New Year's Eve on CNN: Are Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper uncomfortable or hilarious?

I say hilarious. I’m really cool, so I just switched over from the Twilight Zone marathon on Ugh “Syfy” to catch the rerun of the Andy ‘n’ Kathy Colorblock Golf Umbrella New Year’s Spectacular on CNN. It’s true that Kathy never let “Andy” get a word in edgewise (a trend dutifully noted by the Twitter community like four minutes before the ball dropped…nice), but honestly, she was cracking his s— up the whole time, particularly when she dropped the f-bomb just like last year during a discussion of stupid Balloon Boy’s dad. I mean, yeah, I’m a little drunk, but I don’t think he was faking it. Sometimes watching someone (ESPECIALLY ANDY) suffer from a 90-minute case of the giggles is way better than waiting for him to crack a joke. There is magic in their awkwardness. “What’s your safe word?” Mine is “Vote in the poll below.” Alternate SW: “Lance Bass.” Happy New Year, P-Dubs! Back to the wine.

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  • Casey

    I love AC with Kathy Griffin like Tiger Woods loves making a hole in one.

    • Chappel

      Is that what they’re calling it now?

      • crispy

        ahh, AC is G.A.Y.

    • Cat

      I agree with Casey. THey were super funny!

    • jared4ever

      LOVE Kathy Griffin!!! and the adorable Anderson Cooper. What a great, odd, wonderful couple they make.

      • cutesinglesinthecity

        Kathy always said she prefers to marry someone and be their beard!

  • lae andrews

    i love them. it was the best. i watch them every year. infact i watch cnn everyday of the year and one of my favourite shows is ac360, because of the crew, and erica, and jack gray, tom froeman, the other tom, just all of them because although they report the news and do investigations they don’t take themselves too seriously and it’s just all refreshing. hahaha i watch every year. it’s my favourite. i love watching the run on new years and tom’s daughter has grown so much. i can’t even remember the old new years show on cnn because although kathy makes anderson uncomfortable, they are a great pair and you can tell the chmeistry between them and they just have fun. lol at anderson having 3 last names. every year he always says he doesn’t know who made the clothes he’s wearing…i’m glad he fessed up. i hated the poster of sparticus or whatever it was behind the crystal aka ball, haha kathy said saggy breasts…but then later on she went on to the whole ball joke and she said i have a stiff one grow a pair to anderson. i laugh. i miss church for this. the ac360’s single ladies dance is one of my favourite things of the year, as well as anderson not knowing where illinois is on the map or chicago. hahahaaaa. glad kathy went through the whole where is london, the country, continent with him. i love them both. yeah she’s obnozious but that’s the way she is, and it works. she shut up the only time she needed to and said the appropriate things and gave her experience when the soldiers sent their happy new years wishes. that was probably the most important part. uhm i like mark zigerello’s key west bit and i love shushi getting lowered in that stiletto shoe every year. i could have done without seeing lance bash, but kathy’s assistant asking for tomorrow off was hilarious as well as unprofessional. i am not a cnn schill and i’ve always been a big fan of kathy’s even if i’ve been offended by her loud mouth, but atleast she has a pair and she lives her life and says what she wants. hahaha also funny how anderson noted that levi johnston wasn’t kissing kathy hahaha in that glossy pic. gosh. so many great moments.

    • Nihilistic

      Oh shut up.

  • DCW

    Uncomfortable was watching Ryan Seacrest’s lame “Rocking Eve” on ABC! His delivery and lines are the epitome of cheese. They dragged out the queen of irellevancy, JLo. They had some Bachelor/Bachelorette reject cohosting in the audience that was completely laughable( in a bad way). They also attempted to give the severely overrated Fergie an attempt to cohost from Las Vegas, which showed her extreme limitations. Evev Daughtry was a lackluster band performance. Poor Dick Clark. I wish he could’ve overcame the hurdles to reclaim his rightful spot in hosting this mess.

    • lae andrews

      was that the one on fox with eva langoria and kim kargashian…the one that idol kid, kris allen perfomed on?

      i saw carson on for a couple seconds, but i didn’t watch that. saw the greenday performance a bit. that cheetah girl and the jersey shore crew and so many z listers hosting on mtv was absolutely the worst of all the telecasts…even bet’s notarized and 106 and party was better than anything mtv was serving. oh well.

  • darclyte

    They’re the best. Anderson “3 last names” Cooper tries to keep things moving all while Kathy just keep throwing spike strips out in front of him. Live TV at its best! Awesome.

    • thin

      That’s exactly it, darclyte. This pair is far and away my favorite New Year hosting team.

    • WWWeaves

      I watched the excerpts on YouTube. Where has this been hiding! She keeps a first amendment lawyer on retainer. Anderson knows him!

    • david

      well said

  • watson

    I love the two of them together. AC is a great audience for her and I love how he doesn’t know what Kathy will do next. Plus, most of her comments were spot on, especially about Sparticus.

    • Becky

      That was a great line – Kathy calls it like it is and does not make apologies. They were great!

  • angela

    He’s so likeable, and she’s so ungodly annoying — can’t stand her and can’t stand watching them together.

  • AcaseofGeo

    These 2 have AWESOME chemistry. Watching the “serious news guy” Anderson have uncontrolled fits of giggles is pure Nirvana for a cozy night in on New Year’s Eve! I’ve watched each year they’ve been togther. This kind of spark can’t be forced or manufactured. It just happens. I hope they continue, I hope they get together ONLY for New Year’s Eve, and I hope the CNN “standards & practices” guys keep giving her ammunition in their warnings. May her manic delivery and his gorgeous fits of giggles shine together for many years to come!!!

    • I’mAllCrackedUp

      I could not agree with you more! Two thumbs up for these guys, with a big cheesy grin on the side. I had my own fits of giggles watching them!

  • Jeff

    Kathy and AC are the best thing that’s ever happened to NYE TV!! Perfect match and absolutely hilarious from beginning to end!

    • Lisa

      I agree totally.

  • orville

    She said on Ferguson that it was in her contract that if she cursed again this year, she had to sign her check from CNN back to them. But she went on to say that she didn’t care because since it’s CNN the check really isn’t that big and because you can’t buy that sort of buzz. Theirs is a bizarre but genius chemistry that I hope continues on for years.

    • Bingo

      I completely agree! CNN, please keep this duo together!! But limit it to New Year’s so you don’t overdo a good thing (hello, Regis?). Brilliant!

  • mags

    We come home early just to watch them! Her delivery and his giggling is too good to miss. Happy New Year to all EW online fans! and thanks EW for keeping me informed, entertained and smiling all year through.

    • Julie

      We came home early just to watch them too, PLUS I dvr’d it just in case!

  • dancerindc

    I would call them “uncomfortably hilarious.” Much like watching “Meet the Parents” – you know what you’re watching is awkward, but you can’t stop laughing.

    This is the one time of year I kind of like that Anderson hasn’t come out – it makes Kathy’s banter so much more hilarious!

  • Yes

    It’s a bizarre match, but fun to watch.

    • cutesinglesinthecity

      I don’t think its a bizarre match, she has a large niche audience that AC is part of.

  • Erica

    My favorite part had to be when they were debating who really came up with “Tardy for the Party.” It was fun to imagine AC sitting in his house watching Real Housewives of Atlanta!

    • lae andrews

      ahahaha. that part was awesome. hahaha when he said nene drunk dialed him and that kim zoliak or whatever he name is does not have a guitar teacher because kim cannot play the guitar. he sounded amazed when kathy said it and he couldn’t possibly believe it and like he had to set the record straight. lol. i also LOVED the absolute DEAD ON cher impersonation from anderson. so hilarious. i knew a bit about cher and her cspan calling, but not that much and i didn’t know she was such a great supporter of the troops. makes me love cher even more. i love andy coop (i forget his middle last name) and kathy griffin. her mom’s a hoot too, ahahah and kathy and suze orman bringing anderson cake and balloons on his b day was amazing. loved poppy harlow who acted like she was lit up, and don lemon, and tom running the 5k with his daughter. cnn nye is by far my most favourite nye show, and i’m so glad i can watch it every year. i can’t wait for next year! wasn’t it funny how she mentioned her cnn pay for this event is more than anderson’s hahaha.

      • Nihilistic

        Again, please shut up, Lae Andrews. Your posts make me want to floss my brain with piano wire.

  • Shelly

    I love them together! I think I enjoy his giggling even more than her jokes. I do love Kathy too, I find her riotously funny! So much better than Seacrest or the other boring shows geared towards tweens! Thank God CNN is wise enough to let this happen. Every year I think, “oh they’ll never let her on again,” then they pleasantly surprise me. My husband loves it too!

  • BrandonK

    I think they’re great together…it IS fun to see Andy crack up. I loved the question about what would his name be if he had all first names instead of all last names. LOL

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