Tiger Woods' 'Vanity Fair' cover: Intense or intimidating?

The cover of this month’s Vanity Fair has one of the most striking images I’ve seen in a while: a shirtless Tiger Woods pumping iron with a razor-sharp glare pointed straight at the camera. The accompanying story was written without Tiger’s participation, and the photos were taken pre-scandal by Annie Leibowitz, who told VF: “Tiger is an intensely competitive athlete — and quite serious about his sport. I wanted to reveal that in these photos. And to show his incredible focus and dedication.”

But is “focus” what comes across here? Tiger’s expression also seems more than a little menacing to me, but maybe that’s just a result of the fallen sports idol’s post-scandal image? What do you think of the bad-boy-Tiger cover, PopWatchers?

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  • katy

    Shame on Vanity Fair for exploiting this scandal. Then again, a gossip rag is a gossip rag.

    • Carlos

      Um, magazines like Vanity Fair have three-four month lead cycles. This story and photos were probably done months ago for the january issue.

      Now, of course, i’m sure they found the scandal helping them out – but what were they going to do? Bury the story they already shot/took/had? It’s not like they can just throw another cover story together in November (when the scandal broke) for January? By November, they were already working on March, I’d gather.

      • Jane

        The story in this issue is about the scandal so everything you said makes no sense. They just used some old pics Annie had of him so they can exploit the scandal. This was not a planned cover before the scandal. The pics were taken in 2006.

      • bill

        normally, a mag has months lead time, but of course they are able to change plans if they see $ in a big breaking story… otherwise, they’d always be months behind sudden news.

      • Fatima

        Old photos, new story. A little disappointed with VFair to be honest. It’s probably still well written, but it’s still too gossipy.

      • bill

        sadly, yes, go$$ipy. and no different than ew running cover story of letterman with old photos of him with his pants down right after his scandal that was also none of our business.

      • another jenn

        They took the photos ahead of time and planned for an interview, but it got scrapped when the scandal broke. They’d be fools not to take advantage of the photos AND the situation, and VF is NO gossip rag.

      • Nicole

        These photos were taken four years ago.

      • match-hookup

        I luv his abs

    • Elizabeth

      I’d say “pointless” — unless there is an interview with him, this cover is meaningless. Or is it a desperate attempt to sell mags?

      • Lala

        The latter.

      • Annie

        David Letterman’s EW cover was trashy and tasteless. As for being our business…it is now b/c he talked to his audience about it.

      • bill

        sorry, just because letterman broke it to his audience before the media did, that doesn’t make it our business. how is it your business that a guy on tv cheated on his wife?

      • tnemmoc

        MY EYES !!!!!! MY EYES!!!!

      • joy

        the bottom line is that this is OLD NEWS.. FROM THE END OF NOVEMBER STRAIGHT THROUGH CHRISTMAS SEASON..too bad Vanity Fair could not come up with something fresh!! I will be leaving it on the stands..

      • joy

        desperate attempt to sell .this is more than I need after all the gossip columns have beaten it to death! He screwed around , he didn’t commit murder! WTF. The only diference is he is wealthy ,famous and one hellavu skilled golfer. PLEASE vanity Fair , we have heard enough ‘stories”and enough scandal , get back to the core of your business. I will be skippping the Feb issue. .

    • buck

      Maybe he bought her portfolio back for her.

    • Fatima

      Do any of you know that Annie’s a lesbian?

      • Emil

        Who cares?

    • marge

      Vanity Fair is not a gossip rag. It’s one of the best publications around today in my opinion.

      • eman ruoy

        Intense or intimidating???? How about lame? Just plain lame.

      • roni

        I haven’t picked on up since I was 15. hmmmm

      • MomZ

        They obviously didnt actually read the article that helps to conclude the man is an oversex’d slob even at that time “before the scandal” it tells of his Ill manners and Stupid black men do it better jokes…however old the article is or the photos, it fits! … and….I think his chest is freakish looking and not attractive to me at all!!! UGH!

    • DT

      Shame on Vanity Fair!!!!!! Anything to sell a magazine. “I wanted to reveal his seriousness and focus in these photographs” my ass. Those editors did a little dance when the scandal became public news. Name of the dance: Cha Ching Mambo

    • Jeb

      Oh come on people. The guy has been an out of control maniac from the beginning. Sure he can really play golf, however; don’t confuse his athletic prowess with being anything but a self-centered a hole.

      • Shameless

        This athlete is what athlete’s are. Competitors. Why is it so outragious to think that a serious competitor would not be on the “Hunt”? It is something that goes on throughout our society and we are all amased that it happened to him? I suggest it would be probable that something like this would happen to someone so intense, so focussed. I suggest it is no different than why does a famous movie actor, or politician, or businessman, or talk show celebrity, do something like this. It is simple, “Because they can!” I also suggest that many of these celebrity chasing bimbos are just that, bimbos looking for something to brag about. In fact, I also suggest that some of these “victims” may not have been involved with him at all. They just jumped on the bandwagon and attempted to extort money out of Tiger. I know that not all of these stories are false. certainly some of them are true, and the most descrete women have not come forward at all. I am still a fan of his athletic ability. I always will be. I am not one that looks to anyone in the media as a role model. I suggest we should stop this media crap and realize he is human and should have his private life to himself. Even if it comes out in the media, it should be nothing more than “I am sorry this family is having to deal with the same issues that many other families not in the press have to deal with.”

    • Telly B

      What the hell is going on with his nipples???

      • tnemmoc

        I know right? Did he have nipple surgery or something?

      • roni

        lmfao. I was saying the same thing. freaky

      • nunya

        Cheetah (sorry, I mean Tiger) needs to put his shirt back on IMMEDIATELY!!! Ewww Ewww Ewww!!!

    • ernie

      Naw, we have lives

    • tom

      What an idiotic statement. They have these brilliant photos of the a-hole and decided to use them in a compelling manner. Did you read the piece that went with the photos? It’s superb.

    • maggie

      Annie purportedly is gay

    • Celia

      True. Shame on them. But he does look sexy and this was shot way before the scandal broke out.

    • regit

      Lol lol lol lol. Good one ernie!

    • Fatima

      yes, I have have no life because I know something about the personal life of one of my favorite artists.

    • @fatima

      …you yourself said it…

  • deej

    Intimidating??? it’s Tiger Woods!!! he is by no means intimidating!! lol!!

    • ger

      Exactly. He’s a golfer, and so’s my dad.

      • riaf ytinav

        So’s my mommy…

      • Nova

        so is my grandfather…

    • albarino

      I’d say every athelete in the world considers Tiger’s ability intimidating and so do the corporations that have lost 12 billion from his leave of absence. Muscles that just get hard aren’t necessarily intimidating.

      • Shameless

        these corporations have already enjoyed gaining the $100 Billion with Tiger, so why should they be troubled by losing $12 Billion? They are all still very ahead of the pack. He put them on the map in many cases.

    • C. Taylor

      Oh I think if you were on the golf course playing against him, you’d change your tune.

  • otis


    • Tracey

      Yes, he needs ‘em according to that pic.

    • KRibbons

      his nipples make me want to vomit

  • Colin

    What surprises me is out of shape he looks. Lots of fat. I take back my comments that he might be on steroids.

    • lefty

      …he’s a golfer.

    • RyanK

      You seriously think he looks out of shape? He looks like he could decapitate me by getting me in a headlock and flexing.

      • Anna

        His arms look strong but his torso and abs looks as though they could use some work. He looks as though he’s having to suck his stomach in.

      • Shameless

        I bet he looks better than most people shirtless at his age. Take a look the next time you are at the beach, sure some people are fit as a fiddle, but most are no where near Tiger’s fitness. He looks great for a Golfer, a human, a whatever. There are certainly many golfers that would love to look like him. There are many professional football players that don’t have his fitness level.

    • Kevin

      It’s the weird man-boobs he’s got going on. A very odd looking body… could be the fact that he’s hold dumbells, but he just looks strange in this picture.

      • Allan

        Those are called pecs, and the body is hot.

      • riaf ytinav

        Uhhhhhh….negatory Allan

      • nunya

        Allen…that body is so NOT hot!!

    • roni

      fat? rofl. you’re a dumb ass

  • Carole

    my take – either trying badly to be gangsta or just posing for his mug shot

    • wakeforce

      What crime did he commit?

      • Carole

        reckless driving – which is a ticketable offense in FLA…

      • Andrew

        It was careless driving, not reckless driving.

      • Big Walt

        Try driving under the influence.

    • Rebecca

      Gangsta??? I mean, if he was wearing a wave cap, yeah, but come on… Are you saying gangsta because his skin is dark??

    • roni

      mug shot? gangsta? how?

  • Mitchell

    A better picture would be “after” Hurricane Elin came through with the 7 iron.

    • Carole

      maybe that’s why he’s wearing the hat ….

      • Rebecca

        Except the photo was taken 4 years ago….

  • sbwm

    I find it weird and unsettling. Not sure what I would have thought pre-scandal. Most likely that he was trying to hard – but even pre-scandal it is a strange photo.

    • Emmalee

      definitely. it is a strange lookin’ photo.

      • roni

        it’s only strange because of his wholesome image

      • swen noitca

        ….and his goofy body.

    • Steve

      I agree. I have no beef with VF for doing a story on the scandal–it is possibly the biggest sports story of the decade. But the pic–which, as Amelie Gilette pointed out, makes Tiger look as though he’s working out in a prison yard–seems inflammatory.

    • Kdub

      I agree

  • buffy

    You can take the man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man…

    • wakeforce

      What ghetto is he from? He is automatically ghetto because he’s black? You’re lucky I don’t know where you live.

    • Kiki

      Never been a fan of the guy, but honestly, what are you talking about? Tiger Woods was brought up in middle class circumstances, hardly the ghetto. I do hope you’re not implying that because he is part black, he is also automatically “ghetto”.

      • Rae

        Because it’s a dumb generalization

    • jack hart

      racist much buffy? .. do some research before making stupid remarks

      • Thaswt1

        That’s why the name is Buffy/Dumb Blonde……Now thats stereotyping for your A$$

    • MarcoPolo

      But you can tell he’s going for a “ghetto hard” re-image, ala 1994 Hammer. Post-scandal, it plays into “see, I knew he was one of them” comments. Probably why these pics didn’t see light of day earlier than this.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Stupid remark.
      I think it’s a great photo and it shows his sexiness. This was pre-scandal.

      • Selur Eht

        Stupid comment

    • Fatima

      You insufferable twit.

    • eman ruoy

      Buffy you’re an ignorant doofus!

    • Nida

      Ghetto? Tiger Woods? AHAHAHAHAHA.

    • Danielle

      Wow…I doubt you meant that remark (I’m talking to you Buffy) to sound quite so racist? Or..maybe you did? If so….racist much?

    • Buffy’s Vacationing Brain

      LOL, Buffy….Tiger’s about as “Ghetto” as Carlton Banks.
      You CAN’T take the stupid out of Buffy, so she’s just terminaly stupid.

    • Shameless

      Your ignorant

  • paige

    his body is kinda gross

    • BLM

      And his face is kinda gross. Actually, Tiger is all-over gross. Even before the scandal, there is no way I would ever think this nerd is hot.

  • nointrospec

    I agree, he doesn’t look tough or intense. He looks like Tiger playing at being gangsta. And I gotta go with paige, his body doesn’t look like anything I’d want on the cover of a magazine. Tiger should stick to golf polos and just take it off for his girlfriends, or whoever.

  • wavyD

    Hey El Tigre! Your hours up. Get back to your cell.

  • holly

    U see that midline crease? U get that from “PUMP UP THE JAM” Pumping , PUmpinmg! ehehehehhehhe!!!

  • wakeforce

    Is there now any doubt. Tiger, you’re a black man! What the hell is a Caublanasian anyway!

  • Ambient Lite

    He looks like an angry little boy in the face. The rest of him just doesn’t do it for me.
    Let’s just hope this doesn’t spearhead a trend of golfers taking their shirts off…BLECH.



  • holly

    That crease in the gut is from alot of PUMPING , pumping Pump up the jam! ehehheh!

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