ABC disinvites Adam Lambert from 'Jimmy Kimmel,' New Year's Eve. What next? Public shaming as public-relations strategy?

Look, I wasn’t a huge fan of Adam Lambert’s now infamous American Music Awards set — the groping and kissing and simulated fellatio seemed more cynical than sexy to me, and Adam admitted himself (in the video embedded below) that his vocal was “kind of a mess” — but from the subsequent fallout at ABC, you’d think the guy had crushed a trio of baby penguins under the heel of one of his fabulous platform boots. I mean, it seemed a wee overzealous when the network pulled the plug on Adam’s Good Morning America concert a few days after the AMAs, but yesterday’s news that the network has now canceled Lambert’s Dec. 17 Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance, and according to Lambert, a slot on Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve, has advanced the situation to the point of the ridiculous. (“We decided not to move forward with the booking at this time,” a network spokesperson said of the Kimmel cancellation, while declining comment on NYRE, which, incidentally, has yet to announce its lineup.) Let’s keep in mind that ABC is the home of allegedly family-friendly Dancing With the Stars, where popular pro Derek Hough celebrated a win this past season in the “Group Mambo” round by forcibly thrusting partner Joanna Krupa‘s head into his nether-regions. (Lambert fans are also dismayed that their man has become a possible FCC pariah despite the fact that Pink and a male dancer executed a similar “please come closer and examine my zipper” dance move — with tongue! — during the 2004 Billboard Music Awards on Fox.) Lambert, for his part, is remaining philosophical and chipper — “Yes, sadly friends, ABC has canceled my appearances on Kimmel and NYE. : ( don’t blame them. It’s the FCC heat,” he Tweeted yesterday — but I can’t help but wonder if ABC hasn’t devised an entire 2010 public-relations campaign based around snubbing the American Idol season 8 runner-up. If they intend to go this route, here are a few sample press-release headlines they can use to get started:

* Adam Lambert to join ABC’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve telecast live from Times Square — in stocks! Local school children will “teach that gay a lesson” using eggs, jeers.
* ABC scraps special SuperNanny episode featuring Adam Lambert. “There’s not a naughty step in the world big enough for that petulant young man!” gasps exasperated Jo Frost.
* Dancing With the Stars bans Adam Lambert tunes from show. “I wasn’t sure about some of those high notes anyway,” says a relieved Princess Sparkle.
* Ugly Betty revokes guest-starring role for Adam Lambert. “See? Some things are actually too gay for this show,” huffs spokesperson.
* Adam Lambert to play key role in ABC’s FlashForward. Main characters will see a future where his career ceases to exist!

What do you think of LambertGate ’09? Is ABC justified in spanking the polarizing singing star, or is the network seriously overreacting? Has the situation changed your feelings toward Lambert and/or ABC? Sound off on those thoughts — and brainstorm some additional anti-Adam press release ideas — in the comments section below. And for all my Idol coverage, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak. [Related: A track-by-track analysis of Adam’s For Your Entertainment CD; Idol‘s Allison Iraheta sings an exclusive, acoustic version of “Don’t Waste the Pretty”; and Kris Allen discusses writing and recording his self-titled debut disc.]

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  • L

    I think ABC was justified. His performance was disgusting.

    • sunshinekiller

      Oh and you aren’t disgusting? lol

      • Antwon

        Okay so you attack the poster for her opinion? Mature much? I think if he had shown a little remorse afterwards it wouldn’t have been as bad. But nooooo he’s all like “deal with it” and so ABC/FCC are dealing with it buddy boi!

      • Jess

        I don’t understand your motive for attacking someone who expresses their opinion on here. You don’t need to attack them just because you disagree with something they’ve said…

      • Kristyn

        Adam Lambert fans are so immature. Grow up, he did a disgusting performance. And Slezak, can you report on anything besides Adam Lambert?

      • SH

        C’mon people you guys are acting like this is the end of the world for Lambert or something. Since when was ABC the leader in all tv programming. Reality is, this hurts ABC not Lambert, all the other networks are putting him on their shows and taking advantage of his publicity.

      • Jess

        SH, so if this is helping Adam so much, then why are his fans still bitching and moaning about all this?? And they keep bringing up supposed double standards, but they can never find a true double standard… instead, they just seem to be grasping at straws, because they’re angry that Adam’s unrehearsed, raunchy actions on stage will receive these type of consequences…

      • alex

        @Antwon: You obviously haven’t been paying attention. He was and is still remorseful. He was never like ‘just deal with it’.

      • MamaBear

        The reality is that ABC shafting Adam from its NYE show and Jimmy K. is hurting *ADAM*, not ABC.
        Facts are, NYE on ABC has been the most watched program for years (if not DECADES) with a strong demo showing, while Jimmy Kimmel is making in-roads against CBS & NBC late night (did you know he’s tied/beating Fallon and Craig Ferguson in the ratings?)

        ABC, and these shows, will all carry on and do well. Adam, on the other hand, is the one who will suffer. He NEEDS the promotional push for his album, especially considering its sliding down the charts at iTunes and Amazon after a strong first week.

        The NYE performance was particularly important because January is a VERY bad sales month for albums – no one’s buying after X-mas anyways. So without the early January promo, Adam’s album is going to suffer along with it.

        Adam’s fans can yell and scream all the want (OMG I’m BOYCOTTING ABC) but the facts are the facts. And trust me, this is *NOT* hurting ABC or Disney in ANY measurable fashion.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        I think you should all get a grip. So he went too big. This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m glad to see this article, too. I sent a letter to ABC this morning letting them know I was boycotting their channel. This makes me sick. I don’t care what advertisers they stand to lose. This situation makes them look like terrible bigots. Screw them.

      • DE

        To Kristyn, yes he can report on Twilight, would you prefer that?

      • @alex

        Making comments like, “I’m not a babysitter, I’m a performer,” is not exactly being remorseful. Adam is behaving like a real douch.

      • levelheaded

        1. How do you know that Sunshine killer is a fan? Or serious?
        2. Where are Adam fans b%tching? Because they aren’t doing it here. Here’s the count for these comments:
        Defending Adam = 3
        Attacking Adam= 8
        Not really sure = 2.
        So, it seems the people against Adam are the ones b%tching and making the most noise. Adam fans are over it.

        3.In the article it states that Adam is not angry at ABC. So, it seems he cares even less than the anti-Adam people do.

        4. This ‘controversy’ isn’t hurting Adam or ABC. Adam’s more open minded followers agree that he ‘isn’t a babysitter’ and that this is ridiculous and will continue to watch what they want, even ABC AND Adam! And those who feel this was ‘disgusting’ will continue to not watch/listen to Adam and watch ABC/Disney aka the Media Gods. So, no point getting all riled up. *shrugs shoulders*

    • Gina

      BITE ME, L.

      • L

        Hard or soft babe?

      • Suck it up, Adam

        He’s making a joke out of gay rights by claiming discrimination against gays for what HE and he ALONE did wrong. Count me as one gay guy who will never spend a dime on anything this piece of trash puts out.

      • hill

        me too. I’m tired of people making a mockery of gay rights or civil rights after they do the wrong thing. I’m assuming that Adam didn’t rehearse the “moves” that got him into trouble during rehearsals for the AMA. If that is true, he violated the trust he had with ABC/Disney (that he would preform as rehearsed). His actions may have it harder for the next gay man to break into the mainstream and on top of that…his single sucks!

      • Ladyli1

        @SuckitupAdam- I bet your one of the same “gays” who were claiming that Adam should have been front and center on fighting for Gay issues during his “Idol” days and be a “Role Model” like what was bit*hed about by “Out” magazine!

      • WompWomp

        Looks like Adam’s actions aren’t even winning fans over at GLAAD – GLAAD took ABC’s side (NOT Adam’s):

        ““It would appear that the kiss between Adam Lambert and his keyboardist did not factor into ABC’s decision. ABC has a history of positive gay and transgender inclusion that includes featuring kisses between gay and lesbian couples on-air. We applaud the visibility of openly gay performers and congratulate Adam Lambert for sharing his story on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ this week as well as his upcoming appearance on ‘The Jay Leno Show.’

      • Guy

        I cant believe that people in the US are still discussing about it. Since when “being gay” became a sin in America? I really thought you guys were free to choose how to live your lives…

      • @Guy

        being “gay” has nothing to do with this controversy. the only people making it about Adam’s sexual orientation are his delusional fans who seem to demand that ABC worship everything he does.

    • adamaddict

      You have no CLUE! All of the performances on the awards show were racy. Adam has performed on other shows and they were not racy at all. You cannot box in an entertainer. What ABC is doing is SHAMEFUL. SHAMEFUL SHAMEFUL. It sends the wrong message: make one mistake and you’re a goner. THAT is a bad message for our kids: make one misstep and you’ll pay for it forever. Wow. That’s sad.

      • Grace

        Adam cut his own throat. He said that when he performs, he lets the emotions drive his actions on stage. So, he’s admitted he’s unpredictable and why would anyone want to deal with that – especially from a new artist with a limited following.

      • Kevin

        Grace- Yes, he was so unpredictable that he managed to perform on EVERY OTHER NETWORK other than ABC and by the way every week on American Idol. He maybe went a TINY bit too far for one performance and he is being publicly lynched for it. Go see what Rupert Everett had to say recently.

      • @kevin

        It doesn’t make him great. It just means high ratings for the other networks. As you know nobody can resist a train wreck.

      • MamaBear

        LOL @ Kevin

        “Every” other network? When was he on Fox (post-AMAs?) Or NBC?
        He’s only been on some syndicated shows (which are *NOT* live, and always edited)

        The only LIVE feature he’s had was on CBS – and that was on their LOW rated morning show. No one has TOUCHED Adam for a live performance – which is why ABC’s NYE show (which is live) and Jimmy Kimmel (which is also live, or live to tape) are not asking Adam back.

      • Jenn

        What I am getting from this thread is you guys are so busy hating one man (Adam) that you don’t get Adam isn’t even the issue anymore. Someone is using him to get their agenda through. This is about censorship, policing programing, and bigotry!! If you people want to pick your nose while your rights are being infringed on – get in line!! I personnally own a remote control and don’t need ABC to babysit the TV for me so I won’t get offended. Insanity!!

      • @Jenn

        Guess what, Jenn. We live in a free-market society, where companies are free to do whatever they want. So Disney/ABC have FULL RIGHTS to banish Adam from their airwaves.

        But as a consumer, you ALSO have the right to pick up your remote and watch something else. Feel free to flip away…I doubt ABC will miss you or your viewership.

      • Judith

        “ONE MISTAKE”,YOU CALL IT??!!”…Geeesh! Sounds like you’re implying that..”Oops!”..Adam dropped a dish and broke it, instead of calling a Spade a Spade. One women said if Adam & Company acted in a school yard the same way they acted on the AMA Stage, they’d be arrested and would spend time in jail for their lewd and vulgar behavior in front of thousands of children . So please don’t simplify things and boldly suggest Adam did nothing wrong.

      • Jill

        Judith – if Janet went to your kid’s schoolyard and grabbed a guys crotch what would happen?

        if Rihanna came to your kid’s schoolyard wrapped in strips of tape with a gun or her shoulder, what would happen?
        If Lady Gaga came to your kid’s schoolyard and broke a window, set the place on fire, and started breaking whiskey bottles while flashing her crotch, what would happen?
        Stop being an idiot.

      • buffy522

        Afganistan Broadcasting Company: Perform at your own risk.

      • Anna

        But Judith, Adam & Company didn’t perform their act in a school yard. He performed it at the AMA’s where the entertainment is always pushing envelopes and boundries. And I’ve got to say that Derek Hough consistently and deliberately head bobbed Joanne Krupa every single chance he got while competeing on Dancing With The Stars. And that was on Monday nights from 8:00 p.m. til 10:00 p.m. I have yet to hear a peep of moral outrage from anyone. If you don’t like what you and your kids are seeing vote with your remote control and go read a book, take a walk or play a game of Monopoly. It’s ridiculous, trite, puritanical and utterly disingenuous to continue centering Adam Lambert out as the flashpoint of our sexual angst.

      • DDW

        And what he did on the AMA is a GOOD message for kids??? And yes, kids and teens are awake after 10 o’clock!

      • Anna

        But YOU’RE the parent DDW. YOU have the power over the remote control.

      • OttO

        Anna – what good does ‘power over the remote control’ do unless ABC advertised a warning prior to the show or the segment? Truth is that it’s getting harder and harder to have kids in the room when watching prime-time network TV.

        Sorry, the airwaves aren’t under the control of Adam Lambert or homosexual activism. ABC can appeal to parents and families across the country or a NARROW segment of the population that thinks what Lambert did was wonderful or justifiable.

        Sorry, it wasn’t.

      • Idolfan

        Great point about a bad example with the one mistake and you’re out. People are supposed to learn from their mistakes and clearly Adam has since he’s done two performances since which have been nothing short of PERFECT! Oh, and totally appropriate too.

      • brad

        Yes award shows are going to be racy but the real fact that everyone is forgetting is how terrible his vocals were during the performance.

    • Jasmin

      Adam put this on himself. If he just left out the raunchy gimmicks, he would’ve been fine.

      • Grace


      • matt

        i can’t believe that for one moment b/c if janet or beyonce had pulled similar stunts, there is no way we would even still be talking about this. the double standard is nauseating

      • Lili

        So you are saying women simulating sex on stage is fine but men doing it is not ok? Cause Janet was all up on her dancers crotch as well as her own

      • Jurlesia

        I don’t hear your condemnation of Janet Jackson, JLo, or anyone else whose displayed “raunchy gimmicks” that night. Either you’re a hypocrite or a homophobe… or both.

      • Jess

        Lili and Jurlesia, where did Jasmin say that women simulating sex on stage is fine?? I’m not seeing that anywhere.

        Why are you trying to make double standards where there aren’t any?

      • @jasmin

        And this isn’t the first dumb move he made. The biggest one to me is that freaky album cover. Don’t get me wrong, if that’s how he wants to be portrayed, so be it. But how is that cover going to help him sell records?

      • Baptista

        It wouldn’t have mattered what he did. The churches had their parishioners lined up and ready to file hate complaints against him for any little transgression. Wouldn’t have mattered at all.

      • ty

        I’m 60 years old and really like Adam Lambert, but his fan base will greatly diminish with performances like that. I don’t care that he’s remarkably different, but that was just a bit uncomfortable for me. Sorry…. Really love his ballads – “Mad World” was off the hook! Good Day.

      • Anna

        What church would that be Baptista? I must have missed the memo.

      • Brent

        Yes, i would say that stunt used up about 7 of his 15 min, he will be gone with in a year.

      • RA

        Man, just when I think people aren’t stupid, everyone gets all retarded about Adam slithering around a stage. Jagger did this type of thing YEARS ago. Now he’s a legend. You idiots who are dogging on him about this are just looking at this as a justification to insult someone you already didn’t like for whatever reason (seems kinda dumb to me frankly). Seriously, did any of you people dogging on Adam like him BEFORE this or are you just disgruntled Gokey fans grinding an axe?

      • laura

        Didn’t you think Janet Jackson grabbing the crotch of her male dancer was “raunchy”?? Give me a break . . . I got an answer for all of you that didn’t agree with the performance . . . CHANGE THE CHANNEL . . . .

      • OttO

        Laura, so is the AMA now to be designated adult entertainment? Maybe an NC17 rating? Maybe barred from prime time network TV? Why shouldn’t there be a reasonable expectation that a family with kids of various ages might all want to watch music awards without having this garbage (yes, whether it’s Adam or Janet). Sorry, the ability of some to feel the need to act stupid for attention because somehow it’s fascinating to watch “Look at me – I can do things that are sexy and racy. I have genitalia! I’m talented!”

        I can list the negatives of broadcasting this kind of stuff. What or who does it benefit? What’s the good side of this?

    • @L

      Do you find Black people ‘disgusting’ as well? If his performance was ‘disgusting’, so was EVERY other performance that evening. The show was filled with sex and violence. The problem with you obnoxious Americans is that you STILL ignorantly see homosexuality as “perverted” and “porn” whilst you get off watching 2 3 4 women on women and men groping women. If you are going to be offended by a show of sexuality, you should be offended by ALL shows of sexuality. If one is sensual, they are all sensual. If one is gross and offensive, they are ALL gross and offensive. You can’t pick n mix.

      You do not choose to be born gay just like you don’t choose your eye color. There’s a reason there are so many kids in school who don’t fit in society’s shallow little box & thus are bullied to tears & to death. As with race, there are individuals all over this country who hate homosexuality without understanding it. Homosexuality has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven as not a choice. Though it may be for a tiny, select handful (ie. girls who have been with so many guys they are fed up of men so date a girl), it must be understood that one cannot “choose” an attraction – no one wakes up one morning and consciously decides which gender to fall for. The process is inherently biological; everything to do with chromosomes, and generics. The brain is “programmed to encode the pheromones of either (or both) gender(s) from birth; modern neurological studies have confirmed this. Like skin color, sexual orientation cannot be changed – at least not without major “intervention.” It’s about the same for a homosexual to become straight as it is for a black man/woman to receive plastic surgery and become “white.” It’s superficial and only skin-deep (both figuratively and literally). The point is that it cannot – and should not be hidden; those who ask this of homosexuals need to realize what it would be like to suppress their own feelings of attraction and love.

      Do you realize what human equality means? It’s not freedom or equality when you’re forced to act as publicly ‘straight’ as you physically can. People like you think hetero men & women and gay women are acceptable but queer men are only acceptable in certain ‘venues’ or only if they act ‘straight’.

      Adam’s album is an entire variety. There are songs that will make a grown bloke sob then there are songs like this one about feeling confident in your skin. It’s amusing how America only focused on the males in his performance when he did the exact same crotch moves w the female dancer on the steps & also pulled down the female dancer’s c-strap on the chair.

      It’s hilarious bc his performance was child-play compared to what rockstars, popstars, rnb & rappers have done before & still do not to mention Bowie/Ziggy, Freddie, Prince.

      Janet felt up and grabbed her dancers crotch so roughly that he fell forward then bent him over to get “butt access”.

      The likes of Janet & Madonna have done everything from kissing women, simulating blowjobs to masterbating onstage.

      Eminem bragged about RAPING 17 women – rape – something truly sickening & disturbing.

      Rihanna had over 10 rifles onstage after she got off a sexual torture device in bandages;

      Shakira had half naked female dancers visually humping the audience en masse while she sang about animalistic sex;

      Gaga smashed whiskey bottles with her vag, bum crack & nipples out in a see through flesh colored outfit.

      Had Britney also been there grinding against her male and female dancers singing about threesomes, and Christina riding men like in her Dirty video, it would have just been another racy female performance. If you find all the above vulgur, then fair play, it’s a taste level. If not, you have a serious problem my friend.

      • Josh

        *SLOW CLAP*

        Also- not all Americans are like Elle. I live here and while many of my fellow Americans (and obviously ABC) make me rage- there are some sane and rational people here. This whole situation is disgusting, not Adam’s performance.

      • Lili

        I think I love you

      • Nina

        Precisely. Bravo!

      • KarenK

        Well said!

      • Damn_Gina

        you hit the nail on the head “BRAVO, BRAVO”

      • Jess

        Adam didn’t perform the way he did in rehearsals, and that’s a big reason why ABC is not going to give him another performance platform anytime soon. ABC can do what they want, as they don’t have to invite Adam or anyone else they deem too raunchy for their network.

        By the way, your rant was rather silly, because you completely ignored certain facts. Madonna’s kiss to Britney was peformed on MTV, not ABC. Pink’s performance was on FOX, not ABC. Both were reprimanded after their performances, but clearly time has dissolved people’s memories…

      • Dear Jess.

        It does not change ABC’s poorly-laced bigotry and hphobia. This is Kimmel we’re talking about, have you SEEN the things they’ve aired on that show???? The network argument is so lame. Miley Cyrus straddling a motorbike and stripper pole in stripper shorts with her V hanging out is on the DISNEY label! Parents are fine with their children idolizing her. Heaven forbid their kids see a gay man on their TV. As someone said already, it’s ok to be naughty if you’re only PRETENDING to be gay. It’s also OK to be naughty if you’re straight. But if you’re naughty and you really ARE gay, oh hell no. The bitc.hy woman who interviewed Adam on The Early Show made it too clear when she said “two men kissing” – the FACT is that real homosexuality is STILL seen as immoral and perverted.

      • whatevs

        And who says the particular posters here who are offended by Adam’s performance enjoyed watching Britney, Madonna, etc.?

        Personally, all of it disgusts me and you are just as ignorant as you are accusing other people of being because you are assuming the worst of people.

      • Christopher

        While science is continuing to address the question of the heritability of homosexual behaviors, identification and tendencies, you are incorrect in stating that science has concluded it is inborn and unchangeable.

      • @whatevs

        Did you even read the last line? They said if you find it all disgusting, fair play.

      • @JESS

        It does not change ABC’s poorly-laced bigotry and hphobia. This is Kimmel we’re talking about, have you SEEN the things they’ve aired on that show???? The network argument is so lame. Miley Cyrus straddling a motorbike and stripper pole in stripper shorts with her V hanging out is on the DISNEY label! Parents are fine with their children idolizing her. Heaven forbid their kids see a gay man on their TV. As someone said already, it’s ok to be naughty if you’re only PRETENDING to be gay. It’s also OK to be naughty if you’re straight. But if you’re naughty and you really ARE gay, oh hell no. The bitc.hy woman who interviewed Adam on The Early Show made it too clear when she said “two men kissing” – the FACT is that real homosexuality is STILL seen as immoral and perverted.

      • flyingminion

        BRAVO!!! for stating the truth that some refuse to see. Adam is a great singer and a true artist… ABC needs to lighten up!!

      • Jack

        you are ignorant and thats just based on your first sentence because I didnt care about anything you had to say after that

      • Angela

        Well said, my friend. A lot of people are just not ready for gay men to act gay in public. Adam’s performance may have been over the top but it was no more raunchy than many others before him. ABC is foolish to let the other networks pick up their slack. Then again, the only show I watch on ABC is Lost…Fox gets the rest of my TV time. I could care less if he’s on ABC, I’ll watch him on whatever network has him on. I adore Adam. He’s an incredible singer, a fabulous performer and easy on the eyes. I’m not ashamed to be a fan and I don’t care who judges me for it. I don’t let the shallow, narrow-minded committee vote on my life. If you let other people tell you what to think…that’s your problem entirely. For the homophobes out there…why do gay men scare you so much? Hmmm?

      • All wrong

        Yes, you are right. It isn’t a double standard. It is all offensive. Madonna, J Jackson and the others should also be cited. Lewd is lewd regardless of male, female, straight or gay.

      • To whatevs

        So why hasn’t there been any fall-out for those other artists? Why is that GMA featured Rhianna after her gun-toting dancers perfromed on the same show? Why aren’t people calling for Janet or Shakira to be boycotted? Or Eminem? Why is GMA still featuring Chris Brown? It’s all just a bunch of hypocracy if you ask me.

      • jda

        Yeah it sucks living in a country that is supposedly free and equal and gives you the right to practice your own religion, but then stomps on your civil rights based on one certain group’s own religous beliefs. Europe is far ahead of America when it comes to basic social issues.

      • Erik

        jda, ABC is not a government-owned network. They can ban live performances of whoever they want. If it sucks so much living in America, then by all means leave so that you can be happier living with such an advanced social environment, where unrehearsed, simulated oral during a live television show is considered “acceptable” and “good”…

      • trashytvlover

        good point but penalty points for length, lol!

      • jda

        @ Erik, wasnt really refering to ABC, just the fact of how America treats gays in the first place! telling me to leave my country reminds me of when whites were telling blacks to leave when it was still ok to be a racist. I think I will just stick around here to continue to make you uncomfortable.

      • Josie

        Well said. It’s so sad that there is still so much hate out there.

      • Erik

        @ jda, did I tell you to leave the country? NOPE! I guess you fail at reading… I said “IF it sucks so much” then you are welcome to leave in order for you to live a happier life… It’s your decision. Don’t act helpless though.

        I just don’t see the point in whining about America, when you probably wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. America doesn’t treat gays in any one particular way, so your statements are idiotic to begin with.

      • Jurnee

        Most insightful commentary I’ve read so far. I’m shocked and saddened at the homophobic, bigoted, hypocritical rantings I see regarding what is clearly meant as punishment to a performer who “crossed the line” according to ABC. I don’t condone his performance, but quite honestly, I was far more shocked at what Lady Gaga did and at how she was dressed – or not dressed, in her case.

      • RA


      • marc

        BRAVO! Couldn’t agree more. This Country is divided between normal evolved human beings who understand and accept people for their differences and then those Geroge Bush Voting Sarah Palin supporting conservatives that would thrive in a puritan society quoting the bible and making believe they don’t have thoughts about sex ! oh my gosh not sex! lol It is a double standard that this is even an issue because anyone with an IQ of 2 or higher can see that the only difference between Adam scandelous behavior and that of any other performer is that he is a gay male … I mean its plain and simple cut and dry. I do agree with some people who say he went too far… LOVE ADAM but really he is a great singer and he didnt show that in this performance… The Kiss was clumsy and would have worked better if it were choreographed into the routine… America needs to slowly remove the stick from their ass’ because the rest of the world is going to pass us by in no time if we maintain the archaic notions of the “conservative party” I am sureee there is an Amish society that bans all things scandelous that would LOVE some new members lol… It is just appauling that people could pretend there is no double standard at least be honest about what is obvious maybe then your view point will be respected at the very least. I mean these are the same people who wouldn’t vote for Obama because he is half black lol…. I mean come on its called evolution you cant stop it. There is no stopping though so Cheers to people like Adam for pushing the envelope and spitting in the conservatives faces :)lol

      • @marc

        your rant is full of bigotry and hypocrisy, and is a step backwards.

      • to marc:

        i too think that adam is being treated unfairly, but your post was just rude.

      • Matt

        I agree with you. Why is everyone making more out of this than need to be? He didn’t have sex on stage… give it a rest. To all you haters…….you just love this and I bet you are enjoying it……sad……really sad.

      • Kate

        You know, through this whole Adamgate’09 episode (good one, MS)–all week long of it–countless articles and reams of talk-back replies all over the web, I have ‘listened’ to people spew hate at this falible, impetuous young man just trying to make his way in an industry where his voice lifts him to very near the pinnacle of the potential scale, and all I can say is “wow.”

        Countless “betrayed” viewers (and some who viewed NOTHING but had to jump on the bandwagon) have taken major time from their lives to type long diatribes–and all over something that didn’t hurt them in the least (other than maybe a charley-horsed raised eyebrow or two.) These self-appointed judges and juries indict all manner of bad luck and retribution on Adam’s life and career…over what? A guy’s head on another’s crotch for a couple seconds, or a same sex kiss? The personal attacks literally take my breath away in their mean-spiritedness and intractable spite.

        I can understand why the Adam fans spend the time defending him: passion. They love Adam, love his voice and his sweet nature. Love his talent and his open demeanor.
        What confuses me are the scads of haters, what fuels them to flit from talk-back to talk-back like acid butterflies trying to spread their own brand of nasty pollination.

        Really? It matters this much to you? Really?

        As I type this observation, I’m also listening to FYE loop on my headphones from Adam’s website. The guy placed his WHOLE ALBUM on his website, Adam Lambert Official, for anyone to taste before they buy–which I intend to do tomorrow, btw. It’s fabulous. My husband marveled at Adam’s confidence to do such an unheard of thing with a first record, and I agree. In the end, what will bring Adam Lambert through the smoke of this misfire is his passion, his confidence. The laser sharp voice ringing in my head, making my feet tap, my head nod and my spine sway in rhythmic reply, is Adam’s final reply to his detractors. “It’s not the first time, it’s not the worst crime, our souls will be okay.”
        Followed by ‘SUREFIRE WINNERS’. You betcha, Adam. Take us to the brink of what we believe. I’ll be listening.

      • Elena

        Love your comment! BRAVO!!!
        People, you need someone to hate??? Seems like Adam is just an easy target. ABS – SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    • Debi

      L…his performance was undoubtedly risque, and now? We are on the other side of it. Can you deny Adam’s talent and gifts? Do you truly believe that one questionable performance should have him ostracized and banned and possibly ruin his promising career?
      Although I believe that people have a right to think what they want about a performance, I would also hope that they are open-minded enough to realize that he made a mistake, a poor judgement, and deserves another chance.
      If you do NOT believe that, then you are just another close minded, unforgiving right wing Jerry Falwell supporter.
      I for one hope that ABC realizes that…okay, we are going to pay the FCC the fines that accompany this lapse in judgement on the part of Adam and their own monitoring, and throw their support behind this young talent and move on. Adam would only prove them right in their decision to forgive and forget, and the general public would also be able to move on without all of this ridiculous press.

      • Jess

        Debi, you sound just as intolerant as the people you hate so much. Stop the hypocrisy…

      • wow

        Jess, can you get any more annoying and biased?

      • whatevs

        Do you really have to bring “right wing” into it? Many democrats are just as hypocritical and judgmental. These aren’t conservative traits, they are human traits regardless of what side you’re on.

      • Jack

        yes…i can

      • Jess

        wow, I don’t care if you find me annoying or not. And I love that you call me “biased” as if that has any basis to it. And, what? You don’t have a bias against me or what I’m saying?? I’m going to say what I want here. Surely you aren’t trying to censor me because I don’t worship every little thing Adam does…

      • Jess’ Mom

        Hi all.

        Wanted to apologize for Jess’ hanging out here. Sooo past bedtime for our little cranky pants.

      • Matt

        Jess I am really tired (along with half the world) of you stuid remarks. You don’t care for Adam, you never did, so stop with your hatred and move on to someone you like……

      • reinharv

        Sure everyone deserves another chance, but generally those people have already made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry–proven artists. Adam Lambert is really a “nobody” in the business except being a runner-up on American Idol. All he had was the incredible hype the media gave him. Let’s face it, his album wasn’t the biggest selling thing this year even though it was dubbed “the most anticipated album of the year.” He had GaGa, Pink, Linda Perry collaborate (big names in the industry) & it was a who’s who “A” list in the music business collaborating on his album. He isn’t even getting decent radio plays & that even before this AMA thing. The biggest challenge for these Idol people is getting fans outside the A.I. bubble.

        I feel that a lot of people think that though he was good on A.I., & his sexuality wasn’t in the forefront, that now “they” think he is showing the public what he really is – and his sexuality IS part of who he is as a performer. He didn’t have to do what he did, it wasn’t rehearsed & it didn’t add any value to his peformance.

        Regardless of how loyal his fans are, his performance was offensive to a lot of people. A lot of performers are sleezy if you ask me & many of them get flack for it, but eventually they get back to where they were before & all is forgiven. Chris Brown got flack & even radio stations wouldn’t play his music. Tiger Woods’ private life & infidelity got him in deep water so much so he had to take a 6-month break from the tour.

        There are a lot of very successful gay artists out there & I don’t recall them ever doing anything on TV like Adam Lambert did. I doubt very much that gay people thought much of his performance either.

        I think, unfortunately, that people might not “trust” Adam to contain himself–particulary on live TV or any live performance & even where it’s taped–they don’t want to risk getting flack. No network or anyone in the entertainment industry owes Adam Lambert any loyalty or anything.

        Right now, I am thinking RCA is trying to fix the damage so most of his stuff is being taped so that they can ensure he doesn’t dig his hole deeper.

        There are far more ramifications to just these cancellations. Most of these Idol folks land up going on tour to colleges, State Fairs, & other smaller venues when they go on tour to promote their album. I don’t think many of these venues are going to be knocking down his door to get him to come to their colleges, their State Fairs, or other family-type of venues because a lot of the audience are families and they might feel it’s just not worth it.

    • polly wants a cracker

      That’s the thing. It’s all a matter of taste. I for one was disgusted with eminem’s performance/song but of course that barely got any flack. And, it was only after protests that abc cancelled on Chris Brown too. Apparently, according to abc, violence > open sexuality. And that.. I have a big problem with.

      • Kiki

        ITA. It sickens me that Eminen can rap about 17 rapes and no one is screaming about that and ABC approved that performance. ABC also was planning on giving Chris Brown — convicted of felony assault against a woman — a ton of free publicity for his ‘side’ of the story PLUS a performance. The ONLY reason ABC cancelled was bec in the wake of cancelling Lambert, their hypocrisy was showing. They have made it clear not only that women being sexual with men or other women is fine, but that violence against women is nothing more than entertainment. But let a gay guy get sexual and OH MY GOD THE CHILDREN!

      • Helen Lovejoy

        Won’t someone PLEEEZE think of the children!

      • Christie

        I thought of the children – and my thoughts are that they should have been in bed by the time Adam performed. Oh, and I would have changed the channel for them by the time Janet grabbed that guys d*ck and Shakira did a lap dance in a micro-mini and Eminem bragged about raping 17 girls and Rhianna’s dancers came out carrying guns to protect her in her band-aid dress. But that’s just me.

    • Cathy

      Adam will get past this over time but you will still be an idiot

      • @cathy

        I doubt that Adam will gett past it since he’s the cause of it. His dumbass will continue to do dumbass things because he gets off on the attention, publicity, and hype.

      • @@Cathy

        Your bias and dumbass is showing.

      • You stupid Americans

        People like YOU turn everything the guy does into something else. He says one thing to one person and it’s BLOWN UP, he answers ONE question in ONE interview and it’s BLOWN UP, twisted and posted everyhere. Anything he does is TURNED into something else, something bigger, turned into DRAMA. Anything and everything he does, it’s mental. The MEDIA vultures thrive on him, HE doesn’t thrive on them one bit so don’t even try it. His mom admitted although he tries to have a sarcastic sense of humor about the media just like he has a relaxed sense of humor about everything, it DRAINS him. He is a 27 year old guy who’s still new to this, it’s exhausting and the lack of anonymity is horrible. He has ridiculous thick skin. Just put yourself in his shows for one minute, you wouldn’t be able to survive.

      • You stupid Americans


      • @YouSillyAmericans

        As the old saying goes – if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!

        If Adam can’t handle the backlash after “acting out” on TV…he should either fully apologize so people will move on….or accept reality that he’s toxic goods on live TV.

      • Jess

        @You stupid Americans, I love how willing you are to display your bigotry, intolerance and irrational anger. You have a way of really persuading people to see your point of view, did you know that?

    • matt

      actually it’s abc’s actions towards him and this whole situation that i find disgusting. it really is

      • @matt

        ABC didn’t tell him to literally interpret his sexually explicit lyrics. Don’t make him out to be a victim. He’s the one who thought it was a good idea.

      • Suck it up, Adam

        Because you always eagerly run back to help out some ungrateful turd like Adam who has lied to you and stabbed you in the back like he did to ABC? I bet you don’t.

    • Lili

      Homophobic much?

      • All wrong

        No, no fear at all.

      • @Lili

        When **GLAAD** comes out and says ABC’s actions aren’t homophobic, you know Adam has lost the battle

    • Mark

      To be fair, the P!nk one may have been allowed in the rehearsal, so if this is really about breaking from protocol, that may be a factor. But, yeah, this is just getting ridiculous.

      • del

        You are right. He broke protocol. He made a mistake. A big one. I am an Adam fan but I didn’t care for the performance at all. But for this whole fall out for one mistake? The guy’s learned his lesson. Check out his performances on Letterman and Ellen. And his talk with Ellen. He’s learned his mistake. If we all get pilloried for a single mistake, we’d all be in the stocks.

      • Jess

        P!nk also was performing on FOX, not ABC, and she was reprimanded also. The difference is, P!nk’s fans had enough brains not to bombard the network after they reprimanded her, so the controversy faded rather quickly. Adam fans are acting ridiculously. Never before has an artist’s fanbase caused such a fuss over something ABC has every right to do. There are no double standards, but his fans keep attempting to invent them out of their irrational anger and contempt for anyone that won’t worship Adam and all of his unrehearsed actions…

      • @del

        del: He hasn’t learned from his mistakes. He doesn’t think that he did any thing wrong. I think you should look closer at those interviews

      • del

        Actually, if you paid attention to his interviews, you’d find he did learn from his mistakes. He understands that he should have made sure that what he did in rehearsal what what he did during the show, especially if the moves are especially risque. Because that’s where he messed up. Live tv producers can’t trust that he won’t improvise during the show.

        If you mean he didn’t apologise for the moves…. no he didn’t. Why should he? Earlier performers did as bad or worse. Eminim bragging about 17 rapes in his song. So much worse in my opinion.

        As for the moves themselves… no, he hasn’t appologised for them.

      • Joseph

        Jess, you keeping saying Pinks perfomerance was on FOX and she got reprimanded, what you are failing at seeing here is that her performance was allowed to be showing all over the US. Adam’s was not. His got pulled from the West coast. This is just another one of many reasons ABC is at the bottom of the pool. It keeps shooting itself in the foot.

      • Jess

        Joseph, what is your point? The irrational Adam fans are using a performance that happened on the FOX network as a “double standard” for what ABC is doing with Adam. That does not make it a double standard… the only way to rightfully accuse ABC of hypocrisy is to use performances that happened on their own network, not some other one. They would have reprimanded and censored the same unrehearsed actions done by anyone else. They are not being hypocrites, and they can do whatever they want because it’s their network. Nothing the Adam fans are doing is helping, especially living with irrational anger.

      • Jill

        Jess – provide proof that Pink was reprimanded – otherwise, shut up.

      • Jess

        Jill, don’t waste your time trying to censor me and shut me up, you hypocrite.

        here’s the proof:

      • Jess

        Jill, don’t waste your time trying to censor me or shut me up, hypocrite.

        I already posted the proof here, but they deleted it because it contained a url link. But posted an article dated Dec. 11, 2003 which talks about it.

      • Matt

        Jess why the freak do YOU care about ABC and their rights? You would say anything against Adam, and while I AM NOT ONE TO CENSOR, I wish I could YOU. You are old news, so beat it!

    • angel

      L- I think your attitude is disgusting. What is wrong with people in this country that they freak out so much about anything sexual? Why are people not calling ABC with complaints about them airing an interview with Chris Brown a convicted abuser? Violence is worshipped in this country and it’s shameful. There was nothing wrong with what Adam did.

      • Jess

        an interview is much different than giving an artist a performance slot… In fact, ABC has scheduled an interview for Adam with Barbara Walters…

        Again, there’s no hypocrisy here… you’re just trying to invent one because you’re angry. And the fact that you’re attacking someone for expressing their opinion here, is intolerant and hypocritical…

      • marshnello

        Just a thought…what about the kids who were watching any or all of these “performances”? Lots of kids watch these shows, & I wonder what kind of mixed messages they are receiving about sexuality. It just doesn’t seem right that parents have to monitor what their kids see on network tv music shows (it used to be that network tv was considered family friendly!)

      • Anna

        Network TV hasn’t been family friendly in a good long while Marshnello. The days of Lawrence Welk, the real Walt Disney and Mutual of Omaha’s Animal Kingdom are long past. Parents have to monitor everything their kids watch. And honestly? That’s the way it should be. That’s parenting.

    • tatiana

      You can not justify the censorship. This is a shame. But Adam talent will privail!

      • Jess

        actually, there are justifications… it’s just that you’re choosing to ignore them…

      • @tatiana

        It’s not censorship. The fool did something wrong and was punished for it. The same thing happens when someone commits a crime, dummy.

      • Jill

        It is censorship. List the justifications – don’t just say there ones.

      • All wrong

        When J Jackson flashed us all in the SuperBowl, any repeat showing of it was censored. EVERYONE. Censorship is not a 4-letter word. He is punished for breaking rules that protect the networks from FCC fines. They have that right. No justification here.

      • Skip182

        They’re just not allowing him on their network, that’s not the same thing as censorship.

    • bunker

      Your sex hole is disgusting.

    • Jenn

      Hell NO!! This is America not Beijing or Iran. What about the other people doing the same as mentioned in the article? Why pick on one person?? This is such BS!!

    • Cajun Joe

      I used to like this guy (when he was on AI), but now I’m just tired of him already.
      I really think he should’ve dialed it down a notch, with this being his first record and all. He should’ve saved all of the shocks and drama after he established himself. Now he’s bordering on becoming nothing more than an attention w****.

    • Amy

      The only thing that REALLY sucked were the vocals. The song itself totally blew. Adam chose shock over quality and that’s what upset me.

    • Dbl Standard

      Hey L — did you not see Pink’s 2004 Billboard Awards performance during which she did the exact same move? Or is it because hers was not a “homosexual” move that it was okay? What a homophobic hypocrite you are!

      • Jess

        Pink was reprimanded by FOX (the network she performed on) also. ABC is the network Adam performed on, and there is no double standard. They would have done the same thing to anyone else that did the same unrehearsed actions that Adam did. Quit crying foul in your irrational anger.

    • Rocker_Girl

      ABC promoted Adam’s appearance as “outrageous” and “something everyone will be talking about tomorrow” throughout the AMA broadcast? Seems to me ABC got exactly what they expected. And after all the other risqué numbers that night, my only surprise is that anyone would have thought Adam’s performance would be anything but risqué.

      ABC used him for ratings (over 24 million viewers, best since 2002 and ONLY 1500 complaints, what is that less than one percent) as Adam has a large following, and then dumps him like this. Well, hopefully other performers are taking note – because tomorrow it could be them! This is what happens when an 800 pound gorilla is in charge. The little people have to band together for the cause lest we all get squashed.

      Adam didn’t commit any crime and this is way out of hand. I think ABC is promoting bigotry, prejudice and double standard. They used Adam to get ratings and then dump him like this citing the FCC as a reason. I called the FCC and the person I spoke with said that while they can make sanctions (and I don’t even know if in fact there are going to be any) that the FCC does not control or dictate network programming. Therefore, it is not the FCC that is saying Adam cannot be on the network. I have also sent a polite and business like letter to the FCC in support of Mr. Lambert.

      In regard to a risqué performance or “kids show” perhaps after the opening act where Janet Jackson grabbed the male dancer’s crotch blatantly, to another performer coming on stage with the dance troop and rifles in hand, to another performer and her dancers doing air pelvic trusts, to another performer humping the microphone, to another performer breaking whiskey bottles on a piano, to another performer talking about how there were something like 18 rapes under his belt and murder, to…. a parent or prude might have had a clue that it was full of adult content. And Adam came on last! He was caught up in the moment after seeing his piers and while risqué, was not anything that hasn’t been done before. Parents are responsible or their children, not Adam or the AMA’s. And if you are a prude, then you should not have been watching that show as the whole thing was risqué and/or filled with violent undertones.

      A lot of people don’t even watch TV anymore, and especially not network shows. I will not be watching ABC and have let ABC know that their prejudice is outrageous. I am the mother of a son Adam’s age and would not want this hate targeted to anyone. All this is doing is proving ABC is a bigot and illustrating vividly their double standard. Adam will be around because he has a huge fan base and mega talent that will prevail. I will be supporting Adam with my pocket book and NOT supporting ABC or its sponsors.

    • Kiki

      What was disgusting to me was Eminem rapping about 17 rapes. Silly me, I mistakenly thought that glorifying violence against women was what was disgusting. Thank god ABC is around to teach me via the AMAs and Chris Brown pr campaigns that I am so wrong, it’s sexuality that is our biggest threat to a peaceful society.

    • Nancy

      It won’t be a problem for his fans- The Early Show put him on after GMA cancelled and had a huge crowd. One of the many New Years Eve shows will book him and probably have a ratings boost. He has alot of fans.

      • @Nancy

        not as many as you probably think…

    • judy

      So u think Adam’s performance was disgusting, well what about Janet Jackson grabbing the crotch of one of her dances FROM BEHIND and the butt thing, because she is a female then its ok. B***S***

      • @judy

        Janet’s been performing that routine since 1993, and she REHEARSED it also so that ABC knew in advance what she’d be doing on stage! She’s also a well established star that’s been performing live on TV since the early 1980s. ABC trusted her to keep her routines as she performed them in rehearsals. She had also been reprimanded on CBS for her wordrobe malfuction at the Superbowl. CBS was fined over a half-million dollars for that incident. And she was blacklisted for awhile there.

    • jamey

      I think ABC is DISGUSTING, sexist, and bigoted if that his dancers had been women there would be no scandal. Why don’t we all go back to burning suspected witch’s at the stake (you would probably like that wouldn’t you). Personally i’m Writing ABC to to them I’m switching networks.

      • @jamey

        that’s a baseless arguement that you’re using. ABC is very gay-friendly. If ABC was so “bigoted” then why did they give Adam a primetime interview on 20/20, invite him to do the GMA summer concert series with two Idol winners, give him an AMA performance slot, and pimp the heck out of him on their entertaiment news shows, like EXTRA?? They know he’s gay. What they DIDN’T know was why he was performing something different than what he performed in rehearsals, and they had to censor parts of his performance on the West coast.

    • cookiegirl

      I think Adam is the target du jour. ABC is over the top on this one and their actions are becoming a civil rights case, their actions are targeted toward one performer, who has already admitted his actions were also a little over the top. If we are measuring on the “Adam scale”, lots of performers crossed the line that night, but no one else is getting heat. This is beyond the gay argument now, but all they have to do is keep shutting him out because he’s getting plenty of free publicity. I swear, piss off the righteous and no one ever hears the end of it. And just curious, but did you watch the award show and find anyone else disgusting or was it just Adam? Does anyone find the fact that Eminem’s Slim Shady character boasted rapes and murders under his belt equally disgusting? And that he’s nominated for numerous awards for that same material? So now rape and murder are fine? And those lyrics were on earlier than Adam. Either we call everyone on their controversies or we let Adam get on with his talented life, lessons learned. And for the record, I love Adam and we’ve all made mistakes.

    • jordan

      I agree that ABC is justified. He admitted in the interview that he didn’t do any of that stuff in the rehearsal. I’d be pissed if I were ABC, too. I don’t know that I’d do the same thing in their position, but they have every right to not have him on their station anymore. Just like EW has the right to give a crappy movie about vampires–that the reviewer admitted was kind of crappy–a positive review in order to not upset its readers. That worked out well, didn’t it?…

    • Jerry

      Adam Lambert is freaking hot and goreous and sexy and all the men on hear hate him – LOL!!! Jealous bastards!!

    • Jerry

      I am a female by the way in case you were wondering. Most of Adam’s fans are. The demographic is 13 to 80 – the man is yummy.

    • ktwolf

      I don’t think Adam’s performance was “disgusting” at all. It was over-the-top (deliberately so), fun and sexy. Jeez… what were people expecting? Adam is Adam. He was being true to himself. F**** ‘em if they can’t take a joke. I WAS disappointed in the vocal performance, but so was Adam.

    • Matt

      Ok, Adam even admitted on Ellen that MAYBE he went a bit too far. But hell, if Lady Gaga can wear next to nothing on AMA and Rhianna you can see parts of her region,(look down to earth) I guess that is ok, they are WOMAN so that makes it ok. How stupid. ABC is making this worse than it need to be. Ok, next time make sure of what the performers do as in make them sign something stating exactly what they will do and hold them up to that. But to go out and cancel his future performances, are YOU crazy ABC? You are shooting yourself in the foot and you will indeed suffer more than Adam will. Fans do NOT forget………..and they are powerful…….

  • Kelly

    I’m so beyond pissed about this situation. I’ve decided to no longer watch any ABC programing. Which is a shame, cuz some of my favorite shows ARE ABC shows. -yahyahyah only hurting me, but I know others feel the same. It’s so beyond stupid. Have they learned nothing from the GMA debacle?

    • Megan

      I’m just gonna go listen to “If I Had You” instead :)

      • elena

        Aaah, that song is pure dance-club-gold. Love the line about stripper heels and maseratis.

    • adamaddict


      • Jess

        calm down. ABC has nothing to apologize for. They aren’t treating Adam any different than they’d treat someone else who did the same things.

      • imrah

        I agree with you, I too boycotting ABC, Adam made a mistake, its time to move on instead of backlashing him. Pink rubbed male dancers head in hr crotch and nobody complained,jannet jackson grabbed her own and male dancers crotch,shakira and her dancers simulated sex by air humping/pelvic moves on same AMA show. If this is not double standard and homophobia than what else? ABC is wrong to treat Adam this way. SHAME ON ABC. I smell a big fat homophobic rat in ABC network. Wake up, its almost 2010.

      • Anna

        First, stop shrieking at me with your capital letters. It’s unnecessary.
        Second, are you sure you’re the lawyer? You sound more like one of his or her kids.

      • Skip182

        @adamaddict, if you are in fact a lawyer, you should no that lambert has no legal argument against abc. You are personally angry and are ignoring logic. Bad trait for a lawyer. You should also know that your “boycott” doesn’t effect abc at all unless you’re a nielson family. Also, I think your caps lock button is stuck.

    • Jess

      Kelly, the only ones who haven’t learned anything are the Glamberts who continue to send spam-like hate mail to ABC with insane hopes that their efforts will give Adam another performance slot. It’s his fault that his unprofessional and unpredictable actions led the ABC to do this.

      • Ravanne

        Oh, so people who write and call in to complain about Adam’s performance should be catered to unquestionably, but if others complain about this unfair censorship, that’s going too far?

        Adam’s fans have every right to be furious with this situation. I can understand canceling the GMA appearance because it was right on the heels of the AMAs, but it’s become very clear that Lambert is being blacklisted by ABC. He’s proven that he knows how to rein himself in for television (one lapse nonwithstanding), but ABC has been pulling some pretty petty shennanigans. It’s one thing not to book a perfomer that you don’t think fits your format. It’s another thing entirely to book the performer, wait until the booking has been confirmed and made public and fans begin making plans to attend/watch and then to pull the plug. ABC’s actions have been clearly vindictive and it’s no longer a case of them protecting themselves from the big bad FCC. This is punishing an artist for being slightly less than family friendly.

      • Jess

        Ravanne, calm down. Your assertions are baseless and ridiculous. Adam fans can’t contain their irrational anger. ABC has a right to censor whatever they want. But there is NOT a double standard. They would have treated anyone else the same way they treated Adam. The difference here is how Adam’s fans have decided to react irrationally and create straw-man arguments and attempt to make this about “double standards” when there are none to speak of…

        And Lambert has not been “blacklisted” from ABC… He is scheduled for an interview with Barbara Walters. Please inform yourself with the facts before you spew out your irrational rants…

      • Jenna

        Ravanne, I completely agree with you. I understand canceling the GMA performance right afterward, but it’s really unfortunate that they are booting him from all their programs now. Of course, the more taboo the networks make Adam, the more press he gets. I feel bad for Adam, but he’s getting tons of headlines. Just not for the music, which is another unfortunate aspect of this situation.

        “Adam Lambert on Ugly Betty! It’s safe because no one watches it anymore.”

      • wtf

        Oh give it up Jess! I’m not even a Lambert fan but I’m not f-n blind, even I can see what they’re doing to the guy. It’s WRONG full stop.

      • @ravane

        You’re a dumbass if you think this is censorship. You just can’t get away with certain things on TV. If people get offended, that means there’s a chance that ABC could lose some advertisers. This aint abot some with hunt against Adam, it’s about money.

      • @jeanna

        They’re bumping him from the other programs because he refuses to show any remorse for what he did, and they can’t tust him because he might try to do something even more outrageous.

      • Jill

        LOL at Jess saying the Glamberts spam things. How many comments have you posted at this and every other article about Adam?
        Your personal vendetta is obvious and pathetic.

      • Jess

        Jill, there you go again with your ridiculously arrogant assumptions… I have no personal vendetta. I speak the facts, and if you can’t handle that, that’s your problem…

      • @Jess

        Congratulations! You used the word irrational 3 times in one paragraph! And people don’t have to be rabid fans of an artist to be offended by the treatment Adam is receiving. Perhaps the 20/20 interview will the healing salve everyone needs on this issue, most especially Adam and ABC. And you also sound really homophobic, let folks be who they are. I love Adam and actually feel incredibly rational!

    • Sara

      Haha, yeah right, you’ll be tuning into grey’s tonight, don’t deny it. It’s stupid, you might as well keep watching ABC, you are only 1 person, 1 person won’t effect what ABC’s decisions are. DUH duh freakin duh!

  • Megan

    it is getting completely ridiculous… get over it ABC!!

    • Tricia

      Maybe Adam is the one who needs to get over it.

      • Gina

        BITE ME.

      • steph

        I’m sure Adam would love to quit talking about it. He’s been doing his thing, trying to promote his album, ABC’s the one keeping this in the media by continuing to cancel things.

      • WHAT

        Adam needs to get over what? He has been nothing but positive and understanding so w t h?

      • Skip182

        I’m on ABC’s side here, but I will say I feel sorry for Lambert in the fact that I’m sure he wants to get past all of this, but his fans are being so irrational and won’t let what they percieve to be as bigotry go. Both sides just need to part ways and be done with it. Adam will get on with his career, ABC will get on with it’s other programming.

  • Tricia

    Good for ABC. They have every right to choose who they want and do not want on their shows and they have loudly declared that they don’t want Adam. Adam Lambert, who hadn’t even officially sold a record at that point, disrespected Dick Clark Productions/ABC by thinking he was influential enough that he could do whatever the heck he wanted on stage at the AMAs. I for one am thrilled with this latest development. Adam is not all that and it’s time he was reminded of that.

    • Shame on Out

      So you believe in censorship — that someone else gets to pick and chose what you get to see on TV? Wow. I’d rather be given the option to pick what I want to see rather than someone taking away my choices. The whole AMA’s was risque. Why single out Adam. I believe it is because he is gay.

      • Jess

        ABC has a right to control what goes on their network. Why do you keep ignoring this fact? He’s not being censored any differently than someone else who did the same things he did. It’s ridiculous that his fans are making it about Adam’s sexuality. If it was about his sexuality, then ABC wouldn’t have scheduled him for so many different performance slots when they never had to in the first place! You guys are ignoring so many basic facts. Your irrational anger is getting you no absolutely nowhere…

      • Ted

        [[So you believe in censorship — that someone else gets to pick and chose what you get to see on TV?]]

        I wish I lived in your world where we turn on the TV and magically manifest what we want to watch at that moment. The rest of us have to watch stations that air shows based on programming executives who – yes! – pick and choose what we see on TV.

        You have a lot to learn if you believe that a private company making a decision as to what it will and will not air is “censorship.”

      • sharilou

        Yes, someone gets to pick what you see on TV, they’re called the owners/shareholders of ABC. They are not beholden to you or your opinion.

    • Ravanne

      Ummm… I hate to break it too you Tricia, but Adam has sold nearly 200,000 units of his album and is ranked #3 on the charts. He’s far outselling all of the other new Idol alumni who put out albums this year.

      • Skip182

        Ummm…try reading what she actually wrote before you type…cause now you look foolish.

    • Jill

      Wow – way to show your personal hatred for Adam. Is that you Clay?

    • staciegirlie

      Tricia, don’t speak unless you know what you’re talking about. I hear your homophobia and ignorance ringing through loud and clear.

      • Jess

        you do??? clearly you’re just intolerant of anyone who expresses an opinion that you don’t like. hypocrite.

      • Jill

        What do you know? Yet another comment from Jess. How unexpected.

      • Jess

        do you have a point, Jill?

    • SPOCK

      What makes you think Adam THINKS he’s “all that”? Did you watch his Ellen interview? Did you forget he is a human being? He was nervous as hell that night. What a see through comment.

      • mom

        But with the interview with Michael and Jim, he said he wasn’t nervous. Adam keeps changing his story, so what are you to believe. I think he is changing his story due to the backlash he has received.

    • Kiki

      Are you also thrilled the Eminem got to rap about 17 rapes without repercussions and that convicted Chris Brown gets free air time? Oh wait, those are different… Sure. Because violence is okay in the grand old US, but sex, that’s what is really dangerous.

    • John

      Man, there is a huge concentration of terrible human beings posting on this board. **cough** Jess **cough** And before any of you reply with your stupid blahblah, keep in mind that you are just making yourself look like more of a joke each time you post. Have a nice day :)

  • Pamela

    Thanks for the great article, Michael! It is absolutely ridiculous what ABC is doing. They are publicly blacklisting him for having the audicity to be openly gay. I, for one, will not watch that network anymore. It has moved so far beyond Adam’s AMA performance and onto matters of a social wrong.

    • Tricia

      When will you realize it had nothing to do with his being gay. It had to do with his being disrespectful and inappropriate.

      • Gina

        BITE ME

      • adamaddict

        Hey Tricia, Most of the acts at the awards show were over the top. AND Adam has performed elsewhere MANY TIMES where it was not racy. So why should he continue to be penalized? This is getting ridiculous. Other entertainers NEED TO STAND UP FOR ADAM NOW!!!! This jeopardizes all entertainers EVERYWHERE!!

      • Travis

        Which is why Eminem was allowed to rap about murder and rape – that was in no way disrespectful or inappropriate?

        My sister’s a rape victim, to me Eminem’s song was a hundred times more appropriate than anything Lambert did.

      • Kiki

        Right, that’s why straight performers or f/f are regularly punished for behaving in sexual ways. Oh wait, they’re not…

      • aislinn

        How do you reconcile the blatant sexuality shown on many of ABC’s other programming with this supposedly unforgivable sin committed by Adam at 11pm on the AMA’s? Why should one act have any bearing on his appearance on a late night talk show or on the NYE special? Gee, here’s a thought – maybe they could TALK to him about what they’re comfortable with or not comfortable with in terms of any performances he engages in while on their network?

      • Tricia

        As the people above me replied. You are delusional if you think that this would have happened if Adam kissed a girl and did the same move with a girl.

      • Pamela

        OK I didn’t mean to post that as “Tricia.” I meant to say Re: Tricia.
        Hangs head.

      • matthew

        If anyone really thinks that this has absolutely nothing about him being a gay man you are very deluded.

      • Lynne

        This does have to do with his orientation. Straight performers do not receive this kind of overly-harsh reaction for similar levels of sexuality in their acts. There is absolutely a double standard. This blacklisting is not right.

      • heelfan2301

        wow if you really believe that, someone has a bridge to sell you!

  • Bonnie

    ABC is ridiculous! I have already stopped turning on Good Morning America.

    • James

      ABC is ridiculous, but for other reasons. I think they’re trying to have the best of both worlds. They kick Adam off their programming, but they still have shows like Desperate Housewives and Modern Family. Dancing with the Stars has been sometimes mistaken as soft porn. For ABC to shun Lambert like this seems a little hypocritical compared to their other programming to me. ABC, you shed your family image a long time ago.

  • Gina


    • Sara

      Please, tell us how you REALLY feel. Repetitively, if possible. I don’t think we really “get it” yet.

      • BooKitty


  • Michelle

    This is getting ridiculous. A week and a half after the performance the whole thing doesn’t even seem that bad. Like you’ve pointed out, Pink and Dancing with the Stars can do the same thing (DURING THE FAMILY HOUR, I MIGHT ADD) but Adam can’t do it at 11pm on a school night? There is a huge double standard at play here.

    • Krista

      i’s funny that most other networks see NO PROBLEM booking him but ABC does. i doubt if he performed on NYRE he would do something that risque..half of the time the performances end up being outside and he wouldn’t have the space to do something like that (i can’t remember the last time where there was a risque performance on NYRE). if Adam is officially banned from ALL ABC shows, Eminem should be too for singing about rape..thats much more of a serious issue than sex. it’s not like Adam hurt anyone. why do these people see no problems with risque routines on DWTS. to me thats where more young kids might try to do something that they shouldn’t rather than an awards show. I think ABC is getting ridiculous for banning him and they are the ones who are keeping this whole thing going.

      • D

        I think one of the biggest aspects to this debacle is that he went “off script” so to speak. He rehearsed one number then performed another. They don’t trust him anymore. Plus part of is bigotry too.

    • Jess

      Derek Hough didn’t stuff Joanna’s face in his crotch. I’m really not sure what Slezak is doing other than trying to get a bunch of hits for (wink,wink)

      • Christina

        Did you see their dance though? It was disgusting, mostly because Joanna looked clearly uncomfortable during it. They didn’t suffer any ramifications- as a matter of fact, they got the top spot that week. I’m neither a fan nor hater of Lambert, but I do think it’s ridiculous for ABC to be reacting this strongly when they run so much risque stuff on their network. I mean, come on. Look at Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. Each is rife with sexuality and there’s no problem there. This seems like ABC reacting to the (admittedly tasteless) performance because he’s gay and it involved another man and they’re afraid of a backlash. I think it’s wrong, but the problem isn’t so much the network as it is the people who freak out over stuff like this while completely ignoring all of the male-female sexuality that is just as sleazy if not more so.

      • Christina

        Oh, and one more thing. Check out this other article on Joanna that is totally unrelated except for the screen shot at the bottom. How is this motion (which was repeated for like 10 seconds) totally fine with ABC but Lambert’s is worth cancelling all appearances on their network?

      • pfitz

        Uh, Jess…did you WATCH the number that Slezak is referring to? He most certainly DID stuff her face in his crotch!

      • Kiki

        I don’t know what you call stuffing a face into a crotch, but Derek MOST CERTAINLY did do that to Joanna. I remember it because my dd asked me, “Is that what a blowjob looks like?”

      • Jess

        Yes! I saw that performance, and no he did NOT stuff her face in his crotch. She was facing upward, and his crotch was to the side of her head. And besides… the move he was doing is common in the Mambo, so it’s silly to take that out of context and say that it’s Derek forcing Joanna into his crotch to perform oral sex…

        Geez, you guys are desperate to point to a double standard when there isn’t one…

  • Kath

    I thank God I don’t live in America. You call yourself a free country? The blatant bigotry is shocking.

    • Jen



      And you wonder why the rest of the world mocks and hates you. Everyone here in the UK was laughing at the way you foolish, backwards, twisted bigots reacted to this guy’s performance singling him out from a night of violence and sex, being discriminatory, ignorant drama queens as PER USUAL.

      Adam understood it as a “taste-thing” and admitted he even got carried away but you only have to look at some of the comments to see he, without intending to, highlighed the intense fear you retards still possess against homosexuals. You just know so many of the pretentious “I’m so perfect” people leaving comments like “disturbing images!” go home to their mistresses and are 10 times nastier.

      Adam reacted with so much positivity, maturity, understanding, class and grace when he had every right to be raging. And his Ellen interview was simply f-n beautiful. Two lovely, talented, smart, warm, funny, laid back people in one room.

      You bitter, unhappy, empty, angry people need prayer. I’ll pray for you <3

      • VERONICA

        This retarded (make fun of handicapped people much?)America that you speak of with all the foolish, backwards twisted bigots is commonly acknowledged to be the most generous nation on earth. For you to believe that a country of 250 million all share the same opinions is not only ludicrous, it is downright ignorant.

      • miras

        I’m from the UK and I confirm that we can’t believe here how much hatred you are pouring over a controversial performance. I have to pinch myself otherwise I would have thought I’m on Iranian site. We follow EW here with love and respect. Regardless what you feel about Adam’s act, there’s no need to exchange offensive rethoric on the entertainment site. G-d I can imagine what happens when you discuss politics. Your Civil war ended a couple of centuries ago and you’re practising the same sentiment. Shame. Personally, I didn’t like Adam’s AMA thing, I love his album, listen to it every day. Finally, as our guys from Liverpool once sang “All you need is love’. Give Adam a break, he’s a new kid on the block, he made a mistake as he watched his idols Gaga,Madonna&Co performing the same way and selling million albums.

      • Jess

        wow. The Glamberts have boundaries expressing their irrational anger and bigotry toward anyone that doesn’t worship Adam and all of his unrehearsed stage actions… wow.

      • whatevs

        By your post, I would say that you’re the one who’s bitter, unhappy, empty, and angry. If you will pray for America, you should throw yourself into the mix because you obviously need it too.

      • SunnyMD

        While you are at it “God Bless ******* America” ask God how much He?/She? enjoyed the performance. Ask if the network rules should be followed by all. Ask if the network has a right to make their own rules and decisions. Ask, since there’s not enough vulgar trash to watch on TV, if it would be ok for you to go to the billions of internet such sites for your fix. Ask if that would be ok. Ask if there should be rules.
        I love Adam Lambert. I went to 5 concerts this summer to see HIM !! There is so much good about him– that ONE performance should not dictate his future. And yes 70% of the performances on the AMA’s were trash.
        Adam’s fans need to let this die down, relax, let Adam learn from his mistake, whether he thinks it is one or not. Adam is extremely smart, extremely talented, has a voice (when he’s not choking on adreneline) that is a total experience in ecstasy and will get many more opportunities. Everything that happens is an opportunity to learn and grow. And maybe this is Adam’s chance. I am so sick of the arguments that so and so did this or that. GAY OR NOT GAY it doesn’t matter, it’s immaterial….if you do what is right and follow the rules, you will never be wrong. Simple as that. And to the posters who laugh at this country….”that you mock and hate us” go ahead, laugh all you want, do you think that means anything to me? This is the greatest country on earth…and you’re laughing at us because of this one issue???Just because we didn’t like his performance and voiced our opinions doesn’t make us “bitter,unhappy, angry, empty people”. The first sentences of YOUR post sounds like a bitter, unhappy, angry, empty person not to mention extremely judgemental.

      • Tarc

        I’m an American from the midwest, and I pretty much agree with you. UNfortunately, Europe shipped a whole host of their most religious, prudish nutjobs over to the US, and we still haven’t recovered. Of couse, ALL Americans aren’t stupid, ignorant, prusish bigots – just some (just like in the UK).

    • Pam

      Yep, people are free to say what they want, regardless if it is popular, bigoted or what not.

      • del

        I thought hate speach was against the law in America? I guess I was wrong.

    • Louise

      I’m American and I can’t argue with this. This is flat out bigotry and there’s no way around that.

      For Adam to get back on ABC I think the following would have to occur. Adam turns straight and admits being gay is a sin, then does a Jimmy Swaggart style mea culpa while crying. In short, Adam will not be on ABC again. If they don’t cancel the Barbara Walters interview I suspect there will be a very unflattering edit.

      • Jess

        Louise, why would ABC give Adam a primetime interview on 20/20, invite him to do the GMA summer concert series with two Idol winners, give him an AMA performance slot, and pimp the heck out of him on their entertaiment news shows, like EXTRA, if they were so “homophobic”???

        Your irrational anger is ridiculous. ABC isn’t doing anything bigotted, yet you keep slinging those allegations around without even considering all the facts. unbelievable.

      • Tarc

        Well, Jess, the fact is, Pink did the exact same thing on the same show a year ago. No fuss. Of couse, Pink is straight. ABC made no mention of Janet grabbing a male dancer’s crotch, no mention of (straight) Shakira and 28 dancers in nude lycra dry-humping for over 4 minutes, or Eminem singing to the glory of rape and violence. The fact is, ABC is being homophobic and overtly punitive, and there is no justification.

      • @Tarc

        You are wrong. (no surprise)

        Pink’s simulated blow job was done on FOX (not ABC), and it was on the Billboard Awards show (which no longer airs on TV, btw). Get your facts straight before trying to argue with people who know better than you do. FOX also reprimanded Pink for what she did, but they had no talk shows to ban her from, so her penalty wasn’t as noticable as Adam’s has been, because ABC does have talk shows and live performance slots to take away from him.

        ABC has never been homophobic, and they never would’ve booked him for so many shows if they were.

        Your logic FAILS. And I think Jess is right here. You’re just speaking nonsense in your irrational anger. ;)

    • Elena

      I’m with you on this one. I came to America from Communistic country and thought that I will never experience that communist controls over what we watch, eat, do and choose….I was wrong. It’s happening here and what most scary – people are supporting it!!!!! Wake up, America!!!
      As of Adam – he proved for weeks while on AI show that he is gracious, intelligent and stable performer…yes he was up to the lyrics and characters in the songs he sang but…that’s exactly what he did on AMA. Every commercial break there were HINTS about that his performance will be “eye popping”, “jaw dropping”…just to name a few…what did you expect???? Purple Barney to come alone dancing while he sings???? So, stop complaining about your kids being exposed…I have two kids and they both were in bed at that time since it was a school day next morning. I was not a fan of the performance as well as I hated Eminem’s , Rhianna’s and some other female performances where all I could see was their underwear…but you can’t crucify a person for only one wrong choice which honestly I think was provoked by show producer s anyway….They needed him to get the ratings up. I never watch AMA’s and I did this year only because Adam was there….so they got their 14 million viewers (I wonder how many would that be if Adam was not there???).
      All these nasty comments….are you people still the same 1500 who submitted complains to ABC after AMA?????

      • @Elena

        you’re a lying troll is what you are. if you were really from a communist country you would know the difference between communist government control and private-network control, as well as moral standards that broadcast companies like to keep.

        Go away TROLL.

  • steph

    Well, they’ve just invalidated their own justification that “he’s unpredictable on live TV” since Jimmy Kimmel is pre-recorded. Is this punishment, or what?

    • Blondiegrrl

      Jimmy Kimmel aired a video on his show awhile back called “I’m F*cking Ben Affleck” that featured clips of him and Ben dressed in tight shirts and cutoffs and grabbing each other’s butts, etc., and ABC had no problem with that. Evidently, the network thinks it’s A-OK to be naughty if you’re only PRETENDING to be gay. It’s also OK to be naughty if you’re straight. But if you’re naughty and you really ARE gay, then watch out! I will never watched this bigoted network again until they shape up and revise their attitude.

      • Jess

        blondiegrrl, your assertions are just ridiculous. An unrehearsed live performance is much different than a rehearsed skit on a late-night talk show. If ABC was “homophobic” then why did they give Adam a primetime interview on 20/20, invite him to do the GMA summer concert series with two Idol winners, give him an AMA performance slot, and pimp the heck out of him on their entertaiment news shows, like EXTRA??

        Clearly, your irrational anger has gotten the best of you. ABC and the FCC do not like when a performer goes off script to do raunchy things and stick their middle finger up at the audience at the end of it all. They have every right to reprimand him for his unrehearsed, and unprofessional actions on stage. Get over it.

      • Jill

        Amen, Blondiegrrl.

      • BooKitty

        @Blondegrrl, you do realize that video was CENSORED right?

      • DE

        @BooKitty- censored or not we all got what was being said. I’m not saying Adam didn’t cross the line but Jimmy’s show crosses the line a lot

      • Charlotte

        You’re exactly right, Blondiegrrl! My first thought when I heard this news was Sarah Silverman’s “I f***ed Matt Damon”, but your reference is more relevant. ABC is being hypocritical and vindictive!

    • D

      Why do they call it Jimmy Kimmel Live then?

      • Jessica

        I think because it’s filmed before a live audience

  • JJ

    ABC needs to get over it. All they are doing it making themselves look ridiculous. Liked the article, thanks for the post!

  • FYI

    That Pink youtube version was not the original U.S. broadcasted version. I believe this one was from France. The west coast feed did censor the action there too.

    • Travis

      FYI… I saw the Pink performance in my New Jersey living room, uncensored.

      • FYI

        Did I say anything about the East coast? no. neither performance was censored on the east coast because it was live so they weren’t prepared for it.

    • Kiki

      No. I saw it on the east coast.

    • Kate

      Yeah but that’s not the point. The point is that FOX didn’t blackball Pink, nor was Pink threatened with an FCC investigation.

      • FYI

        Fox had no talk shows or anything else to ban her from? This was also before FCC tightened their grip.

    • Em

      I also saw it uncensored in Pennsylvania. I remember this performance well.

      • Jess

        Both Adam and Pink were uncensored on the east coast… so why is this being discussed??

  • Idolme922

    ABC, Disney, should be boycotted. This was a stupid overraction, probably by someone homophobic. Far more sexal material is showed on ABC soap operas every day. They need to look in their own back yard if they want to clean anything up. This is discrimination plain and simple. What an outrage that in this country one person can be so taken to task over something so many others have done without consequences. Shame on you ABC. I am only one viewer, but you’ve lost me!

    • D

      I think that there is a homophobic higher-up making the call who is also incensed about the potential regulatory ramifications.

  • ellen

    Considering ABC aired Courtney Cox simulating felatio on a prime-time sitcom, why don’t they just call their network what it is: America’s Bigotry Channel.

    • Diane

      You are so right! I saw that episode and was shocked that it got by the censors actually. Unbelievable.

  • Cleo

    Sorry, I though Rihanna and 50 Cent with Eminem was worse. They aired well before 10 pm. Not sure why Lambert is getting the full blast of what was an raunchy night on the AMA’s. Apparently rifles, rape and murder are ok but not over the top sexual acts that well were really not that bad, I’ve seen worse. This will blow over just like it did for Timberlake, Madonna, Prince, etc. Adam Lambert learned his lesson and will now focus on his music which is fine because he has a beautiful voice.

    • @Cleo

      Homosexual activity is taboo on network tv. To be honest, how many families out there are demanding to see explicit gay sexual acts? How many find it entertaining? Before you defend Adam’s actions, you need to look at the bigger picture.

    • Kassi

      Well mcaaadima nuts, how about that.

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