The 'Celebrity Apprentice' season 3 cast could be more ridiculous, but I'm not complaining

There isn’t even any black tulle under Cyndi Lauper’s business skirt. I just say. Behold the cast of season 3 of The Celebrity Apprentice, premiering Sunday, March 14 on NBC. Starting all the way on the left with the lady you don’t recognize, we have comedian-writer Carol Leifer, Sinbad, WWE wrestler Maria Kanellis, former Illinois governor and karaoke failure Rod Blagojevich, Sharon Osbourne as Dr. Evil, track and field Olympian Michael Johnson, Joe Combover, chef Curtis Stone, gift from heaven Cyndi Lauper, WWE heavyweight Bill Goldberg, famed rightfielder Darryl Strawberry, sex bomb Bret Michaels, lingerie model Selita Ebanks, swimmer Summer Sanders, and actress-children’s book author Holly Robinson Peete.

Blago vs. Sharon Osbourne could be funny, but I’m a bit underwhelmed by the cast. This is probably okay. I mean, we didn’t expect “whore pit viper” to enter the lexicon the moment Melissa Rivers was cast alongside her mom and Annie Duke, and look how that turned out. Also, I don’t mean to brag, but I am a lot more familiar with this cast than everyone else, because my childhood bedroom wall featured those two-page insert glamour shots you found in the middle of Sports Illustrated for Kids for both Summer Sanders and Darryl Strawberry. It follows that Celebrity Apprentice season 3 will finally force me to confront one of my life’s most puzzling quandaries: Knowing that I only hung up Darryl because I like strawberries and at the time was desperate for a ninth poster to complete my tacky 3×3 display, why did I never bother to replace him with gymnast Dominque Dawes? So weird. It’s something I’ve been meaning to deal with for a long time.

Your thoughts on the season 3 Celeb Apprentice cast? If Bret Michael suffers a diabetic coma, will Cyndi wake him up with “Time After Time”?

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  • Carole

    Guilty pleasure – yes I am looking forward to seeing former IL gov kick Osbourne booty

    • Stephanie Tanner

      I would have liked to see Jodie Sweetin on!

      • hochelaga

        heheh….. and some facts of life cast member(Blair/Lisa W. who was robbed her earnings by her corrupt manager…or something like that)

    • Sally in Chicago

      I’m there…ditto guilty pleasure.

    • Mysterwright

      Pfft, the only thing Blago can kick is himself getting caught for trying to mess with the PRESIDENT! The moment he tries to come onto Mrs. O he’ll have to first suffer Goldberg’s spear and *then* deal with Maria, Cyndi and Bret stomping a mudhole in him. That’s not to mention after the Trumpster looking at him and saying Rod? YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!

      • Carole

        you are assuming that the others will defend the ever strange Mrs O …

  • Helen

    Disgusted at how we are treating Blagojevich like he’s some sort of entertainment icon. The man corrupted public office and betrayed the public trust. He’s a criminal.

    • kenny

      But thats the Chicago way

      • Mandy

        No it’s not! He’s an embarrassment to “Chicago politics”.

      • LPchick

        Everyone that lived in Illinois or has ever lived in our state was cheering the day he got arrested – it was like a state-wide holiday! And then when he got booted out of office? It was like another state-wide holiday.

        Remind me how he got elected to a 2nd term? I know I didn’t vote for him…

    • Sally in Chicago

      Innocent until proven guilty. Honestly, I think Blago chose the wrong career in politician, and should have been a newscaster, radio host, or TV star. Besides, there’s more money in it than being governor as he’s now finding out.

    • Cady

      Yeah, Blagoojevich’s presence on this show really turns me off from wanting to watch. That’s like VH1 crap or something!

      • amj

        Can’t be any worse then Dancing with the Stars putting on Tom Delay.

  • Eric

    I think this group is waaay more famous than last year. Or maybe I have just become more familiar with the dregs of Hollywood. Excited to see Summer working again after Nickelodeon’s Figure It Out.

    • Grady

      You beat me to it, Eric! Amongst people aged 19-21, Summer Sanders is really known more as the host of Figure It Out!

      • LPchick


        I’m 25 and that’s honestly the only reason I know of her – I mean, I’ve since learned that she was an Olympic swimmer, but I know her more for hosting Figure It Out.

        Same with Holly Robinson Peete – I only know her as one of the main female leads on TGIF’s Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper from the early-mid 90s.

  • Mitchell

    It’s amazing how the celebrities and ‘psuedo-celebrities’ come out of the woodwork for this show. The power of the HAIR. Speaking of hair – goes the former gov of IL share the same barber with THE DONALD? Will that must hairspray cause spontaneous combustion?

  • sara

    So who has Trump promised the title to this season??

    • jake

      Agreed. Joan Rivers winning last year was so stupid and contrived.

      • Minutiae

        My money’s on Sharon Osbourne.

      • Nancy

        What a phoney show-sooo contrived and certainly NOT entertaining. Really – Blago?

      • Mandy

        I’ll place my bet with Sharon O – she’ll kick butt. She is a very shrewd businesswoman and she will prove it.

    • Carole

      the winner will be Blago – why – because it’s bleepin’ golden

    • peggym

      It’s not even a competition. There’s no criteria for winning,other than Trump’s whim or prior arrangements.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Cyndi looks awesome, and she and Carol Leifer would ALMOST make it worth watching.

    • Jeff Eastwood

      I agree; if I still owned a TV I’d be tempted to watch because of two of my favorite gals, Cyndi and Carol.

  • John

    I know that the participants are suppose to “manage” successful “business ventures” but isn’t Sinbad broke? Who’s going to listen to him? “This is how we can make an extra 40%! We don’t pay taxes!!”

  • WhorePitViper

    Why does Michael Johnson look like a cardboard cutout hanging out in the back row?
    I’m actually kind of stoked about this one, lots of “stars” from my bedroom walls for sure.

    • amj

      LOL, I thought the same thing when I first saw the picture.

  • Sarah

    I’m just glad no Gosselins are on the show.

    • Carole

      don’t even mention that name….they are just on the cusp of going away

  • Liz P

    Cyndi Lauper, Carol Leifer and Sharon Osbourne? Those are three strong savvy women. Hope at least the first two keep their dignity (does Sharon have any left?). And I do love me some Take Home Chef.

  • kenny

    Wow this cast is lame! I dont care about relative fame so much…but there are very “big personalities” like Joan Rivers or Piers morgan.

  • kenny

    And no mention of the premiere date? Gee thanks!

    • Glen

      Hey, idiot. Can you not read??? In bold font: PREMIERING SUNDAY, MARCH 14!!!


  • Snooki

    Cyndi Lauper is still alive! But I think Madonna would have been a bit better choice, doncha think?

    • Minutiae

      Madonna is never a better choice than Cyndi.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Hear hear!

      • Troy

        Based on outfits & hair, I’m already rooting for Lauper to win.

      • Ken

        you got that right Minutiae. Cyndi ALWAYS over Madonna anyday!!!!

      • Telly B

        Madonna is too big of a name for this. And no, that’s no slam on Cindy. All of the “stars” and “celebrity” shows are only getting either marginally successful stars, names on their way down, has-beens, or underrated gems (like Cyndi). That’s why we’ll get pop singer Cyndy but not Madonna, rock star Bret Michaels but not Mick Jagger, actress Holly Johnson but not Meryl Streep, and model Selita Ebanks but not Gisele Buchden…the real big names and stars would not be caught dead in shows like these, unless it’s as cameo appearances shilling something…

      • amj


    • sara

      what would make you think Madonna would want anything to do with this show??

    • fi

      why don’ u shut ur fu** mouth up? who cares about mandonna here.. cyndi is the talented one and im sure she will win . she is amazing one of the best singers ever..I bet she would at least be at the finals

      • jenna

        Cyndi Lauper hasnt had a hit since 1986. But nice to see she still has a few fans.

      • Shebops

        but Cyndi has had several amazing albums since then! And if you want to see the best concert ever….see Cyndi! I get goosebumps just thinking about her performance! I’ll see her every chance I get!

  • Fatima

    Ok, that random story about the SIKids posters is what Popwatch used to have a ton of before it got a little too “newsy.” More weird things please!!!!

  • The Dude

    Does anybody remember the Nickelodian show “Figure It Out!?” SUMMER SANDERS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

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