Jeff Probst blogs his Thanksgiving thoughts

No blog this week.  I’m having Thanksgiving with the family. Hope you are all having a good holiday and enjoyed the “recap” show.

If you didn’t enjoy it, don’t blame me!  I don’t really like them either but sometimes they’re a necessary evil, because…
INSIGHT: In the television world, Thanksgiving evening is a tough night to get people to watch television.  So often networks will air re-runs or “specials” and save their original episodes for the following week.

Same thing often happens with Survivor during March Madness when college basketball takes over the airwaves.

We just don’t want any of our loyal fans to miss out on an episode of Survivor. Especially this season with so much great stuff happening.

I hope you’re ready for a great finish.  So many questions…

Can Foa Foa continue their run?  Or is Galu going to figure out a way to stop them?

How much longer can Russell avoid the vote?

And the big one….

Will Shambo cut her hair for the live show?

Talk next week.


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  • fernan115

    1st :D

    • Survivor Blog

      It was great…mostly new footage. Check out my musings on the unseen footage:

  • Winston

    Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving Probst!

    Loved the “recap” with 95% new footage. Loved the previews for next week too!

  • Mia

    This was one of the best recap shows!! Loved it!

  • notacow

    Finally! A recap with mostly new material.

  • kayla

    yes, Jeff. we know you are really really really thankful for your man crush Russell. enough already.

    • Sara

      shut up, you whore

    • angelsl

      ^ What Sara said

    • Jim

      Good one Kayla!

    • alex


      what is wrong with people these days? Russell has played a good game of survivor, get over it..

      if you want to accuse jeff of playing favorites…he likes dave ball, not russel the most

      • Carrie

        Be quiet all of you lemmings. You’re all drunk on the kool-aid that CBS is feeding you.Make your own opinions and stop letting other people make decisions for you. God people are idiots.

  • Alexis

    Definitely enjoyed the recap show… it made me like and understand Shambo a little bit better. Jaison flipping out on John was pretty lame. I didn’t really take him to be drama queen until I saw that. He should’ve just let it go, everyone got beat up in that challenge. Seemed like he regretted it afterwards though so that was good. Eric was hilarious to watch… so obsessed with Daisy. I’m glad they finally used their brains and outsmarted a dumb chicken. From the very beginning I was saying… use a freaking towel or blanket to catch the chicken… wonder why it took them so long to think of that?? Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

  • Dean

    I like how the headline says Jeff Probst blogs his Thanksgiving thoughts…and the first line is “No blog this week.” Well, which one is it?? Jeff we the viewers appreciate how watchable you folks have made these recap shows. Much better now than in the earlier years. Lots of great material. I’m surprised some of it never originally made it on air.

  • 2k

    Question: If a hidden immunity idol is played and a tie is forced so that rocks must be drawn, must that player also draw rocks?

    • Anna

      The players who are the subject of the tie do not draw rocks. In last week’s episode that means everyone except Natalie and Laura would have drawn rocks and the two ladies would have gone on to play at least three more days.

    • Anna

      Oh Shoot. Sorry 2K, I just re-read your question. I’m no help at all, I don’t know. Sorry

      • dusen

        That is a very good question – I assumed that the person with immunity still HAS immunity (I figured that is why John flipped last week – if a tie, would have been 5 galus and only 3 foa foas (Mick had immunity) going for the purple rock). Figured John didn’t like the odds of a galu going home (including possibly himself), and then being outnumbered anyway the week after. That being said, perhaps Jeff can enlighten us…??

      • dusen

        Sorry, I meant 5 galus (John, Dave, Monica, Brett and galu in name only Shambo) and 2 Foa Foas (Russell and Jaison). Laura, Natalie and Mick would have been excluded.

  • Manny

    I hesitated when I saw this was a recap show, but decided to give it a try (mostly cause there was nothing else on yesterday) and was very, very pleased. Great new footage, ADORED Shambo in this episode. Honestly how could you guys cut out that heart-felt moment? Well, happy it did make it on air. Although I found it odd that you guys did not cut out her last name from being used, I always got a feeling that the show was very careful as to not divulge the Survivors’ last names…or?

    I love Russell, really, really do. Have from the very first episode. I’m a writer and he’s just one of these person that seems to have jumped out of a novel, multi-dimensional, out there to win it, no secret agenda or tragic past to explain his wickedness, just plain old him. Its brilliant, good job on that casting. And for all those who find him obnoxious, I’m sorry, it’s only obnoxious if what he said wasn’t 100% right. “My dumb blond alliance”, politically incorrect, but damn was he right on the spot. I can’t hate him for telling the truth…no one else seems to have the brains to play this game…except maybe Shambo :P

    • Anna

      Natalie seems to be doing alright for herself for all that she’s nothing more than a “dumb blonde”. There’s nothing multi dimensional about Russell. He’s a one dimensional ass.

      • Carys

        Anna, I am finally warming to Natalie, but her strategy, by her own admission, has been to vote the way Russell wants. Now, we know she was the one who decided to get rid of Erik, so she took the lead there, but that is the only strategizing we have seen—follow Russell except the once. To me, that is not admirable game-play, even if she ends up winning.

      • alex

        yes but natalie is almost playing russell, she is playing a bit dumb at times…so the dumb blonde concept works…honestly I bet natalie WANTED him to think that….they all know shes strong, just not as much so as we know…

        russell has played a smart game…you call him one dimensional ok…what hasnt he done that others have? now what HAS he done? cmon…3 idols? get over yourself and hatred of a man that has played the game well…he wont win, but kudos for making it interesting.

      • Anna

        In the end, playing the game well means winning the game. Even Russell’s most ardent supporters sadly concede that the three idols won’t be enough to save him in the end. I’ll give you that he’s playing it hard. But smart and multi dimensional? Not so much.

      • Fiona Bloemker

        Hey Anna hope you Thanksgiving was as great as mine. Was hoping to wish Puppy Dog and Maximillan a happy Thanksgiving as well, but I see they didn’t post. I had to watch the show on the Internet. I like watching on TV more then on the Internet. To be truthful, the Internet stinks, all the pop ups and such get in the way of the show. I won’t do it again unless absolutely necessary.

    • Robb

      When the merge came and the REAL gameplay began, Russell was useless. Natalie and the others pulled off the big move.
      Russell is good at finding hidden idols, that’s it. (It’s a good skill to have, though.)

  • t.t

    shambos a bi**h
    brett is my fave and pick to win it all
    natalie/brett final 2 would be ideal

    • Betsy

      Who’s Brett?

      • paul

        He’s the little girl in the purple t-shirt who never says or does anything interesting. Just looks pretty. Obviously t.t. is as shallow as all get out.

    • stryker

      How could Brett be anybody’s fave? Not that he’s a bad guy, but they have barely shown him…on what criteria exactly do you decide your “faves”???

      • Anna

        I believe Brett belongs to the Yasmin School of Survivor Philosophy. Do nothing and coast.

      • paul


      • hhh

        stryker – on being under the radar criteria-which is really, a strategy in survivor, really, and the other thing, on being a good guy criteria as opposed to being a ‘good player’ in one spectrum and being a jerk in the other end of spectrum.

  • Mario

    Just hoping that last night recap is an insight for Brett to get deep in the game, and being a powerful player as opposed to being under the radar everytime.! Go Brett!!!

  • Mike

    After 19 seasons, they finally did a recap show right! The fans that are watching Survivor recap shows are the ones that love the show the most, so we don’t need to know what happened in the first 24 days from what we’ve already seen.
    Thanks for showing all new stuff and giving us insight into the final 9, THAT’s what we’ve been craving!

  • Ray

    Anyone else think Shambo’s mullet is a wig? It just doesn’t look real to me.

    • Curt

      yes – its really a wig. she’s been wearing a wig this entire time.

      • Ray

        You scoff, but Andre Agassi’s famous mullet was a weave and he played pro tennis with it for several years.

  • Curt

    Overall the recap eps are blah and lame but it did provide some interesting moments. shambo’s moment with laura on the beach was i think the most interesting. i like laura but i do wonder why she couldn’t be warmer to shambo in that specific moment. also, those f*ing editors i’m sure had a field day cutting and splicing her (laura with her eyes closed/shambo in tears) to make her look heartless. i think thats a crock, not to demean shambo. shambo also came off as a completely insecure and emotional person herself – justifiably so or not.

    russell is a douche and i think they are really setting him up for the end with a final two of mick and/or natalie….

  • arcticjoe

    First time I’ve ever liked a recap and only because it was almost all new material… finally you guys got it right. Happy Thanksgiving Jeff… hope you had a good one with your family.

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