'New Moon' premiere: Camped-out fans share their 'Twilight' obsessions (and tattoos)

Thousands — yes, thousands — of screaming, sign-wielding, homemade-T-shirt-wearing fans turned out just to catch a glimpse of the Twilight Saga: New Moon stars at the film’s LA premiere last night. They even lined up starting last Thursday to get one of the 800 tickets available that would allow them to watch the red carpet arrivals, Oscar-style. It’s amazing how tales of fans’ inordinate devotion to all things Twilight never lose their shock factor, though the girls who drove from New Jersey wearing vampire teeth give even the Twi-Mom who wanted Taylor Lautner to sign her panties a run for her money. (She wins, though, on grounds near law-breaking.) EW’s Paige Parker was on-the-scene yesterday to grab some video of Twi-hards attempting to put into words why R-Pattz and Co. has them OMG’ing themselves into a blood-lusting frenzy.

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So, did any of you Twi-hards go to the premiere last night? What did you think? Anyone lucky enough to see the actual movie a few days early and care to share?

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  • crispy

    Seriously, are you kidding me with this? It’s like 1 post per hour. And it’s only Tuesday. By Friday, will EW just redirect to Twilight.com?

    • Ann

      Seriously, why do you keep leaving comments to complain about Twilight-related posts? Here’s a novel idea: Stop reading the posts or better yet, stop coming to this website until the Twilight mania has died down. That way, you can avoid the irritation and stop wasting your time.

      • crispy

        Or I can keep complaining until someone at Time Warner gets a clue and fires the managing editor of Entertainment Weekly and hires someone with actual journalistic integrity. I vote: Complain!

      • Ruth J

        Ann, you know that there’s OTHER news on EW that people want to read??

      • dfeel

        i pledge for harry potter news all year long!

      • Graeme

        I agree with Ann.
        Leave the site until the Twilight stuff has died down because I doubt your comments will change anything and they’re just as annoying as the thousands of Twilight posts. So shut-up.

      • dlk

        I agree. I’m getting so sick of reading the Twilight haters’ whining on every single Twilight-related article. If you don’t like it, DON’T READ IT! That’s what I do with other EW posts I’m not interested in. Not that big of a deal.

      • wen

        to crispy…..EW post what most people want in this occasion lots of twi-fans…right now u complain but if it was something u were crazy about I bet you wouldn’t says anything about it being posted so much on EW..so just stop whinning like a little girl.

    • Ruth J

      it seems like it… twilight is so overrated

    • Zap Rowsdower

      For all you MST3K fans, Rifftrax (the guys behind Tom, Crow & Mike) has done a hilarious commentary for Twilight that actually turns dreck into something quite palatable… and they finally settle the age-old sparkly vampire vs. non-sparkly vampire debate!!

      • KJ

        I am gonna have to search this out!

  • Amy

    COME ON. What is that tatoo?

  • hc

    oh man that is craziness! but it definitely seems like the fangirls are more obsessed with the actors than the actual characters they play haha!

  • Ashley

    gross. all these edward girls need counseling if their dream guy is someone who will enfantilize them and deny them the right to make any decions for themselves. at least i can give the jacob girls props for picking the healthier relationship option. twilight still has nothing good to teach tweens though.

    • Sarah D

      I could not agree more with the controlling relationship between Edward and Bella. Although I disagree with you about the book in general. It’s just a fun read, certainly not a life lesson :)

  • *sigh*

    I get the feeling that these girls will look back in 10 years and wonder what the hell they were thinking.

  • teamswitz

    And so what if they do? I remember the same mania regarding a certain British music group when I was the same age. Let the kids have their fun and fascination. Just like you say, it will pass.

  • Dwight Schrute

    What a bunch of worthless Twi-tards.

  • Jose

    So no one here saw the movie? I’m not a fan, but I am interested in what people thought about the movie.

    • Jen B

      Jose – its not in theaters until Friday.

      • ann

        Yes Jen B, but this is about the premiere, so people may have seen it at that time.

  • Ruth J

    for god’s sake it’s A FRICKEN MOVIE! next thing you know, they’re gonna come up with a twilight god

  • Khara

    haha I’m in this video!

  • Kyle

    Wow, this is depressing. Why in the hell would anybody think that these books are worthwhile? If you look past the constant descriptions of how physically perfect everyone is, there isn’t much left to the relationships shown in the book. It’s sad that better writers are hardly making it, while the vapid Stephenie Meyer is rolling in cash that she does not deserve.
    Also, I’d like to say: Twitards, please do not say we haters are jealous of her success/Edward/fill-in-the-blank. We are not, nor do we have to be published authors in order to have an opinion.

  • tina

    ew doesn’t care if theres plenty of people annoyed by the constant twilight posts. what they care about is traffic on their website and TWILIGHT FANS seem to be a very good niche. look everywhere around you, twilight magazing covers, paparazzi following the cast, blah blah blah. its to make MONEY because that’s what it comes down to in the end. so complain all you want cause really, they’re doing their job and making money. i mean come on, during harry potter premieres twilight isn’t even in the spotlight anymore. its about whats hot, and if you can’t understand that, then you need to go back to school.

  • angel

    I went to the midnight showing last night and the movie was great i will go see it again with my family next week. i think everyone did a great job and if you don’t like the movie just shut up and don’t watch it again. if you don’t like the books don’t read them quit being a hater and get a life. great movie.

  • Gina Vera

    Notice that the girl with the tatto is not exactly thin, guess when she wakes up she won’t have to make an excuse to cover it up. I love Twilight but it is just stupit to tatto anything on your body FOREVER. I can see if it was an apple or a flower but a whole passage, almost a foot long she is out of her mind. . .on a side note how do these people eat and go to the bathroom?

  • Suad

    I like Twilight alot, but to be more specific.. I LOVE TAYLOR <3

    But I really to pity these grannies and 30-someting-year-olds, I mean Twilight's meant to be a teen thing!

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