'New Moon': A Hater's Guide

Can it really be just a year since, in my previous Hater’s Guide, I compared the then just-released Twilight to “the lamest episode of 90210 ever made combining forces with the second-lamest episode of 90210 ever made”? So much has changed! For one thing, there is the alarming number of my previously sane female acquaintances who this year fell under the sway of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire books and the first film adaptation. One minute they’re all, “I agree, Clark, this all sounds like a bunch of crap.” The next, it’s, “Ooh, Robert Pattinson is so dreamy,” and “Go, Team Jacob!,” and “Dude, you’re sleeping on the couch.”

So what do those few remaining Twilight-haters who want to remain within the cultural loop need to know about the second cinematic offering about the supposedly tragic romance between Pattinson’s pasty immortal Edward and Kristen Stewart’s sulky human Bella? Well, New Moon is really no better than Twilight.  It certainly seems much longer, though.

I’ll spare you the not-gory-at-all details: doubtless you’ll hear a full regurgitation of its plot from some yammering band of tweens next time you take public transportation. The big news is that Taylor Lautner’s Jacob, who developed a “thing” for Bella in the first movie, is really great at repairing motorcycles. Oh, also? He’s a werewolf. But the bike repair thing seems more interesting, as it turns out being a werewolf largely involves running around wearing a pair of cut-off jeans like some post-Hulk-ing Bill Bixby. You wouldn’t like it when he’s furry! Actually you might. Jacob and his fellow were-folk are far more cuddly than carnivorous, as tends to be the way in this un-monstrous monster franchise.

The other major development is the introduction of a vampiric upper class called the Volturi who rule their fellow immortals with an iron fist and a wardrobe borrowed from “Notorious”-era Duran Duran. We can thank the Volturi for by far the best thing about this movie, which is the always great Michael Sheen’s bloodsucker-overlord Aro — a character who serves as a reminder that vampires are actually supposed to be kind of scary.

Okay, let the hate come back at me, if you must. But I know there are plenty of folks out there who will back me up on this. Speak now or forever hold your peace, fellow Twi-Haters!

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  • Marie

    i saw a New Moon review on Rotten Tomatoes where the reviewer said that he would have reviewed the acting in the movie if he saw some.

    • Annie

      Ha! That’s fabulous!

    • ME

      Lmao! I saw that one too. It’s hilarious. Even the positive reviews sounded bad. But I just saw the funniest thing ever. I was watching some tv show and they showed a clip from new moon and it was meant to be a serious scene, but the whole audience started laughing. It wasn’t even supposed to be Funny! Love it!!

    • TellyB

      I don’t hate the film. It’s inoffensive, harmless fluff for teenage girls. What amuses me is that the people who hate the film, have now jumped on the bandwagon of “It’s SEXIST! IT VICTIMIZES WOMEN! IT SENDS THE MESSAGE THAT LOVE CONQUERS EVEN ABUSE AND DEGRADATION”. What’s even more amusing is that these people who say that, are fans of BUFFY and COMIC BOOKS! The irony seems to be lost on them…

      • crispy

        That doesn’t make any sense at all. Buffy and modern female comic characters (despite male artist’s predilection for drawing them with unrealistically huge knockers) take charge of their lives, have ambition, and frequently kick butt. Bella does nothing but mope… except when she’s hurling herself off a cliff because her boyfriend left her. There’s no irony. They’re polar opposites.

      • no…

        Because comics, by definition, are all sexist, right?

      • Tim

        ummm, i just don’t like ?

      • Tim

        Ment to say I just don’t like it period

      • reel_deal

        Everyone here knows Joss Whedon is a legir feminist right?

      • David

        Because of that crap they insulted Evanna Lynch because she said that Twilight will never beat Harry Potter.

      • Yeah but Sarah Michelle Gellar is hot. Kristen Stewart got beat with the ugly stick as a child.

      • LBDII

        I hate it because I think the overall plot is pretty terrible. Im disappointed in the authors writing, and when I watched Twilight I thought it was directed VERY poorly.

      • Lisa

        Ok I am a huge buffy fan but would never watch twilight again or read the books because they go against everything a vampyr is supposed to be. Vampyrs dont f ing sparkle, they dont reproduce, i could go on. That movie just pisses me off

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Lisa, vampires aren’t real. Not yours, not mine. If this is enough to piss you off, I can’t imagine how you react to things like time changes and gas prices.

      • malia

        Lisa, NOWHERE in ew Moon does it say that vampires reproduce. #1 Im confused on why this pisses you off int he first place considering vampires are fictional characters. #2 who cares if the author of Twilight wanted them to sparkle? In what was is that offensive to you? Have an imagination please! Life must suck living with so much negativity.

      • doc3osh

        um.. honestly, I’m a guy and I don’t have any burning need to fight against sexism, but this series is painfully sexist to read. I like the plot but I literally have to skim past any scenes with both Bella and Edward in them because the things she says are straight out of a 1950s home-ec book. She’s the least likeable “heroine” I’ve ever seen. I can understand teens and pre-teens swooning over how, uh ‘gallant’ Edward is, but this girl is supposed to be 18 years old and she has zero self-esteem and spends three whole novels so far saying “how can he love me? I’m so not deserving of his awesome amazingness… I should just go die.” How is this a heroine?

      • doc3osh

        PS– near the end of the third book she finally makes her first remotely heroic gesture (after what, 1000 pages of moping?) — a self-sacrificing move to distract a bad vampire and buy the werewolf some time in a fight– and what happens? Afterwards Edward tells her “oh, the werewolf was just FAKING being injured, you didn’t have to do that (silly girl).” The series is tediously sexist. Not surprising– the author is a mormon, not a religion known for it’s women’s lib movement.

      • leo

        I have to say though that She is weak this go round. She wants to die when Edward leaves her – from her screaming night terrors each and every night (about what we have no idea) to her sitting alone at the lucnh table where her friends wonder why she’s abandoned all of them and only talks to them at the very beginning of the film until Edward gets to school, she acts like all the great things which were in her life before are nothing to her and she begins to take risks to her life and a complete ambivalence towards whether she lives or dies because Edward isn’t in it. Enter Jacob again and suddenly even though there isn’t romance there, she becomes consumed by their friendship and continues to ignore her friends to spend every waking moment with him. Then when he moves away from her emotionally due to the whole werewolf thing and the fact that she keeps shutting him down, she becomes consumed with depression and wanting to die all over again. Cut to Edward thinking she actually did die during one of her crazy antics and so he’s no better – he’s not living with his family anymore, barely talks to anyone and then wants the Volturi to kill him for good.

        Why would I want my teenage daughter to see that movie? No thanks. And I liked Twilight, by the way. I just don’t like seeing strong, smart, women with great families and friends, turned into weak suicidal loners with nothing left to live for because they broke up with their boyfriend.

      • Lala

        I’m sorry, but how is Buffy sexist? That show took great strides AGAINST sexism. Buffy was the leader, stronger than the immortal characters, didn’t have a weird love obsession (that extends beyond normal teenager craziness,) and was the moral center for the show. She wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but at least she realized she was in terrible relationships, regardless of what love had to do with it. She didn’t lose her self worth and identity for some guy, immortal or otherise. Sorry, can’t say the same for Bella. Twilight is downright sexist.

      • AshleyBrooke

        She’s probably talking about the fact that Edward and Bella have a child in Breaking Dawn. I always wanted to know exactly how on Buffy, she could even have sex with Angel and Spike. They’re dead. Their blood doesn’t pump, so how they can get aroused I have no idea. Otherwise they were in a constant state of stiffness. LOL Buffy was and still is my favorite show ever. But that always made me wonder.

      • Anne

        The problem with Twilight isn’t so much the plot but the execution. Yes, Bella is a weak character that does no favor to women. And the author/filmmakers take themselves too seriously, which just makes it all ridiculous. If you’re going to handle storys like this, you have to do it with a little bit of humour, something Charlaine Harris/Alan Ball and Joss Whedon were smart enough too know. BTW Joss Whedon is a bigger feminist than I am.

      • Devo22

        It seems that most people who have a problem with the old-fashioned “1950’s home-ec book” mentality that pervades the Twilight series are absolutely thrilled with teen behavior today. I have always considered myself somewhat of a feminist…written papers on the degradation of females throughout literature…and then I read Meg Meeker’s “HOw teen sex is killing our kids”. I have about two pregnant 16 year olds in each of my classes and feel that a lesson in abstinence is much needed. Meeker felt that the pill was an amazing step for women and feminism as they could finally take control of their lives and sexuality. However, she later says that the pill most likely led to the soaring rates of disease. Why is Meyer rebuked as “pushing” abstinence to the subset of the population that most needs to hear it? Sex is constantly “pushed” on us from every direction: magazines at the checkout, cartoons, “teen shows”, music videos, billboards, etc…perhaps a little restraint is what we need.

      • Meg

        The “1950’s home-ec behavior” isn’t referring to sex vs no sex. It’s referring to the fact that she made Edward the center of her universe, and spends half her time worshiping him like he’s some sort of god. She could be, you know, developing strong friendships with other people in her class, or (heaven forbid) get a hobby/part-time job/life that doesn’t involve moping after a guy who thinks you’re “silly”

      • mandy

        Not sure if this is addressed later, but Lisa, Angel and Darla had a baby in his series, so this twilight saga is not original in vampire reproducing.

      • JenD

        i can only assume that TellyB never watched Buffy, which was all about the girl power. i think the buffy/twilight mash-up on YouTube spells it out best with buffy’s response to the charismatic edward showing up in her bedroom in the middle of the night: first a no-nonsense “Get Out”, followed by her tossing him out the window. Believe me, I know who I want my daughter to emulate.

    • dave

      Haha Marie! I read the same review, and later in it, the reviewer says something about how Michael Sheen is the only good thing about the movie and that you can practically hear the main cast thinking “Is that *real* acting? That looks hard.”

    • Andrew

      Now that’s funny.

      • Carrie

        Awesome! His 5 minutes of screen time blew the other actors out of the water. Dakota Fanning looked like she might actually be decent, but she had two lines and maybe 2 minutes total, so who knows? She gave a great delivery on those two lines…

    • dawn9476

      There was one review from a critic that said the only who acted was Michael Sheen which is why he wasn’t in the movie very long. LOL.

    • Zap Rowsdower

      For all you MST3K fans, Rifftrax (the guys behind Tom, Crow & Mike) has done a hilarious commentary for Twilight that actually turns dreck into something quite palatable… and they finally settle the age-old sparkly vampire vs. non-sparkly vampire debate!!

      • Anonymous

        where can i find this?

      • Sydney

        YES!! My husband and I live by RiffTrax! We were talking about how amazing it would be if they came up with the New Moon one so you could put it on an iPod and take it with you to the theater. Alas, our genius idea hasn’t been brought to fruition yet.


      • Charlotte

        I think this may be the only way I can watch this movie. I’ll have to check it out.

      • Adam

        Rifftrax is the only way I would ever watch Twilight again. My wife and I watched it to see what the fuss was about. At the end of the movie I turned to my wife and asked “Did anything actually happen in that movie?” “No.” she said.

    • Steve the Pole

      I don’t hate the films per se, I just get aggravated with the hype EW gives this mediocre property.
      The articles get embarrassingly tabloidesque for what EW used to stand for: the ” Time Magazine of Entertainment”.
      Now, they’re just as bad as People or Us.

      • Albertkitten

        I agree… Why does The Twilight Saga get ssooo much mention? There are a dozen blogs/sites on ew.com alone that are all about Twilight! Why? Weren’t vampires hot back in the Anne Rice day? (Cruise & Pitt)or when Bram Stoker scared us all with an evil/sexy Gary Oldman? Wesley Snipes & Kate Beckinsdale both kicked vampire butt in S&M style… What is the friggin’ deal with this? It’s not THAT grounbreaking! Maybe if the so-called targeted tween demographic actually read, you know, like, “real stuff” involving bloodsuckers, they might just be pleased to find that Rice & Stoker did it first. And better.

      • Pete

        Ummm duh, Rice and Stroker were catering to an adult audience before this little thing known as the internet became the new best friend of tweens everywhere. Now tweens can heart various things, OMG!, and quickly spread their latest obsession to each other via their myspace page or facebook.

      • Chris

        Precisely the reason why I am not renewing my EW subscription. Somewhere along the line, EW became a gossip rag.

      • Steve the Pole

        I didn’t renew mine either.

      • Mo

        Exactly. The New Moon review tells us: It’s follows the book’s story. The guys are hot. Bella is stormy. The movie’s look is okay. And nothing else. So it’s a B+! Wow! What an incredible amount of insight and meaningful criticism!

      • Lili

        that’s because teenagers are sheep and are willing to swallow any crap you throw at them, before the first movie came out no one knew this abomination towards literature even existed, now they act like its the hottest thing. Its just a fad and it will end just like the yo yo and furbies and all the other stuff they can’t live without till the next best thing comes.

      • Melissa

        It’s called business and the bottom line. You go with what sells. Had ‘Coco Before Chanel’ had this many screaming teenagers who spend much more disposal income than adults on multiple issues of EW or any other item with ‘Twilight’ emblazoned on it, then I believe EW would spend more time on that sort of faire. As it is, you probably don’t and so we have this flooding of ‘New Moon’ coverage.

        I like the ‘Twilight’ series but I am also a realist. ‘New Moon’s coverage would have dried up had the sales not been there.

    • Dee

      LOL Wasn’t that Peter Travers? I think I saw that one too.

    • Carmen

      OMG that is the greatest line ever. I need to read that review.

    • hannah

      Our daughters deserve something more to aspire to than a being a girl who will jump off a cliff into the northern Pacific because her bf breaks off their destructive relationship.

      • leo

        EXACTLY Hannah!

    • JackBauerEnthusiast!

      VOTE FOR HARRY POTTER and STAR TREK at the PEOPLE’s CHOICE AWARDS!! They need to BEAT TWILIGHT…for once! Don’t let the little girls win again! Revolt!

      • Lala

        Ugh, for Twilight to win against Harry Potter or Star Trek would be an absolute abomination. There’s a reason why tweens aren’t allowed to vote in important matters.

      • ME

        i know if twilight wins (which it probably will) then it would definitely suck. but as much as it sucks it will win because it’s fans do nothing but vote non-stop for it because they have no lives.
        i will vote for HP and Star Trek though.

      • rockjunnkee

        Twilight cant win! Its not even in the same league as HP and Star Trek when it comes to cinematography, and most importantly, a creditable plot line.

    • joe

      that was peter travers of rolling stone!!

    • tori


    • Deb

      Read the books and loved them. Saw the first movie and liked it; New Moon not so much; the only decent actor in it was Dakota Fanning. She played the part of the tiny wicked vampire perfectly; her actions and looks were downright scary. Hope they give her a bigger part in the next movie…as for Bella, can we change her name to Boring?

    • alyssa


  • invaliduser

    some women like 500 days of summer and twilight? baffling

    • Gregoire

      I’m not a woman. I love 500 Days of Summer, I HATE Twilight. Please don’t sully the former with the latter.

    • dlk

      I’m a woman and I like both. Doesn’t mean they’re the same thing. And while I hate “male” fluff movies like transformers, with the same annoyance that you all despise twilight, I understand that everyone has their guilty pleasures, if you will.

      • A Guy

        I hated Transformers…

      • crispy

        Worst movie of the year.

      • invaliduser

        i am with these guys tranformers sucks. and no guy goes to see it because of megan fox. i think jennifers body was in the theatre for seven days

      • optimus prime 4 oscar

        at least transformers can show emotion? maybe if optimus prime lifted his hood more girls would like it

      • dlk

        If a guy says he hates Transformers, I give him a little more credit when he doesn’t like Twilight. That’s fair. It’s the ones who love GI Joe and Transformers and other mindless action films and then they make fun of people who like Twilight. Seriously?

      • Raymund

        I hate both transformers and twilight because they are both bad movies. Oh and I’m a guy.

      • Albertkitten

        Transformers was like Citizen Freakin’ Kane compared to G.I.Joke!

      • Devo22

        Hate me if ou must, but I LOVE the twilight series, occasional bad writing and all. I also enjoy the movies because I love the books.

    • RJF

      Hey! Don’t bash 500 days of summer….

    • Holly

      500 Days of Summer is in a whole other category than the Twilight films. It’s a great movie.

    • invaliduser

      i wasn’t bashing 500 days of summer at all. i loved that and so did a bunch of my girlfriends. but some are planning on seeing new moon? that like watching rachel maddow and glen beck

    • Alissa

      (500) Days of Summer has absolutely nothing in common with New Moon aside from the fact that there’s a breakup and the two female leads have dark brown hair.

  • Snarf

    I always thought of the first movie as “Smallville with Vampires”, which is why I liked it.

    • Ummm

      I love smallville …..twilight?…….not so much

    • Ankhdad

      LOL..love it…I got in crap for linking these two, but Twilight could so easily be on the WB…

      • Heather

        Yep, it’s called the Vampire Diaries, and it’s not a bad fix between Twilight Saga movies. People like what they like. I’m an obsessed fangirl about Twilight, and if you don’t like the books, you may not like the movies all that much. Twilight was a disappointment, but New Moon was orders of magnitude better, and they fixed some of the problem areas in the first one. I saw it twice yesterday, and will likely see it again- several more times.

  • Kristina

    I never want to read the books. I never want to see the movies. I am a Twi-hater and I always will be.

    They had a news report about Twilight and why so many woman like the series. Apparently it’s because it has a romance for the ages and we don’t get to see a romance like this on screen anymore. Sorry but that’s bull and I’m not buying it. Maybe I’m being a bad female but I really can’t stand the hysteria for this series.

    • invaliduser

      i agree wholeheartedly. women who say these books and movies don’t know what love or romance is.

      • tkb

        I take offense to the comment that women who like these books and movies don’t know what love or romance is. I am a woman that enjoys the books and movies because it is pure escapism. No one takes these movies seriously but for 2 hours you can sit in a movie theater and watch high school love act out in front of you. No one I know that has read these books or seen the movies believe that they are great novels or oscar winning material but we do enjoy escaping our lives and enjoying pure fluff. I would never compare these books or movies to anything good. I know what love and romance is. My husband, who I have been with for over 8 years, finds little ways to keep the romance alive in our relationship and I love him more than anything else. But it is nice to escape just for a little while into a world of frivilous romance. Its the same reason people watch soap operas or read romance novels.

      • mtraptor

        tkb, part of the problem is that a ton of young girls take this franchise way too seriously.

    • MK

      I think it is fine to be a Twi-hater, but it is unfair for you to say you hate it when you refuse to read the book or see the movie. Everyone has pop culture blind spots, but don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

      • Kristina

        Just because I’m a Twi-hater doesn’t mean I HATE the series it just means that I choose not to read or watch it and the hysteria about it get’s on my nerves.

      • ME

        Well I’ve read the books and I saw the first movie online. So I can back up my hate with stone cold facts.

      • Samantha

        MK, I read all of the books. Mostly in the vain hope that Stephenie Meyer would actually improve as an author. While I didn’t hate “Twilight” as completely as I do now, I disliked Bella from the beginning and thought that Edward was a creepy stalker. I was also tired of the repetitive descriptions of how OMG!pretty Edward is. (We get it Stephenie, Edward is teh hawt.)

        I really liked Jacob in “New Moon” and honestly thought that he was better for Bella than Edward the jerkasspire, but by the middle of “Eclipse” I hated each and every character SMeyer had written. There was simply no redeeming qualities in any of them. The only thing that kept me reading “Breaking Dawn” was the sheer “WTF?” of every single thing going on, from the martial rape, spine snapping deathbabies from characters with long dead sperm, the gathering of the ‘good vampires” to the boring “confrontation” with the oh so EVIL Volturi.

      • paige

        I read the entire series and watched the first movie just so that I could justify my opinion. And like ME(above), I can back up my hate.

      • Kristina

        Samantha, Thank You for bringing up the point about them having a baby. When I first heard that, I didn’t understand how a vampire who is DEAD could impregnate a girl. Made no sense to me.

      • crispy

        Spine snapping deathbabies is the funniest thing I’ve read this week!

      • Lisa

        Well i think people are taking this book too seriously. If you don’t like the book don’t bash it because you think it’s stupid. people work hard at it and if you think you can do better; well give it a try and see if you can be as successful as Stephenie Meyer who has created this wonderful saga. If you can’t I don’t think you should be hating her work. Also you should remember that this book is a work of fiction. It’s fake so any vampire can have a baby with a human there is a reason why it’s fiction. Also so what if people adores Edward he is the protagonist. Also if you have read the book then the movie should not be a dissapointment becasue it was produced just like the Book. isn’t that the goal of movies that have come from books??

      • anonymous

        Hated it worse AFTER reading it. And Lisa, get off the internet if you can’t accept criticism of something you like. Seriously. Otherwise some day in the future friends and relatives will be left pondering sadly the ‘whys’ of your tragic spontaneous combustion.

      • Luna

        I bought the four book set, made it through the first one, started the second and decided I wouldn’t waste any more time on anything that was unoriginal and so poorly written. (I read a lot and I’ve only stopped reading a book a couple of times.) I also sat through a rented DVD of the first movie. It was the absolute worst acting I have ever seen and I keep wondering why all the hype for K. Stewart’s wooden acting. I thought Pattinson was bad in HP Goblet of Fire too, but that’s another story. I just don’t get this Twilight hysteria.

      • jk

        Lisa – I’m a writer and have already “done better” than the dreck that Stephenie Meyer has had published. Try again.
        Also: yes, it is a work of fiction, but stories about vampires have been around for long enough that Meyer should have known the basic definitive qualities that vampires have, i.e., they do not sparkle or reproduce. It just comes off as disrespectful to her forebears on her part to so blatantly ignore the general accepted vampire mythology just to misappropriate them for her own clumsily written novels.
        And lastly, stop pretending like this women doesn’t deserve any criticism. Anyone who writes a poorly written novel will get the same criticism to some extent. Meyer clearly knows this and has accepted this; it just sounds idiotic and childish for you to chastise anyone who has an unkind word for her writing. Plus, I’m pretty sure the millions of dollars she’s made in the past few years are making up for any hurt feelings she might have. Her books are nothing but contrived morality tales, instilling in tween girls the ideas that their “one true love” will have a treacherous relationship with them, and if they give in to “temptation” Bella will die. Wow, if that’s not the most poorly disguised metaphor for abstinence-pushing I’ve ever heard I don’t know what is. It just saddens me that teenage girls won’t see it that way, and it saddens me more that many grown women are also on board with this preachy nonsense.

      • Zachary

        To jk:
        What books have you written? Since they’re obviously “better” than Twilight given your valid, non-biased opinion, I’d love to give them a try.
        I’m not trying to defend the series as I don’t like it either, but using your own work to call out Meyer’s as crap is kinda pretentious. Yes, vampires don’t sparkle in the sun, but they don’t burst into flames either, a fact which has basically been ignored for years now, but no one seems to care about that one. Also, I highly doubt that “no sparkling” and “can’t reproduce” would be considered the most “basic, definitive” qualities a vampire possesses. I pretty sure “fangs” and a “taste for blood” would take their place (although Twilight, based on the films, does ignore the former, unfortunately).

      • Samantha

        @crispy: What, not love for jerkasspire? Is sad.

        @Kristina: Yeah, especially since SMeyer made a point of it on her website to tell everyone that vampires can’t have babies because all the fluid in their bodies have become vampire venom after turning. Yet,suddenly in BD, Edward’s 90 years dead sperm have extra speshul regenerative powers and he impregnates Bella. What The HELL?!

        @Lisa: Oh man, you trotted out the old Twitard warhorse, “ZOMG! If you think the goddess that is Stephenie Meyer is such a bad writer then you should write your own book!” Pathetic. Try something we Anti-fans haven’t heard before.

      • Samantha

        Oh look! Zachary trotted that same old warhorse out. You guys should shoot it. It’s pretty a lame horse by now with all the mileage you’ve given it.

      • Lala

        I watched the first movie…didn’t like it. Didn’t hate it, I just didn’t see what was so special about it. I thought the character Bella was ridiculous, the acting was wooden (not quite sure why, I’ve enjoyed all of these actors before in other movies,) and it was boring. In terms of vampire stories, there are tons of books, TV, movies (notably Anne Rice, Buffy, True Blood) where a “vegetarian” vampire falls for a human…and they’re all done better! I just don’t see what’s so special about these books and movies.

      • Zachary

        Umm, jk put it out there for all the world to see, so I’d just like him/her to back it up. I repeat: I HATE TWILIGHT. I love vampire stories, and I think this one is pretty awful. But saying that you’ve written better stories is a lame put-down when there’s no evidence to prove your point.

      • Lisa

        Wow…I didn’t believe I’d receive this kind of response. Sorry if you thought I was somewhat rude but really I wasn’t yet. Also I Can accept Criticism because I didn’t go bashing all you Twihater about how lame you all must be.( ALSO Anonymous Don’t talk about my family please because I’m not talking about yours…That’s just rude to say you can tell my future. Do you even know me?? My full name?? my family?? My Life?? No! ) I was just saying that the least you should have is a little respect for Stephenie Meyer because she did Create a good—united States and Internationally—book. Also I think that it’s rude to be so mean to an author! I don’t like Harry Potter but I don’t go saying “Oh J.K. Rowling is such a horrible writer because when do humans and Wizards exist together??” and I can go on forever. I give a lot of respect for J.K. Rowling because I believe she has done a good series. Also about JK what kind of books have you written? I don’t believe I have heard them you should refer me some so I can read them. And the Vampires changing from the past books—well it’s suppose to change otherwise its plagiarism. Also in this POST-MODERNISM era books well never be the same yet still the same because we’ve come from the Classical era and such a vast variety of books have been published. And a girl believing in true love—it still there everyone wants the perfect life and I bet even you do so you can’t say that it’s a wrong book because it makes girl believe in the true love. What are princess books about??—True LOVE! Also about Renesmee (Wait the baby if you don’t know because Twihaters shouldn’t know—if you do are you really a hater??) she’s only a fictional character with her fictional parents Edward and Bella. The Twilight Saga is only FICTION. (Now don’t you all think this is a tone that does not accept Criticism?? I think so) Also the ‘lisa’ below about relationship…is not me Samantha and JK. But if you’re really wondering how old I am I’m turning 18 on Thanksgiving (Wish me a happy birthday). Yes I understand I’m still only a teen…only going to be legal on Thanksgiving. I’m not a hardcore Twilight Fan but I do really enjoy the saga. Also if you hate it so much why waste your time commenting so much I write so much because I like the saga…What is your reason?? I won’t be commenting no more because it seem I have started this twihater warhorse…Sorry. Also you should try writing your own books first… before labeling an author as “PATHETIC” BYE!–Lisa

    • Lena

      It’s a sad day when an emotionally abusive relationship is being upheld as “romance for the ages.” I really hope that a whole generation of girls isn’t growing up believing that their ideal boyfriend/husband should be as controlling and overbearing as Edward is with Bella.

      • lisa

        You say its an emotionally abusive relationship but you don’t know love and how hard it is to protect the people you love even from yourself. Bella and Edward have passion and lust for each other and face it, most people have had that iin their life at some point and if you haven’t then your missing out!

      • Matt

        “You say its an emotionally abusive relationship but you don’t know love and how hard it is to protect the people you love even from yourself.” –Lisa

        Lisa, that doesn’t sound like an emotionally abusive relationship. That sounds like a physically abusive one.

      • Zoey

        Seriously? You’re going to go with that argument? I’m willing to bet Lena has had to go through more heartache than you. Don’t throw around that “protecting the people you love” bs. Edward is clearly controlling. He won’t let Bella make her own choices. Sure, he’s trying to protect her, but she knows what she’s getting in to. If he really loved her in a healthy way, he would let her decide for herself, not dictate who she should see and what she does.

      • paige

        I completely agree with you Lena. This should not be a relationship that should be placed on a pedestal. Not only are young girls looking for a love like this, but they actually believe they would be happy in this sort of relationship! The portral of love in the Twilight series makes it seem as if love can only be between two people, and that everything matches up in each other. What one loves, the other does as well. No love is actually like that!

      • jk

        Lisa, I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything, but how old are you? If you’re a young girl I’ll at least give you the benefit of the doubt, but if you are a grown woman I’m truly disturbed.

      • Samantha

        @Lisa: I like my husband like he is, non stalkery, non abusive and without the ability to give me spine snapping deathbabies and have to perform a dental c section.

      • Mary Mary

        Yes, abusive. I HATED Breaking Dawn “I woke up bruised from head to toe; it was the best night of my life, I didn’t even NOTICE I was black and blue” bit. Edward felt so baaad, and PROMISED not to do it again. Until he did. Nice message for young girls. Not to mention the bit where he loves her just the way she is, until she gives up her friends, family and life, then he tells her he loves her more, because she is just like him. If my daughter came home with a story like Bella’s I’d hunt Edward down (but I’d have to beat my husband to the door).

      • Jane (would rather be Alice)

        It’s a sad day when an emotionally abusive relationship is being upheld as “romance for the ages.”
        And yet Jane Eyre, Whuthering Heights and Lolita have stood the test of time… I wish I could stick around long enough to see what happens to this series and the rest of the contemporary Vamp lit in 100 or so years.

    • TWI-FAN

      I am a twilight fan. With you saying that you have never read the books nor watched any of the movies, I would think you have no room for judgment because you never experienced any of it. And what do you seriously know of love? What do you know about being a writer? Did you know that no matter what you write, the author always incorporates something of their life into their work? Maybe you should find out more about Ms. meyer before you judge her writing. As for love, I am married with four kids and my husband and I thought we married for love. turned out we married because we had been together for so long it seemed pointless not to. We care about each other but it’s empty. True love is when you ache when that person is gone. You can’t see your life without them. You would do anything to make them safe and happy. And about edward cullen holding sex over bella’s head, if you thought you would hurt someone because of your strength, would you go ahead and do it with them or would you say the same thing he did. plus remember both of them were virgins. Bella was the hornball in the story. which is mostly non-typical in a female to express like that. it’s usually males.

      • Kristina

        I’m not trying to be mean here but I don’t understand your post at all. As for the no room for judgment, I don’t have to read the books or watch the movies to experience this series. I’ve seen enough TV interviews and articles and news reports to understand what the story it about and the frenzy it puts a lot of people in and I still dislike it. Some people like it. Some people don’t. It’s not for me and I’m tired of hearing about it. Thus I’m a Twi-hater.

      • Paris

        IT’S JUST A BOOOOOOOOOKK!! this is so ridiculous people loveit people hatedit, it’s just like other movie if you like it you go see it, if you dont just dont go!!!!

        i guess people that “hate¨ the bookss, the movie and the actors, they really love them jajaja

      • melissa

        so i believe what kristina just said is that she is a sheep. she follows. she bases her opinions off of those of others. she says she doesn’t have to read/watch the series to develop her own opinion because she has seen and experienced it through tv coverage and interviews… translation: she has experienced it through biased commentary and interviews of other people.
        i.e. kristina apparantly needs to rely on other people to form opinions about things.

      • Samantha

        I know a lot about love and I know what love isn’t. Love isn’t forcing your beloved to dump their friends. Love isn’t ripping parts out of the vehicles so that they cannot see their friends. Love isn’t raping your unconscious spouse. Love isn’t bribing a friend/competitor into forcing your loved one to have an abortion by telling them you will let them use your beloved sexually. Love isn’t living under a constant threat of physical harm or even death by your beloved. If you think this is what love is, then you need relationship/martial counseling.

        Bella and Edward’s relationship is not healthy.
        Melissa, you are an idiot, so SFTU.

      • Samantha


      • Isa

        So, basically, your marriage suck and therefore you have read these books (that suck even more)?
        Go bite a pillow.

        Oh, and Samantha, that comment /typo/ about *martial* counselling was priceless. I am convinced that might do some women more good than plain old fashioned *marital* one.

    • Heather

      oh well said! *clap*

    • cullen17

      I find it so amusing that those who are the most indifferent and opinionated about the Twilight franchise are those who have never read it. How would you know that it is so bad? If you dislike all of the hype so much then why are so many of you making comments about it, don’t you have anything better to do?

      • Lynn

        Um, “indifferent” and “opinionated” mean totally different things. The opposite, in fact. But I suppose a Twilight fan wouldn’t have the best vocabulary.
        And if you look at this article, it’s for the amusement/benefit of Twilight haters. Hence why the haters are commenting on it. If you want to join a Twihard lovefest, go post on the Lexicon where dissent is discouraged.

    • Devo22

      I understand your POV b/c I have yet to read/ see the Harry Potter books/movies because I don’t like being a joiner! And, I am a huge Sci-fi/ fantasy lover. I just can’t bring myself to jump on the Potter train. But, Twilight got me. Guilty pleasure, definitely; but a very Austen-ish pleasure it is!

      • Sarah

        Ok, I’ve read the Twilight series, I’ve read Harry Potter, and I love and read Austen frequently. I can understand why someone wouldn’t want to read a series that has gotten so much hype. I can understand why someone would enjoy the Twilight series. It’s the creepy level of obsession some fans reach that i hate. Especially teens. But what annoys me the most about Twilight is how some people compare it in any way, shape, or form to classic literature. Its like comparing Dan Brown to Dickens. Twilight is fluff and that’s all it aspires to be, all Meyer intended it to be. It’s the majority of fans that make it insufferable.

      • Devo22

        Sarah, I agree with the ‘fluff’ comment and wanted you to know that I am SO, so, so not comparing the quality of the writing in Twilight to that of Austen. Mainly, I meant that the feelings I had as I read the two were quite similar. With a couple of chapters to go in P and P I could not wait to finish; I had to pull over in a parking lot and finish the story. I felt the same level of suspense when I read Twilight, as ridiculous as that may be. :) Most people detest YA lit for the sheer fact that it is not Literature with a capital ‘L’…but some of it’s definitely better than others.

    • melissa

      what i think is amusing is the people who have an UNFOUNDED hate for the twilight saga… the ones that actually took the time to read the books and/or see the movies have room to talk, the ones who haven’t don’t. simple fact. so i find it hilarious to read the ones from those of you that honestly don’t even know what it is you’re hating, as you’ve never actually checked it out. the ones who have, kudos.

      • Candi

        Melissa, go through just these comments alone and count all the people who HAVE read the books and see the movies and still loathe them. It’s not a fact at all–you can count me in that group as well. I almost regret I wasted my time with those books. They’re monotonous, repetitive and 2-dimensional, with an occasional element of so-called “danger” added in as an afterthought to make the books qualify for having a plot. Not to mention to they become increasingly incongruous for the sake of doing something. Half of the decisions that are made don’t make sense! I couldn’t count the “WTF” moments I had while reading those things, and the first movie made those moments even worse!

      • Kelsey

        I despise Twilight and I’ve read all four books and seen both films, mostly out of curiosity and to see if something actually happened or if they got better (the case being neither).
        As such, I’ll talk all I want about this garbage. It’s offensive as literature, and its so-called “heroine” (who’s no such thing) is offensive to me as a free-thinking, independent female.

      • Machunny

        Keep your kudos. This page is for haters; if you like the franchise, get off the page. There are plenty of places for the likes of you. I’ve read the books (Breaking Dawn was one of the very worst I’ve ever read, and there’s much to choose from, believe me), seen the first movie, and I deserve no kudos. I deserve a lobotomy. As for the movie, Kristin Stewarts acting style goes a little like this: crease brows, pout lips, hang mouth open and blow derisively through nose, roll eyes, repeat. Repeat and repeat and repeat Incessantly for two hours. And yet, she is the perfect Bella, because there is absolutely nothing to like in the character, period. She’s not honest. She’s not loyal to anyone, including Edward. She’s needy, passive/aggressive, sulky and self-obsessed; I could go on and on. If my daughter showed half of Bella’s chronic poor judgement I’d have no choice but to consider a convent.

        Regarding the books, one of the worst things about these books is that eight-, nine- and ten-year-olds are reading them, with the girl’s parents thinking the books carry a positive message. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Bella is in an abusive relationship, and holding it up as anything other than that is doing a serious disservice to our young women. There is plenty of other readable fiction where characters are forced to suffer the consequences of their actions, which Bella does not. Austen gives misbehavior it’s proper punishment, as does Rowling; Meyer wants to have it both ways.

        Adults should know this is not a healthy relationship, but they don’t seem to, and that is troubling. Forty year-old women wolf-whistling (no pun intended) at a 17-year-old boy in a theater is even more worrisome (and such hypocrisy–if it was a 17 year-old girl on the screen and 40+ year-old men were behaving like that the men would be called the perverts, and rightly so). Twilight is bringing out the worst in us, on both sides of the debate. Sadly, this mess isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

    • PMD

      I am not a hater as such – I really do believe that the reason Twilight is so popular is because R-Patz is so beautiful. The popularity just really bothers me. I read the books and I thought they were sweet but really lame compared to Harry Potter or other fantasy cult books.The writing sucks – and I definitely did not like the politics of promoting abstinence. Vampire literature by its very nature is very sexual – so Stephanie Myers is really telling me that an attractive, teenage girl would not sleep with her very hot, sexy, vampire boyfriend. Please!! I like the romance aspect of it but it has already been done – Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the vampire. The whole series is very unoriginal except for vampires glitter – which all in all is kind of lame. Also I agree with a thread above regarding Bella being possibly the stupidest female character ever!! I mean all she does is sit around and cry for this guy – we get it you love him. He loves you, but you are not a weakling. The whole New Moon book was dedicated to how she would not get out of bed for weeks… Seriously, why would young girls aspire to be her, when you can have your heart broken, a-la Buffy, but still go out and kick some major arse!

  • MJ

    All good points, but what makes me hate it the most is that Bella becomes completely self-destructive over a boy who controls her, manipulates her emotions, degrades her, etc. And in the end, it’s all OK if “he really loves you.” Awesome message to send to young girls.

    • Celia

      Exactly. The whole time I read the books I gagged every time they professed their undying love for each other…which was every page of the book and I cringed every time Bella took his criticism and held back her own opinions and let him control her every move and her life. What kind of story is that? That’s not romance…that’s abuse. Real romance are books like Pride and Prejudice where both the characters have strong opinions about life and figure out ways to make it work because they want to be with each other. But they don’t give up who they are, they don’t change their entire being.

      • Ashleigh

        What’s especially sad in that P&P comparison is how much stronger the heroine was in a 19th century romance that takes place in an environment where women have relatively little legal power, as opposed to this “epic” romance of the 21st century in which the heroine wholeheartedly orients her life around a man whom she is basically only physically attracted to (at least the language used in describing how Bella falls for him only mentions his physical appearance, never his personality) and treats her life as if it is rendered meaningless without him. It’s astounding to think how little we have progressed.

      • Celia

        EXACTLY!! It’s really depressing. Elizabeth Bennett is ten times more strong-willed than Bella. She’s stubborn, she’s opinionated, she loves to learn and would probably jump at the chance to go to university if women were allowed to do that back in the 1700s. But Bella is a character that has that right and gives it up over a boy…excuse me, a ROCK! A rock that glitters. She’s weak and she’s such a Mary-Sue. It seriously pisses me off because I love my strong female characters. I don’t DO weak. I can’t handle it.

    • strickens_girl

      My thoughts exactly. He watches her sleeping and is over a hundred years older than her? Talk about creepy. Is that really what we want girls to think love is really like?

      • Candi

        Well, I don’t think someone you love watching you sleep is creepy. What really makes Edward such a CREEPER (in addition the age difference, of course) is that he’s doing all that stuff before they even have a relationship! WTC?! In the movie he even came across and a seriously disturbed peeping tom–makes me want to slap that weirdo with a restraining order.

    • crispy

      Twilight is anti-feminism. Mothers should be ashamed.

      • Ruby

        I have to concur here. I’m usually not the paranoid type…the OMG, this entertainment will affect the CHILDREN…but that said, I have to say I felt the same way. I read it back before the hype, and it was entertaining and I was like, ok, so next book. But as the obsession grew and Harry Potter comparisons ran rampant, I got upset because I saw Bella is a terrible, terrible heroine. She’s like the scariest throw back to 50s and before. Someone who is willing to give up her life, her identity, her future, her family, for a guy. I don’t know about you’all, but I was taught that all those things were unhealthy. Also, that whole I will literally kill myself if we can’t be together…is that really a romantic message?

      • CJ

        Twilight is not anti feminism. Twilight is a BOOK. Good lord people you act like its real! If you are seriously taking this to heart you need to talk to somebody. Get some help. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t meant to offend you. It is not just a romance and it’s actually offensive for you to think that women are so stupid that we’ll base our future relationships on a science fiction saga. Get a life. Get a grip.

      • invaliduser

        you are right cj most of these girls won’t have relationships. just like guys who are way to into comic books. not ripping comic books but you know what I mean

      • Em

        There’s science in Twilight? I thought it was a fantasy series.

      • Matt


        It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction. Girls and women are reading this and while many of them understand that the story has its place, many of them will also place that relationship (because of its “passion”) as ideal. Pop culture is a reflection of our collective mindset. Have you never taken a film history or cultural anthropology course?

      • mtraptor

        my mother actually read the series, and I was a little ashamed. I gave her The Handmaid’s Tale to read right afterward as a palette cleanser.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        These girls are the same ones that are wearing colored bracelets that indicate to males everything they’re willing to do sexually, correct???
        Yeah, I’m not worried about the Twilight series impact, with its traditional message…not with those girls. Sorry.

      • Jack

        Stephanie Meyer is trying to push the Mormon religion on everyone…they believe that you need to find a man as soon as you can….and you give up everything for him….its totally Mormon!

      • t3hdow

        Hey crispy, have you read the cracked.com article ‘If Twilight was 10 times shorter and 100 times more honest?’ It pretty much covers why the Twilight series is so misogynistic, despite the ironic fact that a woman wrote it and a woman directed the first film. That, and it’s frakking hilarious.
        But don’t think that all Twilight readers are ignorant of the anti-feminism aspect. I know plenty of people (my girlfriend and a feminist college professor included) who enjoyed parts of the Twilight saga, but think Bella’s the worst heroine ever.

      • Candi

        Jack, sorry, I have to debunk that. I’m Mormon and I hate the Twilight series–and while there are Mormon influences in the book, I’m going to say the books make about as little sense to me as everyone else. Just saying.

      • crispy

        I don’t see what you’re debunking. Do you deny that in typical Mormon families husbands are the bread winners and wives run the homes?

      • Lala

        t3hdow, I’m reading the cracked.com link now — hilarious! Recommended read!

      • Juniper

        Hermione should kick Bella’s butt.

    • jodipo

      this is the problem I have with the series. It teaches girls low self esteem in so many ways.

    • Samantha

      Not only that MJ, but the books also give the oh so horrifying “Violence against women is okay as long as the man is really sorry for it afterwards” excuse. Best example is from New Moon itself: Sam mutilated Emily in a fit of werewolf temper, yet it’s a okay because he really loves her and is oh so sorry he hurt her.

      • MJ

        @Samantha: I agree completely. And you’re absolutely right – saying you’re sorry is never an excuse to inflict violence on a woman (or anyone for that matter.)

        For those of you who suggested that Twilight has a traditional message, I call BS. Practically the entire text of the series is Bella panting over Edward’s devastating beauty. That’s basically the only reason they’re into each other: he’s pretty, she smells nice. They only abstain from sex because of the possibility of him “losing control” and killing her. Fear of death = a moral and/or rational reason to abstain? I think not. Bella begs Ed to have sex with her in Eclipse and he has to resist her advances (another lovely misogynist theme there.) The series is much less traditional and much more just sexual frustration.

      • tublecane

        The problem is, I think, that Meyers has attempted to humanize the monsters, but they are still monsters, which screws up our ability to identify with them. You can’t have it both ways. They can’t be interesting because they’re old and/or furry, but also analogous to humans, because you want the audience to feel you’re telling their story. At some point, the message will be confused. Because vampires/werewolves are monsters and are dangerous. They can’t be just another lovable teen.

      • @ Tublecane

        I completely agree!
        Either make them dangerous, so they keep their interest or just make them human to have their romance aspect.
        Monsters aren’t meant to be loved.. no matter HOW MUCH i adore fantasy creatures.

  • vampsaretheonly1swholikepms

    my girlfriend told me we should watch twilight. so i agreed to give it a try. it was literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen. the acting was awful. i was literally laughing in some scenes (baseball). I have given other movies my girlfriend suggests (amelie, the notebook) a chance. but this where i drew the line. i think liking new moon could be a dealbreaker

    • JenJ

      That baseball scene was soooooo bad – I just couldn’t believe they wasted that much film on something so utterly vapid

      • Machunny

        I starting laughing out loud in the theater during the baseball scene; it is hilarious when they are hissing and moving like the Sharks and the Jets, like they were going to break into dance and song. I was so far gone by that point my friend threatened to leave if I couldn’t behave myself (it was an empty threat, he was late for the door five minutes in).

  • ObiHave

    I’m just waiting for Andy Warhol to come back and tell Twilight it’s fifteen minutes are up.
    Oddly enough I actually like the Vampire Diaries????? Go figure?

    • Zoey

      Yeah, because the actors on the show can actually ACT. *GASP!* And the heroine isn’t a complete doormat.

      • shawnlovestv

        I’ll admit that the acting in Twilight made much to be desired, but New Moon was a million times better. I still like TVD, too. I hold everything to the BTVS standard, but I’m also realistic about how different mediums and release dates vary how stories are told. I don’t think there’s a reason I can’t love them all – “guilty” pleasures or not. Those who are all freaky about it being pro-abusive-relationships or whatever should remember that the kids that are fans have parents. If Twi-haters can’t avoid the attention the franchise get when they’re supposedly trying so hard to, then the parents of Twi-lovers can’t either. People just need to accept some personal accountability and/or just relax. I went to see the movie and specifically did not take my young niece. It’s not that hard to say “no.” If you can’t teach a lesson here to a kid, how are you going to deal with the other really difficult stuff?

      • ObiHave

        Thank you for saying what I was thinking all the time.

    • PMD

      Okay yes obviously vampire popularity has reached a new high. But please do not compare the Twilight series to The Vampire Diaries… Twilight is fluff. TVD is actually a really good show! The story line is awesome, and the actors, bar the lead actress, are really talented! Especially the two brothers – amazing!!! Ian Somerhalder is awesome!!!

  • rebecca

    I have never read the books and never will, i saw the first movie, but only because i was stupid enough to think it might possibly be decent because all these other people loved it so much(and that is why i do not listen to the public anymore-NO PEER PRESSURE!!!) i will never watch a twilight movie ever again and I would love to just erase that whole experience of watching the first movie out of my mind!

  • Amy

    Finally, a place for all the people who want to spew their hatred. Can we stop seeing the bitching on all the regular articles now? Somehow, I doubt it.

  • invaliduser

    the really creepy thing about all this hype are the older women who are obsessed with this. 30 year old women lusting over a 17 year old boy is creepy. moms asking twilight kids to sign their breasts. i am totally baffled by this.

    • Celia

      I’m not baffled by it. These so-called twi-moms love it for the same reason Stephenie Meyer wrote it. They use it as an escape. They’re not young anymore, so they read the books or watch the movie to live vicariously through the main character. It’s really pathetic. If they’re seriously that desperate and horny, they need to screw their husbands or just go out and find one.

      • BtchQueen

        LOL and a mighty ‘Amen’ to you both. I totally agree. I’m 41, a mom to a boy, and am boggled by how many women my age and older are drooling over mere children. Yet – these same said women would freak if their husbands made the same observation of females of said same age. I don’t get it and I don’t think I ever will. It’s frightening and sad how this seems to be perfectly acceptable to the soccer mom set. I, myself, prefer MEN. You know, over the age 35 and with some experience under the belt with faces that haven’t used more skin care products than I. Oh well, if this trend continues I guess that leaves more real men for those of us who appreciate them and don’t feel the need to live vicariously through their teenage daughters.

      • invaliduser

        these older women going to a midnight showing are delusional. they are like an old guy at a high school party. he thinks he is cool but people are laughing at him

      • Devo22

        In my graduate YA lit class, we discussed the concept of unconscious delight. It is the suspension of disbelief, the rapid turning of the page, the absorption of text as an escape. Last time I checked, that is the main reason people turn on the TV or pick up a book. We read so that we may experience, “vicariously” as you say, the adventures of others. I read Anne Rice’s Vampire books when I was in high school right alongside Bradbury’s “Martian Chronicles”. And, I have read multiple genres since then…I live vicariously through EVERY book I read.

      • Isa

        Listen up, women!! A good sex-life protects you from becoming a pathetic twi-mom.
        Just make sure to stay consicous, and take good care to remove any pillows laying around first…
        Oh, Cracked.com, you rock!

    • tvwatcher

      i agree totally creepy. that would be like me pining over selena gomez or icarly. Taylor Lautner is 17. Women complain about megan fox and the roles she is in. At least she is older than 17.yuck

    • Dani

      Thank you! I was thinking the exact same thing. I’m very disturbed that older woman are attarcted to a 17 year old boy. Think if it was reversed and it was a 17 year old girl and older men were talking the way these woman are? No one would stand for that. Why is it ok for these woman, to be creepy? I just don’t get it.

      • Em

        I remember a few years back when a lot of men’s magazines and websites were counting down the days until the Olsen twins’ 18th birthday, and women (and some men) were like “OMG! PERVERTS!” I actually agree with that assessment, but I also don’t see how it’s any different from middle-aged women waiting for Taylor Lautner (and a few years before that, Daniel Radcliffe) to turn 18. I guess there’s some double standard that says women can’t be perverts.

      • invaliduser

        that is like me going to see herbie fully loaded to see lindsay lohan take her shirt off.

      • Ashleigh

        “Think if it was reversed and it was a 17 year old girl and older men were talking the way these woman are?”

        They…do. Remember all those sites devoted to young, pretty celebrities turning 18? And whenever you see a young eighteen or nineteen year old with someone over thirty, how after is the older person a women? I think it’s not as creepy because most people know it’s fantasy and that in reality these women would not seriously want to be romantically involved with Taylor Lautner. Besides I think most of the adoration is focused on Robert Pattinson, who is 23…that really isn’t creepy at all if you think about all the grown men who slobber over young women in their early twenties. All that offends is me is that these grown women would have such horrible taste.

      • Ashleigh

        Typo: “how OFTEN” not “how AFTER” lol

      • invaliduser

        the point was women not girls go to see these movies. a lot of men think megan fox or scarlett johanson are sexy but still wouldn’t see their movies. how to alienate people? the island?

      • Alissa

        my boyfriend is 31, and I’m 20, and we have been dating for a year and a half. I think the age thing is more about maturity and being able to relate. that being said, cougars creep me out.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Alissa, you’re not even old enough to order a drink. Your boyfriend is a total skeeze.

      • tublecane

        “I remember a few years back when a lot of men’s magazines and websites were counting down the days until the Olsen twins’ 18th birthday, and women (and some men) were like ‘OMG! PERVERTS!'”

        It is perverted to profess your sexual attraction to minors (though not to be sexually attracted to minors, which is only natural). But at least they were making a point of waiting for them to be legal, which is one of the less objectionable things websites and men’s magazines have ever done.

      • Devo22

        I agree that it is creepy to be obsessed with a 17 year old piece of jail bait…but true Twilight fans are obsessed with the characters from the BOOKS more than their manifestation on the big screen. If you vote Team Edward…he is actually over a hundred with old-school values and vocabulary. The movies dumb the characters down for mainstream society…which, if you’ve visited a high school lately…is getting pretty “dumbed down”!

      • Samantha

        Yes men have been making comments about young actresses turning legal, yet we don’t see them trying to have said actresses sign their underwear that they were wearing in public like that 40 something moron did to Taylor, or have actors from the film sign their modified Edward doll vibrators. http://pillowbiters.blogspot.com/2009/05/peter-kellan-and-edi-play-around-with.html
        yet they get patted on the back by their fellow fans for doing this.

        That crap is nasty and is the main reason I hate older Twilight fans.

  • Celia

    I definitely back you up. I will be a twi-hater for life. There’s no converting me because I’ve read the books so I know regardless of what they do in the movies…it’s going to SUCK! The story is dripping with cheesiness and oozing with pointlessness. I just don’t understand how these girls can be so infatuated with a glittering, controlling rock. Or read/watch a story featuring a female character who not only sets feminism back 20 years, but she completely gives up her life and her personality (which there wasn’t much of in the first place) for the aforementioned rock. I don’t care if the series was written only for entertainment purposes…that’s NOT entertainment. It’s just sad.

  • Joseph

    I’m tired of hearing about Twilight. I have seen the unthinkable, some guys have been converted to this nonsense!!! Now I am actually thinking about sitting through it myself. Help me!!! At I had the guts to see Planet 51 instead today. I plan to see Old Dogs and then A Christmas Carol agains. Anything but watch this overhyped junk.

    • ME

      The only guys who have watched this movie were dragged there by their girlfriends or they’re play for a different team…if you get my meaning. Don’t be fooled.

      • crispy

        Hey now, as a bona fide member of the “other team,” I’m probably the biggest hater around these parts. But yeh, a lot of my friends are into it. Which is odd considering it’s so Mormon-esque and they think we’re all going to hell.

      • A Guy

        I’m planning on going to see this movie for two reasons:

        1) To laugh at the hysterical fangirls
        2) To riff on the movie MST3K-style :-)

        I also plan on watching the first one, after I purchase the Rifftrax of it.

      • vampires love pms

        guys like crispy aren’t the problem. guys who have to introduce themselves door to door every halloween are probably the ones to worry about. got your back crispy!

      • Devo22

        Actually, that is a huge generalization. Not all men are car shows and action films…this is a guilty pleasure for many even if you are not one of them.

    • rebecca

      c’mon don’t turn to the dark side!! stick to real movies!! go watch anything other than twilight!!! any movie is better than twilight!! DO NOT TURN TO THE DARK SIDE!!!!! haha!

  • chattypatra

    I fully agree. It’s amazing how so many women have been reeled in. Ugh!

  • BtchQueen

    Ages ago, before the hype, a friend lent me the first book and after my studies and finals were done for the term, I decided to read it. OMFG – what a piece of utter trash! POORLY written, badly executed and positively worthless. I will not pick up another by that writer – ever. When I found out that Hollywood bought into the series, I cringed. When the hype began, I wanted to move to a country that didn’t care. When the film was released, I wished for someone to come to their senses to absolutely no avail.

    I have a 13 year old boy in the house with countless female friends who are complete freaks for this stuff. He tried to watch the first film (since his wee girlfriends told him he just HAD to) and came home completely perplexed by the attraction. He said if he had a daughter and she was into the series, he’d certainly do his best to find her literature where a strong character meant they didn’t allow themselves to become a whining pawn for control freaks. If a kid can see this, why can’t adults? And what’s so wrong with creating strong, assertive, not morose female characters in an age that needs to empower, not dumb down the up and coming youth in the world?

    • Kristina

      Amen and that is one smart boy you got there.

  • Kim from Texas

    I was a Twilight hater until I actually saw the movie. The movie was 100 times better than the marketing. For me, the marketing for both movies was a complete turn-off.

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