Taylor Lautner talks Team Taylor panties with Jay Leno

Taylor Lautner stopped by The Jay Leno Show Monday night and brought with him the best Twilight mom story you’ll ever hear and an exclusive (shirtless) clip from The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Leno asked the 17-year-old actor for his most bizarre fan encounter, and though Lautner admitted it was hard to just choose one, he picked a winner: He recalled a fortysomething mother and her teenage daughter in line at a US autograph signing. The mother skipped up to him, grabbed his wrist and said, “‘Excuse me Taylor…. I’m wearing the Team Taylor panties right now. Is there any way I can take them off for you and just have you sign ‘em quick?’…. And the daughter goes, ‘Mom, come on!'” What happened next? The mother told her daughter, “‘Honey, don’t worry. This is what we do at these things,'” Lautner said. “And security stepped in and said, ‘No ma’am, this is not what we’ll be doing.'”

Leno then covered the basics: Lautner’s ass-kicking skills (by age 11, he was a four-time world champion of extreme martial arts) and how difficult it was to evade fans while shooting New Moon in Vancouver (he opted to hang out at a senior citizen bowling alley), but there was no mention of Taylor Swift. Admitting whether or not they’re a couple would have been a fine way for Lautner to play “Earn Your Plug.” Instead, he had to throw a couple of nice passes to one of his favorite football legends, Jerry Rice, because sitting through a clip of himself wearing Mickey Mouse ears for a sketch on an old Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson variety special wasn’t difficult enough. At least that physical challenge required him to take off his suit jacket. Cue squeals and inappropriate glances at his backside.

The never-bef0re-seen clip — the Dawson’s Creek moment between Bella and bare-chested Jacob after he climbs through her bedroom window — was notable only for how much it makes you miss Lautner’s sweet smile (Jacob is so serious) and how large it makes Lautner’s upper body look (huge). P.S. Did Bella touch his abs to make sure that they were real?

Did you catch the appearance? Have you switched allegiances because of it? There’s still time to vote in our pre-opening weekend Team Edward vs. Team Jacob poll!

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Taylor Lautner is a doll, literally

Photo credit: Kimberley French

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  • Colin

    he says he doesn’t feel right having people look at his bare chest – then don’t do anything that does that! sheesh.

    he’s a handsome young man, let someone else sell out if he doesn’t think he sh… oh, too late.

    • Katie

      LOL no offense to the kid, but he HAS to show off his bod….because his face is pretty fug, his voice is pretty annoying, and his acting skills are average at best

      So in THAT respect, he should work with what he’s got!

      • mellowmaria

        Katie, that’s harsh!
        (but pretty much true – guess someone had to say it!)

      • Kelly

        Really? “Pretty fug”? Come on … Taylor is adorable!

      • sam

        eh, I guess the face IS pretty weird.
        I was looking at the EW magazine cover and he looks really awkward despite all the touching-up they must have done…i dunno, everything seems so “crooked” on his face

      • jules

        I should preface my comments by saying that I’m not particularly a HUGE Twilight fan or anything.
        But there’s something really weird/odd about Taylor…it’s like he’s a 17 year old trapped in a 25 year old’s body or something. It seems like he’s just growing up too fast (literally and figuratively) for his own good & he tries too hard sometimes.

        Rob P, naturally seems very comfortable with himself and his fame. Taylor really doesn’t, IMO.

      • GoldRing

        At first, I was like WTFFF is this girl smoking!

        And then I saw the New Moon premiere pictures on PerezHilton.
        (especially the face)

      • Kayla

        You’re all fools. He’s adorable.

      • Juniper

        He looks as though somebody put their finger right between his eyes and pushed inward. But is anyone else creeped out by all the attention lavished upon this 17 year old teenager by women who are probably in menopause? Remember how creepy it was when men were waiting around for Lindsay Lohan or the Olsen twins to turn 18? It doesn’t become more acceptable because he’s a boy. At least, it shouldn’t…

      • Levente

        Nope. He’s hot. Face. Bod. Everything. And I feel like a dirty old woman saying that even though I’m only ten years older. I think he’s hotter than Rob. I do completely agree though that Rob’s sexiness in person comes from his confidence.

      • StimulusFund

        I’ll echo the sentiments of the person (or personS) who say his face is extremely weird – but from the face down, he ain’t bad!!
        (a paper bag should do the trick ;))

      • amy

        actually i think he has the whole package.
        he is perfect.
        which guy are you looking at?

      • Zap Rowsdower

        For all you MST3K fans, Rifftrax (the guys behind Tom, Crow & Mike) has done a hilarious commentary for Twilight that actually turns dreck into something quite palatable… and they finally settle the age-old sparkly vampire vs. non-sparkly vampire debate!!



      • Phil

        The fact that you use all CAPS and refer to the characters rather than the actors’ names, displays your age & mentality.

  • Pomp and Circumstance

    Taylor already told the story of the middle-aged Twilight fanatic before, I can’t believe you would write a blog post just for that. And to top off the corniness of this, you had to inquire if “Bella” touched Taylor’s abs to make sure they were real. WTF?!?! What are you, 12?

    • @Pomp

      Bierly missed her calling as a Tiger Beat reporter.

    • Nick T

      No, she’s not 12, she’s mezmerized at that beautiful face, as am I.

    • Darin

      Whoa. Did you miss your meds today?

  • Andy

    Its too late. He has become a sex symbol. Poor guy..

    • Sam

      Not poor guy. He could get any girl he wants!

    • Danny

      Poor guy? He could get any girl he wants!

      • Maureen

        I think Andy was being sarcastic y’all.

      • Alison

        Omigosh! r u all like gay r somethin?? Taylor Is HOTT! His face, his body, evrything. ur all incompitent fools. oh, and i think that i 4got 2 mention that ur all kinda INSANE if u think that hes “fugly” er whatever. get a life.

  • me

    his pain is my gain!

    • Nick T

      And mine!

      • Kayla

        And mine!!!!

  • Ule

    its so embarassing for the kid poor little one, her mother is CRAZY shooocksss..

  • michka

    The dirty mommy had a point, I mean, she was a 70’s teen. Flower power, hard rock bands, peace and love, groupies were crazier than nowadays.

    • Hellen

      I know… math is SO hard.

      • Kelly

        Haha! Nice.

  • TorontoTom

    Anyone else out there think he looks a little odd? I just don’t get the whole heartthrob thing other than he’s in Twilight. He’s weird looking…

    • Kayla

      Well…you know beauty in the eye of the beholder blah blah blah. You’re entitled to your preference but I think he’s really cute. Love him!

  • Jen

    He’s a cutie-patootie but I just can’t imagine acting like that mom did towards someone who is young enough to be my son! Yuck.

  • invaliduser

    a 40 year old hitting on a 17 year old? Imagine if that were a 17 year old girl and 40 year old dad was hitting on her? Why is this acceptable? I heard this happens quite often.

    • Juniper

      Agreed! It’s creepy and lecherous and gross. No me gusta.

    • Shana

      actually I was watching tmz the other day and Taylor swift was signing a bunch of autographs for these 40-something ish men. they were getting all close to her to take photos too. They’re just fans, it’s no big deal unless they’re stalkers or something

  • mrstaylorlautner1111

    He’s so funny. I love him. My mom doesn’t think he’s at all cute, but there definitly aren’t words to explain how gorgeously incredible he is. He’s an amazing actor, he’s adorable, he’s got a greeeeaaat body, and he’s just such a sweetheart. :)

    • Alison

      O yeah!!! Im totally with u ther. he is amazing isnt hehe?? someday im gonna m

  • mrstaylorlautner1111

    I also LOVE him like crrrrraaaaaazzzyyyy!!!!

  • Shana

    HE is soooo gorgeous and I feel inappropriate for saying so since I’m two years older than him… but OMG SEXY!!!!!

  • meesh1

    I’ve really come over to Team Taylor. He’s charming, humble, has a great personality, is fun, funny and quick. He makes for a great interview – unlike his costars.

  • Lili

    Go Team Taylor!!! :D :D :D More proof Bella is a loser for choosing Edward!

  • Kay

    I don’t think he’s THAT good looking, but he really does have a cute personality. He seems like he’d be fun to hang out with.

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