'Dirty Dancing' Christmas marathon: Pssst, your father's coming.

TV Guide Network will air a 12-hour Dirty Dancing marathon starting at noon ET on Christmas Day. Thoughts:

• The movie takes place in summer. But okay.
• Are we talking about a one-time tribute to the late Patrick Swayze or an annual event? (A rep for TV Guide Networks tells us, “Currently, the 12-hour Dirty Dancing marathon is planned as a special one-time event for Christmas day; however, depending on the response we may very well keep this as an annual tradition.”)
• I’ve got to call my mother. She took my sister and I to see the film six times in the theater, paid nearly $100 to own the movie when it was first released on VHS, and, literally, just yesterday, simulated Swayze’s dance moves to “Love Man” when the song came on my iPod while she was driving. This is why this marathon is as good an idea as any.
• There will be some teen girl who’s emotionally scarred when her father walks into the room during the love scene and says to her her sister, and her mother, “Is this what you people watch?” Did anyone else’s father have an uncanny ability of entering at the worst possible moment during movies when you were growing up? You may have blocked it out, but think…

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  • Annyong!

    How completely stupid!
    I will be watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story instead!

    • Ephiny

      Stupid? Maybe, but at least they didn’t misspell ‘annoying.’

      P.S. – A Christmas Story? Yes, I can see how a movie that glorifies child abuse is much better than a slightly cheesy love story.

      • Annyong!

        Who misspelled annoying?
        Glorifies child abuse?
        YOU are a total idiot.
        Now the whole world knows.

      • Anne

        Child abuse? Giving a BB Gun? Tricking the younger brother to eat by having him pretend to be a pig? There are 24 hours…Why not watch both? And yes, my dad always had the ability to walk in during the “trash” and lecture us on wasting our lives on filth.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Maybe it’s not supposed to be annoying…maybe her name is “Ann Yong!”

      • JenD

        Annyong, I will explain to someone who clearly isn’t an Arrested Development fan, means hello in Japanese. My dad always walked in on my sister and I watching this movie with our mother at just the part where Johnny is getting out of bed (side butt shot). Horrifying!

      • orville

        It’s “hello” in Korean, actually.

    • Melinda65

      I will be watching both, Ann Yong! As little sense as it may make to show a summertime-themed movie at Christmas, I don’t care.

      • Steve the Pole

        It’s Annyong!
        Hello in Korean!
        AD, anyone?

      • Melinda65

        Thanks–I didn’t watch AD.

  • Amy

    Yesss this is amazing. I can now watch this and A Christmas Story what a strange combo. I also agree with you. My dad ALWAYS walks in at the most inappropriate times during any movie/tv show.

  • mscisluv

    I’m confused about how a VHS cost $100?

    • Anne

      When VHS tapes of movies first came out for purchase, the movies cost about a hundred dollars. We did a lot of taping from HBO…

    • k

      Way back when, VHS (and Beta, for that matter) videotapes were very expensive to own. New movies were usually priced in the $80-100 range.

    • mscisluv

      I guess that’s why my family always taped everything off the tv; we didn’t really buy tapes, so I never knew how much they were!

  • Karim

    Dirty dancing inspired me to take up salsa dancing, and already I’m getting a lot of comments from the ladies about my salsa dancing talents

  • BLM

    Should be “She took my sister and ME”–sorry, just had to correct that grammar. I find it a weird choice for a Christmas movie. It would be more suited for Memorial Day or Labor day–beginning or end of summer.

  • E.A.Y.

    My dad emotionally scarred me by walking in the room during the piano scene in “Pretty Woman.” God, that was awkward. He just kind of stood there, grunted in disgust, and, inexplicably, sat down.

  • talkin’

    lol, Mandi. Thanks for the laugh this morning. Yes, the old father walks in at the wrong time thing…rotflmao

  • Terri

    My FIL is famous for walking in on movies at the wrong time. Every time someone would say “This movie isn’t that violent” the one violent scene would happen. Same with nudity, cussing, etc.

    I also have a story of the one time I did that. Dh and FIL were watching some 007 movie w/Brosnan in it. They tried to convince me to watch after I said that I hate how demeaning Bond movies are to women. They said “It really isn’t that bad” and then the line “I though Christmas only came once a year.” was uttered. I walked out and they knew the battle was lost.

    • LisaMama

      Oh, this is my horrifying father-daughter movie as well! We were sitting in the theater and after this horrible quip by 007, my dad said very loudly “now that’s my kind of guy!”

  • Christy

    My father walking in at the inappropriate time was always with When Harry Met Sally. He seemed to walk in during the diner seen every single time…

    • Christy

      And by seen, I mean scene.

  • Michelle

    Mandi, I wish your mom was my mom. She sounds awesome!

  • Darby

    Mandi – My dad walked in on my mom and me watching Endless Love, during the sex in front of the fireplace scene!!! Since I was only about 11 at the time, he chewed her out but good!

  • Sinister Twist

    I have two such stories. One is when my step-cousins came over & watched “White Men Can’t Jump”. The constant cussing sailed right upstairs to the rest of the family, who sat around in awkward silence.

    The second (and worse) one is when my sister’s ex’s family was supposed to come over for a holiday dinner. Since it was snowing quite heavily, we assumed that it’d be a while before they came over & started watching “Like Water for Chocolate”. They came over just as the ‘naked girl on horseback’ scene came on the tv. Since the mom was a huge prude, she stood there silently disapproving while her husband stammered & tried to make conversation.

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