Is Zoe Saldana the next big red carpet star?

I can’t stop staring at this photo of Zoe Saldana at the Avatar premiere in London. Dressed in an RM by Roland Mouret gown, Saldana looks absolutely stunning and the epitome of a movie star. In fact, in the past year, Saldana has truly broken out as one of the most stylish stars to grace the red carpet. It began with her various looks during the promotional tour for Star Trek (I think my fave is the gray Giambattista Valli dress) and is now capped off by this utterly fantastic Roland Mouret look. But there’s still a chance she could top herself: Avatar has yet to premiere in the U.S.. These days picking the right red carpet look can be as important as choosing the right script and Saldana has excelled at both this year. I can’t wait to see what she what she does next.

What do you think of Zoe’s style, PopWatchers? Is she making all the right choices? Or do you think she’s a fashion disaster?

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  • Matt

    I don’t know about fashion stuff, but she’s definitely hot.

    • TellyB

      What? When did EW become a fashion mag? I thought the article would be about Saldana’s rapidly ascending clout in Hollywood, but this is about what she wears on a red carpet??? Tim Stack? Who are you???

      • sarah

        Fashion IS entertainment. And EW has lots of coverage on style and entertainment. Maybe read the headline before you click on the link?

      • TellyB

        No, fashion IS NOT entertainment. You kidding me? It’s function and aesthetic, but it’s not entertainment. Music, film, TV, books…that’s entertainment. You don’t buy a dress to be entertained. Maybe think before typing?

      • Dee

        I don’t know, TellyB, I look at other people’s fashion choices and find entertainment in that. Besides, it’s not like this is the first time EW has ever written an article about the styles of actors. Ever read EW after the Oscars or any other major award show? They always have a wrap-up of the best and worst dressed. This is nothing new.

      • J.

        Fashion is entertainment when is on Project Runway.

      • Nick T

        it’s more of a star forecaster. he’s guessing that this mag will be doing cover stories on her some time in the future. as they should. I’ve followed her ever since Center Stage. she’s the reason I suffered through Star Trek. Yay Zoe.

      • Bob

        The definition of entertainment: ” amusement or diversion provided especially by performers; b : something diverting or engaging.” Fashion clearly fits the definition. Educated yourself fool. Education, and everything for that matter, is relative. Music, tv, fashion, sports, etc. All various forms of entertainment.

      • Bob

        Apparantly I need to educated my self on spelling. Entertainment is relative, not education. And education, not educated.

      • Gerry

        I do not get it! Are you people actually complaining about someone putting up a photo of the absolutly stunning Zoe Saldana. hey No compaints here. Thanks for the photo, great great dress. Keep up the good work.

      • Sarah

        TellyB, this link was in the “Pop Style” section.

      • AshleyG

        Take a chill pill TellyB, and as others have pointed out this was under the pop style section, furthermore I was entertained by looking at this picture, the dress is gorgeous on her!

      • cas

        This is the same TellyB who posts “Who the hell cares?” whenever EW writes about someone’s death. He’s a troll; we should ignore him.

  • Jul

    No, she is not a fashion disaster, but I think she could do way better. It’s not like the dresses she wore during the Star Trek tour were very great or special or else (and one or two are even close to horrible). And, anyone who has seen what she recently wore to a Prada Book Party, knows that a red carpet star looks differently.

  • jfiliault

    Absolutely stunning! Couldn’t agree more.

  • Drew

    Comparing a dress choice and a script choice is ridiculous. While she does look fantastic and her dress is undoubtedly an artistic expression, her choice (I doubt she ‘chose’ either Star Trek or Avatar, more likely that she auditioned and was happy to be chosen for both) in scripts is what gives her the opportunity to even appear on the red carpet. Tell me the last time a poor fashion choice on the red carpet affected an actual actor’s career, versus a poor script choice sinking plenty of careers. A good red carpet look can help gain recognition, but a bad red carpet look is hardly fatal.

    • TellyB

      Actually, Drew…Jennifer Lopez’ infamous green dress (which to many experts was a poor fashion choice) did affect her career. Before the dress, she was a fast-rising starlet. After the dress, she became a full-fledged fashion muse, and a hugely buzzed about celebrity, which she quickly took advantage of…

  • Sonya

    While I do think her sense of style for the Star Trek promo tour looked amazing, this dress isn’t really doing much for me. And I still think Emma Watson’s style is better than most other stars.

  • Zach

    She’s this year’s Freida Pinto, and if she plays her cards right, she could be the Megan Fox to Halle Berry’s Angelina Jolie.

    • Sarah D

      Huh? Do you mean she could be to Megan Fox what Halle Berry is to Angelina Jolie?

      • Anon

        Zach was making a comparison based on race. The new hot popcorn-flick starlet (white: Fox, black: Saldan) vs the actress who is established and has played more serious dramatic roles (white: Jolie, black: Berry). Because that’s not stereotyping at all.

      • Jack

        But…her father is of Dominican descent; her mother is Puerto Rican.

    • Moxie

      I sincerely hope that Ms. Saldana doesn’t take a comparison to Megan Fox as a compliment.

      • cas

        Nor should Ms. Jolie! Zoe, Angelina, and Halle are all much better actors than Megan Fox, who I think qualifies more as a celebrity than an actress. She’s not exactly in it for the art.

  • cholita Banana

    She’s been trying to make it big since Britney’s Crossroads movie and she is already past her prime. Redundant Space-Cadet Gaga Beyonce Madonna style on an anorexic frame. NEXT

    • psychoanalyzer

      seriously. where are her boobs? she’s beautiful but needs to gain some weight STAT. a 12 year old boy can fit in her dress and look exactly like she does in that pic.

    • fancypants

      she’s only 31. she’s not past her prime.

    • cas

      She’s not past her prime, she’s just finally getting the recognition she deserves. As to her weight, she’s a ballerina. She owes her slender frame to dance training, not to an eating disorder. While I’m not generally a fan of the super-thin look, I will make an exception for Zoe. She’s lean, not skeletal.

  • Joe

    she needs to spend more time at the buffet table

    • Heather

      Agreed, she is so skinny i almost this this photo has been doctored.

    • Sarah D

      She’s been that thin since Center Stage. Kinda like Nicole kidman has been slight her whole career. Come off it. This is one starlet who is not on the Caffeine and Cigarettes diet.

    • Marie

      you sound jealous.
      either way, i don’t see anyone caring to take a picture of you

      • cas

        Joe is a guy’s name, so I doubt HE is jealous.

  • ctesdahl

    Dude Zoe has been around since Center Stage. She has popped up in so many random roles: Pirates of the Carribian, Vantage Point, Drumline. I’m glad she’s finally broken out but she’s been on my radar forever!!!

  • Drew

    Look how well Jennifer Lopez’s acting career has gone since then…but you’re right, a dress can enhance your status as a celebrity/fashion muse, but script choices can make you irrelevant (Gigli, Jersey Girl, Monster-In-Law). She is currently best known as a reliable punchline for a big butt joke…that dress did wonders for her acting.

  • deej

    I’ve liked her since Crossroads (sigh, yes I watched that horrible movie) but especially since Drumline! Always thought she was gorgeous and deserved more attention.

  • endaze2

    That dress is so Hollywood-it reminds me of the bygone days of Hollywood glamor of the 40’s. Along with her hair and makeup-she looks very sthlish-along the lines of the Hepburns, Garbos etc. I think she’s lovely.

  • Zoey

    I loved Zoe Saldana for a long time (and not just because we share the same name) and I love that she is finally getting her dues now. Let’s hope she keeps up the good movie choices.

  • wope

    love her!

  • masurix

    She’s so skinny that she sort of freaks me out. Put five or ten pounds on her and she’d be out of the realms of ‘cadaverous’ and into ‘slender.’

    • Marie

      you sound jealous.
      either way, i don’t see anyone caring to take a picture of you

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