'State of the Union' will not interfere with 'Lost' premiere; we can all breathe again

If yesterday’s terror alert about President (not Workman) Barack Obama’s State of the Union address potentially conflicting with Feb. 2’s Lost premiere had you freaked out like Charlie on a plane, rest easy! No State of the Union will mess with our enjoyment of  a three-hour State of the Island. The White House still doesn’t know when the SOTU will happen, but the Internet whined hard enough that it definitely won’t be that night.

“I assume it’s a big deal at ABC,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters today, hopefully with a piercing Ben-like stare and a slight waver in his voice.

In other words (according to Damon Lindelof’s Twitter feed): “OBAMA BACKED DOWN!!!! Groundhog Day is OURS!!!!!!! (God Bless America).”

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Image credit: Obama: Soren McCarty/WireImage.com; Lost: Mario Perez/ABC

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  • Sarah


    • Wishwashy

      Don’t think the Obama administration is beyond telling people one thing (like ending the war) then doing something completely different (like send thousands more to afganastan)…I wouldn’t put it by the president to start the SOU speech right in the middle of hour #1 of lost.

      • gene

        Actually, since day one of his run for office, he has said that he would send troops and concentrate more on Afganastan. Watch the debates, in every debate, he mentioned sending troops there.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Well I suppose for once Obama listened to what the American people wanted…if only he would do the same with some of his other policies

    • Johnification

      Yeah, nobody wants health insurance.

      • No

        Nobody wants to *pay* for other people’s insurance against their will.

      • I do!

        Oh no, dear No. You see, it’s called living in a society. Don’t forget that everyone who pays more in taxes than you do are partly paying *your* bill for living in it.

      • CaptainStimpy

        Your a trolling moron! Thanks for playing…

      • sciteach713

        Actually, it should be “you’re” a trolling moron. I find it gets one’s point across better when they use proper grammar when calling someone a moron.

    • oliviasorama

      You got that right!

      • Krayzeman

        People “pay” for other peoples stuff for all the time. Its called “taxes…”

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Actually I not only don’t want to pay for everyone else’s insurance, I also don’t want the Government telling me what I can and cannot do with my health and medicine. Do I really want my medical care to turn into the DMV and the USPS?

      • gwill

        i would much rather have a health insurance company tell me they want cover my ass b/c of a pre-existing condition, like acne . . . yeah, i much rather have my will submitted to a corporation that doesn’t listen to its own stockholders let alone the “customers” it steals from (just look at hospital bill to see what I mean)

  • Hrfe

    Um yes.
    The White House bent for LOST!! Wow
    So I’m gonna say Shepard ’16?

    • analiesejoy

      like this ^

    • Mike

      I actually was thinking Team Darlton! lol

  • crispy

    Clearly Ben got to him too.

    • Jeremy

      Clearly some people need to get a life if this was causing this much fuss.

    • CAM

      LOL! Agreed!

  • KWo

    PHEW! I was seriously stressed yesterday (how sad is my life?)

    • mario

      same here. dont worry, you’re not alone.

  • lisa

    The Island ALWAYS wins!

  • step

    LOVE the picture.

  • Jason

    haha -love it!

  • Sarah

    Yes we can.

    • TJ

      What a joke

  • Leila

    As devoted as I am to Lost, this actually makes me sad if in fact it had anything to do with the programming at ABC. Had sad a statement is that about the attention span and interest our country has in politics and a the historic state of the union. Let’s assume it this article is tongue in cheek and that the SOTU scheduling is NOT actually considering the premiere of a fictional, albiet much loved, tv show.

    • Mike

      how sad is it that our ridiculous president wants to say “to hell with ‘history'” and have his state of the union in February instead of January when it always is….all because of the fact that he wants to know the outcome of his ridiculous UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE bill?

      This should have never been an issue!

      • Johnification

        Yeah, God forbid the President decides to actually finish his homework before presenting in front of class.

        Getting rid of empty, pointless compliance with arbitrary tradition was one of the reasons I voted for the guy. Who cares if the speech is 3 weeks later?

      • DJ

        Problem is, Johnification, the president is constantly speaking before his homework is done. He’s a broken record of empty promises. The bill is just another item on his agenda so postponing his address won’t matter one bit because he’s going to mark it off his list no matter what… 3 weeks before or 3 weeks after. After all, tradition remains constant for a reason.

      • CaptainStimpy

        Thanks for dropping by & trolling. Now go away…

      • gwill

        another American tradition . . . bitching about the President and acting like he is the end all be all of everything that is right or wrong in this country . . . people need to wake up and take personal responsibility for the world they live, i guess misery just loves company

      • KJ

        It’s actually not “trolling” unless the poster came in here specifically to start trouble. Talking about Obama’s performance as president may be somewhat off-topic, but it started organically…and everyone seems pretty calm about it (except for you, Stimpy). It’s actually kind of nice to see a political debate play out this politely online…so why do you feel compelled to police it?

    • Abbey

      If that makes you sad, you are probably sobbing when you hear about the drinking games that go on during the SOTU. Lighten up!

      • Mike

        Wow…applause…drink…there’s your game right there! lol

      • j

        Viewers of the SOTU or those in the room where it’s delivered?

  • Big D

    I don’t think the White House wanted to risk the wrath of Smokey.

    • judy

      Good one!

  • stella

    *Sigh of relief*

  • Dave

    I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief.
    Linus ’12.

    • TJ

      I would’ve watched Lost either way.

      • SH

        Only if ABC put Lost on instead of State of Union Address. Usually the 4 big networks put on the president instead hence the reason for the nervousness in the first place!

      • TJ

        I would’ve watched Lost on DVD.

      • gwill

        i would have watched dancing with the stars on FOX

  • Monty

    How great would it be if Smokey would judge all of the politicians present a la Ben?

    • Josh M

      The entire chamber would have suffered Eko’s fate.

  • Rhonda Bryson

    Finally a political decision I can get behind.

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