'Saturday Night Live': Chas is back!

I’m in love with these promos and the idea of Charles Barkley, who is not a role model despite appearing in thousands of T-Mobile commercials, getting to host the first Saturday Night Live of the decade. Or of the year, I guess, if you’re one of THOSE PEOPLE. Every time Barkley guests on a talk show (like when he brought laughter to The Jay Leno Show in November) is a win. Any of Barkley’s TV appearances counts as the NBA championship ring he never won. Ha, not really! Sidenote: Did any other 1990s Chicago Bulls fans ever “feel bad” for Chas when the Bulls kept winning and he was trying so hard? Mike Bruno and I are sitting here all choked up about it. Press play below.

That was a nice touch with Barkley calling Jason Sudeikis’ finger-spin useless. He is all about the fundamentals. I wonder what the SNL cast would need to do to get into Barkley’s Fave 5? Actually, never mind, Penelope has just confirmed to EW that she was in his Fave 4 five years ago, so…[hair-twirl]. Anyone else gambling on the Sir Charles episode paying off for SNL?

SUNDAY UPDATE: SNL with Charles Barkley — see Ken Tucker’s recap

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  • none of the above

    Does Entertainment Weekly get paid by SNL to prmote it? Just wondering because EW seems to blindly push this crap on us, all the while ignoring that SNL is an abysmal mess. I have the same question about EW and Adam Lambert as well. Your level of coverage (or pushing, rather) just doesn’t add up.

    • nick

      thats true, but once it comes out they give an honest opinion about it. so they normally say it sucked.

    • Johnification

      SNL is a big part of pop-culture, and as such is news-worthy to a site like EW. They criticize it pretty harshly when it’s bad, so I don’t see anything wrong with their coverage.

      • none of the above

        Ken Tucker actually gave SNL a B-, when a D- would have been more than fair for what they deserved. That plus the incessancy of their coverage is what’s so fishy. There are other shows, and whole networks even, that EW never covers at all. The SNL/Adam Lambert coverage is way out of proportion with the ratings/sales that either of them gets from the public.

    • anna

      EW’s favorite things are Idol, SNL, Twilight and Gossip Girl.

      • Kalie

        Well, they are popular topics.

      • D

        This is an entertainment site/magazine….

      • Frank Anderson

        Twilight is popular, Gossip Girl only averages 1.6 million viewers and SNL is in a terrible creative slump.

        They are an entertainment magazine- that is EXACTLY why they should cover a variety of topics and not jam stuff like Gossip Girl (or Chuch and Ugly Betty) down our throats every chance they get!

      • Frank Anderson

        Chuck… Sorry I’m on an iPhone.

    • lilly

      uh, no they do not….if anything all EW does is say how bad the show is…..

    • wino

      ha, add twilight to the mix as well. i understand covering popular subjects since this is an entertainment mag (ex Twilight). however, the editors are creating the illusion that certain things (lambert, SNL) are popular ..when in reality, they are NOT. maybe they figure that if the keep writing about them, we’ll start caring.

  • Wendy

    Let’s just hope Kirsten Wiig is on vacation this week. So sick of her.

    • Kirsten Wiig

      I’m going to be on the show just kidding I’m going to be on a plane just kidding I’m going to be on a boat just kidding I’m going to be in New York just kidding I’m going to be in Japan just kidding I’m going to school just kidding I’m going to work just kidding I’m going to be fresh just kidding I’m going to be good just kidding I’m going to be funny just kidding just kidding just kidding just jus…

      • Trixie


      • lilly

        nice job

      • WTF

        You spelled your name WRONG, genius. It KRISTEN. And the post wasn’t even funny.

    • Chris


    • Ceballos

      I have a feeling that you guys are gonna get your wish and that Kirsten Wiig won’t be in this week’s episode – however, I have a sneaking suspicion they’ll find a way to sneak Kristen Wiig in.

    • none of the above

      Let’s hope their writers are on vacation this week, as well. They’re the real show killers.

  • Ceballos

    I was a hardcore 1990’s New York Knicks fan, so I was too busy feeling sorry for myself while the Bulls were winning all those titles. There was no time for me to feel bad for Barkley.

  • Johnification

    On “those people”: I’m totally with you, Annie. Yes, the new decade technically starts in ’11, but come on, when we look back at previous decades, do you really think of 2000 as “the last year of the ’90’s” or ’90 as part of the ’80s, etc?

    • Suntrap

      I’m turning 30 this year, if 2010 isn’t the start of a new decade, then does that mean I can still say I’m in my 20’s?

      • orville

        I’m completely with you if I can stay in my 30s rather than turning 40 later this year.

    • A

      When the 90s ended, was 2000 still part of the that decade then?

    • Michael

      No, “the” new decade does NOT start in 2011. There is no “the” decade. A decade is ten years. It can be any ten years you want. Which is what makes the “It’s not the new decade!” whiners all the more idiotic.

  • whatevs

    I feel bad for those who have hosted SNL, especially this year. It’s enough that the public is subjected to this mess of crap without having to embarrass any potential hosts. I don’t even watch the show anymore and I still cringe at the time it’s on.

  • jessica

    NO I didn’t feel sorry for Charles way back when. I was actually giddy that he didn’t win any during that period. Now I feel sorta bad that he didn’t win one. But he’s in good company.

  • coco

    Love him!!! They need to make him the host of What’s up with that!!!! Can’t get enough of that sketch.
    Please send Kristen Wigg on a leave of absence, a loooooong one.

    • A

      I’m with you. I don’t know why I like that sketch so much.

    • mscisluv

      I know it’s cool to hate on Kenan, but the “What’s Up With That” sketches always make me laugh, especially because they manage to get great “guests” for it.

  • catlin

    I wanted Sam Worthington to host! Why did they get Sigourney Weaver?

  • horseridingsingles

    He’s no tiger woods

  • terry

    I can handle the snl love, anything to replace the constant Twilight crap.

  • crispy

    I hope they do an Avatar sketch. Seriously, Avatar is the best movie ever made. History will be divided into BA (before Avatar) and AA (after Avatar). Yeah, it’s that good.

    • A


    • Dave

      Crispy, you didn’t used to be one of the annoying commenters on EW.com. I used to enjoy reading your comments. They usually made me laugh. But honestly, you keep making this post (or some variation of it) all over EW.com in random articles that often have nothing to do with Avatar. It’s getting obnoxious. I loved Avatar too, but please stop this. You’re becoming just as annoying as the wacko Twilight fans.

      • Menchy

        It’s not the real crispy

    • Mac

      Looks like you’ll be watching SNL tonight instead of your usual D&D session…

  • izikavazo

    I’m terribly unexcited about this episode. Oh well, eventually they’ll get actors back on the show.

  • GoMe!

    Gawd! People who hate SNL this much are sooo annoying!

    • WTF

      So are IDIOTS who say “GAWD”!!!

  • bunker

    It’s much easier to watch this show if you just expect the absolute worst.

  • Dana

    I think a Barney and Charles rematch would be great except Barney would win.

    • wkrp

      Not if Chuck sat on him.

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