Adam Lambert on his AMA vocals ('kind of a mess'), Elisabeth Hasselbeck ('we're very different'), and CBS' subtle message ('homosexuality is dangerous')

It’s been one helluva week for Adam Lambert. The American Idol season 8 runner-up released his debut album, For Your Entertainment; caused a ruckus with a sexually charged performance at Sunday’s American Music Awards; got disinvited from a scheduled appearance on Good Morning America; and then wound up as a last-minute guest this morning on CBS’ Early Show (where producers chose to blur out images of him kissing a male band member during his AMA set). As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one person, Adam then dropped by Manhattan’s Hudson Terrace this afternoon for a wide-ranging Réalité interview where we took a deep dive into the writing and recording process behind FYE. We’ll post the whole music-centric portion of our Adam interview next week — right after the Thanksgiving holiday, so save some room for dessert, please — but before then, we wanted to give you a little appetizer. Press play below for a three-part video where Adam gives his opinions on the nation’s comfort level with televised violence and sexuality, sounds off on another artist’s AMA performance he thought was “impeccable,” and coins the alarming phrase “trolley stop.” UPDATE: We’ve posted parts 4 and 5 of the Adam interview here – Happy Thanksgiving! — because, well, we care. And to get alerted to all my latest Idol musings, reviews, and interviews, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.

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  • Vada

    Sorry Michael. As much as I love you, it isn’t enough to get me to watch that ego maniac on video.

    • WhoCares


      He’ll live.

      • Amber

        He makes me want to vomit. I’m sooo over this guy. STOP HYPING HIM!

      • James S.

        Well, Amber, now that you said that I’m going to hype him even more.

      • Sara

        Agreed, Amber.

      • Au Revoir, Douche

        He’s so deluded and disingenuous. Deluded because he thinks he’s a star (say “Hello” to Taylor Hicks for me when you see him in the unemployment line, won’t you, Adam?) Disingenuous because he’s pretending that he’s doing all of this as a statement on gay rights — when in fact it’s just a statement on how desperate this never-was has already become in his attempts at garnering publicity.

        This was a career-aborting farce from a no-talent screecher. Next please.

      • To Amber

        Why panic honey, is nobody talking about your favorite? LOL

        We can hype all we want. Slezak yeah give more of Adam to us!!!

      • Au Revoir to you too!!! Douche!

        Is Adam too fascinating that you can’t stay away from his stories. Change the channel you idiot!! Oh damn, maybe he will be on every single channel and you will need to thrash your computer or TV to get rid of him!!!

      • Janis

        I love Adam!! I totally disagree that he is arogant. He is genuine, honest, intelligent, and a total HOOT!!

      • starlight

        Hype Hype Hype Hype :) hee hee

        Luv you Slezak muah!

      • terie


      • TONY

        look he is the same person that he was on american idol. he was guy then & hes gay now.i am a straight person, so what that hes guy. no one says anything when 2 women kiss. so why should it matter that it is 2 men.And if kids r the problem dont let your kids watch if u dont like it. he does what he does n he should not be someone he is not just because u dont like it. and if u dont like it change the channel problem solved!!!
        his music is the same and he has not change in himself either so whts the big deal

    • OMG

      See ya later Vada – we are all probably better off that you are gone.

      • Record lable panics!

        I heard they actually lowered the price for his album to .99 cents, to try to boost the sales numbers. Yep that sounds pretty desperate to me. The record Co. poured a lot of money into this guy and they are desperate for him not to fail. I think he will, because he can’t live up to the hype and it’s just a matter of time before we watch him self destruct.

      • Kate

        They did I saw it! Only for a short period though and it did get people to buy it. They would have to pay me to buy it. ha ha

      • sherry

        Record Label panics:
        You are so wrong. They lowered the album to $3.99 as well as other big performers also including Rhiana’s. It’s bad enough to keep the vile flowing but to actually lie on here is crazy. Next time before you lie again check out the facts. .99 is for singles dummy.

      • Ang

        no, they actually were selling the whole album for .99 cents. I would know, thats what I paid for it.

      • evelyn

        Record Label
        They did it for one day I believe because it’s back up for 10.99. Plus I think it was 3.99 not 99 cents. It’s shopping season so obviously they are going to lower the price on many things. Today it’s Rihanna’s cd that is lower priced. I suppose she should start panicking now that her career is over.

      • Janis

        It was promoted cheap for a fews hours and they did the same with Rhiana, Gaga, Kris, and several others. It was suppose to be a bonus because I got an email on Adam’s and I had ordered the cd prior.

      • terie

        Horse manure: His mp3 downloads were 99 cents … the mp3 album was $3.99 for a limited time … now the downloads are $1.29 each & the entire album is $10.99 … the CD has always been the same … GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT … your misinformation is truly annoying! GO AWAY ALL YOU TROLLS!!!

    • Sarah


      • Josh

        My brother is gay so Im not homophobic. He sucked both times he performed.He needs voice and life coaching, my bro would never be that rude in public.

      • sherry

        Another liar. Get your facts straight honey. Check out how many other big name singer’s new albums price was lowered too. It was a promotion. How cheezy of you to come on here and fraudently trash a singer like that. What a jerk.

      • cynical

        @Josh lol yeah right. Adam’s a performer and if you want a polite performer go see mellow and bland Kris allen. Get it?

    • lala

      bwahahaha you’re hilarious Vada. Ego Maniac? No. But you are a twit :D

    • chase

      Oh Vada! Still smarting from Kris Allen’s low album sales?

      • sherry

        Chase: You notice that too? I actually just posted that I read comments from two different KA fans saying exactly that on other sites even admitted what they were going to do to increase his sales. Dumb huh? It won’t work cause Adam sales have gone way up..I guess it back fired. Maybe soon we can all get back to our normal lives once this all dies down.

      • terie

        Billboard projected ADAM sales for 1st week 225K … Kris sales 85K

      • Jeff

        Kris’s is never going to be the star that Adam already is, that is why all this hype – good or bad will work for him – he is a fantastic singer and I wish him the best. I was hoping for good things for Kris too but that is just not going to happen, he is the 2nd coming of Taylor unfortunately but he seems like a really nice guy

    • Lisa

      Everyone recognizes your name by now (even me, a casual board visitor. You are all over (and probably other boards) bashing Adam. No one will take you seriously since you admit that the reason why you are doing this is because of a few “glamberts” putting Kris down. You sound like a bitter Kris fan and are giving Kris a bad name. (Sorry Kris, I still respect you.)You need to get out of the house a little more and smell the roses. I’m off to the gym because I have a life. Take care of yourself, please.

      • Vada

        I have a life too – and it’s not that I am bitter about Kris not selling well. It’s that Adam will never take me in his arms and have his way with me. I can’t help myself – I want him to Trolley Stop me until I pass out.

      • psychoanalyzer

        HA. I knew it.

    • sherry

      Why would you call Adam an egomaniac? You don’t know him. Please don’t judge the man are you perfect. Why are you so angry. Just don’t go to these sites if it upsets you so much. I have decided that I won’t anymore either. There are just too many hateful people out there.

      • BJohnson

        The fact that they are spending their times jumping on sites to bash him shows she is proabably a closeted fan. Either that or she/he works for Disney. Three are lots of artists I don’t like but I’m not hunting down websites and articles to trash them. Too much time on their hands.

    • libraglam58

      Excellent interview ! ADAM DID it GREAT. People like VADA , AMBER makes me VOMIT ! because they are not reasonable and less than I think they should be. No one force them to listen to ADAM, GO AWAY and Don’t you dare listen to ADAM! Don’t you haev your own idol to hang around with, why bother other people’s idol.It’s none of your business what they do. You are not just speak what you think , you trash and you are trying to be destructive to the society. Go away to place the please you. No one invite you to bother ADAM

    • evelyn

      Oh Vada, go hang out at Kris Allen’s fansite if you hate Adam so much.

      • emme

        Hey Vada…hate to burst your bubble but you will never get your “trolley stop” with KA….so sad

    • YolkyPalky


    • VAlilac

      and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Vada!

    • BEC


      • bobbie

        Noone cares about his sexual preference just his vulgarity. my friend is gay but he still understands howto act in public. I really enjoyed some of Adams work on al.

      • cynical

        Get a grip. I’m sure bobbie your friend is a singer and performs on stage in front of the music industry. Right? No I think not! It was a one time thing and Adam performed according to the lyrics of the song and made it more risque than at practice. If you don’t like it turn the freaking channel. As Adam said he is not the babysitter he’s an entertainer… parents are!

    • B&B


      • Jwls

        I think the difference is that parents know not to allow their children to watch soap operas for that very reason. When you’re watching an awards show on ABC, you think it’s appropriate for your children and then BAM…an otherwise terrific performer throws in graphic sex acts and by that point, it’s too late, the children have seen it.

    • Okayyyy

      Omg, haters get over yourselves. If you don’t like him, why are you posting about it? Obviously you do like him.

    • kittybaroque

      Many of the commenters below and above could learn a lot in terms of compassion, understanding, acceptance & intelligence from Adam Lambert. Also, there is a great comment from Michael Sarver on UTube about this performance, you could learn from him too. Think you are living in a bubble..Madonna in the 80’s, anyone remember a performance on a bed?? Just as envelope pushing!

  • dave

    Funny how some Glamberts made statements about Slezak saying that “Adam would never give him the time of day” mainly because Slezak was writing more articles about Kris and they were bitter about it. What now?

    • Sarah

      Or… funny how a lot of “glamberts” didn’t say that. I love Michael and think he’s always been great to Adam. Just because he has a crush on Kris, doesn’t mean he can’t like Adam. People should take note.

      • dave

        Sarah, I agree that Michael can like both of them. Heck, even I like both of them. I just don’t like when some of the hardcore fans (on either side) put down Slezak for ridiculous reasons. And some of the hardcore Adam fans (not all, but some) really did make comments like that.

      • MW

        SOME Glamberts probably did say those things,but I would wager it’s a VERY small percentage. There are a few bad apples in every bunch. Personally,I love Slezak. His recaps quite often mirror my own feelings,but he expresses it in a far more entertaining manner.

    • Vada

      What now? Adam fans like me rejoice that Michale Slezak was brilliant enough to interview the most AMAZING star ever – Adam Lambert!!!

    • libraglam58

      SARAH must be Kris ‘ fan. What the hell other people fans trying to do to other idol’s fans? YOU ARE JEALOUS !!

      • sherry

        Like I mentioned before there are so many Kris fans on here and it’s obvious. It’s not Kris fault but some of his fans are so jealous that they would do anything to help Kris’s sales. And I mean anything.

      • craig

        WTF so if you don’t like Lambert right away that makes you a Kris fan? I can’t stand overhyped Glambert but Kris Allen is nothing but a blip on my radar too! I thought they were the worst top 2 since Taylor Hicks and Katherine Macphee..thing is Lambert probably will be successful in the short run because of the media hype, not because of his “Talent”..he is like watching a car wreck, you don’t want to look, but…you get the picture!…btw with all the makeup he wears he kinda reminds me of a younger version of my Aunt Dolly!

  • Claire

    As soon as I hear Adam was headed to NYC my first question was “He’s going to talk to Michael, right?” I’m excited. Time to go watch the interview, you always do a stellar job.

  • Lola

    Adam is beautiful and articulate as always. Thanks Slezak!

    • Karlover

      I know, right? His responses are logical, non-offensive, and inspiring. I feel like if he wants to, he can use his fame for good socially and/or politically. I don’t want him to sell out, but if he has that power and influence….

      • Mark

        LOL you’re getting carried away there, Karl.

      • JLM

        I agree Karl. Adam is always very articulate, smart, and honest. He is also quite genuine and gracious. He already has had a huge impact on people and you can tell by the emotions that stir in people and how they respond or over react.

    • SS

      I agree that he’s beautiful and well-spoken, but it would be nice for him to admit that the “crotch shove” was over the line. Not because of the children — I’m 26 and thought it was an offensive image.

      • sherry

        SS get a life. No one had their clothes off so now we can just assume what the person is thinking or might do is that what this country is coming to? God help us. Enough is enough.So prudish

      • Lisa W

        Yeah I agree, I am a HUGE Adam fan and can stand up for him on a lot but that was over the line, I am sure he just got carried away and its not so out there for him personally, coming from his zodiac type shows but its definately NOT appropriate for a national TV spot, I don’t think it would kill him to just admit that, I think more people would respect him. The rest of it was not appealing to me, although the kiss was kinda hot, but didn’t offend me either and GMA was wrong to cancel his appearance. But the faceplant in the crotch? comeon….

      • sil

        perhaps you should watch all parts. He admits that the crotch grab was inappropriate or at least more inappropriate than the kiss.

        I love the point that he made that no one is talking about the things he did with the women. Hell, the girl in the tutu fondled his wanker full frontal. Not a peep about that? really? That lasted longer than the “oral” moment.

        Adam, as usual, is so articulate and humorous. I really have gained a lot of respect for him with how he’s handled this whole situation.

      • Anniebee

        SS and Lisa, have either of you watched the interview yet and the interview on CBS this morning? Adam has accepted full responsibility for his actions during the AMA performance tho he (and I happen to agree) doesn’t feel he owes anybody an apology for it. Can we move past this now? It happened and it’s over. It’s yesterday’s news now. As Adam said, don’t take him so seriously, people…. c’mon!

      • Jenn

        Am I the only one that remembers Madonna on an awards show in the late 90’s coming out in a Victorian dress and performing and she totaly grabbed one of the male dancers and shoved his head into her crotch. Why is everyone forgeting that?? Double standard anyone…

      • Cathy

        After watching Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga…listening to Eminen (sp) I didn’t think anything Adam did was over the line. It had all been done already except for the kiss. If you were a parent and watching with your young kids, you failed the minute you didn’t turn the station when Janet grabbed that dancers balls.

  • Sarah

    I’m sure we’ll see a whole lotta rubbish in response to Adam’s interview… but oh man… could not love him more!

    • sherry

      It was acting people why would you think that he would actually be having oral sex on national tv. It’s very difficult with 24 million people watching isn’t it. Stop the prudish attitude.

      • emmy

        ummmm sorry but it was definitley it was kinda mean to say everyone has a prudish attidude. i know they werent actually doing all that stuff but it but it was the american MUSIC awards, not the american acting awards. and i mean my family and i have been watching the ama’s every year for quite a while and we definitely dont watch them to see people acting like that. so i know everyone knows it was inapropriate. i would have rather heard all the swear words mt boy 50 Cent said than watched a performance like that

  • Vada

    Gheesh! CBS ‘took him in’ after GMA gave him the boot. Nothing like dissing them too. Soon he will be lucky if he can get booked on the Polyp Network.

    • WhoCares

      You are still here?

      Why you so mad though?

      • Vada

        I am mad that you guys have slammed and slurred Kris for months, with Kris fans ‘staying’. Well, maybe it’s time Kris’ fans got down and dirty with you;

      • Vada

        Sorry, I just re-read my posts and realized what a complete twit I sound like.

    • sherry

      Vada go away please.

    • Jenn

      Vada I can honestly say I have never been on a Kris signt. If I ever go on one, it would not be to slam Kris. I like him and more importantly he and Adam are friends. So stop haunting the Adam sights please.

    • Robbyrob


      Do you have a job? Do you honestly have NOTHING better else to do then lollygag around negative Adam Lambert comments??? Why, he must have really struck a nerve with you…makes me love the guy even more! Adam wasn’t dissing CBS, just the double standard of them blurring his kiss but letting the Madonna/Britney kiss go along fine. Obviously you were missing school (hmm…I wonder what you were doing??)when they taught the true meaning of hypocrisy. You can say whatever you want about Adam….again, just seeing your endless posts ranting about Adam just brings a smile to my face. I don’t think Adam would waste a Trolley Stop on you. In fact, he just might make you go all the way…to your destination that is. Tee hee. Jealous and uneducated troll to say the least….the VERY LEAST.

  • abracadabra

    Adam, I have always been very impressed by how articulate and reasonable you are. All of this was very well answered, very well said. I am still bummed that my 10-year-old daughter and I stayed up (10 p.m.our time) to see you and the very upset look on her face when she saw the performance.(and how bad I felt as a mom) I am glad you acknowledge the difference between the kiss and the other moves; I had no problem at all with the kiss. We actually flew to another city to see you & the Idols this summer. We’ve always known you would be a pioneer and wish you the best. But the kids do matter, they do.

    • Vada

      No they don’t. Adam is a PERFORMER first and foremost and it’s not his responsibility to cater to your childs needs – that is YOUR responsibility. Let me ask – did you feel that way when Janet grabbed that guys d*ck or when Rhianna’s dancer came out with guns or when Shakira was basically doing a lapdance? Or is it just when Adam was kissing that guy?

    • sherry

      abracadabra: Are you kidding you are a Kris fan along with 90 percent of people posting here. What a fraud you are. Can’t even put your own name here have to make some stupid word up cause you are a coward. We all know that Kris fans are trashing Adam everywhere the stupid thing is that they are saying they are KA fans as they are trashing him What stupidity. Just shut up cause we all know who you are. Stop lying and grow up. Oh what is your 10 year old daughter doing up at 11 pm on a school night Mother of the Year. At least sign you own name.

    • Taylor

      Adam performance did not offend me but I was very offended by Eminem talking about rape and Rhianna’s dancers with guns. My child was not watching this because I censor what he watches. I know what songs performers are singing and assume the performance will go along with the lyrics.

    • Cathy

      LIke I posted before what did her face look like when Janet grabbed one of male dancers balls and what did her face look like when Lady GaGa smashed whisky bottles over her piano. How did her face look when Eminen song was about rapes and murder?

  • Nat

    This just reminds me why I love Adam. He’s so intelligent and perceptive. Good for him for speaking his mind, and so much respect for what he said about double standards. Thanks Slezak, top notch as always!

    • Shelly in NoHo

      He is hardly intelligent. If he were so smart he would NOT have done such an inappropriate act on the AMAs. He is extremely ignorant (as it seems a lot of you posters are as well) and lacks maturity!! His “double standard” bologna is just crap and proves how stupid he is!!
      I was not impressed with a lot of other acts as well. When people need to cuss in a song and we have to hear bleeps for most of the song, that is NOT music or entertaining in any way. And Janet Jackson’s crotch grab was VERY brief!! That is the key word..BRIEF!! Adam’s act as a WHOLE was repulsive and was NOT entertaining in the least. I could care less if he is gay or about the kiss. So him saying all the hype is because he is a gay man is a load of crap!! Grow up!!
      What is wrong with our country is how ignorant and immature people have become!! VERY SAD!!

      • talkin’

        When I read a reply like this, I can’t help but think it’s a put-on.
        If it is – hilarious! If not – I am speechless.

      • Justsayin

        Shelly in no-ho. What’s wrong in this, IS YOUR OPINION!! LMAO!!!!!!!

      • kansas

        Please for ONE moment…..sit still, take a deep breath….read your last sentence, then read your entire post.

        You are the person you are speaking of in your last sentence sweetie…..

      • Cathy

        Oh give me a break….Janet reached through the guys legs and grabbed his balls. Nothing brief about it.

  • jaime

    Whataya Want From Me!!! IS A F**KING BAD@$$ SONG!!!

    It needs to be a single…LOVE IT!!!

    The album rocks! Keep doing what you are doing, you are in America use your rights!!!

    • spin

      Whataya Want From Me is the second single and is already playing on some radio stations. Thats why he performed it on the Early Show and Letterman. It was good of CBS to have Adam on but then they come off looking stupid by re-inforcing the whole double standard issue.

  • michka

    He admitted his vocals were horrible at the AMA, I thank him for being honest.
    And about the performance, yes it was shocking but it’s also a good thing he didn’t apologize. Own your thing, Adam, that’s the key. Don’t waste your time in explanations: double standard and so on, continue to look up to Madonna or Janet, just stick to your thing. The haters would zip no matter how.
    To finish, “Whataya want from me” is about to become my shower song, I hope we’ll have this one on GLEE, kudos!!!

  • Vada

    Sorry Glamberts. It isn’t that easy to drive me away. You guys have been burning and pillaging for too long, with no one calling you on it. I am here to call you out.

    • ger

      The whole “either/or” thing is really tedious.

      • Vada

        Oh, and I am a super dumb-a$$!

      • ger

        Nope – you’re my very repetitive friend

    • WhoCares

      Vada – I love you and I love Kris Allen and I love Adam Lambert. Don’t get your blood pressure up. lol

    • sherry

      Don’t take my post as a personal front against you as I didn’t read your comment b4 posting. It is true there are a some KA fans that have a campaign going on to discredit Adam and using the AMA performance, honestly. Two different fans admitted that they were going to slam Adam so KA could start getting the attention that Adam has been getting and maybe increase his sales. I don’t think the majority of KA fans would do that but after the AI finale you know the rumors that went down. I am sure some of AL fans have said things that were not right but so do all fans. I just wish the war would stop but I have to comment when I actually read what they are doing. They have the entire country believing that 1500 people actually contacted ABC. That isn’t exactly true. They received emails and calls but they had no way to authenticate who they were. ABC made a cowardly decision thus cancelled GMA. Even one of their talk show host’s called them cowardly last night on her show and she is employed by them.

      I am just tired of all the holier than thou people going around trashing Adam’s performance. I saw nothing wrong with it. There are popular moves much much worse and daytime soaps even worse.

    • @Vada

      Vada, why can’t you be nice here? Glamberts are really not mean people. There are some very nice ones around. Come on honey you don’t have to b*tch about Adam all the time do you?? Please???

  • darlene

    He makes some very good points. CBS looked like idiots too when they blurred him but didn’t blur britney and madonna doing the same thing.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I agree. And I found his info on the mic feed situation interesting. It explains why a lot of TV performances are so bad. I saw a great live performance by Elvis Costello at the Today Show, but watched it later and it wasn’t nearly as good.

      • sherry

        Lisa S:
        You mentioned the mic’s. I noticed the problem when JJ was performing and it didn’t improve. Even the rappers sounded bad (cursing aside). J-Z and Eminem (sp?) sounded the worse, just awful. Alica Keys sounded better than the rest maybe because she was at the piano most of her song. The hand held mic seem to be the issue. But Adam is right as there was a sound problem during AI season too. Nokia theater needs to invest money in their sound system or AI may not go back there next season.

  • Stephanie

    Homosexuality is dangerous? Ugh, the way he plays the gay card is quite frankly, disgusting. Adam, wake up and smell the coffee: people didn’t hate your performance because you’re gay, they hated it because it was quite frankly a hot tranny mess and your vocals were horrid.

  • J

    He is so not a ego maniac, he is well-spoken and so smart and he knows what he is doing, thank you so much Michael for the interview with the one and only Adam Lambert!!!!

  • Cholita MiAmor

    He is spinning this so brilliantly.

    I don’t know many who were shocked by his same-sex kiss (in fact, most people i heard from didn’t know whether it was a same-sex kiss at all). His performance was just BAD. It was trashy and redundant and cheesy and just DESPERATE. No one is shocked that he’s gay. No one cares. He needs to stop comparing what he did to Janet’s performance (who merely put her hand near a man’s crotch…she didn’t grab his head and slam it up in her vagina) or Lady Gaga (who was anything but sexually suggestive in her alien meets skeleton meets king tut costume and thriller dance moves). We weren’t outraged by them because they actually brought something to the table (whether it was dance, spectacle, good singing, a slew of memories, etc etc.), we were outraged at you for putting on such a horrifyingly bad performance (as in horrible vocals, cheap costumes, nightmarish choreography, theme-park art and stage direction, and just a very low taste level…including troll hair, plastic outfit and Alexis Vogel make-up, a la Pamela Anderson) on national television and not having any shame or remorse about it afterward.

    Go back to working the telephone at your nearest Hot Topic store. You have no originality, no edge and no message. Your voice is interesting but, frankly, your main goal is to be a pop-tartlet…not to put out any sort of edgy or interesting music, vision or message… And, darling, my sweet bloated little crusty tranny, that you will never be.

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