'Gossip Girl' recap: The third person is always supposed to be a stranger!

Is Gossip Girl on its way back up the quality ladder? It certainly seems that way. Last week’s episode was really good. And, GG fans, I’m prepared to say that this week’s installment bordered on great. And the threesome was even better in flashback form! Plus, they added a new character and he wasn’t a dud! In fact, the dude was hot like fire. Chrismukkah has come early!

The major story of the evening was the fallout after the Dan/Olivia/Vanessa threesome. Olivia started to become jealous of Vanessa and Dan’s relationship which basically amounts to a mutual fondness for frowning, caffeine, and Morrissey. It was quite amusing seeing Dan Humphrey strolling down the street like he was a love machine (“Just me, Olivia, Vanessa. Two girls, four boobs, and one Dan Humphrey. How awesome am I?”). Also, the flashbacks to the threesome were waaaay more hot than anything in last week’s much-hyped episode. I wonder if the Parents Television Council tuned in last night.We also learned a much repeated rule of theesomes: The third person is always supposed to be a stranger! Gossip Girl not only entertains, it teaches.

The tension between Vanessa and Olivia became kinda hilarious when they both were enlisted by Dan to be part of his bizarro cabaret theater skit. I’m still not exactly clear why there was a cabaret situation or why it had to involve Lady Gaga but I sense it’s best not to examine the details too finely. My favorite zinger was when Vanessa came on board to direct the play and Olivia reminded her that if Vanessa needed any tips she had worked with some of the best directors. Responds Vanessa, “If I wanna turn anyone into a bat, I’ll let you know. ” Good one, Vanessa. Actually, last night was a totally solid outing for the coffee lover (Don’t think I didn’t notice that she had the play performed in her favorite cafe! Coffee! She loves coffee!). She looked better than she has all season (she totally won the Who-looked-hotter-in-their-underwear? Award from Olivia) and she was surprisingly non-annoying. I still don’t really believe she’s not in love with Dan and that Paul fella she made a beeline for at the end does not seem like her type (Note to the girl who clearly has no gaydar: the dude likes theater and Lady Gaga. Do the math.) Is this the last we’ve seen of Olivia? That didn’t exactly seem clear. Also not clear is why she’s trusting her publicist to talk her into doing Bitches of Eastwick. Does this girl not have a manager or an agent?

The only part of this story line that didn’t work for me was the big Gaga/Snow White reinvention. It was about as impressive as my fourth grade production of Macbeth, in which I starred (imagine a lot of bad stage combat with plastic swords). It’s hard to imagine that something so janky could make Blair popular or get Dan into the Tisch School of the Arts.

Blair was really funny for this whole episode, probably because for much of it she wore a cape and a beret. I still think her attempting to rule NYU is a lost cause and feels vaguely pathetic but at least her plotting last night was laugh out-loud. I loved when Vanessa showed up to direct the play and Blair’s response was guttural “Noooooooo!”

The other love triangle of the episode was the somewhat surprising development of Nate falling for Serena who’s already fallen for his cousin Tripp. Nate’s feelings for Serena were slightly shocking but also understandable and kinda sweet. Also, shocking? When Serena admitted she had a crush on Jude Law after she saw Alfie. First of all, Serena no one saw Alfie. Secondly, if there’s any movie that made you start crushin’ on Jude, it was The Talented Mr. Ripley. Helloooo bathtub scene! Anyways, I felt so bad for Nate when Serena left him at the bar. But it was great to finally see him get a sliver of a story line. And his back-and-forth with Dan over the three-way was pretty great. One question: does he live at the Empire Hotel? What hotel has big loft-style spaces like that? I’m confused.

Serena’s cleavage was covered up in this episode although her hemline was kinda out of control. Not sure that’s exactly business casual.

Jenny began to dip even further into the dark side by befriending Damien, a drug dealing ambassador’s son played by Transamerica’s Kevin Zegers. First of all, his father must be Ambassador to Hotatonia because Damien is ATTTTRRRRAAAAACTIVE. Good casting job, CW! It’s about damn time. Also, I love Jenny getting involved with this guy. You can see the thrill in her eyes from hanging with the bad boy.

Chuck was mostly on the sidelines for this episode yet again but he did manage to sweep in at the end, rescue Jenny, and deliver one of the night’s/season’s best lines: “Dude, I’m Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means.” Genius.

All this and there was a Lady Gaga performance which was weird and slightly underwhelming. But it’s hard to complain when an episode was this chock full of good stuff.

What did you think, PopWatchers? Do you agree that this was a great-ish episode? Or were you disappointed?

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  • Girl from NYC

    Yes, an excellent episode. Even Vanessa did not annoy me as much.

  • jenjen

    I agree. I was glad to see Nate becoming more involved in the Storyline.I’m waiting for the same to happen with Chuck. I was never a big Dan/ Vanessa fan but after tonights episode I’m kinda warming up to the idea. And Nate falling for Serena again? I’m starting to like it too. I feel this episode really shook things up and made some way for a (hopefully) great season.

    • Liz

      I really liked Chuck’s role. I love Chuck and everytime he says, “I’m Chuck Bass” I go into a fit of girlish laughter. I must say though I love this new brotherly version of Chuck. If you had told me back in season one that he would ever act like a big brother to little Jenny Humprhey I would haev laughed in your face.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        I don’t know about anyone else, but I caught a very distinctive air of foreshadowing concerning Chuck and Jenny. That look he gave her at the very end looked like a lot more than brotherly love.

      • polly

        @ mary q. contrary… ew.

      • Liz

        I think Chuck just looks like that. I doubt he has anything other than brotherly love toward little J

    • girl in sc

      They’re finally making all the appropriate pairings: Nate and Serena = the two morons, Dan and Vanessa = the two annoying twits. And lets face it, Jenny will never be with anyone because she’s going to develop a coke habit and die at age 18.

  • michka

    As much as I disliked the threesome last time, I really enjoyed the after threesome and the flashbacks (the Parents Council thought they were done and didn’t see that one coming…CW gotcha!). I fully disagree with you, Tim, Vanessa looked the best in undies!
    I like Nate and Dan bromance, they remind me of him and Chuck in the first episodes of GG. They talk just like freshmen guys : sex, girls, more sex, more girls.
    Blair was the one who had the most of fun: playing the part of the Queen and blackmailing other girls is her thing. I didn’t get why Lady Gaga was there neither, I think Jenny liking Lady Gaga would have been understandable but Blair???
    It looks like Nate and Serena will never happen again, how she forgot him right away when Tripp showed up…ouch! I mean, it’s Nate the golden boy!!! Btw, it bothered me that he talked with Dan about V just like an old affair, they didn’t even greet each other.
    Jenny rescued by Chuck, two years after their “akward” first encounter…that was something. I liked the bad guy Damien, he’s hot. I also realized that now that they’re rich, Rufus will no longer do the parental control as in the Brooklyn years. Doesn’t sound good for Jenny at all…
    Great episode, the best part for me is Dan falling for V and she is just treating him like the ” same old Dan”, I never saw that one coming THAT way, great turn!

    • Mary

      I think Tim said that Vanessa looked the best in her undies, and won the prize away from Olivia

    • Gina

      Yup. That’s what Tim said.

  • Caroline W

    Loved the episode!!!! Nate was the one that was bothering me in the past and this episode took me back to season one…thank goodness. Jenny is slightly irritating although I concur, Damien is HOT. :) I think Tripp needs to move to Washington already and leave Serena to Nate and his gorgeousness. Besides, Gossip Girl + Politics? Kind of a blurry answer. Speaking of math, the threesome aftermath was genius. I almost like Vanessa and Dan. Olivia was my favorite for the first few episodes but she said it herself, Dan and Vanessa have a cool spark like nothing he’s ever had with her. All in all…GREAT(ish) episode!!

    • Gina

      Does Damien’s height not bother anyone else but me? Why can’t they find a guy taller than Jenny? …

      • smokey gets in your eyes

        you are prejudiced against vertically challenged people?

      • Annie

        It’s not prejudice, it just looks funny to see them paired together, especially since Jenny’s all about image.

      • Courtney

        Annie I thought the exact same thing.

      • Meg

        I completely agree. Jenny kept slouching over him. It was irritating.

      • Shana

        lol isn’t Taylor momsen a model? She’s likely going to be as tall or taller than most guys on the show. Plus she wears heels as someone said so

      • Lily

        Kevin Zegers is 5’9″, Taylor Momsen is 5’6″

      • mason

        Kevin Zegers is 5’9″ but Taylor is 5’8″ and wears heels too. So she does look as tall if not taller.
        But its really no different than Blake/Penn are.

      • Petunia

        I agree – where are all the tall guys? That dude looks quite little on the show & Jenny needs to stand up straight – watching her bad posture makes my back sore!

    • saintofE69th

      maybe they can get her a basketball dude from one of the colleges on the island,,plus she was wearing 4″ heels…shallow irls put too much emphasis on stuff like that grow up

    • BLM

      The warerobe department needs to put Jenny in a pair of flats STAT!

    • CC

      Whatever. My husband is 5’6″ and I am 5’10” with no heels. Bought time they made it look a little more normal.

      She’s only going to get more people looking at her – isn’t that what she wants?

  • Kal

    I think Serena might be the dumbest character on television.

    • Joe

      Kate on Lost is pretty close or worse.

    • CC

      I have to agree! I will admit, I’m very new to GG. I watched a few scattered episodes before this season, but then got hooked the past four or five episodes. The one person that’s driving me crazy is Serena. I’ll have to catch up on prior seasons, but so far she’s just a dumb girl who seems to have caring friends who give her advice that she ignores. Oh…and what congressman employs and 18 year old girl as an intern? Is Soap Opera Rapid Aging at work here, or do I just need to suspend my disbelief and enjoy the show? ;)

      • Amy

        I’ve been watching Gossip Girl from the beginning and Serena is also starting to drive me crazy. I get it, she’s beautiful but almost every guy on the show up to this point has fallen in love with her. Nate has also fallen in love or hooked up with every major female character on the show now and it comes off as insincere when he confesses his true feelings for Serena. Also, can Serena wear more clothes? When is ok to wear a backless mini dress to work?

      • Nick T

        Suspend your disbelif and enjoy the show. I did once I realized that wearing 6in long skirts would never stop a straight guy from being to attracted to you.

    • Ang

      Yes.,…yes she is!

      • saintofE69th

        how about kate and serena in a thresome…crossover television oh my

    • LH

      Serena is a clueless, classless moron–without question. One of the reasons I’ve never liked her character….God, she grates on my nerves to no end!

      It would be refreshing to see Serena with someone that she could have an actual relationship with instead of these hot messes she keeps getting herself into all the time. Whose the last viable guy she hooked up with? And, her flip-flopping thing is skanky to say the least. She’s a trainwreck in the relationship dept., and she’s clueless to boot. Nice combination!!! Makes you wonder why so many guys end up obsessing over her…..Oh yeah, “her girls” & plunging necklines. There is NO other explanation!!

  • J

    I really enjoyed Nate in this episode too, I hope that him and Serena have a slow burning romance. The threesome aftermath was brilliant and the ‘moment’ between Dan and Vanessa was convincing. Nate and Dan discussing how noisy Vanessa is in bed was really gross though. As usual Blair and Chuck stole the show albeit separately this week, I’m always interested in any scene they are in. Blair interrogating Olivia and Vanessa under the naked light bulb was hilarious, I love those moments of gossip girl.

    • saintofE69th

      loud girls are fun..discussing them even more fun..not gross it is whjat guys do we compare notes daily….

    • LH

      Blair-Chuck awesomeness TOTALLY makes this show….LOVE THEM!!!!

  • cpc in tvc

    Nate has had some really under-rated scenes lately most of which were playing sidekick to Dan. The viewing of the Endless Nights movie was hillarious and he had some great lines last night too.

    Chuck steals every scene he’s in…just wish there were more.

    Tripp is duller than the never-been-sharpened-30 year old knives my mother is still using. The whole Serena-Tripp story line is lame.

  • TheObserver

    I don’t buy Serena as one to have an affair with a married politician! she’s smarter than that I mean come on Lily is her mother and she’s also lived enough for two people, with her globe trotting and bedding of random hotties! please kill the affair story line! so what if maureen is a manipulative B*tch? does that give Serena the right to give in to temptaion with a man that is clearly never gonna leave his wife? Stupid.
    Moving on…while I love Hilary Duff I hope this is the last we see of Olivia and may I point something out? Dan is alright…he’s an everyman.
    I DO NOT BUY FOR ONE SECOND THAT TWO TOTALLY HOT CHICKS LIKE VANESSA AND OLIVIA WOULD HAVE A THREE WAY WITH HIM FAR LESS FIGHT OVER HIM AFTERWARD … just saying and please please please…more Chuck and more kevin zegers bad boys make for good T.V this is undisputed fact. oh and please let Blair grow up…who cares who rules NYU I want blair to try to take over Manhattan…as in the entire island…now theres a challenge….

    • Gabby

      I agree. After all Serena went through because her affair with Nate and how she fled the city in shame and had to work so hard to repair her relationships, it just makes no sense that she would so blithely cave into temptation (if you want to call it that…Serena has absolutely no sexual chemistry with Tripp) again with a married man. She not that naive, especially when it comes to men, so it’s ridiculous that she’s allowing herself to get played like this.

  • Jen B

    Is it me or are they finally starting to incorporate some plotlines from the books? I saw it the last couple weeks and think something may show up on the next episode as well. Well I’ll be darned if they are, that’s fab!

    Loved the Nate/Serena thing. Super appropriate and about time. Not loving that Chuck seems like background a lot this season. Otherwise loved the episode(I take that back, wasn’t digging the Jenny/Damien guy). And yeah Blair was a stitch and I liked the threesome fallout, that was to be expected.

    I think Vanessa only told Olivia the whole thing about not liking Dan to throw her off and because she figured Dan didn’t want her. My guess is neither realize the other feels the same only Dan at least knows how HE feels.

    • Shana

      lol are you kidding me? the show could not be more far from the plotlines in the book! besides the producers confirmed like 2 years ago that they were not going to be sticking to story in the books.

    • Sara

      Get over the book, this is a TV series, not a movie like Twilight

      • Jen B


        I’m not fawning over the books, I’m not a sixteen yr old you troll. Get over yourself.

        All I mentioned was that there were two or three plot points from some of the books that have now showed up in the last two episodes and from previews next week another big one. Which I was NOTING because it IS odd for the show to put book plots in the show. I’m not sitting here going ” oh my god oh my god the books are better”. I love the show as it is, I just think it’s fascinating the writers have actually started combing them for material.

        Are you two fifteen? Seriously, when is it a crime to make note of something? Or do you just like to be bitchy?

  • BLM

    Nate lives with Chuck at Chuck’s hotel. I thought Chuck had it renovated to become his apartment. Anyhoo, I enjoyed this episode. The Snow White play had to be a homage to the Saved by the Bell episode where the gang put on a rapping Snow White play and Zack had to kiss Jessie and he realized he had feelings for her. There were too many similarities for the GG writers not to realize the joke. The show is slowly getting the right couples in place–Chuck & Blair, Nate & Serena, Vanessa & Dan. The show is getting much better! Yay!

    • GeeMoney

      I thought that Nate lived in Murray Hill?

  • trashytvlover

    Best. Episode. Yet. Blair saying to Dan, ” When two girls live together sometimes their cycles sync up” too funny! and then the classic “Did you Bozos have a threesome or something?” heh, pure awesomeness.

    • Shana

      my fave lines of the episode

  • Sina

    I would be more into Nate/Serena/Tripp if Tripp didn’t look like Howdy Doody! If he was this sexy young senator then I think this triangle would be great. I must say, after the first season, I have always wanted to see Nate and Serena together so I wasn’t surprised by Nate’s attraction to Serena still. What I don’t understand is all that kissing and stuff they were doing the second season didn’t stir up any feelings between the two. Bout time they actually hire a good looking boy. I just hope Jenny doesn’t become a methhead. She already has the look down. I actually really enjoyed the Dan/Vanessa storyline. They actually had chemistry and I loved that scene where Dan bend down to kiss Vanessa and they flashbacked to when he did it during the threesome. Lady Gaga was wasted.

    • van

      What!? Tripp is the only reason I’ve been watching lately! He’s so hot! But then again I LOVE Aaron Tveit! Seriously, listen to him sing and you’ll understand.

  • Amber

    I’m glad this show if finally growing some. Serena is dumb enough to have an affair with a married senator. Hello, have you seen her this season. Also I hope J keeps up her dalliances with the dark side.

  • darkprince

    I actually thought it was a weird episode with too much going on. First off why is Serena dressed like she is an extra from Dynasty? Her dress was godawful and so not office friendly. Even though if you can flash a shiny object to easily distract her if she did not want to sleep with a married man than she should just keep her mini-skirt down and not need on her firends to help her. I also liked it when Nate and Serena were fighting, and I think they would make an awful couple. Trip is cute, but their affair is obviously a complete disaster.

    • Suze

      Ugh, and those shoulder pads??? scary!!!

      • Emily

        That chain mail necklace was a nice touch–if someone were to stab her in the neck, at least she was protected… now, about those tights…

      • spankmaster

        yea…you can leave the tights on…

      • Sara

        yes, agreed– SHOULDER PADS? make it stop.

    • Shana

      lol I was going to say… am I the only one that found her top absolutely hideous last night? Glad I’m not alone. I liked her wardrobe in season 1 but it’s gone downhill since then.

  • shauna

    Why cant they just have Nate and Serena Hook up- he’s liked her since season 1- they make the best looking couple aswell.

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