'New Moon' director Chris Weitz: 'This was made for the fans'

Chris Weitz just joined the ranks of a very select group of directors such as Chris Nolan and Sam Raimi who have opened their films above the $100 million mark. The news is sweet revenge for a man who had his last film The Golden Compass complete re-cut by his previous studio bosses. Check out our Q&A with Weitz where he reveals his favorite cast moments and how he’s dealt with the fan adoration and the paparazzi intrusion.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was your biggest fear going into [opening] weekend?
I didn’t have any particular fears. The tracking numbers were enough to indicate that I wouldn’t be letting the studio down. But if one could imagine their biggest fears, it would be complete rejection of the movie, by the fans. What I’ve realized over the last week is I won’t necessarily get good reviews for this movie. Having swallowed that, this was made for the fans, and if you don’t get it, then you don’t get it.

Did the negative reviews surprise you?
Nothing surprises me in terms of reviews. Having been a reviewer myself, there are only two ways to spin this story. You can either be the one guy who says this is a great movie, or more likely, take a more jaundiced view of the whole thing. And given the media blitz that has accompanied New Moon, it’s rather unsurprising. I do wish there was more appreciation for cinematographer Javier Aguirresarobe. I think he’s a genius and I think he made something beautiful.

A lot of fans say they like the movie more than the book, that New Moon was their least favorite book in the series.

New Moon takes a lot of time to read and you have a lot of time without Edward in the picture. And here in the compressed scenario of the movie, there is less time without RPatz. And the fact that Taylor [Lautner] does such a great job, to the reading audience who’s been very skeptical of him, here he is in the flesh, and it’s quite something.

Were there moments that you felt constrained by the book? Anything you wanted to take out but couldn’t?
The studio, my editor, and I were all working off the same piece of music. The only way I can make that interesting is to compare it to my previous experience of The Golden Compass. I don’ think the studio had read the book. Maybe they had heard the audio book while sipping Zinfandel. Eventually, they were appalled and frightened by it. At a certain point they considered cutting loose the author. They considered and executed the complete regearing and destruction of what I thought was going to be a pretty good movie. It was a shame and pursued me through what should have been my sleep for a good year.

Really, you didn’t sleep for a year?
Yes, I lost sleep over it. Literally. I stayed up at night pondering how I could have saved it or turned it around or if I had acted differently could I have made it what it ought to have been. Unfortunately, my experience was I went down with the ship. I could have quit at one point. In a parallel universe — and [author Philip] Pullman is really big on parallel universes — I get up and say fine, re-cut, but you won’t see me back again. At the same time, I loved the book so much that if there was any way to abdicate for the better version of it I couldn’t let go.

It’s interesting then that you went forward with another book adaptation with another studio, considering how badly it went the last time.
I really liked the actors. I saw the first movie and I thought there was something special about Kristen [Stewart] , Rob [Pattinson], and Taylor. I liked the emotional tones to the book. It was stuff I knew how to do. I had this theory that if you stay true to the book, you would win. You would not only win with the fans, but other people will get what the fans care about. If the box office tells us anything, then it’s a win. It’s made more in its first day then the entire domestic run of Golden Compass. It’s extraordinary.

What were the highest and lowest points of making New Moon?
The lows had to be shooting at 5 a.m. in a forest and struggling to get certain shots so a sequence would string together properly. It was a very cold forest in British Columbia, and we knew we’d have another night shoot just like it the next day. The highs were the moments of real identification with the actors. With Taylor, the moments early on when he realized he was going to do it. That was very gratifying to me.

What do you think is Taylor’s best scene?
When he jumps into Bella’s room. There is so much pathos there even though it’s melodrama, there’s something touching about it. Or maybe the last moment he has, just when he says Bella’s name. You sort of understand just how crushed he is at that moment. There are a few times where he’s absolutely that guy and it’s really lovely. He’s that guy for the fans and that’s what I always thought he could do.

Do you think Kristen evolved as an actor in this movie?
I’m not sure she evolved as much as she had room to run. She’s a thoroughbred as far as actors go. To me, she can do no wrong. The experience of working with her and the caliber of work she was doing was pretty extraordinary. Let’s put aside girl in love with a vampire, her ability to manifest these emotions below the surface, above the surface just to get things right. She’s extraordinarily exacting of herself and in those moments where I was able to give her the room to do that are things I’m very proud of. That’s a high point.

You made the movie you wanted to here?
Yes, pretty much. In terms of what I wanted to do with the gloss of the picture, the look of the picture, I’m very satisfied with it. And satisfied to touch back with the crew and the actors and to feel we made it under humane conditions as well. No actors were harmed in the making of this movie.

The music was such a big part of this film. How did that all come together?
The songs that came in didn’t have to be as good as they were. We asked bands to come up with something in days or weeks. We screened the movie for The Killers, Death Cab, Lykke Li, Anya Marina. In the case of Thom Yorke, it was surprising and delightful that the song he did worked for the action scene. There were a lot of songs that didn’t make it because they didn’t fit a particular moment or mood, not at all due to their quality. Somewhere out there is a Anya Marina recording of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day. There’s some lovely work by the Republic Tigers, some lovely work by Moby. You could make a pretty good album of the stuff that didn’t make it.

You’ve been around the world promoting this movie. Have you ever been part of something like this?
Never. It’s like being Ringo Starr. There are the big three and then there’s Ringo. It’s probably what he faced a lot. Hey Ringo, Can I meet Paul? When I meet the fans there’s a lot of enthusiasm for me, if one of the kids is nearby or, if they think I can arrange some tryst.

What about dealing with the paparazzi? Did you have any run-ins?
I did a bit of a Sean Penn at LAX. When we were leaving for the European tour. We had left from our L.A. press junket to go to LAX and someone nearly ran us off the road trying to get to one of the cars. We were followed by eight different vans and there was some really dangerous driving. And I understood for the first time how things happened to Princess Diana (I don’t think I’m Princess Diana), and I understood for the first time why celebrities lash out and what’s that about. My first thought upon getting out of the car was, “Who was that driver of the car?” I never found him, but I did lift someone by the hood. A photographer. He was in my way. They have a legal right to be there but they don’t have an ethical right, and he was obstructing my path, and there was someone else I threatened to knock their teeth out. It’s not like me but I felt very protective at that moment and very attacked. There is a huge difference between the attention of the paparazzi and the attention of the fans. The fans have been lovely. The paparazzi in my opinion are a very low form of primate.

Do you think you’re going to get some boys into the theater for New Moon?
I think so. I just hope it’s not just guys who were dragged there. And if they were dragged there, I hope some part of them is enjoying it. And I hope they can admit it if that’s the case. But if not, I hope they have a nice night with their girlfriend. I had an imaginary ad campaign saying “Will your girlfriend go in thinking of Edward, Jacob, or you.” I thought that would force men to go.

Photo Credit: Kimberley French

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  • Tom Brazelton

    “If you don’t get it, you don’t get it?” That’s crap. As a director, it’s YOUR JOB to communicate what’s been written to people who DON’T get it.

    • M

      Actually it’s your comment that is crap! He’s saying that the movie was made for the fans first. You need to know that when you go see the movie. Some Twilight haters will find ANY reason to complain!

      • Tom Brazelton

        Please. Weitz’s statement serves only to insulate himself from the critical pounding this movie is taking.

      • Jason C

        And had Weitz been more worried about making a good movie he would have won over critics, original fans, and new ones. It’s not about being a Twilight hater, it’s about wanting a good director to make a good movie, unfortunately Weitz isn’t it!

      • Icon

        He should say that before the premiere. Before the “not fans” like me buy the ticket.

      • Michael

        Bull. It’s just a sad copout to justify the crap he directed. Twilight haters don’t have to look hard to find a reason to hate it.

      • cat

        wow this is ridiculous, I have to say alot of EW readers are just plain rude. They have to bash on everything. I’ve stopped reading comments, but I happened to be curious, and what do I find after reading a really good interview? surprise surprise, a hater. My reasoning is, why do you even care? I hate Miley Cyrus, not passionately, just enough like if I hear her name, or someone praising her, I cringe a little or roll my eyes (good reason to hate her, nothing valid wrong with Twilight to make people hate it). But what I DON’T do is, I don’t spend my free time reading articles on her, or wasting my time commenting about how much I dislike her, it’s pretty ridiculous, because in the end, you’re the real losers here. I honestly don’t get it. If I truly hated something, I wouldn’t waste my time commenting.

      • Chris Weitz

        Hello all “haters”, tp rpund things up conveniently.

        How would my comment “insulate” me from critics? I don’t understand that comment.

        My stance towards making the film was one of fidelity to the book, with an expanded element of cgi and action. I am really contrasting “fans” to critics, not to the average moviegoer. I actually think I worked rather hard, with my crew and actors, to make it more appealing to the average moviegoer than the first film; though of course, as I stated many times in the press, my first responsibility was to the book and the readers of the book.

        You must understand that a “Pull Quote” used as a headline really puts a bit too much emphasis on something I said in regard to the reaction of mainstream critics. I did not ask for that quote to be the headline of the article.



      • Ness

        I completely 100% agree with you, cat

      • Chris Weitz

        And by the way, “had Weitz been more worried about making a good movie” ? Sorry, but I don;t think you understand the process of making a movie. Here’s what happens: Everyone involved works their asses off to make as good a movie as possible. It is not worth the time, energy, or subsequent exposure to criticism to do it any other way.



      • Brett

        Cat…it seems to me that you just did “spend [your] free time reading articles on her, or wasting [your] time commenting about how much [you] dislike her.” Don’t ya think?

      • Calisto

        Chris – I’ve read all the books before the hoopla of the movies. I enjoyed the series up until the last book. I took it for what it was and enjoyed it. My favorite book of the entire series was New Moon and my favorite character is Jacob. I saw New Moon and the movie you made was true to the book I enjoyed. You especially fleshed out the character of Jacob in an exciting and heartbreaking way. Taylor was absolutely the right person for the job. So thank you.

      • ash

        true to that

      • cat

        Brett: No, my whole point of that comment was to use an example, in the comment I said I do NOT spend my time writing comments on things I dislike, this is a Twilight post afterall right? Im defending Twilight here. I honestly in my life have never read a post on her. I could’ve used anybody as an example, I used an example though because I know how impossible it is to show the haters why they’re acting ridiculous, and Im sure even through these comments I’ll never get through to them. Again, this is a Twilight article…

      • cat

        And you’re just proving my point here Brett, I’ve scrolled down and saw your name pop up several times, for goodness sakes, the Twilight haters read more into comments than the fans themselves. I made it up to less than a fourth of a page, and I stop reading comments.

      • Tom Brazelton

        Wow. Guess I stirred the pot a little, didn’t I?

        I will agree that I’m sure he, his actors and his crew worked very hard to put the movie together.

        But to me, “if you don’t get it, you don’t get it” means that you don’t care if your hard work finds an audience beyond the existing fanbase and that seems disrespectful to any POTENTIAL audience you might attract.

        I’m sure if Mr. Weitz had his druthers, he wouldn’t have chosen that quote to be the headline of the story. But the fact of the matter is, you said it.

        I had considered seeing New Moon to find out what the hoopla was about. A quote like that makes me think twice. It makes me think you don’t WANT me to understand or particularly care if I don’t.

        I’m not saying everything has to be boiled down to a level that every audience member can appreciate it. But to speak otherwise closes a door.

        Not that it matters, I suppose. Obviously the film is a huge hit. Congratulations for that.

        For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed About A Boy…

      • michelle

        I’m sick of hearing about all the non-Twilight fans talking about the movie’s merits, and whether or not it should be directed only at fans. So many other movies are, and I hear no objection about that. Other huge movies like the Spider Man franchise, and the Dark Knight are geared fairly specifically toward adolescent and 20-something males, yet no one frowns on this. Obviously, criticism is subjective, and it always will be. The movies should be made for us- the fans. The fact of the matter is, that people who dislike the movies generally find something inherently wrong with the stories to begin with. It isn’t the filmmaker’s ability that rules you out; it’s the fact that you cannot and will not buy into the story. Period.

      • michelle

        P.S- Thank you Chris Weitz, Rob, Taylor,and Kristin. You’re doing a fantastic job, and giving the fans what they want. Kudos on the improvement!

      • Margaret

        I am a fan of the series and was hugely disappointed in this movie. Guess Weitz just let me know that I am not hard core enough to get his poorly edited vision of the book. Way to niche your audience.

    • anthony

      this was actually a really well conducted interview, i’m kinda shocked at how well it is, asking real questions, bravo EW

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Agree, that was great!

    • Chris Weitz

      Dear Tom,

      Are you speaking as a director? Or as an audience member? Do you think that the main concern of a director would be to reach the widest audience possible? That seems to be your angle. FOr the record, the fans were a greater concern to me than the critics; that was what was intended by my remark. I don’t make film for movie critics. Having said that, I was not inclined to alter the book to reach certain “demographics” that might have been desirable, and made the film a greater success. I am puzzled by your calling a remark like mine “CRAP” when you don;t even know me. Do you understand that it’s rude, even in our uncivilized internet age? I will at least say youe have the courage to put your full name down. So well done, Tom Brazelton.

      • Heather2

        Very well stated. This is not the type of movie franchise for the masses. This is a movie for hardcore Twilight fans.
        Why should we, as a Twilight community, give a **** what everybody else thinks. Because they sure as hale do not take into account our feelings when they post comments about these films and their feelings about Twilight.
        You guys hate Twilight, fine. We happen to love it and loved the film. The film was made for us, the fans. Who the **** else would you have wanted it made for? You haters? I think that it could be the most perfectly made film ever, and you guys would still hate it. Chris Weitz made this for us and did a beautiful job, the actors were amazing and everything was great. But this is coming from a hardcore Twilight fan that loves the saga. Yes, it was depressing, and overly angsty, and the actors are superhumanly hot and there were gushy lovey dovey moments. That is based on the book. We don’t want something made to make you haters that hate Twilight just for the simple fact that it is cool to hate Twilight, like it. Bottom line, go **** yourselves.

      • chel24

        Dear Chris,
        I just want to say THANK YOU for calling out the haters i’m sick of reading their one sided view on the subject if they want to have an opinion on how the film is portrayed i suggest they read the books first then come and comment all they’d like. WE the REAL fans of the saga (and i know i can speak for alot of us) are so impressed and thankful of the AMAZING job you did with NEW MOON we’re so impressed because you genuinely cared about how it came across to us and we love you for that. I won’t lie we were slightly worried at the start after how the first film came across but you quashed those fears by giving us a fantastic vision of the film that didn’t stray from the original book and once again i want to say thank you, Chris Weitz you did us proud.

        Oh and to all twilight haters basically go **** yourselves and go look for something else to hate on!!!

      • Meg

        Way to go, Chris! All the fans of the saga understand you were doing this FOR the fans. I read one of the most ignorant reviews in my local paper about this movie. It was obvious they knew nothing about the story and didn’t care to. They tried to shove this movie off as a tweenie film because of the shirtless wolf pack, and said Kristen acted too depressed. Way to understand the story!

        All these reviews do is influence the people who don’t know the story into thinking it’s solely for teens when it has fans of many varieties.

        Chris, you did a great job with this movie. You followed the book and if people are too ignorant to understand that, then that’s too effin’ bad for them! Us fans will enjoy it. :)

      • mlj

        The movie was stunningly beautiful…the visuals, the colors, the CGI images. I lay in bed and think about it. Absolutely amazing work! Do not listen to the haters!

      • grayce

        Nicely said Chris!

      • Jess

        Even if this isn’t the real Chris Weitz, I want to say THANK YOU. It’s really a shame that so many people feel obligated to knock down the works of others in such a cruel fashion. Constructive criticism should be accepted, even welcomed, but this kind of pure hatred to anything regarding Twilight is disgusting. The phrase “stepping in someone else’s shoes” really makes an important mark here. Mr. Weitz, admittedly, I would have been suspicious about any director that took Catherine Hardwicke’s place as director of the following movie. The Twilight franchise has in the most literal sense reached the stars, and it would be easy for some less professional directors to fall into the greedy traps of fame. Now that I’ve seen you for the kind and caring man that you are, I’ve come to realize that you are GENUINELY interested in the basis of where this Twilight craze stemmed from. You GENUINELY care about the (slightly) crazy fans and understand our sincere passion. You have been SO dedicated to bringing our dreams, our passions; and, most importantly, our favorite novel ever, alive. So PLEASE know – your work IS appreciated (most vehemently). At my school, New Moon was received either in the most hysterical sense or in the most derogatory sense. I agree with Emily, in the context that YES, it IS good to drop a few comments here and there to remind haters that they are legitimately dealing with REAL people and REAL feelings. Once again, thank you for bringing our dreams alive. We will be eternally grateful to you. :)

      • Just A Person

        Whether or not you who posted this comment are the actual director chris weitz,
        I wholheartedly agree with what you wrote. This movie was to please mainly the fans, Which is exactly what Chris weitz f***ing did. The boy Tom clearly didn’t hear te screams of approval throughout this movie, if he even saw it. If this is you chris weitz bravo for making new moon exactly what the fans wanted and needed.

      • cat

        I can’t really believe this is Chris Weitz, but whoever posted this knows what they’re talking about. Anybody who still doesn’t agree is just stupid and stubborn. That just shows how people can get so fixated on something stupid like hating Twilight and will spend their lives ranting about it. This interview explains everything, not everyone makes stuff up or is feels the same way as you, TOM. I know everybody has their own opinions, but like I said in my above comment, if you really dislike it, you shouldn’t care! It just irks me when people think they know best and everybody is beneath them, and they think everybody else are just idiots. I hate when people write hateful comments, Chris is a human being like everybody else, and from everything I see, he seems like a really genuine guy. The only way to make a successful movie out of this, is to make it for the fans!

      • Rebecca A

        You should go and see Newmoonmovie.org. Everyone loves you there! :)

      • junier23

        First of all can people stop pretending to be actors and directors.
        Secondly, whenever someone says “if you dont get it, then you dont get it.” That just means that you’re totally hurt from the criticism and took it personal.
        And that’s coming from a director.

        Keep it real!!!

      • diane

        I really hate the scene added with bella on the bike with the stranger. You should have showed alive having her vision of Edward. And the movie seemed to sunny. The with Jacob and bells on the beach was a great scene true to the weather in the book. The movie seemed rushed! I would have watched another 30min just to see it better put together. I will like it more after I see it a couple times.

      • Tom Brazelton

        Mr. Weitz,
        I’m speaking as a potential audience member. No, I don’t think it’s the main concern of a director to reach the widest audience possible. But I think when you say “if you don’t get it, you don’t get it,” you’re using the existing fanbase to shield yourself from the criticism of “the haters.”
        I appreciate that you have the fan’s interest at heart and I agree with you that films should not be made for critics. But I think you’re neglecting people who might be on the fence about this movie or about this franchise. A blanket statement like “If you don’t get it, you don’t get it” only serves to alienate those people. If I offended you by referring to your remark as “crap,” I apologize. But I strongly disagreed with your wording.

      • Leanne

        Chris, you have no idea how much I appreciate what you have done.The film was amazingly beautiful and so true to the book. Before I saw the film I was reading reviews from the fans not the critics. It only mattered to me what the fans thought of it. After I saw it (twice)I was so impressed with what you had done. My only hope now is that you would be able to direct BD if it ever gets the green light. You actually get the feeling of the books. So Thank you!!!!

      • Jen

        Is this really you I think I must ask you a question only you would know…Here it goes in the New Moon movie there is a painting hanging right next to Bella’s bedroom door, what is the painting of?… If it is you I think you’re strikingly handsome, I would pick you over Rob and Taylor anyday!

      • María

        Mr. Weitz, as a true cinema lover, i´m 41 years old woman who loves movies such as “philadelphia stories” “the tree of life” “Jezabel” and “titanic” “romeo and Juliet” BUzz Luhrman version I just want to tell you that it was such a long time that I hadn´t seen such a beautiful colours in a film, the images remebered of the old cinema…this movie although filled with the sadness proper of the book and the longing takes another step making it understandable for those of us who didnt understand very well Jacob´s world and Bella into it the way you portrayed it…i´m not even going to talk about the special effects because the performances of Robert, Kristen and Taylor were of actors who are taking very seriously not only their arts but also their characters, thank you very much for your vision…and I hope to have the chance to enjoy another of your jobs…thank you very much from Spain…María.

      • Andrea

        DEAR CHRIS: If you REALLY are Chris Weitz I just wanted u 2 know something…I TOTALLY LOVE YOU!thanks!thanks!thanks!!!!! you did an amazing job! I DON’T CARE about critics or haters opinions this movie was made for us, THE FANS! and as a fan I’am truly happy with your job. Happy is an understatement:)! NM is my favorite book from the series and I didn’t know what to expect from your movie but after watching it I came to the conclusion that u were definitely the right person to do it!I never expected such a beautiful film everything in it was perfect!It was my book coming to life! the acting, the script everything was awesome!u rock Chris! I REALLY hope that u direct BD!!! u r such an amazing director!!! can’t wait 2 see your future projects!!!…. umm and haters if u don’t like the Twilight Saga stop wasting your time making comments about it. If u didn’t like the movie it’s ok. This movie was made only for FANS.
        PS. Chris please please!!! direct BD!!!! congrats:)on your BIG success!!…….Andrea from Honduras, CA.

      • Laura Rod

        Can I just say how much I love that Chris Weitz is even responding to this type of criticism. Rarely would you find any hollywood type doing so – especially after he or she has just blown away box office records with said work. Twilight proved that great books can be made into crappy movies. New Moon may not be academy award material but it was a well done adaptation, with gorgeous visuals.

      • Jenn

        Please don’t pretend to be someone else when you post. Even if what you have said is the most eloquent, reasoned argument in the world, it’s just creepy and manipulative and an insult to the person who you are pretending to be.

      • Linda

        Oh my god, Chris I think you did a wonderful job. With all the millions (which it will be) of people who will watch this movie there will always be haters “that just dont get it” jealous comes to mind and sometimes with all the hype but all twilight lovers will love this and with the millions of fans what more can you ask. I’ve seen it 3 times love. Everyone has a favorite part in a book and it all cant be in a movie or it does become a saga. Patz and Kristen facial expressions were exactly what I thought about when reading the book. Well done Chris great Job.

    • Chris Weitz

      Dear Tom,

      And further — since when does critical response equate with the actual quality of a film or the reaction of moviegoers to it? It strikes me you are mixing up your categories. Some people seem to think that I am using the fans as a “defense”. Who cares? Who am I defending myself against? I am not in a struggle with the critics. It would be nice if they had recognized what I was trying to do, but such is life.

      Well, I think I had better stop addressing message board participants. I told myself I wouldn’t do this.

      • Heather2

        If this is really CW, I would like to say, and I feel as though I speak for the greater Twilight community, that New Moon was amazing on every level. You did an phenomenal job. We have all seen it multiple times and we adore your vision and direction. Thank you for making a movie that the fans can be proud of and love and adore. From everyone at newmoonmovie.org, we say a big thank you and appreciate your hard work and dedication for making something for the FANS and not CRITICS. :)

      • Louise

        Chris, new moon is amasing.. Truly. Both boys and girls that hated the first film absolutly loved this one and allll the guys feel in love with the wolves and a lot of guys actually like Laurent a lot of more in this movie.. So dear Chris, don’t take the crap.. see the people that loves this movie and that think that you did an amasing job! No one could have done it better then you – hope to see you back for Breaking Dawn!

      • ary

        if this is really you, Chris, THANK YOU! I am a fan of the books, but NM was definitely my least favorite. Watching the film inspired me to go back and read it, and now I have your beautiful film to reference. So the critics don’t like it, who cares. WE love it. and we thank you.

      • Kent

        Chris, you made an absolutely amazing film. I didn’t particularly enjoy the Twilight books, I kept reading for Jacob’s character. However, not only did you do an amazing job directing the Wolf Pack, you did an amazing job with the rest of the film, and actually got my interested in what was going on with the vampires.

        So, Chris, we thank you. And I can tell you this, you got one teenage boy who went of his own free will.

      • mai

        If this is really Chris W. then I agree with Heather2, Louise, and ary. Great job! It made me felt exactly how I felt reading the book which makes it a success in my book :)

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        I have no idea whether this is really Chris Weitz or not…
        If this is really Chris, then tell me something only you and I know. lol
        Okay, moving on, let’s say you are Chris. I read an interview here on EW’s site that I perceived to be slightly more negative. You said you were happy to be done with vampires for awhile. Beyond the obvious, what were you thinking of when you made that comment? It kind of left me feeling that you might be disappointed with New Moon. If asked, would you entertain the idea of tackling Breaking Dawn?
        By the way, I loved New Moon. Thanks for your work.

      • Emily

        Chris – Actually, I think it’s great you’re addressing the people who write comments. Maybe it will help them check themselves, and realize that these are real people we are talking about. And most of them would never say these things to the people’s faces, but they somehow think its okay to talk bad about people “behind their backs.”
        I don’t know what it is like to be involved with something so public and exposed, but I think that I would still speak truth to people whenever given the opportunity.
        Thank you for you openness and honesty with all of us.
        God Bless you and your family. :)

      • dani

        Are you really CW? If you are check out newmoonmovie.org and see all the wonderful things on there!

        You are I wonderful director and know what your doing! New Moon was amazing!

        Also, well said

      • Christy

        I think your movie was amazing. Coming from a 30 year old wife and mom. I’ve seen it 3 times! I took my best friends, hubby and 7 yr. old (she begged!) Love you! :) I very much hope you direct Breaking Dawn!

      • Christy

        Oh, one more thing….My husband LOVED it (A 30 yr old coal miner, whose never read the books and whose favorite thing to do is rag me about my “obsession”)….he was glued to the screen! Just to give you an interesting sampling of your audience. :)

      • breesmom

        Thanks, Chris. We did appreciate your dedication to this story with this movie. Did a fantastic job! Forget the haters and the critics. There are more important
        things in life.

        You have been instrumental in bringing our fantasy world to life! Many thanks from your grateful fans.

      • grayce

        You can’t please everyone and that’s a good thing because to please some it would take away your heart & soul. Keep it real, Chris, peace!

      • Devon H

        If this is REALLY Chris Weitz…then I just need to say that you did an AMAZING job, as well as the rest of the crew, Wyck, Javier, Melissa, on this movie. I am in love with this movie. I felt absolutely euphoric when I left the movie theater early Friday morning. I’ve seen it 4 times now, and more to come. If I had a child, I’d give you my first born in gratitude for making us fans completely happy. If Summit doesn’t give you the job to do Breaking Dawn, they’re crazy. And by the way, we want you to do Breaking Dawn LOL!

        Thank you again for a FABULOUS job! We sincerely appreciate the work you and everyone on the cast and crew did to make New Moon come alive for us on the big screen.

      • Ness

        Mr. Weitz,
        I thought that New Moon was truly amazing. You did such a job well done that everyone came out of that theater practically begging for Eclipse to come sooner.
        I even converted my 13-year-old brother into a Twilighter (:
        Thank you so much for making New Moon such an enjoyable movie. It was so close to the book and I loved every second of it. I am speaking for the other Twilighters out there, and we want you for Breaking Dawn (:

      • Brett

        You should have heeded your own advice. Your defense comes across as sad and a bit desperate. I’m hoping that this isn’t you because anyone who just directed a film with the third best opening of all time would not be whining about a post by one of many people who don’t understand the popularity of Twilight. I don’t get it, to be honest, solely because I think Steph M. is an untalented hack. Your direction of this film isn’t really at issue for me considering the crap you had to work with.

      • Chris Weitz

        Maybe you’re right, Brett! Why should I bother with peons like you? Why engage in pointless arguments with numbskulls who are afraid to post their last names, Brett?

        I suppose that, in spite of the fact that you are, let’s say, of no consequence to me whatsoever, it is rather annoying to be publicly attacked, even by, as you imply, nobodies like yourself. I suppose I would be better off debating these points with “real” critics, but a) I think everybody deserves to have their point addressed, and b) I rather enjoy, in a kind of scratching-the-mosquito-bite sort of way, getting my aggression out in instances like this. I try to keep my level of rhetoric above the general flaming that people tend to indulge in, but every once in a while, Brett, nice name by the way, someone really raises my ire. So, I suppose, yes, sad and desperate for me to engage with you, Brett. And for me to allow myself to sink so low. Is that a boy’s name or a girl’s name, by the way?



      • Chris Weitz

        Okay, that went too far. My apologies, Brett. I don’t know you, I shouldn’t be so unkind. That’s it for me. Christ, the internet is addicting! I was just minding my own business and wanted to see how the interview turned out… now this.

        Sorry for mocking you. That was unkind.



      • 30yearoldtwifan

        We love you! xo

      • Ness

        I think you’re awesome, Mr. Weitz (if you didn’t see my 5000 other comments haha). You really did this great. Don’t listen to any of the haters, please. New Moon is fantastic

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Chris, once you’ve experienced hater throwdown, it’s hard to walk away. You are a formidable opponent and I have really enjoyed this tonight.
        Best wishes to you, looking forward to seeing your future work.

      • Veronica

        I just want to thank you for your passion. New Moon was VERY well done, and my husband (who has not read the books, and who also was kind enough to go to a midnight screening with me) liked it enough to spend the wee morning hours asking me about what happens next in the story. I think that is a testament to your powers as a visual storyteller (and to the characters Stephenie created). I also wanted you to know what it means to me as a fan of The Golden Compass, to see that you truly cared about the story. That there is “your” original vision hiding somewhere makes me hope someday we might get a Director’s Cut that can proudly sit on my shelf next to my hardcover editions.

      • Alexis F.

        Wow. I can’t believe Chris Weitz is posting on here! I love it. (Chris I also hope you read other fan sites too. Letters to Twilight’s letters to you are great.) I really need to stop reading EW comments as well, as they just anger me with the twi-hate (just go to imdb.com; it’s 10x worse–so many males think the movie deserves a 1. seriously? seriously??) Such is what you get on the anonymity of the internet. And I’m just a fan, I didn’t devote months of my life like Chris did. I think he made a great movie that DID stay true to the book (no critic could argue that–oh wait, that would mean they would actually have to read the book). Anyway, Chris, for every hater out there, there are 100 supporters, just know that. People are biased towards this genre and there is not much we can do to change that. And you can laugh your way to hundreds of millions the movie makes at the box office; between that & the fans’ love of this movie, you’ve won, hands down.

      • J

        I really can’t understand why people are so dismissive of movie goers. New Moon just had the third biggest opening in box office history, does that mean that it was the third greatest movie? No, of course not, but does that mean that a LOT of people were eager to see, YES! It got an A- cinema score as well so the huge number of people who saw it obviously enjoyed it. How can these armchair critics be so aggressively rude about a director who just directed a film that so many people loved. You don’t personally have to like a film but you should at least respect the fact that it’s not easy to create a film like new moon that so many people love.

      • J

        Can I also just add that it is certainly not easy to make a film of a book series with so many intensely devoted fans. It probably made Chris Weitz’s job more difficult than not. The fans all have their own vision of the book and creating a film with so many high expectations in place must have been a lot of pressure. Why can’t people just give credit where credit is due, whether you are a fan of the series or not.

      • Tom Brazelton

        For the record, I’m not trying to stoke the embers. But since Mr. Weitz is addressing me personally, I feel compelled to respond directly.
        Critical response does not always equate with the quality of a film. But, conversely, just because the film is popular doesn’t equate it with quality, either.
        If the critical response to your film does not bother you, than I applaud that. Obviously the fans are happy and you have found success at a level I will not know. I recognize that.
        But at the same time, as a storyteller, I think it would be important to you not to unintentionally exclude people who are not part of the existing fanbase. That is where my (admittedly visceral) reaction to your initial statement came into play.

      • Shelly

        I hope you are the real Chris Weitz, because I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the movie and the cinematography. The part of the movie where they show Victoria running, and the raven is frozen in midair because she is supposed to be going so fast, I loved it. I had a great time watching it. I take the Twilight series for what it is for me, escapism. I am 40 years old, a military wife, and it takes me away from a life that gets very serious.

      • Beth

        You know, I don’t know if you’re actually “the” Chris Weitz or not, but here’s what I’d say to him if I had the chance. New Moon is my favorite book of the saga. I was worried about how the film would turn out, what with such intense emotion and maturation of the characters, not to mention the wolf pack and Volturi. What I got was a fabulous movie. I was pretty stunned. I don’t usually expect a movie to hold a candle to the book, but it did. Just incredible work. Loved it. Thanks for having me, just one of many true fans, in mind, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

      • L

        I’d like to believe this is really Mr. Weitz. If it is, I respect and applaud you for responding this way — not everyone would concern themselves to responding to random internet posters, especially in such a professional and poised manner.
        I thought the movie was BEAUTIFUL. The score was excellent, the actors looked great. My only complaint was that the movie felt too rushed — I would have liked another 30-60 mins in order to expand on certain key scenes, but I still will be one of the first to order the DVD when it comes out.
        I do hope you consider directing Breaking Dawn. Thank you.

      • MsSuniDaze

        Of course this movie was made for the fans. I read all of the books and was extremely excited for this film. I also made sure I didn’t read any reviews because I knew that it would get negative feedback. I was a little wary because of the fact that this was my least favorite in the series. It was awesome. Truly awesome. You were so true to the book, and left in key scenes, whereas another director most likely would have cut. Example- When they are leaving the Voluri chamber…you see the tour group being led in. You see nothing, but only hear the screams. Important. I hated that Edward was hardly in the second book…but hardly missed him here. No movie could live up to the hype this franchise has generated. It was made for the fans of the books. Anything else would be an insult. Just as Lost is made for it’s devoted fan base. By saying so doesn’t get him ‘off the hook’ for negative reviews. Look at the last scene… ends just like the book. awesome!

    • shawna

      You realy just don’t get it do you some people will but you are not one of them its something in the story not just the story it’s self every fan will say i wish this would have been diferent but I loved the movie all the same.

      • Twi-Mom

        I think what a lot of you are forgetting is that the director has very little to do with the actual script of the movie. Sure they may have a little room to make changes, but for the most part, the movie we see was written by someone else, not the director.

    • STP

      Wow. Did you really need someone to explain why your comment is, not only rude, but completely wrong?

    • mlj

      Your comment is so wrong. I love the fact that he cared about what the FANS wanted. This movie was beautifully done and it is so easy to see how wonderful his relationship was with the actors during filming. I loved it!

    • grayce

      you obviously don’t get it Tom!

    • Marcus

      I don’t think its realistic to expect a good movie given the source material. There is not much of a story to speak of. Its mostly just a premise (and not even an original one at that). What if a Vampire fell in love with a human teenage girl? You can only run so far with that. I think that is why it can’t appeal to many more people than the already iniciated. We’re just asking for too much.

      • Shelly

        I don’t know, Joss Whedon took it 7 Seasons.

    • jaypat

      What movies have you directed?
      Any of them make $142 million opening weekend?
      Yeah, I didn’t think so.
      Apparently some people did get it.

      • Ness

        hale yes, jaypat(:
        i am a newmoonmovie.org-er too lmao

      • Carissa

        woohoo for newmoonmovie.ord-ers for flocking to EW comment thread LOL

      • Heather2

        I Love that all the newmoonmovie.org peeps kind of took over this thread. So amusing. Well, I have already said my peace enough. Love CW and love NM the movie. Love, CF.

      • chel

        Wooh Jaypat you tell ‘em!!
        nmm.org ROCKS!!!

      • Yeelisa

        haha jaypat, why did i recognize your name! lol. its like 2am and im sitting here being furious over haters bashing on CW! i love him and i htink 142 million speaks loud enough and if it does surpass titanic then it speaks even louder.haters just dont understand what the love for this series is. its not even about being a literary genius or cinematography genius, its about something that people have read, they have related to and they have loved and its been brought to life via the big screen. if u dont love it then mind your own business, we all happen to love it and we’re boosting a part of the economy. why all the haters?! lol. thats why im sticking to nmm.org. tooo muych haters out there lol. love ya!

        and i loveyou chris weitz! thank you for new moon. it was the best. please direct Breaking Dawn. haha

    • ash

      you have to get it. It’s made for the fans. If YOU don’t get it then YOU don’t get it

      • Ness

        yes, it is made for the fans.
        if you don’t like twilight, then don’t have anything to do with it.
        now can we please have some peace here?!?!

    • Celia

      Is anyone else just completely BORED with this now? I was bored before, but not enough to argue a little, but now I don’t even care anymore.

      • Ness

        Yes haha…
        if you’ll notice my comment above i was kinda just hoping for peace(:

    • Jaslyn

      I believe the duty of the director is to find an audience for the film their making and cater to it. Otherwise every movie would bomb. Think of a big action movie like Transformers 2. Who were they catering to? Critics didn’t like it but the audience the director was going for did. For anything that involves putting stuff to the public theres one thing you have to be aware of. “Remember Your Audience”. If you forget that then your screwed.

    • Kate

      Wrong Tom Brazelton. The job of a director is to execute a film’s artistic and technical components based on the script to how he or she sees fit. It’s not their job to help people “get it.” Movies aren’t SAT Prep classes. If you don’t understand this notion, then it’s time for you to go back to school. The goal of every director is to make a good movie. And Chris Weitz did that. No director can win over critics, existing fans and new fans all in one shot. Especially with the bratty fanbase Twilight has. Everyone thinks they’re an expert but no one has any understanding to what goes on with film and video production. Studios, budgets, crews, schedule, editing…

      Snaps to Chris on his well done production and the positive comments posted on this interview.

      • Tom Brazelton

        In my opinion, the relationship between the storyteller and the audience is symbiotic. Clearly and audience member must bring their own experience to the table in order to engage with the story and make it relevant to them. But a statement like “if you don’t get it, you don’t get it” places ALL of the responsibility on the audience member, absolving the storyteller completely – A notion I strongly disagree with.

      • Kate

        Hmm, yes, a valid argument Tom Brazelton.

    • Elizabeth

      Wow – all the negative comments are made by… men.

      Yep, Chris, you were right.

    • Rae

      He was speaking of movie critics not getting the picture not the average moviegoer.

    • Jaz

      Agree, Tom. NMoon was garbage and TWIhards know it. When you compare NMoon to the magical TWILIGHT there’s just no comparison. Catherine’s film had romantic heat, sex, danger, beauty, grace, wonderful fight scenes, that amazing baseball scene, etc. and a gorgeous score by the genius Carter Burwell, plus all those amazing songs, including Rob’s “Never Think.” NMoon was vapid, passion-less, rushed and the music horrible. When will Hollywood learn? The DIRECTOR is the most important person on a film. Without Steven Speilberg there’s no JAWS, without Alfred Hitchcock there’s no BIRDS, and without Catherine Hardwicke there is no wondrous TWILIGHT saga film. Sorry Mr. Weitz, you are the one who didn’t get TWILIGHT.

      • Laylah

        Do you take drugs?

      • kt

        I’m pretty sure most twihards agree that New Moon the movie was a billion times better than than Twilight the movie. I’m just gonna assume you are a Cathy Hardi fangirl or the woman herself, because those are some of the most ridiculous statements regarding the saga I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

      • Andrea

        Ummm Twilight was not a great movie sorry…NM on the other hand was what WE THE TRUE FANS expected! so thanks Chris for not ruining our book as Catherine did

      • AlysabethInAustin

        Jaz. No. Your opinion is exactly opposite of what I experienced…right down to Carter Burwell’s weird and meandering score. I was embarrassed by Twilight. I have read each book at least 4 times. I love the saga. I am so disappointed Twilight can never be redone-its ruined. The acting was poor,the effects were comical,the cinematography was just sad…I could go on and on….so, don’t be so sure. Respect to you. Im glad you were able to enjoy it. Alas, I feel frustrated to see something I love so poorly represented.

      • Diana


        LMAO… That’s exactly what I was thinking!

      • Zim

        Absolutely agree with you. Twilight was a movie based on a book. Unfortunately, Chris Weitz tried to make a book into a movie and failed dismally on so many levels. Great, he stuck to the plotlines fairly well but that was about all he did well. New Moon is a soulless, artificial and self-indulgent sequel. I can only hope that David Slade has realised this and brings back the realism and emotion into Eclipse.

    • Eva

      that’s the point numbskull!!! Those who don’t get it don’t matter! If you didn’t get it go watch something else!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!! TO PIECES!!! THANK YOU CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andrea

      Ummm…U should get a life dude!

    • whatever

      chris weitz hack director. completely neutered edward cullen and the whole film. pattinson looks like he wants to take a s**t the whole movie.

      • chel

        Jeez dude, take it easy try to remember Chris Weitz is a person he doesn’t need to be called such a hateful thing how would you like it if we called you a b*stard yeah it’s not nice so stop acting lke a 2 year old!!!!

    • Lucas

      here’s the thing.he wasn’t making a movie so much as translating another work. unfortunately in many eyes not that great of a work. so he had to walk a fine line between changing the work (and perhaps vastly improving it) and pissing off the rabid horde by F-ing up the books. considering the screams over the Harry Potter films taking out unneeded bits and pieces, I can’t blame him for walking the line with a lean toward keeping the book fans happy

    • Mimi

      The Twilight movies (like the books) are aimed at a certain audience. The reviewers are middle-aged men, so of course they aren’t going to love it. Anyway, reviews should always be taken with a grain of salt. They are one person’s opinion. What one person loves, another will hate. If you want to see it, see it. If you hate the books, don’t see the movie.

    • Ben

      Actually, he’s right on. Who else besides a fan wants to see this? It is the same with Harry Potter movies. It takes a really good story that appeals to adults to make a movie that reaches across to all possible audiences.

    • Ella

      Right on, Tom. It’s the director’s job to communicate. And after watching New Moon, which I thought was horrible, all I can say is – BRING BACK CATHERINE HARDWICKE PLEEZ!!!!!!!!

  • Pslightly Psycho

    Jesus neckbiting Christ,EW! Stop already with every angle on TWILIGHT that you can find! What’s next? A report on Kristen Stewart’s tampon usage??!

    • Mells

      OMG Psycho – that was hilarious!!

    • Sara Hutton

      While it is annoying to see Twilight everywhere (even as a Twilight fan myself) Entertainment Weekly is only doing its job. They are an entertainment magazine and it is their job to write about entertainment related things. Right now, Twilight is huge. Don’t get mad at the magazine just because they are interviewing a director on the actual content of the movie. I understand being angry about interviews that involve the actors’ personal lives, but New Moon scored record highs at the box office, and therefore it would be ridiculous for one of the top entertainment magazines to not report on it.

    • Bellatrix

      An interview with the director that asks solid questions about the making of his film is being equated with tampon usage? Grow up.

  • Vivian

    He really does seem to be a genuine, nice and funny person.

    New Moon may not be even close to Oscar-worthy but Chris Weitz did the best he could with the weakest book. I felt like it was the book coming to life and not some crazy adaptation of it (i.e. Twilight).

    • Jason C

      That doesn’t absolve him from making a bad movie though. No one expected The Dark Knight to be an Oscar worthy film, it’s based off a comic book, but it still became an Oscar-worthy film. A great director, and decent actors, can improve on a weak script and source material to make something that pleases fans and new viewers.

      • Laylah

        Sorry but I don’t agree with the reason you have for Dark Knight being a success. Was it highly anticipated, certainly. Was it the topic of conversation because Heath Leger just died…..
        New Moon in my humble opinion is of a different caliber of film than Dark Knight.
        New Moon transformed a very difficult book to get through into a beautiful compelling film that brings one through the exact same spectrum of human emotion that the book has. I am so pleased with the film and I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did.
        The near perfect CG and editing was also an added bonus. It is apparent that a great deal of work went into this film. The blood, sweat, and tears, and is appreciated, even if there is a loud minority attempting to direct attention away from this deserving work.

      • Brett

        Um…it’s arguable that The Dark Knight had a weak script. Such is not the case with Twilight. The script was BAD. I didn’t find the direction to be poor.

      • Carissa

        The Dark Knight had oscar prospects months before it’s release.

        Most of the criticism towards New Moon has been the story line. A story line that comes straight from the books that fans love. Thus, no matter what Chris Weitz did, if he was being faithful to the books.. critics wouldn’t like it.

        Simple as that.

      • grayce

        Jason, the Dark Knight had an Oscar-winning performance by Heath Ledger. It’s ok for you boys to like your comic books, still. Just like we love our entertainment. Don’t you “haters” (Tom, Brett, Icon, Michael and the rest of you) have something better to do with your time, sorry, I guess not, or you’d be doing it, like the rest of us, finding a site where you can enjoy reading what you do love, not spreading the poison to those you cannot respect for loving what you do not.

      • Eva

        Maybe you’re just a bad movie-goer. If you don’t like it go watch some retarded action flick.

      • Everton Carter

        It isn’t just that nobody expected TDK to be an Oscar worthy film, as much as people don’t expect the Oscar voters to choose films like TDK. Look at the 3 Lord of the Rings movies, they only nominated Sir Ian McKellan for the 1st one refused to acknowledge Andy Serkis AT ALL for his excellent portrayal of Gollum and Smeagol and sold out the 1st and 2nd film to propaganda from Chicago and A Beautiful Mind that it was better to save all the Oscars for the last film! Anyone who doubted Nolan directing Bale, Oldman, Caine, Ledger et al wasn’t capable of pulling out an Oscar worthy film simply didn’t know the level of art the players involved are capable of nor the best Shakespearian and Dickensian level writing you can find in the comic book world. There are several “Graphic Novels” worthy of a place at the same table as Hamlet, King Lear, Great Expectations and other classics. I kid you not.

        Also the internet breeds rude, obnoxious bullies who sit supreme in their rooms protected from equal speaking rights and retaliation. Chris Weitz has done his best possible job on the film and he is simply saying that having done so if you still don’t get Twilight, still don’t see why so many find it so compelling there’s nothing more he can do. Even if that was addressed to the masses (which it clearly wasn’t) what’s the problem I don’t get Charlie Chaplin movies; or rather why they are so revered. So I watch Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton then Laurel and Hardy and Jackie Chan (that is a logical progression). I don’t feel a need to piss all over everyone who rates & adores Chaplin. To call everyone who rushes out to see 2012 or The Day After Tomorrow 2,3 & 4 times an idiot. Those films are appalling, in many ways, but that says nothing about their fans and even less about the director who has perfected the art of making big movies with little sense in a way that attracts massive crowds. Would I like to make better films? Yes, Would I kill 3 people to make 4 films as big as ID4, Day after Tomorrow, 2012 and Stargate? Hmm well maybe just wound, not kill.

  • Frank Anderson

    I wasn’t dragged to the movie, I dragged my wife. Too bad Bella is about the worst role model I have ever seen for young women. The whole movie was pretty boring.

    • grayce

      Frank dear, it’s not REAL!

    • Everton Carter

      Well why assume that just because she’s a leading movie character she’s a role model?

      Also why dismiss her good points and simply pick up on her weaknesses as the movie shows both. Are we not allowed to have characters who behave as many of us do / did when we were younger and consumed with either love or infatuation for another? A fair amount of teens, more boys than girls, in Bella’s situation and with Bella’s lack of sell confidence attempt or commit suicide when they are, or feel that they are, rejected. By comparison Bella’s determination, however belated, to drag herself out of her cycle of depression isn’t as weak as some would have us believe. She confronts 3 strong boys and a strong man to defend her friend, she even slaps one, how that is “weak” and (dangers of attacking 4 people way stronger than you aside) not role model like. If she has to be a role model at all. She goes across the world to save the man she loves and offers her very life in exchange for his. For reasons unknown I have beautiful woman who loves me as much as i love her and I hope that I would be so quick to offer my life to spare hers. To each his own when liking a film, but let’s not argue points without foundation. :)

  • rush

    i personally thougth he did a great job. the book(though i dont think it was week) is all about bellas intefnal stuggel and how she finds ways to hear edwards voice, 2/3 of the movie is about the bellas feelings and emotions, and that’s hard to convey onto a screen. and seriously if you dont get it , you dont get it, it’s true.

  • michka

    I don’t mean to be rude butNew moon is one best selling crappy sequel. The point of a movie is to picture an universe in which characters interact.
    1)The music is incoherent (when Jacob was working on the motor bike, was it country or what?). And when werewolves chased Victoria, no special rumble sound?
    2)The dialogues are incoherent: why do Bella have to ramble about her age, Jacob’s age or whatever
    3)The acting is incoherent, why does Bella have to swallow before saying anything. Why all the voices off (Bella’s except) between the scenes?
    5) Great visual effects that’s all the improvement but the blue grey atmosphere of Twilight was pure genius, the vampires were supposed to look utterly beautiful, in New Moon they just look like everybody.
    People can bash Hardwicke but she made Twilight the phenomenon it went to become. A movie is supposed to complement and to compliment a book; does it really makes sense that Bella just get rid of her father who took care of her after every nightmare and goes to Italy???
    Summit can’t save Eclipse ’cause it’s too late but please bring back Hardwicke for Breaking Dawn.

    • Heather2

      Did you read the books? And Hardewick for BD? Seriously?

    • Laylah

      You really need to read the series, all your questions will be answered in there. Otherwise, go see the latest disney film and be done with it. (I promise it will be much easier to understand)

    • Christy

      I just had to agree with these replies…this movie was made in an attempt to bring the pages of SM’s novel to life. It did exactly that and exceeded my expectations. This is precisely the reason CW said “if you don’t get it, then you don’t get!) Read the book and you will “get it.”

    • grayce

      michka, I’m sorry, I don’t think you are ever going to “get it” just stop now, pull over and get it together, this is something far to much for you.

    • chel

      Oh god Hardwicke made a mockery of the first film, how could you possibly want her back.
      She won’t be back though theres too many people out there that agree that she was deplorable we just wish that maybe Summit would replace Meilssa Roseberg too!!!

    • Rae

      To Michka- is this really Catherine Hardwicke?! Your comments make me really curious. Then again maybe it’s not CH because I always thought CH read the books or at least the first two; based on your comments you absolutely did not read New Moon.

    • Sweetp

      Yes Please. I agree with you completely.

    • Rachel P.

      michka have you read the books?

      1) A lot of the soundtrack was incorporated into the films as songs playing on the radio. Brilliant idea. They are haunting songs and if you actually spent money to purchase the soundtrack and listened to the full songs then you would hear the words that are closely connected to the themes of new moon. In fact the song you are referring to I believe has the words “I want you to be strong I want to be all you believe in” which is a perfect description of Jacob & Bella’s relationship.

      2) If you read the books you would know that they are some of the funniest and lightest scenes in the book are when Jacob and Bella try to figure out how old they are based on their knowledge. Again in comparison to Bella and Edward’s relationship, age is a laughing matter with Jacob, she’s allowed to be young and have fun.

      3) Um it’s called acting and developing a character

      4) Thank G*d the blue tint is gone. It was one of the things I hated most about Twilight. Stephenie’s vampires are supposed to blend into society but just look a little bit different. That was accomplished in New Moon. In Twilight they looked to pale and freaky, like typical vampires.

      I will forever be grateful to CH for bringing twilight to the big screen and for her casting choices but she made a very “teen” movie which is ok for Twilight but each book really sees the characters mature. I probably would not see BD if CH directed it, but I certainly would if Weitz did.

      Oh and Chappel, multiply your target demographic by about 2.5 and you’ll see where there are a lot of fans and if you really think you have to be horny to appreciate and love this story then I feel sorry for you because you can’t appreciate a real love story.

      Finally, if it was Chris Weitz that posted earlier, thank you for creating a beautiful visually spectacular film. From the second that Bella quotes Romeo and Juliet right through to the end, I could tell you were dedicated to making a film for lovers of Stephenie’s books. I just wish people would stop referring to it as a vampire film…it’s a romance, it’s a love story, and I love it so thanks a million! (however, to Melissa Rosenberg…what was with that read his mind, will he hurt me line)

    • Kirstie

      1) I’m sure us, the hardcore Twilight fans who loved the movie care a lot about you hating it. Seriously, I’m broken right now.

      2) Yes, the point of a movie is to create a universe: except in the case of sagas… ready? BECAUSE THE WORLD IS ALREADY CREATED. It was figured out LONG ago that New Moon would stay true to the book because Twilight was a total deviation. A crappy, poorly directed, cheap looking mediation. Which brings me to my next point:

      3) CH RUINED Twilight. The reason that New Moon is so “contrived, slow, and hard to follow” as the critics I’ve read say is because she laid crappy groundwork for the second.

      4) If you have a problem with the acting portrayed by the actors… no, I got nothin’. Get over it. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor mother flippin’ Lautner brought the pages to life. And I think they’re fantastic, and so do their paychecks.

      5) That blue tint you love so much made the vampires blend in with everyone else, and made everyone else look like they had a vitamin deficiency. Also, it made the film look like it was directed by a hippie on a bad acid trip with a weird fascination for blue, which it was, considering CH.

      Go read the book — then we’ll talk. By the way, you skipped 4. When listing off things you hate, try not to come off like you don’t have enough common sense to count.

    • Andrea

      umm are u serious? Catherine Hardwicke? hell noooo!that’s suicide!

  • Chappel

    The movie was made for horny 11 year old girls. If people don’t get it it’s because they don’t think like horny 11 year old girls. There is nothing particularly deep about these kinds of films. I watched about 30 minutes of the first one and I admit that not only do I not get it but I don’t want to get it, and I hope I never, ever, get it.

    • Carissa

      Your comment screams idiot.

      Just thought I’d let you know ;)

      • grayce

        Carissa, you are brilliant dear, perfect response and filled with passionate truth. You rock!

    • anya

      “I admit that not only do I not get it but I don’t want to get it, and I hope I never, ever, get it.”

      Then please do us the courtesy of going and watching Megan Fox straddle a motorcycle in shorty shorts again while giant robot topple a city. Perhaps you’ll “get” that.

  • Heather2

    I agree. The movie was for the fans ONLY. That is very clear at this point. It was beautifully done and I loved it. But I am a hardcore fan.
    Others, not so much. It’s like me watching Star Wars. I just don’t get it and don’t like it.
    Different strokes for different folks.
    And if I am being honest, I would rather have this version of the film that is for the fans and have us satisfied, then to have a movie for the masses to make them happy. Because who really gives a **** what non Twilight fans think. We made $140 for Summit without the haters’ help.

    • rafaela

      i completely agree with you!
      and same with Star Wars, i don’t get it either.

      new moon was done for the fans! so if you don’t like the books, you probably won’t like the movies.

    • daniela

      I agree with Heather2, she stole my words.

    • kitkatsmom

      I think he did a FANTASTIC job on the movie. Kudos to you Chris! People that come on here and read the articles about Twilight and then hate on it..just DON’T READ THEM lol.

    • Devon H

      I agree Heather2! However, I know many people who haven’t read the books, saw Twilight, were excited to see New Moon, LOVED New Moon, and could follow it fine! Sure, there are little things they won’t pick up on (one memorable question was “why are the guys in the wolfpack always shirtless???” – read the book lol!), but if you really can’t follow along…then you’re pretty dense.

      • Heather2


      • Ness

        This place is scary..
        Everyone is so harsh! lol

    • Laylah

      I actually like Star Wars AND the Twilight Saga. ;)
      I was able to see what my hubs loves about SW and he was able to see what I love about Twilight and well, we both crossed over I guess. We fell in love with what our love…loves. One thing I’m proud of is that we both left behind any preconceived notions we had and really gave the other stories an honest look.

      This is something I feel most cranky non twifans are lacking. Either that or they could just be like my grandma and don’t get anything that requires an imagination. :D

    • Andrea

      I totally agree with u! this movie is for TWIFANS!

  • ash

    Please, he didn’t agree to make the movie cos he liked the cast. He made it cos he knew it would never bomb no matter how bad, thanks to all those pathetic teens with no lives.

    • mlj

      Must be all that excitement in your OWN life to make you talk badly about teenagers. How very mature of you.

      • Carissa

        bahahahaha. priceless :)

    • grayce

      Ash, look who’s calling people pathetic. The teens are only PART of the equation and your showing your “education” dear when you speak of what may be the motive behind one professional’s choice.

    • 30yearoldtwifan

      Read my name am I a teen? Oh were 50% of NM viewers over 21? a BIG YES! Its so sad to read all the hate, where doe it come from? I dont like Star Wars or HP I dont bash it, come to there boards and be ignorant. Who is acting like a 12 year old now? I say all of these haters are jilted, jealous, and if if you dont like The Saga, why the hell are you on this board goggling New Moon on the internet?

  • E

    Well said Heather.

  • E

    How does liking a film mean you have no life? I’m sure you’ve liked some crap in your time, ash.

  • bloodsausage

    obviously he knew it would be crap. I agree the movie is for the twihards. i have no problem with that whatsoever. obviously more than the hardcore fans saw this steaming pile. can you imagine michael bay or jerry bruckheimer saying that? and all their movies are awful.

  • brandon

    For everyone that hates this movie then please stop reviewing or commenting about. No one forced you to watch/read these books. I am a guy and I really love the book series. I also loved this movie and felt that it did do justice to a book that couldv’e been disastrous to film. Everyone that hates the books/movies better get used to them for a while because they have two more coming out.

    • Jazz

      I agree. I don’t understand why people can’t just be happy for the success of the movie – I’m not a teenage girl and I loved the books first and I’m going to see New Moon for the second time in a couple of hours. Chris W. did an amazingly beautiful job and Twilight fans love him for that.

    • chel24

      Brandon well put!!
      haters stop reviewing and commenting you’re just getting boring now!!

  • dave

    “I really liked the actors. I saw the first movie and I thought there was something special about Kristen [Stewart] , Rob [Pattinson], and Taylor.”
    This guy is either lying or is just that stupid. They’re terrible actors. They are the reason he wanted to direct this movie? Bulls***! He knew it would be a box office hit no matter the quality!

    • Maelina

      They are great actors, anyone who knows anything about the characters they portray can see that. It’s really ignorant of you to say that Chris did NM for money, you don’t apparently know anything about his attitude towards this series, Chris genuinely cares for it.

    • Heather2

      You do not know anything about these actors or the characters that they portray. Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Dakota, Michael, and so many of the cast portrayed these characters perfectly. But you would not know that unless you were well versed in the books and knew how they are supposed to be portrayed. Please do not make comments about topics that you neither understand or fully grasp. If you knew anything about CW, you would stand in awe of the amount of work and dedication that he put into this film. He actually made a book of how he wanted this film to be, theme wise, visually, emotionally, etc. And he handed this book to all of the actors beforehand and took into account how the fans felt. I truly cannot stand it when someone talks negatively about people, and they do not know the first thing about them. If you don’t like it, fine. Then move onto another article.

      • dave

        Heather2, for your information, I actually did read Twilight, miss know-it-all. So I knew enough about the characters when I saw that movie last year. And I thought their acting was bad. So yes, I did know how they were supposed to be portrayed. It was still bad acting. “I truly cannot stand it when someone talks negatively about people, and they do not know the first thing about them.” Yeah, I guess you’re just a hypocrite.

      • Heather2

        I guess my whole point is that great acting and great direction are in the eye of the beholder. You are making accusations towards someone else’s opinion as stupid. And you are calling CW a liar because he says that he wanted to work with these talented actors as a motivation to want to direct. Who are you again? And these credible critics that you cite; you may want to go back and read t heir reviews, because while they bash the movie as a whole, they commend the acting prowess of the stars of the film. So who is stupid now?
        You may not like the movies and the actors, but because we differ in opinion does not make me stupid. That just means that I have a different opinion.
        It is going to be a hoot when these actors win viable awards someday for their acting. I am going to horse laugh all of you. I specifically mean Rob and Kristen.

    • grayce

      Feeling a little small perhaps dave! Success by any means can leave a lesser man feeling a bit “insignificant”.

      • Topher

        Grayce, honestly how stupid and immature are you? So sick of hearing people say stupid things like “you must feel small” or “you must be jealous” anytime someone doesn’t like a movie or TV show or whatever. Grow up and get a life.

      • grayce

        Topher, listen carefully dear and perhaps you may become educated. When a man, such as Dave, calls a professional a liar or “is just that stupid” and continues to declare his physic knowledge of Chris’ professional “motive” is just plain “small” It is difficult for some to accept success of others when it comes in a way that some do not respect. Sorry you don’t understand this.

  • Rick

    I think you need to edit a little more. It’s “advocate,” not “abdicate.” And “No” for “Know.”
    Just saying…

    • Ness

      Haha thank you, Rick (:
      I actually like your comment, because it is not vicious lol

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