'Glee' hunk Mark Salling sings his show's praises...shirtless

Yeah, this music video love note by Glee star Mark Salling to his show’s cast and crew is about six weeks old, and most self-respecting Gleeks probably devoured it long ago. But it’s so unexpectedly sweet — and we here at PopWatch central are apparently suffering from such acute Glee withdrawl — that I couldn’t help but share it. (Salling’s one second of shirtlessness at the beginning has nothing to do with my interest, either.)

I’m personally partial to Salling’s musical shout-outs to co-stars Dianna Agron (Quinn), Kevin McHale (Artie), and Chris Colfer (Kurt), and let me just warn you now that Googling “ookie cookie” provides a decidedly NSFW answer. (Though you gotta wonder what exactly the story is behind that line. On second thought, no, you really, really don’t.) I’m not entirely sure what to make of Josh “Jacob Ben Israel” Sussman’s awkward joke about change at the end, but it only adds to the endearing in-jokey feeling to the whole project. What do you make of it all, P’Dubs? Does it make you miss Glee even more, or wish Salling could show off his gentle singer-songwriter pipes more often?

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  • TellyB

    Wow…he really can’t sing. Makes you aooreciate the show’s autotuners. But it’s sweet!

    • EWsMom

      Well of course they can’t sing, I don’t think any of them can. The voices on the songs are extremely processed/tweaked/computerized for the most part…

      • Fatima

        If you don’t think Lea Michelle can sing, you don’t know much. There’s no autotune on Broadway.

      • @Fatima

        She’s not that great of a singer either (better than the others though)….kinda sad that people think the singing on Glee is actually “good”
        (then again, that might explain why auto-tuned hacks like Britney do so well)

      • Alex

        @@Fatima If you think Lea Michele isn’t that great of a singer, you’re a COMPLETE moron. She sang eight shows a week on broadway and rocked it, just her and her voice.

      • @Alex

        Someone doesn’t appreciate a person’s singing – and suddenly they’re a “moron”

        I think YOU, my friend, are a moron for calling @fatima a moron. Singing/music/art is subjective – not everyone appreciates the same things you might.

        Time to take your meds and go to bed, kiddo…

      • Danny

        Nope, @@Alex. Lea Michele is a great singer. Not a question.

      • Courtney

        Have you seen the youtube videos of them singing live? Of course the voices are over processed on the CDs but they are amazing live which, in my opinion, proves that they all can sing.

      • Richard

        Well it’s clear you have no clue about the music industry. You take 95% of the artists out there, make them sing unplugged and see how they sound. Every CD and pre-recorded (and some live) event has pristine copies of work that has been tweaked for voice or instrumental reasons.

        Anyway, the lyrics are funny and clever and his performance is just fine.

  • ENOUGH!!!!

    What is with EW’s obsession with Glee and anything Twilight?

    • Ambient Lite

      I think it’s because they’re popular.

  • Suzanne

    Oh yes he can sing. I love him and the show. Thank you EW for posting this.

    • OMG

      I agree – I think he has a decent voice – it’s no worse than any of the Jonas Bros.

  • @Lindsay

    Regardless of what you think of Glee, this is a sweet, sweet lesson in gratitude that anyone can appreciate. What a gentleman!

    • Ambient Lite

      He’s adorable.

  • B

    How sweet! Thanks for posting this – I really enjoyed it (and his voice!).

    • @B

      Yeah, it was totally sweet and endearing the way he was mentioned men masturbating on a cookie and eating it….

      • Ambient Lite

        Ohhh…I wasn’t about to google it, but I wondered what that meant.

      • Josie

        And now I’ll have that visual in my head all day…

      • jbj

        Why are boys so gross?

      • Annie

        @jbj – that is a question I have asked myself many times before. I thought the song was cute, as is Mr. Salling, but the “ookie cookie” business was gross to say the least. Yuck!!! Didn’t really need an explanation there. That could have been left up to the imagination. Yuck!!!

  • Jennifer Kate

    As if I didn’t already love him from the show, but… AWWWW!

  • Fatima

    He should probably feel a little embarrassed by this. As for his voice…it’s on par with the Free Credit Report guys. Whole thing creeped me the eff out.

    • Ambient Lite

      Always here with your sweet, positive, fun outlook on things, Fatima. Thanks so much.

      • Fatima

        Says the person hell bent on bringing the personal lives of celebrities into nearly every single discussion. I like Glee, but this was cringeworthy.

      • Ambient Lite

        Oh, I’m not always like that. I only get judgmental when they’re criminals or morally corrupt.
        On the other hand, you, missy, hate everything.

      • Fatima

        What do I hate besides Twilight and to a lesser extent, this video?! I’m honestly curious. Because I feel like there is so much irrational hatred of everything on EW and I’m usually the one defending stuff. Have you seen me on a Beyonce topic? I would really like to know what you think I hate.

    • Tarc

      Someone so bitter and hateful that they’d waste their lives complaining about a whow they don’t watch is clearly in need of a lot of Merry Christmases. Maybe someone will bother, but I doubt it with that attitude.

      • Fatima

        If you’re talking to me, I actually watch and love Glee. I just thought this video was embarrassing. It’s also sweet you worry so much about me having a merry Christmas.

    • jbj

      I was wondering who he reminded me of!

  • Rosie

    Wow – pretty bitter comments folks. I think it’s sweet and he sounds nice to me. All of those kids are pretty talented. Nice that people appreciate how lucky thy are.

  • Kristina

    Aww why all the Glee hate? This video makes me want to work with the crew on a TV show even more. Especially Glee; I love their singing and they seem like a really close cast and crew.

  • Hilary

    Does EW have some sort of Deal with Glee and Twilight because there is too much of it here sorry.

    • Re: Kristina

      Never really understood the love for Glee around here – heck, even the ratings aren’t that great. Just this past week, the show hit its HIGHS – of a paltry 8 million viewers.
      (even though I don’t like Twilight, at least it had millions and millions of people willing to fork over $10 to watch it)

      • Tarc

        Considering the effects heavy SGU got renewed with a sixth of that many viewers, Glee is a modest ratings hit. Add in the live + 7 in the 18-34 demo, and it’s a smash. Then add the merchandising. :D

  • Heather

    Boo to Glee hate. Thought it was a very cute and touching song.

    And he was shirtless.

  • Evie

    I really like his voice! It was a very sweet video! Only makes me like the show and cast more!!

    • laurie chmiel

      me too. so much ugly about something so sweet.

  • Gator

    I loved it. Saw it on his website just the other day. Makes me smile to hear it, I think it was great. He is gracious, and hot to boot!

  • Tarc

    Actually, he CAN sing – and better than expected. He’s completely in tune, which is more than most people can manage. It’s a soft song, sung while sitting, which is why the support is light.

  • fred

    Glee is FUN!!! When you have Mark Salling/Puck, who needs Team Edward or Team Jacob! lol. All you Glee haters, the singing is fun and they are all great. Why complain or even bother? You’re not going to change anyone’s minds with the negative vibe. Go watch something else!

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