Joanna Krupa and PETA vs. the Catholic League: How are you offended?

The Catholic League is upset about this PETA ad featuring Joanna Krupa, some adorable puppies who don’t even notice her, and a strategically placed crucifix. The President of the organization told Fox 411 [via Dlisted], “The fact is that cats and dogs are a lot safer in pet stores than they are in the hands of PETA employees. Moreover, pet stores don’t rip off Christian iconography and engage in cheap irreligious claims. PETA is a fraud.” The Dancing With the Stars season 9 non-finalist responded: “I hope everyone bought the Playboy with me on the cover.” Ha, no, I’m kidding! She really said this: “I’m doing what the Catholic Church should be doing, working to stop senseless suffering of animals, the most defenseless of God’s creation.”

I’m upset about Joanna Krupa’s PETA ad, too. I’m not into animals or religion. It just offends my eyes. Are those supposed to be giant puppy ears as wings? They look like the busted-up ears of my stuffed polar bear from 1983.

I feel like the question here isn’t necessarily “Is PETA evil?” or even “What are they smoking at PETA and is that some of the residual haze in the pictorial?” but rather: Now do you know who Joanna Krupa is? Will you recognize her in her next pictorial, little doggie? WILL YOU?


For those unfortunate enough to have clicked through to read this full post, a refresher course of Joanna’s best moments on Dancing With the Stars:


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  • Kate

    Mostly I think your disgust comes from the fact that this is a badly edited photo. The point could have been made been with her dressed in a traditional angel get up, and sitting amongst the puppies, and then the Catholic league would be happy (or should be) because it is kind of evoking a St. Francis of Assisi type image.

    • EF

      That’s a really good idea.

      • Jeff Eastwood

        Stuff like this makes you wonder why people in general – and religious people in particular – get so offended by the unclothed human body. God forbid a woman is allowed to show her nipples. That would be offensive!

      • Hershey

        Actully Jeff, if I saw an unaltered version of a womans body I would be thrilled… This idiot looks more like an add for silicone, bleach and photoshop.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Good idea for sure.

    • maddy

      It’s just PETA using a desperate nobody to push their agenda. She did for the free publicity and to bolster a virually non-existant showbiz career (like anyone believes she gives a rats ass about the “cause”) and they did it for the attention. Everyone won except ALL the people who have to look at this photoshop disaster that looks like a 6 year did it.

    • Marietta

      That’s a good idea. Non-offensive and really gets the point across.

  • lyra

    i knew when i saw this picture on e news there would be a backlash.and it is justifiable what were these idiots thinking, shame on them

    • MockingbirdGirl

      Please tell me you’re not that naive. The “idiots” were thinking that a controversial image would garner the publicity they seek. Mission accomplished, thanks to the entirely predictable response from the Catholic League. For PETA, this is a win.

  • Lisa

    Annie, I think you are so great. Wonderful commentary.

  • Mel

    No idea who Joanna Whosis is, but I do find the image rather offensive. It’s just so unnecessary– was there no way for PETA to convey its message without her pressing a holy religious symbol against her naked breasts and hoo-hah?

    • colin

      Hoo-hah? I think the word you’re looking for is vagina.


      • crispy


      • Kevin V

        I believe Hoo-hah IS the accurate, scientific term for that area. Go read a book, dummy.

      • Mel

        Actually Colin, if you want to be a jerk about it, the technical term is VULVA. The vagina is internal. Read a manual sometime.

      • Suntrap

        And if we want to be really technical, it’s unlikely you’d see her vulve either. Maybe her mons.

      • Deb

        Thank you, Mel, I was about to tell that idiot the same thing. Basic anatomy, Colin, basic anatomy.

      • LongBalls

        Well, you have no idea what I would do with Hoo-hah, vagina, vulva or whatever you want to call it!

      • ML

        Excellent comeback Mel!!

    • jen

      If this was something to do with the Islam religion this never would of seen the light of day. Nobody dares to slam Islam becuae of the upset it causes so how come it’s okay to do this to Christians?? I’m not a religious person but I do love animals and even I think this is a slight step over the mark. have her naked with the dogs but not in a church or have her fully dressed with the dogs in a church!

      • BlackIrish4094

        I agree, wouldn’t get away with that with other religions.

      • Normalman

        Of course not, Muslim’s kill people who do stuff like this. Christians just complain so PETA can score some cheap publicity off the outrage.

      • queue55

        ITA! @Normalman, you hit the nail on the head. If PETA had used a tasteful photo as suggested, there wouldn’t be any cheap publicity! This ad does nothing to garner support for animal right, if anything it cheapens the whole cause.

      • queue55

        P.S. Annie’s picture of JK’s “best moment” on DWTS is worth a thousand words!

      • Samantha

        Actually they did offend Jews with their “Holocaust On Your Plate” campaign which compared the systematic murder of 6 Million Jews in WWII to the slaughter of chickens for food. Ingrid Newkirk is a crazy bitch.

      • dosia

        To be more exact there were about 11mln people killed in the holocaust itself. Yes, not only Jews fell victim. I’d say it’s actualy a good comparison. It isn’t comparing Jews to chickens though. It’s comparing us all to nazis, so you can feel offended too.

        Still, I wonder why does PETA need to undress so many woman. It seems to blur the massage. If they don’t start to seriously talk about what the problem is, people won’t take those campaigns seriously. Maybe they’ll find it a bit amusing.

        The poster looks nice though.

  • Ami

    The Catholic League is pretty much one guy that likes to get on TV, right? He has a few followers and doesn’t even remotely speak for Catholics in general, much less specifically. And does anyone take PETA’s stuff seriously anymore? They’ve lost credibility with their “look at me” tactics.
    It’s like two ersatz organizations bent on getting attention are badmouthing each other, while the rest of the world has more interesting or important things to attend to.

    • Mavis

      The Catholic League is just one guy from what I understand as well. I have never seen him on TV, just read about his rants online. I always imagine he is like the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons, but sits in front of a computer all day to find stuff Catholic should find offensive instead of in the comic book shop all day.

    • Elizabeth

      Yeah, the Catholic league – not representative of most catholics.

      I’m declaring myself Director of The Freckled League. I will have my response on the photo as soon as I can. We will be highly offended if PETA airbrushed out a freckle on Ms. Krupa if it comes to light.

    • BlackIrish4094

      I’m Catholic and it is offensive, regardless of whether the Catholic League is one guy or not. It’s ridiculous, why don’t they have her cover her breasts with the Koran. Oh, that’s right, because they would jihad your @ss. It’s ok to make fun of catholics but no other religions.

      • molly

        it’s not just Catholics, I think this offends most Christians (including me).

      • nunya

        I’m not Catholic but I am Christian and I am HIGHLY offended by this!

      • dosia

        I think it offends women in general. It offends all of us people that this thing is directed to. What is this? Apparently and the only way to make us do the right things is to show us a naked woman. Ee?

  • JD

    Who is the Catholic League and why are they offended by everything all of the time? They’re like nosy neighbors who need to put their 2 cents in

    • Kevin

      They are like the Justice League, but instead of Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman they consist of Divinityman, The Genuflector, The Bearer of Gifts (he defeats villians with his ever dangerous throwing Eucharists), and Penitantlady. The leader of the Catholic League is named “Biblicus: The Heir of Lot”; he has the power to turn those he finds unworthy into a pillars of salt.

      • kls

        i know as a catholic i should probably be offended by this, but i am far too busy laughing my booty off to really care. nice one!

      • Lisa Simpson

        I thought Aquaman was a member of both, but in the Catholic League he was known as the Baptizer.

      • Sharon

        Kevin, I’m dying laughing over throwing the Eucharist. And I’m a church secretary (Lutheran though).

      • Gee

        ROFL. I am so using this in my next Mutants and Masterminds campaign.

      • bootsycolumbia

        Kevin, I love the way your mind works. Too funny!

      • ML

        I agree with kls! I’m forwarding Kevin’s response to everyone!

      • deborah

        Oh, Kevin, that’s toooo funny!

      • not a 5 year old

        All these people will laugh at your stupidest, child- like attempt at a joke. I guess you must feel cool, right? Do you sit behind a computer making lame jokes to boost your idiotic ego, so morons just like you would laugh and feel all cool and “ohhh bad” because they can bully a Religion or someone that wont fight back? You may add coward to your list, along with sad, idiotic and lame.
        You are a cool duuuude, bro…like totally, uh huh!

    • BlackIrish4094

      It is offensive even if you don’t know who they are. If people aren’t religious themselves, fine. But why disrespect a symbol that means a lot to a lot of people. Crass by PETA, this is the definition of a religiously offensive ad.

  • M

    True. I’m not surprised with this at all and don’t look forward to seeing how low PETA will sink next in their attempt for more press.

  • Sara

    I’m offended by PETA’s constant objectification of women in order to present their message. Clearly, they think their target audience is straight men who will be persuaded by naked women. Oh sure, they give some BS excuse about not changing their ad tactics until animals are treated better than women, but it’s still sexist and ignores the fact that women don’t exactly live in paradise, even if we’re not slaughtering them and keeping them in cages.

    • Luddite

      You beat me to it. This, this, this.

      • kth201

        Totally agree.

    • Sue1

      Exactly Sara, well said.

    • cas

      Agreed… and exactly why do they think that animals should be treated better than women, anyway? I think there might be a lack of priorities happening here.

      • chris

        I don’t think that’s what they’re saying. Women have a choice whether or not to do these things, animals don’t have a choice whether or not they’re abused.

      • Donknottz

        Superiority complex anyone you are animal whether you think so or not.

    • DE

      I agree! I get the whole save animals bit, I do but why do most of their ads have naked women. It’s basically saying the only way to get noticed is to put naked wome on their ad. I think it takes away from whatever message they’re trying to make

      • dosia

        I totally agree. The cause is good, but PETA is trying to actually get to people by making some sexist ads. Great. Ehm. How is that supposed to work if I may ask?

    • Donknottz

      Um how is it objectifying women when the women themselves are volunteering their time, image, and body for a cause that they believe in? If she was forced to do it it would be one thing but its all voluntary. She looks beautiful and at least Peta recognizes that human beings are not the only creatures on this planet since all of you good religious folk have a superiority complex and believe all creatures are here to be used and abused any way mankind sees fit someone has to speak up and get your attention maybe you’ll snap out of your evil ways.

      • Wev

        Until they figure out a way of getting attention other than naked women, I won’t take them seriously. I don’t care if this model begged to do this ad. She is as stupid as they are if they think this will change anyone’s mind. Yes, it gets attention, but it doesn’t change anything. So this shows me the point of the ads is to get attention and not to change anything. They are as bad as the Catholic League in that way. A fake argument done by people pretending to represent animals and Catholics. All they want is media attention and the pompus sense of themselves as being better than everyone else.

      • Isembard

        First, you really should investigate PETA and discover how many animals it murders each year and about its proposed genocide of bully breeds of dogs (seriously, they want them to all be killed). And I’m Christain, vegetarian, live with a house full of critters, and donate to Best Friends and other shelters. Hardly a superiority complex to find something designed to be controversial unnecessarily sensationalistic. Honestly, are there people who are going to change their ways because of an ad of a naked woman?

      • JMMMMMM

        Yes, “all” of us religious folks “have a superiority complex and believe all creatures are here to be used and abused any way mankind sees fit” and if only we knew there was a group called peta who wants us to adopt animals we would change. Is that really how you think?

        Don’t be such a bigot. The MODEL IN THE AD is a Catholic for heaven’s sake!

        And btw, alienating, and offending your audience, way to go. That sure helped Trent Lott and George Allen get their policies across.

    • Donknottz

      Oh let me guess your last name is ???? Palin there Sara cause I’m pretty sure its a whole day since I’ve seen you on my tv saying you were a victim of sexism or that you found a new way to kill a defenseless creature to eat with your redneck family, the springer show is still on and waiting for you dear.

      • t3hdow

        Let me speak for everyone else. “Um…what?”

    • NutHouse

      “I’m offended by PETA’s constant objectification of women in order to present their message.”

      The difference is: women can choose to pose nude is the pictures and commercials for PETA. The animals they defend cannot. Y’all forget that these women had to agree to do this. No one forced them to do this, but again they animals that they are defending do not choose they life they end up with.

      Would you feel the same way if it was a man standing up there??

      • Wev


      • Kate

        I think the point is, how often do you see men in PETA ads? Why is it always naked women? So maybe I wouldn’t feel the same way if it was a man for a change.

      • Angela

        Exactly. PETA knows what sells: semi-nekkid busty chicks. Yes, you can always find some desperate starlet wanna-be who is happy to show her boobies for a buck or attention. That’s not the point, the point is PETA doesn’t walk its talk.

      • dosia

        “I’m offended by PETA’s constant objectification of women in order to present their message.”

        It should rather go like this:
        “I’m offended by PETA’s constant objectification of women in order not to present their message.”

        They’re sabotaging their own campaign. What we were supposed to get from that ad was that pet should not be treated as another item of our possesion. They are living sentient creatures and we should rather take care of those already alive rather than breed cuter living toys for ourselves and then blame PETA for killing those we threw away/ abandoned and which, if weren’t put down, would lead the rest of their life in misery.

        This is what PETA is trying to sell to you. The massage may seem unclear though.

    • andy

      dont feel like saving animals, feel like watching porn though. i guess while watching it i’m not adopting animals.

      PETA is a joke. and if they know anything of that religious sign they have they’ll know that religion has no problems in eating those soft dogs

    • Molly

      Yeah, I might listen to PETA’s message if they had a hunky half-clothed male in a semi-provocative pose offering me a cuddly puppy. Only semi-provocative, now.

      • suzyactiondoll

        …and what would he be holding this puppy in front of???

    • peggym

      Here in Florida, they had billboards of fat women in bathing suits, with the message “Save the Whales”, urging a vegetarian diet(Like lo-cal mac & cheese?) We fat women are now big PETA fans.

  • crispy

    Wow, the Catholic League vs. PETA? I’m so torn… I hate them both!

    • Isembard

      LOL. Agree with you there.

  • Arden

    Yikes, both institutions are the embodiment of misguidedness and risible hypocrisy, but I guess I “side” with the Catholic church on this one.

    • peggym

      It’s the Catholic League, not the Catholic Church.

  • Kate

    PETA has always been as subtle as a sledgehammer. I totally agree with what they’re saying, but I rarely agree with how they convey their message. I can see the point behind “I’d rather go naked than wear fur,” but this is really gratuitous and distracts from the very important message (especially during the holidays when some people choose to give a pet as a gift — which I don’t agree with, but that’s another tangent entirely!) that shelter animals are just as good animals as purebreds.

    • Broadway Baby

      I’m with Kate – I wish PETA would get out of their own way. They are honestly their own worst enemy.

  • chelle

    I agree with Sara above. But I have to admit my first thoughts went along the lines of: Seriously? That looks like the first assignment from photoshop 101 by a teen-age boy!

    • cas

      Right… except I’m not sure a teenage boy would include the obviously fake puppies. It looks like the porn-ified version of one of those Cuddly Cutes spiral notebooks.

  • Julie

    PETA is disgusting.

  • Jeanne

    Petea is just doing what they do best, making dumb “outrageous” ads to drum up free publicity. The Catholic League is just doing what he does best, complaining loudly about dumb things that he would be better off ignoring. The only aspect of this “scandal” that offends me as a Catholic is that this dumbass continues to pretend he;s speaking for all of us. Yes, it’s a stupid ad. So I will proceed to do what everyone should do: mock it for being badly put together (seriously, my five-year-old nephew could photoshop better than that) and then ignore it.

    • Kate

      Jeanne, your rationality and level-headedness have no place in this discussion! Seriously, way too logical; if everyone did that, what would the Catholic League have to complain about? Not that I think it’s a good ad, it’s just stupid to take it so seriously when if there wasn’t a big bruhaha over it, it would probably just be ignored and then go away. Like both Peta and the Catholic league should.

  • Anne Marie

    I think it should be noted that the Catholic League is basically that one guy. I think we give him too much credit buy acting like he’s the president of a league with a bunch of people supporting him.

    • Tim

      Great point, Anne Marie.

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