What do you think of the new Doctor Who?

The BBC has launched this trailer for Doctor Who Season 5. David Tennant seems irreplaceable — so what do you think of Matt Smith stepping in as the time-traveling Doctor? In about a minute of footage here, I already find his big hair distracting. What’s your first impression of the new Doctor from this sneak peek?

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  • Amanda

    I’m having a really difficult time letting ago of DT’s Doctor… Sigh… I’ll give the new one a shot, though.

  • L

    I didn’t know they were replacing him! DT was so darn cute — this guy’s hair IS annoying, you are right.

  • Sarah

    I’m nervous about Matt Smith. I think I was too devastated (on both my viewings) at the end of End of Time Pt 2 to judge him fairly (pretty much sobbed from Wilf’s four knocks through the end) but boy oh boy does he have some large Converse to fill… David Tennant will ALWAYS be MY Doctor, but I did get excited at seeing the return of the Weeping Angels!! Stephen Moffatt is a terrific writer (Coupling FTW) but it’ll take more than a “still not ginger” reference to make me fall for Eleven. Here’s hoping he eventually wins me over… but there’s not a doubt in my mind that he could NEVER replace David Tennant!

    • Tegan

      This comment sums up everything i wanted to say completely. :)

  • Miss Crabtree

    Seriously, EW – no mention of the devastating finale for the Tenth Doctor? David Tennant broke my heart…

    As for Mr. Smith’s new Doctor, I will have to see. But I’m excited that Alex Kingston was shown in the clip! (I wonder how River Song from “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead” met the Doctor earlier in her life, and how she ‘recognized’ him if he had a different face during the time when she knew him…)

    • darclyte

      So, was the woman Time Lord The Doctor’s mother?

      • Brooke

        That seems to be what the consensus is from Julie Gardner’s behind the scenes talk, although RTD left it more open.

    • bee

      River Song: remember, she saw something in his eyes …

  • Nate

    David Tennant was marvelous, the best Doctor ever. But DOCTOR WHO is larger than any actor or showrunner. I will miss David (forever!) but excited to see Matt Smith take over.

    • Sharlin

      I concur.

  • meagansk

    Oh man, that trailer looks so good. I can’t wait for April!

    • darmini

      Really? Which TV Channel are you going to watch it on? Because I don’t think it’ll show in the US in Spring 2010. We’ll be lucky to get it in 2010 at all.

  • Lee Katherine

    I’m a bit new to the Who-niverse, but it seems like no one is giving this poor kid a chance. Yes, DT is awesome, and yes, he is my Doctor. But I for one have been over his broody shoutiness for most of the last year’s worth of specials. Of course I’m a bit skeptical about the new guy, but frankly I’m kind of excited to see what he’ll do with it. Everyone involved is saying really good things about him, so I’d like to see a little more excitement and a little less whining about his age, hair, (lack of) eyebrows, etc. The only gripe I have so far is that “Geronimo!” is a crappy catchphrase. But I trust Moffatt to deliver, so I’m not expecting anything less great than we’ve had so far.

    • Laura

      Thank you!! I’m exactly the same. I’ve just started watching recently, and am in the middle of David Tennant’s first series. And as much as I love DT, I’m not going to assume that Matt Smith won’t be a good doctor. I thought Eccleston was great, too! I’ll be excited to see yet another persons take.

  • Snarf

    Silurians? I’m in.

  • Andrew

    I am super pleased that Matt Smith’s series looks fantastic in this trailer. Let’s not forget that although Matt is new (to Who that is…he’s done other British TV and is very good. Check out ‘Party Animals’ to see what he can do.)this is also the era and Doctor of Steven Moffat, the new Executive Producer. Moffat is responsible for many of David Tennant’s most memorable episodes, villains and stories. I will miss David Tennant a lot but am excited to see what 2010 holds for the Whoniverse!!

  • Rachel

    SO EXCITED!! But also hesitant – there’s not nearly enough of Matt Smith in this teaser to pass any sort of judgment on whether or not he’ll be a good replacement. Regardless, I *will* miss David Tennant.

    Anyone know when this will be airing in the US?

  • Rachel

    p.s. – “Geronimo” is definitely a stupid catchphrase.

    • Sarah

      I CONCUR.

      • darclyte

        That’s not the actor’s fault, so I hope that nobody blames him.

    • A


    • Tegan

      It’s definitely no “allons-y.”

    • inlove

      There’s a reason that he says Geronimo, I think…

      “Down from Heaven comes ELEVEN/and there’s HELL to pay below/shout GERONIMO, GERONIMO” – WWII paratrooper song

      • Anei

        Oh, very, very cool! I hadn’t seen that reference. It definitely takes the “Geronimo” line up several big notches in my book.

        I hope there will be some reference to it in series five, perhaps just some military types singing it in the background and Eleven pausing and grinning when he hears it, and moving on. But what a great find!

  • Justina

    The trailer looks action packed and intriguing (as if the season will present many mysteries that need The Doctor’s touch). They brought back those creepy assassin statues! Matt looks like he’s handling the physicality of the role well enough. Even though the actor is about my age, it is a little disconcerting to see a very young Doctor. But I’m sure he will put his detractors’ qualms to rest once the first few episodes are rolled out. Just based on the footage that is being shown, I get the impression that the Steven Moffat/Matt Smith version, i.e. the direction of the show, will be quite different from Russell T. Davies/Julie Gardner/David Tennant’s take on the Doctor Who series. The End of Time Parts 1 and 2 will definitely stand on my list of favorite DW episodes ever. Realizing that Wilfred was the one whose knocking four times signaled the end of this incarnation of the Doctor almost broke my heart! I cried for the last fifteen minutes of part 2. David Tennant will be greatly missed! But break a leg Matt!

  • Sharlin

    I think it was so fitting and heartbreaking that the last person the 10th Doctor visits/sees is the first person he saw… Rose.

  • Cathal

    Having watched 8 of the previouse 10 Doctors I will give the 11th a definite chance. Each new actor brings something different to the part, and as long as we never again have Catherine Tate anywhere near the show again it will survive! Bring back michelle Ryan from last year’s special, or Georgia Moffet as the Doctor’s daughter.

    • darmini

      Catherine Tate was the best thing to happen to Doctor Who, she was perfect, and a very close second to Rose as the best companion in series.

    • ana

      catherine tate was an amazing companion..i agree with darmini and the others about the geronimo phrase..kinda made me cringe. i cried all the way from the moment he heard wilf knock four times..the look on his face..and when he said I don’t want to go, i was bawling like a baby.

  • Julian

    It always takes a while to warm up to the new Doctor. I was apprehensive about David Tennant at first, and he has taken the role to greater heights than ever, so I will give the young Mr. Smith a chance to grow on me as well.

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