Adam Lambert video shoot: Is this 'Mad Max Beyond Gaydome?'

What in the hell is the plot of Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” video? Based on the photos that keep popping up on the blogosphere, it looks like a homo-tastic remake of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome…or Mad Max Beyond Gaydome as I have so cleverly named it (I am just soooo funny!). Still, Adam looks good in the leather trench coat and the video is certain to be memorable based on the wardrobe or, uh, lack thereof. Even if it’s a big old trip to Crazytown, I still cannot wait for this video. Lambert’s album is the first American Idol debut that I’m really, truly excited about.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Does this video look like a masterpiece? Or a mess?

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  • Mr. FAMU

    So let me get this straight heterosexual rockers, rappers, and r&b stars can parade around scantily clad women all day long and it doesn’t even elicit an blinking of the eye.

    But because this openly gay man makes a video born of his own creative mind it’s a issue?

    Please spare us with the heterosexism.

    • talkin’

      you said it

    • HD


    • orville

      I agree with everything you said, but you have to admit that the bald guy in the, um, loin cloth/leg warmer pants is a little much.

      • crispy

        I’m just worried he’s gonna catch the flu.

      • Nick T

        Forget the pics, did anyone READ the article they came with? I was lmao when the author said something rather unexpected about lube.

    • michelle

      Way overdue! EVERYONE should be allowed the same artistic license. It makes no difference what your orientation is.

    • Telly B

      I’m starting to get a feeling that for all the buzz and hype and anticipation, this is gonna blow up in Adam’s face, and be a major flop. No mater how much impact the video causes, the reality is that radio programmers, ESPECIALLY in rock-oriented stations, are heterosexist and they won’t touch this. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the times where Elton John, David Bowie and Queen could play around with ambiguous ideas of sexuality and still maintain their rock n roll cred. In those times, the sexual revolution helped. But nowadays, homophobia and heterosexism will keep his musci from being played.
      The worst case scenario is this…Adam will be one of the better-selling AI alumni to have absolutely zero radio play. Look at TIME FOR MIRACLES, ithasn’t had any traction at radio.

      • Knight

        go back to your dark hole, homophobes are a minority, or haven’t come out into the sunlight recently!! god, some peoples kids.

      • DD

        Telly B, have you listened to all the tracks yet? Are you sure these amazing songs will NOT get ANY air play at all? Obviously you live on another planet! Go listen and come back and comment again

      • doug

        I’m guessing your glass is always half empty?

      • Lynn

        You were right. People don’t know the difference between living in the “reality” of the way things are and the way they want ‘em to be. In a way, things did blow up in Adam’s face–and he did it to himself. I wish people understood that an observation about something or someone doesn’t mean you’re against whatever–it just means you care enough to be objective.

    • Jenn

      Men have a right to express their sexuality just as much as women!! Adam is a gorgeous and sexy man, so why shouldn’t he make a hot video?? His album is streaming on MySpace and it is FANTASTIC!!! So much better than the snippets. Adam is an artistic genius – let him role and entertain us!!

      • John

        I heard the CD this morning. I am straight but I am buying this it’s great! It’s like Freddie Mercury and Billy Squire had a love child.. he is amazing.

      • jon

        What exactly makes him so amazing? If your friend hooked u up with a blind date, and you asked what’s he/she like? And all you kept saying was amazing, wouldn’t you be a little skeptical? Be specific, stop saying “he’s amazing.”

      • Yasmine

        jon, I’m with you. I wish some people here would elaborate on why they like something so much.

    • WTF?

      Agreed. Tim Stack WTF? Go listen to the stream, everybody. That is the real story. EW, must you always remain behind the curve?

      • LT

        Seriously! Over at mjsbigblog we have been listening to the stream all day- get with the program EW- this album is EPIC!

    • musicfan

      Amen!!!! Amen!!!!

    • Catttt

      I agree with the heterosexism charge! This is the 21st century, right?

    • rita

      Very well said and I couldn’t agree more!!

    • ianaleah

      Hey darlin’ writer- ya forgot to mention all the scantily clad gals- too busy noticing the guys? lol. It’s pretty hetero, so ya better look at ALL the pictures.

    • Kat G

      Kick ass song and the showmanship just proves what an amazing artist he is… I thank you Adam for being creative and refreshing! Signed a “straight married middle age woman”

  • Bobby

    The song isn’t that bad,but him pushing his freakiness on everyone is going to scare a lot of people away.Oh and by the way,STOP SCREAMING SO MUCH,it’s really annoying.

    • HD

      Let Adam wave his freak flag high. It’s long overdue.

      • Blondiegrrl

        I second that, HD.

      • jon

        …at the detriment to his career. So far, it seems that Adam is daring the average Joe NOT to buy his album. The transgender album cover is enough to keep the mainstream away, but this disco song, as catchy as it is, is career suicide for someone who cultivated a rocker persona on the show. Good luck, Adam.

    • martin

      Totally agree. The screaming is an instant turn off. I can’t wait to hear the new Kris Allen album.

      • Duke

        So Martin – turn your radio dial to some Adult Contemporary station and wait – they may start playing Kris’ music someday soon. Or better yet – go to one of Michael Slezak’s 1,000,000 posting about Kris – there are links all over them that will lead you to his music.

      • Elizie

        Well, martin, you’ll certainly be able to hear Kris’ record loud enough. Because there certainly won’t be any screaming to drown it out!

      • WTF?

        Go BUY it, then.

      • Chris

        AI is over, you don’t have to keep on comparing the two.

      • Aani

        why u here then??? reading about adam loud screaming turn off gay album go to side chin and buy his mellow mediocre record leave screaming adam to us to enjoy

      • Dr,Cranium

        so, quit yapping on Adam story page and go buy Kris CD, have a nice sleep!

      • rita

        Martin, are you really that desperate to be bored? lol Go post on an article about Kris, if you can find one. Sorry, you talk smack about Adam and glorify Kris, then you get it back in your face.

      • ianaleah

        The CD sounds fantastic, and Kris Allen’s has already started to tank. :)

      • DD

        Ha ha Martin, go buy Kris’ album we don’t give a sheet!!!

      • marlock276

        The rock scream is what hooked me on AI. . . Adam can SANG!!!

      • fluffybunnyz

        So go listen to Kris Allen’s album (which is pretty nice, btw), and leave Adam alone, if you’re so upset by his “screaming”. He’s not gonna shut up on your say so, so put your energies and ears elsewhere.

      • ravengirl

        The scream? Can we get this over once and for all? He does not scream. What he does is something few artists can do. It’s stunning vocalizing. And the only real “scream” I hear in FYE is when he is singing the word SCREAM. So knock it off, little tin-eared troll.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      P!nk and Lady Gaga haven’t let their freakiness scare people away. Is there a double-standard when it comes to gay men?

      • ianaleah

        Agreed. and “Tim” has it all wrong in the first place-closed mind and closed eyes-he only saw the guys not the gals- or is it intentional misinformation he’s giving us?

      • fluffybunnyz

        There is SUCH a double-standard when it comes to male pop entertainers. I can hardly wait for Adam Lambert to show ‘em how it’s done downtown (so to speak). So excited!

    • JLM

      Adam is radical hot dude and that makes him the perfect next Pop/Rock mega star!! Elvis was a sinner in his day the way he moved his pelvis, Bowie was bi-sexual and caused hysterics for parents, the Beatles were more popular than the church among kids – really wrecked their careers – LOL!!! Go Adam!!

      • jon

        Geez, you are laying it on thick with the comparisons to rock icons/legends. That’s really not fair to Adam since he hasn’t even dropped the album yet. Keep in mind that the music was the focus, not what these guys did on stage. If the people don’t connect to the music, then Adam will just be the Paris Hilton of the music industry. All flash and no substance. His main competition is Carrie Underwood at over 5x platinum.

    • Lynn

      I agree with “Bobby” above. I like him sooooo much but I’m so afraid Adam is going to scare folks away. So, what, he’s gay. He’s said over and over that he doesn’t understand why his sexuality is such a big deal. So, why does he keep making a big deal out of it every time and in every way that he can.

      • ianaleah

        Other people are doing it. The bigots in the media always call him the openly gay singer, not ‘the singer’,and the vid is not gay-‘Tim’ is misleading everyone in this column. The girl dancers aren’t mentioned and it is hard to believe it is a mistake on Tim’s part to ‘forget’ that part.

      • Sealily1c

        How is Adam making a big deal about it himself? It is the media, my dear, as witnessed yet again in this piece, insistant on bringing up Adam’s sexuality!
        Having semi-clad dancers in your own video is hardly something new. But because he is homosexual man he isn’t allowed to include them? Double standard, much?

    • musicfan

      Bobby, go get a life!!!!! it’s about time!!

    • Danny2011

      Adam Please push your freakiness on me!

    • Catttt

      He’s not “pushing his freakishness” on anyone. You are looking at him of your own free will. If you are too straight or too conservative not to be offended, then don’t watch him.

      • jon

        If you don’t like Adam don’t post about him. If you don’t like his vieo, don’t watch it. Adam Lambert is not exclusive to gay or straight, AI fans or mainstream America. It is absurd to make silly comments like that. The man is trying to sell a bunch of records and become rich. He can’t do it with restrictions. The name of the album is not “Only for Your Gay Entertainment.” He’s trying to get the mainstream to buy his music. I don’t see how he will succeed if he’s stressing his sexual orientation over the music. Music has no gender or orientation.

  • izikavazo

    “Lambert’s album is the first American Idol debut that I’m really, truly excited about.” Doesn’t this annoy anyone else? American Idol is the number one TV show in America and yet it doesn’t even do what it says it does. Why is it so F*&#ing popular?

    • Shelby

      I wonder the same thing. Every year they let the people vote and then nobody buys the CD’s. I say you should have to pay for the right to vote unlimited amounts of times – something tells me that the number of votes would drop like crazy and the eventual winner would actually sell CD’s because it would be CONSUMERS that actually voted for them. But Fox will never change their approach – they will drive the program into the ground first.

      • Lisa

        I disagree that the AI alum CDs do not sell. I have watched every show, every season and I probably have 7 or 8 of the cds made by both winners and non-winners. With Adam, I have gone crazy and ordered 3 copies plus the deluxe edition plus I download everything on iTunes. I want to do my part to make sure Adam has commercial success. As far as the video, I can hardly wait. I am old and I just love everything that Adam has done so far. No questions, no judgement just love being entertained by him.

    • jon

      You must be a big dance/electro/meatloaf fan.

      • rose

        I am a big big dance music fan. I actually like a lot of disco music (which gets me sneers and jeers from my “cool” friends). I loved Meatloaf’s paradise by the dashboard light rock opera album. So, Jon, are you like, dissing Lisa? Is it bad to like these things? Pisses me off when I get those opinions. I don’t like hair metal AT ALL but I don’t go around insulting the people who like it.

    • fluffybunnyz

      AI is popular because it’s a well-crafted, well-orchestrated reality show. It’s a wonder that any of the contestants survive the process intact, let alone go on to have ANY sort of career afterwards. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, thus far, have been the uber-lucky ones, with Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry (Chris Daughtry), Fantasia (to a certain extent) and (Goddess help us all!) Kellie Pickler being pretty successful honorable mentions. Everyone else–winners and finalists alike–have had semi to NO success or notoriety after their Idol turn was over. This year, with the entire 10 AI8 finalists, I feel we’ve gotten the best bunch that’s survived the machine in a long time, and Adam Lambert is the shot in the arm that this tired old show has needed for ages. I’m beyond excited for Adam’s debut album, and truly proud of Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta’s debut albums as well. This is an exciting year, whatever your feelings about the show itself. After eight long years, American Idol might have (accidentally) FINALLY lived up to their premise: searching for (and finding) the next Superstar!

  • crispy

    So that’s what happened to my chain-link codpiece.

  • OMG

    I can’t wait for this video! At least it looks like it wont be lame like 95% of the other Idol related videos.

    • Janis

      Totally!! Looks like a yummy blast to me!!

  • Rise2theTop

    I think it will be LICKILICIOUS!

  • Chris Mac

    Tim Stack… while I agree the photos of the video are a little out there, I find it rude and tactless you would use the fact that Adam is gay to make such homophobic comments. There are an array of different ways you could have tackled this topic. Dissapointed in your choice…

  • Elizabeth

    I’m wondering if Adam is just messing with us…

  • RR3

    On November 23rd we’ll see how ready (or not) America and the World really are for Adam Lambert…
    it will be very interesting to find out…(let’s see how much control Sony/RCA and his producers have over him)…
    From our point of view; “if you don’t want to see him, nor his videos, but you like his music, the listen to it, and forget about everything else”…

    • crispy

      You can find out right now… The entire album is streaming at his myspace page. Regarding control, be sure to pick up the latest issue of Out magazine, whose editor slams his handlers. Adam Lambert is a very talented puppet.

      • Jason

        To quote Ryan Tedder: “no new artist has had more control over his work from my experience than Adam Lambert”. Get a life crispy – the ablum is FANTASTIC!!!

      • crispy

        Oh, well Ryan Tedder said so, so it must be true. Whew. Glad we settled that!

      • mrgrk

        Out has its own agenda. Adam and yes, his handlers, have theirs. Sorry, they’re not always gonna mesh perfectly.

      • DD

        Crispy, you are the most irrating rodent on the internet!!! You are posting in all the stories critising every single artist here in EW!!!! Get a life you perverted freak!!!

      • crispy

        LOL! First, learn to spell, you cretin. Second, what are you talking about? I constantly post positive comments about artists I like… including Adam Lambert. I guess you wouldn’t know because you only read the articles about American Idol and Twilight.

  • JD

    Adam’s entire album is now steaming live at is stellar!! no worries about not hearing his voice…!! and who knows what the finished product will be with those dancers..unless like Elizabeth said he is messing with us :)

  • Jane

    You have no freak’n idea if those people are gay!! You could have said they are theatrical, doing an S&M trip, going over top – but regardless you haven’t even seen it!! Adam does not take himself that seriously so get a grip…

  • Bruce

    Good for Adam, it is about time we had something different – and better

  • Jason

    It is amazing the double standard that is out there for men who want to express themselves – screw it!! Let it fly Adam!! This album is so much better than the snippets. It is actually damn awesome!!!

  • Brenda

    That obsurdly lame show American Idol has finally produced a really exiciting talent. I was getting so sick and tired of that boring (yawn) mainstream America, vanilla snoozers they usually push out from the south somewhere. This year’s crop of talent was once again a bunch of snoozers with only ONE expection. Adam Lambert. Looking forward to both the CD and wow that music video will require a cold shower afer viewing.

    • jon

      Adam will have to sell more than (according to you, “that mainsteam snoozer Carrie Underwwood” in order to be seen as a success, since you think he’s far super and talented than anybody on the show. If he doesn’t outsell Carrie, he will ultimately be a laughingstock, regardless of how “amazing” he is.

      • Julie

        not, true, Jon. Underwood (and Clarkson) were exceptions to the AI trend of winners’ having sales that were just “OK”. I think Adam only has to do as well as David Cook and Clay Aiken to be considered successful, & I’m confident that he’ll easily match their sales.

      • fluffybunnyz

        Considering Carrie Underwood has had a four-year head start, I believe Adam is more than up to the task. And why would he be considered a “failure” if he doesn’t outsell a Country artist? Especially since that’s not his musical genre? Just wait; I believe his CD will do awesomely!

  • Snarf

    It’ll be a mess, albeit a hot one.

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