Could the State of the Union bump the 'Lost' premiere? Noooooo!

Might the State of the Union address bump Lost‘s season premiere? That’s the fear coursing through the veins of every Lostie today. President Obama hasn’t set a date yet for the address, which typically occurs the last week of January. (Since 2000, only one SotU has been in February.) According to the Washington Post, though, “Conventional wisdom around the TV industry is that the White House is buying time in hopes of having a health-care reform package done before the speech.” It’s crappy enough that the U.S. has the 45th-worst infant mortality rate and health care costs have skyrocketed — now I might have to wait for Lost, too? Jeez Louise.

An ABC rep says as of right now, Lost‘s premiere is still set for Groundhog Day.

Look, I know that the State of the Union is more important than a TV show, even a great TV show, even one going into its epic final season. I know! But…let’s just say I’m hoping for health care reform to pass even more now than I already was.

PopWatchers, are you tweeting up a storm with #NoStateofUnionFeb2?

Image credit: Obama: Soren McCarty/; Lost: Mario Perez/ABC

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  • Gene

    Everyone needs to grow up. There are more important things in the world than a TV show. You can watch it some other time.

    • Brian

      We don’t want to watch it some other time. Go away, Gene.

      • Goose

        Well said, Brian.

      • Bryan

        I second that notion, Brian (nice name, by the way). Gene, we want to watch ‘Lost’, not the President. If I had my way, ‘Lost’ would have premiered by now.

      • Michael

        Yeah, go away Gene.

      • roger

        we pretty much know the state of the union, it sucks… We’d like to find out what’s new on lost!

      • Brian H.

        I agree with the other fella’s on this. Mind your tone Gene.

      • Emma

        I just don’t see why we can’t be given the choice – ABC’s spent millions on this campaign, and it’s not fair to just bump them because of the SOTU. Yes, it’s important, but does it have to be broadcast on EVERY SINGLE channel?

      • Jeremy

        I’m with Gene on this one, and I think the replies to Gene’s comment are a pretty clear example of what’s wrong with this country. It’s a frickin’ TV show. If you don’t want to watch the president, rent a movie or, God forbid, turn off your TV and try interacting with actual people. You know, the ones that respond when you talk to them.

      • cuteasiansingles

        He relaly is ruining america

    • Gabe

      ABC should just play LOST and let the other networks carry the speech.

      • Dave

        Agreed. It’s going to be on all the other networks (except CW) and all the news channels as well (CNN, etc.)

      • crispy

        It should only be on PBS. And the 24-hour news networks.

      • jen

        Obama’s pulling a Kanye?!

      • dave

        That’s what I say. Why force it on everyone? Put it on PBS and CSPAN and let the ones who want to watch it watch it.

    • rhg

      Gene- If the president had anything relevant to day I would gladly tune in. However, pushing a healthcare bill that no one really wants is a complete waste of time. I’d much rather curl up with Sawyer for the night…

      • nomnomnom


      • Caroline

        Yeh, curling up with Sawyer sounds fantastic to me

      • mia


      • Emma

        President Obama has clearly never seen Josh Holloway without a shirt on. #NoStateOfUnionFeb2

    • Sid

      hahahahahahahaha you are funny Gene!

    • Jack

      The speech isn’t important. It’s a “pat yourself on the back session” followed by a thousand standing ovations. It belongs on cable news networks only.

    • Joe

      Gene, why? Go away.

    • Stefani

      Dude, lighten up! If you’d ever seen the show (which you clearly haven’t) you’d understand the obsession.

    • Stephanie Tanner

      Doesn’t the Prez talk enough anyway, start getting to work, less talk. And as far as bumping LOST – in the words of Stephanie Tanner – “HOW RUDE!!!”

    • Katy

      yeah geeezzzz we care about lost more

    • Andy

      Gene, that is a lie. There is nothing more important right now than watching Lost.

    • you suck

      hey gene… speaking of grown up, how do you like deez? DEEZ NUTS!!!

      • Addison

        hahaha. That’s a good one.

    • teresa

      Lost fans have been waiting a year for the final season. There is no way we should have to wait any longer. Obama is my President but I’m not going to listen to any address he gives on TV. So bring on Lost. Let the magic begin.

    • Lili

      errrr… No. I refuse! I say they got with Jan. 26th..

    • Jeremy

      I’m with Gene on this one, and I think the replies to Gene’s comment are a pretty clear example of what’s wrong with this country. It’s a frickin’ TV show. If you don’t want to watch the president, rent a movie or, God forbid, turn off your TV and try interacting with actual people. You know, the ones that respond when you talk to them.

      • jonny

        I think people like you who think they know “whats important” and try to force it on everyone is whats wrong with this country

    • Jess


    • Jordan

      I spent too much time listening to that jackass blow smoke up my ass during the election, I don’t think I really need to listen to another speech, maybe I’ll just read about it later.

  • Skip182

    I’ve heard suggestions to have them pre-empt the recap episode and continue on with the premiere afterwards. The problem with that is that the SOTU address often runs long. If you miss the openeing minutes of the premiere, you miss the esscence of the show. This wasn’t supposed to happen…

  • Diane

    I love the photo.

    • Sarah


      • crispy

        LMAO! The best part is they took the time to put “President” where it normally says “Workman” or “Janitor.”

    • paige

      yea thats a classic pic!

  • Jason

    State of the Union is important, but please, just do it ANY day other than the Lost premiere! Bump American Idol. Bump one of the two dozen CSI/NCIS shows. Just leave Lost alone for the night!

  • lettergirl

    well…GENE, considering i can see the state of the union is CRAP, i would much rather watch LOST. also, BO is on my tv 24/7. i think i can live without him giving yet ANOTHER speech and ruining my primetime obsession.

  • Denise

    Noooo, this can’t be true!! :-(

  • Moe

    Im not going to vote for him in 2012 if he does Bumb lost. IVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOOO LONG.

    • gigi

      haha! I know right. Obama’s approval rating is already skectchy. If the party wants our votes in 2012, I would advise them not to mess with the LOST Fans!! LOL!

    • Jack

      What does this say about how our nation chooses its leader when people determine how they vote based on whether or not a TV show is preempted. Stop blaming Mr. Obama (or, for that matter, Mr. Bush) for the ills of the country, America. Look to yourselves!

      • jonny

        hey, we’re not the ones bumping LOST here…

  • Juice Springsteen

    Barry gives like 5 speeches a week. Bump LOST and lose my vote in 2012

    • Diana

      OMG you just made my quote book!

      • Juice Springsteen

        Haha….i’m flattered.

    • lockewv

      Juice, I agree.

    • jmarie

      what is so wrong with a president who keeps the country *gasp* informed?!?!? the bastard!! i am a HUGE LOST fan. We have parties. People are not allowed to talk until the second viewing of the night. However, knowing what is going on in our country and being intelligent and informed citizens is the only way to FIX the state of the union. I’m embarrassed of my fellow LOST fanatics…

      • Marianna

        you can watch the news you know you dont need to get all your informing from a state of the union once a year you silly Amerikaner

  • Chris

    Gene, there are more important things than a TV show. BO trying to put his spin on health care isn’t one of them.

    • LadySolitaire

      Well said.

      Frankly, I’m Canadian so Obama can have his SotU address whenever and wherever he wants – JUST NOT WHEN LOST IS ON. I’m more of a LOST fan than an Obama fan.

  • Dave

    Sorry. At this moment in my life right now, a TV show like LOST is more important to me. I don’t care how stupid or immature that is for me to say. Air the freakin address earlier in the day, or any other day, I really don’t care. Just not instead of Lost. I’ve had a really rough year personally, and the premiere of Lost is something I have been very much looking forward to. If something ruins it for me, I’m going to be really f***ing annoyed. Presidential addresses air on so many channels. ABC should just choose not to air it or something.

    • Emoney

      I’m with you, Dave. I don’t give a crap what anyone thinks — I want to watch Lost because 2009 was a piece of crap year and 2010 ain’t looking better and Lost makes me happy. That’s all there is to it. Good luck to you!

    • Zoey

      I’m with you guys. I don’t give a damn about the State of the Union. I hear hear it every day, I see it every day. I don’t need to be reminded how everything is going down the toilet. I just want, for two hours, to immerse myself in Lost and forget for a while.

  • The Jackal

    If this happens Obama’s approval rating will plummet worst than George Bush’s.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      It’s already getting there without the help of preempting Lost

  • Gregoire

    Wow you people are shallow.

    • The Jackal

      and your an idiot, so whats your point.

      • mel

        What makes him an idiot? Showing an opinion? That means you’re one as well.

      • The Jackal

        He’s passing judgement, learn the difference than we’ll talk.

      • Mel

        Shallow, or A) see that the state of the union is SUCKY and B) We want an escape from the SUCKINESS that is the state of the union?

      • mel

        Apparently I do know the difference or we wouldn’t already be talking.

      • spelling rulez

        lol – YOUR an idiot. Ah pot, meet kettle.

      • Matty

        hehe I just love when people call someone stupid, an idiot or a retard and cannot spell when doing so.

      • Marianna

        your an idiot

    • Sid

      Better shallow than an idiot

      • Mr. Eko

        Sid but you are an idiot.

      • The Jackal

        I didn’t realize I had someone checking up on my grammar, especially someone who spells rules, with a z. Hmm…

      • Mr. Eko

        Why are you telling me this moron?

      • Mr. Eko

        im am a complete idiot

  • Sarah

    Maybe ABC could move Lost forward instead?

    I hate to admit this, but my baby’s due date is Feb 9th and I’m secretly worried he’ll come early and I’ll miss the Lost premiere. So as much as I love Barack, Lost beats him for me.

    • Shasta

      Ha, my due date is Feb 13th, and I was thinking the same thing. The more Lost episodes I can fit in before this kid disrupts my life, the better.

      • Amanda

        Bahahaha I love it! Please remind me that when I decide to get pregnant, I should please plan my due date around important TV premieres. A danger of having kids I had never thought about!

      • Kristin

        I know what you mean ladies, though I’m on the other end of the spectrum — my due date is June 3rd, and I’m hoping the birth doesn’t preempt the series finale! lol

      • crispy

        Damn, Kristin, I’d throw myself down the stairs. It’s Lost! (I am soooooooo kidding!)

      • Sarah

        Hah I’m due March 11 (a Thursday) and am worried about what happens if I deliver on Tuesday. I may very well send my husband to the house to make sure the DVR is recording Lost.

      • Addison

        Here’s hoping all your babies understand and respect the greatness of Lost, even in womb, and delay their beautiful births ’til after the premiere.

      • CCCJ

        My baby was due last May and I was afraid that she would come during last season’s finale. She didn’t, though. She understands Mama’s need for an escape.

      • gigi

        Awww…Congrats to all you new mommies! Here’s to a healthy baby and that they will wait to arrive until after mommy gets her LOST fix!! :)

  • Lost Julie

    BO “Lost” my vote a long time ago. I really don’t to see him or any of his incompetant cronies anymore. Unless we can be guaranteed Joe Wilson will yell out “You Lie!” again. Can’t miss that…..

    • Anthony

      Every election I hear too many people say ‘how can I make an informed decision.’ And many times when someone needs government assistance, ecspecially in my industry, I hear people say ‘I never knew that was available to me.’ WELL, if you pay attention to what matter in life you wouldn’t be so lost in the experience of being a citizen of this country.

  • zoetMB

    This is why the U.S. is becoming a third-rate nation…because people do care more about a TV show (which will simply be shown instead the next night or the next week) than the state of the union.

    Since we’re uninformed, we steer towards politicians who have simple answers, like “ care…socialist….bad” or “Iraq War…fight terrorists…good.” If people knew as much about the specifics of the problems of our country and the world as they do about the plot of Lost, there would have been no recession because we would have had the smarts to overcome the disasters caused by the idiotic banks.

    • Moe

      But its LOST.

    • Juice Springsteen

      Shut the f*ck up. Just because we’d rather watch a show we haven’t seen in 8 months rather than listen to ANOTHER speech by our verbose president (I’M WATCHING HIM SPEAK AS I TYPE THIS!) doesn’t mean we’re uninformed. We can just read the re-cap later.

      • paige

        yea he talks too much

      • Tamika

        He talks too much, heaven forbid you actually stop and read something more than one sentence long paige.

      • paige

        yea he still talks too much

      • lettergirl

        you go, juice!!! preach it, sister!!! if these sanctimonious barry lovers want to watch him ad nauseum, then they can go right ahead. i, for one, am counting down the minutes until LOST comes back. and i agree with you, he’s on my tv ALL THE TIME and he never says ANYTHING!!! i wonder if HE went off my tv for 8 months if i would be this interested in HIM? SAVE LOST!!! BOOT BARRY!! i gots to have me some shirtless sawyer time!!!

      • Sandra

        Forget 8 month, this is the season we will get answers to things we have been waiting 6 YEARS for.

    • The Jackal

      Do you think Obama is gonna reveal some secret intelligence agency info in his speach, whether I watch it or read it, or dvr it, its still gonna be the same information. So for that reason and the fact that I love Lost I would be extremely unhappy if it bumps my tv show. And we’re not becoming a 3rd rate nation so relax peter rabbit.

      • Gabe

        I agree when was the last important state of the union address? War World II? I can probably guess the speech right now.

    • crispy

      I think I would agree with you if it was Two and a Half Men fans freaking out! But I suspect that most of the people who watch LOST are on the higher end of the intellectual spectrum and political aware, if not active.

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