There's a whole lotta 'Glee' in these Gap ads

The Gap is suddenly on a mission to remind us it still exists. I consider myself a Gap commercials scholar and cannot remember a campaign as Old Navy-lame as this. “Go Christmas! Go Hanukkah! Go Kwanzaa! Go Solstice!“? Stop trying to make “Go Solstice” happen! It’s not going to happen. I’d light everything I ever purchased from the Gap since 2000 on fire for the chance to witness the verbal lashing Sue Sylvester would give these Cheerios wannabes. In other words, I would merely light a match and just sit there.

How many times can you sit through this s— without passing out? In the spirit of all-inclusion, would a mention of Festivus, Chrismukkah, or people with December birthdays (hi) lessen the blow this Gap campaign has delivered to humanity?

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  • lagitha

    I was watching TV at a friend’s house this weekend, and said, “I’m so sick of these Old Navy ads already, and it’s not even Thanksgiving.” He had to tell me that it was for the Gap, not Old Navy. So, effectiveness of add:0, annoyance,:100.

    that said, I don’t think that it’s necessarily Glee-inspired; evey year the Gap does a dance number. Remember those glorious Gene Kelly-inspired ads for khakis? SJParker’s uncomfortable dancing to Lenny Kravitz?

    • Shasta

      Wow, same thing happened to me last night. After the ad, my husband asked, “Um, what was that for?” And I said, “It’s one of those Old Navy ads.” Way to go, Gap. Also, the dance was fun, but that chant thing is nails/chalkboard. “Go Solstice” is groan-worthy.

      • Wil

        Whoa, the whole time I was watching that commercial I thought “Old Navy is getting dumber and dumber every year” lol

      • marymary

        Old Navy and Gap are actually the same company folks..

  • Laura

    Huh? The Gap ALWAYS makes similar ads to these every year.

    Honestly EW….you guys need to find something OTHER than “Glee” to wet your thongs over every freakin’ day…

    • Yoja


    • Scott

      Good one Laura!

    • khrystyne

      I love Glee. I’m just glad they’re not talking about Twilight (for once).

      • Johnny

        Then pay no attention to the previous post or to the upcoming posts later tonight!!

      • peggym

        YES!! I’m starting to think that EW is being run by the editors of Tiger Beat. Enough Twilight!

    • martin

      I actually like the commercial and you’re right about the Gap having commercials like this in the past.

    • Your mom

      Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays… don’t get your thong in a wad Laura and enjoy Annie’s wisdom!

    • Kyle

      LMAO I agree Laura!!!
      I mean, Glee is a good show, but EW makes it sound like Glee was written by Jesus or something.

    • Marcus

      I thought the same thing. Gap has ads like this all the time.

      I actually quite enjoy them.

  • Jenny

    Remember when Gap ads were actually cool? This new ad is very annoying, but I still remember their swing dancing ad from so many years ago. That ad was cool at the time.

    • Tarc

      This ad might be cool if it were 1991. Maybe.

  • Brian

    I miss the days of GAP West Side Story spots. This one is a sad remake.

  • lefty

    If the ad mentioned Chrismukkah, I’d feel downright obligated to go buy something…Seth Cohen really had it right.

  • Di

    For sure. What was it? Claire Danes and Patrick Wilson dancing in boyfriend khakis?

    That was delightful.

  • Phil

    How old are you Annie? I can’t believe I’m about to defend Gap of all places, but these ads have been around oh so much longer than Glee. There was a terrific set of three of them about 10 years ago–the swing commercial was the most popular/recognizable and there’s a great SNL commercial called Gap Fat with Chris Farley imitating the gap style.

    • Annie Barrett

      Phil, certainly old enough to consider myself a scholar of Gap commercials. Agree that some of those were cool. But this thing is Old Navy levels of lame.

      • Twist

        Annie, Annie, please, please respond to my comment about you being a dud.

    • jrm

      not farley, horatio sanz. i think farley had already passed by then.

  • Julia

    Gotta agree with Laura and Lagitha, Glee didn’t inspire this musical ad. Gap’s been doing this for a long, long time. It’s not their best, but it’s not that bad either.

  • meg

    I remember when Gap ads were cool. The swing dance, the west side story spot…how about the ice skating for the holidays. When I saw this, this weekend my first response was that it had to be an old navy commercial because of how tacky it was…gap would never make something this bad. I WAS WRONG.

  • Sarah T.

    I actually kind of like this commercial just because it reminds me of when they started the whole Gap/Swing ads several years ago. This one isn’t quite as good but it’s not bad.
    To Laura, Gap hasn’t done an ad like this for two or three years so it’s been awhile since they had one.
    To Lagitha, Old Navy’s commercials aren’t even remotely close to the Gap ads in style. They’re about the “supermodelquins”.
    To myself, I watch entirely too much T.V. Must get life.

    • lagitha

      This year’s theme is the super modelquins, but Old Navy did intentionally cheesy song and dance ads for years. I still find myself singing the 2002’s ad campaign song, “Old Navy, Old Navy, Old Navy Performance Fleeeeece!” everythime I see a fleece pullover.

      • martin

        But those Old Navy singing ads were nothing like the Gap dance numbers. The Old Navy ads usually had some TV Land washed up actor or actress singing that song and there was no dancing whatsoever.

  • Nicole

    I can’t even watch it on mute…the dancing is way too trippy. like at :25 .. the heads against each other with the guy doing a crab walk…seriously?

    • JEFF R S

      Yeah, it’s the creepiest thing ever.

      • Nicole

        and I just listened with sound on…unfortunate.

  • teleslant

    Ok my best Sue:

    You’re sloppy babies. That was the most offensive thing I’ve seen in 20 years of teaching — and that includes an elementary school production of Hair. You think this is hard? Try auditioning for Baywatch and being told they’re going in another direction. That was hard. And blond dude, that sweater is just insane.

    Woah, I actually feel a bit better about that horrific ad now. You can light your match now, Annie.

  • Twist

    Love the ad. Makes me want to sing and dance and buy Gap clothes!

  • Yesenia

    “first television campaign in over two years”

    Did they have a similar campaign last year? I don’t remember it if they did but I remember the ones from previous years which Toni “Hey Mickey” Basil choreographed. I think her point is that these ads are the thing to do again since Glee just like vampires are cool again and everywhere since Twilight and True Blood.

  • Mandy

    I have seen this commercial a million times but NEVER once have listened to it. Thank the TV Gods for DVR!

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