'Iron Chef America': It's Michelle Obama! (For about two minutes, anyway...)

At the beginning of last night’s two-hour “Super Chef Battle” drool fest, Michelle Obama (pictured, with host Alton Brown and Iron Chef Mario Batali) offered the contestants — Batali and his special celebrity partner Emeril Lagasse vs. Iron Chef Bobby Flay and White House executive chef Cristeta Comerford — the use of anything in the White House garden. All items produced by the White House Garden brim with nutrients and magic and sprout up in rich color combos that inspire hope, change, and Michelle Obama’s outfits.

After all of Food Network’s breathless Obama promos, I was hoping for the First Lady to sample some of the dishes. I also would have enjoyed some outdoor BBQ action on White House grounds. What could possibly be more sacred and patriotic than Iron Chef America? Maybe the Prez could have jogged over for some late-morning sweet carrot beignets with Cafe Brulot and a nation would gasp as he gently shook his white paper bag to evenly disperse the extra powdered sugar and cinnamon. Maybe  the Orange (Coral) Bistro Mario Batali Edition Crocs could freak out First Dog Bo a little until the iron chef stunned him into submission with a bone he hand-carved out of a white icicle radish. I thought at least Michelle’s favorite garden gnome Elmo would pop up to suggest that adding fresh White House turnip pickles to an otherwise routine bloody mary sure would make his tummy smile. Whatever. Maybe I’m just bitter because it was right as I settled in to watch the show that I realized I had spilled a bottle of overpriced airport water all over the turkey sandwich my mom made me to eat on the plane. (Fried turkey stuffed with braised greens seems so much crueler when the only real food option you’re left with is holiday M&Ms. What a tough life.)

Were you hoping for some more White House action in last night’s Iron Chef? And were you happy to see Emeril lay his hands on food again?

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  • Steve

    It was clear that the fix was in. They were never going to let Emeril and Mario beat the White House chef using ingredients from the White House garden… Emeril was robbed! And just how did an actress and an athlete qualify as judges to begin with?

    • Rose

      Amen brother!

  • Kris

    I’m disappointed that the Food Network, one of my STAPLE stations, would bow to the unremitting deluge of Obama propaganda. It seems we the people are to be bombarded with Obama publicity stunts until the next election! It seem our President can’t get enough of his face or Mrs. Obama’s face on Television. I enjoy Iron Chef. The previous seasons have been wonderful. However, if the blatant Obama-kissing is going to continue, I will have to find other outlets for my Food TV fix.

    • Karen

      The Travel Channel has some great food shows.

    • Stan

      Please go away, neo-con anti-democracy Republican operatives. Go watch E. coli Hasselbeck!

      • Rose

        Go drink your Kool-Aide!

    • Dahlia

      Really? I feel sad for you. :( I think cooking at the White House would be cool, no matter who the President is. Please try not to take it so personally.

    • Shaun

      Yeah… It’s not like YOUR inane, unhinged blathering isn’t reeking with propaganda at all… Sheesh. After all the illegal, unethical and downright damaging actions (or INactions) of the previous White House occupant, the level of red-faced anger and hatred hurled at Obama (and even his family) is staggering. Amazing how so many so-called “patriots” seem actually want the guy to fail at fixing the (many) messes Bush left behind. You’d think a real patriot would want the nation, and eveyone in it, to succeed and be above such petty, partisan squabbling.

      Oh, and about the food? I missed the show, but I bet it was fun. I’m just amazed that Food Network got Emeril to come back for something. It’s not like he went completely though, he does have a new show on FLN (“Emeril Green”), and FLN also shows reruns of Emeril Live.No surprise they let the White House chef win. I’m sure that was planned (Oh gosh, another liberal, Socialist plot! Won’t someone think of the children??)

      • Phil

        +1 Shaun!

      • Rose

        Let us all know when things are better. Geez, Dems trip Bush over and then blame him for falling. Yes he made mistakes but Obama is straight F*****g up.

    • Mitchell

      Kris – 2 Words – ANGER MANAGEMENT. It’s only food, nature’s giving of life food. Snap back to reality

    • Carole

      I’m sure those who are on cablevision would have loved to watch the show….who would you rather Food Network kiss – YOU???

    • Name

      You’re full of bollocks, mate. You dismiss it as propaganda because it’s not the particular brand of kool-aid, as Rose says, that Fox news gives you. It’s a tv show about food. If this was any other president in office, it would have been exactly the same way. They probably asked them if they could use this as a theme. Michelle probably agreed. Now stop being such a pillock and making a bleeding big deal out of everything, find something better to do with your sodding time.

  • paige

    hahahha… i loved this line: “All items produced by the White House Garden brim with nutrients and magic and sprout up in rich color combos that inspire hope, change, and Michelle Obama’s outfits.”

  • MsDaisy

    Speaking of Michelle Obama’s outfit….let’s not.

    • Dahlia

      I know, right? Not one of my favorites.

      • nori acirema

        Did she put on one of her daughters dresses by mistake?

    • Andrea D

      Are we too afraid to criticize this ridiculous outfit?
      I’m not. Big neon dress…little itty bitty sweater…ACK!

      • Selur Eht

        She looks like a circus tent. She dresses horribly! She dresses llike Jackie O….HA! More like Jackie NO.

    • Chris

      I wish I hadn’t seen Mario in Crocs. He seemed like such a decent guy.

    • Diane

      Michele’s dress is horrible. She looks like an orange triangle.

  • Laura K.

    Um, Cristeta, not Cirstera.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      and it’s Batali not Batalli.

  • irene

    enjoyed the show and less of the obamas the better

  • avatar

    Go Team Flay and Comerford!!!

  • Tami

    I really liked the emphasis on fresh local food. We could all benifit from eating healthier and I like the Obamas for putting the idea out there.

  • TJB

    I was perplexed as to why a challenge to create dishes that will “Americans say YUM!” (or whatever that cheesy line was) and repeatedly referenced combining different ethnic flavors and backgrounds “because that is what Amwerica is about” featured two British judges. Such an odd disconnect.

  • Mary

    I am a Republican and I still would have liked to see more of Mrs. Obama and maybe her daughters. It would have been nice if they gave us more information about the garden. I also was suprised at who they got to judge. It would have been nice to Washington insiders as the judges.
    (P.S. Did we need to see the dead pig on diplay?! That was bad!)

  • Dave

    Didn’t get to watch the Iron Chef thanks alot Cablevision!

  • Marguerite

    Four words: Where was the Chairman?? Must have been filmed while he was burnin up the dance floor on DWTS. But ICA just isn’t the same without the faux kung fu sound effects.

  • dave

    Three words: Food Network Humor (dot com) — they had a really funny write up of this show. Nice of Mario batali to dress up for his trip to the white house!

  • cpreynolds

    I thought it was a gagfest. They really stole the sustainable food thing from Top Chef and tried to keep drumming it into our heads. If I wanted to be lectured, I’d go back to school.

  • Jackie

    I was so excited for this, but couldn’t watch due to Cablevision’s service cut. Yet another reason Cablevision can suck it.

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