another married couple for which the show can claim as having played matchmaker.

    • Michelle

      Good one! :)

  • A Novel Menagerie

    Chris, what a beautifully written article. Thank you so much for sharing the truth “behind the scenes.” I saw how choked up you were in dealing with Roz and I can only say that you handled it so professionally and with such dignity.

    • Amy Leigh

      Seriously? Chris revealing the “truth”? Chris is a company man who’s just telling the story that the EP’s of the Bachelor want him to tell. I guess that’s what he’s paid to do so I can’t really fault him for it.

      • Denise

        That is what I would call a puppet!

  • lbj

    “I can’t help but think that this staffer and Rozlyn will be so successful in their relationship” — yeah, okay then…

    • Annette

      She’s being sarcastic. Yay!

  • Tori

    Rozyln’s choice to get involved with someone else during the show is unfortunate. I feel bad for Jake that he was deceived and hurt. I can’t imagine Chris how hard it must have been for you to deal with all of it (on the fly). This is life, however. People lie. People cheat. People become interested in other people while they’re dating someone else. Jake was, after all, dating several other women. I’m not condoning Rozyln’s behavior nor that of the “staffer”. I’ve been cheated on. I’ve been lied to. It heartbreaking. But, I’ve also never dated a man who was dating 14 other women while dating me. Again, I’m not siding with Rozyln. She should have excused herself from the show before her feelings developed to the point of becoming physical with the staffer. I am merely pointing out that these things happen in life and it’s better to know sooner before rings are purchased, lives are moved, and vows are exchanged.

    • abm

      Well said, Tori. Rozlyn could have saved herself an embarrassment and left quietly only if the producers approached her – but instead, she was being videotaped and now the world knows. Is it due to contract-bound so everything has to be videotaped?

      • Propmeister

        Props to Chris. He took the high road. What they aren’t saying is this: Roz, if you had any class at all, you would have left the show once you knew you weren’t interested in Jake.

        I’m amazed that women are coming to the defence of Roz. She is what she is. But c’mon, she got a rose and then she goes and makes out with someone from the production crew? You know what you call that right? Women? You know, yes?

        So she can whine all she wants. The fact that she didn’t immediately walk off the show after her hook-up, shows it all. That Chris understands why this wrong, shows that Chris has class.

        Only change is, if they wanted, they could have let Jake deal with it. But seriously, even more props to Chris. Not forcing him to confront this **, really a stand up thing for the show to do. Major props.

    • alex

      You really don’t know for sure if Rozlyn hooked up or not. They could have edited it to make it look like it. Like everyone else is saying above, why wasn’t there footage of other women being catty and talking about catching Rozlyn in the act?? Yet, during Bachelorette Jillian, there was constant talk by the guys about Wes’ bad boy behaviour? Something doesn’t add up.

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