Allison Iraheta exclusive: Watch her awesome acoustic performance of 'Don't Waste the Pretty'

SPOILER ALERT: The above headline is not an exaggeration. Indeed, Allison Iraheta, third runner-up on season 8 of American Idol, dropped by Manhattan’s Hudson Terrace this afternoon to celebrate the release of her debut CD, Just Like You, by performing a rendition of her undeniably gorgeous track “Don’t Waste the Pretty” (with acoustic accompaniment by David Immerman). We’ll post footage of our in-depth Réalité interview with Allison on Wednesday afternoon, but until then, enjoy the rare pleasure of listening to a major-label teenage artist who doesn’t need a drop of Auto-Tune to make your jaw dip low. Oh, and when you’re done watching “Don’t Waste the Pretty” on repeat loop, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.

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  • Ang

    I never ever comment but gfhjk THANK YOU FOR THIS OMG. So gorgeous.

    • Kylie

      She is so much better than Adam. I don’t know what the hype over Adam is? Allison is the true voice of season 8.

      • fluffybunnyz

        And comparing Adam and Allison was necessary because . . . ?

        They’re both mad talented. Stop hatin!

      • Robbyrob


        Your comment just screams lazily written all over it. Why must you, or anybody else for that matter, have to denigrate a person who doesn’t have anything to do with what the topic is??? I just don’t understand it, unless it makes you feel that much better? It makes no sense. Can’t you just say Allison is great instead of she’s so much better than Adam? I doubt you can come up with an original thought so I think I answered my own question. BTW, this isn’t just about Adam, but anybody you could have filled in there like Kris, Danny, Michael, etc. Allison is Allison and unfortunately, your you.

      • Mrs. E

        Totally agree. That just brought tears to my eyes. Awesome.

      • EWsMom

        LOL! Ignore the haters, Kylie. You’re absolutely right – talent & personality wise, Allison is miles ahead of Kris in both departments

        (I’m sure Kris fans must be reeling over the fact that his album sunk over -55% in its 2nd week, during the busiest shopping week of the year…..and that’s off a crappy #10 debut)

      • VT

        Why don’t people have the right to like Allison better than Adam and/or Kris? That’s just their opinion and they’re entitled to it just like everyone else. What’s the problem? I’m still disgusted that Danny made the top 3 over Allison. Am I allowed to say that, at least? Yeesh!

      • mike

        The comparison should be made between Allison and Adam. It’s not about who’s better, it’s about authenticity. Adam let a lot of people who assumed he was a rocker down. Music is not his priority. Unfortunately, a true rocker was pushed aside while an impostor continues to b praised.

      • Nicolas


      • OMG

        Sorry Mike – I bought Allison’s CD yesterday and I really wish I hadn’t. Talk about over-produced “pop-rock” crap. Plus, the song “Beat Me Up” – sorry – that is WAY more inappropriate that anything Adam could have dreamed of doing on the AMA’s. “You like to keep me on a chain” – “you always pick me up and then you put down” “oh baby just beat me up, beat me up” – I am sure little girls all over the USA are going to understand that. “I love you even though you beat me up” – and people critisized Rhianna?????

      • RealiteRules

        I agree Kylie – Adam is so ridiculously over-hyped – And it’s not because of the gay content – I have many gay friends – I just thought Adam’s number was bad – song was bad – production so cheezy – crap vocals – Now he is martyred in the aftermath – It’s such a shame talent can’t rise to the top without the cookie-cutter path that is American Idol. Love Alison. Poor Kris was produced poorly.

      • AlaP


      • [!_!]

        OMFG why do you have to compare Allison with Adam? They both rock. They are both really different and are aimed to different audiences. This is about Allison OK. Go bash Adam on another web.

      • colin church

        yeah i think so too.

      • shawn

        you all have no lives. its their opinion and my opinion yes she is way better then adam. I think adams singing is scary. and dont say im a homophobe nothing against him, i just dont likke his music You all are so lame,

      • Rina

        But what about Kris? :'(

      • Martha

        I couldn’t agree with you more! Allison IS the Season 8 American Idol as far as I’m concerned. this video proves it! Awesome, indeed.

  • Nicoleee

    Ahh!!! And this is why I love the Idols cuz no matter if they’re singing live they sound waaay dope!! Look at her SHE’S ROCKING OUT THAT MIC!!! <33333333

    • Ernest

      Allison IS the real Rock champ of ALL America Idols. Although, Kris, Adam, Matt and Megan have their own talents. I LOVE U SO MUCH, ALLISON, SO MUCH.

      • Ernest

        Oops! I almost forgot Danny, he too, is talent.

  • HannaB

    Wow I love her voice on this. Her lower register is amazing! This is my favorite song on her album! Thank you for posting it!

  • Kevin

    All I can say is wow!!! What an incredible talen she is!

  • alli lurker

    It just doesn’t get any better than that… thanks Allison and Michael!

  • Pamela

    Love it!!!
    congratulations for the album
    Allison rocks!!!

  • Kat

    Allison has an amazing voice. She can totally rock it. The entire album is wonderful. Thanks for the video, can’t wait for the interview.

  • Alyssa

    Yay! Another incredible performance by the resident rocker :D (and yes she can definitely rock!!) She gets better and better..Allison’s vocals are like no other! Amazing. Thank you Slezak! You’re the best and ya never disappoint! I can’t wait to watch the interview :D

    • Frank Anderson

      I liked the song as well, but even this song did not ‘rock.’ Her first single was bubblegum pop, and this acoustic one, while being much better than ‘Friday’ is not really a rock song.

      I will try the album, though. I do just think it is a bit funny when she acts like people are bashing her when calling her pop, yet her first single is undeniably pop.

      Having electric guitar does not automatically make a song a rock song.

      • jado

        Frank – What she was saying that people don’t think she can rock because she’s come out of a pop competition. She knows she can do both. There’s nothing wrong/ironic/funny that her first single is pop infused. It’s a business decision that they made for her, and they chose to go with the largest audience for her demographics.

        And yes, you’re right just adding an electgric guitar doesn’t categorize a song as rock. But it’s undeniable that she has the same vocal tone and chops as some of the great rock female vocalists. So, yeah, she can rock.

      • Frank Anderson

        Jado- She is an undeniably good singer. I would not dispute that for one second.

        I am listening to the album right now, so I will have more to say soon. So far it is pretty pop… with guitars. It is very Pink sounding.

        It is good… but it is not rock music.

        Now, if you want to say that Allison rocks, as in she is cool, then I would not argue with you at all.

        I would have released ‘Just Like You’ or ‘Pieces’ as a single, and left Friday off the album completely.

        I like the album a lot so far though!

      • williNalli

        Hey listen to songs like “D is for Dangerous”, “Holiday”, and “Still Breathing”…D is for Dangerous is my fav…I need a video for that song…Or I will die !!!

      • Lauren

        Frank I have to agree about Friday. I think Just Like You is the much better Max Martin song. It is one of my favorites. I don’t think the album is 100% rock, but I also don’t think it is 100% pop. As a fan, I never expected the label to let her go all out rock, but she can do it. Have you listened to Holiday?

      • Frank Anderson

        I have listened to the whole thing now, and it does have a ton more rock elements in some songs than in others.

        I really like the rockier stuff, the pop stuff bothers me just because it seems like they (her and her handlers) do not get that she can be young while also being mature. Put simply, the more babyish lyrics of some songs drive me a bit crazy.

        I really wish they had represented this album differently than they did. Friday was the worst possible way to introduce it.

        I would give it a B+ right now, which will probably rise to a solid A when I get them ingrained in my brain.

      • Lauren

        Great to hear you like it Frank. I agree Friday is the only song on the album I don’t like. Robot Love is a little too pop also, but I like the lyrics and the song is more fun to me so I am ok with it. I think you will like it more once you get the songs ingrained in your brain. I am finding I like some songs more after each listen.

  • TellyB

    God, she is such an amazing talent…I am praying that she finds success as a recording artist, but after Kris’ album flopping and Adam’s two singles bombing, I don’t have too much hope. Then again, maybe she will do a Chris Daughtry on us.

    • sprat

      You’re just a ray of sunshine, aren’t you?

    • floored

      yeah adam is such a disappointment with his album only at #2…get a clue..he rocks!

      • sandy in kc

        she was talking about the singles, not the ablum. BTW, Adam’s album is at #3. He got outsold by Andrea Bocelli and Susan Boyle.

  • sprat

    That kid is ridiculously talented. I’d listen to her sing pretty much anything.

    • floored

      u said it…luv me some allison!

    • Kat

      you took the words right out from under my fingertips!! love this performance

  • lulu

    yes! now I can go to bed happier! gorgeous vocal!

  • ZoniDuck

    Oh man, that was really great. She has such an amazing voice. :-)


    Fourth place finisher my a**!

  • E.

    Awesome girl, fantastic voice! I was totally behind her from day one on Idol and she keeps entertaining me and making me proud.

  • jennifer

    Holy shiznit. That was awesome times…a lot. Love the song. Love her.

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